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Naruto Chapter 476: Even An Old Fox Knows a Couple of Tricks

naruto-retro1Post Author: Bob

Wow, a Wednesday release and pretty good quality too, those scanlators are getting faster every week. The legit manga publishers need to learn a lesson from these guys on how to get translations out so efficiently 😛 My only complaint is that MangaStream leaves bigass watermarks all over their scans. Anyways, chapter 476 continues off with the battle between Sasuke and Danzo, though there’s not much progress in terms of fighting I’m afraid. Rather, most of the chapter is flashbacks and of the fighting we’re only seeing the opening move in what is likely to be a pretty complex battle of genjutsu and ninjutsu. True to Kishi’s style, the chapter ends with a pretty badass cliffhanger, but unfortunately Naruto will be taking a break over Christmas, so we won’t see 477 for another two weeks.

The chapter comes with two colored pages, but frankly I was expecting a few more since I wanted to see a colored version of Danzo’s Sharingan arm. The colored full spread on page 2-3 seems to show Sasuke standing in Amegakure; it’s not just that it’s raining, but the pipes, wires and tubing are common design motifs Kishi uses for that village. If it’s true, that may be Sasuke’s future base of operation under Madara’s command. I was wondering what would happen to the Rain village after Nagato’s death, but this picture seems to suggest that it will still remain friendly to Akatsuki. But I bet attitudes will quickly change when they find out that haboring Akatsuki will mean all the major countries will be at war with them.

In this fight between Sasuke and Danzo, I’m actually cheering Danzo on. It’s true that I have had little love for either of these characters in the recent chapters, but Sasuke’s been particularly getting on my nerves by pulling out Susano’o in every fight. He’s like a little boy who just got a new toy, so he has to whip it out and show off how awesome he is at every opportunity. Sasuke should take a hint from Itachi and save his trump card when you need it the most. Showing off your most powerful abilities leaves you nothing left to surprise your opponent with in a pinch, and I think we can agree that the element of surprise is key to a shinobi’s victory; indeed his very survival depends on it. As much as I despise that old fox, I love to see Danzo pulling a fast one over Sasuke and get that kid off his high horse. More importantly, I think one of the reasons for this fight is for Sasuke to realize how much he has strayed from the path Itachi wanted him to follow and sacrificed himself for it. Danzo seems to confirm Madara’s story about Itachi being ordered by the elders of Konoha to slaughter his own clan. However, Danzo’s speech about the ugly cost of preserving peace rings so true, especially in this day and age. Like it or not, a lot of us are living a life of relative peace and prosperity because of the sacrifice of others; and we’re rarely aware of the price that is paid or what goes on in the shadows as Danzo puts it. I might disagree with a lot of what Danzo does, but he is like the embodiment of those ugly truths we don’t care to know about. But we do agree on one thing, Sasuke is wasting the opportunity Itachi has given him. It’s ironic that someone with such powerful eyes can be so blind.

Whatever the outcome of this battle, I get the feeling that Madara is the real winner here. Once again, he has manipulated those around him to do exactly what he wants, and Danzo is yet another opportunity for him to test his boy toy, Sasuke. I think Danzo is a perfect opponent for Sasuke at the moment, mostly because he has the one thing Sasuke can not achieve through training or forbidden techniques, and that is: experience. As powerful as he has become, Sasuke is impulsive and over-confident; for someone like Danzo, those are easily exploited weaknesses. I don’t know what type of clone Danzo sent in to be crushed by Sasuke’s Susano’o, but it was clearly a move to give him an edge over his opponent by having him reveal his jutsu first, and Sasuke fell for it brilliantly. I used to think Susano’o was just a skeletal demon, but that close up on page 16-17 shows his joints are held together by bolts and screws like he were a puppet or giant action figure. And I just noticed this now, but Susanoo is polydactyl — count them, he has six fingers. It was pretty amazing that Danzo was able to sneak up on Sasuke like that, notice that he was able to trick both Sasuke’s Mangekyou Sharingan and Karin’s keen chakra senses. I don’t know what kind of trippy genjutsu/ninjutsu powers that Sharingan arm of his gives him, but it sure is working well. I didn’t give Danzo much of a fighting chance against Sasuke last week, but after seeing that move all bets are off.

Lastly, on the Naruto front (sometimes we forget who this manga is named after >3>), Kakashi is planning on going after Sakura. I think this will probably mean he will be heading into danger and battles. On the one hand I would love to see more of Kakashi in action, but on the other hand he is technically the next Hokage and shouldn’t be running around chasing after teenage Chuunin. Now the thing that most bothered me about this chapter was Naruto’s little hyperventilating breakdown. I have sympathy for the guy for having so much thrown at him all at once, but at the same time that whole scene just didn’t seem very fitting of a Shonen manga hero; it was just not very Naruto-like. Up to now, Naruto’s most defining feature has been his perseverance. Whatever the challenge, Naruto would stand up for his beliefs and face it… not faint when it seems the world is against him. Then again, maybe he has a fever, I heard that the swine flu was pretty bad in the Land of Iron.

Note: for this poll it’s who do you want to win, not who do you think will win 🙂


132 Responses

  1. eh, sasuke needs to learn his lesson anyway, so i voted for danzo. and i wish there was some way i could beat naruto over the head. stop being such a sissy! sasuke got over him eons ago, it’s high time he returned the favor.

  2. You know what’s weird though? Itachi’s Susano’o:


    Did not have 6 fingers. Does this mean that their Susano’o are different? I mean they are different colors and all, and Sasuke’s isn’t complete. I don’t really know if this has any significance but it’s something to note I guess.

  3. maybe Naruto’s breakdown will spark something inside him and Kyubi will talk to him!!!

  4. lololol swine flu…

    i think danzo will “beat” sasuke but madara will jump in at some point and open up that boomtube he has in his eye to suck one or the other away.

    continues the trend in lame ends to battles weve been seing lately

    2 weeks to glory 🙂

  5. damn, i feel sorry for both danzou and sasuke, poor slobs will waste their energies and get injured just to entertain some 100 year old asshole

  6. @ tm, lol, that’s tru
    on the fight, i see where both ppl r coming from: Danzo did what he did to keep peace (albiet he benifited from it more than most other ppl) and Sasuke lost every1 he ever loved to some old hag who only wants political power
    on Naruto’s hyperventalation, hmm, yeah, kinda whimpy, but so far he’s had the whole world on his side ever since the Chunin Exams basically, now he realises his goal (rescuing some1 who was once a friend) would probably turn himself into an international criminal for aiding another international criminal, that’s gotta sting

  7. OK, that was made just on purpose! Naruto has undergone a lot more serious difficulties before and he hadn’t show these symptoms. It’s clear that Kishi doesn’t want Naruto to go after Sakura and the three friends meet each other again.

    This again it’s worrying, because Kakashi has failed three years ago to arrive in time before Sasuke “killes” Naruto. Maybe this time Sasuke will succeed and kill Sakura…

  8. @ wo ai ni, i find the second part of your comment very relaxing

  9. What do you mean? Do you want this possibility to be true?

  10. I don’t know how different their Susanoo’s are, although it is obvious that Sasuke has not perfected his. If you look here


    you see that Itachi’s has a similar face to Sasuke’s, but then Itachi is able to finish the skeleton with flesh, etc. I would bet that Tobi/Madara is forcing Sasuke to achieve this level, although I think it is still uncertain that Sasuke will obtain 2 artifacts, the mirror and the sword.

    I am torn in who wins here, although mostly I want Danzo to win, to teach Sasuke a lesson. If Danzo lives though, my heart goes out to Itachi whose name was sullied because Sasuke is too caught up in the moment to reveal the truth and protect his brother’s name. I seriously doubt Tobi/Madara would give a hoot about telling Danzo the truth (i.e. that he spilled the beans and Itachi really is a true shinobi) because for Tobi, Itachi was just another fight to amp up Sasuke’s abilities.

  11. @ wo ai ni, if u mean Sakura dying, yeah, that would b rather helpful to the story: she never really did anything but waste up precious panel time whining and crying; this would open Naruto up to Hinata (whom he deserves much much more); Naruto will finally get real and stop all this “forgive every villian u face since they’re still humans” crap and actually kill a villain. he never killed any1 in the manga (albiet in the movies and maybe a filler arc or 2) actually the closest was Kakuzu, but Kakashi finished him off, if i’m wrong about Naruto not killing a character off in the manga, please correct me

  12. Also, this page is better for seeing that Itachi’s version has only 5 fingers:


  13. Lol, JPUA, don’t be so cruel, at least she’s got the metaphorical balls to face up to reality and try to *fix* the mess she started… instead of fainting….

  14. “Itachi’s Susano’o did not have 6 fingers. Does this mean that their Susano’o are different?”
    That’s probably so, even Madara commented about “so this is Sasuke’s version of Susano’o” in this chapter. The ability is similar but must manifest different depending on what type of MS the person has.

  15. Sorry for the multiple posts! I just kept reading the Itachi/Sasuke fight and found a lot of goodies.

    Itachi’s Susanoo has 3 layers, the inner skeleton, some flesh, and also an outer armor on top of that!


    Although when Itachi summons/uses Yata’s mirror the outer armor is not on anymore:


    So anyways, Sasuke has a long way to go to mastering Susanoo. I wonder if Sasuke’s MS will change like Itachi’s did (before and after the massacre – it got thicker).

  16. @ Bob, wait, y r Sakura’s balls metaphorical? i thought Sakura was a guy (but just gay), lol, j/k. but still, Sakura hasn’t really positivly affected the manga or any characters since she was introduced and her being killed off would probably drive the story further (and make me happy)

  17. @JUPA

    You are right about Naruto never killing anyone in the manga, and considering that Kishi made it so that Kakashi had to go “finish off” Kakuzu (I mean COME ON he should have been dead) I doubt that Naruto will ever kill anyone throughout the series.

  18. In my mind, I still consider that it was Naruto that killed Kakuzu, you don’t just destroy somebody’s body like that with no chance of recovery and walk away with no blood on your hands. The Kakashi finishing off Kakuzu part was a cheap way for Kishi to still maintain Naruto’s “innocence”. In fact, he’s done the same thing with Sasuke. I may be wrong (at least I can’t remember an instance) but Sasuke has never really killed anyone either. Diedara: blew himself up; Orochimaru: sealed inside a dimension; Itachi: exhausted himself to death. The difference between Naruto and Sasuke is that Sasuke has gone into battle with the intention to kill, but Naruto doesn’t. It might be just me, but I think we’re deep enough into Naruto part 2 to do away with this “innocence lost” business. I would like to see a story arc with Naruto actually losing himself in battle (and not just to a Kyuubi transformation) and consciously committing himself to kill his opponent. I thought he might do it with the Pein battle, but we know how that ended. Then again, maybe that’s a little too dark for the Naruto manga.

  19. @ Bob “maybe that’s a little too dark for the Naruto manga”, darkness-shmarkness, i want to c Naruto rip a guy apart in vengence, that’d b cool. besides, this manga targets teenage guys (such as myself), and teenage guys love 2 things: sexy women and unadulterated violence

  20. but don’t get me wrong, i do draw the line at some point when it comes to violence, but the Naruto manga hasn’t yet reached said line

  21. It appears that twenty or so ordinary sharingans trump one MS…. Danzou’s my new hero…

  22. Thinking about Sakura’s plot-relevance made me think of something:
    All of Team 7’s matches are kind of tailored to their styles. Ex. Sasuke: Always fights sharingan-obsesed people who have less sharingan-based skill than him. Naruto: Always faces bijju-like ninja who have less power/chakra/determination than him and thus lose. Sakura: Always faces opponents who’s exact counter is medical ninjutsu (Sasori, Kabuto, Ino). I think there are only a few exceptions to this (naruto vs. Itachi, Sasuke vs. Kages and the most obvious, Sasuke vs. Naruto)

  23. This is the first time that I’m on Danzou’s side, cuz the opponent is Sasuke. He needs to be taught some lessons by a suitable teacher. Since Raikage was unable to complete the lesson, Danzou will have to take it from there. That is, of course, until Madara decides Sasuke’s been punished enough. So go Danzou. Oh, and show us some cool jutsus.

    I don’t feel like saying anything about Naruto.

  24. @Bob

    If I think about it, the only ones of Naruto’s classmates that has actually killed someone is: Shikamaru (Hidan), Choji (Jirobo), and Neji (Kidomaru).

    I think Kishi has worked VERY hard to make it so that Naruto and possibly Sasuke and Sakura (ok not so hard for her to not kill anyone…), have never killed anyone throughout the series. Just using Naruto as an example, he almost kills Haku, but stops when he realizes who Haku is, Kakashi kills Haku (accidentally). Naruto might have been able to kill Sasuke at the Valley of the End, but he strikes Sasuke’s headband instead. Naruto “kills” Kakuzu, who is miraculously alive, so Kakashi kills him. Naruto learns peace and spares Nagato’s life.

    As for Team 7, Kakashi has really done all the killing… and he is good at it. I was surprised, thinking back through the manga, to find that Sasuke actually hasn’t killed anyone, although he probably thought he killed Danzo just now, LOL.

  25. I have to correct myself, there is one person Naruto actually killed!

    Itachi’s body double, he killed it with an Odama Rasengan.

  26. Sasuke killed those samurais in cold blood (chapter 460). And Suigetsu says “Damn it, I told him not to kill them”, which in my view is ironic, as few time ago, it was Sasuke who was telling Suigetsu not to kill anyone. After learning the truth about Itachi, Sasuke has become a demon who can kill anyone who stands in his way (poor samurais!)

  27. oh yes, I forgot about those samurai, just more dumb stormtrooper wannabes sent to be slaughtered. Regardless, it was still unnecessary murder on Sasuke’s part. That whole thing was out of character for Sasuke though, like he just lost his cool for no reason. Even Karin sensed something changing in Sasuke.

  28. “not so hard for her to not kill anyone…” What happened with Sasori? I thought Sakura threw that baseball-thingy that killed him?(guess that ends the no-killing thing)

    I find a few things interesting in this chapter:

    1. Naruto hyperventalating: not really his thing, which makes me think either Itachi (through crow genjutsu) or the kyubbi is about to surface (or both)

    2. Danzo’s eyes: Apparently they are used for some form of sight (as seen from their movements) (this was discussed last week)

    3. Sasuke’s use of Sussano’o: He did a similar thing with deidara using the chidori: Also, while he is over-using it rather than saving it for an ace in the hole, I think this is smart for a few reasons A. He needs to learn how to control it/ use it better so he is pushing himself to do so B. Because of it’s repercusions of use (which he doesn’t fully know yet) he is better off using things he knows he can control later in the fight such as chidori and Amatseru variations. C. This might mean he has Another MS jutsu we don’t know about (something more like Kamui/Madara’s jutsu)

  29. @ mart “I thought Sakura threw that baseball-thingy that killed him?”, that didn’t kill him, it restrained him for a period of time, but he escaped (forget how tho), went to attack Sakura and hesitated when he saw the puppet versions of his parents coming at him w/ swords and let them kill him. Sakura really didn’t do much that was really useful after Hiruko was destroyed.

  30. Do you think so? I believe that killing is IN Sasuke’s character/nature, or at least after he learned the (ugly) truth about Itachi. To put it on another way, right now Sasuke wants to kill a lot of people and if he could even Madara! Naruto doesn’t want to kill anyone.
    Well, maybe a stupid example: If I break into a bank, but the police arrest me before taking anything, I would nevertheless be guilty, because I had the INTENTION to steal.

    In the same way, Sasuke wanted to kill the 5 kages (and before that capture the KB), but he ended up being saved the last second by Madara, almost dead. It is indeed something changing in Sasuke and this is maybe his character: at the pre-Itachi time he didn’t kill a single person. Now… he just can’t stop!

  31. Guess your right JPUA the most I could find was filler and movie kills (which you know my stance on). Meh, maybe she’ll kill Karin (sasuke’s way to strong currently) it’s not like she dislikes killing (like sasuke) or has Kishi-sheilding like Naruto.

    I think Kishi IS trying to lose the innocence, BUT he wants to make that a crucial element to the story, because it is crucial to naruto becoming hokage, especially his current situation, where he DOESN’T have support for his ideals.

  32. does naruto killing the 6 paths of pein not count? or are they already considered dead?

  33. Danny they were already dead bodies so they don’t count
    aslo ripcord Nara never killed hidan he is still alive underground……

  34. I don’t think Naruto will go into deep mental/conscious regret if he kills someone – a la Rurouni Kenshin. He’s a freaking ninja… he understands that killing is part of the job. Kishi probably hasn’t explicitly stained Naruto’s hands because his squeaky clean image will be tarnished (for the kiddies). Afterall, they do make up a huge portion of Naruto’s fanbase.

    Anyway, Danzou is growing on me. At first, I thought the guy was a washed up old hag – like the Third (who I thought was a typical old perv) b4 displaying his skills against Oro. It seems like Danzou can do more in his 70’s than the Third could. Will be interesting to see how things go.

    Like most ppl predict, this fight will probably end in by interruption.

  35. Sasuke seemingly killed that Cloud ninja that went to spy on his team also

  36. I don’t think Narutos breakdown was because he could handle everything at once, I just think he is battling within himself and it triggered him to faint anf he will only wake up when he has made a decision about Sasuke, kinda like when a guy struggles with being good or evil like Zuko off of Avatar!

    The only think I’m disapointed with about Naruto and its partly because of Sasuke is that he doesn’t have a cool variety of jutsu, Sasuke has Amaterasu and Tsukuyomi and Sasanoo and Kirin and Fire style and lightnin techniques and more genjutsu and tricks and Naruto has shadow clones and Rasengan and Kyuubi that he can’t control.

    I did like this chapter because I am ready to see Kakashi battle it out again, hopefully he has found away to have more chakra! I’m also starting to like Madara and Danzo more for some reason. I like Sasuke but it’s kinda hard because he is so full of himself thinking because he is an Uchiha and has the Sharingan no one can beat him, thats why I want him to lose! I also think there are better bloodlimits, like Byakugan and Kimimaro’s bloodlimit and Rinnegan.

    And I have a question does anyone else wonder if all Karin can do is scream, I’m mean Sakura has stop that atlast, I wonder when Karin will!

  37. I have a feeling that Danzo is another Itachi. He’s done some pretty nasty things (like his arm literally), but then he’s got wit and skills. He’s one of my least favorite characters going into this chapter, but after a few chapters I’m hoping he actually turns out to be a good guy.

  38. nice post bob. i just wanted to say that i forgot to add to your post last week about madara’s arm. you said it looked inhuman and had fluid coming out and i completely agree. remember when he blocked suigetsu’s sword with just his arm? there are a lot of inhuman characteristics about madara’s powers i think will be interesting to see how they lead up to his true motives

  39. the only person naruto will kill in this manga will be sauske

  40. about Naruto not killing ppl for the sake of the children, if this was a children’s show, there wouldn’t b any kiling, period. there also wouldn’t b Sexy no jutsu and all the perverted jokes. so i feel adding casualties to Naruto’s battle record wouldn’t hurt anybody.
    @ yellow, i don’t really like any of the 3 right now: Madara’s kinda annoying making other ppl do all the dirty work and still acting like he runs the place; Danzo’s just plain creepy; and Sasuke’s kinda getting annoying w/ how cocky he is

  41. @profess what about kakuzu? and don’t tell me that kakashi killed him, what naruto did to him was much more terrible, I would prefer instant kill

    @Jet Prime, I like danzou 😛 though yeah he is creepy

  42. madara is fucking brilliant. especially as tobi. it was amazing on the anime when he was fighting the leaf last week and then zetsu appeared and he went from goofy tobi voice to evil madara voice. also danzo went from being one of my most hated characters to basically the most epic bastard ever this week. i was like oh he’s been crushed by susanoo, another anti-climatic fight. but no he’s so badass he fooled the ms and is right behind sasuke. what a leg-end

  43. @Danny.

    It was cool how he changed his voice and how he transported!

    Great post bob! I Like Sasuke but my favorite character is Madara/Tobi. Just because of the backstory: He is the biggest Villain ever think about it: he was involved in the Uchiha Clan Massarce, The 9 tailed fox Attack, The Akatsuki and Kisu has been planning it ever since episode 131 in part one when Itachi said there was three people alive with it!

  44. That arm just keeps getting weirder and weirder. I do agree that Sasuke needs to be put in his place. And as for the Naruto part, I betting he’ll demand to go with Kakashi, why, cause that’s Naruto!

  45. great post, i wanna know how danzo got his sharingans, he sed each one has there own story which wud be nice to know who they belong to. danzo has started to grow on me i believe he should take naruto under his wing, he is the only one left in the leaf that could help make him stronger

  46. Re the anime: yes, the past few weeks have been definitely worth watching, even for the manga purists. Seeing the Susanoo being formed, sealing Oro, Tobi playing whack-a-nin with the Konoha shinobi and my favorite: Tobi erasing himself to go collect Itachi’s corpse.

    If it is indeed severe internal conflict that is causing Naruto to hyperventilate, then he shouldn’t be viewed as a wimp. In real life, persons in this situation where they are forced to violate a fundamental tenet as the only option, end up with real physical problems: elevated blood pressure, hives, fainting, heart attacks, even mental illness. Finding your own non-lethal nendo in the Naruverse is bound to be extremely difficult.

    Re Danzo: we all had made our own assumptions based on his physical appearance. But most of us had forgotten that he had battled the 3rd for the title of hokage and so should have kage-level jutsu and cunning. While I hope he kicks Sasuke’s ass, I really don’t want him to make it back to Konoha…

  47. i dont think naruto will kill anybody until the end or towards the end of the series whenever that comes (hopefully a while away). While i was pondering this thought i came to the conclusion that Goku, another prominent anime hero, did not directly “kill” anyone until the end of the series when he killed omega shenron (who was begging for his life by the way). It is percieved that both he and Naruto will TRY to defeat their opponent by means of killing them, as anybody would i guess, but they dont end up following through. There may be some debate to this statement I have just made about Goku, sooooo…. here’s a list of his prominent enemies and their resulting fates (not counting movies. I dont believe they matter in the grand scheme of things)

    Piccolo – leaves after him an Goku fight in the tourney
    Raditz – Killed by Piccolo
    Nappa – Killed by Vegeta
    Vegeta – Runs away to heal, eventually turns good
    Ginyu Force – Goku didnt kill any of them
    Frieza – Ultimately wacked by Trunks
    Androids – Goku has a heart attack, can’t seal the deal
    Cell – Gohan does the trick
    Majin Buu – turns good
    Kid Buu – reincarnated into Uub
    Bebi/Baby – Actually killed by the intense heat of the sun
    Omega Shenron – Goku mercilessly kills him, but he DEFINITELY deserved it lol

    I may have missed one or two, i dont know its been a while since ive seen DBZ, and a couple of these deaths may be up for discussion. But think about it. Naruto may follow this same path and not kill Sasuke or anybody until he deems that they DEFINITELY deserve to get the rasenshuriken to the face.

    Thats all folks!!!

  48. In response to Sasuke never getting a kill, I wonder how bad it would hurt his pride and man-hood to know that Choji has more kills than him lol. I never did notice the fact that he hasn’t killed anyone.

  49. Seems I’m postin’ up really late on here, anyhow I had to look back at the part where Naruto fainted and I noticed some where he grasps his chest, I was just scanning the comments but someone mentioned Naruto may go into an inner state where he is confronted by the kyubi… would be interesting if it really does happen… maybe the kyubi will call him out as a weakling or something of the sort for not being able to keep himself together and actually almost giving up or something. @Uchigatana I believe you’ve got a point there with people being stressed out, Kishi is probably trying to show how much of a deal Naruto really makes of his bonds to Sasuke in relation to everyone else in his life.

  50. @ Xee:
    That would be a very interesting path for Kishi to go. Perhaps Kyuubi will make some sort of deal with Naruto to get revenge on Madara and the Uchiha clan for controlling him (Kyuubi) in the past… just a thought.

    Anyway, I know I’m not the only one who CANNOT wait to see Sakura get killed by Sasuke… that would be a great Xmas/Hanukkah/Kwanzaa/New Year’/Chinese New Year gift!

  51. yeah it would be..i agree with JPUA also about Sakura hehe…wtf i have 2 wait for a couple of weeks til Naruto gets some action again….& Bob was knda right…we forget who this manga is named after bcoz most of the screentime now concerns Sasugay

  52. I don’t understand why people call Sasuke “Sausgay” he is a character that Is in my opinion more developed then Naruto. Naruto has hardly changed, apart from learning 2 new jutsu and sage mode. While Sasuke has changed his personality.

    Madara teleporting in the anime was nothing like the manga but it was awesome! Also he is the BIG villian if you think about it: he was involved in the Uchiha clan massarce, the 9 tailed fox attack. And most importantly the Akatsuki.

  53. Yep, just like the poll said Sasuke have no chance against Danzu, man. How could he? Danzu is rival to the 3rd hokage. He’s way more experience than Sasuke is and way more emo than he can ever dream of. lol!
    Bob this one for you if you want to see Danzu’s sharingarm in colors than check out my coloring here: http://chuefue337.deviantart.com/art/Naruto-476-pg07-colored-147234537

  54. @izuna

    I understand your point, in that Naruto feels less developed than Sasuke, but I think that’s mostly because we know Sasuke’s family background and also Sasuke’s personality became totally screwed up, so it was a major change.

    I would say that Naruto has started to change, but he’s not quite there yet. And don’t forget we still have to learn about Naruto’s history, etc. In fact, I would argue that Sasuke FORCED a change in himself to attain his goals, rather than the change happening naturally through life experiences. This is evidenced by the curse seal and his more recent change of being cold (as evidenced by Karin’s observations).

    One last point, people call him Sausgay because he acts like a little child (I guess he still is a kid…) when faced with tough decisions.

  55. @nameless
    everybody’s susano’os are different. it states it on chapter 476

  56. Great work Bob, enjoyed it. Pfft, sorry I’m commenting so late but I’ve had a turbulent 4 days in the girlfriend department, lost one on Friday, gained a new one Saturday (yay me!). Now I can get back to my favorite hobby, hating Sasugay and cheering for anyone fighting him.

    I thought for sure Danzo had lost, and it would have been a PHENOMENAL disappointment (I’m the one always saying Danzo is strong), but I gained a surprise within a surprise when it turned out to be just a clone. I wonder what kind of clone it was, Kage Bushins aren’t that durable. But anyway, Sasuke seems to have mastered Susanoo even further, as evidenced here http://www.onemanga.com/Naruto/476/17/ it clearly has the second layer on the hand holding Danzo, ie the skin/muscle. Susanoo’s development mirrors the Kyubi’s development, that is, bones–>muscle–>skin/armor, coincidence? I think not, nothing in Naruto is a coincidence (well except previously when Tobi and Danzo were never in the same place). Time to hate on Sasuke. I hope Danzo gives him a good trouncing. I hate the fact that a 16 year old can contend with ninjas decades older, what does that say for them? And Sasuke’s development once bordered on unreal, now its passed that. Within 2 and a half years he moved from Genin level to being a Jonin level, and then within a few months he can suddenly contend with Kages? Not even Naruto grows that fast. Kishi is seriously overpowering Sasugay. Well I just wanna see how Danzo will beat him and my Christmas will be VERY merry.

    @megatron (nice name btw, awesomest transformer), nice observation on your part, but heres where Goku and Naruto are different; Goku’s a natural genius and Naruto isnt. Things that Goku can afford to do, Naruto cant.

    @izuna, I honestly have began doubting if Madara’s the final villain in this story. He’s showing himself too much and is too big of a target right now. Right now, I see either Danzo or Sasuke being the final villain, or more likely someone new that will be introduced after another timeskip.

  57. I just realized something, Danzo has yet to reveal Shisui’s Sharingan, could that be his final trump card?

  58. @ kisu on Sasuke’s development, uhm, he kinda got owned by the Kages. sure, his Ametersu was able to injure A, but that’s just A being emotional (fyi, if u didn’t find out by now, A is the name of the Raikage. it can also b spelled as an “E” but w/ a stress mark ontop)

  59. @Jpua, he got owned, but not to the level I was hoping he’d get owned. Against the 5…or rather 4 most powerful ninjas in the world he shouldn’t even be standing against Danzo, at the very least he should have lost a few limbs.

  60. @ kisu, yeah, but that’s only cuz he faced them 1 at a time instead of all together. i credit it to endurance, not skill

  61. Madara isn’t going to be the final villain but he is the MAIN villian as he Is behind most of the series storylines: The uchiha clan massarce, 9tailed fox and The akatsuki!

  62. @ Wo Ai Ni
    Sasuke did kill before, look at episode naruto shippuuden 92 (it’s easier too look in episodes then in manga lool) ! Orochimaru testing him and Guren watcing it. He killed a loot’s of them lool.
    Now i need too search if Naruto did kill someone, xD

  63. I have a question, did sasuke really kill the samurai? My question on this comes from Jugo. I don’t think sasuke fully killed them, but rather like the Kakuzu situation, Jugo/Kakashi finished of the samurai/kakuzu respectively.

  64. @Naruto’s PAIN. a/ that was a anime filler so doesnt technically count as part of the naruto canon. and b/ he didnt actually kill any of the people he faced just injured them all. if i remember correctly.

  65. Well that WAS actually in the manga as well Danny, however you are right as he didn’t kill them just disabled

  66. i think that like the Mangekyou Sharingan which varies from user to user. sussano’o follows suit. as someone keenly observed Uchiha Itachi’s sussano’o had only 5 fingers, but as plainly seen by the posted picture Uchiha Sasuke’s sussano’o has 6. so i think its safe to assume that each user’s sussano’o has different characteristics.

    p.s. food for thought. Can Kakashi use sussano’o? well most likely not but dang that would be sweet

  67. kakashi wouldnt be able to coz he only has 1 eye. and that can’t use amaterasu or tsukiyomi so it wouldnt be able to gain the 3rd power of susanoo.

  68. @ Danny
    Danny, mart1 is right, it was in manga,and now i have watch it all over again and it seams Sasuke just disabled them (as you 2 said) without even a tiny spurt of blood, lool, weird

    @ mart1
    sasuke kill’s them (slaughters them)
    read here:

    @ manga_reader
    yup, you are right there…
    every MS user has different Susano’o (and it can get stronger, different shapes, armors, weapons as Itachi’s Susano’o, it’s all in training lol)

  69. 1.)Does someone knows Naruto’s stats now when
    he is (full) sage (senjutsu)???

    2.)He is one of the powerful ninjas in Konohagakure (that is a fact) and beyond, is he now an kage level?

  70. Naruto’s PAIN:
    1. Nope no stats until the 4th databook comes out. He was recomended as a hokage, however I doubt he could so it currently, he needs a lot more skill to compliment his raw strength.
    2. I was aware of that, however, I was questioning it’s validity based on Jugo’s actions a few chapters later.

  71. @9tail337
    “Bob this one for you if you want to see Danzu’s sharingarm in colors than check out my coloring here: http://chuefue337.deviantart.com/art/Naruto-476-pg07-colored-147234537
    You made my day, dude 😀
    Now, can you animate that whole scene into a video for me, that’d be even more awesome.
    (I like pushing my luck :3)

  72. @ mart1
    I totally agree that it’s too soon for him too be hokage (it would be stupid loool),…

    but i think that he is an pair with most of kages and jonin
    (looking into comments he got from other jonins after the pain fight, saying that he is on a whole other level now, and kakashi saying he surpassed him,
    but he still lacks exp)

  73. When each of the groups kept coming to Naruto telling him how they were either planning on killing Sasuke or saying that Sasuke was beyond saving, I kinda have expected Naruto to just say his standard “So what? I’m the Number#1 ninja, I won’t fail, I’ll save Sasuke.,no matter what!” or something to that line. The fact that he brokedown like he did actually seemed like a new change really. He suddenly gave in to everyone’s beliefs and forgot who he was.

    But this happens people all time…you might feel confident about your values but sometimes when your energies low you can’t think clearly enough. That’s when you need to have a friend support you and give you the pep talk you need to pick yourself up.

    This moment of Naruto’s is almost similar to when he was nervous of facing Neji at the Chunin exams. At that time Hinata reminded him of the “proud failure” that he was.

    Although this is bigger challenge, I think Kishi is waiting for the moment for someone to help Naruto with that talk, perhaps back at the village…possibly Iruka or maybe Hinata =)?

  74. @narulucknlove,
    [This moment of Naruto’s is almost similar to when he was nervous of facing Neji at the Chunin exams. At that time Hinata reminded him of the “proud failure” that he was.]
    Yep, I wouldn’t have it any other way. 🙂

  75. Another talk with Hinata, I mean. hehe

  76. @Bob,
    hmmm…that’s gonna take some time with the 20 pgs and all but I’ll let you know if I could do it or not later. ^_^

  77. @ narulucknlove and 9tail337, totally agree w/ u. i mean, Kishi has got to kno that, like, 90% of Naruto fans are NaruHina fans. and if i overestimated, then ppl who aren’t better change their minds b4 i find out where they live *holds up dagger*, lol, j/k. my parol doesn’t allow me near daggers

  78. I don’t think Naruto will return to the village because that would mean that he decided to just let sakura try and kill sasuke, I beleive he will confront Sasuke in some form but that unlike others, he won’t try to kill sasuke due to what he knows about the itachi-inncident and instead will try to convince sasuke to fight madara (hopefully danzo will be dead) and come back to konoha. That way, Sasuke gets revenge and naruto gets his word/friend. Also if all Naruto needed was a word of inspiration, kakashi wouldn’t have stopped yammato from giving it. Also I think 90% is a bit over-rated, I would say 25% are for, 25% against and 50% don’t care either way and just want more violence.

  79. Some great news everyone! HIDAN’S ALIVE! Kishi gave info in the second fanbook that says Hidan isnt dead, he’s just rotting because lack of nutrition, so there was some truth to what Hidan was saying about his teeth biting Shikamaru’s throat out lol. And it also seems that the “he has to kill people to stay immortal” thing was just a mistranslation, and it actually reads “The “curse” [Hidan] received in lieu of a “blessing” is [so he can] continue to massacre” (「祝福」の代わりに施されし「呪い」は、殺戮によって持続する。). It says nothing about him needing to kill to survive, so his immortality wasn’t some fancy trick like Oro’s or Sasori’s. he was a genuine immortal! This guy is the only one of my top favorite characters to be alive!

  80. “That way, Sasuke gets revenge and naruto gets his word/friend”- what about the Raikage, Killerbee, that one Cloud ninja Sasuke killed, the dozens of samurais Sasuke killed and the other Kages? I think they would want their criminal.

  81. i was watching episode 140 of naruto, and with the visual we get from madara’s story and what was in the manga in the latest 2 chapters made me realize something, so i’d like to come with a prediction:

    it was danzo who summoned the kuubi 16 years ago (story time) NOT madara. since danzo has the power of the sharingan in his hands. and i think madara isn’t 100% evil, he’s probably revealing the truth about danzo and “OTHER” evil plotters.

    don’t get me wrong, i don’t think madara is the best there is, but still he’s NOT the only bastard out there. it would be interesting if he WAS a good guy though, loooool.

  82. @lilmoe

    So are you saying Danzo summoned the Kyuubi and wanted it to destroy the village (and the 4th) so he could become Hokage, just like with Pain?

    And then Tobi/Madara was just along for the ride, helping him or trying to stop the Kyuubi? I mean, Minato said that Tobi was there, and that Tobi was outstepping even Minato.

    I wouldn’t put it past Danzo to have been involved in it… but I don’t think he could have done it alone, especially since the Kyuubi mentions only Madara and the sharingans when it talked with Sasuke.

  83. commenting on everyone’s post here.

    you guys seem not to get it….

    1) i don’t believe naruto going into an attack like this is because he’s “wimpy”…. bull shit… it’s just like when “the man’s man” gara dropped a tear of sadness for an old friend. and just like when a father may get a brain stroke if one of his family members gets seriously hurt or dies, or just when losing a loved one.

    2) if naruto is to submit to the fact that sasuke is now a wanted criminal and helping him isn’t going to help the “common good” and now he needs to kill him off, then THAT by itself would mean betrayal of ALL those who have entrusted him with the weight of changing the shinobi world. and getting rid of the “sasuke problem” that way is abiding by the rules of the current shinobi system and making naruto nothing but a hypocrite.

    3) when sakura made up her mind about killing or at least stopping sasuke herself, then that would only ADD her to naruto’s enemy list. and naruto’s enemies are easily defined as those who carry out the current shinobi system’s rules and aren’t worried about true peace. their vision of peace is narrow or at least not like naruto’s.

    NOW, try to look at the bigger picture about the “message” that MOST manga and anime artists are trying to send us “fans” in each and every war based anime/manga:
    Gundam Seed and Gundam 00 are very good examples of the common story message where everyone wants to fight “their” war but when someone from the good side goes astray that’s when the main characters of both series (lacus clyne and setsuna F. Seie, respectively) remind everyone who the real enemy is which is the SYSTEM.
    Naruto’s role is very much like that of satsuna’s in gundam 00, only setsuna has a much stronger resolve since he was exposed to the evils of the world at a much younger age.

    now, again, if naruto is to submit and abide by the current rules of the shinobi world then that itself would mean losing to the the current “SYSTEM” which he has vowed to nagato and his deceased master to change. remember? “if there is peace i will find it, i will never give up on my word” and goes on to say: “that’s my way of the ninja”. and again, if he submits to the current system, then it means he’s going to eat his own words.

    is killing sasuke going to serve as a good cause for peace? i don’t think so. it’s what made sasuke be such an avenger that needs to be dealt with… and as an example: is putting all drug dealers in jail going to stop crack heads? nope, it’s when u BURN and KILL all those “at the top” who make it possible to even grow those drugs locally or domestically that you’ll eliminate the problem from its roots. and the root of all problems is in fact the shinobi system in naruto’s case. he need to put an end to that first.

    when sakura submitted to facts, it means that she acknowledged the shinobi system, which in fact makes her an enemy of naruto, and in other words, she betrayed naruto, without knowing so! she THINKS she’s helping him out, but she fails to see further from her nose. she, as most idiots in naruto’s world and our world, think the world revolves around them, and it’s “them” that need to do something fix things up as “they” see fit. naruto, on the other hand, isn’t as egoistic which makes him special.

    naruto is in a position for more betrayals in the future, all his friends and pears are betraying him one after the other because they couldn’t “see” what naruto sees after all his encounters. they didn’t realize yet who the real enemy is.

    sasuke is the enemy of the shinobi system, but so is naruto, only both have taken matters differently. sasuke wants to kill the world, but naruto wants to help it. this means there are 3 sides to this war NOT 2:

    1) the shinobi system
    2) uchiha saskue
    3) sanju naruto

    and with sakura and his other friends gone, this reduces naruto’s allies to:
    1) hatake kakashi
    2) yamamato
    3) tsunade (if she was awake)
    4) hinata (though it’s because she’d follow him wherever he goes, same as any other woman in love with a man, not because she truly believe in his cause. as a matter of fact, she couldn’t care less)
    5) others (not from shinobi villages) who believe in naruto’s way of the ninja.

  84. @ripcord

    come on! isn’t it very obvious???

    1) it would be VERY easy to frame the uchiha clan, since the sharingan is the only thing that can tame the beast. and No one knew about the fact of his right arm

    2) EVEN if the village was destroyed, that would STILL serve a good for danzo since the 3rd’s reign would end after the destruction of the village and root will take over after words. rings a bell?? which do u think had more damage on the village? the kuubi’s attack or nagato’s?? don’t u remember what donzo told root when they asked him if they should help out the villagers?

    if the kuubi never made an appearance, who would be hokage as of now?? wouldn’t that end every bit of dream danzo had of being hokage? who do u think is more dangerous enemy? sarutobi (the 3rd) or namikaze minato (the 4th).

    danzo killed 2 birds with once stone, though he intended to kill 3

    1) he successfully framed the uchiha clan for the kuubi incident
    2) he got rid of 1 of 2, the 4th hokage.

    the third bird would have been getting rid of sarutobi though that didn’t work since the 4th was THAT powerful. but a new pain in the ass rose up (NARUTO) who is the kuubi’s host AND the heir of the 4th’s powers to boost.

    i believe the only one who knows these facts is Madara. and i don’t think itachi had a 100% clear idea of the matter.

    does it make sense now?

  85. @ripcord again:

    i’m not really sure what’s going on in madara’s mind, but is anyone here that sure? plz enlighten me…

    i think madara “went along” with itachi’s plan and resolve, as though he was teaching itachi a lesson. which i think is: before taking things in your own hands, make sure the ones who suggested to you what to do are trustworthy, meaning danzo and the other 2 elders of the konoha.

    madara probably took on his revenge against the uchiha clan as well when he went along with itachi’s plan.

    HOWEVER, we are yet to know what the heck exactly happened between madara and danzo during their encounter at the time of the uchiha massacre. and till then we won’t be so sure what the heck is going on inside madara’s head (nor danzo’s).

    another thing worth mentioning is that madara didn’t seem as surprised after seeing danzo’s right arm.

  86. @ lilmoe, wow, i have an incredible respect for u now. that was possibly the most intellegent thing ever said on a blog (about the system being the enemy). and i agree for the most part. i personally don’t like Sasuke and wouldn’t care if he died, but you’re right, him dying would defeat the message of the manga. besides, if Nagato and Zabuza, who’ve spent their whole lives killing, were forgiven, y can’t Sasuke who only recently got the taste of blood? i also agree that Hinata would blindly follow Naruto, lol:
    Naruto: “hey, Hinata, i’d go out w/ u if u jumped off a cliff”
    Hinata *hearts in eyes*: “whatever u say Naruto-kun”
    (of course i’d really hate it if this happened and kno Naruto would never do that, but i’m just speaking hypothetically)

  87. i think saskue will win.

    in the end, i predict (cant be the only one) that saskue full power will eventually face naruto full power. every thing before that battle is just practice 4 them.

    by the way if i had susano’o i’d flaunt him around 2!X)

  88. As for Sasuke killing the samurai, their deaths aren’t really shown. First, Sasuke goes and slices up one. That’s where Suigetsu says “and he was telling US not to kill”, or something like that. Later, a samurai is caught by Sasuke’s black flames. Since he didn’t put out the flames they must have burned till the samurai was toast. But thats just an assumption.

    About Danzou, what I think is that when he goes all out, Kishi will tell us the stories behind all those sharingans on his arm one by one. Personally, I like to think each of the sharingans on him are somehow special. The one in his right eye was no ordinary sharingan.

  89. @lilmoe

    thats a very good plot, however there is a little flaw , that all those sharingan eyes, came from the clan massacre, that occured after the kyuubi´s invasion.

  90. @lilmoe again.

    well on a second thought, danzo has been using that eye bandage since the time we was around with hanzo, so there´s a chance that he may have hidden a sharingan eye beneath, but who knows.

  91. @lilmoe
    i totally agree with you about that all the things around Naruto, Sasuke and changing sinobi’s world!!!!! you have a bingo an that matter!

    About Madara (Tobi) i think he did not use 9-tailed fox by himself back then 16 years ago, (if you all remember he used it in a fight with 1 hokage too, they show it in latest anime episode) so that’s how 9 tailed knows madara, he may have helped danzo too get 9 tailed attack konoha, or in some other way….. so danzo and madara worked together back then, and that’s why they know each other now……

    if someone knows something else about this matter plzzz fill me in !!! 😉

  92. @lilmoe, Danzou didn’t have the sharingan arm back then. He would have obtained it after the massacre, and the massacre took place 7 years AFTER the Kyubi attack.

  93. I’m not saying that Danzo didn’t help Madara… in fact I think that Madara has been manipulating EVERYONE! He instigated the Uchiha to revolt, but he also tipped off Danzo about it.

    Earlier, Madara gave Danzo an opportunity to take control over the village saying that if Danzo gave Madara some intel, he could attack the village and eliminate the Hokage. Of course, we know that Danzo probably argued to become Hokage immediately after the Kyuubi attacks, but because he didn’t have Shisui’s eye and the 3rd probably said “well I’ll do it again for a while” to prevent Danzo from leading the village, Danzo was out of luck.

    I want to say that Danzo didn’t get any of those sharingans until the Uchiha massacre, mostly because wouldn’t Danzo have replaced his lost right eye first before making a crazy sharingan arm?

    If you agree to that, don’t forget that Shisui wasn’t killed until quite some time after the kyuubi attacks. So, if Danzo didn’t have any sharingan at the time of the kyuubi attack and so he wouldn’t be able to control the kyuubi.

    My most definitive piece of evidence, although I said it earlier, is that the 4th Hokage said Madara was behind the attack. If Madara was there, who would be more likely to control the kyuubi, Madara or Danzo?

  94. “besides, if Nagato and Zabuza, who’ve spent their whole lives killing, were forgiven, y can’t Sasuke who only recently got the taste of blood?”, both those guys died. If the manga ends without Sasuke dying, then its unrealistic.

    @lilmoe again, Kishi revealed in the second fanbook that Minato took on both Tobi and the Kyubi at the same time, hell Minato even said he too on Tobi wen he was talking to Naruto. Btw, the Sharingan in his right eye was Shisui Uchiha’s and he died around the same time as the massacre. It sucks when a well thought out theory gets destroyed by simple facts (it happens to me quite a lot) 8(

  95. with regards to madara controlling the kyuubi in the attack on leaf. minato said that he was there but madara says that he wasnt involved so why would he lie about that when he tells the truth about everything else. also minato actually says the masked man, doesnt necessarily mean its madara.

  96. @kisuzachi and those who think that danzo aquired sharingan eye/arm AFTER the massacre.

    1) i do not think that shisu’s eye is enough to summon the kuubi. being able to do that needs a perfect manguku sharingan.

    2) danzo has yet to admit where he got that eye from. and remember, danzo is anything BUT stupid. using the same eye to manipulate the guy who said it was shisu’s eye to think that way and to turn away suspicion that danzo had anything to do with the massacre isn’t far fetched.

    3) there is absolutely no evidence in the manga that the arm was acquired after the massacre. if you take a good look at the page in the manga with the arm you will notice that it’s full of Manguku sharingan, NOT normal sharingans. Now how man manguku sharingans were there before the massacre??

    nothing is certain unless the parties involved admit to facts. and unless there is solid evidence then everything you or i say are merely theories.

    There’s a big difference for being seeking power for status and wealth and seeking power for a “common good” that one believes in. THAT, i think, is what defines a person as evil. Nagato sought power not for the sake of personal gain, but to carry out his own justice. but are madara and danzo doing the same? or are they only driven by status and wealth?

    if you ask me, then i’d say the EVERYONE on this planet who seeks power or money and manipulates people for the sake of growing that power or wealth is purely evil. but if one seeks power to protect others (family and friends: or people in the case of a king) AND uses “evil” methods to do so then that doesn’t make them purely evil, but “harsh”

  97. @lilmoe, None of those sharingans are mangekyou, look again. And ur right about the manga not stating where he got the arm from, BUT where else could he get SO MANY sharingans from? Who is Sasuke trying to protect to not make him purely evil, as you said? Because that’s what I think you’re getting at.

  98. kisuzachi, it’s not only about one protecting others. in other words, one should be just a bit selfless to not be considered purely evil.

    sasuke on the other hand is just a lost child. i bet he himself doesn’t know what he’s doing…

    i think naruto will eventually change everyone’s ideals and understandings about world peace, and then put sasuke in jail for all the crimes he has committed. who knows…

  99. @lilmoe, i have no doubt that naruto will succeed, but Sasugay needs to pay for his crimes, he has to die. (This is basically me just upset about Pain having to die.)

  100. “I think they would want their criminal.” the kage’s would forgive attempted murder of KB if Sasuke took out Madara or played a significant role in his defeat. He attacked the Kage summit, but besides that weakling Mifune, no one has serious grounds for a grudge of the magnitude that would be unforgiven after taking down Madara (something Sasuke plans on doing). Also, as long as they don’t declare war it’s all fine, which I doubt that they will do after Konoha has Naruto and Sasuke at their “super strength” end-of-series ability levels.

  101. @mart1, you give the Kages too much credit. Even if Sasugay takes out Madara the fact still remains that he’s the reason Kirabi almost died, he’s the reason the Raikage is a one-armed wrestler, he’s the reason that 10+ Samurai are dead, and he’s the reason the Kages had to get their hands dirty. The guy has to die, end of story. (Seriously, you all wanted Pain dead, so why not Sasugay?)

  102. @ kisu “you all wanted Pain dead, so why not Sasugay?”, i personally am indifferent if he dies or not, even so i think u need to look at it this way: “u wanted Pain to SURVIVE, y not Sasuke?”

  103. late comment incoming, i dont see the ms in danzous arm, wait let me chick real quick… nope there not, naruto will have to kill sauske then never kill again, chapter was great, what can danzou do, i think we all will be suprised from his abilities, a weak period for naruto indeed, have faith very soon he will prove to us what he can do, the sooner the better, suspenseful chapter

  104. “Kirabi almost died” the key word is ALMOST, and even that’s a stretch as KB decided to run away and all Sasuke got was a transformed tentacle. Samurai don’t matter, and I beleive the Raikage (who was dumb enough to attack sasuke and lose his arm without confirming his brother’s death) doesn’t have much of a case as his brother is still alive. The other Kages aren’t stupid and would see the value of a double agent inside Akatsuki (just as Konoha secretly forgave itachi when he was their’s) so while annoyed, they attacked him. They wouldn’t leave him as an international criminal if he stopped working for akatsuki. (why would the villages besides Kumo care about Sasuke attacking Kumogakure)

  105. “Kirabi almost died”- i didn’t mean against Sasuke, i meant against KIsame, Sasuke has joined the world’s greatest Terrorist Organization and no one knows HOW MUCH or HOW LITTLE he’s done in AKatsuki so he’ll be tried like any other Akatsuki member. The emo has to die.

  106. “u wanted Pain to SURVIVE, y not Sasuke?”- because Pain had a noble purpose for his actions, Sasugay’s just doing what he’s doing to make himself feel better

  107. “i didn’t mean against Sasuke, i meant against KIsame, Sasuke has joined the world’s greatest Terrorist Organization” 1. Kisame would still have attacked KB if Sasuke DIDN’T join Akatsuki and 2. If he is a double agent working against Akatsuki then he isn’t responsible for their actions, he’s secretly their (akatsuki) enemy and Kumo can’t blame him for their actions (logically).

    “no one knows HOW MUCH or HOW LITTLE” It’s not hard to look back and see sasuke’s role in Akatsuki, and even if NINJA (who work in the shadows and rarely have true intell) can’t accept this cover story, then there is always interogation techniques.

    As far as a noble cause: “punishing the wicked” is sasuke’s, and if you look at who he has succesfully killed, then you have to agree it was either killing someone he thought was guilty or in self deffence.

  108. yes, precisely. Someone HE thought was guilty. He wants to kill an old geezer for preventing the Fourth Ninja war. Wow Sasugay, pretty noble of you

  109. the whole no killing thing reminds me of the super hero comics and movies with the rule not to kill but to win without killing, example batman the darkknight (except in the dark horse comics) etc., after they actually do kill someone they change to a different person (kind of like the ms but without powers, you just gain confidence and the balls to call it what it is)
    who is ready for the upcoming, this maturity naruto needs, he doesnt realize yet but killing sauske will help him reach his goal of hokage, just a hunch dont judge me on this drunken rant

  110. @ kisu, well, Nagato wanted to destroy the entire world cuz a popular country indirectly killed 3 ppl he cared about, Sasuke want’s to destroy the same country (but nothing else as far as Kishi has let us kno) for ordering the murder about 100+ ppl he had connections to, so i say that’s a bit more justifiable. i personally don’t want Sasuke to b forgiven, but i didn’t want Nagato to b forgiven either and he still was

  111. hey, i just heard really bad news: Kishi recently confirmed that Shikamaru and Temari are NOT dating

  112. @jpua

    Where did you hear that? If he said that, he must have said more… give us a link!

    As to who is more justified, Nagato or Sasuke, you have to keep in mind that Nagato also lost all his family and never had a stable home to live in. At least Sasuke always had a “stable” village environment (minus the massacre of course).

    As far as motives, Nagato at least had a nobile motive, he really did want peace (we might not have believed him until the end, but since he chose Naruto’s peace over his own, we know he really meant it). His means were really over the top, so it is hard to justify it, and I’m not saying he should have been forgiven.

    To Sasuke’s motives, it appears he just wants to kill people and he could care less about any higher purpose. Of course, if only Sasuke would realize that the Uchiha massacre is really Madara’s fault, but my guess is that Sasuke finds that out once it is too late… which maybe it already is.

  113. @ ripcord: i heard the “no ShikaTemar” at this forum http://naruto.viz.com/forum/showthread.php?p=2073552#post2073552 (i’m “Optimuskage” there) apparently Kishi doesn’t want Shikamaru to b paired w/ anyone, so that also get’s rid of ShikaIno and ShikaCho pairings (the last one was a joke). they didn’t give a link to the interview tho.

  114. on Nagato or Sasuke, Nagato still seemed to have less justification, he should’ve already adapted to the situation, and he also got to take the pain in moderation, while Sasuke, who had a cushioned life, lost it all in one foul swoop, which seems to b much more traumatizing. i still think Nagato had a crappy childhood, but like Naruto, that’s all he knew, unlike Sasuke

  115. Well, I’d say Sasuke don’t have to die, he could just be a vagabond and roam the world redeeming himself for a long time before returning to the village. He gotta give the people of konoha some room to forgive him. lol!

  116. Oh yeah, don’t forget this is a shonen so it’s mainly for kids (somewhat) and the Raikage don’t really need a criminal, (Sasuke) but say “hey let’s just forgive sasuke cus naruto saved the world”. lol! (Sarcasim)

  117. k i honestly think that naruto is gonna have another weird flashback thing in his head like when he met the 4th but i think this time its gonna be itachi and he is gonna talk to naruto and we will finally get to see the special fail safe that itachi implanted in naruto

  118. “He wants to kill an old geezer for preventing the Fourth Ninja war.” I explained a while ago, Danzo is a negative externality. He purposely weakens the village so that HE can personally benefit from it as seen in 1. Pein’s backstory 2. Both the konoha invasions; it’s not hard to see that the exact same thing could have happened with the konoha invasion.

  119. okay, @ ripcord and anyone else interested in spoilers, here’s the full interview w/ Kishi (you’ll have to open the spoiler tabs): http://naruto.viz.com/forum/showthread.php?t=38773&highlight=kishi+interview apparently Kishi’s going in the way of Sasuke’s evil and Sakura will always have feelings for him but will also become a better fighter/person, Kishi seems to recognize Hinata’s popularity w/ the fan base (suck it, mart), he doesn’t want to give Shikamaru any romantic feelings, and Naruto vs Sasuke and Naruto getting a girlfriend won’t happen till the end (the last part i’m sure mart liked)

  120. JPUA: I’ve read too many fake interviews to really have much interest in them. I read through that one however and didn’t see anything about a girlfriend being at the end only naruto-sasuke being at the end. As far as Hinata’s popularity, I took the way it refered to her as showing Kishi like’s Sakura more but meh.

  121. @ mart, i could’ve swore he said something about Naruto not having any romantic relationships til the end, but maybe i misread somthing. oh well. what i took out of it is that Kishi recognizes he’s done a worse job w/ Sakura than he did w/ Hinata. but u said you’ve read alot of fake Kishi interviews, so maybe this was one. but it still interested me (it had the Japanese, so that’s somthing), if u aren’t interested, oh well

  122. @Jpua, Nagato didn’t get it in doses. He lost his entire family in one foul swoop as well (its not like one of his parents survived and then died later on), then he befriended a dog, it died soon after, then he found a father-figure (Jiraiya), who soon left as well, and his pseudo brother (Yahiko) died some time after, BY HIS HANDS! Nagato was severely traumatized. Tobi said it himself that Sasuke has never experienced war and doesn’t know that trauma. Itachi lived through a war, but he was part of one of the most powerful Villages, the Village that eventually won that war, and he still came out of it as a paacifist. Now imagine how much worse it must be for a person who DOES NOT come from a superior Village, hell THREE of the MOST POWERFUL villages used Nagato’s land as a battlefield. His childhood cannot be compared to Sasugay’s sheltered life.

    I no longer care for this Danzo is good debate because I’m not getting through to you guys, and you sure aren’t getting through to me. But more importantly, DOES NO ONE CARE THAT HIDAN’S ALIVE!!?

  123. hidan was funny but a boring fighter. so i’m really not arsed. deidara was the better akatsuki.

  124. The only way I see Hidan’s life being plot significant is if ALL of akatsuki comes back. Presently I think Tobi would rather have akatsuki out of the way so that he doesn’t have to share.

  125. Okay, I know this was awhile ago, but Bob, Sasuke has killed many people (Not talking about Deidara, Itachi, and Oro)

    He killed all those Samurai (More than one)

    And, he’s tried to kill Madara, Danzo, Raikage, Mizukage (?), and Shii

  126. of there’s no chapter for 2weeks(i think just 1week) then there’s christmas gift for y0u guyz…^^, “SPOILER”

  127. ahh…bad…the link won’t work…here’s the sure one…^^,

  128. @ h0rhe, nice spoiler pics, looks like next chapter’s gonna b awesome

  129. I’ll believe the spoiler when its in the manga next week. I’ve seen WAY too many “Itachi returns” spoilers. LOL One of the spoilers said that Itachi intervenes in Naruto’s and Pain’s battle to save Hinata and help Naruto lol

  130. about this new spoiler:

    Itachi gave something to naruto back in the day, represented by a crowd, hoping ” not to be used in the future” and then just after nauto faints, itachi makes an appearance sorrounded by crows, but who knows

  131. @ kisu, well, they had pics, did u c them? and on “Itachi saving Hinata”, damn it, y couldn’t that one have been true? then again, i prefered the other fake spoiler about Hinata being saved where the Kyuubi heals her. oh well, never trust manga spoilers.

  132. this doesn’t really have anything to do with this chapter but i just watched shippuden ep. 140 and mandara possessed a six tomoe sharingan

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