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Naruto Chapter 473 – Death of Kisame

naruto-retro1Post Author: Bob

That was a decent chapter, but I kinda wished that Kisame and Killerbee’s battle would have lasted longer, had more intense combat, and didn’t have to end in such a anti-climactic way. Kisame was such a badass character and one the last surviving Akatsuki members, I had hoped that if he had to go down, it would be in a big bang and with him doing as much damage as possible. However, the way he died in this chapter was, in a word, lame; It was not a bang, but a whimper. I can’t help but feel that Kishi rushed things to a conclusion here in order to push the plot along.

Personally, I felt that the Raikage’s arrival was too convenient and unnecessary. Killerbee may be very weak at the moment, but so is Kisame as he no longer has access to Samehada’s chakra. And it’s not like Killerbee has no fight left in him anymore, the lightning infused pencil he threw at Kisame (I can’t believe he missed at that range) and the tag team lariat he did at the end proved he still had a lot of chakra and stamina left. Even if it ended up like a bloody brawl between the two, I would have preferred to see Kisame and Killerbee resolve this fight on their own. Having Raikage and his team bud in just feels like a cheap victory.

I’m also wondering what the hell Madara is thinking letting himself lose another Akatsuki member here, it’s like he doesn’t care anymore. If you’ve been reading Bleach, it’s the same situation with Aizen’s Espada: they’re presented as some uber-powerful bad guys but then are killed off so easily like flies on the wall. Kisame’s death could definitely have been prevented. Madara would have been aware through Zetsu that Kisame was fighting the Hachibi while he was at the kage summit, so he could have easily stalled for some time for Kisame to finish up.   So why didn’t he? Nabbing another Bijuu is a pretty important priority for his plans isn’t it? Also, if Madara didn’t reveal that Killerbee was actually still at large, Raikage would have still believed his brother was already dead and wouldn’t have been out here at all.

There’s some serious bad planning going on here on Madara’s part. Now it’s just down to Zetsu and himself, along with his new boy toy Sasuke, so my guess is he’s pinning all his hopes on the Uchiha in the upcoming war. He’ll probably hook Sasuke up to Gedo Mezo, pump him full of Bijuu chakra and set him loose on the five shinobi villages. Of course, all that would take some time to get Sasuke ready, so I’m suspecting we might see a time skip soon. I wonder if Sasuke is going to end up like Nagato: emaciated, hooked up to a machine and feeding off his own emo rage :p

Some people might be arguing that Kisame may not be really dead, that he may have used a water clone at the last second. The problem is that water clones should return back to their liquid form when hit, but Kisame’s head did not after it was decapitated. My gut feeling is Kisame really is dead. I know it feels cheap but think about how a top-tier villain like Orochimaru was also killed so easily and it might not be so hard to believe that a second-tier villain like Kisame can be killed off the same way. Also, even though some of us may really like shark guy, he isn’t one of the most popular characters in the Naruto character polls. That’s why characters like Hinata will never be killed off soe easily, but Kisame is very much expendable.

Now the question is what happens to Kisame’s sword Samehada. I’d think it’d be awesome if Killerbee actually gets to keep it. I wonder if it’s regeneration powers can be used on others besides the one who is wielding it. By that I mean if Samehada can be used to regenerate Raikage’s left arm. I guess if that’s possible, then attaching and regenerating Kisame’s head would also be a possibility, but that’s pushing it. Unlike Hidan, Kisame isn’t immortal; regenerating an arm is one thing, but a head?

As for the other plot lines in this chapter, there isn’t much to say. Mizukage comes and saves Ao’s ass, Fuu retreats back to his body but not before calling her an old hag, haha. That scene where Mizukage punches the real Ao was pretty funny. Suigetsu and Jugo get caught while trying to sneak out disguised as samurai. Meanwhile, Sai’s clone goes to tell Naruto “truth” Sakura couldn’t tell him, probably about her intention to go after Sasuke. I know Sai’s just trying to be helpful trying to heal the bonds between team 7, but I’m guessing things wouldn’t have gotten this complicated if he kept his mouth shut ;p

That’s it for this week. RIP Kisame.


112 Responses

  1. if kisame is dead (hopefully not) then kishi might focus more on zetsu’s and tobi’s power. I think that he isn’t because he tried doing a jutsu but he can be…

  2. it’s 139-473 😛
    And I agree it’s quite a lame death, I was expecting this fight to be ‘bigger’ in every way…

  3. poor fish bastard, i would’ve liked him to live longer.
    on the kages arriving on time, well, ninjas can travel pretty fast, so, yeah.

    *dr haruno, don’t read after this point*

    on Sai explaining “what Sakura couldn’t”, FUCK SAKURA, she’s been a pain in the ass since chapter 3 and has had no development what-so-ever and has developed the story none what-so-ever. i don’t even kno y she’s kept around other than a healer. i think Kishi should just kill her off and b done w/ it. i say not enuf good guys have been killed off recently, and she’s so usless to the plot that nothing would really change except Naruto would b a little madder, but that’s it.

  4. He’s not dead, Kisame is strong even you see that his head was cut he’s not dead, his samehada will bring his head back.


    a badass like him definately needed to go out with more of a bang, but geez, his head went flying lol
    just to make a point, killerbee barely had any chakra left, the only reason why he was able to do the double lariat, is cuz samehada pumped him with chakra in the scene right before it, you can see it wrapped around him

    and yea sucks for danzo that he cant get the byakugan, and watever with sai, no one cares, we are all still mourning the death of kisame 😦

    but yes that would be amazing if he was still alive

    im bad at japanese translations, wat was that jutsu he was trying to do before he got killed??

  6. So akatsuki is officially dead… Madara isn’t really good at planning as bob pointed out, though I think he has another plan besides the jubi revival, I think he also wants to kill all ninja powerful enough to break tsukyoumi. I think Kisame’s death was cheap and crap but I want to see other things because all kisame has is big water jutsu. Now I want to see fights with Kabuto, Madara, Zetsu, Ao and Danzo. (maybe the bijju too)

  7. I agree… very lame and anti-climatic finish to this fight.

    Since Akatsuki’s down to the 3 stooges, I think Kishi may introduce new characters (or defections) to Akatsuki if this manga is to continue longer.

    As for Sakura, Sasuke should kill her and crew to fully cross over to the dark side and sever the bonds completely.

  8. i don’t understand for madara is thinking, i wonder is he really want to start a war or it was just a lie.
    still there’s no sign of his mercenary group,even sasuke seems to need a lot of time to recover frm over usage of MS, and zetsu?????
    even bijuu r stubborn enough not to become pawn in a human hand.

    i never thought i would say this but the story is getting lame!

  9. this is not a suitable death for kisame look and all the other long ass fights for the other Akatsuki then they died i feel somehow he would survive then get his ass kicked and die

  10. @ star69 “As for Sakura, Sasuke should kill her and crew”, i don’t want every1 w/ Sakura to die, just her. Lee’s to funny, Kiba’s kinda on my good side, and Sai’s just 1 of those characters that’s fun to watch. altho, i think Sasuke does need to become “un-rescue able” just to stop this retarded theme of villians becoming good, it takes away the feeling of them being villians: Zabuza, Gaara, Sasori (neer his death he decided to help Sakura find Orochimaru), Itachi, Nagato, Konan, eve fucking Samehada. it’s getting annoying, i mean, Kishi’s target audiance, 13-18, knows that ppl can just plain b completly evil and some things don’t deserve another chance

  11. Who would’ve thought that after all the time Kisame has had in this series his death would’ve been so quick. Plus I bet Danzo’s really pissed that he lost his chance with the Byakugan, hehe. I am curious as to what Sai has to say.

  12. If you are correct and we are going to see a time skip im saying that sakura and her team will engage sasuke and at that point naruto will intervene so they all do not get killed.

    He and sasuke will have an epic battle that will result in a draw and then we will see the time skip.

  13. This ch. Was ok. What I don’t get is even with a sensor how the hell did the raikages team find bee before gaara finds naruto and kakashi.

  14. “it’s 139-473”
    gah! I mistyped, fixed now

  15. I’m glad others agree that this was a pretty boring end for Kisame. I also think Kishi is deliberately killing off the old Akatsuki to bring back a new wave of bad guys or maybe just to clear the board for the impending war. But even so, he could have done a better job of handling this.

  16. god such a stupid way to kill off a character with that much potential. i mean come on! this would have made more sense if he had gone down fighting but this is just… ugh i have dedicated to much time to this series to quit now, i want to see how it ends, but just ugh how lame kishi.

    and i really hope that sasuke ends up emancipated like nagato did . that would not only be hilarious, but it would also give him something else to bitch about when he runs in to naruto!

  17. @ jet prime
    OH come on now, you cant go killing off character’s that few ppl like. If that was the case, then sasuke should have been killed off after itachi died. I thought he was gonna come back to konoha and be cool again, but he just ended up turning into a bigger douche.

    I for one had to go back and re read kisame’s death. It was like I blinked and missed it. I really woulda thought that he would have a much more dramatic death. I mean all this time he’s been around, this was the biggest fight we’ve seen with kisame and he dies in like 2 seconds. OH well, at least the death involved Bee and Raikage in a lightning bros. wrestling combo. That was sweet!!

  18. Aww, too bad about Kisame. Just like Itachi, it’s an untimely death. I guess the strongest team in Akatsuki wasn’t good enough for a glorious death. On the other hand, if Kishimoto always makes the deaths of every character 5 chapters long, like he used to in the past, then it’d be pretty much a closed circle, wouldn’t it? Sometimes death is just quick and surprising, nothing irregular about that.
    Kisame’s death left an orphan behind – Samehada. If the monster sword likes Bee’s chakra so much, then Bee could start using it from now on. Which would mean that he’d have an absolutely infinite amount of chakra to himself.

  19. @ryoraizen “OH come on now, you cant go killing off character’s that few ppl like”, well, it’ll make the fans happy

  20. Good work Bob-sama.


    Angry rant over.

  21. lol i love that join the club pic it soooo true hidan kakuzu, and now kisame all had crappy deaths
    @ kisu i think hidan had way less time kisame has been here since part 1 true we didnt see his power its still screen time……

  22. Excellent chapter…been a while since i commented..
    good work bob-sama
    but i think Kisame lived, idk its just a hunch. He lived through so much of his time and was around through the bloody mist, no way a guy like that could die. Maybe its just my denial but i was a Kisame fan for a looong time and im not letting his very little screen time go to waste through such a pitiless die. At least die nobly. i mean cmon, that was way too fast and i doubt even tho he was beheaded he wud go down so easily. maybe something is up, maybe a clone. Maybe he has high-speed regeneration. not sure but DON’T DIE MAN!!!!

  23. Great Breakdown, Sucky Chapter!

    The only parts I actually liked was the Double Lariat and Ao being punched like Naruto! 😛

    I really don’t think that Kisame is dead. Maybe (MAYBE!!) Madara used a Jutsu that keeps him alive. But, that is just one way (that probably isn’t true) it could be…


    “I also think Kishi is deliberately killing off the old Akatsuki to bring back a new wave of bad guys or maybe just to clear the board for the impending war. But even so, he could have done a better job of handling this.”

    I read a Kishi interview from this year or last year that said he was bringing a new wave of Akatsuki. So, I bet Zetsu will die soon…

    But yes, he could have done this SO MUCH better…

  24. poor sark-guy…at least Tobi managed to brighten him up in Akatsuki his tenure wasnt so boring..lol Bob ur also watching Bleach?they’re both coming to the same plot with the main top bad guy only remaining who hasnt showed his true power yet…and is there a site for Bleach which can be compared to narutohurricane which has great authors?

  25. @Sage of 7 Paths

    Yes, there is a site for bleach. It is called Bleached Ichigo (Another “Bob Site”)

    The link is here: http://bleachedichigo.com/

  26. poor shark-guy…at least Tobi managed to brighten him up in Akatsuki his tenure wasnt so boring..lol Bob ur also watching Bleach?they’re both coming to the same plot with the main top bad guy only remaining who hasnt showed his true power yet…and is there a site for Bleach which can be compared to narutohurricane which has great authors?

  27. I can see Raikage and his team making it to killerbee in time think about it, the Raikage is by far the fastest person weve seen, with actual speed, no time warp crap, so its not like its some regular ninja travelin that far that fast but the Raikage cmon lol, I do agree with — everyone that Kisame coulda had a better death, prefered him not to die at all, maybe just escaped, This is naruto so who’s to say that Kisame is actually done for, but im still ancious about killer bee training naruto, we all know its gonna happen, I wanna also point out what someone said, not everyone is suppost to have a dramatic long death, sometimes death does end quick, but cant wait for next week, good post bob

  28. Kisama is not dead watch

  29. @ jet prime
    “well, it’ll make the fans happy”
    all im saying is that if they are gonna kill off someone that nobody likes, kill off ten ten or kabuto, since they are both useless and annoying.

  30. Madara didnt really give a crap about Akatsuki really did he, he has got most of the tailed beasts and maybe he put to much faith in Kisame! one thing is the ninja wars will be slightly more balanced now! i dont think there was any danger in killer bee dying anyways as it would of practically made madara invincible with 8 tailed beasts at his disposal! maybe he will infuse them into some people or just set them loose who knows!! Naruto is on course to have biju training now i think!!

  31. I say this is all good,the new akatsuki i mean i think they should all be a host for the bijuu madara has captured,that would be so badass to see naruto and killerbee go vs other ninjas that have the bijuu inside of them.

  32. @ ryoraizen, i don’t want Kabuto to die, i really want him to b the 2nd coming of Orochimaru and hopfully play a bigger role in the future. as far as Tenten dieing, i wouldn’t b sad, and i wouldn’t b happy. don’t really care about her either way.

  33. I agree with bob. Even though I’m not a fan of the shark guy it was a lame way to go out. But all the villains have had lame endings if you ask me. Like bob said i wanted to see a fight between the shark guy and killer bee with no interference and without bee worrying to protect that guy and his raccoon. It should have been an all out battle. I had a feeling bee wasn’t going to get capture because naruto would have been the last one and that would have been lame as well. Oh well like they say ‘it can’t be helped’….

  34. @JPUA I believe thats the whole point of the manga some people “rise above themselves” -Gaara lol and can’t come back i think it will turn out Sasuke just completely goes evil does something un-forgivable and Naruto will finally get it

  35. Not cool Kishi. I couldn’t agree with Bob more about the whole rushing the plot. But what could Tobi have to gain from allowing Kisame to die, and the Raikage to save his brother? In all honesty, I don’t think he did just “let” it happen. I’m pretty sure he had his faith in Kisame bringing Bee back, and I think if not for a few freak events, he would have. Its just another failed mission. And Tobi didn’t know where Bee was hiding (idk how kisame found him) because in the meeting, he asked the Raikage where he was hiding his brother.

    So now what I’m thinking, probably after some training, or a time skip like Bob suggested, is him sending Sasuke to go after Bee again, except this time he completely murders him to show just how much hes improved.

    Btw, as cheap as it was, that double lariat was pretty badass. Its pretty apparent that if they are just relying on their own abilities, the Raikage is stronger, but if Bee is using the 8-tails, I wonder which brother is stronger.

  36. clearly kisame is not dead. a/ the jutsu he used before he got decapitated will be a way of saving himself. i think it translated as something like substitution missile. b/ even though he was a weirdo it seems odd he’d be smiling as he got decapitated. so id bet a lot that he’ll be back.

  37. @ danny ” i think it translated as something like substitution missile”, no, it was more along the lines of “giant shark missle”

  38. jet prime, well what could an orochimaru threat possible pose? with a dude like madara around and the threat of a ninja war about, the remnants of some snake freak wouldnt really scare anyone.

  39. Zetsu is already half dead, as he was lying unconcsious when Taka put on disguises.

    And, @Kishi bringing in a new wave of Akatsuki: I hope their somewhat like mine :3

    Anyway, this series is coming to either a close, or a timeskip, as Madara’s chances are being cut down little by little to make a move. He’d better do something with Sasuke soon.

    @danny: So “accidentally” thinking it was a sub jutsu, when it clearly said “big shark bomb” on the page, isn’t going to help bring sharkie back to life 😦

  40. What gets me is that we don’t see another scene after his head flies off, that scares me!

  41. this chapter was decent, i agree with everyone kisames death had no honor in it, not befitting a shinobi, for some reason i dont think hes dead, it seemed like he expected the attack, well onto the next vilian and see what they can do

  42. “the remnants of some snake freak” 1. I think Kabuto would be the dominant personality not oro. (though oro. would still be there) 2. Kabuto could join up with Madara (along with the rest of the sound village) to help make up their mercenary force. I think it’s possible danzo could join akatsuki after he is de-throned by Naruto (and root with him) thus making a “new akatsuki” out of Hebi/taka, Danzo & co., and Kabuto. Though the group dynamic would be a little strained (Sasuke wanting Danzo dead, Danzo wanting Kabuto dead, and Kabuto wanting Sasuke dead) I think anyone compared to Madara will look like nothing, but imagine Kabutorochi with a bijju. I see Kabutorochi using poison(medical)/snakes(oro.) as attacks, but he could also be usefull in restoring Danzo and maybe even madara to full power (I think One of madara’s goals is to posses Naruto’s body + Sasuke’s eyes, kabuto could make this happen)

  43. Kisame’s death made me think about deaths in general in this manga. Seriously, which character has a good death….very few.
    Zabuza, a trained assassin and one of the strongest characters in the manga, died by ordinary people stabbing him…it was cool, but lame when you think about it.
    Haku’s death was kinda cool….
    Kimimaro died from a disease after he was decimating Naruto, Lee and Gaara….lame death
    The Sound Four beat Jonins, yet they were killed off by genins (huge skill level difference people)….none of their deaths were cool.
    Sasori….after his huge battle (the longest battle in the Naruto anime) he ALLOWED himself to be killed in his puppet parents’ embrace…..kinda cool and believable that he lost to one of the Sand’s best (instead of genin)…..oh and Sakura…..cool death
    Hidan was a ninja that killed for fun! He killed for the heck of it! The guy was 22 which means he’s probably killed hundreds, he slaughtered his entire Village by himself, only to lose to some Chunnin……lame death/incapacitation
    Kakuzu, he was basically just a scapegoat. BUT he lived for 92 years and has been around before the Village system (A FAR MORE CHAOTIC TIME) and survived then, fought Hashirama and survived, AND he’s a professional bounty hunter. He presumably killed Chiriku (the monk that knew Asuma) easily…and he was one of the Ninja Guardians……all that only to beaten by a hyperactive kid (not using the demon or Sage mode)……lame death
    Gaara…after his fight with Deidara…..kinda cool death
    Orochimaru…..enough said…lame death.
    Deidara, after we saw him in action in two fights, got a flashback of what drives him forward (his hatred of Itachi) and saw him push Sasugay around….he blew himself up…..amazing death
    Jiraiya, a Sanin that has been in over 100 S-rank missions, fought Orochimaru and survived, trained the Fourth Hokage, Nagato and Naruto died by some rods being pushed into him and drowning…….kinda cool because of his introspection before dying
    Kakashi….he got killed by a nail (ok, overuse of his chakra)…..lame death
    Nagato, after he killed all those ppl, he gave his life to revive everyone….lame

  44. nobody said it had to be a pretty win,but the move Bee and Raikage did reminded of a tagteam move. hahaha Kisame’s sword left him! and laughed while doing it LOL! i’m glad that blue-faced shark bastard is dead! HAHA ! and died like a B ITCH by 2 black guys.
    not suprised he said ” You’re too fast for me…” Well 8 down 2 to go!! HAHA! HOES.

  45. so out of all the dead characters, only about four of them had good deaths……5 if u count Sarutobi

  46. the translation of kisame’s jutsu before his death was spelt similar to substitution missile so it may be a pun that kishi has done on purpose. i’m sure he’s done it before somewhere. and it seems odd that he’d try that great shark missile jutsu the second before he died. surely he’d use something more useful. i.e. substitution missile.

  47. “Zabuza” how is Zabuza one of the strongest ninja? There are only a handfull of ninja highlighted in the series that COULDN’T beat him. (Sakura, Tenten ect.) I almost wish the enaka ninja was the first bad guy (he almost was)

    I think Zabuza killing Gato was cool, Pein blowing away Hinata, Kakashi’s sacrafice, MINATO’s death, and the PEIN bodies (not counting Nagato) were good deaths. I am also a fan of both Neji and Gaara’s defeats. But Kakuzu’s, Oro.’s (first), Kisame’ were lame. Itachi’s is on the fence for me because it was a cool fight but his disease/him holding back/sasuke’s MS skills cheapened it

  48. @Mart, dude, considering he’s the first major villain, he’s pretty strong. His stat total from the first databook was 30+, pretty high…….I’ll include him in my next strongest ninja post

  49. His (Zabuza’s) abilities seem fairly strong, until you see what other ninja can do. Compared to untrained genin (who pretty much only use taijutsu) removing eye sight is pretty deadly. But compared to the rest of the villans he lacks 1. Destructive power 2. Intelligence (he WAS outsmarted by Naruto, and relied on Haku to come up with the plan to neutralize the sharingan) 3. Versatility ( The hidden mist jutsu is a fairly easy counter if you know he uses the silent killing jutsu, just lay a trap he has to cross to get to his target or smell him out. If all else fails, find a way to disperse the mist or make it irrelivant (fill it with shadow clones so that he has no where to hide or use wind to blow away the mist) )

    but I am curious, what is the next group for “strongest ninja”? Misc. People? Zabuza doesn’t fit into many groups besides Kiri. Nin./Swordsmen

  50. Ok at all of you criticizing Kishimoto’s way of killing the characters please stop it because all I’m reading is constant complaining of how he does the plot. I’d like to see any of you come up with an excellent story as good as Naruto! Just sit back and let Kishimoto do his thing with Naruto because it’s his series he’s the one writing it not us. However, I will agree that I’ve seen some good Naruto characters go out in crazy ways but hey that’s anime for you. I also have to agree with the fact that if by some chance Kisame is TRULY dead, then he will have been the keast useful akatsuki in the series and he had a wasted death. He hasn’t done anything sucessful or outstanding at all and when we do finally get to see what he can do, his sword bitches out on him and he gets kill by a double clothesline….WHAT!!! Not a good way to end a character with such potential. Honestly though, I don’t believe Kisame is gone for good because who dies smiling when they failed their goal? And Kishimoto even said in an interview he had plans for Kisame so it can’t end here. Anyways, I got so confused on the mind body switch thing with Ao and that othere guy that I just gave up and waited to see how it would end which was that Anbu guy failed to get the byakugan. As far as the Naruto/Sakura thing, they both need to get over Sasuke. He’s been gone for 2 to 3 years now,he’s joined Akatsuki,he doesn’t like you, He’s done criminal acts. If I were Naruto, I’d just give up but at the same time that dedication to bringing Sasuke back is what is driving Naruto to get stronger in the first place. Also, Madara isn’t stupid. He know’s he’s low on Akatsuki members and he wouldn’t make such a declaration for war without something to back it up. Maybe he recruited his own ninja team over the years before Naruto, or he’s in league with Kabuto and he has control over Orochimaru’s army. Who knows?

  51. What cuton224 says about kisame: ‘who dies smiling when they failed their goal?’ is something to think of.

    I hope that kisame is not dead, because if he is, it will be a cheap, lame dead for him with his own smile on it :S.

    For the other characters that were posted in some comments:

    Hidan is more a ‘immortal’ teamplayer than real good ninja, it is for a reason why he was partner with kakuzu because kakuzu will kill his partner if he makes fun of him. He was more of a snack for the enemy to get while kakuzu prepare a attack on the enemy.

    The battle between Orochimaru and Sasuke was in the beginning decided because Orochimaru was to weak to fight and the Living Corpse Reincarnation will not work on a person with the sharingan.

  52. in response to curton2244,
    kisame was useful because he captured the 4 tails jinchuriki, and along with itachi located the 9 tails, so he was important in akatsuki, along with delaying team guys team enough so akatsuki can suck out the 1 tails from gaara (and he did that with 30% of his own chakra, not with the help of samehada who continously eats his own until battle)

  53. Well, that was a boring end. Not much of a fight. As observed, it seemed a hurried battle.

    Madara must be pretty confident in his ability to capture and seal the last two bijuu if he’s willing to sit back and watch his remaining few underlings get killed off. And I seem to recall him acting cool and saying, “If you don’t hand over the bijuu, it’ll be war.” Makes me wonder if Akatsuki was just his regular force, and his real army is yet to be seen. Or maybe he’ll just go Intangible Jutsu, Secret Knockout Jutsu and then Teleport Jutsu (x2). Simple…

    The issue of Samehada’s new ownership might arise. Maybe the Mizukage will demand the return of the sword. That’ll be fun, since Samehada doesn’t change its allegiance that easily.

    Why is it that every time a major event is about to take place but is interrupted, the interruption comes at the very LAST second. If the Raikage and his escorts had arrived just ONE second later, it would have been Killerbee’s head sent flying. I know it adds to the excitement, but why can’t someone do it in a different way? Say the Raikage arrives at the scene just as Bee throws the pencil at Kisame. That would have been normal and logical. Well, no point saying any more.

  54. I’m wondering who will win, Team Mizukage vs. Team Danzo (I say Fuu gives his life so Danzo canescape because Fuu failed)

  55. @ renzokuken- Yes you are right about the 4-tails and the slowdown of Team Guy but it just seems like he could do so much more. We didn’t even get to see the 4-tails battle and that wasn’t even the real Kisame on the first arc.

    @berserkerx- I totally agree on the last second rescue thing. It has been done in almost every action anime but you can’t really blame them because that’s what makes the series more dramatic. Although, the last second rescues do sometimed get to seem like too much of either coincidence or good luck.

    I hope Naruto fights again soon. It would be nice to see him show something new. Maybe Bee will teach him how to control his Bijuu after all. Imagine a Rasen Shuriken fueled with fox chakra, or maybe a Sage Naruto in the fox cloak form. Now that would be badass. He should probably learn another wind style jutsu and eventually Earth Style or something because the rasengan won’t save him on every battle. Sasuke should learn how to control his new Sharingan and Sakura should get another spotlight battle too. Just my thoughts on who needs development.

  56. “Just my thoughts on who needs development.” I would like the war to have a team based battle system where several teams fight each other ex. Team Danzo vs. Team Mizukage, Team Naruto vs. Team Sasuke, Kabuto vs. Zetsu (maybe), just so that we see these people develope. I don’t see Naruto learning earth though (more like water), and while Fox-Senjutsu would be cool, I would rather he learned FTG or some of Minato’s jutsu because he already has some degree of Kyubbi control but hasn’t even touched on learning FTG. Plus He lacks variety and Kyubbi-Senjutsu wouldn’t really help him, while FTG would give him a good defense while he entered Senjutsu)

    If Sakura was to have a giant battle it should be against Karin or hinata (not likely but…) Suigetsu vs. Kakashi would be cool too (considering HE killed Zabuza)

  57. big battles i’d like to c: team Mizukage vs team Danzo (as mart and curton said), Hebi vs Sakura’s lil ragtag team, and (again, as mart said) Suigestu vs Kakashi, but for a different reason: Suigestu is made up of entirely water, Kakashi knows lightning (a powerful enuf electric current undoes water’s covalent bonds reverting it back into oxygen and hydrogen), earth element (absorbs water), and water element (it would b funny if Kakashi uses a jutsu that causes part of Suigestu to go flying in a different direction). so, basically i’m saying, if Suigestu gets killed off, i want it to b done by Kakashi

  58. […] Naruto Chapter 473 – Death of Kisame Post Author: Bob That was a decent chapter, but I kinda wished that Kisame and Killerbee’s battle would have lasted […] […]

  59. I used to like Kisame quite a bit, but unless he comes back and lives up to his potential, I am fairly disapointed in him. But Suigets is starting to intrest me. 1. Because I want to know what Zabuza’s sword’s ability is (given the rest all have them) 2. if he obtained Samehada he could live up to Kisame’s missed potential 3. He could be immortal. He has shown the ability to reform after melting, so if, as JPUA said, Kakashi evaporated him, why couldn’t he reform again? The same goes for being absorbed by earth jutsu, why not just become some mud creature (like the filler arc guy). He could have two potential kekkai genkai from those situations (unlocking them) Also he has survived lightning before, so I question where are his limits?

  60. @ mart, about Suigestu reforming from lightning, i think that might just b cuz it wasn’t a current, ie, going around in circles continuously, instead being electricity passing thru him and into the ground. if a current is established, the energy will actually break the covalent bonds in the water, reducing it into oxygen and hydrogen thru a chemical reaction, thus no longer making him water and getting rid of his control over his own body, in effect killing him. but again, this is only if there is a raiton that is a current instead of just a burst of electricity, which probably the closest thing might b how the 3rd Kazekage manipulated his iron sand (a magnetic field is very simlar to what i’m talking about)

  61. “cuz it wasn’t a current” a couple things, simply because I’m a T.A. in an electonics classroom 1. A circuit isn’t continous, electrons only flow from high to low consentrations, and a cicuit is a continous connection between these two consentrations passing through a load (something that uses the power ex. A lightbulb) which uses the power. 2. the ground does form a circuit, it is made of metals and thus is a conductor (hence the negative power conduit being refered to as “the ground” (this is literaly where the bottom and left plug in a power outlet run too) 3. The circuit that was made with Suigetsu as the load had his sword acting as a switch, and it is only when this gets knocked away (fliping the switch off) that the circuit ends freeing Suigetsu. You are correct about Hydrolysis (process of spliting H2O into O and 2H) HOWEVER what I question is will this kill him, or make him into some kind of mist monster? (It’s highly likely it would kill him, Suigetsu obviously trys to STOP himself from entering it by fighting evaporation, and this form would be fairly weak, as a puddle he lacked the ability to move and if he was mist AND couldn’t move it could be quite unpleasant, seeing as how easily he would disperse. But again I question would this kill him? For Normal evaporation (just water vapor) I say no, all mist eventually cools and condenses, freeing him. For Hydrolysis, MAYBE, though like water vapor, the energy would eventually disperse and through natural chemical processes, the water would reform. It’s all a matter of guess work, because again, we don’t know Suigetsu’s limits. (Two bad someone like Pein or Kakuzu didn’t have a watery form because they would definatley be immortal (they could absorb the lightning or use wind jutsu to reform immediatley.)

  62. @ mart, oh, my bad, i meant a circuit, not a current. and i’m pretty sure that the ground doesn’t completly finish the circuit due to it going in all different directions, but on would hydrolysis kill him, i’m pretty sure it would, since it takes energy to form bonds, and even then, it would take time for the molecules to reform. by that time, they could’ve floated half-way aroung the world or gotten breathed in. basically, i find it possible to survive as long his brain doesn’t hydrolysis, but if that happens, then doesn’t that mean he loses sentience thus turning him into a puddle?

  63. So anyone else surprised that the uchia cursed version of the hyuga eye was an attempt in turning it into naruto’s clan bloodline limit?

  64. I think Hidan’s immortality thing opened a whole can of worms because now that this is a possibility in the Naruverse, any character with an ambiguous background could potentially be immortal. However, I don’t want Kisame to be such a character because that would make him far too powerful for a second tier villain. Kishi can kill him off if he wants to make room for new villains, but I think the conses here is that Kisame at least deserved a more fitting death. He was a warrior, but he died like one of those throwaway henchmen.

  65. I think Kisame is not dead.
    He could have avoided the attack if he wish but It looks like he successfully made a seal before the attach hit him that’s why he called the attack as “lame” and he’s even smiling. He looks relax when he was attacked by bee & raikage.

  66. he probaly called it lame and smiled cuz he is not a guy to lose his cool, just like when Might Guy couldn’t remember his name after multiple attempts, he just called him stupid and continued to smile and attacked

    plus he can acknowledge people who are stronger then him

  67. @Renzo

    He didn’t really say “Lame”

    Bob just edited it. He actually said “I guess you are just too fast for me”

  68. kisame is not dead he is to much of a main chararter to die.plus hit was to much of a lame death for him.i mean really.

  69. hey, not sure if these r confirmed spoilers, but they seem reasonable if anybody’s interested. if u don’t like spoilers, don’t read. besides, i’m not sure how accurate they r, they just seem fairly reasonable: http://variety-animanga.net/2009/11/naruto-chapter-474-spoiler/

  70. Truthfully, this was a terribly rushed through battle. Kisame’s fight between him and Killerbee was both tremendously absurd and pointless.

    Personally, I believe the Raikages arrival was too convenient; and the impact of Killerbee killing Kisame by himself would’ve been more appealing, entertaining, and sufficient then the Involvement of the Raikage and the two sensors. It just seems a bit cheap, if you ask me. Kisame isn’t one of the most brightest of the bunch, however, he was still very intelligent and would’ve considered the possibility of being tracked-down by other ninja. I just dislike how Kishimoto portrayed him throughout this fight. Careless, rash, and clueless.

    But it’s apparent Kishi did this solely to push the plot forward; but it’s evident he was struggling to consider how to achieve as such. Overall, I honestly have to say that I was very much disappointed in Kisame’s death, and would’ve loved for him to have sticked-around longer than this.

    I’m a fan of Bee, but honestly, Kishi intended for Kisame to die well before the fight between him and Bee was set. Kisame would’ve and could’ve had a more significant role in he future of the manga.

    But it was lame, nonetheless.

    R.I.P Kisame Hoshigaki.

  71. Since Kisame is now “killed,” I wonder what is the point of this battle? I mean Kisame and Killerbee were strong, but how does this battle drive the main plot at all? If Kishi made this battle just to show their abilities, then this battle should have taken at least 1 or 2 more chapters. Kisame’s death just seem too rushed.

  72. well, kisame was betrayed by his own sword which took a liking to bee. it couldn’t be helped, it’s not as if he’s week or his loss was cheap, i believe getting betrayed isn’t something that should be overlooked.

    my gut feeling tells me that madara’s moon-eye plan is just a distraction. i think he has different motives. first of forlast he’s an Uchiha. he might have his own justification of “good deeds” just like nagato, only not as naive since he’s a former leader and old fella with way more experience in life.

    this manga’s timeframe is taking place somewhere in fudal japan era, with mixed up technology and stuff. but i hope most of you are aware that individuals of that era had loyalty to tribe above anything else. even trators have a sense of layalty, and would always go back if they had the chance. our perception nowadays is a bit different, so to understand people’s viewpoint back then we need to study more about japanese folklore.

    killing all the remaining akatsuki members off and ONLY leaving an Uchiha for his aid makes perfect sense, at least to me. and as madara described to naruto on their last encounter, this thing is about the sanju and the uchiha, naruto being a sanju. so it’s a long lived revenge OR the issue might be a bit deeper than just mere revenge;

    here’s another gut feeling i had. doesn’t it seem too convenient that Madara was just “passing by” and ONLY itachi noticed he was back when itachi was about to finish his own clan off? isn’t madara giving an awful lot of vital information so easily? well here’s a theory:

    1) Madara is in fact the person who planned (or helped) the betrayal of the Uchiha clan, who didn’t stand a chance against the Sanju at the time for their lack of leadership and people who know the real secrets of the Uchiha.

    2) Danzo and his predecessors are not only villains who wanted the Uchiha out of the way, but also the SANJU. and madara was the only one to notice that, so he worked his way to make the uchiha stronger to fight that threat whom the first hokage dismissed as being impossible.

    3) the roots of the conflict between the 1st hokage and madara doesn’t go back to the lust of power that madara had alone, but also to the fact that madara had more insight than the 1st and the 1st didn’t abide by madara’s advice, therefore madara thought that the only way to fight that threat was to rely on the power of his own clan which are of pure breed (and i think the Sanju has had lots of mixed blood for the fact that they married into other clans, but the Uchiha didn’t, which was another reason madara couldn’t rely on the sanju).

    4) the 1st might have known about the danger, but probably didn’t think that madara’s way was the best to go, and he “believed” in the coming generation. he also probably thought that removing loyalty to the clan would be the best way to UNITE the people, and therefore make them stronger against the coming danger.

    5) when madara found out that his clan was already wacko and they lost their “blind” loyalty to the leadership of the clan (at least they aren’t what they used to be), he decided that killing them off except for the strongest two (itachi and sasuke) was the best thing to do, so that they wouldn’t be a bother to his plans.

    6) this plan that madara had/has isn’t necessarily good, but to his point of view, it’s better than having that “other” power in control and ending killing off both the sanju and the uchiha which both clans are in fact the legacy of the Sage of the six paths. and now madara is trying to perform a “natural selection” of the next successor of the sage of the six paths, either sasuke or naruto.

    7) the moon-eye plan isn’t necessarily to control the entire world in an illusion but most probably to fight off that coming danger.

    8) Itachi most probably found out about the coming danger, and that’s why he decided to keep a closed mouth for so long. he, on the other hand, believed in the ways of the 1st hokage were better than performing a “natural selection” of the next successor of the sage of the six paths. and therefore have prepared sasuke to be the next strongest of the Uchiha to actually work as a team with the next strongest of the Sanju (Naruto).

    9) when the long awaited unification of the both the sanju and the uchiha comes to be on the hands of Sasuke and Naruto, only then that the legacy of the Sage of the Six Paths will come to be, and fighting off the coming danger wouldn’t be so difficult with their combined power.

    10) lastly, i believe that both naruto and sasuke will come to terms again, and defeat the evil who’s backing-up danzo and his minions.

    but then again, who am i to figure out what’s going on in the now “retarded” mind of Kishi. i really hope Kishi doesn’t turn this into another stupid story of a very obvious hero and a very obvious villian fighting at the end of the story and then Good destroys Evil which renders the end of the story. that would just be sad, at least to me…

  73. Why i tell you why now there is two akatsuki members why why =( man he was awsome he died that quickly to lame

  74. I know it may sound stupid, but what does “Shannaro” mean?

  75. @ wo ai ni, it’s what Inner Sakura used to say in part 1. it roughly means “HELL YEAH!!!”

  76. I wonder if Sakura and Co. will end up meeting Suigetsu and Juugo at the Hokage meeting place, they can’t be too far from it, and it looks like Suigetsu and Juugo will be held up there a bit.

  77. thoughts : 1.)sasuke is able to use his new eyesight to its full potential-yet discovering new techniques 2.) already has knowledge of forbidden techniques and is now finally able to use them with his new chakra control and manipulation 3.) held back abilityz and has special techniques saved up for certain ppl 4.) is aware of madara’s plans of using him for his own goals- which would possibly mean that sasuke is only going along with madara’s plans to learn of madara’s true plans and at da same time trying to learn madara’s techniques and capabitlitys 5.)sasuke betrays madara at some point and gains a good rep. by all shinobi which would make him considered a good guy again- yet changing an outcome of winner between good vs. evil in battle 6.) gains control of tailed beasts? 7.) sasuke finds a new power beyond human which gives a massive amount of chakra-yet creating a new tailed beast-one of which none has ever seen? 8.) sasuke finds a new light and gets rid of that side effect of blindness with or without da moons eye-yet developing a new eye technique? 9.) sasuke is a genius-an avenger and has been to orch. dimension and made it his own-knowing this..what doors did dat open to him? And….since he’s been in dat dimension.. is he training it..like naruto did when he was training in that frog place? 10.) Since sasuke took control of orch. can he do the same to others with some kind of illusion technique- an illusion based technique that can actually make it reality?????

  78. @ Jet Prime, Ultimate Autobot

    Thanks, and that’s a gift from me. (Well, I’m sure you ‘re aware of it,JPUA, but if all of you guys like spoilers, it may be useful to you. After all, it explains the (easy) death of so many Akatsuki members. Kishi simply wants to insert new members to Akatsuki. I hope this isn’t fake.)

  79. wouldnt it be kool if sasuke developed a technique / eye- technique that blinds opponents temperary at the least…it would come in handy against n e one esp. those who possess eye techniques/ madara/danzo?

    what if sasuke is able to replace his blindness by taking opponents vision/ eye-sight taking technique?

    what if sasuke gained power of all eye techniques with some newly found keikei genkei from the uchiha bloodline/////// dont judge my spelling lol

    twist of plot and storyline—sasuke becomes hokage.. naruto goes evil from getting controlled by the ninetails which would make it a new venture of sasuke bringing naruto back to konoha because naruto is fighting from turning against the ninja world but yet causes destruction..ends up killing sakura…sasake in da end saves naruto and naruto finds his way back to konoha by sasukes help…but asks sasuke to take his life so naruto wont be the cause of chaos ever again =]

  80. exaggeration: what if sasuke developed eye techniques like none other…ends up separating the ppl by bloodlines / clans and puts each of them on their own planet or dimension—yet changing the fight for land and power into..a fight over worlds/dimesions and power/////// new anime////// now thats think ing out the box for your ass lol

  81. how do yall like my way of seeing things lol???
    i should write my own manga and my own version of naruto for fun huh lmao

  82. @*sasuke*

    Well, that’s what is called a “FanFic” and you should write one. It’s quite fun once you get into it, although I have no time to work on Part II of my story…

  83. wat if kisame had sumthng up his sleeve?i dnt like the way he’s smiling…if he can liquify like suigetsu or have some unknown escaping jutsu thatll be a surprise

  84. i think kisame definitely has something left up his sleeve. why would they mention kisame and why not to take kisame lightly if he was just guna get killed dat easily. besides tobi revealed himself to kisame and showed his true identity. why would madara let him die so easily. i think madara’s watchn da battle and would step in…to at least save kisame just like he did with sasuke. Then…there’s da whole swordsmen thing..if kisame did die i think they would still mention kisame and the powers he possessed along with more knowledge of his sword…note* do u think dat ink attack killer bee used blinded his sword to? For readers dat didnt pay attention…they found killer bee and kisame where-abouts because dat water technique kisame used, it was large and easily sensed i think.

  85. my opinion*there should be more of kisame to be shown….if not why would they have suigetsu and kisame meet like they did? i think theres unfinished business between the two. it would be more easy and more interesting to have suigetsu and kisame fight. it would give them more time and reason to explain or reveal more of both characters. And speaking of suigetsu…wut would the writers have him do especially da remaining of team hawk?

  86. i just wanna say *** why would sasuke pick the team that he did knowing their up against da akatsuki?

    their should be more interesting character time for sasuke’s team especially since they havent died yet…note* sasuke’s team met some of their opponents and yet stuck with sasuke even after almost dying on their 1st mission*

    what would suigetsu and jugo do next after seeing their opponents capabilityz* think about it* if they were guna die they would of already died and im open minded to think they might add new members to sasuke’s team or maybe gain allies during it all…. its more possible for them to develop some type of combo attack system to face their opponents and expect sasuke to do all da work…its just fun to think if madara’s guna get more team members that sasuke would eventually get new members as well =]

  87. since naruto might eventually gain full control of da nine tails by training with killer bee and extend his sage mode duration…he might eventually learn and gain his fathers abilityz as well…how will writers extend other characters abilityz to balance that power? everything from now on should very good if not upsetting… i still wanna see sasuke train along side with kakashi especially fight side by side with kakashi aka the copy cat ninja…

    something tells me that sakura will meet up with sasuke and end up joining him..but who will join sakura if this happens????

    sasuke and sakura* wow just thinking bout it is sickkkk…. sakura heals and helps sasuke everytime hes hurt or runs out of chakra….can u imagine?

  88. ***************this just popped in my head**************

    since theres a side effect when using certain eye techniques of the uchiha…and if an uchiha trades eyes with a another uchiha from bloodline they gain infinite power and never have to worry bout the side effects of going into total darkness and going blind….

    ………………………WHAT IF…….AND IF ONLY…………………….

    since sasuke kept his own eyes…….and still feels the side effects from using his new eye-techniques

    ………………………..WHAT IF…….AND IF ONLY…………………

    what if sasuke thought of switching the position of his own eyes……switching his right eye to his left and his left eye to his right……

    ………………………..WHAT IF……..AND IF ONLY………………..

    switching his own eyes from left to right and right to left would give birth to a new eye technique….resulting in having no side effects and new un-heard of abilitys or at least taking away the side effect of losing eye-sight

    ……………………………..DONT U THINK………………………..

    if what i said actually happened…it would throw a big dent in madara’s plans……haha!!!!!!

    ……………………………….THINK ABOUT THIS……………………

    what if the result of sasuke switching his own eyes from left to right and right to left resulted in sasuke gaining eyes like pein/pain


    picture this…that would be like sasuke and pein/pain fusing together but having all their own eye techniques….


    sasuke turns super saiyan like goku from dragonball z lmfao……sasuke flys and throws chakra like goku’s kamemaha ……..

    but in da ninja world it would be like a different version of sage………sasuke vs. adult naruto……….sasuke vs madara.


  89. @*Sasuke*:

    1. “2.) already has knowledge of forbidden techniques and is now finally able to use them with his new chakra control and manipulation” Oro. was sealed by itachi so Sasuke no longer has those abilities, through why would Sasuke want to switch bodies? (the only purpose for Oro.’s demension)

    2. The interview is sort-of fake. It took parts of an old Kishi interview and mixed in general predicting statements ex. Tsunade will die.

    3. “technique that blinds opponents temperary at the least…” Shi had a technique that did just this but it failed against the sharingan.

    4. “sasuke turns super saiyan like goku” not to hate on Sasuke too much, but he isn’t some super ninja, and he just spent quite a bit of time revealing new skills (the whole kage summit arc) now I think Naruto will grow, and probably obtain the ability to instantly enter sage mode.

  90. @ mart, i found some spoilers on youtube, and while i won’t give to much away, i will tell you that MADARA/TOBI IS NOT DANZO, THEY WERE SHOWN IN THE SAME PLACE FIGHTING EACH OTHER IN THE SPOILER. that is all

  91. for this week?

  92. Yeah cool. I’m not going to talk about it too much till the chapter discusion, but Shisuisu is deffinatley the link between them. I think Tobi’s sharingan is Shisuisu’s other eye (Shusuisu was known for teleporting, maybe it was really time/space and he just had less control/experience than Madara and no one ever realized it’s true nature). I think Danzo will be recruited into Akatsuki (maybe for the promise of power, maybe for peace, or maybe just to “protect kohana”)

  93. @mart1

    I think you are mistaken, especially since the eye is in the right socket. I don’t think you can swap left/right eyes like that. It’s Shisui anyway isn’t it? And he was known for body flicker, which is NOT the same as Tobi’s technique. I got into a long argument on the Forum about this with Narutohina1 I believe… and I’m prepared to do it again if I must.

    You’re right about Danzo possibly being recruited into Akatsuki, but I think it is more that Danzo will be blackmailed into it. I always suspected Tobi had a hand in convincing Danzo that the Uchiha had to go, what better than to convince both sides that a fight is necessary, I bet Tobi spoke with Fugaku Uchiha as well, telling Fugaku that the Uchiha had to revolt (I hinted at this in my FanFic…)

  94. 1. “body flicker, which is NOT” I know that it SAID it wasn’t, I’m saying what if it was a misconception based on who saw it.

    2. “I don’t think you can swap” that could explain the differences between Danzo and Kakashi. What I’m more interested in is why Danzo took Shusuisu’s arm and why Madara has the pins.

    3. There is still a posibility for Danzo = Madara… As we see in Zetsu it is possible for two different personalities with seperate bodies to be the same person. This explains Madara’s pins and Danzo stealing Shusuisu’s arm.

    (I thought it was shusuisu but it said shusui in the recent anime)

  95. @wo ai ni: I’m not sure if you’re aware of this, but the information in that vid was revealed months ago. Some of them have come true, others have not, while others may just be rumors, still pending.

  96. the next chapters might reveal some interesting suprises

  97. Yes, I know it, this video must had been uploaded before Chapter 423 or 424 (with Kakashi’s death) had been published (that means 30 October or 6 November, 2008), but, still, it has some interesting information in it and then commented by the video’s author, so I wanted to share it with you.

    Well, Kishi can change a bit the storyline or maybe all this is fake, but I think that the story really heads towards these happenings. For example, 1) new Akatsuki members: Danzo may really be Tsunade’s (or Sarutobi’s, because of the same age) brother. I think we ‘ll see it soon, right now Danzo faces Madara and for sure some info will be revealed. Or 2) the great war that was confirmed just a few chapters before (that means one whole year after this interview).

    All this video’s info has slowly turned into reality, so we just have to wait to see it for real and either confirm or reject it.

  98. It’ll be up on onemanga in a few more hours I’m sure, but here is this week’s chapter (translated):


    Pretty good start to a new story arc in my opinion. And yes… Danzo has more secrets up his sleeve (literally)… click to see.

  99. Seen it! The plot gets really thick! You ‘ll remain speechless, I think!

  100. i was just throwing non-sense out there with a lot of dumb what if’s when i was writing…

    i gotta say this tho…didnt one of da chapters show madara’s both eyes aka tobi…its been a while since i read the old chapters..i might re-read them during da week..but i could of sworn i saw both madara’s eyes in a video of manga or chapter but yea…if i am right both of his eyes are the same…so i dont think tobi/madara has an eye like hinata or pein/pain underneathe that mask…im sayn this because someone commented why he might have that mask on for more then 1 or 2 reasons…i say this cuz they know his identity but yet still wears the mask… ***something to discuss*** ANY OPINIONS???

  101. ***danzo has right eye bandaged….
    ***madara/tobi has his left eye covered…..

    what are they hiding???
    they are working they together secretly???
    can they both be related or possibly part of a whole/body/vessel??? lol
    jugo has the curse mark still and was one of the 1st to survive it / control it…will sasuke make use of that curse mark and if he does what would that use be??? lol

  102. It’s out on “One Manga” too. Read it!

  103. @ *sasuke* “jugo has the curse mark still and was one of the 1st to survive it / control it”, the reason that he was first to survive is cuz he was born w/ it and all other curse marks come from his DNA

  104. @ Jet Prime, Ultimate Autobot

    thx for the info.
    i just cant help thinking….sasuke might gain the power from the curse again.

    speaking of the curse mark…. i think theres gonna be much more of orch. * possibly takes revenge against sasuke for betraying him and his plans…

  105. thoughts of danzo and madara?

    they both might possibly be linked together…
    maybe madara divided himself…creating separate beings such as danzo…maybe danzo is the real form of madara but using tobi/madara’s as a decoy /diversion/different identity – to set his plans together…

    madara spliting / dividing himself up would be reasonable considering he might have divided / split himself up to avoid the 1st hokage’s attack against him thus protecting and preventing himself from losing his life / war and only losing the battle against the 1st hokage…which would give some kind of sense why the 1st hokage along with most of the ninja world that madara was dead after that battle in the past….in other words *meaning* the 1st hokage didnt sense madara any more because madara wasnt whole/ his full normal self which left the 1st hokage thinking madara was dead…but we just have to wait and see how everything plays out in *NARUTO*

  106. more thoughts*

    if there was a technique that reflects jutsu/ reflection jutsu—-or mirror….from water/lake etc.

    perhaps sasuke uses his illusion technique against himself but in a good way by reflecting it to himself..

    maybe madara or danzo has thought of this and has used this form of training for training*

    would that be possible?

    perhaps it would help him/them train his/their eyes for more new eye techniques/ or train his/their eyes faster at the least for upcoming battles

    with great ninja skill/chakra and knowledge…cant there be a new sage of 6 paths from this generation which can be even more powerful than the 1st sage of 6 paths…and if there was would it be somone besides naruto perhaps naruto’s son etc.—from what we’ve seen in NARUTO— the limits of ninja/sage mode/akatsuki’s team etc…isnt just about anything possible…

    then there’s the thought…maybe there is someone as old if not older than madara that has great power but has been hidden waiting to come out —perhaps for revenge against madara for some reason–lol

    i think i think too much…lol

  107. Kishimoto did say that killer bee would kill a akatsuki member in a interview so…KISAME IS F*CKING DEAD! Man his death was lame

  108. hey, speaking of sharks dying, i just watched this vid of a great white being eaten by a killer whale

  109. what web sites do y’all use to watch naruto, naruto- shippuden, naruto-manga?

  110. @’sasuke’, check out AnimeReady.com or naruto-tv.com

  111. Kisame’s death was the worst in the whole series by far. When I saw Raikage show up, I was like “Oh cool, an epic battle with Kisame! Finally!” Then in an instant, his head is flying. WTF? Usually they say something about the newly killed, but they didn’t for him. He’s one of the few that didn’t by by/with someone important to them. Sasori was killed by his “parents”, Deidara was killed by his art, Itachi died with his brother, Nagato died for peace… Kishi seemed too eager to rid the series of Akatsuki, especially Kisame. It’s just been one after another since Deidara. I don’t think Kisame was stupid or slow enough to not avoid that blow. I mean, Raikage appearing was just too convenient to begin with.
    Also, Itachi’s death wasn’t bad, or sudden. It was a decent (if you could say that) death. He gave in to his illness for his Sasuke. It lasted a good three episodes. He got some damn good screentime.

    I think I’m one of the few that absolutely loved Kisame… he brought light to Akatsuki, but also brought the majority of the unneeded violence next to Hidan. Oh so willing to chop off limbs… ^.^

  112. what was the jutsu that kisame was using when he was killed, he was smiling when he died so did he use a clone or something?

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