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Invent-A-Jutsu Contest

This is a contest to see who can create the most ORIGINAL jutsu. Powerful or weak jutsu won’t get special consideration, though generally powerful jutsu that aren’t “I-win-no-matter-what Jutsu” are better than things like the “Tie-tying jutsu” that ties a tie for the user (hey it could be used to strangle the opponent, god only knows how much I hate those things).

The rules are simple:

1. NO plagarism: this is not a new idea, other sites have had a few and it’s fairly easy to find them with google.

2. NO perverted jutsu: This is fairly self explanitory, there will be a consequence for violators.

3. No more than three jutsu submisions

4. No submisions after november 16

5. Be as original as possible, try to cut into new territory instead of just saying “Big fire jutsu #99”


Here is one of my jutsu as an example:

Kazegan (wind eye): This Doujutsu technique allows the user to see and analyize air currents, weather patterns, and such with ease. Giving them access to high ranked wind jutsu with ease. This combined with their high levels of wind natured chakra make them experts in this element. They specialize in channeling their wind chakra into objects such as swords, kunai, and even leaves to use as cutting weapons.


87 Responses

  1. do we submit the jutsu here in the comments? or through some other way?

  2. Here in the comments

  3. okay, this 1 will just b somthing i’ve always imagined Naruto making ever since he learned wind element: Fuuton: Tornado Palm. basically he preforms hand seals, then has his palmface his target (similar to Neji’s air palm) and uses wind chakra to create a cyclone emitting from his hand. it would b very skinny, making it hard to aim, but when it hits its target the highly concentrated blades of wind chakra will act like a drill and will tear into the enemy. the sides also have wind blades and anything that makes contact w/ the sides gets sliced like in a blender. it is close to mid-range (0-10 meters/ 0-32 feet) and can b completly destroyed by almost any fire element attack that hits it head-on.

  4. if thats the case:

    wind disperse (kaze something (dunno the japanese pronunciation))

    Rank: kage level

    This jutsu allows you to disperse your body (or seperate body parts) into the air and also keep some parts solidified e.g. someone punches your stomach, you disperse your stomach but punch the opponent with your solid fist.

    This jutsu also allows you to disperse and travel along with the wind for fast easy travel.

  5. 2nd jutsu

    katon: gokakyuu no rendan (fire release: great fireball barrage/combo)

    rank: kage level

    uses up massive ammounts of chakra but it means that the user is able to make great fireballs at the same speed as the phoenix flower jutsu

    3rd jutsu

    rasengan hurricane (can someone please tell me the jap pronunciation of hurricane?)

    rank: S

    this one is especially for naruto; 7 rasengans appear about a metre away from his body horisontally basically creating a shield of rasengans, he can control them using wind manipulation to place them in different spots to block any attack or to send them flying off at opponents. He can also use them to run through buildings if he puts them in front of him.

  6. Wow, this isnt as easy as i thought. Ok, first jutsu:
    Fire Style: Flame Fist Jutsu. The user gathers fire chakra in their fist, superheating it. Using precise chakra control and timing, the user can create exploding punches. B-rank

    Second Jutsu: This will fuse together the wind and lightning elements into what I think should be called “Static Release” or something to that effect. Static Release: Sky Ripper. The user takes control of the wind with their hands and makes it spin. As the air spins it collects the static electricity in the air and forms around the hands. The user then can use their hands as blades similar to the mystic palm and the chidori, but packs the strength of two elements. A-rank

    The third is an extention of the second. Static Release: Shining Shuriken. Basically the same functions as Chidori Senbon. A-rank

  7. I’m at the moment more interested in weapons, so for me:

    sword controlled by chakra, made of small and extra sharp metal parts (sharp as razor blades). the shape of “sword” is controlled by chakra similar to puppet control but over 1000 chakra strings. The user can also trow that parts of “sword” at enemy and bring them back with chakra.

    I hoope I explained it good. and this control would require new character, because I don’t see any of current characters to come with this ability

  8. “jap pronunciation of hurricane” isn’t it shippuden?

    “require new character” the jutsu don’t have to be for people, though mifune/samurai might be able to do this.

  9. ok. harder than i thought but here goes:

    jutsu name: light manipulation

    rank: B

    description: this is just a regular ninjutsu like substitution, transformation, etc. but this jutsu allows the user to control the light around them, much like refraction or something like that, to make the light reflect off of them and become invisible to the naked eye. it can also be used as blinding light, kind of like a solar flare but most ninja only use this when caught, which allows them to escape. this jutsu would mostly be used on stealth missions by ANBU or on infiltration missions. A highly trained nin, such as sanin or higher can counter this by reversing the effect. therefore making u visible and themselves invisible. but only if they make physical contact with the ninja using the jutsu. so if you are going to assainate some one. do it before they notice you

  10. “light reflect off of them and become invisible ”
    you are visible because light reflect of you

    new character as someone who haven’t show yet in manga or haven’t show his/her abilities

  11. this will sound like im copying marts wind eye idea but ive had it for a while so here goes.

    Jutsu: Lightning Eye
    Rank: A
    Description: Basically its a ball that fits into an eye socket(so you’d have to have an eye missing to use it.)It has to be covered like Kakashi’s sharingan. When revealed it temporarily paralysis anyone who looks at it. It also stores extra chakra which the user can use via a hand seal to replenish his chakra levels. It’s only drawback is that it cannot be see anything.

  12. Jutsu: Summon Electric Eel.
    Rank: B
    Description: An electric eel is summoned and is used a bit like scorpions spear thing in mortal kombat. It coils around enemies and pulls them towards the user. It can also electricute enemies.

  13. i am not good at it but will try my best,lol

    its really tough i got only three, i think this is enough for fire styles.will come next with other elements

    1–katon ryuujin kokyuu no jutsu( fire style dragon king’s breath)
    chkra used is slightly more than dragon flame but the damage is vast and severe.

    2–katon taiga haigara no jutsu( fire style river of ashes)
    fire in the form of river flood out of the ground buring down everything in its path.

    3–ninpou odori hi no jutsu( ninja art dance of fire)
    rank -A, a very powerful and effective close range taijutsu which involves whole body chakra flow with fire element transfusion that leads to rage of fire through fists,

    hope i got the japanese translation correct, plz tell me how they sounded !!

  14. Heres my third and final one. Don’t think anything like this has been in any of the episodes.

    Jutsu: Lightning Shield
    Rank: A
    Description: Similar to Gaara’s sand shield but this a lightning shield. Hand seals have to be used and wherever the hands are located is where the shield would be. It is fairly large though and can cover all the front of the body, but obviously if a fast attack comes from behind it wouldn’t be effective unless the user could use it quickly enough.

  15. Just wanna throw this out there, im not trying to submit any more jutsu for myself. But is it safe to say that we cant use the remaining elements for rasengan? I think we’ve all thought about this ever since Naruto created Wind Release: Rasengan. As we all know the Rasengan is meant to be combined with the users chakra element. so Raiton: Rasengan, Suiton: Rasengan, and Doton: Rasengan are too easy to post, right? if im wrong, well then i just helped someone who couldnt figure one out themselves. Btw, i didnt mention Katon: Goen Rasengan because techniacally it is used, albeit in a game.

  16. Kage Kawarimi (shadow replication)
    Rank: A
    this jutsu allows you to swap with your shadow a nice jutsu for the nara clan. for example you get hit but since you’re the shadow you dodge the blow and it gives you time to counterattack the downpoint is that you need a sorce of light and earth jutsu’s will be effecting you more easely.

    will come up with some more later

  17. okay, second 1, again i made this up for Naruto based on the fact that alot of ppl r saying Naruto should have watr as a second element:
    Suiton: Kame Uzumaki (water style: divine whirlpool)- basically, it needs the target to b on a large body of water (ie, a lake), after doing hand seals the water starts swirling into a giant whirlpool that sucks up everything in the area. A-rank, mid- to long-range (10+ meters)
    oh, and the first one i made, i forgot to put the rank, which was A-rank too

  18. Chisiogan (blood eye)

    This is the perfect Kekkei Genkai. It offers no abilities except one. After the user gets the opponents blood (by any means), they do a Hidan and taste the blood. The Chisiogan then analyzes the blood and the user gains the Kekkei Genkai (because the Chisiogan changes the user’s blood to match the sample tasted) that the blood’s former owner possessed. The information is stored, so the user doesn’t have to taste an (example) Uchiha’s blood in every fight to get a Sharingan. The Chisiogan then morphs into a perfect copy of the eye it took, if not a doujutsu, then it keeps its original appearance.

    Side Effects/Negatives: only ninjas with a chakra level of an average S-class Jonin or more can use it without taking hours to copy the Kekkei Genkai, as by forcing chakra into the Chisiogan, the process can be sped up. No matter how strong the ninja that uses the Chisiogan, they’ll fall unconscious 15 hours after its first activated, and re-awaken after an hour.

  19. Ankoku Bakudan (Darkness Bomb)

    Rank: S-rank, Forbidden

    A jutsu that can be used through the combination of ANY three elements, thus making it a VERY rare jutsu. It is formed by focusing the three chakra elements into the palm and focusing your dark emotions into your palm as well. The chakra then rises out of the palm and then becomes black. The user then has the option of firing it or a point blank hit. When it comes into contact with its target, it enlarges and covers the target’s body completely, a strong gravity field is generated and the targets bones are shattered. It uses the amount of chakra an average Academy student would have.

    Side Effects/Negatives: If a point blank attack is used, the bones in the user’s hand will be shattered as well. If used from long range, the massive chakra needed to FIRE it leaves the user extremely exhausted, and if the user’s chakra level isn’t large enough, it takes their life energy to compensate, INVOLUNTARILY. So when used, the user either loses their hand, or their life/consciousness.

    Ranpu Soujuu (Light Manipulation)

    Rank: Unknown, Hiden (Secret Jutsu)

    The user converts his/her chakra into light, which can be used in numerous ways. By refracting light rays, one can become invisible. Can cause blindness to an opponent through a huge burst of light. By bending light rays, one can make illusions to confuse opponents. Finally, by focusing the light through an object, a blade of pure light can be made, strong enough to cut through even chakra enhanced normal swords.

    Side Effects/Negatives: requires a lot of chakra and drains the user fairly quickly. The average Genin is only able to use this technique for 10 minutes before needing to rest. Trying to force its use causes the user’s body to overheat and begins to burn.

  20. Damnit! YAY!

    I’ve had such a great idea for a Dojutsu!!!

    Tyodon(Dojutsu): This Eye Technique allows the user to read the chakra patterns in the enemy, mainly to anticipate what element and what type of jutsu is going to be used next. In anothen manner, it can also read Taijutsu movements, not like the Sharingan exactly, but to see how much chakra is focused into which limb or body part at one time.

    This Dojutsu is pretty much for anticipation uses, but it’s useful to quickly figure out a plan of action to counteract the attack the opponent is about to use,

    Naruruler12, Jutsu Submission: Dojutsu Tyodon

  21. okay, my 3rd and final submission, and this 1’s for the Nara clan:
    Ninja Art: Shadow Torture (don’t know the Japanese). basically, it is largly based off of Shadow Endgame, but much stronger and much more brutal. tendrils emerge from the user’s shadow to wrap around the target’s limbs and start pulling them apart. then, as the opponant’s in great agony, more tendrils come from the shadow and combine into a drill that tears into the enemy’s body as they’re being pulled by the first set of tendrils. S-rank, close range (0-5 meters)
    down sides: consumes massive amounts of chakra; takes years just to begin getting it right; leaves user vulnerable to counter attacks; stimulates adrenaline, causing an addiction of sort to the violence if used to frequently

  22. @Naru, that sounds like a modified Byakugan to me 8P

  23. oops, i forgot 1 more down side to my “shadow torture”: it’s a closly guarded Nara secret technique, meaning the only ppl who could learn it r to lazy to, lol. that actually kinda makes the jutsu irrelevant

  24. its been a long time…
    I have also my own jutsu to submit

    I am more amazed with eye techniques,
    so here they are…
    1. 4th mangekyou sharingan ability: dragon bind chained moon
    Rank S
    Description: can be activated when the third eye appears in the forehead. the third eye will appear if all the three abilities have been released and the blood flowing from the user’s eyes will be used to make a special mark on the forehead..this ability renders a user to create an invisible dragon -like chains that will go out from user’s palms. the user can create up to six chains. the chains are incredibly fast which only the user’s third eye can follow. When an opponent is binded by one of this chains, he/she can no longer use his chakra of any forms…this makes an opponent immobile and useless in fights…these chains also allows the user to connect into his opponent, by reading his mind, to know what he thinks and to identify his techniques…
    The chains also have their individual but unique ability..they are like living dragons that cast 6 types of chakra, one for each of them… 1st chain-. black fire 2nd chain- impenetrable earth 3rd chain- spiritual wind 4th-absolute zero mist , 5th –laser lightning and 6th– dark matter

    black fire is like amaterasu, but this consumes everything leaving no remains

    impenetrable earth is transparent rock, an absolute defense like susanoo

    spiritual wind is a living wind that can possess anyone who will inhale it, allowing the user to control them

    absolute zero mist is a -273 degree Celsius moisture, not only to create a zero visibility but freezes an opponent to death

    laser lightning is a radioactive beam of lightning that ionizes the living cells struck by it or near to it

    dark matter is a dimensionless matter just like a box that anyone imprison in it will experience an illusions that makes any damage real…

    all this unique abilities can be cast once, and the chain involve will be destroyed….

    Weakness: the user will experience a severe physical and spiritual damage when this technique is turned off

  25. 2. Rinnegan special ability: Rank Kage level
    Swirling demonic beast: sage’s seventh path

    Description: this ability can be activated when the user fuses his six bodies to become one. this ability uses almost all the user’s chakra and drastically shortens his lifespan…the power of this ability is to summon a demonic beast with all the six bodies abilities incorporated into one…Just a slam of its feet can create a tremendous earthquake shaking a 1 mile radius…
    it has a six eyes with rinnegan, swirling and can bring all in the vicinity to experience insanity…

    all i can say, this beast is almost invulnerable and comparable to nine tailed fox

  26. Lighting invisible shadow clones.

    the title says it all really, the lightning clones can either, grab onto the target and then release there lighting till they disperse or, they can attack under the cover of invisibility!

    negatives, they can be heard while on the move and also be seen with doujutsu’s also sense in sage mode.

  27. Shinrengan…the ultimate doujutsu…combination of Sharingan and Rinnegan along with its powers such as Six Paths turned to Seven, Tsukuyomi into Grankiyomi, Amaterasu into the golden flamed Jinterasu, Gedouzano Mazou[Susanoo & Gedo Mazo], gravitational control, the all-new Kronos-a time & space jutsu stopping time in a wide area, and the all-powerful Rinejutsu where throuh the eyes, the user can totally control another creature’s chakra….hope u’ll accept it..

  28. its acquired through a gene mutation of somone who has an ancestor both children of the Sage of the Six Paths..he/she ill then have the title Sage of the Seven Paths

  29. WInd Style: Wind Burst
    Range: Long/Mid
    Rank: A

    The jutsu allow the user the ability to release wind as strong as a hurricane from the users body. It can be uses to counter long range physical attacks. It can also be used to projected objects.

    Fire Style: Flame Burst
    Range: Mid/Close
    Rank: A

    This jutsu allow the user the ability to release fire at the same temperture as the sun. It burns anything caught in it. It can be used to protect the user from close range attacks.

    Fire/Wind Style: Phoenix Burst
    Range: Long/Mid/Close
    Rank: S

    This jutsu is the combination of the Wind Sytle: Wind Burst and Fire Style: Flame Burst. The wind in this jutsu make the flame mor intense and make it expane a larger distance. This jutsu has the other ability as the jutsu used to make it. This jutsu is very dangerous and can kill more than ten people.

    If you have comments for this jutsu please place them below.

  30. Clone beam Jutsu

    this jutsu is built for naruto and would require him to learn the fire element change in chakra nature. naruto would use 2 clones.

    1 would be made with wind element chakra and the other would be made with fire element chakra. to activate the jutsu the fire clone would charge as much chakra to its hands as possible and then strike the wind clone in the back (the wind clone’s direction of aim is the direction the jutsu would be fired off)

    upon striking the wind clone with the fire clone chakra the wind clone would disapear, however the wind chakra from the clone would amplify the fire clone’s attack. (think of it kinda like the 4 tails kyubi attack when naruto fought orochimaru)

    S-rank difficulty as it requires 2 element changes in chakra

  31. “Six Paths turned to Seven” and “the power of this ability is to summon a demonic beast with all the six bodies abilities incorporated into one” – there are already Seven Paths. Nagato is the Outer Path (a.k.a. the Seventh Path), and he has all the abilities of the other Paths, plus his own abilities. http://www.onemanga.com/Naruto/449/01/

    I guess Kishi beat you guys to it 8P

  32. Well…Um…It’s a good modified version and…IT IS NOT A MODIFIED BYAKUGAN >_<

  33. @ kisu, naruruler’s right, it’s not a modified byakugan, it’s a half-way between Sharingan and Byakugan, has some traits better than the Byakugan but not as good as the Sharingan and vice-versa

  34. I think the doujutsu’s strength are all based on their special abilities. Anyone can enhance their vision with chakra ( Chunin proctor) or sense chakra (Senjutsu/Karin). The byakugan is strong because it can see 360•, the sharingan because it can copy jutsu, MS because of the bonus jutsu, and Renningan because of the special jutsu (nothing really eye related though, unless Nagato read that tablet to learn crazy sage-techniques)

  35. do we get a prize if we make the best jutsu?

  36. 1. (genjutsu) the pit of pain- This is a genjutsu activated with the sharingan called the pit of pain. Once caught in the genjutsu, the victim falls into a dark pit of darkness where the air is heavy and the intense gravity makes it hard to move at fast speeds. Then, the user looks into the victim’s soul and sees what the person fears the most and uses it against them. For example, if the person is afrraid of freddy krueger,then the dark pit will conjure up freddy who wil terrorize the victim’s mind.This would be an A-rank jutsu in my book.

    2.(ninjutsu) Earth style summoning jutsu:Stone Warriors- this is an earth style jutsu that summons up to five warriors from the earth below that attack the enemy.These warriors resemble the samurai from the land of iron except made of stone and are much stronger of course.Being made of hard rock, they have hard built bodies and impressive strength which they put to good use in their adept taijutsu skills. They are impervious to all genjutsu and most forms on ninjutsu excluding lightning style jutsu (via chidori based techs) or any form of extreme heat(via powerful fire based techs and amertasu). This would be as far as an S-rank jutsu in my books mainly because of their unique abilities. One stone warrior has the strength and taijutsu skills one or two notches below sakura’s level and are difficult to kill if you don’t know lightning or fire based techs. However, if the person who use the jutsu loses a alot of chakra or gets too injured in battle, the stone warriors will collapse. The only other way to kill them is to take a kunai with explosive tags and stab a warrior with one and watch the fireworks haha….

  37. “do we get a prize if we make the best jutsu?” yes, though I won’t say what (that way if I get lazy I can just give you a badge)

  38. Haha I just thought up another one too bad this will be my last one according to the rules…….

    (kekkei genkai) Shyotogan-(pronounced shi-o-toe-gan) This is a new doujutsu which gives the user ocean blue eyes when activated which is meant to lure the opponont in by their beauty. Once you look into these eyes, the user can read your mind and tell what move you are going to make next in battle and then make an effective strategy to counter act that. This differs from the sharingan which can copy movement and see the subtle mucle changes a person makes when attacking to make out their next move. The shyotogan can actually fully read their next attack in less than a second an analyze a strategy. The suer can know what all your moves are before you even make them giving him an obvious advantage. Also, once the user has looked into your eyes once, he no longer has to stare at you to read your moves. He can place a chakra signal lock on you so if he is not physically facing you, he can mold his chakra into a invisible frequency wave and lock in on your chakra and read your mind telepathically. Not only that but the eyes can also read memories you have had from a few hours to a few days depending on how powerful the user is which means that he look into any past recent battles you’ve had and see what jutsu you know. The shyotogan’s final abiity is to place thoughts into the victim’s mind. The user can make the victim think of anything he wants, which if used wisely, can make the opponent’s moves for them luring them into a trap. So if I wanted to make my opponent attack me with a fire based jutsu, I could make him think of that strategy and counter it with a water based jutsu beating my opponents jutsu and making him make the moves I want him 2!

    Sorry for the long post but you gotta admit, the shyotogan is pretty cheap but is epic!

  39. Levitating Jutsu! ( its allow the user to walk or run in the maid air) good for range combat.

    Mind Blast Jutsu! ( It allow the user to explode everything she/he sees) the user must master the fire element in order to learn it.

    Curse of Weakness jutsu!( the target will be vulnerable to all of the elements for certain period of time). Side effect: draining your fatigue the same period of time of the jutsu.

    Sever Chakra jutsu!( it will drain out the target’s chakra..and allow the user to use it for him/herself for certain period of time.) but it required alot of focus so the user have to be steady. And can only be use twice.

    Summoning Jutsu! Sword of Chaos: ( the user will be able to use the sword of chaos..whoever get struck by the sword it will put them into Underworld..and face their clone that is the same level as the target and the only thing is different is the clone is using the sword of chaos which increases the users speed, agility and strength and the sword also absorb your chakra . .) Required: 3 human sacrifice to summon the sword. note: clone jutsu will work for sacrifice. Side effect: after using the sword of chaos, you feel weaker for few days. The side effects only activate when the sword of chaos is canceled.

  40. KIchuchi: Oh yes there is sage seventh path, what I mean here is entirely different from what the manga has referred to… Since we are talking here about the jutsu, thus, what i mentioned was my own personal jutsu only for this contest as they say

    Continuation of my no. 2 entry

    okay, I would say this will be the technique of the rinnegan user, (in the manga, nagato). here the user must do the hand seals, and he will mention “swirling demonic beast: sage’s seventh path technique!!”. He will then slam his hand to the ground.(This technique will only possible if all the six bodies are still intact and functional). What really happens after this is that the black creepy thing emerge from the ground and sucks all these six bodies(the user must let the six bodies be in one place before he perform this technique) , then (just imagine how voltron or voltes five formed) the limbs of their bodies become the parts of a unique demonic beast… the beast has six swirling eyes…and a horn of rennigan user’s rods. this beast is still under the control of the user.

    Ability of the beast:
    1. it can cast genjutsu that can make anyone in the vicinity to experience insanity
    2. Strength and power comparable to the nine tailed fox
    3. can do all the abilities of the five original bodies except the sixth
    4. immune to genjutsu

    Negative effects:
    the user must use almost all his chakra, thus, he will experience a severe physical and spiritual fatigue after this technique is done. or he can no longer perform other techniques after a 30 minutes fight.
    the technique drastically shortens user’s lifespan

  41. Entry no. 3:eye ability again

    Bloodline limit – dancing light periscope eyes
    the eye ball of the person with this bloodline limit has multiple iris( just imagine a soccer ball). And every iris has its own color and forms.

    General description: the eyeball rotates by the time the user performs an ability. and stop with the iris suited for the technique he will perform…

    An ordinary person with this bloodline limit has the ability to change the color of their iris depending on their emotion…when they are happy- blue, when sad- white, when angry- red, when jealous or flattered – yellow

    but a trained and well versed persons with this bloodline limit can control the color of their iris. Emotions may not the reason of changing of colors and rotation of their eyeball…these trained people know the potential of their bloodline limit

    Level 1: an iris with a certain color can grant a user to use a certain chakra associated to it
    Navy Blue – water, red-fire, white-lightning, black – earth, Sky blue or purple-wind

    Level 2: This level can be achieve only if the enraged emotion of the user produce a unique scarlet tears.. that will wipe out the color of the iris making it as a shiny reflector(mirror). Any image formed through it will be duplicated, become alive and can be controlled by the user. example a tree, when its image formed and focus, the user can summon a tree similar to the tree focused, but this time it is alive and powerful. a user can even create his own body duplicates or his opponents body duplicates up to the number he wishes depending on the chakra he reserve for it. This duplicates are different from kage bunshins because they are real and their ability are based on the ability or nature of original one. like the tree, a duplicated tree can create vines, extend branches, and can create leaf knifes or kunai.

    Level 3:
    This level is advanced: it is similar to mangekyou sharingan
    but the ability depends on the number of iris appear on the eyes

    level 3 periscopic eyes has the ability to let their iris to retain its reflector form without wiping out the color, thus allowing their duplicated summons to use chakra types associated to the color of the iris.

    Level 3 periscopic eyes grant the user to perform forbidden techniques

    Holographic dancing shapes( each eyeball has one iris in reflector form, but its color are varied like that of rainbow). – this technique allows the user to detonate his duplicated summon allowing them to engulf the area with microscopic dusts that attack opponent five senses as well as chakra pores blocking them , thus making opponent futile in performing techniques and sensing stimuli from his environment

    Spectroscopic dancing lights: (each eyeball now has two iris with color varied and fading like that in spectroscope)
    This technique allow the user to utilize the cloud of dusts derived from explosions of duplicated summons to become highly radioactive and vibrates with the frequency of electromagnetic radiation…that even an absolute defense like that of susanno cant block it

    Blackholes warping- infinite periscope( each of the eyeball has three or more iris in it)

    This technique is highly forbidden and one in million can achieve it- a user has the ability to create a 3 cuts of rectangular giant mirrors out of the remains of the dusts. A mirror then attach each other to become a periscope. when the user let this to rotates, all in the vicinity will be sucked up and shredded apart, this is very dense that even light cant escape. So a time space jutsu seems useless here…

    Negative effects: too much use will destroy gradually all the senses of the user.
    Forbidden technique associated to it especially the last one is a suicide, because even the user cant escape to it.

  42. Bloodline Limit: Phoenix Eye
    the eye will turn a yellowish-orange and phoenix feathers will surround the pupil, with use it grants the user massive amount of chakra (chakra gaining depends on how strong the user is, if the user is highly skilled, he can gain more chakra than any of the Kages) the user can also predict the next move of the opponent and even identify the hand seals to make a counter attack, it can reflect attacks as well and sense how much chakra the opponent has, it can activate powerful taijutsu, ninjutsu, and genjutsu skills. the most remarkable power this bloodline limit gives is that while it is active all the damage the user receives is instantly healed back to normal, the major downside of this is overusing will cause the user to lose the bloodline ability and it will seal all the jutsus known by the user. This skill can only be used by performing difficult hand seals, and the user must not create a single mistake, it can only be used 5 hours / day.

  43. Level 2: Immortal Phoenix eyes:
    Their the same but the only difference that it costs more chakra and the user can cast a temporary immortality justu and makes the user immortal for 5 secs and must be recharged every 30 seconds.

  44. ^^^^^^^
    BTW: level 2 phoenix eyes makes the eyes look more fierce and intense and the color darkens a bit.

    Legendary Forbbiden Bloodline: Stellonaris Phoenix Eyes:
    Requirement: 366 hand seals done in 20 seconds, must have obtained the Immortal Phoenix Eyes, has learned “The Solaris” scroll , “The Stella” scroll, and the “The Luna” scroll and has made a covenant with the monks of light through a temple, at least Kage Rank.

    The eye makes a great change and forms a seal with the sun, moon & stars and becomes more like a bird’s eye. The user gains immense amount of chakra (even more than the chakra of all the hokages combined), can summon the Legendary Stellonaris Phoenix which can use all elements (except wood) and can obliberate an entire village in a blink of an eye, it has the amazing ability to make a transformation justsu with the user, and can unlock more jutsu, and even gravity, space, and time control. Taijustu abilities are more outstanding and flawless, ninjustsu cost less chakra and the user can control their power, and genjutsu abilities does not require the user to maintain any handseals and will last longer depending also on the user, and the user can also control the target, their is no way out of the genjutsu unless the user withdraws the Stellonaris Phoenix Eyes, The major drawback is that the user can only use it thrice a month and is only available when either the sun, moon, or stars are visible, it will not work when one of these are not seen or is blocked. During an eclipse, the user can activate the Stellonaris Phoenix Eye’s true ablity….. The Sealed Life & Death Judgement jutsu.

  45. wow, i must say i feel like the odd ball as my submission did not deal with some insanely powerful eye technique. you guys need some more originality. everything in here is eye techniques. and some are certinly OP

  46. 2n Jutsu

    Its called dancing swords technique!

    This is where a puppeteer instead of using puppets, uses swords that are attached by chakra strings! this way the multiple swords that are used can be infused with the users elemental chakra! because they are made by the same conductive metal as Asuma sarutobi’s daggers.

    the swords can be soaked with poison for added affect.

  47. with the above jutsu as just added comment!

    the potential for this jutsu is quite lethal, the chakra strings can made invisible, and thrown in the air to scatter them all over the place. then pulled or thrown in which way to take the enemy off guard.

  48. “So a time space jutsu seems useless here…” why do people assosiate light and space/time ninjutsu, space/time ninjutsu go into a different demension, they don’t travel at light speed.

  49. keke genkai=water & lightinig=forbidden jutsu.ninja art vaporizing water jutsu,in order to complete this jutsu 2 water or shadow clones are needed 1 shadow clone will put its lightning chakra into the water while the other will create a barrier to protect you from this jutsu.Then u will call forth from the water a water blade(that has lightning elementsin it) that will vaporize anything in its path.without the barrier you will be instantly vaporized upon implanting the lightning base charkra into the water

  50. earth style battleground breaks up all earth element by you

  51. this is a good one

    jutsu:Lightning web
    rank:special jonin
    (first you need a shadow clone)the lightning web technique lets you summon lightning in the form of a web from the palms of your hand when fighting and oppenent as soon as anyone touches it they will be shock this technique can not win the battle once shock but can win if the oppnent is stunned from the shock but once shock it will be hard for them to escape because they are being shock while they are shock the lightning will send signals to the user stateing the chakra level of the oppnent

  52. MY POWER

    doro no batto jutsu
    Jutsu: Gravity + Earth

    Also known as Mud butt.

    END EDIT***

  53. this jutsu lets you go to the underworld.
    naruto and the underworld in the underworld in the naruto world ninja live on and fight yup fight(they dont even get rest in the underworld).

    the jutsu even lets you go to the under world and back.you can also bring somone back for a short time.or you can alow the ninja or person to take control of a body even a dead body.

  54. Madara Uchiha used

    to translate into kanji
    and then
    Copy and paste
    And selected Kanji to Romaji to translate into the phonetic.

    Just so everyone knows that the Japanese Romaji for mud butt.

    Inappropriate? Yes! awesome? Unbelievably!

  55. Fire Style: Hell Raiser

    Summons up immense heat and flames to destroy a 3 mile radius. Altering the landscape.

  56. Leaf Style: Razor Blast

    Controls any surrounding leaves and blasts them at the opponent making it easy to escape, hide, and/or kill your opponent. (with added element, can become stronger and unlock different abilities.

  57. Doton: Earth destruction

    rank: Kage level

    after using the hand seal boar, rabbit, bird, monkey, snake then clap. by focusing the chakra on both hands then putting both hands on the ground, this will create tremendous earthquake and even activates the volcanoes to be active. Raiton which has high affinity with douton, can not be used against it…

  58. Based on my last submission, the ultimate level of the bloodline limit (the warping blackhole infinite periscope)can even surpass spacetime jutsus… this ability derive from what a blackhole can do…it is been said that light is hypothesized to be massless particle, restless and move super fast…if an opponent has the ability of time space jutsu, do you think he/she can perform it in approximately 0.000000333..seconds
    or 1/300,000 of a second (that is if he is 1000 meter from the black hole). Recent studies show that blackhole causes dimensions to warp producing a wormhole between two locations…it is hypothesized that teleportation is like shredding dimensions thus allowing an object to travel in two locations without a change in time…Since jutsu must have some time to perform it…then any jutsu use to escape it will become futile. just remember light, it can travel a 1 km distance in a 1/ 300000 of a second but then it cant still escape, how much more a person trying to do a jutsu even at super fast rate…hope mr. mart1 i explain it right

  59. also, Ive learned from my physics professor that only a massless object can travel at the speed of light… there is also a theory that blackholes shreds the parts of an object in atomic level and these are distributed in different dimensions and locations

  60. part 1.

    summoning jutsu: angels of underworld

    this jutsu needs a large amount of chakra. by this summoning jutsu it allows the user to summon 5 kinds of angel namely the angel of earth, angel of wind, angel of fire, angel of water, and angel of lightning. On this matter, the user can now used different kinds of elements can also use different kind of elemental chakra like the mokouton, shouton, hyoton, youton, and etc….

    n i there for conclude that no one can beat this jutsu..

  61. part 2:

    doujutso: Gods’ eyes

    this is the ultimate doujutso. irrespective with byakugan, sharinggan, and rinnegan, this kind of doujutso allows the user/s to use all kind of doujutso. thus, all types of jutso as well can be controlled by the user….

  62. Also i will comment on the idea of spacetime and its relationship with light…Modern physics book provide a lot of proofs that space and time is highly related with light…even Einstein stated that light in itself give us the perception of dimensions…thus it is just right that dimensions(length, width, height and time) are define by the concept of light…Space and time are two concepts that cant be separated…positive time is measured by light in itself, and moving beyond its speed would mean shredding the positive time thus allows anything to move on another space of an entirely different chronology…
    what we observe here, let say the ability of madara is that, he can move to a place apart from reality…

  63. third eye bind: ablity to move body molecules 3 min in future…

  64. Dark Style: Shinigami Rebirth

    Summons up the Shinigami to possess the users body, temporarily giving them the power to revive a dead body and possess it/control it.

  65. Man this is hard. Tryin to come up with something no one else has so heres hopeing i didnt copy anyone.

    1st: Mind Transfer (Soul Release)
    Rank: Forbidden

    This jutsu is for the Yamanaka Clan. It requires a lot of chakra, time and genjutsu. First the user must catch his opponent in a genjutsu. The genjutsu is used to break the opponent spirit, While in this genjutsu the user prepares for the MTSR. After so long the jutsu is ready, takin over the person body killing his soul. You are now able to do everything he was able to do.(Jutsu, Chakra Munipulation ect.)
    Pros: Eternal Life (if you can complet the justu), Able to used all chakra elements, unlimited number of jutsu.
    Con: You can never return to your old body, it requires alot of time, and you cant used it on Doujutsu user, because they are able to see through the genjstu. Also not a good ideal to used if its not a one on one battel.

    Ok on to number 2.

    Bowel Release Jutsu will not be tollerated
    END EDIT*****

    cant think of a 3rd one rite now but will back later.

  66. there are holes in your arguement that should be pointed out…

    1. “that blackhole causes dimensions to warp producing a wormhole between two locations” I’m quite curious about this research, the only way to know would be if something could be sent and returned. It seems like this is something out of star trek not proven physics. The only provable things about a black hole are that 1. it has a massive gravitational pull 2. light cannot escape from a black hole. As far as what happens inside, since by your own arguements, it warps reality, there could be completely different rules, though the fact that light can’t escape/there are massive amounts of gravity isn’t troubling if you can teleport, because you don’t have to move/travel meaning speed is irrelevant, you don’t have to fight against the massive forces of gravity or pass through them, so it doesn’t matter.

    2. “it is hypothesized that teleportation is like shredding dimensions thus allowing an object to travel in two locations without a change in time…” Again, PROOF? I don’t think anyone/thing has ever teleported, so it’s quite hard to prove how teleportation works. Madara’s teleportation simply moves him from where he is to where he want’s to be instantaneously.

    3. “he can move to a place apart from reality…” if it’s apart for reality, doesn’t that mean that it has it’s own rules, outside those of physics?

    What it sounds like is that Madara has the ability to create a blackhole (which you equated to a wormhole) and what happens when two blackholes colide? they form a bigger one, so if Madara can control and move through one blackhole safely why not another?

  67. Kisu, your Chisiogan is kinda like a Szayel Experiment :p

    …Maybe you like him too much…

  68. Alright time to get it on!

    First Jutsu
    Secret Technique: Full Synchro!
    Rank: B class
    Effects: The full synchro allow any one with the right training and state of mind to meld minds with his summoned animal. In this way the summoner can control the summoned animal with his thoughts, when he moves the animal moves the same exact way. When the mind meld is at it’s peak the summoner can use Full synchro level 2. This makes the ninja meld into the summoned animals body. The animal then shrinks to the size of a regular human being and takes on humaniod shape and the ninja can see all that the animal see’s, can control it in real combat, and as such the animal’s powers are increased upon the ninja’s. So the summoner could summon a hawk, do a full synchro level 2 and gain the new body, use his own jutsu but also have the new powers of a hawk such as flying off.

  69. Offensive Reverse Summon: This Jutsu acts similar to Flying Thunder God, except in reverse. Tag something with a special seal and you can summon it to any location a coresponding tag is set. This way you can tag an opponent and summon him into a trap. It also has other uses, for example, you could attach the seal to important documents, in case of theft, you can just summon them back to you.

  70. Instead of waiting another week, I think I will close off submisions in 48 hours so that the results can be aired on the 16th.

  71. to mart 1:
    based on your first counterargument–

    modern physics by beiser: I mentioned that blackhole has an immense gravitational pull, you agree with it. Blackhole then has an enormous mass to achieve such gravitational pull. Einstein on the same track, stated in his general theory of relativity, that amassive body sink in into space( like the analogy of the net and a marble, a net to be the space and marble as the heavenly body). when the mass of the marble increases, it sinks further on the net until such time that the net itself cant support the marble. When a super massive body reach the limit of space, a wormhole is produced, and hypothesized to be a shortcut to either two locations or two time being. There is no strong evidence even with the idea of blackhole but this provide an exciting part of reseach….

    If there is truth about teleportation then it follows mass and time must be involve…since hypothetically time is affected by mass, then blackhole must have great relationship with teleportation…since blackhole associated with mass and teleportation with time… you cant separate the two
    even if you will not move when teleporting. Icant think any physics concept to describe how you understand the concept of teleportation….scientifically, time travel and space warping must have something in relation with speed, mass and time…I beg to diagree that speed is irrelevant in teleportation, if you are going to look at the idea of length contraction in einstein special theory of relativity, an object at speed of light can contract the length of its path to zero, just imagine how you can see the star billion of light years away from us right away during at night…this is the formula of length contraction ,
    L = Lo(sqrt (1-(v^2/c^2)))

    2. yes there is no proof for teleportation so far, and even the term teleportation is not accepted by computer dictionary…but if there is near scientific explanation to it, it would be a warping of dimensions or traveling so fast nearly at the speed of light …it must abide the law of cause and effect. if you will state that madara can teleport without even a cause of it…it would be a mere fiction and simply a literary form…when i say space and time jutsu is useless here, i mean it…because i believe no concept in physics is irrelevant when we talk about this kind of topics

    3. if reality is the measure of present time, all the laws of physics must be abide on that time…but if teleportation really is true, i can say there is no such thing different rules…it could be that when teleportation occurs, it can be a transfer of place or location without a change in time, thus, its the same reality so no argument here, but warping of dimension means shredding of space so altering the time, which follows changing reality… it can be that the location is the same but time is different…it is more of time travel…yet even a change of reality will not give the nature a different rule as that in the past or future…it will still follow the law of conservation of energy, momentum, etc…laws of physics is timeless, thus cant be affected by change of reality or time

  72. regarding your idea about the ability of madara, I say why not, if madara can make his body a blackhole and shred space and teleport to another place, he can make another body to pass through the hole he made…but since to do it madara must to increase his mass…which supposedly draws all in the vicinity to move through it… if I theorize that madara can move nearly at the speed of light, it must be that his mass will greatly increased but never reach the speed of light. But this argument never shown, so must i settle, there are all fictional, and no truth behind it

  73. hey guys just a random story out of the plot, i was going through some archives and got this interesting thing, say wht’s u r opinion———

    A demon king disguised himself as a human in order to be with this Hyuuga girl he was inlove with. They had a son, whiched they Madara. His byakugan was different than his mothers they evolved with the helped of his fathers blood. He was born with red eyes with additional pupils and could later activate MS. He was the best friend of Shodaime. Madara’s father plotted to steal his sons body. Madara kneww even with MS he was no match for his father. He made a deal with Kyuubi to give him his powers to help him defeat his father. He couldn’t kill his father so instead he sealed him thinking the conditions of resurrecting him impossible to anyone. The origin of Uchiha was recorded by Madara himself himself and was hidden in the shrine that You can see in the anime and manga a picture of Kyuubi in the shrine. Also in Shippuden sasuke gets ticked of when Kyuubi mentions Madara. The Uchiha believed it their duty to protec this secret of demon heritage from the rest of the village, look at how naruto was outcasted.To ressurect his father there needed to be 3 MS users each casting a respective MS Jutsu on the sealed entity. The Kyuubi’s chakre must be used to resurrect him and one of the MS users would sacrifice their body as a container. I thought Itachi’s plan was ressurect him. He said to sasuke when he killed the clan there another MS user out there (he didn’t believe Kaskashi capable so I believed it was Obito) wanted sasuke to become the third so made him seek power. Finally his Jinchuriki target is Kyuubi.

  74. WIND STYLE : EXPLODING BALLOON JUTSU : Perform hand seals where wind rushes into an opponents mouth and fills him with air until he explodes!

    WATER STYLE : CALGON TAKETH AWAY JUTSU : A specvial combo of paper tag and a hand seal to dry up the moisture in a persons body, turning them to dust.

    EARTH, WIND, FIRE JUTSU : A special sound based genjutsu brought on by singing an Earth, Wind and Fire song and trapping them in a bad talent search reality show where they get insulted by Simon Cowell over and over again!

  75. Manish 1. that’s been discussed before 2. It’s compleatly fanfiction 3. Of topic comments should go to the chapter discusion

  76. sokka I vote for yours to be the best. I’m sorry but that jutsu of yours just rocks! Earth wind and fire getting trashed by simon cowel as a genjutsu! Priceless!

  77. lmfao! If it comes to comedy, he gets first place XD

  78. first earth dome justu the user builds an arena by enfusing the surrounding with chakra and then manipulating it into the form of a battle arena then the user puts himself in the ground and makes shadow clones as his opponent is distracted he throws a kunai at his blind spot and kills him it this does not work the user then the user throws kunais from all directions so that his opponent cannot escape this is called earth style kunai death dome

    oh last but not least as a last resort naruto grabs a hundred senbon in his hand and then starts a rasengan and points it to the center of all the enemys attacking at once when he is conered it is called a hundred swirling stabs

  79. Kekkai-Genkai
    by fusing the two chakra properties earth + lightning one is given : steel style which in its own nature can be utilized to the extinct of yamatos and the first hokages wood style

  80. This ones 4 all you doujutsu lovers
    ( i dont c y doujutsu but whatever at least itll satisfy u lot)

    The Black Lotus eye technique
    this isnt neccesarily a kekkai-Genkai but more a jutsu none only two a certain village.

    this technique dialates and spins the pupil at such a fast rate all motoin is slowed allow for no wasted movements

  81. This is a point-blank A-ranked fire jutsu

    Comet-Charged Palm: by focusing not alot but a mediocer amount of fire chakra at the base of their palm the user strikes sending out peircing sparks into the opponent possibly severing the chakra network with it

  82. This dance move is well in its right to be called:

    The Heaven’s Mercy sword swipe:
    This jutsu can only be mastered by a ninja with amazing paitence and accuracy

    The user holds the hilt of their swoed an awaits their oncoming foe and as the come in range of the blade the dancer drops and performs a sweeping manuever and slice both or one depending on the accuracy of the achelies tendons rendering all effective leg movement then depending on the will of the user the opponent can be killed or sparred

  83. This is my last comment on this thingy-mgummy

    This is a very advanced S-ranked lightning style jutsu

    Lions Awarness Jutsu: The user of this jutsu runns an electrical current through-out their entire body giving them slightly more speed and impact to their strikes and providing them with a mental radar that allows them to pin-point just about anything but ninjutsu, and obvoilsy genjutsu this inludes: people,kunai,shuriken, taijutsu, swords hand seals(probly hand seal for a sharingon but never the less still) ect. if their are any comments reguarding anything ive said so far plz contact me at

    necrowarlord@hotmail.com on msn.com thx

  84. […] Invent-A-Jutsu Contest Results: Posted on November 17, 2009 by mart1 https://shannaro.wordpress.com/2009/11/02/invent-a-jutsu-contest/ […]

  85. fogo vence ventu
    vendu vence raio
    raio vence terra
    agua vence fogo

  86. my justsu is (weather clone jutsu). it can adapt to any weather like jutsu. they also have different types of power depending on the weather!

  87. i also have (reflectogon). it is kind of like shoningon and the biocugon. but it reflects damage form any attack and it is the best a genjutsu

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