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Naruto Chapter 471 – Octopus Eats Sharks?

naruto-retro1Post Author: Bob

Well, after enduring a slew of dialogue-heavy chapters over the last few weeks, we finally get to the full blown fight many of us were hoping to see. It’s Kisame vs. Killerbee, the shark vs. the octopus, water vs. lightning. Many people have been throwing about predictions on who will win this battle, but as for me, I think the jury’s out on this one.
Kisame has bagged at least one other Bijuu single-handedly in the past, so we know the guy’s got the skills to back up that big grin on his face. But Killerbee is not your typical Jinchuuriki. From his fight against Sasuke and team, we saw that Killerbee has an almost symbiotic relationship with his Bijuu — they fully work as a team; something we haven’t seen in other Jinchuurikis including Naruto. Yet Killerbee relies too much on pure offensive tactics, he’s used to charging his opponent at full power and literally decimating them in one attack. Kisame, on the other hand, is counting on this because every drop of chakra Samehada can absorb from Killerbee will make him even stronger. But everything has its limits, and even Samehada can’t absorb all that Bijuu chakra all at once. To win this fight, Killerbee needs to exploit this and try to finish the fight quickly because every failed attack on his part will just end up helping Kisame. In short, the longer this fight draws out, the more likely that victory will favor Kisame.
This chapter offered some new insights into the extents of both Killerbee and Kisame’s abilities, some amazing and others just plain weird. I was kinda surprised when I saw Killerbee just casually put his finger in his mouth and have ink on it when he pulled it out. It’s not the first precedence of a Jinchuuriki showing an ability or trait of their Bijuu’s animal type: Naruto has been know to burrow as efficiently as a fox at times (remember his fight versus Neji?). At first, I thought that the ink ability was pretty useless (what’s Killerbee going to do, spit it in Kisame’s face?), but now that Kisame has submerged their battlefield in a water dome, the ink might actually be effective to provide some cover for Killerbee just like it does for real octopi in the wild. I wonder if Killerbee is going to manifest any other octopus-like abilities? Maybe fit his body into a small bottle or have suction cups on his arms, Lol. I was also surprised when Killerbee said that octopus eat sharks. Turns out it’s true… to an extent because sharks are also known to eat octopi — it really depends on who is bigger and stronger. And I think that this speaks a lot about the outcome of this battle.
This chapter also confirmed that Naruto’s various stages of Bijuu transformation are not just unique to him alone. Killerbee has shown this when he undergoes a similar transformation to Naruto’s where a skeleton is formed overtop the already transformed body. Notice that Killerbee used this state more effectively because he actually used the horned skull of the bull to gore both Samehada and Kisame as he charged. As well, Killerbee’s real body does not appear to be damaged at all after reverting back from the transformation. In the aftermath of Naruto’s battle versus Orochimaru where he went four-tails, it was discovered that the transformation was eating away at his body. Killerbee’s speed of transformation and lack of any side effects afterwards speaks volumes about the benefits of cooperation between host and Bijuu — if Naruto can master this aspect of his power along with his sage mode, he’d be unbeatable.
Kisame’s sword was also quite something to behold, we were told about it’s chakra absorbing powers way back when this guy first appeared in part one, but it’s not until now that we’ve seen just how it works. In short, Samehada eats up an opponent’s chakra, even Bijuu chakra, and turns it into energy and stamina for Kisame to use. Samehada is a chakra-pig, it eats and eats and eats, growing fatter the more it absorbs. But having such a sword is also dangerous as it will probably still need to feed off chakra even when not in battle. Since Kisame always seems to carry Samehada with him, it can only be assumed that he is constantly feeding it his own chakra to satisfy its hunger. How anyone other than a Jinchuuriki can pull this off is astonishing, and hints that Kisame is a force to be reckoned with even without his sword. But why bother using your own chakra all the time when you can use your enemy’s? Samehada’s ability to regenerate Kisame’s wounds using the chakra it absorbed is pretty impressive and is the perfect compliment to Kisame’s already impressive offensive abilities. To this end, Kisame is the ultimate endurance fighter, the stronger his opponent the stronger he is, the longer the fight the stronger he becomes. Killerbee’s only chance for an early victory up to now was to separate Kisame from his sword, but now that shark face has revealed the incredible ability to fuse with his Samehada, things aren’t looking too good for the rapping ninja.
Before I finish, I guess I should mention the bit between Ao and Fuu in the forest. Something about this battle between these monosyllabic ninja just doesn’t interest me anymore. It’s probably because neither character has been developed in the least since they were introduced and now are taking up precious pages for a private one-on-one battle. Truthfully, I just don’t care who wins or loses since I’m completely indifferent to both characters. What I will comment on is that it’s pretty darn amazing that two paper tags (worn as earrings no less) can stop a kunai; yeah, I know it’s probably supposed to be some mental ward to prevent Ao’s body from hurting his Byakugan, but it still looks pretty silly. The suicide-last-second-body-switch thing is a pretty gutsy move, and good job Ao for trying to psyche Fuu out. I wonder if someone like Ino has the balls (metaphorically) to pull off something like this.


46 Responses


    Great job Bob, nice tidbit about the shark-eating-octopus and octopus-eating-shark 8)

  2. Bee already pretty much said that when he activates his full transformation everyone will know where he is at.

    So i think this fight will get spoiled, bee with train some more and we will have an epic rematch.

  3. Ok, I don’t know what freaks me out more? Bee’s little 2nd-version (which really looks like Naruto’s 6-tail form), or Kisame actually MERGING with sharkskin. And who knew sharkskin could pass on the stolen chakra to its user, that is one freaky sword!

  4. PWnage. Kisame just showed us the extent (or as much as we know) to his power. Wow…not much left to say

  5. LETS GO KISAMEEEEEEEEE, wat an amazing chapter, ahhhhhh

    samehada is definately one of the coolest objects/items/weapons of all time in the naruto universe. and with killerbee’s chakra running low things don’t look good, although the discussion made a great point about killerbee using the oil to blind kisame in the water, and probaly put up a decent counter attack before all goes downhill for him. im sure the bull will do some last minute saving for killerbee, but will it be enough???? hopefully not, only change he had was if it was a quick win, but this battle was definately drawn out too much for him to defeat kisame trump sword………..unless he fills that massive water with electricity and fries him, hahaha, but im sure kisame will absorb that as well somehow

    i dunno why fuu just doesnt take the body to danzo and let him rip off Ao’s head while he returns to his body?? would be like 100x easier, must be some limits to that trap

  6. Well Yeah Octopus do eat shark says so here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rCDBt-4NSCk
    this will predict the outcome of this battle. LOL!!

  7. @Renzo or just rip off his ears that the tags are attached to haha. those things can’t protect his whole body. Fuu is just lazy.

    im interested to see what abilities kisame’s new form has. the fact that the fight is in a giant bubble leads me to believe he’s just going to swim around really fast and wear bee down. i’ll place money on it though that he doesn’t retain the ability to absorb chakra when he fused with samehada. he just lets it eat, then fuses and all the chakra that it has eaten becomes his to use. i think of it like a resurreccion from bleach. only the sword itself can eat chakra probably and he uses it to heal his wounds and become stronger, faster, and probably a stone-like armor to his body. i’m curious what the special ability will be for that form.

  8. i think hes gonna swim very fast everywhere and those fins on his arms must be like razor sharp ;p lol

  9. Ok i gotta say that this was AWESOME!
    I Love how killer bee went into his 2nd transformation! I just want the record to show that i had an idea for this kind of transformation where the bijuu transformation is complete, but is the size of a human. I called it full syncro and used it in one of my insanity tournament fan fiction’s where naruto fought off against ichigo.


    anyways i think this was a good chapter and i look forward to the next one.
    Suna OUT!

  10. nice post bob!

    kisame transformation is grossier than his original form..

    now that kisame’s abilities r out to everyone, i seriously doubt who was actually stronger
    itachi or kisame, i think so as kisame himself mentioned itachi to be stronger fighter than him.
    i can say this as kisame follows itachi every saying.





    and as a superiority respect kisame tends to call itachi as itachi-san….
    and also before there first encounter with jiriya kisame was confident enough of itachi to stand equal with jiriya as he was not strong enough to take him..

    now another thing that comes to mind is that” is jiriya was stronger than killerbee”

  11. Great Post Bob 🙂

    I think its very cool that kisame and samehada has merged, he is obviously going to have the advantage now that he is part shark and turned the battle field into water. but yes i think killerbee will somehow use the ink as smoke screen to hide/blind kisame!!

    the advantage that killerbee has is that his lightning attacks will travel faster now! im not saying that they will be more potent because water element in naruto world is not the direct weakness to lighting! its just the Electric is far more conductive in Water then in air!! What is not fair is that Killerbee can not truly use his full abilities in this Match in fear of harming his friends! so its not a fair fight in that respect! but obviously Killerbee has allot more to offer then just going full blown 8 tails on are asses!!

  12. @9tail337, dude nice video u got there,
    but octopus didn’t killed shark for food but only to defend itself, also that shark was a lot smaller than the octopus.

    that isn’tthe case here,lol

  13. I-N-S-A-N-E. =D

  14. I don’t see the advantage of Kisame turning the battle field into a giant pool, considering octupi or equally at home in the water also… And if we follow the example set by nature, then octupi are more intelligent than sharks, thus Killerbee has the advantage… But Kisame scares me, and there’s more to his own transformation than just the ability to swim faster

  15. okay about KB having the advantage: he may b part octopus, but he’s also part bull, which that part is useless in water; i’m sure a great white or related shark (ie: the tiger shark) could easily kill even the largest octopi, and i really relate Kisame to mako sharks (the type including great whites and tigers); he probably has his chakra stealing abilities even in this form

  16. Surprised you didn’t mention the versions of the transformations Bob. It actually appears that Naruto has only been using version 2 transformations so far, which makes sense since that is the (stronger) transformation that pulls from the bijuus chakra, But without Bee’s control, and since the Kyuubi is such a prick, there is no way Naruto can control Version 2, yet, and should learn to figure out how to utilize version 1 chakra cloak with complete consciousness.

    I have a feeling Naruto’s Kyuubi powers will come back into the picture soon, after hearing Minato’s monologue about giving Naruto the Kyuubi to defeat Madara.

  17. its only a matter of time before naruto does know how to use his Kyubi chakra sooner or later, preferably sooner me thinks!! but like usual Naruto learns everything in his own way ha ha!! he cant learn it like the people teach him which a good thing 🙂 !! What is the best about Naruto is that if/when he does learn to control he can multiple his tailed state with overwhelming odds, he tried it with kimmimaru which he didnt really know how to control or balance his Kyubi chakra to any great extent!!

  18. hey everyone … how can you imagine that kismae can win against 8 tailed beast alone ? it’s pretty funy but he have no chance .. only person to have a chance is or it was nagato wiht all 6 pain of him

  19. “Electric is far more conductive in Water then in air!!” actually, water isn’t conductive, minerals within the water are what conduct electricity, if Kisame (with earth as his second element) can control those minerals, he is immune to lightning. But samehada can absorb lightning anyway so it’s kinda moot.

  20. “kismae can win against 8 tailed beast alone ?” All of akatsuki are specifically good against jinkuri, as well as some of the strongest ninja around. Even Sasuke was able to battle 8th’s full transformation. Plus kb can’t go full transformation without revealing where he is.

  21. “actually, water isn’t conductive, minerals within the water are what conduct electricity”, whoa, i guess it’s tru that u learn somthing new every day. anyways, i think and hope Kisame wins, but if u noticed, every time an Akatsuki member loses, severly damages or removes his cloak in battle, they die shortly after:
    Sasori removed his cloak not long b4 the blades of his parent-based puppets pierced his heart
    Hidan got his cloak majorly damaged b4 Shika blew him up
    Kakuzu removed his cloak earlier in the battle that ended w/ Rasenshuriken
    Diedara removed his cloak in his battle against Sasuke
    Itachi’s cloak got destroyed by Kirin shortly b4 death
    GRPein’s cloak was majorly damaged in his battle vs Naruto and he and Nagato died shortly after
    i’d like to make notes: 1, this only applies to members who remove their cloaks DURING battle, ie Zetsu (during splitting), Madara (talking to Sasuke), Konan (supposedly after quitting) and Oro (after quitting) all removed their cloaks and the only who died was Oro, and that was years afterward; and 2, i did not notice this myself, it was pointed out to me @ another forum

  22. Actually Jet, that is a popular method used by manga artists when dealing with characters (usually villains) enshrouded in mystery. It is more suspenseful to keep most of their secrets until they get their big fight in the series, to better build the climax. Just like the Espada in Bleach for example, you never see their released forms until their big fight, and they die shortly thereafter.

  23. @ ssj, hmm, good point, but even so, i REALLY hope that it’s just a coincidence that Akatsuki members die right after taking their clothes off, since i want Kisame to survive to become a more important villain

  24. hey, not sure if this is the right place to say it, but all 6 Paths o Pein (and Sage Jiraiya) have been confirmed for the new Japanese game Narutimate Accel 3 (for the PSP) i just figured Kisu would love the news as this is the first videogame appearance of his fav character: http://www.psphyper.com/psp/six-paths-of-pain-in-naruto-shippuuden-narutimate-accel-3/

  25. @Jet Prime: If we’re discussing Naruto games, then could someone tell what is REALLY going on with the american release of Ultimate Ninja 5?

  26. This was a great chapter, I am a big fan of Kisame but I like Killerbee even more, I don’t think Kisame will capture Killerbee because he is too important right now, he is the only Jinchuuriki to ever fully control their bijuu to this level and I don’t think Kishi should take him off to easily. It does look a little frim for Killer bee but come on he has a lot of advantages.
    1. He can hide himself from Kisame in the water by using the ink.
    2. Lightning is strong against water!
    3. If Kisame can’t absorb charkra in his new form then Bee has an even greater chance of winning because he has almost unlimited chakra reserves if he uses the hachibi!
    4. We all see how much damage he can cause with one blow and how much experience he has in fighting.
    1. Kisame can absorb his chakra and become maybe even stronger.
    2. If Kisame is able to injure Bee and the ink cover won’t matter because Sharks and smell blood!
    3. Kisames techniques are super huge and powerful.
    4. He can no longer seperate Samehada from Kisame!

    This fight is great but I just want Killerbee to whoop his ass!

  27. Hi guys my names Adam, I’ve been Reading the articles on this site for about 6 months and I want to join this site, i’ve read the “how to join bit” but I didn’t really understand. If one of the amazing writers, like bob, would give me tips or something like that it would help alot. Here’s my email: minicommc@hotmail.co.uk thanks.

  28. @ xeras, i really don’t kno, some sources (namely Wikipedia) say it’s coming out in December, while others say it won’t come out @ all. but there is definitly a European release coming out later this month but i heard that the voices weren’t translated, just the menus and stuff. i don’t kno how credible my sources r, but if it doesn’t come the the US u could probably just import 1 from an English-speaking European country

  29. “2. Lightning is strong against water!” how many times have we been through this? Lightning has an elemental advantage over EARTH not water!

    “3. If Kisame can’t absorb charkra in his new form” Why would he give up that advantage? it makes no since, considering he was already winning.

    “4. He can no longer seperate Samehada from Kisame!” He couldn’t really do that before, because like with Gai, Samehada would just come back to him.

  30. epic chapter. i doubt it will end with killerbee being captured though, he’ll probably get rescued. kisame can’t die either yet as he needs to help madara in the war.

    i wanna no more about danzo’s plans though hopefully we’ll find out next chapter or two.

  31. Hi Guys, I’m Adam Uchiha (Scroll up) your see my other post, anyway, i think i’ve became a writer for shannaro but i’m not sure, does anybody have any way of knowing if i’m a writer for shannaro? Also I’ve sent a message to BOB with all the stuff that needs to be in it.

    Please reply.

  32. my favorite part was when Kisame had his whole chest blown off lol, damn that swords abilites >=(. lol still as predicted, this battle is insanely badass. i just wish that Killerbee would use his FULL power, screw the old man and that oversized raccon :p haha j/k.

    well well, now we really do have a shark boy, where’s lava girl? XD

  33. I didnt know that the minerals where the only thing in water that conduct but they conduct none the less and there in water so while there in the water killer bee has that to his advantage that he can use the minerals in the water to speed his lightning based attacks up!

    I think that Kisame will be using allot of chakra shark techniques in the next one! Killer bee will have to damage Kisame that much that he has to revert to his human form and then there is his chance to Destroy Samehada! I dont know If kisame can regenerate still while his sword is still fused with him or still absorb Chakra but this form must have some major benefits and equally some major flaws if he doesnt stay in this form perpetually.

  34. personally, i’d prefer if kisame was beaten by someone other than bee. but if bee got captured, naruto would be the only remaining host. meaning he would be the only thing between the moon’s eye plan’s success and failure. so, as usual, the main character holds the fate of the world is his hands. that’d be boring…

    it’ll be best if this battle was joined by a few other ninjas. so everyone can plan and then kick kisame’s shark ass.

  35. “so while there in the wate” kisame created the water meaning he could have used distilled (mineral free) water. Some minerals would enter naturally, but conductivity would be fairly low/ non-existant until equilibrium was reached (slowing or stopping the lightning). Also, if the flow of water is controled, kisame can control where the minerals are and what water is/isn’t conductive, allowing him to send it right back at KB or his allies.

    I think the “major flaws” of shark fusion are 1. The look (even kisame must have some self-esteme, in his first form he only looked like a member of the blue-man group. And the permenant effect of using it could be his apperance, sort of like how too much senjutsu leads to becoming a frog) 2. Jinkuri-style healing, the way he regenerated his chest was exactly like a jinkuri, he would also shorten his lifespan with reppetitive use. 3. The chakra: I think when it lacks other victims it feeds on Kisame (which explains it’s loyalty to him) so if KB fought gorrila warefare against him it could be troublesome

  36. @Mart1- it would be pretty cool if he did create distilled mineral free water which which would basically be reverse osmosis! yes that would be very pretty good forwarding thinking, he could use his body as the filter and then use the minerals within his body to form weapons or to harden his skin!

    I wonder if Kisame can use any other elements, he has been seen to swim through earth but he did not use any hand seals!!

  37. I think this form’s disadvantage in this form is that he cant breathe without the water. Or it could be that he just made the orb of water to enhance his speed, who knows?

  38. Adam, follow the directions on this page: https://shannaro.wordpress.com/submiting-blogs-on-shannaro-20/

    Then while you are logged in, click on the site admin link on the left under the chatbox, and then click on “New Post” tab on the top, then begin writing. When you are done your blog will have to be approved and then scheduled to be published in an open slot.

  39. Mattmaru, not even that much has to be done, if he spins the water it will act as a centerfuge and he can control the general path of minerals.

  40. lol look out killerbee! kisame has used banki! or maybe Resurreccion?

  41. i think its clear that samehada must feed on kisame’s chakra when he doesnt fight. but because kisame has so much it doesnt really bother him.

  42. I’m with you yellowflash2. I want killer bee to win as well. It’s time for these tailed beast host (only 2 left) to fend off being captured even if his opponent is Kisame. Somehow though I think that this fight will end in a draw. Killer bee is too important as he and Naruto are the only tailed beasts left.

  43. well,i say,kisame form is completely awsome..no weakness…but kilerbee…version tu is way stronger…i give 50-50 at chans..kisame lose…killerbee wins

  44. oh come on guys always cheering the good guy cheer for the bad guy for once I HOPE KISAME WINS i mean he is much stronger then kilerbee he has the best OFF/DFF with that samehada of his im sure that he well win

  45. as much as i like kisame i have to agree, there only too two people with tailed beasts left!! and they need be kept if the war is to go in the good guys favour!!

  46. listen asmuch as i like kisame,KB is going to kick some a double snake!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!KB is my favorite talied beast!!!!!!!!!!!!naruto can kiss my butttttttttttttt!!!!!!!!!

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