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It’s Out! Chapter 472!

Samehada gave our favorite Shark-man a surprise lol.



18 Responses

  1. was awesome, but i kinda feel bad for fish-boy losing his friend

  2. aww…we could feel the fact that Kisame was pissed/sad at samehada for leaving him. WHAT A TRAITOR!!!!

  3. lmao DUMPED By your sword! LOL what a loser. XD JK i love the fish guy. Kinda wish this fight was longer though 😦

  4. Well, I certainly didn’t expect that; dumped by your own sword, guess it sucks to be Kisame right now.

  5. That seems to be the only way kisame could come close to losing, and

    Samehada deffinatley seems to be sage-like, having almost exactley the same effects as senjutsu, what if a shark-sage started to transform from the effects of shark senjutsu, but got caught in between?

    In the end the Haichibi seems to be pretty useless even as the perfect host.

  6. a cool chapter! what a badass sword. if hachibi’s chakra is that delicious that he turned-coat, imagine the kyuubi’s .. hell he’ll even fuse with naruto.. lmao

  7. Also, why didn’t Kisame promise Samehada some of the jubi’s chakras? That would seem to have much more than enough for samehada.

  8. i was honestly so upset this morning that samehada did that, like in disbelief, what a STUPID SWORD, freaking crap, totally uncalled for to betray kisame like that. Kisame just lost both of this best friends, Itachi and Samehada 😦 there probaly gonnna kill him off now, if the hachibi is able to wield the sword, then this will totally ruin the battle, i mean come on, how can you pull something like that. I’m pretty sure samehada gave hachibi enough chakra to fight back against kisame one on one, so we’ll either see a fight wtih whats leftover of each others chakra, or the battle will swing enormously in the hachibis favor if samehada lets him wield him, which is probaly likely since he spiked kisames hand so his allegience has already changed………….BUT this doesnt change the fact that kisame is wayyyyy stronger then the hachibi, he SHOULDVE won, lol

  9. @Renzokuken-

    uh no Kisame is not stronger than Killerbee, without samehada in the beggining Kisame woulld have already died, remember his chest being blown off? and remember samehada barely saving kisame’s ass by absorbing KB’s lighting attack??

    yea no, killerbee is stronger than kisame, but with samehada leeching off Killerbee, and the hachibi’s chakra’s like some starved fat boy, he couldnt effectively fight kisame.

    not to mention that killerbee didnt fully transform to his full power, because he would have injured ponta and that enka dude…>.> if it had been a one on one fight with samehada OUT of the equation, kisame wouldl have already been dead.

    i just wanted to point that out. but yes kisame is strong regardless, but without his sword he is not nearly as dangerous as he used to be. me thinks that this fight has tiped the balance of advantage due to samehada defecting to killerbee.

    THATS a scary thought, a Tailed beast host, with enourmous power, with a sword that can absorb even more chakra….damn.

  10. and yea LOL at Kisame, got dumped by his sword, LMFAO XD hows that for commitment!

    i did kind of feel bad for him, but oh well. All’s fari in Love and Chakra :p

  11. @smartass

    having samehada just defines Kisame, just like any ninja who excels with weapons and is considered dangerous because of it, if ur saying kisame wouldnt be strong without the sword, then the same argument you can say that killerbee is nothing without the chakra of the 8 tails because he’s been using that for almost half the fight AND its already depleted which means it saved his butt, the same way samehada saved kisame

    and im pretty sure even if he did transform, kisame had a jutsu ready to handle it otherwise akatsuki wouldnt be so dangerous

  12. @Renzoukuken-

    samehada does not define Kisame, Samehada is an independent being able to CHOOSE who weilds him. Im saying that without samehada kisame would not be able to fight tailed beasts with the impunity he has so far. Im not saying he isnt strong, because he his very powerful, but its a FACT that he would have died without samehada, twice in the first two chapters of the fight. Your right, killerbee would similarly be weaker, but thats not the case here, he didnt CHOOSE hachibi, it was forced upon him, not chosen like Samehada was.

    if killerbee had transformed, what jutsu would kisame have used? pray tell because samehada transformation with the water dome was Kisame’s trump card jutsu, and with hachibi Form the dome wouldnt have been a problem.

  13. my point was not to get into a debate about the differences in weapon discussion, my point was that you said kisame was stronger, which he ISNT and wasnt.

    kisame stole BOTH the tailed beasts, and Killerbee’s chakra, and still almost died. that was my point. that killberbee was stronger than kisame.

  14. I kinda am sad for Kisame but I did want Killer bee to win because of Naruto, but Samehada is a traitor, maybe he’ll leave Bee for Naruto,lol! I also don’t think the Hachibi is useless, I just think Kisames techniques counter Bees techniques, if they were the same type of fighter, Im sure Bee would have one no problem.

    I wonder if Bee is going to team up with Samehada for real, but it’s kinda funny. a shark and an octuopus fighting side by side!

  15. @Smartass, killerbee’s stronger IN YOUR OPINION.

  16. @kisu-

    its not an opinion, its a fact that power-wise he is stronger, tactial wise i think Killerbee and Kisame are both not very good, because they are very straightforward with their own attacks. With very little concealed sneak moves. The whole fight had proved one thing. 1.Samehada is the true strength of Kisame. 2. Killerbee was forced to protect two people and still try to fight at the same time and still managed to near kill kisame twice.

    thats a fact, not opinion. im not saying kisame isnt a badass, because he his a badass. but Killerbee is stronger.

  17. @Smartass, its not fact. It’s ur opinion. You don’t know what would have happened if Killerbee didn’t have to protect Ponta and Sabu, the same outcome could happen. And Samehada is Kisame’s tool, like the Hachibi and Bee’s swords are his tools, like the frogs (when Naruto summons them himself) are Naruto’s tools, like the Six Paths of Pain were Nagato’s tools etc. I won’t debate this, I’ll let the upcoming chapters do that for me.

  18. @kisuzachi-

    i wasnt refering to what would have happened if he hadnt had to protect ponta and sabu. And its also YOUR opinon that it would have been the same, it certainlly would NOT have. without bee having to hold back, he could fully fight kisame with chakra blasts, which i SERIOUSLY doubt that sword could absorb. i was was refering to the fact that kisame would have died already in the first two chapters. thats a fact, killerbee was holding back, and still managed to almost kill kisame twice, while kisame on the other hand had nothing to worry about.

    and yes samehada is a tool, just like the hachibi, im not debating that, im debating Bee and Kisame. ^_^

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