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Naruto and Elfen Lied

Ws here again with a new blog, Elfen Lied is a manga from Okamoto Lynn he has writen some more manga’s but most of them didn’t got transleted more then 10 chapters for some reason, and since i don’t understand japanese i will make only one blog for him.


“Diclonius” 2 horned humans are being locked away from the world becase they have a special power. A female diclonius has invisible hands that are used to destroy things, humans are afraid of this power so they have locked most of them away. Lucy, a female diclonius has escaped the facility and on her way out she kills everyone that’s in her way, But before she’s able to escape the island she’s trapped in she get’s shot against her head that removes her helmet and gives har amnesia, when she wakes up she can only say 1 word: nyuu. Kouta and Yuka find Lucy and rename her Nyuu becaus eshe can only say that word, they don’t know about Nyuu actually being a serial killer or about the government wanting to kill her before more vicims are made.

Main Characters


The person who found Nyuu, his parents and little sister died in an accident and now he lives on his own until he gets invited by his cousin Yuka to live with her.


Kouta’s cousin, she seretly has a crush on him and always get’s angry when nyuu is demanding all of Kouta’s attention.


Lucy has lost her memory and thanks to that she doesn’t kill everyone in a 2 meter radius, she also has a crush on Kouta and he’s one of the few people she doesn’t kill when she’s in Lucy mode.


the number 7 Diclonius that is send to capture Lucy. When she fights Lucy she get’s beaten and loses her arms, later she get’s fake arms that she can shoot like rockets.


One of the top researchers he’s in charge of the facility where Lucy was kept and he is ordered to get her beck by all means. He doesn’t get killed by Lucy because she wants him to lose all things he cares about first. He’s a father figure to Nana and he’s also the real father of Mariko.


Mariko is doctor Kurama’s real daughter, she is said to be the most powerfull diclonius under the command of the government. Because she is so powerfull she is put away in the strongest cell in the facility. Later when she gets send out to caapture Lucy she gets bombs implanted into her body because she can easely kill a whole city in just 1 day. She might have powerfull vectors, but since her body is weak she is always in a wheelchair which is not exactly in her favour at some times.


The Elfen Lied animeis cut off soon just like rave master because of the low viewing ratings, this is the only downside i can tell other than giving all the diclonius red hair while in the manga they have all collors you can think of.


since the manga’s are too difficult i managed to find only 2

Lucy – the old Gaara

Both live to kill and kill to live, and they are feared by most people.

Kurama – Orochimaru

Both experiment on little children, the only difference is that Kurama only likes girls and Orochimaru doesn’t care what it is.


sometinh new i searched for a good Elfen Lied AMV nd found this one.

song: nightwish – end of all hope

Ps. If you have a problem with blood or a problem with seeing a girls boobs you shouldn’t watch it.

Link Manga

Link Anime


14 Responses

  1. nice post there, i got this anime yet to watch, heard that it’s one of the top rated and most bloodiest anime in anime world.
    i wonder how much is true, but its ratings r sure cool, they say in some sites they got read and watch restrictions pertaining to those who can’t sustain exccessive violence, inhuman blood sheds and gore

    well watching the youtube clip i can say that rumours r true this anime have some serious blood hell.
    i prefer guys to be in action than girly leads, they r better off secondary character..

  2. the most violent and bloodiest manga i have ever read were BERSERK and THREADS OF TIME.

    mark my words it contains unspeakable terrors against women…
    many of the readers have quit reading in the middle bcoz of there unethical dark fantasies
    i am thinking of continuing with berserk again someday..

  3. I’m not exactly much of a fan of this series, I’m sorry to say. The ending’s just too sad for my taste.

  4. i’m not into all the gore that was in the youtube video and i was REALLY grossed out by the fact that the main character’s cousin is in love w/ him. this is supposed to b the twenty-first century, not the first century

  5. @JPUA: Actually, there are a few anime series with the cousin-in-love theme.

  6. @JPUA, many shojo anime contains such weird relationships, even few religions permit it too…!!!

  7. @JPUA, I agree, that’s messed up stuff!

    Anyway, this series was decent, except for the ending… sorta like a slap in the face to be honest. Lucky the series is only 12 (or 13) eps.

  8. The Manga is actually pretty good~~

  9. i have to agrre about the anime ending that sucks but like red-gaara says the manga is pretty good.

  10. I remember watching this too a few years ago, a bit over the top with the blood and limb slicing but overall pretty cool anime. I liked that opening theme song too.

  11. Hey, too violent, not for all tastes! It’s like a manga for adults only. I could even say not for ALL adults!

  12. about the cousin romance, i just find it messed up. i can kinda understand it when they aren’t blood related and only related by relatives being married (ie, step siblings), but other than that i think incest is just plain wrong and creepy.

  13. Yeah, I found that pretty messed up too, but I did hear somewhere that it’s easier for cousins to get married in Japan, or maybe that has changed more recently. But either way, it felt unnecessary in this show where every couple of episodes somebody gets dismembered.

  14. […] satan     blazer drive     Fairy Tail     Rave Master     Elfen Lied     Kämpfer     […]

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