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The Weakest Ninja…..

Warning: This blog hates on a lot of ninja, it is PURELY the oppinions or Mart1 and Kisuzatchi and those who decide to vote in the poll. If one of the ninja you happen to be a fan of gets hated on, go cry about it…

The stats shown for some ninja will be in this order; Ninjutsu, Taijutsu, Genjutsu, Intelligence, Strength, Speed, Stamina and finally, Seals. For some characters there will be two sets of stats, the first will be from the Chunin Exams, the second, after the time-skip.

20. NEJI: READ JPUA’S COMMENT BELOW. (I don’t feel likeIke adding a paragraph because my computer is misfunctioning)

19. Zabuza: As the first villain, he seemed really powerful, and I have to give him respect for drawing so many people into the series, as well as being a swordsmen of the mist, and training Haku. But looking back, compared to Orochimaru, the Akatsuki, or even Gaara, he’s a fairly weak villain (which is the nature of stories, the opponents always get stronger as it progresses because so do the protagonist). Countering the Sharingan is an impresive feat, but Haku was the one who came up with a counter for the Sharingan, during the week long break between their fights. Some people might say that if not for Naruto and Sasuke, Zabuza would have killed Kakashi, but I don’t think this is true, at the very least, Kakashi would use a Lightning Jutsu to take out both of them. It seems like he would be better if he acted more like a real ninja and attacked from the shadows, rather than jumping out on his sword in a flashy manner, as he did in his fight with Team Kakashi. His stats were- Nin-4.5, Tai-4.5, Gen-2.5, Int-3, Str-4, Spe-4, Stm-4, Seal-4, giving him a total of 30.5. (Haku’s stats are Nin-3.5, Tai-1, Gen-1, Int-4, Str-1.5, Spe-4, Stm-2, Seal-4, totaling 21.0)

18. Konan: Despite being a member of the most feared terrorist organization in the Naruverse, she was defeated because her paper couldn’t fold. Besides being stuck in oil, she could also be burned or eaten by insects (Aburame clan). Her only saving grace is the fact that she is an excellent spy, but that’s it. Sure she may be stronger than some Jonin, but when compared to her peers, even Hidan is a better ninja. (ninja stats not available, though presumed low…)

17. Kurenai: Kurenai is the newest Jounin squad leader, a Genjutsu specialist, and the sensei of Kiba, Hinata, and Shino. I find this an odd match-up. Gai, who leads a Taijutsu team, specializes in Taijutsu, Kakashi, who leads a Ninjutsu team specializes in Ninjutsu, Asuma’s team doesn’t have a specific specialty (Being well rounded with one of each) but he still manages to fit in. Kurenai on the other hand, is a genjutsu specialist, but none of her students know Genjutsu (all of their genjutsu stats are 2.5 or below), the closest the come to having skill in genjutsu is that Shino has a natural immunity to Genjutsu. Kurenai also lost her only fight in the manga in a few seconds. She is supposed to be Konoha’s best genjutsu user, yet it took Itachi all of ten seconds to defeat her and reverse her genjutsu back on her. If not for Kakashi Asuma, and Gai, she would have been a goner. Chunin Exam- Nin-3.5,  Tai-4, Gen-5, Int-4, Str-2, Spe-4, Stm-2, Seal-4.5, giving her a total of 29 (the weakest Jonin back then).

16. Hayate Geko: Congrats on finding out about the villains evil plans! Your prize is a ten second death at the hands of Baki! His only skills were the combination of kenjutsu and the clone jutsu to make the crescent moon dance, which despite all the build up, failed to slice through Baki’s vest, lost the sword used in it, and left Hayate open to a counter attack. Well since he’s dead, here are his FINAL stats Nin-4, Tai-3, Gen-3.5, Int-3.5, Str-2, Spe-3, Stm-2, Seal-3.5, giving him a total of 24.5.

15. Shi: I think Bob’s picture speaks for itself:

14. Lee: A ninja who can’t use ninjutsu… doesn’t that make him a Samurai? Oh wait THEY can use chakra control… Lee is fast and strong, but he has little room for improvement as a genin, and against the insane abilities of ninjutsu users, he is always fighting an up-hill battle. A noteworthy point though, Lee is the first person to ever hit Gaara (I find this kind of sad considering that multiple Sunagakure Jounin tried to kill him). Chunin Exams- Nin-0, Tai-4, Gen-0, Int-1.5, Str-3, Spe-4, Stm-3, Seal-0, giving him a total of 15.5, Post-Time-Skip- Nin-0, Tai-5, Gen-1, Int-2, Str-4.5, Spe-4.5, Stm-3.5, Seal-1, giving him a total of 21.5. (As his stat show, he was high as a genin but has improved little over the time skip)

13. Choji: Really what has he ever done? You might be saying he beat that one guy in the Sound 4, but who CANT win a fight when using Soldier Pills (except Kiba)? He would have died without Tsunade so it’s really a draw. Besides, Dosu beat him in what had to be the shortest match in the series. Hopefully he can improve a bit in the future. Stats: Chunin Exam- Nin-3, Tai-2, Gen-.5, Int-1, Str-3, Spe-1, Stm-2, Seal-1.5, giving him a total of 14.5. Post Time Skip- Nin-3.5, Tai-3, Gen-1, Int-2, Str-4.5, Spe-2, Stm-3.5, Seal-1.5, Totaling- 20.0

12. Hinata: Hinata has never won a fight (in the manga), Neji destroyed her in the Chunin exams, and Pein took her out in one hit. Her strongest jutsu, 64 Palms Guard, is a filler jutsu, that, by it’s nature as a filler jutsu, will never be shown again after it’s one-time use. Even this jutsu isn’t all that good, as it could probably be beaten by Neji’s 8 Trigrams: Empty Palm Jutsu (this is a condensed version of rotation used to attack from a distance), because 64 Palms is a cutting technique, and Empty Palm doesn’t have a solid form, the guard would do nothing (This also applies to other things like mid-range Fire, Wind or Lightning jutsu which cannot be cut). Her father realized how weak she was, and chose to train first her younger sibling, and then Neji over her. Neji also progressed to Jounin while Hinata only made it to Chunin. Hinata simply seems like a weaker version of Neji, to fill the “Damsel in distress” role that Sakura no longer plays (Yay! for naru-hina fans I guess this is a good sign). Even in the most recent filler arc she was unable to defeat her enemy. Chunin Exams- Nin-1.5, Tai-2.5, Gen-1, -Int-2.5, Str-1, Spe-2, Stm-1.5, Seal-2 giving her a total of a measly 14 (she was the weakest Genin according to the first databook), Post-Time-Skip- Nin-3, Tai-3.5,    Gen-2.5, Int-3.5, Str-1.5, Spe-2.5,  Stm-2, Str-3, giving her a total of 21.5 (by the way, Neji had 21 in the Chunin Exams, which means even after the time-skip she hasn’t surpassed him, and his current total is 27, far above Hinata’s)

11. Kiba: Kiba’s Taijutsu is his only skill. He has no mid-long range ninjutsu, he seems to be weak to genjutsu, because his heightened sense leave them open to attack (if you hear and smell better, you can be effected by those type of genjutsu attacks over a longer range). He is the Kohana 11’s weakest Taijutsu specialist. Naruto managed to outsmart him and defeat him WITHOUT the use of the Kyubbi (The only real fight he has where this isn’t a factor). He also probably couldn’t beat Lee, because Lee’s speed and strength are greater than his own. Kiba’s other skill, besides fighting is also fairly useless, because in the end, Naruto was the one who found Sasuke with his Mass Shadow Clone jutsu, and Kiba is unable to track anything after it rains (because he relies on scent). Chunin Exams- Nin-1.5, Tai-2.5, Gen-1, Int-1, Str-2.5, Spe-3.5, Stm-1.5, Seal-1.5, giving him a total of 15, Post-Time-Skip- Nin-3.5, Tai-3, Gen-2, Int-2, Str-3, Spe-4.5, Stm-2.5, Seal-1.5, giving him a total of 20.

10. Samurai: Considering how hyped up they were before the Kage Summit, one would think that one samurai is as strong as a Jonin, but Sasuke took them out without breaking a sweat even though he was outnumbered 14+ to one. Their technique isn’t special either as even ninjas know how to do it, and sending blades of chakra at your enemy isn’t exactly the stealthiest move, easily evadable.

9. Karin: Karin is a Sakura replacement for Sasuke. She has shown the ability to heal him instantly, by transferring chakra to him, however, that’s about all she is good for. When Sasuke attacked the Summit, she had to hide away to track Danzo, and even this was prevented by Shi until Sasuke took him out for her. Her battle usefullness is sumed up by Madara-“Run away or you will likely die.”

8. Kin Tsuchi: She was a sound genin for those of you who forgot. She used bells to induce genjutsu. She was in two battles, and the most useful thing she did was act as a sacrifice to bring back the second hokage. In her first fight she just stood there while her teammates did all the work. She eventually got hit by Ino’s mind transfer jutsu, until Dosu threatened to kill both Kin and Ino because he didn’t care about either of them. Then in her second fight, Shikamaru outsmarted her, by using her own jutsu against her, despite the fact that she had seen his jutsu previously while he hadn’t seen hers, something that even Hidan didn’t fall easily for a second time.

7. Tenten: Tenten can throw things accurately… WITHOUT A DOUJUTSU!!! basically the sharingan or byakugan could do exactly what she does without all the training. She also doesn’t have above-average strength when throwing them, as Temari was easily able to repel them with her fan. Anyone with any type of defensive jutsu would find a match against her easy, because she has no “ace in the hole” special effect jutsu, just more or less Kunai (and other weapons) being thrown. She really lacks any special skills, and her only redeaming note, is that at least she was the first female role NOT to be a “damsel in distress,” leading the way for characters like Tsunade and Anko. I (Kisuzachi) think she’s the weakest, most useless character in Naruto (including filler characters). Kishimoto KNOWS she is so useless that she doesn’t even have a last name! Chunin Exam- Nin-2.5, Tai-2.5, Gen-1.5,     Int-2, Str-1, Spe-3, Stm-1.5, Seal-2, giving her a total of 16, Post-Time-Skip- Nin-3, Tai-3.5, Gen-1.5, Int-3.5, Str-1.5, Spe-3.5, Stm-2, Seal-2, giving her a total of 20.5.

6. Matsuri: She made a manga appearance (as a background character) so she gets consideration. Matsuri uses the Jouhyou, a rope weapon, that is simply put, pathetic… The only extended screen time she gets is when she gets kidnapped as a genin and Gaara has to go save her. These people did eventually kidnap Gaara as well, but come on!, at least take one of them out. Again, she seems to be one of those “damsel” characters, introduced solely for the purpose of saving.

5. Ebisu: Naruto defeated him with the sexy jutsu… His only redemption seems to be that he schooled Naruto in a pseudo-fight later, in order to teach him about chakra control. He was also one of the first people to openly speak directly to Naruto about being a Jinkuri (though in an ambiguous way). His training of Konohamaru seems to be a failure, not because Konohamaru is necessarily a bad student/ninja but because Naruto, not Ebisu, was the one to teach Konohamaru all of his shown jutsu. His rank as a Jonin doesn’t even extend to combat. He is a Jonin solely for his teaching skills (which don’t seem to be too good either). Chunin Exam- Nin-4, Tai-3.5, Gen-3.5, Int-4.5, Str-1, Spe-2, Stm-2, Seal-4, giving him a total of 24.5.

4. Mizuki: Mizuki is the reason Iruka didn’t make this list. Mizuki is supposed to be a chunin, yet he lost to an academy student, admittedly a jinkuri, and Naruto, but still, he only knew ONE jutsu, and you knew the other areas he was good at because YOU trained him! He was also tricked by Iruka, and later in a filler arc was re-defeated because he over-used a curse seal.

3. Hidan: Hidan is immortal. On the surface, this seems like the best possibly ninjutsu to have. Orochimaru certainly sought after it. Yet Hidan was an idiot, who because of his immortality, rarely had to think. He did manage to compensate for his one weakness of dismemberment/immobility by partnering with Kakuzu, who could put him back together again, but as soon as you take out Kakuzu, Hidan is basically useless, especialy when he is forced to think. His stats were- Nin-5, Tai-4.5, Gen-3, Int-3, Str-4, Spe-3.5, Stm-5, Seal-3.5, giving him a total of 31.5.

2. Koga: Next to Ino, this guy is my top pick. For those of you who don’t remember, Koga is the ANBU ninja who ran into the flame barrier during the Third Hokage vs, Orochimaru fight. Aren’t ANBU supposed to be intelligent/stealthy/subtle??? his actions don’t seem very “secret agent” like. I expected ANBU to act more like Fu (ANBU ROOT agent) does, with clever traps and tricks, or at least like Kakashi, analyzing the weak points and striking there. He also wasn’t all that presistant, to make up for his lack of intelligence. After his epic fail, the rest of ANBU waited for the fight to end (not even trying to breach the barrier) and then got schooled by Kidomaru as Orochimaru and the Sound Four fled without resistance. He was so useless that I think you didn’t even know who I was talking about.

1. Ino: I (Mart) think Ino is the weakest character in Naruto, 1. Her jutsu needs the opponent to be trapped beforehand, or it leaves her extremely open. 2. Even if she hit her opponent, she is still vulnerable in both bodies. 3. While her Father, and Fu (who is of their clan) know variations of the Mind Transfer Jutsu that lack these faults, she doesn’t know them, and without her teammates is incredibly weak. It seems like Kishimoto created her to be Sakura’s opposite in the chunin exams, and weakened a cool jutsu like the mind transfer jutsu to the point where Sakura could beat it. Chunin Exam- Nin-2.5, Tai-1.5, Gen-1.5, Int-2, Str-1, Spe-2.5, Stm-2, Seal-2.5, giving her a total of 15.5, Post-Time-Skip- Nin-3.5, Tai-1, Gen-3, Int-3, Str-2.5, Spe-2.5, Stm-2.5, Seal-2, giving her a total of 20.


73 Responses

  1. wow, Hinata made this list…..what A surprise *heavy sarcastic tone*

  2. this is the most biased peice of shit i’ve ever skimmed thru that has nothing to do w/ Fox news. most of these characters never had a fight, and that’s really the only way to measure som1’s abilities. if u r going to call characters “weak”, make sure they’ve actually had a fair fight in the series. Kurenai and Asuma both only fought S-rank characters who could kill a person w/ relative ease; Hinata had a fight against Neji THREE YEARS AGO then she attacked a guy who can obliterate a village and u guy’s r saying she’s weak; Ino, hmm, i actually don’t have much of a problem w/ her being on here; Konan is on a team w/ some of the strongest characters of all time, she obviously has some hidden potential not touched upon; Zabuza, okay, i kno it was mart who put him on here since kisu loves him, so, mart, you’re just plain batshit crazier than Oro and Danzo combined for adding him to the list. shall i go on? and on the “statistics”, if any of that crap meant anything than Neji would actually b a threat to an Akatsuki member, which he’s not (well, maybe to Karin, maybe).

  3. i think u guys r just being dicks. i’m only commenting cuz u guys really need to kno what assholes u r. and mart, if u delete my comments, i’ll just keep repeating them over and over again until u get tired of deleting them

  4. I’m not a Zabuza fan or anything, but Kisu how the hell are you going to write a blog called “The Strongest Ninja” and argue how Zabuza is one of the strongest ninja, then just days later publish a blog arguing him as one of the weakest ninja??

    And why are his stats totalling 30-something in one, and 20-something in this one?

  5. @ ssj, cuz kisu and mart r brainless asses

  6. @SSJ: I wrote the Zabuza part, also, I think you are looking at the Haku stats not Zabuza’s (Haku’s are in parenthases) But there’s a reason he’s 19 (least weak in my oppinion, because of the villans, I see him as the weakest)

    @JPUA: “this is the most biased peice of shit i’ve ever skimmed thru” I tried to adress all of the weak characters, some just have less to write about, because, being their weak they died/didn’t re-enter the plot after their one fight explored all of their potential. If you want to argue that someone should be on this list, please by all means name them.

    “Kurenai and Asuma both only fought S-rank characters who could kill a person w/ relative ease” Almost every person not on this list is an “S-rank characters who could kill a person w/ relative ease” they should either 1. get stronger 2. stop being ninja (or getting screen time) 3. die. There is no such thing as a “they’ve actually had a fair fight in the series.” they get a fight, they either win or they don’t.

  7. true about the stats, i thought it was zabuza’s.

    and jet, easy buddy.. they are entitled to their opinion, if you don’t like it, either try to change their minds respectfully, or keep it to yourself.

  8. ha ha ha funny post

  9. @ mart, okay, how about Neji, he had alot of fights, and he pretty much sucked ass in most of them: against Naruto, he lost to a very cheap trick that pretty much any1 can pull off; against Kidomaru, okay, he got hit several times in his blind spot, don’t u think a logical person would try finding the source instead of just standing there like an idiot going “huh, what was that?”; and against Kisame, he really didn’t do anything at all, it was all Guy. and to make it worse, Neji’s treated like some kinda god, and he acts like he thinks he is a god also. really the only thing that showed his “strength” was him picking on a shy little girl who never did anything to anger him. and that little girl (i feel) has shown much more development as both a character and a fighter. so, Neji deserves to b on here (especially since most of these characters could kick his ass in a one-on-one fight)

  10. characters that DON’T deserve to b on here: Zabuza, Konan, Choji, Asuma, Hidan, Hinata (she could hold her own fairly well in a fight, it wasn’t really shown, but she did much better against Neji than she’s given credit for), Lee, probably Kiba, i don’t think he’s weak, i just think he’s had a run of bad luck, and Kurenai’s underestimated too. also, y isn’t Sakura here? she’s probably 1 of the worst fighters ever? i bet 1 Samurai could whoop her ass

  11. Actually that’s not a bad point about neji, I think I’ll add him in quickly. Though on this list, only Zabuza and Konan would have a chance (they might not even win considering) (remember in the Kisame fight he saved Lee and Tenten, by escaping the water prison) The other people I considered were Konohamaru (because he is a naruto rip-off) and Sakura (she did not make it here for two reasons, 1. her medical skills (because of her Naruto can be an idiot and still survive, in a fight, her foal isn’t to win, but to support 2. In a fight she could hold her own as seen against Sasori, and Pein’s centipede) also asuma is not on this list (you mentioned him above)

  12. can’t believe lee is on this list. he’s fecking epic.
    i had to vote for koga because it was so randomly funny that he was even included. and i had completely forgotten that death until you mentioned it.

    @jpua sakura isnt actually weak. one punch from her and you’d be fucked up.

    zabuza also shouldnt be on because he is proper cool.

  13. I didn’t even know that Koga guy had a name lol.

    Hidan should not have been on the list I think he is just really rash like old naruto I think you prejudgeed himhe was only in 2fight in both he was out numbered

  14. I’m sorry whoever believes it, but Neji does not belong on this list. I don’t care what kind of grudge you hold on him for being superior to Hinata (which he is, I’m sorry, but he is; face it) but Neji is not one of the most popular secondary characters for no reason. He was the only one of the Konoha 11 to become a jonin over the timeskip. His battle with Kidoumaru was not a joke, it is actually one of the highest rated battles in Naruto history (pre-time skip). He definitely doesn’t belong on this list.

  15. Btw, I wasn’t claiming that he is on this list, I was responding to previous comments lol

  16. I might argue that Konan doesn’t belong on this list. While she was defeated quickly, it was Jiraiya (one of the sannin) who fought her AND he had a complete knowledge of her skills. An opponent who does not know the fact that her jutsu are paper could be easily killed.

    As a side note, I think that you should think about a clarification of the title of this post. While named “The Weakest Ninja”, it should really be noted in the beginning that this is strictly a measure of battle prowess. In a measurement of stealthiness people like Conan and Kakashi would be close to strongest while characters like Naruto and Hidan would be heading up the bottom of the list proudly 🙂

    Other than that, I think I agree with the placements. As a note, intelligence is very important for a ninja, which is why I am not disputing Hidan’s placement.

    Nice post, catch you guys later!

    – pcgnome out

  17. Wow, I thought Ebisu would be leading the pack in the polls…..but surprise surprise, its Ino.
    @ssj, lol I think Zabuza is as cool as cool can get, not my idea to add him and Hidan (also a very cool character).
    @pcgnome, we added Konan because when compared w/ the other Akatsuki members she’s pretty lackluster

  18. I think that many choices above are unfair. If this post is based only on stats, then only show people with stats! Do not mention people who had appeared in few manga, let alone anime fillers.

    Also, many of them hadn’t ever had an appropriate battle, so we can’t judge them only by stats (in a battle, stats don’t count, LUCK is a big factor as well).

    Spesifically talking, you are unfair at least with Neji, Hinata, Zabuza, Hidan, Konan and Lee. Well, I think that your mistake is to compare one character with another. Each character is individual and in a battle a weak one can beat a strong one. For example, even Naruto was trapped by Pain and if not for Hinata’s “death” that triggered the Kyubi, he would be a goner now. And Jiraiya lost to Pain, but you can’t say he was weak. And next to Madara or Pain everyone is weak?

    Come on, I agree with Ino’s uselessness (well, maybe on purpose, to elevate Sakura in our mind), but give a chance to the others. 1. Show people with stats. 2. Even stats can’t tell us about a person’s attainments 3. Do not compare so much characters with each other.

  19. Oh, well, I would rather have said: ” 3. Do not compare to such an extent degree one character with another”.

  20. “Do not mention people who had appeared in few manga, let alone anime fillers.” if I don’t consider side-characters I seem unfair, that’s why they are in there.

    “1. Show people with stats.” the people with stats posted have them under their respective paragrapghs

  21. sasuke’ s weakest,lol

  22. don’t get pumped up i was trying how it feels to hate sasuke….
    guess can’t hate him..

    well i got some funny pics

    final conclusion of the anime–

  23. secret revealed, wht is sasuke to madara??


    I’ve been thinking about this theory for a while now and I was hoping just maybe some of you may have been thinking the same thing. It’s about this picture


    When I first saw this picture of Sasuke standing ontop of a hand I thought of Zetsu. You know the celery man that split in half, and I thought well it must be Zetsu whose controlling him. But lately, I’ve been thinking of the possiblities of what this image represents. The more I stared at the thing and counted the fingers, spikes, and face the more I began to realize it looks almost like the 9 tailed fox and Naruto standing on his hand. Then it came to me… well maybe just maybe it could be a demon forming inside of Sasuke. So here is were I need to be carful and explain where I’m coming from because I know how everyone starts jumping the gun and trying to dismiss me until they’ve heared the whole thing. So let me give you a flash back before Sasuke and Naruto were around. There was Madara and the 1st Hokage. Madara hated the 1st with a passion and it might have something to do with those eyes of his.

    Madara has had almost a simular path as Sasuke has. They’ve both lost there brothers. They’ve both lost there clans… I say this because he was the leader of the Uchiha and they pretty much cast him aside and stopped following him. Madara feeling the same things Sasuke is feeling right now (betrayal, and revenge) has begun to summon something inside of him that he was unaware he could do and that was to create a 9 tails.

    If memory serves me right.. The 9 tails appears randomly were human malice festors and is collected. Maybe all of that rage, anger, and revenge is how Madara was able to summon the 9 tails. That is the same experiance that Sasuke is dealing with right now. Just look at what Karin says when she feels Sasuke chakra


    Unless Zetsu has the ability to make Sasuke colder and worse than CS2 it could be a demon festoring inside of Sasuke. It’s beginning to form and feed off of Sasuke getting bigger and stronger. I’m not saying it’s a 9 tailed fox, but it could be another demon. That may be a part of the curse those eyes come with and maybe that’s why Sasuke is able to control the ninetails because those eyes are more sinister than his. They are so sinister that they can create a tailed beast within themselves. So could Madara be setting Sasuke up to create a tailed beast? Becuase Madara keeps pushing Sasuke to get revenge and he’s getting more evil every chapter.

    So here comes another theory that might be linked to this theory.

    Maybe since the 9 tails was formed inside of Madara he was actually part of him. In other words the 9 tails was formed from Madara’s life force. So when the 1st defeated Madara he didn’t realize that he had to kill the 9 tails aswell in order to defeat him so he leaves him for dead.

    Then the 9 tails (Madara’s life force) is sucked back in him bringing him back to life. So then Madara takes a break to figure out what just happened and realizes that he can’t die if his demon (the 9 tails that he created) isn’t killed aswell. So he waits on the sidelines to form another 9 tailed beast and Bam!!!! another demon begins to form within Madara and he plans to use it on Konoha. But the 4th sealed away the 9 tails (Madara’s life force) which is why Madara is almost like a ghost. Here is the latest clue where Madara is actually called a ghost.


    He is in both worlds now. He is with the living and the dead. That my be the reason why Madara hasn’t shown us any Jutsu’s or hasn’t tried to fight anyone. Because he has to focus his remaining chakra to become physical. Now that he is half the man that he use to be he isn’t able to create a tailed beast, so he takes up a student (Itachi). He forces Itachi to destroy his clan in the hopes that this hate will festor and Itachi will be able to create a tailed beast but it doesn’t happen. So now he realizes that Sasuke’s eyes have the potential to create a tailed beast so he puts all his money on Sasuke.

    Hopefully you guys don’t think this is the dumbest theory I’ve come up with, but what the hell… it should give you something to think about.

  25. LOL, that was good!

  26. @wo ai ni, but wht was nice pics or theory?

  27. Both of them and Sasuke’s confused face was priceless!

  28. kukuku, I knew you guys would stir up a hornet’s nest when I saw this post. Good Job! There’s no better way to get people talking 😀

  29. how come Sasugay aint here?

  30. and btw what’re Hinata & Kiba saying to each other?i cant understand it looks blurred

  31. @ mart YOU just put your on views in this post not any fact just your views

  32. stupid post, just because you don’t like some characters it doesn’t make them weak

  33. kurenai vs freaking itachi
    asuma, neji vs zero tailed beast + samehada
    hinata vs guy who obliterated entire goddamn village in one shot
    lee, guy who could open 5 gated at the age of 13-14, vs jinchuriki and guy with some crazy kkekke genkai (kimiamro was his name I believe)
    of course they would lose authors of this post are biased fools

    by the way, why isn’t sasuke here? guy who never won a single major battle after obtaining MS

  34. lol, u guys think this is biased? lol If i did this post on my own i would have added Sasuke, Sakura and Shikamaru lol

  35. Sasuke clearly doesn’t belong on hear, you guys just don’t like him… I will argue this one all day if you really want to.

  36. okay then please do argue why is not sasuke a weakling: an uchiha prodigy with MS who can’t take on even on the kages’ bodyguards? (I ain’t even talking about kages and killerbee)

  37. @”Hokage44, on December 16th, 2009 at 10:00 pm Said: Edit Comment
    @ mart YOU just put your on views in this post not any fact just your views” Am I supposed to know what other people view as the weakest character? I WANT people to post their views on the weakest. ALSO after JPUA made a compelling arguement about Neji deserving to be up there I put him up (and I’m strongly considering adding Sakura.) Also, there ARE fact such as 1. Stats 2. Battle records 3. Jutsu/Style accounts (style accounts are oppinions based off of jutsu)

    @Just A Guest: the fact that they CAN’T beat “freaking Itachi” is the reason they’re here and Itachi isn’t. Strength/Weakness is all relative to the competition they face. You are argueing that because these people are less strong than their opponent, they shouldn’t be considered weak, but that is the definition of weak, if you think they ARE strong, you should site their strengths/acomplishments not their failures/weakpoints. Because the Akatsuki is who Konoha face off against, that’s who they need to be stronger than. These people clearly aren’t, that’s why they made the list. A lot is also said about Pein vs. Hinata or Neji vs. Hinata, my question is, what should Pein/neji have done? Should they just role over because Hinata’s weaker and let her win for the sake of fanboyism? Yes, Hinata did lose to Pein (one of the strongest ninja to date) but it wasn’t just Hinata vs. Pein, it was all of Konoha vs. Pein, and even in his highly weakened state, Pein still blew her away.

    On Sakura, Sasuke, and Shikamaru:
    Sasuke: 1. If you shorten the time frame enough no-one has won a fight (ex. Naruto hasn’t won a fight in the last chapter even though he recently improved his senjutsu [yes this is sacastic] ) 2. You yourself argue about over-powered opponents, yet in those cases it is one-on-one or better in their favor, yet here it is Sasuke (+2 sidekicks) vs. kaze, Rai, Mizu, Tsuchikages (+7 sidekicks) In a one-on-one fight Sasuke could beat any of these opponents while the opposite could not be said of your cases. 3. He is stronger than any of the ninja on this list and several others would have to be added before his name came up.

    Sakura/Shikamaru: They have usefull compensatory battle skills (as do Kiba and Karin) as well as SOME battle power (which Karin/Kiba mostly lack) though this is mostly my oppinion (and I still consider that Sakura is fairly weak)

  38. @just a guest, that was a very poor argument. Mart put it very well, but let me add on to that. First off, you are right, he is an Uchiha prodigy, and he does have the Mangekyou sharingan, but those are only reasons why he isn’t weak. The kid was top rookie, learned very impressive techniques in an incredibly short time, has been recognized by everyone within the world he lives in (Kakashi, Iruka, Naruto, Orochimaru, Tobi, even Itachi) for being very strong. The kid is only 16 and is that strong? – yeah your right, he totally deserves to be on this list…

    Did you say he couldn’t take on the Kage’s bodyguards? Where did you come to interpret that? His aim the whole time was on finding Danzou, and probably wanted to just get through everyone else, not focus his full intention on fighting them. Yet still, he ended up taking on two strong body guards (probably the top jonin in the cloud village) and the Raikage, the man with tailed-beast level chakras, and speed that could match the 4th hokage (who he ended up besting because the raikage left the battle missing an arm, while sasuke was virtually fine), then had to take one the Kazekage, his two bodyguards, and the raikage’s remaining bodyguard, who he successfully defended against then got them out of his way so he could move on to his target. then bested the samurai leader when surprise attacked, then finally after all that fighting, he eventually tired out while a remaining kage surprise attacked him (which, no sh*t hes going to be tired, look what he just did). So, I personally don’t give a crap if you don’t like sasuke, but you can not argue that he is one of the characters belonging on the weak list of naruto characters. Especially when the author, kishimoto, devotes so much time in developing him and naruto hand in hand, making them both grow to be such a dynamic rivalry.

  39. the fact is I like sasuke, that is why i am sensitive on this topic. now, why i thought he couldn’t defend against kage’s bodyguards? well maybe because chojouro pretty much made a hole in the wall with sasuke while in partial susanoo mode.

    now, why I said that he belongs to this particular list: basically people you put there lost to kage level nins(kurenai-itachi, hinata-pain, lee-gaara(not kage at the time but junchuriki at least), asuma-kisame(not sure about kage lvl but hell he at least had samehada) I put sasuke on this PARTICULAR list by the same logic you used to put there hinata,kurenai and lee (maybe asuma too)

  40. edit: sorry about asuma he wasn’t there i messed up 😛

  41. “basically people you put there lost to kage level nins” 1. Sasuke had a draw not a lose 2. The MOST these other people lost to was ONE kage level ninja (not multiple) while Sasuke has bested several Kage level ninja (Oro., Itachi, Raikage, Gaara, to name a few) AND the level of diffculty is much different between ONE kage level ninja and MULTIPLE kage level ninja, and he STILL didn’t lose

  42. @Manish: for some reason I didn’t see your “Sasuke-bijju theory” until now. There is a HUGE flaw in it though, we KNOW where the Nine-tails came from (the jubi split). However this could still apply to summoning just not creation, specifically the half NOT shown in naruto. HOWEVER there is another problem: STOP POSTING THINGS THAT HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH THE BLOG AT HAND (you did this before too, defer misc. Statements to the chap. Discusion where they belong)

  43. @mart1 Oro. was in a weakened state, itachi didn’t want to kill him, and sasuke never beat gaara or the raikage.

  44. @K-money:
    Sasuke vs. Oro.: Sasuke chose when to strike, he chose to attack when his opponent was weak. That’s just him being smart.

    Sasuke vs. Itachi: He may have been weakened, but it was through his own actions and choices, and he still lost.

    Sasuke Vs. Kage Summit: His goal was to escape from Gaara/Raikage which he acheived. He wanted to kill Danzo not them.

  45. @mart1 about your facts…
    Stats: of all you stats you put down hidan was one of the highest
    battle records: in the frist fight he won (killed asuma) with being bugged from Nara (I say last names) in the entire match. in the second one if Nara wasn’t there chroji kakashi and ino would all be dead if kakazu fought nara kakazu would have won Nara v.s hidan was a bad match up
    justu: HE WAS BURIED before we could see he could have had porn justu

  46. Aslo hidan could beat your numbers 4-20
    ex.kiba got schooled by sakon and ukon who kankuro easily owned I am not saying kankuro is weak I just think hidan could beat him
    tenten …..my cat can pwn her……..
    Lee “hey lee try to punch the guy with the scythe ” lee:”ok……. Ow my fist is in his blade

  47. @Hokage: the reason Hidan is there: 1. You say “If Nara wasn’t there” but it’s not like what shikamaru did was all that hard to do once you know Hidan can’t die. For instance if Kakuzu wasn’t there to sew Hidan back up, Asuma would have beaten him (remeber that this blog is based on individual characters [maybe I should do a team based one but I don’t think I will] ) I think Kiba, Kankuro, Tenten and Lee could beat him. (The strategy would simply be to dismember him with Kunai, Blades ect. just as Asuma did because without Kakuzu, Hidan is extreamly weak to dismemberment. I also think Ino could beat Hidan but she is lower on the list than him because it is purely based on the fact that Hidan’s jutsu requires him to stand still.

    As far as Your ” in the second one if ” that’s why Kakuzu isn’t up there, HE is extreamly strong, however Hidan is not. I didn’t say (or even think) that Shikamaru could take Kakuzu, HOWEVER if Kakashi, Choji and Ino were to fight Hidan, I think it would be a fairly easy victory as Kakashi could immobalize him with a lightning jutsu and then bury him with an earth jutsu. Ino could also defeat Hidan as mentioned above.

  48. @mart1 refering to your earlier post: since when did sasuke beat raikage and gaara? all he did was run like a rat justifying his withdrawal with intent to search for danzou

  49. Well he managed to burn the rakage’s arm off and bury them in rubble before he “ran like a rat” to his objective. They may have survived, but Sasuke is the one who came out on top. I also would argue that in a prolonged fight against the two of them Sasuke would win. 1. He had pretty much beaten the raikage before Gaara showed up and Sussano is very lightning resistant (it stopped Kirin 2. Gaara’s sand is weak against lightning, it would have been a repeat of their chunin exam fight except Gaara can no longer go shukaku and sasuke no longer has limits on his chidori use so sasuke would win.

  50. hidan could beat ino and tenten and more than half the people on the list they sucks ass

  51. @mart1 sand is weak against lightning but wind is strong (temari) and the only thing that gave sasuke advantage against raikage was the latter’s stupidity (damn, and they named that think-with-muscles asshole as head of alliance looool) and there’s no way sauce would defend himself against 2 kages + 4 elite jounins, + his susanoo proved to be rather disadvategous since it took such a toll on him, so I kinda think that if that idiot could kill them he would do it, so yes he pretty much got raped and, thought the best way out of situation, he ran away like a rat. shinobi’s skills are measured not only by their muscles (lol sasuke raikage)

  52. Mart1really don’t feel like arguing about this and I have great resepect for you as an author I will give you kankuro as he might be able to but not lee ino or tenten

    aslo as I said before hidan might of had a justu that put him back together but it really tried him out while kakazu could do it with out the strain
    you know I might make post about hidan fights…….of course the winner would be the better one so if it was sage of six paths vs hidan of course sage would win let know if I should do that

  53. On hidan vs ino that would be a good fight hidan would still win he still can move around just in his circle and even if we was caught he was a lot of willpower to break threw it like sakura did
    kakashi vs hidan would be even better

  54. 1. I said in a fight against the TWO of them (meaning Gaara and Raikage) not them plus temari, Darui and kankuro. 2. However if he did stay: “sand is weak against lightning but wind is strong (temari)” this is conveintly why Sasuke has Fire-based jutsu to use as well (or even Amatseru since he seemed to be MS crazy at the time) 3. “disadvategous since it took such a toll on him” IF he were planning to stay and fight he still had Karin to bite (and Jugo if Jugo healed himself as seen before healing Sasuke) 4. “I kinda think that if that idiot could kill them he would do it” Part of Sasuke’s nindo is to NOT kill anyone he doesn’t think of as guilty (I will give that the ONE exception to this happened during this fight when he killed the Samurai [who didn’t fully die till Jugo drained them] but I don’t think Sasuke is going to pointlessly take on powerfull ninja for no reason. [the samurai were just small fry] ) 5. “shinobi’s skills are measured not only by their muscles” not sure exactly what you mean here but as I explained above Sasuke was inteligent enough to avoid a pointless fight and intelligence is a strength.

  55. @Hokage: these are my oppinions as far as the numbering goes, so I won’t argue Hidan vs. Anyone, except to point out that anyonecould take advantage of his dismemberment/immobility-weakness as I have pointed it out provided they had high enough taijutsu skills (Hidan did have a 4.5 taijutsu) or compensatory ninjutsu skills. However it is unfair to give Hidan unshown jutsu when considering his strength because then the other side of it is “What if Tenten had an un-immortality jutsu specific to Hidan’s immortality but has never had a need to use it so far” (yes the extream I’m taking this to is just to make a sarcastic point)

    on another note: I haven’t done any fanfiction since my work with Kisu., do you want a partner in writing the Hidan vs. Battles?

  56. idk why ppl r saying that ino has a chance against hidan bc she clearly doesn’t

  57. “idk why ppl r saying that ino has a chance against hidan bc she clearly doesn’t”- PEOPLE SAID THAT!? Hidan might be dumb but even he has BASIC intellect/common sense. He showed it by making an active effort to NOT get caught by the Kage Mane jutsu. Ino, nor anyone else on this list, has any chance of defeating Hidan. Remember he is only on it for his lack of intelligence, not power.

  58. @mart1 5. “shinobi’s skills are measured not only by their muscles” not sure exactly what you mean here but as I explained above Sasuke was inteligent enough to avoid a pointless fight and intelligence is a strength.

    i meant that shinobi should also use their brains sometimes which sasuke and raikage doesn’t like to do. if sasuke was intelligent enough to avoid pointless fight then why charge against raikage + 2 elite jounin in the first place? and don’t tell me that he had no choice cause he could have retreated

  59. @mart1 forgot to say: I’ll summarize sasuke’s disadvantages like this:
    fire – countered by darui’s water, sasori’s watershooters
    lightning – countered by temari’s wind
    amaterasu – countered by gaara’s sand
    susanoo – incomplete + puts great toll on body

  60. @mart sure I would love to be parnters
    @K money and kizu I don’t know who said that but it wasn’t me (I like hidan)

  61. @mart 1 thing you have to put the pic in ok?

  62. @mart1 “I also think Ino could beat Hidan” and “Ino could also defeat Hidan as mentioned above” ur obviously forgetting that ino has no particular strengths in anything, and hidan is an immortal, S-rank ninja in the akatsuki. Hidan could beat ino WITHOUT using his special ritual jutsu.

  63. @TM: “why charge against raikage + 2 elite jounin in the first place? and don’t tell me that he had no choice cause he could have retreated” HE DID RETREAT AS SOON AS KARIN figured out where Danzo was, and HE DIDN’T charge against the Raikage, the Raikage (and Samurai beforehand ) charged him. If he had run away at the begining, they would just have followed him and battled else where. “I’ll summarize sasuke’s disadvantages like this” Sasuke would be able to choose who he attacked with what, so he can choose not to attack Temari with Lightning, Darui with Fire, or Gaara with Amatseru. Further, he could dislodge the sword paralyzing suigetsu and regain most of his team if he so choosed. Also he still has Tsukyoumi to take out people (tsukyoumi can be used the most of MS techniques) Sussano may be incomplete, but it’s still really strong especially when used with blaze released.

    @Kisu. : I’ll be doing a fan fic. On it, I’m not sure how it will work out though.

    @Hokage: 1. Email your rough draft @ martinsharlo@yahoo.com 2. I will do the pic.s because as an editor it’s easier for me to do 3. Do you have a contributor account?

  64. ” ur obviously forgetting that ino has no particular strengths in anything, and hidan is an immortal, S-rank ninja in the akatsuki. Hidan could beat ino WITHOUT using his special ritual jutsu.” The thing is, Ino’s jutsu’s negative effect of damage transferance also applies to Hidan’s ritual, so I think it’s logical to assume she could counter this, probably through medical ninjutsu. Roughly I see a fight going like this:
    1. Hidan beats Ino in Taijutsu and takes her blood
    2. Hidan reveals the ritual’s nature
    3. Ino uses mind transfer which Hidan can’t avoid due to the circle restrictions
    4. Ino heals wounds with medical ninjutsu
    5. Conclusion

  65. @ mart1 No how do I get 1?

  66. Aslo mart they won’t all be hidan fights k?

  67. You have to email a post to bob who deems it yay or nay and gives you the status, but since I’m an editor,mail it to me instead and I’ll take care of it. I’m fine with doing non-hidan fights, however do you plan to do multiple fights in one blog or multiple blogs with one fight each (I recomend the latter, because quality is preferable to quantity)

  68. @mart1 im pretty sure he can step out of the circle but his jutsu only works in side the circle

  69. @mart1 even if ino gets hidan, what can she do to him

  70. She could do something similar to what Fuu did by leading his body into a trap and then spring said trap just before leaving. Also, Hidan probably wouldn’t step out of his circle if he thought she was going to use a jutsu that would bounce back to her. He only knew to dodge shadow immitation the second and third time it was used on him.

  71. “On hidan vs ino that would be a good fight “, what? Hidan’s willpower would be great enough to easily overpower Ino. And he’ll only stand still after he gets her blood and then he’ll just take control back, then he’ll just kill her. Well that’s providing her taijutsu skills are enough for her to NOT get sliced in half by Hidan’s TRIPLE-bladed scythe.

  72. Almost forgot, I see the fight going like this
    1. Hidan throws the scythe, Ino barely dodges it
    2. Hidan swears then uses the metal cord to pull it back, she cant dodge and gets sliced in half

  73. Kin shouldn’t be on the list. She didn’t just stand by while everyone else fought. She was the reason Sakura cut her hair. And her fight with Shikamaru, she got beat in an understandable way. Who the hell notices if they’re close to a wall while fighting for their life? And Shikamaru made his shadow so thin no wonder she didn’t notice it. He was a sneaky bastard. Shikamaru could’ve won against any one except Gaara and Temari and Zaku. Kin may have been somewhat weak, but she was pretty good. If it wasn’t for her being so close to the wall, she wouldn’t have lost.

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