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Top Ninja Tournament: Part 4!!

Ja everyone, it’s paintheclown here to bring you Part 4 (The Semi-Finals!!) of this 5 Part  Tournament!!  As most of you know, Part 3 was to make the Top 10, the Top 5.  So, here are the Top 5 that you voted for…

1st! Naruto Uzumaki!! (Duh!)

2nd! Itachi Uchiha!!

3rd! Minato Namikaze!!

4th! Kakashi Hatake!!

5th! Sasuke Uchiha!!

Well, now that’s out of the way, here is the poll for Top 2!!  Now, Part 4’s voting deadline is December 10th (12/10/09)  When you are done voting, remember to check out Fun Facts About Part 3!!

Fun Facts About Part 3!!

Only Genin in Part 3: Naruto Uzumaki

Only Living Akatsuki Member in Part 3: Madara

Only Sand Ninja in Part 3: Gaara

Only Lightning Ninja in Part 3: Killer Bee

Only Ninja NOT from a Hidden Village in Part 3: Sage of 6 Paths

Only Hokage in Part 3: Minato Namikaze


7 Responses

  1. man i am so down as sasuke is getting out of the show.

  2. me 2 the sage is gone

  3. requesting sharingan lovers , don’t let uchiha’s out of the pic.vote high!!!!!!.

  4. HEY! WHERE’S PAIN!? This cant be a top ninja list without PAIN!

  5. @ kisu, for some reason i feel this is a popularity contest, nothing else

  6. @Kisu and JPUA

    This is a popularity test. But, wanted people to pick the one that they thought was the strongest. But sadly, most people didn’t do that. I’m sorry, I should have been more clear on that…

    Nagato was 10th Place, so he didn’t make it to here…

  7. I thought it was a popularity poll that’s why Kabuto had my first round vote

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