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Top Ninja Tournament: Part 2!!

Ja everyone.  It’s paintheclown here to bring you Part 2 of this contest.  This part will be the Top 20 Characters.  So, here are the rules (For people that didn’t see Part 1)…

  1. You may only vote once.  So, make sure you be careful when picking…
  2. If your favorite character isn’t up there, please pick your next favorite…

So, happy voting!! ^(^_^)^

After this part is over, Part 3 will be the Top 10.  So, if you want your favorite character in the Top 10, then advertise them…

Unlike Part 1, Part 2 and the rest will NOT have comments blocked…

By the way, voting ends on Thanksgiving (11/26/09).  If you vote after that date, your vote won’t count!


17 Responses

  1. Good idea but you wrote names down twice like Madara.

  2. yeah, so it would be only 19…

  3. Oops… I’ll change that to the right name…. Thank you!

  4. i picked naguto

  5. @ hokage, did u misspell “NaRuto” or “NagAto”, kinda hard to tell since u put somthing that’s in the middle of them

  6. GAARA GAARA GAARA! GAARA MUST WIN! He’s the best character in the Naruto universe. Sure naruto may be stronger, but no one in the naruto universe can compare to gaara and his story. It’s too epic!

  7. lol i messed up its nagato

  8. how is deidara top 20? he not that stronghe won aganist gaara with that cheap move

  9. Sasuskeeeeeeeeeeeee 😀

  10. nagato…….

  11. I picked madara (kabuto the first time) but why are the results blocked? My top three favorites are 1. Kabuto 2. Madara 3. Kisame

  12. The results are blovked so no one votes for someone just because a lot of people voted for someone (e.g. Naruto)

    But, I doubt that someone would do that… But, I don’t want to change it…


  14. Rock Lee is FTW!!!

  15. my name says it all folks


  17. probably he is ace!!

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