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The Strongest Ninja- Part 3!

Post Author: Kisuzachi

Well I’m back readers, welcome to “Strongest Ninja – Jonin Edition”. To clear confusion, I’m using the literal translation of Jonin (High Ninja) instead of the actual rank, that is, ninja of high rank and power (with their stats revealed of course). This is the “Strongest ninja”, so some weak “high ninja” will be left out *cough* Ebisu *cough*. Previous Strongest Ninja post here. To clarify, “Sealing” doesn’t mean sealing jutsus, it actually means familiarity with Hand Signs. Now to the post.

Zabuza Momochi was the first major antagonist and a powerful character, even by Shippuden standards. He was vicious in battle and relentless, preferring to engage in direct combat rather than using Jutsus. Zabuza’s physical strength was also impressive as he could use the Decapitating Carving Knife without tiring, while Suigetsu had to enlarge his arm to wield it and it still tired him out after a few swings. Zabuza often used the Hidden Mist Jutsu to start his battles, just so he can use his trademark move, the “Silent Homicide”. It’s not really a jutsu, he simply uses the mist’s cover and decapitates his opponent without them even knowing what’s going on. He was so adept at this move that he could use it without having to see, just by sound. His jutsu skills were likely top-notch as well as he was able to use several jutsus in quick succession and he possessed an A-rank technique, that is, Water Style: Water Vortex Jutsu. Aside from his vicious battle style, he also misdirects his opponents through the use of his Hidden Mist Jutsu. What speaks tremendously for Zabuza however is the fact that he was a member of the Seven Ninja Swordsmen of the Mist. His stats were; Ninjutsu: 4.5, Taijutsu: 4.5, Genjutsu: 2.5, Intelligence: 3, Strength/Power: 4, Speed: 4, Stamina: 4, Sealing: 4. Total = 30.5 (he was 26 when he died, one year younger than Kakashi at the time)

Gaara is the only current Kage with his stats revealed so that’s why he’s in this post. Gaara possess the ability to control sand……well that’s basically it. Okay…no shortcuts. His Sand Shield automatically protects him from attacks (unless they are faster than the sand), and if this defense should fail, he has his Sand Armor, which is a coat of sand on the surface of his skin (its weakness being the amount of chakra it takes to keep it in place). He also has the ability to ‘create’ sand by crushing the minerals in the Earth with the pressure of his existing sand. Gaara’s basic means of fighting is to capture his opponents with sand and then crush them with its pressure. Despite gaining many new moves, this is still the core of his fighting style as demonstrated in his battle with Kimimaro and his battle with Deidara, where he used many new jutsus but the same tactic. He also can control massive amounts of sand with little effort as seen in his fight with Kimimaro and Deidara. His stats as of data book 3 (Shippuden) are; Ninjutsu: 5, Taijutsu: 2, Genjutsu: 3.5, Intelligence: 4, Strength: 2.5, Speed: 3, Stamina: 5, Sealing: 4. Total = 29

Kimimaro was a tragedy. His true powers will never be known, all we do know is he was strong while he was only at an inch of life. He was extremely agile in combat, being able to dispatch hundreds of Naruto’s demon fox-enhanced clones with minimal effort (and no injury) and being able to dodge and counter Lee’s moves in the early stages of their fight (after that he just started using his bones, the only character shown to be more agile is Hidan (or perhaps Hidan being more agile is only attributed to Kimimaro‘s illness). This agility is part of his exceptional Taijutsu, and combined with his speed, dexterity and Shikotsumyaku (his Kekkei Genkai), he was a better Taijutsu practitioner than even Lee. This Kekkei Genkai allowed him to use his bones for a variety of purposes, he could harden it (to the point where it became stronger than steel, according to him) and use it for combat purposes such as making a sword of bone etc. Now if he could make his bones that hard while he was near-death, I’d hate to be on the receiving end of it when he was healthy. His most impressive bone-based jutsu was the Bracken Dance, this move allowed him to make bones erupt from the ground, then he could attack you from any of the bone structures and meld with them. Orochimaru knew Kimimaro was so powerful that he gave him the “Cursed Seal of Earth”, which is equal in power to the “Cursed Seal of Heaven” (Anko’s and Sasuke’s seal), in preparation to take his body. Kimimaro had mastered the Cursed Seal to the point where he could partially transform, his mastery was so great that even Jugo was surprised and compared Sasuke’s mastery to Kimimaro’s. He was such a powerful ninja that while he was still only a child his battle-loving clan feared him and kept him locked up. If we only knew him when he was healthy…..*sigh*. His stats at the time of his death are; Ninjutsu: 4, Taijutsu: 5, Genjutsu: 3, Intelligence: 3.5, Strength:3, Speed: 4.5, Stamina: 4.5, Sealing: 3. Total = 30.5 (quite a lot for a DYING 15 year old)

Kabuto’s skills have been compared with Kakashi’s on more than one occasion and Tsunade herself remarked that Kabuto was more skilled than she had been at his age (the time when she became famous along with Jiraiya and Orochimaru). Kabuto’s medical ninjutsu is top-notch. After studying many corpses he has gained extensive knowledge of the Human Body, to the point where he can severely injure an opponent with just a single strike. He has he unique ability to reactivate dead cells and produce new one, he uses this with his medical corpses so they last longer and he is able to regenerate from damage caused to his body from attacks (not extensive damage however). He admitted that his combat skills weren’t that great, but considering he went toe-to-toe with Tsunade and would have won if Naruto hadn’t arrive just proves he’s a compulsive liar lol. In my opinion, Kabuto’s best ability is his mind. Numerous times he has manipulated other characters to do his bidding, without them even knowing they’re being manipulated. His stats as of the third data book are; Ninjutsu: 4.5, Taijutsu: 3.5, Genjutsu: 4.5, Intelligence: 5, Strength: 3, Speed: 3.5, Stamina: 3, Sealing: 5. Total = 32 (also, who knew Kabuto was 23 years old?)

Asuma, can’t say I ever liked him, but some people think he’s strong so he gets to be in this post (drat!). Well he was a Taijutsu user for the most part, and combined his punches with the power of his wind-chakra-enhanced trench knives. In Orochimaru’s invasion of Konoha, he single-handedly defeated 9 Sound Jonin-level ninja (according to Pakkun), and he was also able to fight on par with Hidan for a period of time before being overwhelmed. His stats are; Ninjutsu: 4.5, Taijutsu: 4.5, Genjutsu: 3.5, Intelligence: 4.5, Strength: 4, Speed: 4.5, Stamina: 4.5, Sealing: 3.5. Total = 33.5 (he was 31, nothing special)

Guy considered himself as a loser despite him graduating the Academy at 7 years old and becoming a Chunin at 11. While he CAN use Ninjutsu and Genjutsu, he consciously tries to avoid using them for Lee’s sake. His physical skills are immense as when he is fighting he may “disappear” to untrained eyes. His physical strength is so much that he can man-handle a fully grown man like Kakashi without effort. When he opens the gates he becomes a monster of power. He can open at least six of them which he used to overwhelm a 30% Kisame and his fists were moving so quickly that they were set ablaze by friction and speed alone. He also uses nunchaku, but only in dire situations. His stats are Ninjutsu: 3, Taijutsu: 5, Genjutsu: 3, Intelligence: 3, Strength: 5, Speed: 5, Stamina: 5, Seal 2.5. Total = 31.5.

Well Kakashi has had the most screen time of any Jonin so he should be here right? Wrong, the most recent data book doesn’t have his stats so he wont be in this post, but we all know Kakashi is badass. Well see you guys next time, thanks for reading.


30 Responses

  1. i think kimimaro is the stongest among the top ninjas, as gaara almost got killed while fighting him sasuke retrieval arc and not to forget kimimaro was seriously sick and was at the edge of death.

    gaara is second stongest….

  2. not to mention nice post kisu.

  3. REALLY! GAARA”S WEAKER THAN ZABUZA?!?! well, guess u learn somthing new everyday (maybe when Gaara’s Zabuza’s age)
    i voted Kimmimaro since he fought Naruto and Lee w/out barly a scratch and he nearly killed Gaara (albiet, he needed to actually try, lol) and he was half dead, probably low on chakra, and his body was moving from sheer will, not physical energy
    @ manis, your avatar changed again

  4. Zabuza’s cool 8), that’s why I continously say Zabuza is strong, even by Shippuden standards, though these are just stats and may not be significant in an actual battle. Styles matter too lol

  5. @JPUA now that u mentioned it sure did change,why???

  6. i wonder who voted asuma?? kabuto is much stronger..
    2 gaara
    3 guy
    4 kabuto
    5 zabuza
    6 asuma

  7. Kimimaro has a surname. It’s Kaguya.


    1) Kimimaro
    2) Gaara
    3) Asuma
    4) Guy
    5) Kabuto
    6) Zabuza

  8. “GAARA”S WEAKER THAN ZABUZA?!?! ” Nah, if gaara has shukaku then he would wreck him, and even without, gaara’s sand doesn’t have eyes so it would still block silent homicide.

    I voted for Kabuto (not gaara cuz he’s a kage) because I see him as the most powerful (he manipulated Kimmimaru, and in a battle, Kabuto would know all of Kimmimaru’s medical-weakpoints)

    Why wasn’t kurenai here? She should at least get consideration.

  9. ebisu lol…i think the top would be Gaara coz he was stronger in Shipuden than in part1 [as my friends said he did]..next would be Guy…then Kabuto..mart1 already explained the reason why Kabuto b4 Kimimaro..then Kimimaro Kaguya.. then Asuma

  10. Aren’t guy and kakashi supposed to be equal (as of part one) so shouldn’t Kabuto (who beat Kakashi) be stronger than guy? The strong fist wouldn’t be too good against Kabuto’s self healing, and he could use the chakra scalpel to cripple guy, then when Gai drops 6 gates, Kabuto could hide underground until the effect hurts guy

  11. i agree with mart kabuto he sure stronger than guy, he far stonger than elite anbu ops and fight on ppar with kakshi and tsunade.

    whereas guy had to use his final resort in order to win against fake kisame..

    @paintheclown, asuma can’t be stonger than guy the all we seen in his fight is nothing exceptional.
    even kabuto surpassed him.

  12. @ pain the clown, the databooks list Kimmimaro as having no surname. so either he dropped his surname as a sign he no longer feels commited to the clan or Kishi forgot to put it into the databooks but intended on him having a surname

  13. Ebisu was a Special Jonin.

  14. @ptc, that’s an assumption, he’s never been stated as Kimimaro KAGUYA, only Kimimaro lol. That’s like saying Tsunade Senju lol.

    @Mart, I think you’re wrong about Kabuto vs Guy. If Guy uses the Morning Peacock he’d be doing more damage than Kabuto could repair, besides, it was powerful enough to kill a 30% Kisame, so I’d give Guy the win because I doubt Kabuto could keep up with him.

    Like I said before (I think), Kimimaro is one of the strongest characters, possibly he would be THE strongest character (well except for Pain, maybe) if he wasn’t ill and lived to Shippuden. If the Rinnegan wasn’t introduced, I’d still say the Shikotsumyaku is the best Kekkei Genkai.

    “Gaara coz he was stronger in Shipuden than in part1”- lol, those ARE his Shippuden stats, as of 2008 anyway lol.

  15. Kisu. Kabuto was able to heal himself from rasengan which I would say equals morning peacock. Kabuto would probably try to poison guy in order to slow him down though I agree speed would be guy’s best feature in a fight.

    Unless the bone kekkai genkai had some unknown special effect like mokyuton’s bijju control I say sharingan’s better. Anyone could Immitate him with a high level earth jutsu.

  16. @Kisu: true, because they said he was frmo the Kaguya clan, but never said his name was Kimimaro Kaguya 😯

  17. Hey, but Morning Peackock is a load of fiery punches being directly blown constantly onto the opponents body, and is hightened power due to the taijutsu and strength level of the user, supposedly.

    The Rasengan is one straight direct blow to the opponent with high power, and Naruto’s rasengan had been fully mastered, but it was not powerful to do extreme damage, so Kabuto easily recovered himself.

  18. @Mart, that was Naruto’s slap-dash, just made Rasengan with not much chakra behind it. Morning Peacock actually killed an Akatsuki (though he was only at less than a third of himself), and evaporated a lake, if memory serves.

  19. Meh, it’s an oppinion. I’m more interested in what you think is so special about the bone jutsu.

  20. hey, about “that was Naruto’s slap-dash, just made Rasengan with not much chakra behind it”, if memory serves, that did alot of damage to Kabuto and it took him a while to recover: http://read.mangashare.com/Naruto/chapter-168/page008.html
    so, either you’re giving Kabuto too much credit or not giving Naruto enuf credit

  21. I noticed something weird: of the Kekkai Genkai, only two don’t fall in to the category of Doujutsu or Element Kekkai Genkai: they are Kimmimaru’s and Sakon/Ukon’s.

  22. @mart, well when I think about it, I realize that its Kimimaro I like more.. I don’t think this kekkei genkai would be useful for anyone that’s too weak. But I still think its the second best. Reasons;
    1. Your bones can be hardened as far as your chakra allows
    2. Shikotsumyaku has rapid healing abilities (like high speed regeneration in Bleach)
    3. Literally any part of your body can become a weapon
    4. If it can allow one jutsu, why not others?
    Sakon and Ukon’s ability was a kekkei genkai? I guess you learn something new everyday

  23. @Everyone

    To clear everything up about Kimimaro’s Surname, here is some info from NarutoPedia: (Direct Quote)

    “Kimimaro was the sole survivor of the Kaguya clan, who were battle-loving barbarians. Being a rare owner of the Kekkei Genkai, Shikotsumyaku, Kimimaro’s father, fearing his son’s abilities, locked him up in a cage for most of his life, releasing him only when he was needed to fight for the clan. The Kaguya clan was wiped out when they attacked Kirigakure, seemingly for no reason other than the desire to kill. Having underestimated their opponent’s defenses, they were slaughtered, with only Kimimaro surviving.”

  24. @Ptc, and your point is what exactly? Here is another quote from Narutowiki (its in his trivia section) “Though some fans believe that his full name was Kimimaro Kaguya, the second databook only said his name as Kimimaro”

  25. What a about kankuro he is strong he killed sakon/ukon in a matter of minutes and the rubber man in the exams that fight was only like 30seconds

  26. Kankuro only lost aganist sas. In the fight with shino kankuro in a sense he won shino passed out if his dad didnt come he would have died aslo when his dad was there shino passed out
    while kankuro got all the bugs off some howand was exhausted and he only had crow with him

  27. @hokage44, Kankuro IS strong. But ask yourself this, “Is he comparable to any ninja on this list?”, that should give you an answer as to why he isnt here 8)

  28. i say its unfair for Asuma as it is hard to Judge him because he didnt really get allot of coverage in the anime before being killed off!

  29. I would Assume that Asuma is on Par with Zabuza atleast! In my estimations he had his dad to guide him which is a very good thing you cant be lame if you where in the 12 guardian ninja! Asuma isnt my favourite by the way im just trying to show another side to the list!

    Kisu i think that your list is unfair ha ha, they are so closely matched in terms of skill! but very individually skilled at that!!

    We cant know how tough Kimmimaru truely is as he wasnt on full form! but it would be very good to see him if he was! Lets remember Gaara was only a kid when he though Kimmimaru, he is now a Kage and even without his Tailed beast he is formidable!

    Guy Sensei Seems to have other jutsu;s besides taijutsu but i would say even he insanely strong and quick that would be my bottom choice as other only just out do him!

    Zabuza almost killed Kakashi so that says allot but he was hindered by rookies so i wouldnt think he would of made many mistakes as he did!

    Kabuto is extremely skilled in most areas so i would put him up there at the top somewhere! he also can heal himself very quickly!! plus with his add advantage of having orochimaru’s genes he may augment his skills even further!! but i just cant see him winning over might Guy for some reason!!

    Right enough of my blabbering! ive made my mind up ha ha!!:

    1) Kimmimaru
    2) Gaara
    3) Kabuto
    4) Asuma
    5) Zabuza
    6) Guy

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