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Naruto Chapter 470 – The Shark versus the Bee

naruto-retro1Post Author: Bob

Naruto 470 is another great chapter, I think the story is going at a nice pace and it was nice that Kishi is now devoting more screen time for Kisame and Killerbee’s battle. I’m not quite sure what is going on in Sakura’s mind right now, but she’s clearly intent on finishing this business between Naruto, Sasuke and herself one way or another. If the others are smart, they’ll keep a close eye on her and stop her from doing anything reckless like she’s planning to. On the other hand, if she is able to track down Sasuke, it would be an interesting reunion.
naruto470-1I was expecting one of two reactions from Sakura after Naruto basically shot her down last chapter. She would either revert to her weaker self and start crying or lean on her stronger self and become confrontational. Sakura reacted in the latter way and I think it’s a lot more realistic. Even if it was mostly lies, she did drag herself all the way here to talk to Naruto, so I understand why she’d be pretty pissed when Naruto pretty much pulled the rug from underneath her feet. Now if this was Naruto say three years ago, I bet he would react to Sakura’s scorn like a little puppy and obediently follow her back to Konoha. Good thing Naruto has grown wiser and understands what’s really going on beneath the surface. Naruto understands that he is not just saving Sasuke for Sakura, but also saving him from himself. Too bad Naruto can’t tell his friends what Madara revealed about what really happened to the Uchiha clan, but I can see why Kakashi is cautious about spreading such information around. There might be some serious political upheavals if it was revealed that Konoha ordered the slaughter of one of its own clans.
naruto470-2It looks like even though her “confession” plan failed, Sakura is far from giving up. Sakura tells Kiba to help her track down Sasuke, which is doubtful to succeed at the moment since Sasuke is in Madara’s dimension right now. The expression on Sakura’s face as she turns away from Naruto indicates she feels very guilty about setting Naruto on this painful quest, and plans to make everything right again by any means possible. However, I’m not quite sure what she plans on doing even if she finds Sasuke. 1. She may try to convince Sasuke to come back herself, but this is doomed to fail as Sasuke has fallen even deeper to the dark side; 2. She plans on killing/incapacitate Sasuke and bring him back by force herself, this is even less likely to succeed and probably end up with she and her teammates dead; 3. If Sakura’s love for Sasuke is blind enough, she may join Sasuke’s side and actively help him — this is probably the least likely scenario as Sakura is not that naïve anymore. Hopefully if Lee, Sai or Kiba have any backbone in them, they’ll convince Sakura to be reasonable and give up trying to find Sasuke herself. A confusing bit on page 7 shows what looks like a clone of Sai spying on Sakura and the others as they walk away. I don’t know why Sai needs a clone to spy on Sakura when he’s standing right by her; maybe he’ll use it to inform Naruto about Sakura’s crazy plan?
naruto470-3The short scene with the Tsuchikage and his men was interesting. Looks like Gaara’s words actually got to the old man’s heart, lol, reminds me of how Naruto’s words rubbed off on Gaara. I originally thought that the Tsuchikage might be the one to abuse the new alliance to his own benefit, but if he’s willing to change his ways then maybe this alliance thing has a chance after all.
naruto470-4The fun bit in this chapter is of course the Killerbee vs. Kisame fight. As expected, Punta ends up with a first round KO, but at least Kisame spared the raccoon’s life. The enka ninja guy goes at Kisame with his giant axe, but it doesn’t look like he has anything special up his sleeves to tip the balance of the battle. I chuckled when Killerbee threw that pencil at Kisame and nearly created a new hole in the shark man’s skull. Kisame says the piercing power of Killerbee’s lightning chakra is greater than that of wind chakra, and could have killed him if it made contact. Kisame stopped grinning now that he realizes that this jinchuuriki is very much capable of killing him if he‘s reckless. Seconds later, Killerbee almost does finish off Kisame in the opening moments of this fight with a lightning fast pincer manoeuvre, but Samehada’s chakra absorbing powers saves fish dude’s ass. Nevertheless, Killerbee manages to draw first blood, and I think it’s the first time that I’ve seen Kisame actually bleeding from a fight. But I wonder what Killerbee will do now that he’s chakra-based abilities, including his Bijuu cloak, are being nullified. Samehada is probably the ideal anti-Bijuu weapon since the thing that makes all tailed beasts most terrifying is their immense chakra (also, notice that the unwrapped Samehada has a mouth). Although Killerbee is fast and fairly strong, I doubt he can beat Kisame using just plain taijutsu alone. Maybe a full Bijuu transformation is in order?

Oh and one funny thing I noticed is that like Kisame’s fight with Guy, Killerbee can’t seem to remember his opponent’s name either 😀 Poor Kisame gets no respect.



120 Responses

  1. very good post bob, i wonder whats happening next^^
    anyway, this whole sakura/naruto thing drives me crazy, they should talk facts and not lies
    maybe i have an explanation for the sai clone thing
    at page 5, kiba asks sakura whether they should tell him the “truth”
    can be possible that sai will naruto tell the “truth” xD

  2. I thought this was a good chapter too. I initially thought it was someone else from Root that Sai had spotted, and I thought Sai was a cool customer too, not moving an inch as he looked. After your comments though, it looks more like Sai was being sure his clone wasn’t spotted.

    I also wonder if Samehada only transforms when unwrapped or when it absorbs more chakra. It’s be really interesting to see if it grows further. Did you notice how the handle was flexible? Kisame whipped Samehada at Killerbee, that sword really is something.

    Back during the Gai fight, I thought it pretty weird that no one was trying to use ninjutsu against Kisame, yet it seems that Taijutsu is the way to go. Killerbee definitely doesn’t have the raw taijutsu power Gai has, so yeah he probably would have to use a full transformation, but has Killerbee recovered enough to use that so soon?

  3. i agree… samehada is the ultimate bijuu weapon…. i think… kisame will most likely bring killerbee down,….. nice post bob

  4. do u guys think genjutsu will work on kisame……. and if samehada absorbs sage chakra.. do u think it will become a frog->stone .. (like absorbin pain).. i asked the genjutsu question becos genjutsu also uses chakra… and since any chakra tech wont work..uhmmm… wat do u guys think of genjutsu

  5. lol a stone samehada… and man their fight is gonna be big..if Kisame wins Naruto’s the last Jinchuriki..i think that reinforcements will arrive in the last second..it could be Sakura’s group, Raikage’s or Tsuchikage’s…jus a theory..and bee & the enka guy are gonna be frnds

  6. i didnt find this chapter to be all that great. there wasnt really a lot going on with naruto and sakura. kinda what i expected after sakura’s plan blew up in her face.

    it is interesting however that garaa could change the mind of the tscuhikage in a very similar way that naruto does to people. it is very much like naruto in the way that went down.
    also, i am looking forward to the meeting of garaa and naruto. garaa should be looking for kakashi to relay information on the alliance. so he should run into naruto as well. i would of liked to have seen sakura’s group stay long enough to see garaa meet up with lee again as well but oh well.

    ok theory time. i dont think that killer bee, will be downed by kisame dont get me wrong, i expect kisame to win the fight but i think killer bee will be saved. reason beeing is i dont think they would have gone through such lengths to start showcasing his abilities to remove him from the manga and have his bijou sucked out. this is the 2nd fight we will see him in now and i suspect him and naruto will be in another figh soon working together.

  7. i bet sai hides himself coz he now suspects that kakshi and naruto is hiding s’thing regarding sasuke’s truth.

    and it is s’thing very important that they can’t reveal it.

    so he’s trying to get a eye on the situation by pursuading kakashi and naruto frm shadows.

    by i mean whyy???
    isn’t he’s on there side now.

  8. samehade is gross!!!!!!!!

    well anyhow it suits its owner,lol

    no comments on the fight i would rather wanna enjoy kisame fight for the while,it being long since he had a fight.

    i wonder wht shikamaru is upto?

    sakura s sure determined but she really thinks she can stop sauke’s actions on her own..
    wht’s the big idea of searching him alone,wtf?
    will someone explain me wht that blade like thing is on kisame shoulder when he’s holding out his samehada

  9. Hey, Bob, you remind me of my brother! Gaara is one of his favourite characters too and I see that both of you always talk about him with the best words! He’s “gar for Gaara” from the Part 1 already, so he’s happy to find an ally in you! “Keep on walking” like this!

    Great post as usually!

  10. What can Sakura possibly hope to do that hasn’t already been tried, I bet if she tries the “I love you” bit again the expression on Karin’s face’ll be priceless, hehe. And who would have that THAT was what shark skin really looked like, damn.

  11. The blade on Kisame’s shoulder is one of Killerbee’s swords that got stuck in Kisame. It’s the one that drew blood that Bob talked about.


    That’s pretty funny, I wonder if she would try that. I wonder what happened to that fond memory of Team 7 that Sasuke had during the fight with the 8-tails, maybe he will remember that if/when he is found by Sakura.


    Shikamaru, unfortunately, has a broken leg and we won’t be seeing him move anytime soon.

    Also, you are probably right about Sai, he is going to have his own conversation with Naruto, Kakashi, and Yamato (or one of them anyway).

  12. Good work Bob-sama ^^.

    “A confusing bit on page 7 shows what looks like a clone of Sai spying on Sakura and the others as they walk away. “- I think that’s the ACTUAL Sai, and the Sai traveling with Sakura and friends is the clone. It makes more sense that way.

    I really was about to quit Naruto forever when I saw more of Sakura + Naruto talky time, and then Kishi got me re-hooked with the Kisame vs Killerbee fight. This is gonna be a heck of a battle, but I think its the Enka guy that will help Killerbee kill Kisame. I can’t wait to see what Samehada can do!

    @everyone that doubts Kisame,………….IN YOUR FACES!!!!!!!!! The guy isn’t just a brute, he DOES have swordsmanship skills. AND he does have a brain! He outsmarted Killerbee. The only reason he didn’t think before is because he had Itachi, so he could cut loose and make ITachi do the thinking for him. This chapter also makes me wonder if Kisame really is weaker than Itachi…… I always knew Kisame was better……… So once again……………..IN YOUR FACES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. hows she gonna find Sasuke if he’s in Madara’s world? :S XD I think everyones forgoten about that but me lol.

  14. almost forgot. I think the Tsuchikage’s bodyguard has a point. The best thing to do would be to kill one of the Jinchuuriki’s. If I was in the story and looking at it from a Naruverse point of view, it may be a wiser move to execute Naruto. Killerbee has COMPLETE control of the Hachibi, but Naruto cant even control four tails of the Kyubi. With a war against seven Biju, they don’t need another Biju running wild, let alone the most powerful one (except the Jubi). So Tsuchikage turning over a new leaf is cool and all, but not the best time to have a change of heart old man.

    Btw, Sasuke doesn’t need saving. If he is saved, then what kind of message is Kishi sending the younger readers? You can commit a lot of crimes, try to assassinate a world leader and then say your sorry, then you’ll be instantly forgiven? He needs to die…..enough said.

  15. “do u guys think genjutsu will work on kisame” Yes, the sword has to be directed at the attack to eat the chakra, and it has to be a signifigant amount. It wouldn’t be able to succesfully disrupt Kisame’s chakra flow unless it stole chakra from him (in which case he would have to give up a signifigant amount) There is a reason Kisame respected Itachi, power, pretty much the only thing people from old kiriagakure respect.

    “do u think it will become a frog->stone” No, Kisame is able to absorb bijju chakra (shown to be highly toxic) without problems, I don’t think senjutsu should do much. Also, he seems one in-tune with nature, and has definately transformed to look like his summon, I wouldn’t be surprised if he also practised a shark-based senjutsu or something.

  16. Kisame unleashed hes bangkai lol, that sword is way too creepy to used here on Naruto… It giggles and eat your chakra i wonder if it does the same thing to the user i meant does Kisame constantly feeding it with his own chakra????
    This match will be very intteresting we have a water jutsu and a lightning base jutsu both have immense amount of chakra reserve and very very good in using there ability,…

  17. @Halluva, Bankai LMAO.

    @Mart, I think Samhada can do what the Hachibi did for Killerbee. So I don’t think Genjutsu would work on my favorite shark-guy

  18. I don’t know Kisuzachi. I wouldnt get too excited about Kisame winning over Killer Bee. This battle has just begun. I’m sure Bee has a few trick up his sleeves to combat Kisame and that shark sword. is it just me or do anybody else find it laughable how easily the tailed beasts have been caught? I find it absurd that none of the host from the tail beasts could defeat the members of Akatsuki that were sent to capture them

  19. @Prodigy, I never said Kisame would win. In fact, I think this is where he dies, and I think Kirabi will be severely injured by Kisame before he dies, but that’s just my opinion.

  20. I have to say this fight between kisame and killerbee looks intense! hopefully the next 2-4 chapters will show more of this fight than shown. Kisame has slowly become one of my favorite akat. members (outside itatchi) and this fight only makes kisame look better. Not only is he fending off 2v1 but is able to quickly doge that little pencil of death killerbee threw. Kisame I think will injure killerbee greatly and manage to bring him back for the extraction. Kisame just might have been the more powerful of the 2 between him and itatchi!

  21. I really wouldn’t be surprised if Sakura gets killed off here. Lets face it if she gets into a fight with Sasuke i don’t think he would hold back.

  22. lol I found this funny..Lets supposed sakura do look for sasuke and she found em right?..but she found sasuke with Karen…LOL I would like to see Karen’s reaction if she saw sakura talking to sasuke..LOL and sakura tells sasuke the she love em and Karen heard that..man..it will be chaos.the next fight will be Karen V. Sakura.

  23. Not particularly important, but I’m pretty sure Asuma drew blood from Kisame (might have just been in the anime, though, it’s been a while). It would seem shark-man has a bad history with chakra manipulation, no?

  24. now that u mention it, yeah you might be right. I haven’t watched that episode in a while now, but maybe Asuma did manage to scratch Kisame a bit when Itachi and him came to Konoha. It wasn’t nearly as bad as a sword in the arm, but I think Asuma did manage to draw blood.

  25. guys wht if really sakura gets killed by sasuke hands,lol
    it will give a very interesting turn to the whole plot…

    but before that happens i would realy like to see karin vs sakura duel.
    suigetsu vs rock lee
    jugo vs kiba.

  26. If Samehada’s weapon is anti-bijuu, then I want to see if it will manage on naruto’s SM. If not, poor kisame, naruto can easily beat him…^^,

  27. no way sakura wants to talk to sasuke to bring him back coz then she’d just go wif naruto. siding with sasuke is very unlikely, but wouldnt b suprised if she bluffed talking/siding with him to find an opportunity to (attempt to) kill him coz she knows she cant take sasuke out directly…possibly even keeping such a plan secret from the others. this could play out to a comical fight over sasuke bwt sakura and karin.

    this relies on the scenario where kiba can even track sasuke atm.

    sai’s clone can relay messages bwt sai and clone to keep track of sakura.

    pure speculation

  28. great chapter only cuz the talk between sakura and naruto is over for now, the next chapter should reveal more on other chartacters, like one of the bodyguards of tsuchikage is back with him when she was in the cave with zetsu, i think its zetsu using a jutsu and is actually in her body, samaheda looks pretty sick, cant wait to see what it actually can do, cant wait for the next chapter

  29. “naruto can easily beat him…^^”- Naruto couldn’t even beat one Realm without a TON OF HELP. Kisame would beat him. His giant Rasengans and such wouldn’t work because Samehada devours chakra. His Frog Katas also wouldn’t work because his extended reach stems from using CHAKRA, which Samehada loves to eat.

    A full transformation would be dumb of Kirabi right now. Those Menacing Balls wouldn’t do much against a sword that apparently loves to consume Biju chakra. And its not like Hachibi can simply just step on him either, Kisame has great physical strength as well. Besides, in this situation, becoming bigger only makes Kirabi a bigger target. I think Kisame will lose largely due to interference from Sabu.

  30. @kisu zachi… thats why i said senjutsu seems different… it is a kind of chakra no one wants to fuck wit…. who has ever defeated nature…6 realms of pain defeated konoha….. if naruto were to use his clones…. i think he would have found out wat pains moves were witout help… and i also think akatsuki members are always ahead of the jinchurikis…. they seem to know some of their moves… except for 8tails…..remember when naruto fought kakuzu… kakuzu neva knew who naruto was until naruto did the shadow clones…..the only thing he had not seen/heard was naruto’FRS…. zetsu gathers info for them….. so why shouldnt naruto get info on pain… akatsuki has been a big cheat… naruto vs kisame will be kool… but i think naruto will just use sage if that fite was ever to happen cos i think u can just beat nature and its energy.. even if u zap it away…. it keeps coming back… it even works like that in the real world

  31. the only thing im intrested in is the KB versus Kisame fight….

    as expected killerbee suprised kisame, and kisame is on serious mode

    its Definitly going to be a Hellava battle, im personaly rooting for Killerbee to win. Kisame needs someone to show him that he’s not the only raw power badass lol

  32. @Kisuzachi-

    naruto destroyed one of the realms of pain easily

    the one realm that toook “a ton of help” was god realm that controls gravity.

    all the other pein bodies were deafeated with relative ease. strategey mostly on naruto’s part. and of course it took alot of naruto’s power to destroy god realm.

    Naruto and Pein are both widely known as the two most epic fighters in the Naruverse. they both pulled out everything they had agaisnt each other. and he didnt realy get any help, hinata didnt even phase Nagato, it just fueled Naruto’s rage into badass mode.

    On Samehada, i have a GREAT argument for that paticular argument, Remember THE pein body that ABSORBED EVERY ATTACK??? it couldnt absorb Sage chakra, and it does exactly the same thing as Samehada….so WHY would sage NOT work agaisnt samehada, when Chubby pein body couldnt?? answer me that

  33. by the way Bob, great post.

  34. Also, on the sakura thing, she already said what she was going to do.

    she’s going to try and kill saskue, said so herself lol

  35. however thats not going to be how it goes, we all know that sakura still loves the spotlight stealing-Emo XD

    most likely its going to be a search for saskue, and i think Maddara might interfere…IDK why but i think that he might use sakura as a…leverage? maybe idk, maybe thats going way off. Either way that would be intresting to see what saskue would do.

  36. @Smartass, the only body Naruto didn’t kill with help was Demon Realm (the body made from spare parts). The fat Pain absorbs chakra, Samehada literally eats it (the thing even has a mouth). There’s a big difference. -_-‘

  37. @kisuzachi- uh no wrong, naruto deafeated all the other bodies by himself with minimal help, and besides its SIX bodies. of course he needs a extra hand or Frog leg, whichever 😀

    and on Samehada-

    hows it different? they both absorb it

    the thing didnt literaly eat it, and even if it did, hows it different from what the chubby guy did?? he basicaly ate every chakra attack thrown at him. it does the same thing as Samehada, regardless of how it does it!

    there is no difference

  38. techinically, yes, Naruto DID in fact destroy…LI forgot the path name but the dude with the slopey-like hair with his RasenShuriken (Sage Tech) With one blow

  39. Plus Pein got help too, he used summoned beasts as well, so THERE. lol

  40. @naruRuler-

    uh no it wasnt a rasenshuriken, it was a normal rasengan.

  41. “Samehada devours chakra.” Naruto’s first ever skills lie in the shadow clone/taijutsu. As we see in this chapter, Samehada has a particular range and Kisame uses it with a certain style taijutsu that isn’t all that perfect (KB and Asuma hit him [both with chakra based attacks] . All Naruto needs to do is make a bunch of clones, analyze Kisame’s weakpoints (like against Kakuzu) and then hit him there with a Rasengan or go sage mode to finish him off. Samehada may be immune to chakra based attacks, but Kisame isn’t.

    “WHY would sage NOT work” I think Samehada’s absorption powers are stronger than the HG Realm’s. Also, because Samehada is a sword, it can’t really be THAT far of from stone (metal or maybe something like coral) and from that “it’s a sentient being” perspective, it seems more in tune with nature. Also, I think bijju have considerably more chakra than what senjutsu supplies, given that senjutsu doesn’t overload the users body with chakra.

  42. @Mart-

    if the sword has a mouth, and can get exited, then im inclined to say that given the information we have at the present, that The Chubby guy also was a semi-sentient being, but dead. its a body, so why is it NOT in tune with nature??

    you can not say that its in tune with nature just because it eats chakra, and how would you KNOW that its stronger than the chubby dude? the chubby dude absorbed every attack without getting hurt, he even absorbed a Rasen Shuriken, and naruto DESTROYED the body before we could see if it could also absorb Bijuu chakra, im inclined again to say that he could. if he can take massive amounts of attack after attack.

    i agree with you that samehada problably has an overload point if anyone was bold enough to test it out…..hmm remind me of anyone? naruto 😛

  43. Sage chakra as we saw for ourselves IS NOT NORMAL chakra.

    its completly different from Bijuu’s or human chakra. And since Samehada is some sort of sword-shaped monster, its still alive. so it will have the same effect as it did the chubby guy.

  44. “without a TON OF HELP.” sadly Pein couldn’t master the single strongest jutsu in all of naruto… Phone-a-friend no jutsu. This was probably due to his lack of friends and konan’s lack of usefull info. The only thing Naruto got were tips and fusaku’s distraction to re-enter sage mode while Pein got help from konan hiding his presance.

  45. @mart1-

    Yeap, plus Pein also used Summoning jutsu’s to help him out.

    and dont forget, he also had information on Naruto.

  46. What’s Kishimoto thinking? Did he get wind that some people hate Sakura and thought “yes, yes, let’s get more of that!” I’m 83% sure that she’s lying and if indeed she is, people are not going to forgive her for this. I also agree with many people here who said that they doubt Sakura is going to achieve anything by going to find Sasuke. That place is reserved for the main character! But it would be interesting to see how much Sakura’s anti-gengutsu abilities have progressed.

  47. “NOT in tune with nature??” look at what senjutsu does effect wise: 1. Gives you a shit load of chakra 2. Changes your apperance 3. Gives you chakra sensing abilities. Look at what Kisame and Samehada have: 1. A shit load of chakra 2. Weird apperances (kisame looks like he’s under a shark version of Senjutsu permenantly) 3. chakra sensing abilities (Samehada gets excited around chakra). Now look at HG’s technique, it dispersed chakra through his body to nullify it. He had no natural symbolism and no particular chakra sensing ability.

    As far as senjutsu being different from other chakra’s, energy is still energy to some degree. Senjutsu clearly only matches the effects of a one-tailed state as far as chakra levels go while samehada has effectively absorbed this much. Naruto also can’t stand there and pump chakra into Samehada at an unhealthy level or it would take him out with a spike. Samehada has taken a 4-tailed (?) haichibi chakra cloak all in at once with no negative effect. The only effect of chakra on samehada is an increase in size which is beneficial no matter what because it increases it’s range.

  48. @ Smartass… I agree with u….

    even pain sed sage chakra comes with risk… u cant just absorb it…. it is natural…. not from human or beast.. natural chakra…..the absorbtion pein is nagato’s samehada…. only that it isnt a sword…. same technique.. different tool…. aborbtion pain = nagato, samehada = kisame……

  49. @ mart, they neva showed us the fight with the 4 tail…. so no comment on that one…. and kisame’s look has nufin to do with chakra…. i just think he looks like that cos he is from the mist village… that uses alot of water jutsu’s…. please look at suigetsu’s teeth…. will u say it is cos he has large chakra thats why his teeth is like that…. kisame/sugetsu have funny teeth… (shark like) … cos they are from mist/water village….naruto does not have to stand to gather chakra…. i think he knows how to manage clones now… and with his wing tech… he shld b able to pull something out…. i think he is much smarter….. and senjutsu chakra neva finishes… if know how use it well…….

  50. @Mart1-

    i wasnt refering to Kisame’s abilities, i was refereing to SAMEHADA. and every ninja is able to sense chakra at some degree, Samehaha eats/aborbs chakra in order to stay alive, id say that it smells or senses chakra’s according to how powerful they are.

    JUST because Kisame looks differently, does not mean he has some sort of Shark-senjustsu, its possible, but we have seen no pure evidence of this, there are plenty of ninja who seem odd, have similiar affects that senjutsu does for you. DId they have senjutsu natural chakra? NO. appereances do not prove anything.

    my point was that Samehada is stilll a alive being, and that unless it’s had training in controling Nature’s energy, which really isnt chakra, ITS STILL going to have the same affect that IT had on The chubby guy. Your correct Energy is still energy at some degree, but the difference is that you cant just CONTROL nature’s energy at will without advanced training, its far different from normal energy. IF samehada could eat nature energy, then why doesnt it just do that? all the time? eat nature energy instead of chakra?? doesnt make any sense.

    like boiy said, its the same technique to just a different tool between CHubby dude, and Samehada. they both absorbed chakra.

  51. @ smartass… nice… u got it rite….excatly my point about nature energy

  52. @boiy-

    thanks, but you gave me a good thought to work with, that both of them are tools used for the same purpose.

  53. “really isnt chakra” 1. Senjutsu isn’t limitless, it’s dependant on the users chakra. 2. While you do need training to control sage chakra, you also need the same kind of training to control bijju chakra (not letting either overwhelm you) a small amount of sage chakra isn’t going to turn someone into a frog statue, because they have to be overpowered by it, Samehada has a higher limit than HG if it is able to eat bijju chakra. It also doesn’t neccesarily work in the same way (probably doesn’t) and again, Naruto can’t forcefully overload samehada without being massively open.

    I am NOT saying that Naruto would lose to Kisame, I’m saying senjutsu doesn’t defeat samehada’s absorption

  54. @ Mart1-

    i never said Senjutsu is limitless, and yes its depedent on how well you can control chakra. But bijuu control is much different, you have to learn to control your bijuu, not the chakra itself. You can still supress Bijuu power, that doesn NOT mean that there is no consequences that still happen, Naruto’s transformation hurts him, even though he has Excelent control over the bijuu, The difference is that Samehada actually just feeds on it. And since Nature energy is Different from actual Chakra, it cant feed on it, its channled as chakra but like i said its not really chakra, its more of a dangerous energy that can be manipulated with rigourous training.

    And since i doubt that samehada has ever encountered, or reiceved any training in Nature control, its going to be overwhelmed if it tries to Absorb a large amount of Senjutsu power.

    because if kisame wants to fight naruto, he has to get close range, if samehada tries to eat to much Sage energy, it wont be able to digest it.

  55. “eat nature energy instead of chakra??” It’s like having vegatables and having cake, Samehada doesn’t HAVE to eat chakra to survive (at least this has never been stated) it simply likes too, and cake (high levels of chakra like bijju’s) are preferable to vegatables (Natural energy).

    “Nature energy is Different from actual Chakra” Natural Energy and SAGE CHAKRA are two different thigns, Senjutsu converts natural energy into sage chakra for the user to use. when “its channled as chakra” that’s when Samehada would eat it.

    “i never said Senjutsu is limitless” I was refering to this “senjutsu chakra neva finishes”

    “to eat to much Sage energy” Samehada has a mouth correct? so I assume he can close that mouth if Sage chakra was starting to overpower him. Unlike HG, Naruto can’t pump sage chakra into samehada (because of how open he would be) though as stated above, it can absorb more chakra than HG.

  56. @mart-

    K you made some good points, but even if Samehada still has the ability to eat it. That doesnt mean it still wont be turned into stone. And also on the mouth thing that doesnt really apply lmao, when killerbee made CONTACT with the sword it absorbed/ate KB’s chakra, without being near the “mouth”.

    and if the sage chakra IS dangerous to Samehada mayybe he can stop eating it, maybe he cant.

    Also we dont dont that samehada can absorb more, has this been stated in the manga? no, has it been shown? no, HG never got the chance to eat bijuu chakra that we could see.

    who’s to say the Pein never fought a different bijuu before? and used HG to absorb it. we havent seen that, and also HG has been able to absorb Almost limitless amounts of attacks and chakra..untill it encountered Sage chakra……this is the same that can happen with Samehada, it could mistake Sage chakra, wouldnt know the difference until it started to affect it, and wouldnt be able to “close its mouth” in time to stop turning into stone.

  57. “when killerbee made CONTACT with the sword it absorbed/ate” KB never made contact with Samehada, he cut Kisame and Samehada absorbed from a distance. Samehada also chose to absorb the chakra, as seen by the fact that he isn’t draining all the time.

    “without being near the “mouth”.” it was the metaphorical mouth smartass, he doesn’t HAVE to absorb the chakra, Naruto could only force senjutsu into HG because HG was already absorbing it at a lesser rate. If Samehada is sentient, he has choice, meaning he chooses who to affect and who not too.

    “no, has it been shown?” Samehada has been shown to absorb higher levels of chakra, mainly Naruto’s (part 1) and the Hachibi’s chakra cloaks. HG was only able to absorb senjutsu which has LESS chakra than a BIJJU so it HAS been shown. THIS IS PURELY CHAKRA FOR CHAKRA (not special effect.

    “wouldnt know the difference until it started to affect it, and wouldnt be able to “close its mouth” in time to stop turning into stone.” Senjutsu does have the special effect of turning the untrained user into stone, however, this is all based on how much is taken in at one time (a little is okay, too much is bad) it’s the same thing for Bijju chakra (take in too much and it hurts/burns your organs/shortens your lifespan) I said this earlier, and you said “But bijuu control is much different” However, supressing the bijju and distributing the chakra are the same principle though, if you take too much chakra at once it’s bad and if you take to little nothing happens. You need the bijju’s permision to use their chakra, but once you get it, you don’t automatically get exactly what you need.

  58. well… samehada has to stay still to absorb it….and it wont even know when it will start changing to frog->stone… just like the chubby pain didnt know…..it wont depend on the state of it’s mouth.. it just an unexpected transformation…

  59. @ mart-

    yes the sword DID MAKE CONTACT, KB stabbed the sword into the side of the samehada when Kisame blocked KB’s lighting stab. ON HG, yes HG has only been shown to absorb POWERFUL justsu’s without stopping, that would EQUAL to bijuu power. Samehada has never encountered Nature chakra, so how would it be able to even begin to control the chakra…..this is assuming that during the fight Sameheada DOES attempt to absorb Sage chakra…again HG has never had the chance to absorb Bijuu chakra, so there is no reason to say that Samehada is more powerful.

    i agree with you, that samehada can problably choose wether or not to eat chakra. But it still doesnt prove wether or not it turns to stone if it DOES absorb the chakra. And it still doesnt prove that it wont accidently eats too much Nature chakra before it turns to stone.

    regarldess how much samehada can absorb, it still doesnt prove wether or not it deosnt TURN to stone when actuallly absorbing chakra.

    this is all speculation, neither of us can prove our points either way until, IF, kishi shows us.

  60. “samehada has to stay still to absorb it….” Where the hell are you getting this from??? and why would Samehada need to move when it has Kisame to move?

    Smartass, I agree we’ve gotten as far as possible with this, though I still disagree, let’s just wait.

  61. @mart1-
    agreed, we’l need some more information before we can settle it.

  62. @ mart… i think u think samehada cant get turned to stone because of the word “sword”.. u look at it as a sword like every other sword….a sword that is a non living thing compared to absorbing pain(that was flesh, even though dead)… but samehada isnt just any sword… it is alive… it even knows its master(gai vs kisame)….the sword suigetsu uses is a normal sword…. no special thing involved just normal… fithing kisame is like fightin two people…. (the absorber… and the ninja)….you cant use samehada… but u can use any other sword… well….i still think if it is alive…and it uses chakra….cos wat is the process of absorbing chakra… well to much theory… i think he will just become stone…. sage isnt easy…. not even for jiraiya

  63. Kisame looked a bit scared whaaaha.. He’s not gonna make it.. Til now he has just defend him self, how great is Kisame without his sword ?..

  64. Ok, time to settle this once and for all:

    Hungry Ghost realm… DID NOT ABSORB SAGE CHAKRA when it turned to stone!!! Whoa, mind bender there.

    Naruto fed Hungry Ghost Realm more Natural Energy, which is only a component to sage chakra. You have to mix NE with SE and PE to make sage chakra, therefore, sage chakra on its own is not dangerous, only an imballance of Natural Energy. When one absorbs too much natural energy, then they turn to stone.

    And since you can’t make an attack simply out of natural energy, Samehada would have to be continuously absorbing Naruto’s energy, and Naruto would have to be feeding Samehada Natural Energy in order for Samehada to turn to stone. If Samehada absorbs sage chakra, it is just like absorbing any other chakra, it is just more powerful (like Bijuu chakra).

  65. I finally found a difference between the Couch Potato Realm (CPR) and Samehada. CPR can absorb jutsus, while Samehada abosrbs RAW chakra, so if there is that particular difference, then many more may exist.

    @Smartass, Pain’s summons were actually summoned BY HIM. Naruto didn’t summon even one of the frogs that helped him, so they count as INDIVIDUALS instead of summons, as he didn’t waste any chakra to summon them. SO THERE! 8P

  66. “This was probably due to his lack of friends and konan’s lack of usefull info. ” – LOL. But i think you meant “This was probably due to his lack of friends and konan’s lack of USEFULNESS”. that seems more accurate to me, she reminds me of Part 1 (and maybe Part 2) Sakura for some strange reason.

  67. “kisame/sugetsu have funny teeth… (shark like) … cos they are from mist/water village”- u forgot Zabuza and Chojiro. So far the only Mist Village people to have sharp teeth are those that are associatedwith the Seven Swordsmen. Zabuza, Kisame and Chojiro are members and Suigetsu is/was an aspiring member. The other villagers, the Mizukage and Ao don’t have sharp teeth because they aren’t associated with the Swordsmen.
    I agree with Mart as well. I think Kisame is stuck in a permanent form of Shark Senjutsu. That would explain his Biju-level chakra.

  68. @ kisu “konan’s lack of USEFULNESS’. that seems more accurate to me, she reminds me of Part 1 (and maybe Part 2) Sakura for some strange reason” maybe the reason is the lack of usefullness, but @ least Konan has a more interesting personality, cooler jutsus and is more attractive than Sakura. *note, i do not think Konan has an interesting personality, cool jutsus or any attractiveness, except when compared to Sakura

  69. nah I meant usefull info, it’s not like she could say much about naruto that Nagato doesn’t know… “He uses rasengan”-Konan “And?”-Pein “And bigger rasengans???”-Konan. But she was usefull to him in battle. She was able to conceal his preseance, which given his chakra levels is a considerable feat. She also faught the Aburam’s and found Jariya in his fight with pein. Not to mention she knew the “retreat jutsu” for when Nagato died. I think all kunochi just remind you of that Kisu.

  70. “kisame/sugetsu have funny teeth” it’s not so much his teeth as his induction into the blueman group and his gills.

  71. @Mart, i guess i was wrong. Okay, that’s one more character more useful than Sakura!
    @Jpua, i think Konan’s hot. But maybe u don’t like her cuz she’s old. She’s older than Kakashi lol

  72. @ kisu, i think the reason i don’t like her is cuz she looks a little to goth for my taste

  73. hey, this has nothing to do w/ anything, but i just found out the funniest thing: in the anime, Madara has a ninjutsu-taijutsu combo called “Ninja Art: Whack-a-Mole Jutsu”: http://naruto.wikia.com/wiki/Ninja_Art:_Whack-A-Mole_Technique

  74. @Jpua, lol. That’s just “Hiding Like a Mole Technique” with a stick lol

  75. @ kisu, i kno, but it’s a funny name, and it’s a funny concept: going underground to hit opponants w/ a stick

  76. At last! Proof of Madara’s extream destructive power! He can juts beat Nagato to death with the good ol’ beat down stick!

  77. @Mart, ah crud. I was hoping you wouldn’t find out about Hiding Like a Mole Technique. Now think creatively and i’ll officially surrender.

  78. “think creatively” he could beat down Pein with one of his own chakra rods! haha

  79. @kisu- When Kb tried to use a lighting jutsu ATTACK samehada absorbed it >.> so ur wrong. ^_^

    @Ripcord- uh wrong, if it has natural energy in the equation, its still not normal chakra, it takes skill to maintain the CONTROL of sage chakra, if you just suddenly transfer the energy to another being, they still wouldnt be able to balance out the power, because it has natural energy in the mix. and so my point still stands that since Samehada is a being, it can still turn to stone.

    but nice try.

  80. @smartass, the sword wasn’t a jutsu, that was just lightnng chakra in Kirabi’s sword -_-‘

  81. well u guys have some good point about samehada absorbing shit.. But theirs only 3 people that knows about nature energy..so I doubt samehada/kisame knows about nature energey..Even naruto didnt even know that overdoing too much nature energy can make u a stone frog untill fasuku told em to. So my point is Samehada/kisame has no clue about nature chakra or it can turn u to stone if absorbing it too much just like chobby pain.

  82. okay, i think i’ll give my opinion on Samehada absorbing Sage chakra: Sage chakra is incredibly powerful and has great destructive potential, and if it’s overdone, it’s deadly. all of this sounds alot like Bijuu chakra, so i think they must b on similar levels since they have very similar effects, as such, if Samehada can absorb high levels of Biju Chakra, then y couldn’t it absorb high levels of Sage Chakra if they have nearly the same effects?

  83. @kisu- i wasnt reffering to the sword itself kisu, i was talking that he manipulated chakra into an attack, through his sword, which is the basic principle of ALL jutsu, manipulating chakra into an attack. so its the same thing kisu >.>


    because Sage Chakra is a stage where you have to balane out your chakra’s or you turn to stone, unless youv had proper training in controling natures energy, you cant maintain that power’s control. and therefore turn to stone. yes they can both be destructive, but nature energy isnt destructive by itself, it has to be manipulated into destructive force. Bijuu power is always destructive, without even conciously trying, the chakra from bijuu’s destroys and endangers everyone. its the exact opposite of nature energy.

  84. *balance out*

  85. And if mart1 is correct, and Kisame and Samehada together are some sort of shark senjutsu, its problably much different from the way Naruto gets that extra energy. And most likely wouldnt effect the outcome, unless Kisame and samehada have also come into contact with nature’s energy.

  86. “CONTROL of sage chakra” Samehada doesn’t have to control it though, it can just hot potatoe it back into the environment taking away Naruto’s sage mode (which takes time to enter) and wasting the energy Naruto used to mix the natural energy into sage chakra. Samehada doesn’t neccesarily have to use the chakra for a jutsu (it never has before) it just has to take it away from the user. So as long as Naruto can’t comtinously put an imbalance of natural enegy into samehada (which he can’t) then he’s fine. Even HG was able to absorb sage chakra in it’s balanced state and jutsu that had a balance of sage chakra

  87. @Smartass, forming jutsus are exactly that. Jutsus are CREATED from chakra, while the sword isn’t. All he did was put chakra into a physical object. Its like oputting chakra into the soles of your feet, Samehada could absorb that, and it did absorb the lightning chakra from Kirabi’s sword.

  88. That reminds me, kisu. A while ago we talked about if HG could get caught in Genjutsu, well apparently he can because he was one of the three caught in Jariya’s genjutsu.

  89. @ripcord
    u were saying hikamaru’s got a broken leg but he wasnt limping the last time we saw him when he asked permission from Sakura..and he along wd the other Konoha 11 are planning to do some thing about sasuke..

    we aint seen shikai yet then u do bankai? lol

  90. @mart1… u sound like u know this sword well.. if u absorb chakra.. kishi does not say it is been stored somewhere or thrown back into the environment…for everytime u use chakra in any way… there is a warning to when you need to stop…. the first warning for sage is the frog eyes… and funny transformation….then it goes to stone…. sage is hard to control….

    when HG absorbed sage chakra…naruto didnt just feed him natural energy… it was the chakra… becos… everytime naruto balances the NE+PE + his own chakra… his eyes become toad like… the HG realm absorbs it… then naruto’s eyes becomes normal again… my point is it is the chakra he is sending not natural energy… there are some chakra that is more dangerous than others… and i think sage is one of them…. just becos samehada absorbs bijuu chakra doesnt mean it can do the same to sage.. although i will wait for kishi to surprise me… nature energy is limitless….bijuu chakra has a limit… cos it has a source… an animal/beast…..human chakra has limit cos it from a source…sage is limitless… but when it is in a source(like naruto) it has a limit…but u can always make more.. from a limitless source..(nayural energy)…. which makes sage indirectly limitless… to much of everything is dangerous(my warning to samehada)…:)

  91. @ Smartass… i still agree with u

  92. @ smartass, first off sorry this reply took so long, second “nature energy isnt destructive by itself, it has to be manipulated into destructive force. Bijuu power is always destructive” that means Biju chakra should b HARDER to control. plus, Sage chakra doesn’t turn anything into stone unless they over do the natural energy, in other words, have more nature energy that either:A, physical energy, or B, spiritual energy. if Kisame just pumps some extra chakra into his sword to keep the nature energy from overpowering it, then the nature enegy will just disperse and the Sage chakra will just turn back into plain old regular chakra

  93. “which makes sage indirectly limitless” Sage chakra isn’t limitless just because natural energy is, you need time and regular chakra to make sage chakra as well as Natural energy. Since these things are limited so is sage chakra. It’s not like Naruto can choose to only channel natural energy into samehada because unlike HG, Samehada’s absorption isn’t continuous. Samehada only absorbs when it’s being attacked, where the chakra has to be balanced to be used in a jutsu. Naruto can’t just pump out natural energy because otherwise HE would turn into a frog statue.

  94. i think i will just wait to c KB n Kisame… so may be we will know more about samehada

  95. Good job Bobby boy! This fight between Killer bee and Kisame turning out to be a good one can’t wait until nextweek.

  96. to prove it, maybe all of your arguments stop when Kisame vs Naruto (in SM) will happen…^^,

  97. @smartass

    OK Smartass. You got it wrong. Reread the chapters about natural energy. You ONLY turn into a frog when you take in too much natural energy in balance with spiritual and physical energy. If HG was absorbing Sage Chakra Naruto would have already balanced Natural energy with PE and SE. But, that would mean that the natural energy was balanced, so no danger of frog transformation or stone transformation.

    Also, being still is the requirement to GATHER natural energy and control the rate that it enters your body. Being still allows Naruto to control the rate that NE enters his body so he can sufficiently balance it with PE and SE. HG (Nagato) was not aware of having to balance NE with anything else, so HG just sucked it all in.

    You only turn into a frog/stone if you have an inbalance of natural energy with physical and spiritual energy.

  98. I also want to say that Naruto was not in danger of turning into a frog when he was simply taking a ton of Natural Energy in because HG was sucking it away.

  99. it’s been a long time, but nice post Bob. @ the Kisame vs. Naruto AKA “How long til I get hard” argument…Doctors say with Viagra you’ll be hard as a rock for many hours, but after 4 you should call your physician

  100. just so you all know that ppein has consumed sage chakra before. it may not have been as prevalent with naruto but when pein fought with naruto’s mentor of the sannin he used a sage art massive rasengan, or whatever the name was. there is no way jiraya could have made a rasengan that huge without sage chakra and if he could he wouoldnt have much chakra left for fighting.

    and the pein body sucked up that wicked cool rasengan without a hitch

  101. hey guys just a random story out of the plot, i was going through some archives and got this interesting thing, say wht’s u r opinion———

    A demon king disguised himself as a human in order to be with this Hyuuga girl he was inlove with. They had a son, whiched they Madara. His byakugan was different than his mothers they evolved with the helped of his fathers blood. He was born with red eyes with additional pupils and could later activate MS. He was the best friend of Shodaime. Madara’s father plotted to steal his sons body. Madara kneww even with MS he was no match for his father. He made a deal with Kyuubi to give him his powers to help him defeat his father. He couldn’t kill his father so instead he sealed him thinking the conditions of resurrecting him impossible to anyone. The origin of Uchiha was recorded by Madara himself himself and was hidden in the shrine that You can see in the anime and manga a picture of Kyuubi in the shrine. Also in Shippuden sasuke gets ticked of when Kyuubi mentions Madara. The Uchiha believed it their duty to protec this secret of demon heritage from the rest of the village, look at how naruto was outcasted.To ressurect his father there needed to be 3 MS users each casting a respective MS Jutsu on the sealed entity. The Kyuubi’s chakre must be used to resurrect him and one of the MS users would sacrifice their body as a container. I thought Itachi’s plan was ressurect him. He said to sasuke when he killed the clan there another MS user out there (he didn’t believe Kaskashi capable so I believed it was Obito) wanted sasuke to become the third so made him seek power. Finally his Jinchuriki target is Kyuubi.

  102. Sooo…who is going to win the Kisame vs KB fight? Spoilers are out on OneManga right now.

  103. @ manis uchiha, uhm, how the f*ck is that relevant anymore? we all now know the origin of the Sharingan, and Madara’s plans and Itachi’s plans. besides, Obito died like, when Itachi was a 1-yr-old

  104. @ Manis
    lol that seems like somewhat of the plot +/- a few things. Nice find tho

  105. that sounds like a load of rubbish though cos it states that the rinnengan can see more then the Sharingan can in the tablet!! so if he wrote the tablet then how did he write the stuff he couldnt see??? makes no sense!!

  106. the rinnegan sees more coz the Sage has rinnegan..& there might be some secret rinnegan-related things that only the Rinnegan user can see

  107. Well I know that but thats precisely my point!!! how did madara write it if he cant use the rinnengan!!

  108. thats what the source states anyways!!

  109. Sage/MattMaru, this is kind of like the “find the difference” quizes, if you can’t spot ten ways this is completely fake then your an idiot.

    that is all

  111. I don’t feel like doing an “it’s out” post but it is:

    I think this speaks to the shark-senjutsu theory quite a bit

  112. @Jpua, i totally agree. Kisame’s new transformation KICKS ASS! EVEN KILLERBEE’S 8 TAILED FORM GOT PWNED! that is all 8)

  113. It is pretty cool but i still like Bee’s form

  114. Mart1, oh dear!!! I dont think your getting my posts on here, im protesting that the source cant be real, but if u didnt get that lol….

  115. @mattmaru: I knew what you were saying, it’s a joke.

    Anyway, I wonder if all seven swords can fuse to a certain degree, we saw chojiro fuse with his a bit, and obviously samehada and kisame, do you think suigetsu will fuse with his? And what abilities would he get? This could explain the swordsmen’s teeth

  116. @Mart1 no problemo dude 😛

    Well yeah that might be a possibility and certainly would be interesting to see! it seems that chojiro can use his chakra like the samurai can but seems like he manipulate to an even great extent! the thing is the is that kisame’s sword is a living entity where as it doesnt seem at this point that Chojiro’s is nor is suigetsu!! It would be good to get the background of Samehada sword and see where it came from, its not a traditional really because it doesnt cut it shaves!

  117. I wonder what will Sakura do if she finds Sasuke, save him? Because I remember that he was kidnapped by Mandra.

  118. its so cool

  119. yo!!!!!!!!!!kisame is the best!!!!killer bee has a chance thow.but chojiro is my favorite swordman!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!the rainkage is the best kickin saske’s butttttt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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