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Silver Uchiha say:     Good News….


NARUTO 476 is available !!!!


Also BLEACH 386 !!!

MANGAREADERS get it pretty fast! Inaruto.net got the same translation online. May be not the better one will be find later in onemanga.


24 Responses

  1. for the first time in months, im on sasuke’s side

  2. dude i totally agree ryoraizen. and i thought that sasuke had danzu in that first attack lol. i never would have guessed that he would have gotten away lol hahah

  3. I’m not: Sasukeis just being used by Madara, who is currently analyzing both Danzo’s fighting style and Sasuke’s MS abilities for future use against them. I would much rather see Madara fight than Sasuke. However, do you think it’s genjutsu or a space/time jutsu?

  4. @ mart1 i totally agree with u on everything except the not on sasukes side, but thats not my point lol. i would so rather see madara fight too. sasuke isnt gonna do anything new and madara just keeps revealing more and more about himself everytime he fights. and what do u mean genjutsu or a space/time jutsu?? r u talking about madaras like portal thing?

  5. nice chapter….i hope danzo will kick sasuke

  6. hahaha, i was like OMG HE JUST BLEW HIM UP DANZO, mannnnnnnnnnnnn, i was definately hoping for more, freaking naruto had to ruin this week by hyperventilating and ruining time for more sasuke vs danzo

  7. I honestly don’t like this chapter it was no real action and the talking was just
    on question
    while naruto freaks the hell out

  8. w0w! this chapter is really cool! i had a theory back then that danzou could be madara’s brother..

  9. i just cant wait to see what naruto received from itachi………

  10. its being long time silver_uchiha, u left shannaro didn’t u..

    do clones bleed???
    if no why danzo clone was bleeding???

    danzo’s such a ***hole justifying his worst doing in such a innocent way…
    this will be interesting fight since pain vs naruto.
    expected an action pack chapter,damn another week to go for….
    hey guys last week i mentioned that the path danzo and sasuke standing was leading to a cave with a sword shaped entrance..
    now it’ s being clearly shown i wonder where does it lead to.


    didn’t itachi mentioned that an ordinary sharingan is no match for MS..
    also danzo got no uchiha blood in him..

    expecting to see some new moves in next chapter

  12. @ Silver Uchiha

    From the link you gave us, one page is missing, it’s page 15. At the “one manga” (http://www.onemanga.com/Naruto/476/00/ ) everything is OK.

  13. I think its a leading chapter to more climaxes! Naruto will have a few flash backs and realise what he wants to do because the pressure has gotten to him so much!!

    The battle looks good, looking forward to seeing some of Danzo’s moves!! if he shows them all off then i think he will snuff it!!

    I feel sorry for Naruto!! i thought he was just cold at one point lol!! but he has allot of shit going on and its so hard to keep everything good!! the 4 years he has been striving for sasukes return and now he finds that its near impossible to rang his sorry ass out of the shadows and back to the light!!

  14. @ Wo Ai Ni – thanks – indeed 15 was missing (http://www.onemanga.com/Naruto/476/15/)

    @ manishuchiha – More or less. I hae been busy working, writting as a profesional so far. But is nice to see the website still alive, and good ppl still coming.

  15. @manisuchiha

    We have actually seen clones bleed before, Itachi’s shadow clone bled when Sasuke impaled it with a crazy star chidori sword. I think the ninja can do whatever they want with a shadow clone, it just takes a lot of control to hold the jutsu when the clone takes damage.

    Plus, I believe Kakashi’s lightening clone bled as well in the fight versus Pain.

  16. mangastream’s the best i’ve read: http://mangastream.com/read/naruto/476-14/4 (the first 3 pages were the covers)

  17. @silver_uchiha, professional writing u mean books or s’thing,whatever its nice to have a hardcore uchiha fan back..

    @ripcord, i see their had been such cases with clones earlier..

    as r moving with fast pace, i am afraid may be we r closing to the anime end, i don’t want it to end without further seasons..

    hope this anime will surpass one piece in episode counts..

  18. lol, I was gonna call this the WORST BATTLE IN NARUTO HISTORY (yes, even worse than Choji vs Dosu), but then Danzo surprised me with what appeared to be a clone.

  19. Good find SU thanks!

    This does not look good for Sasuke. I guess this is the power of dozens of sharingans combined…

    @manis – i don’t think that was a clone. at first you would think it might have been a genjutsu on sasuke, but Tobi could also see it from up above. It was some kind of unknown jutsu created by the handsigns danzou made just before charging sasuke.

  20. It is too bad we will have to wait 2 weeks to see this fight continue. And then 2 more weeks after that issue :/

  21. it might help but, http://www.mangastream.com manga comes out a little earlier than most manga sites

  22. Now, things are getting interesting, Too bad we have to wait two-whole-freaking-weeks for the next one, damn it.

  23. P.S.: Have any of you realized that the website’s home page is down?

  24. Bob-o’s probably battling crunchyrole in cyberspace, causing the HP to be down.

    Above I did mean something like Madara’s Space/Time jutsu, though I over-looked the clone option due to blood (though I think itachi’s was genjutsu and Kakashi was bleeding so much as pre-blood stained

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