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Naruto and Rave master

WS here again i decited to finish the series of my kishi and mashima blogs

Mashima had other manga’s but since they don’t have more then 20 chapters i decited they are not worth my time, now time to start it.

Explaining Words:

Rave A weapon made to fight Dark Bring it’s the only way (other than plue stabbing it with his nose) to destroy dark bring there are only 5 of them in the world (originaly called Holy Bring).

Demon Card A criminal organization that wants world domination

Dark Bring Weapons used by demon card and other criminal organizations each demon card has another special ability for example: creating explosions, creating fire, and lots more

Sinclair “Mother” Dark Brings that have powerfull ability’s, like Rave there are also 5 Sinclairs

Ten Commandments A sword used by Haru and previously used by Shiba, if rave is inserted in the sword it can take on 10 forms including the form it is in all the time. The dark Bring version of this sword is called “Decalogues”

Oracion Seis The top 6 members in Demon card


Rave Master (also known as Rave or Groove Adventure Rave) is about Haru Glory a boy that is the strongest human on garage island but on a day some demon card people come with some dark bring and start to destroy the village looking for a old man named Shiba. Haru has met Shiba just some days before and the old man gets injured by one of the demon card members. after heru kicks their asses shiba gives him rave and calls him the second rave master. Haru leaves Garage island later and meets a girl named Elie who has lost her memory Haru decides to help her find it while he searches for the other rave stones.

Main Characters:

Haru Glory

Haru is the main character and is a dumbass at some points like most main characters are, his sister has learned him all that he knows and he always says things like:  “My sister says hurting old people is bad”. He is the second rave master ans uses the ten commandments he got from Shiba.


No one knows what plue is Haru calls it a dog, Elie calls it a bug, we only know that it like candy, is over 50 years old, and can break Dark Bring with his nose


Elie uses Tonfa Blasters as weapon and likes to gamble when someone cheats on her she mostly ends up blowing up the whole casino or whatever it is she’s gambling at, she has lost her memory and is a bit weak at first but as soon as her memory return she pwns all.

Hamrio Musica

Leader of the Silver Rhytem gang, a band of thieves who streal from a casino and then go and lose the money they stole at another casino, he has a special power that allows him to form silver into any shape he wants, for this technique he mostly uses the silver necklace. He is looking for something called the Silver Ray.

Let Dahaka


(half-dragon)                  (Human)

Let is one of the last members of the dragon race who are half dragon and half human. At a certain age they need to do a ritual to tame their inner dragon, if they succed they get their human form back back if they fail they become a dragon. Let wants to save his girlfriend Julia who is in the hands of Oracion Seis member Jegan.


A friend of Haru’s father and a member of oracion seis he has fought gale (haru’s father) before and lost, now he wants to fight haru because he wants to win against a glory. When the story starts he is the weakest of the Oracion Seis.


A mysterious man who has something to do with Elie’s memory he is the first person she saw when when got amnesia, he can controll various elements and is a former Oracion Seis member.


 (Sorry i got no picture of this guy)

The first rave master he has given haru rave and the Ten Commandments, 50 years ago he had fought  Sinclair and won but when he didn’t kill it and it caused an explosion that sperated sinclair into 5 pieces and spread them over the world, the rave stones and plue got blasted away too.

Resembling Characters:

Haru – Suigetsu

Both use a sword and want to get all sword types (haru’s ten commandants forms and the 7 mist swordsmen swords for suigetsu).

Elie – Hinata

Both are in love with the main character, and they are not bad at first but as soon as the storng people arrive they need to get saved by the main character, however that changes for Elie when she gets her memory back.

Musica – TenTen

Musica can create all kinds of weapons with his silver and TenTen uses all kind of weapons inside her scroll.

Let – Rock Lee

Since Let doesn’t use a weapons and only fights with his fists (and fire breath) he resembles Rock Lee.

Shuda – Itachi + Deidara

Shuda’s dark bring allows him to create flames that never stop burning until the enemy is reduced to ashes (or jumps into the water) like Ameteratsu and his new dark bring can create explosions like Deidara likes to do.

Sieghart – Sage of six paths

Sieghart can use all elements and it’s said the sage can use all of them too.

Shiba – Hiruzen Sarutobi

Both have lost most of their power, and were badass while they were young (only in rumors in Sarutobi’s case).

Julia – Sakura

Both have a bad temper, have superhuman strength and both beat someone they love up all the time. (Let and Naruto)

Belinka – Ino

Both have a good healing ability and are not much use in a battle other then healing others.

Julius – Haku

Both of them are boys who hve a face as cute as a girls and they both use ice powers to battle.

Jegan – Yamato

Jegans dark bring allows him to control wood just like Yamato can do.

I will end the comparings now or this will take 6 months to finish.

Manga and Anime Differences:

My opinion is that the Anime destroyed the series, first of all they started the series at another point (Manga: Garage island | Anime: the place where haru meets Elie(in manga volume 2), Secondly they changed the collor of Let’s hair i wouldn’t care much if it was a good one but it’s the kind of yellow that hurts your eyes just by looking at it! I won’t ruin the series completely so this will be my last piece of critisism, they put up a huge clifhanger on the last episode they made (because of low view ratings they ended the series)

Link to Manga

Link to Anime

I think this is the last one but i will put in a poll, if you want more blogs like this vote yes if not vote no if  there are enough votes yes i will make another one.


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  1. I started reading Fairy Tail because of this and Full metal Alchemist as well. (sort of OP too)

  2. I read fairy tail before reading his. I saw a lot of similarities during the post and didn’t realize the author was the same. 🙂

  3. was up…half dragon form is beeta

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