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Naruto Chapter 469 – Sakura on the Rebound

naruto-retro1Post Author: Bob

Hi folks, miss me? That two week lapse seemed like forever, but Naruto chapter 469 is out so let’s get at it. I was quite impressed Kishi managed to cram four separate scenes into one chapter, it’s not an easy thing to do I assure you but Kishi must be keen to keep the reader’s attention on all fronts. Of course, as the title of this chapter (Sakura’s Confession) implies, Sakura steals the show with her Oh-so-bold statements to Naruto. But although I get what she’s trying to do, I have to say that in the end she’s just digging a bigger hole for herself. And I’m not just saying this as a bona fide HinataxNaruto supporter — Sakura’s whole “confession” of love just seemed so very artificial that even someone as dense as Naruto picked up on it.

naruto469-1I don’t want the Sakura business stealing this entire blog post, so let’s talk about the other parts of this chapter first. First off, Kisame vs. Killerbee barely progressed at all – it only received a one-page treatment in 469, but can anyone say Ponta-burgers? That darn racoon (it’s a tanuki, technically) is going to get himself killed charging someone as insanely strong as Kisame. Maybe if Ponta gets pwned, the so-called enka-ninja will get serious and show Kisame his moves.


Well, it looks like my speculation about Ao being in league with Danzo was just that, speculation. Too bad, it would have made for a pretty interesting plot twist. Right now, I have no idea what Danzo might be planning because surely he must do something soon or be voted out of office as the shortest lived Hokage. But before that he has Fuu deal with the pest following them. Fuu’s little mind transfer trap was pretty ingenious, I can’t honestly think of anyone being able to avoid something like that unless they knew exactly what kind of trap it was. Even though Ao falls for the trap, he does seem to know what kind of jutsu it is and calls it a cursed seal variant of the mind transfer technique. What’s with Ao, he seems to be able to identify any kind of jutsu thrown at him, is he some kind of walking ninjutsu encyclopaedia?

naruto469-3Anyways, the jutsu in question is undoubtedly based on the Yamanaka clan’s version. I wouldn’t be so surprised if Fuu himself has some Yamanaka blood in him. My question is: couldn’t have Ino have learned something like this instead of her lame version that requires the target to remain for the mind transfer to succeed? Now that Fuu has Ao exactly where he wants him, I wonder what he will do with Ao’s body. Danzo ordered Fuu to retrieve Ao’s Byakugan, but I doubt he can just gouge it out. My guess is that the old rule about the mind transfer jutsu still holds true: that any harm done to Ao’s body will be done to Fuu’s body as well. These kind of fights that rely on pure tactics reminds me a lot of Shikamaru’s old battles. I hope we have more of these in the future, they’re very entertaining.

naruto469-4As for the talk between the kages on the new alliance, I don’t have too much to say. I was more leaning towards Gaara as the new leader; and maybe even the Mizukage. I did find Mifune’s argument for the Raikage’s nomination kind of flawed. Sure he is a lot calmer now that he knows Killerbee’s safe, but what happens if his brother is in danger again (like right now)? I just don’t know how stable a guy is when he’s willing to sacrifice his left arm to beat a ninja with a chip on his shoulder who happens to be 20 yeas younger than him. As for the Tsuchikage, all I have to say is that he and Danzo must have been cut from the same cloth, but at least he is willing to concede for now.

naruto469-5And now for the meat of this chapter. I wasn’t expecting Sakura to just confess outright when she first finds Naruto, and in front of everyone too. That should be the first clue that something isn’t right here. I’m no idealistic romantic, but I feel that the first confession of love between two people should be just that: between two people and nobody else. You have all the time to advertise it to the world later on: dates, engagements, weddings; so there’s no need to make a big deal of it here. Also, Sakura is kind of cornering Naruto here and forcing him to respond to her in front of their friends and peers. This tells me she didn’t really think this through before coming here, and instead is doing this in a desperate attempt to fix the guilt she feels for making Naruto promise to bring Sasuke back to her. This whole “confession” feels like it was more for her own benefit than Naruto’s, like she’s trying to convince herself to get over Sasuke. And besides, why bring up your ex so much while trying to make a love confession? That just totally ruins the mood. I’m glad Naruto picked up on this — no way is he going to play second fiddle to Sasuke when Sakura is clearly not over him yet. Sakura is confused right now and letting her emotions getting the better of her judgment. I would say she was just trying to set things right with Naruto by having a rebound relationship, but was there even a relationship between she and Sasuke in the first place other than a one-sided one? I could go on with this, but I’ll leave it there. I still do think Sakura definetly has some genuine affection for Naruto, but this “forced” confession was not the right way of expressing those feelings. I was really hoping for a more genuine moment from Sakura, but she let me down here 😦  Here’s hoping she comes clean and speak more from her heart in chapter 470.

naruto469-6BTW, loved Rock Lee’s reaction on page 9, but why is Yamato reacting like that?? Lol @ Kakashi’s expression throughout the whole scene: total indifference – he must have a lot experience with the ladies ;p


125 Responses

  1. good post man, i know sakura was just forcing all she said to change naruto’s mind but just like you said he saw though it….. i doubt this will change his mind.

  2. just as naruto said ” I Can’t stand People Who Lie To Themselves”

  3. there’s a big difference between sakura’s love confession and beloved hinata’s love confession

  4. agree wd u..Hina’s way better she shudve come

  5. and showed a true confession..wait..she did that already!

  6. I agree with you bob, from the moment i start reading about sakura’s confession, i don’t see any love affection at all infact it’s kinda like a slap on a face confession…. I would rather earn that feeling than just fake it, Now I’m really empress at Naruto’s reaction ” I cant stand people who lie to themselves” classic….

    Yuske, Spike, Hanamichi Sakuragi and Naruto….. Hanamichi is my all time main character favorite in the history of manga and anemi for totally coollness but i believe Naruto is about to change that lol i dont know why i brouhgt it up 😛 who cares

  7. I think Sakura’s confession is just a bullshit!!!
    And Naruto’s right by saying “I cant stand ppl who lie to themselves”
    I know what he means. He means that, Sakura’s confession of love is so fake.
    Different from Hinata’s confession. Hinata prove to Naruto that she loves him by protecting him from danger and risked her life for Naruto. Naruto maybe finally realize which one that is right for him.

  8. @Sage of Six Paths

    What would Hinata’s confession do now or what could Hinata do now? Sakura was the one who had to make the plea, she was on Team 7 with Sasuke and Naruto, and Naruto made the promise to her. I think there was some honesty in what Sakura said, but it goes with what Bob said about her doubts and guilt. She still has feelings for Sasuke, but she doesn’t want to have them because of the whole missing nin, blah blah blah…

    Who knows, Fuu is in Root, maybe he won’t care so much if his eye is taken out (or perhaps it could easily be put back in, I mean how many eye transplants have we seen? It doesn’t have to be a special eye to be reinserted right?

    My first thought was that Danzo wanted the Byakugan for himself, but I don’t think it works out that a right eye could go into a left eye socket. Would have been cool though right? Danzo could give the byuakugan to Fuu in exchange for Fuu’s right eye.

    Another possiblity is that if Danzo is Madara, or is working with Madara, maybe Madara needs a Byakugan in order to complete his plans? In any case, it is nice to see the Hyuuga clan taking more of a front seat of things, Kishi did forget all about them really since the search for Sasuke arc.

  9. anyways, i got out everything i wanted to say about Sakura in the “it’s out” post yesterday argueing w/ drharuno*, and most of it was reiterated in this post. on to cool stuff, i think Kisame’s gonna pwn both the tanuki and the enkaa guy fairly quickly to get to the actual battle. Ino really should learn that jutsu Fu used, but she’s probably to lame to come anywhere near that power level, i’m guessing what the Root guy did was at least A-rank, maybe S-rank. whatever it was, i think he’s definatly got 1 of the coolest powers in the manga. on the Kages, the Raikage said the Tsuchikage fought Madara b4, and Madara was suposedly never heard of since his battle w/ Hashirama about 60 years ago, meaning about 60 years ago, the Tsuchikage was an adult and some1 capable of handling Madara @ full power, meaning the Tsuchikage’s probably just as old as Madara is! damn, he’s older than he looks, and that’s saying somthing. was i the only1 that picked up on this?
    *btw, if you’re reading this, dh, sorry if i was a lil’ harsh, i’ve been having computer problems, i haven’t had a good nights sleep at all this week until last night, and i had a bad day @ school yesterday, so i was really frustrated and i kinda forgot to put up the metaphorical filter between what i think and what i type

  10. i think sakura finally realizes naruto doesn’t want her lol

  11. she should had just say she was over Sasuke and stop, that would have be more credible

  12. a fairly decent chapter. sakura only said those things to naruto to try and stop him from chasing sasuke because she blames herself. she wasnt being a bitch just trying to help naruto. i found the most interesting bits to be the danzo/ao story. wonder what danzo’s plans are and if ao will die. with regards to the tsuchikage i didnt think it meant he’d actually fought him one on one more likely that his village fought the leaf/madara at some point.i could be wrong though. hopefully next week it’ll show some kisame action.

  13. well in the end sakura and naruto prolly end up being together anywayz..Just like Minato and Kushina Uzumaki..well my point is, kishi is going stick with the match red her and yellow her, just as minato and kushina. However I do understand what sakura says..she just trying to stop naruto from chasing Sasuke, but again naruto is a ninja that never turn back on his word..b/c that is his ninja way! so she love narut or not..naruto will still stop sasuke b/c naruto consider sasuke as his own brother.

    So..Danzo want Ao byakugan now?..man that would be kind of wierd if he has sharingun on left eye and byakugan on right eye..but that would be kind of interesting, if danzo do get the byakugan. And that makes him even tougher to kill b/c he has the eye that can see 360degree angle with copycut eye technique on left eye.

    As far as kisame and killerbee’s fight i have no comment, but I wish to see more fight on kisame v. killerbee for the next chapter.

  14. wait..sakura is pink hair ..The red her meant to say re hair or yellow hair.I hated typo

  15. @ripcord what i meant was her words were just so obvious she should’ve put more effort in putting emotion at the things she says..and i’ve bn Naru-Hina since the beginning but whatever direction Naruto chooses so be it..[he might be a bachelor-bringing true peace is a very hard task….lol]

  16. agree wd charlie..the fewer words u say the more impressive and powerful u look..its in the Laws of Power

  17. he needs to stick with hinata she was more real with her confession than sakura

  18. I think naruto chasing sasuke is no longer about bonds and such. I think its more about his ultimate goal in attaning peace

  19. One thing I realized is maybe Fuu’s jutsu is a kinjutsu and that’s why he knows it and the Yamanakas don’t use it. We still don’t know much about it, how long it lasts, etc., but it’s just a possibility.

    Also, I’ve been thinking about Danzo’s eye. If he took both eyes, I don’t think he’d be able to use them both at once, we have seen from Kakashi that using an implanted sharingan uses too much chakra, and I would guess the same could be said for a Byakugan. Plus, the Hyuuga would be pissed to see a non-clan member with one, and they (although we haven’t seen much of them lately) are considered a huge part of Konoha.

    I wonder if Danzo would say “I’ll give you guys this Byakugan back if I receive every Hyuuga vote for Hokage” or use it to bargain in some other way. I really wonder how Ao could be so stupid to go off by himself, at least go with a partner, but I guess Chojiro and the Mizukage had to stay behind.

    As to Naruto and Sakura getting together; I only see that happening if Hinata dies because she has always loved Naruto and while Naruto didn’t know it until now, I believe he has gotten over Sakura a while ago, to the extent that I think he is going after Sasuke for his own reasons. I think he still likes Sakura (as a close friend), but I doubt that he feels anything more now.

  20. woah! it just hit me! it could be madara using transformation jitsu but i have my douts….

  21. did ya guys gave thought on raikage statement of tsuchikage to had fought madara!

    i wonder wht’s the age of old fart! madara no doubt over 100’s of years old and without a immortality jutsu it’s immposible to be alive for such long!

    now i rem who is older chiyo or tsuchikage?

  22. @ manis, ppl live to b over 100 in the real world, and in Naruto some strings can reatach the head w/out any negative side-effects (i’m talking Hidan and Kakuzu). so y couldn’t the Tsuchikage live to b over 100? and if he is > 100 years, that means he’s older than Chiyo, who’s only 73

  23. @JPUA (from the “Its Out!” post
    i agree with every sinlge point of Hinata begin much better than sakura xP
    But Sakura has been through much more than Hinata. In shippuden we see her in more action, and see a bit of how her conscious is acting. Now Sakura is a much more important figure then Hinata, at least in his arc. Though i do think that Naruto may say something about Hinata to sakura 😉

  24. Ao isn’t the one who recognizes the jutsu. The person saying the name of the technique is Fu in Ao’s body after he uses the mind swap. Right now, Ao is trapped inside that doll, and Fu can just take the body back to Danzo

  25. btw whatsup Darkknight? lol

    I think sakura only made that confession because she thinks that she is the reason naruto is chasing sasuke.
    Aaaand my prediction was right from a couple of months ago, Sakura did say she loved Naruto.

    Sakura is my favorite kunoichi but if she was with Naruto, what would happen to Hinata who deserves him. Your choices are
    a. Naruto chooses Sakura
    b. Naruto chooses Hinata
    c. Naruto pimps and chooses both
    d. Naruto switches teams and chooses Sasuke 😉

    Kakashi was like gooooo oooon this is good.
    But wtf is with Yamato? That confused me. Does he know something that we don’t? He already knew that Sakura loved Naruto…which was mentioned after their battle with Orochimaru.

  26. “If he took both eyes,” Danzo could probably make a good case for the Hyugga being better off by saying that Ao slashed his eye in the battle hoping to blind him, leaving him a choice between blindness and the Byakugan eye, he didn’t kill a hyugga to get it, and though he is outside the clan, he is much better than Ao, and if he became Hokage he would bring them honnor. OR he could do the much more Danzo-ish thing, cover BOTH his eyes, and pretend to have gained a sixth sense to compensate (in reality he would be using the Byakugan to see through the cloth to fight)

  27. The reality is Sakura doesn’t love Naruto. And I won’t be biased so i’ll say that almost all of the comments are right. Sakura wanted to stop hurting Naruto by making him stick to his promise, and she wanted to stop feeling guilty by giving herself to Naruto and trying to fool him.
    NaruHina is only looking better because of the way Sakura lied and kept mentioning Sasuke. She made it obvious that her confession wasnt true. Hinata showed Naruto her love for him in a way that Sakura can’t. Kishi is probably saving the reunion with Hinata until after Naruto censures Sakura. NaruSaku fans have lost. Its over guys :,(

  28. [BTW, loved Rock Lee’s reaction on page 9, but why is Yamato reacting like that?? Lol @ Kakashi’s expression throughout the whole scene: total indifference – he must have a lot experience with the ladies ;p]

    LOL Bob, Kakashi had alot of reading Tactic Paradise and as for Yamato he just didn’t want Sakura bullshitting Naruto.

  29. @JPUA- so wht the approx age of the madara according to u?

  30. lol epic fail sakura

  31. @ manis, probably around 90 somthing to 100+

  32. yes!!! he saw through it!! u gotta give naruto some credit.
    (yes!!! there’s still a chance for naruhina :D)
    i must admit, that confession was a tad bit fake ^^; . even though naruto has been waiting for her to say it to him, he didn’t fall for it (hahahahahaha!!!!).

    i wanted gaara to be the new leader!! not that wannabe WWE wrestler mizukage T^T.

    and now its 8 tails vs kisame! the fight of the century! oh i can’t wait for it!! give us all the details k catman 😀 ?!

    great job as always catman :D!! keep it up!

  33. i thought when i read the spoilers for this but hadnt seen the pictures that fuu’s technique sounded a lot like the type of thing that danzo/madara could use to create tobi.but after seeing the pictures it doesnt seem that this is the case. also torune looks a bit like tobi. i dont think that danzo wants the byakugan for himself. whoever suggested that he would use it to gain the support of the hyuuga clan could be spot on. although i think that ao might kick some ass as i doubt he’d go after all three of them if he wasnt a hard bastard.

  34. @JPUA, dude leaf village is itself 100+ years old,
    madara would had been in his 30’s(since uchiha’s had long history of existnce)
    this makes him oldest!!!130+.
    this made me think tsuchikage way too younger probably a chunin!
    it’s a surprised he survived confronting him,lol

    jokes apart! fuu really seems to have connected with yamanaka clan,even his hair style/looks resembles theirs.

  35. It was an ok chapter….i think that the enka teacher is about as good as dead. Sakura’s confession just didnt cut it for me, its like telling a girl you just met that your deeply in love with her and want to get married…im glad naruto sees through this. i hope ths is the end of the whole sakunaru. that jutsu was mad crazy but i still think ao will not go down without a fight.

  36. ao,fuu,tofu
    ALL seems to have important role, i think kishi is lacking on main characters

    naruto impressed actualy handled himself well,
    yamato gesture probaly related to his belief of ” hellll!!naruto would never ever gonna hear that frm sakura!

    against alll odds kiba act was rather surprising he maintained calm and collective body language,lol

  37. @Wadadli,, u r right enka, is a funky characters (most of them r cowards), they never die as escaping is their speciality.

    killerbee is seriously underestimating kisame!!
    without help KB gonna loose for sure!!

    i really thought of this chapter to be full of action(since their was 2 weeks gap).

  38. hey, anyone else notice Fu’s thingy looks alot like one of the characters in the movie “9” ?

  39. Great job Bob. I’m surprised you didn’t find Onoki’s fight with Madara to be more entertaining than the ENTIRE Sakura scene.

    Well, I gotta disagree with you on the leader of the Alliance issue too. There’s no way it could be Gaara, he’s cool and all, but WAY too inexperienced. Onoki is too old and has mobility issues. The Mizukage can’t be trusted, even if she’s innocent because of how isolated her village is from the others. Danzo can’t be trusted, and Kakashi isn’t exactly a Kage level ninja, so the only good choice is Raikage. Plus his Village has no ninja in the Akatsuki, and it isn’t because they’re weak either (Samui’s team looks pretty strong and the Raikage STILL had two, well one, strong ninja to accompany him to the summit).

    The most interesting part of the chapter however was the first page……then the second page ruined my 2 weeks of waiting (no Kisame vs Kirabi). I don’t think Ao is out just yet though, after all, he is a Kirigakure ninja.

    “Here’s hoping she comes clean and speak more from her heart in chapter 470.” Nah, here’s hoping Samehada chops up that bear(?)….raccoon(?)….that thing next chapter. And then the chapter after that I wanna see some Oxtopus calamari.

  40. @ kisu, lol, totally agree w/ u on all that stuff. som1 said sakura’s important in this arc, i’d like to point out that just cuz a character is a major character, doesn’t mean they really affect the story in any way what-so-ever. but the whole “Onoki fighting Madara”, i’m kinda hoping for some flashbacks coming soon, since that sounds badass (btw, based on shown abilities, Onoki could pwn Hashirama). Kisame vs Killerbee, well first i hope Kisame kills the Enka guy, since he’s kinda stupid looking (and not in a funny way like Guy or Lee) but, Kishi usually gets the bull done first, so the talk between Naruto and Sakura will probably continue (on the bright side, we’ll at least c him get pay back for all the shit Sakura put him thru, and i’m not talking about the promise, i’m talking about her whooping his ass for even the slightest reason)

  41. I can bet Danzo’s planning on implanting that in one of his men, but I wonder why. I’m also concerned as to how the Leaf will take the news of the Raikage leading the alliance. And of course there’s the Sakura situation, but youve already heard my opinion on that in the other blog, so I won’t bother repeating myself.

  42. LOLOLOLOLOL!!!!!!!

    wasn’t Sakura supposed to be really smart in the beginning of the manga?!?!?!?!?!?!

    OMG Sakura U DUMB-ASS r u kidding me….. that was not a love confession…. and the thing is she wanst creating feelings, or forcing herself to love him……. SHE WAS ALL OUT LYING…… she should have just approached him and told him what’s what……..
    i would have accepted this…

    Sakura: Naruto we need 2 kill Saskue
    Naruto:…….. OK

    but wow….she had to go all out n lie to the guys face…. God …… u stupid bitch WTF……
    And this doesnt even compare to basically sacrafice yourself trying to save you and Confess your love…. Hinata made a REAL confession

    (srry for the bad language but i agree with naruto “I hate people who lie to themselves”……. in the manga i read Sakura said love not “really like” and naruto said hate not “cant stand”

  43. Kakuzu was only 91, and he fought Hashirama. Sarutobi was 69 (he would be 72 now), so a rough estimate of Konoha’s age would be 90-93 years old, and Madara’s age I’d say is 108+ (probably)

  44. @ bushybrow: that was fucking halarious what u just did. i’m laughing my ass off @ that comment

  45. “Great job Bob. I’m surprised you didn’t find Onoki’s fight with Madara to be more entertaining than the ENTIRE Sakura scene.”
    No way, right now it’s like a bad soap opera with Sakura being a really bad actress. It’s painful to watch but it’s also great entertainment.

  46. @ Bob, u like soap operas? i didn’t even know they still existed?

  47. “(btw, based on shown abilities, Onoki could pwn Hashirama).” How do you figure this? I would put them at about equal, until you factor in bijju control for Hirashima, but then again Onoki could have a special double element ability (most dubble elements seem too). So while I’m kind of done with “shown abilities” arguements for a while, I’m curious about something different, a SPECULATED abilities debate, ex. “You could use it in this way” because we really know little about Onoki’s abilities, and I doubt we know enough about Hirashima’s from one fight (for instance we don’t know how he beat Madara, what Bijju he controled, or what his limits were) though we could probably do everything Yammato did (Because Yammato said the 1st’s abilities were much more advanced than his)

  48. id say madara is more like 120. if kakuza was 91 when he died and he fought hashirama about 70 years ago when he was 21. and hashirama must have been a bit older than him say 30 for example. so that would mean hashiramas about 100. but hashirama probably would have been older as he would have had to establish konoha/ be old enough to be considered leader of his clan. so say he was 50 when he faced kakuza it would mean he’d be about 120 now. so madara must be a fairly similar age.

  49. @ mart: http://naruto.wikia.com/wiki/Dust_Release:_Detachment_of_the_Primitive_World_Technique
    i think “pulverized at the molecular level” can pwn a tree. now, don’t say “Sasuke survived it” cuz the reason he survived was cuz Madara saved him

  50. but deidaras c4. could mess you up at the molecular level but sasuke survived that and surely the dust technique would be weak against lightning as its fairly earth based.

  51. @ danny, Diedara’s technique was PURLY earth release, so a lightning release of the same rank (or possibly one rank below it) has the ability to stop it, dust however is not purly earth release. it can b related to how, even tho ice release has wind, Sasuke’s fire element couldn’t touch Haku’s jutsu since there was another element (in that case water, which might explain fire’s uselessness against it, but dust’s second element could easily b wind [conviently explaining Onoki flying as well] thus cancelling out lightning)

  52. Here is my example for a SPECULATED debate:

    Onoki: His name is Onoki “Of the both scales” I assume his ability has something to do with weight/mass (more weight) which would explain a deffence against Madara (IF he can’t teleport inside of someone else that is) because it could slow him down enough to counter him even if he teleported right next to you. (though hitting him initially would be a problem). He also seems to be able to levitate so I would assume it can go either way, HOWEVER, it seems to have the negative effect of raising his weight at other times. (when he was complaining about his hips) SO he could temporarily speed up in a fight while slowing down his opponent, but at some point the reverse would happen. He also seems quite skilled in ninjutsu/the earth element, so he probably uses this as a sheild when he is feeling the adverse effects mentioned above.

    Hirashima: Hirashima has Bijju suppresion/control, As we see, from Yammato’s suppresion of the Kyubbi, it summons several poles which channel chakra into the ground. I think it’s an interesting ability, and I wonder if it’s only bijju? could it be done to a non-bijju/Jinkuri to suppress their abilities? I also wonder if the trees he grows could absorb this chakra to add to their growth. (If you think back to hirashima’s fight, his only real non-taijutsu attack was to grow a forest of trees, there must have been some kind of purpose besides astetics) Another jutsu I find interesting is Yammato’s wood release: great forest technique, I wonder if Hirashima could use this in order to heal himself by growing cells where wounds were (similar to Tsunade’s technique, except it wouldn’t shorten lifespan because of Wood element’s special ability to create new life). Another interesting idea is if he used an amped up version of Yammato’s house-creation jutsu, but instead created a very tall building and then a hole straight through it would open, making opponents fall to their death.

  53. @ mart, it does seem logical that Hashirama could do those things, but it doesn’t really solve the “pulverized on the molecular scale” issue, unless Hashirama could teleport in a similar manner to Madara

  54. @jpua ah its true i didnt think that his dust technique could have wind in as well. i still think sasuke could beat him though as he’s pretty old but he’d have been proper nails in his heyday. i also wonder if it’d be able to pulverize susanoo.

  55. “the dust technique would be weak” I’ve been thinking about this for a while, I think if the base elements have a relationship then the combo’s must also be related, right now I’m investigating if it has something to do with the opposite element (the one neither have a relationship with ex. earth and water would have an opposite element of wind) but I don’t have anything conclusive.

    As far as dust pulverising a tree: pulverize means “to reduce by crushing” (had to look that up) so it all comes down to how strong the tree is against how heavy the weight is. It also matters how fast the trees grow, because if they can grow faster than they are reduced they are fine. Also if you notice, the Tsuchikage had to be above Sasuke to use the technique (because if the jutsu works by increasing the weight of the dust and he tried a sideways attack, the dust would go down instead of sideways) so it comes down to who has the high ground.

  56. @”it does seem logical that Hashirama could do those things” JPUA, I’m just considering their abilities there, I’m not quite sure who would win, though again, I think any bijju could throw the fight because of their shear power. It’s too bad I don’t know which Hirashima controled besides the 7-tails (he had control at some time because he used it as a treaty) because if I could say for instance he had control of the Shikaku (which I’m not because it doesn’t make much sense) then I could make a claim like sand being the counter to dust (they do opposite things and pulverizing sand only makes it finer and thus stronger)

  57. i’d think that he could control most as i’m sure somewhere it says he gave several to the other villages. so id say probably 2 4 5 and 8 tails.

  58. oh and 7 as you stated mart

  59. “he could control most” Because his powers in bijju are plural I also think this is true (“he controled THEM like PETS”) but why specifically “2 4 5 and 8 tails”?and why not 1, 3, and 6? (nine was obviously controled by Madara)

  60. dunno from what chiyo said about the one tail it sounds like they had it for ages. and 3 and 6 where in kirigakure and they were never really involved in many wars so maybe hashirama wouldnt have needed to give them a bijuu or two to get them as allies. i have no facts to back any of this up just my thoughts and i doubt we’ll ever really know.

  61. I would say he had five total if I had to guess, the 1, 2, 3, 4, and 7 tails because I think he gave each of the “great” villages a bijju plus the 7. For places like Kiri that have more than one it makes sense he would give away lower numbers (3 instead of 6). The three tails specifically makes more sense because of Madara and through him Konoha’s connection to it. In the case of the 2 and 8 tails, I think the the 2 tails makes the most sense because I doubt he could control two of the top three bijju when Yammato could barely control one. Also a fire cat makes more sense than a octox for the land of fire.

  62. “For places like Kiri that have more than one it makes sense he would give away lower numbers (3 instead of 6).”- once again I find myself saying TAILS DON’T = STRENGTH/POWER! And besides, Kumogakure got the best with the second most tails and the beast with the second least amount of tails (Hachibi and Niibi). Why do you believe Hashirama only had control over the 7 Tails? I think he gained control of 8 of them, then distributed them among the villages. Some just got more than others.

  63. i usualy start saying its a good chapter but thats not the case here, pretty boring if you ask me, this anime episode will be torture, i wont even mention the whole naruto sakura thing, im suprised bob you never mentioned zetsu, i believe his jutsu isnt over yet and its taking a quick break, the fight between kisame and killerbee hasnt even scratched the surface yet, my prediction it wont really start for another two chapters, my big cocern is the next chapter, will it be the same as this one, i certainly hope not

  64. “TAILS DON’T = STRENGTH/POWER” I think you’re wrong kisu. Because the lower tailed states don’t have access to things like the chakra cloak while higher ones do, as a jinkuri progresses into a more powrful state it increases the number of tails it has, it was stated that the ninetails is the strongest and lastly the Jubi doesn’t have less tails than it’s composits, it’s not the 1/2 tailed beast or something (don’t know what half a tail would be).

    ” I think he gained control of 8 of them,” I think it would be hard to control eight bijju, I think SOME would have been outside konoha’s control. Though it would make sense in the senju/uchiha fight story, because it would represent a choice between rule by power (combining into jubbi) or rule by peace (giving away bijju)

  65. I just want to ask sth: if Naruto accepted Sakura’s confession, she would spent the rest of her life with a man that she doesn’t love? Or she could love him as time would go by? That choice would be really stupid and painful! What on earth is she thinking?

  66. i think she does love him in a way. just not as much as she is pretending.

  67. sup bob,

    great post and i agree with you all the way.
    sakura is just using poor naruto and is still not over that prick sasuke. i mean i used to like him but after he killed itachi he was dead to me.
    and it’s goos that naruto was able to see through her lie.

    also….. loved lee’s face i couldn’t help but laugh
    kiba’s like what the hell am i doing here, kakashi is like her we go..
    i don’t get yamato
    and no dout that when sakura said that he was thinking of hina chan…

  68. @ JPUA, no way in holy hell does Onoki beat Hirashima… And what’s with the First Hokage hate… Mart1 and myself had a long conversation about the First, Madara, and Pein… No need to go into that… But Madara has only one lost and that was to Hirashima, so by simple deduction one could, I emphasize could, conclude that Hirashima would beat Onoki… Considering styles make fights… I don’t see the little old dude beating any Hokage outside of Tsunade… Jiraiya shouldve been the Hokage too. Too bad Kishi didnt see it that way… Hell I don’t think any of those Hokages could defeat Orochimaru let alone a Hokage, besides like a said Tsunade

  69. Geez I meant Kages… I don’t think any of those Kages could defeat a Hokage execept Tsunade… I think Orochimaru would own those Kage’s too…

  70. And just to comment on The Killerbee vs Kisame match… Doesn’t the Akatsuki vs Konaha have a Ichigo vs. the Arrancar feel to it… It’s like the bad guys were more bark than bite…
    One more thing… Naruto was, maybe still is infatuated with Sakura… So regardless of if the authenticity of her proclamation of love, you would think he would take it… For example, I’m in love with Beyonce, Megan Good and Salma Hayek, oh and Megan Fox… Anyways if either one of them would tell me they were abandoning their true loves for me, then I’m all over it… I wouldnt care if it was geniune or not… My point is, I don’t think that whole exerpt in the chapter followed typical human nature…

  71. “But Madara has only one lost and that was to Hirashima,” to be fair, it’s logical that Madara either threw the fight or didn’t have his full powers (space/time teleportation) and so it came down to hirashima’s bijju against the nine tails

  72. @Mart, until Kishi says tails = strength, I’ll have to disagree. My main reason for this is because I think the Shukaku was stronger than the Niibi (just my opinion however).

  73. with regards to tails = strength i’d say it also depends on the strength of the host. for example killerbee would most likely be pretty strong without the 8 tails so add that and he becomes very very strong. having some control of the bijuu would also make you stronger.

  74. @ kisu “I think the Shukaku was stronger than the Niibi” i’m pretty sure what was shown of the Niibi in the fight against Hidan and Kakuzu was only a smaller version of it, u can kinda relate it to Gaara’s human-sized Shukaku form. i believe each Bijuu is around the same size (after all, 1 tail, 3, 8 and 9 all r very close, so y not all the others?) so if i’m correct, then the 2 tailed cat would have an elemental advantage over Shukaku: Niibi uses fire, Ichibi uses wind (weak against fire) and sand (which would turn into glass very early in the fight)
    @ sirius prime, going by that logic, Naruto rejecting her means he’s over her or is alot smarter w/ the ladies than u r (which, he’s not smart w/ them @ all)

  75. “which would turn into glass very early in the fight” I think you’re thinking of lightning

    “the Shukaku was stronger than the Niibi” I think the only reason you think this is because like JPUA said, we’ve only seen a portion of the Niibi’s power for a few seconds total while we’ve seen Shukaku at full power in an extended fight. HOWEVER, the trend for bijju we’ve seen is Shukaku<Sanibi(filler)<Hachibi<Kyubi in terms of CHAKRA (power), skill is a different matter.

    "the strength of the host" I'm talking about the bijju themselves not the hosts. The hosts affect the bijju in terms of skill.

  76. Wind.
    1 tail
    7 tail

    2 tail
    4 tail

    Maybe 6 tail
    Maybe 8 tail


    3 tail
    5 tail

    and 9 tail could possibly be the 6th element.

    weird that there are no lightning bijuu. unless i’m totally wrong.

  77. I’m talking about the bijju themselves not the hosts.

    well in that case theres no proof as to how they are rated in terms of strength seeing as it hasnt shown half of them fight. 8 and 9 are clearly the strongest but other thn that who knows.

  78. Danny it’s more like:

    1: sand (wind and earth)
    2: fire
    3: water
    4: Lava
    5: Boil
    6: Water and Air (unshown)
    7: Earth and Air (unshown)
    8. Lightning (notice KB said that Suigetsu had the advantage being surrounded by water)
    9. Fire or all (the very first page of the first chapter reference it making Tsunami’s and crushing mountains)

    Most Bijju seem to have combo elements not regular elements.

  79. @ mart “I think you’re thinking of lightning”, uhm, glass blowers use fire to make glass, they don’t use electricity. but really what makes glass is super heat, which lightning has (hotter than the sun’s outter layer) so it could probably turn sand into glass too

  80. that’d be hilarious to see. gaara having a fight and his sand turning to glass.

  81. anyways, i;m getting kinda bored of the current conversation, so i’ll just talk about my Halloween. well, the trick-or-treating’s done in my neighborhood, and i had fun. i was the Grim Reaper and i waited by my door to scare the lil’ kids who came to my house! u guys should’ve seen the looks on their faces! lol, not even my mom handing them candy was able to get them to come too close to me; every1 still got plenty of candy tho, it wasn’t like i chased them off. i wasn’t that mean, i just stood in the doorway letting my mask do all the work, it was fairly realistic looking, and to add on to that, i also had sekeleton gloves and a sickle and my belt was a rope

  82. halloween is shit. for a bunch of immature pricks. ooohhh i want some sweets. grow up.

  83. @ danny, i think it’s kinda fun, like i said tho, i don’t trick-or-treat anymore, but i had fun scaring the shit outta 5-year-olds

  84. I have something way more fun to talk about that’s Biju-related. Okay, wee all know that Madara probably used the Mangekyou Sharingan’s Tsukuyomi to control the Biju (genjutsu), but how did the Mokuton control Biju. Did Hashirama make trees wrap around the Biju’s bodies and moved them by controlling the trees? So the fun thing here is: How does Mokuton control Biju?

    @Jpua, hope you had fun giving little children nightmares dude.

  85. it must have been something similar to that. like maybe he could create a massive 4 post tree thing like yamato did but to a much larger scale and could control them whilst they were in it.

  86. @ JPUA… My logic concerning naruto, sakura, and kishi’s writings are sound, plus my girlfriend is hot, and consequently i logically conclude that since I very seldom leave comments on this site, and you always do; you undoubtedly have very little luck with females… And scaring the shit outta five year old kids is or never has ever been cool… You’re clearly the resident dumbass

  87. well i cant say much ..read this post on onemanga forum….and i qoute…

    ” Originally Posted by Ghost of Justice :

    I thought as much that this would happen when Sakura said about 3 chapters before this that “he will listern to me.. the fool’s in love with me..”


    She’s lying about her feelings which is why Naruto called her bluff.. Naruto also realized that Sai had a part on why Sakura is acting like this..


    Now although this isn’t such a heartbreaking/tear-jerking scene as some chapters were.. This chapter must be very hard on Naruto.. The woman he loves the most is suddenly confessing to him AND what’s more is that SHE IS LYING about these “feelings” AND he can D*MN TELL that SHE IS LYING.. Very harsh even if it was for the greater good (and i mean saving the village and easing Naruto’s pain and all that…)

    Now I am neither a fan of naru-saku or naru-hina.. but Hinata’s confession was way better because you can see that it’s coming from the heart. There might still be a chance that Sakura will truly fall in love with Naruto although it’s somehow pretty slim…

    I wonder who will Naruto end up with? ”

    ok… i personally agree with this dude “ghost of justice”… that statement sakura made..” the fool is in love with me” makes me believe she is a liar…… and if naruto rejects her now… the more reason why she will chase him for real……and realize he isnt a fool

  88. @ sirius, i’m not being dumb, im trying to b funny. and i don’t care that i’m not cool, i just like goofing off. and if u would rather have a fake girl just cuz u had a childhood crush on her instead of a girl who truly loved u and was willing to do anything for u, then i feel sorry for your girlfriend. besides, i’m fairly book smart (beat getting 10 colleges wanting me to attend them while i was a freshman in highschool) and i can really get into the minds of the characters in this series

  89. and on “you undoubtedly have very little luck with females” i’ve actually never tried getting a girlfriend cuz i want a girl who’d have the same interests as me, and do u have any idea how hard it is to find female anime and/or Transformers fans in the state i live in?

  90. Lol@JPUA

    On the whole Sakura cornering naruto fiasco; She needs to clear the fog out of her head before she tries to speak again, because I think another stupid word that comes frmo her mouth, Naruto will eliminate their relationship. That part about lying to yourself is what put Sakura on a thin line over the Grand Canyon with no balance bar.

  91. JPUA, being book smart really has nothing to do with your ability to have people skills…real or ficitional. Im not impressed at all by 10 colleges wanting you, I’ve had like 100 want me. Its just typical for a high schooler to have a load of colleges wanting them. Many people I know have had that happen to them..its only natural when they wan’t your money! And good luck finding a woman like you….personally I wouldn’t want a women with the same characteristics as me. Sure I’d want somone similar, but being different makes the relation more interesting. I don’t think I’d want a woman who does all my hobbies, has all my interests, etc it would get annoying after awhile. Anyway I really am not going to say anything about this whole thing until subsequent chapters come out…we still don’t know how where this will end up in the end (although the chapter’s end does give a possibility).

  92. Ah the conversation is getting heated up in here (jk)

    I just want to say that in the case of love Naruto should be over Sakura nd figuring out how to ask Hinata out on a date. perhaps some Ramen will help =P

    Sakura doesnt deserve Naruto as a BF or even anything more than that. They are only siblings (like relation) nothign more, nothing less. They watch each others backs but keep their distance. What she did really interfered with the relationship they had, but it was a noble act. I admire her for that fact. It takes guts to fake a confession but it was dumb. Okay interference done.

    @JPUA, xD wow man scaring the crud out of 5 year old. Im a freshman in High school too, but so far its a lot of work =/

  93. the whole sakura thing ruins all they could leave the soggy bit to the end of the manga

  94. @everyone

    children any questions you have about females just ask me, clearly im the one here with more expierence with my rugged handsomeness and boyish charm


    calm down cutty just cuz we leave comments on here doesnt mean we dont any luck with females, that has nothing to do with it, judging by your ignorance and previous comment i would say you dont have that much luck either, it takes longer than you think for a boy to mature to a man your close but not there yet

    now back to naruto, hopefully the whole sakura will be over in the next chapter, sauske will be scolded by tobi while giving hickies to karin, what happened to jugo and suigetsu how will they escape, zetsu has a trick up his sleeve, i dont think his jutsu has wore off yet, wheres the darkside of him, i think kishi has bigger plans for kisame to kill him off right now, their fight will be interupted besides killerbee needs to train naruto

  95. okay, srsly, am i the only guy who noticed that Fuu’s puppet looks just like the guys in this movie!?

  96. @Jpua and Sirus, I second what profess said, relax, it’s a story, just because your idea of who winds up with who doesn’t mean you should attack each other. I personnaly think romance in a manga I read for battles is boring, but just because he rejected her once doesn’t make it a finnal ending in their history, it would be boring if it was that 2-D so Kishi is obviously adding in conflict.

  97. @ Profess… If you have to proclaim your skill with women on a cartoon blog then you have none… I was focused on JPUA, not you or anyone else… So u didn’t need to comment on what i said to him… But anyways…. The world needs wanna be pimps, and playa’s… It helps the real playa pimps stand out…
    Anyways, before somebody else’s feelings get hurt I’m just say Naruto should do the damn thing with Hinata. Those two gettin together seems to be the overwhelming consensus, and I agree…

  98. So from here on out I’m gunna just keep it gentlemanly… No need for internet beef…

  99. So I’ll apologize for anything that bothered anybody… But note to the wanna be hard-heads, knuckleheads, and assholes… Thugs, gangsta’s, and tough-man competition participants dont typically use the Internet… So, and this includes myself, keep the tough guy comments to yourself… Once again…. My bad…

  100. cunt. errr anyway i don’t mind a bit of romance but if its gonna be a talking chapter then at least explain some things we don’t no yet. like danzo stuff. and why do people think that killerbee is gonna train naruto. hes gonna get his ass killed by kisame. naruto won’t have full control of the kyuubi till he gets the other side of its chakra. which is clearly contained in the frog key.

  101. Minato sealed half of Kyuubi’s chakra (yin part) by shiki fuujin. that means this part of kyuubi’s chakra is gone forever, the frog key is to strengthen the seal Naruto has, not to release the other part. you can see for yourself it in chapter 370.

  102. okay just re-read 370 and your right its the key for the seal but it makes mention of “that” jutsu. so what exactly is that. maybe it could be the yin chakra.

  103. woah just re-reading chapter 399 and on page 10-11 it shows hashirama and madara fighting and hashirama looks like he’s stood on the 8 tails. maybe thats how it lost its horn. and maybe he used the three tails as well and thats how it injured its eye. epic times.

  104. ah, i always hated romance novels. Why read about it when you COULD be doing it? lol. I personally don’t care about pairings (the only pairing that was even mildly interesting was Nagato and Konan, now Nagato’s dead, so i lost all interest again). I have to agree with Mart, I watch the anime and read the manga for action, not for kissy kissy lovey dovey mushy mushy stuff. Heck, I wish that someone gets beheaded and ACTUALLY die (if you haven’t figured it out by now, I love seeing animated gore), hopefully Sakura or Sasugay.

    @Sirius, Jpua and whoever else is attacking each other. Isn’t this site about Naruto? Can we please leave the childish stuff to the chat? Besides, you guys don’t even compare to me in the ladies department, so give it a rest lol

  105. “hashirama looks like he’s stood on the 8 tails” that’s a tree not the 8-tails, though it’s possible it was used in the fight.

  106. @Mart, do U have any idea of how Hashirama could control the Biju. I’m still trying to figure it out myself….

  107. haha oh yes of course its a tree i wasnt looking closely. i just saw something that looked like a horn and ran with it.

  108. whats the deal with all the swords stuck in the tree though?

  109. “do U have any idea” he used a leash-like jutsu just like yammato did (entering society with bliss bribing hands jutsu) but on a higher level, this also fits with the “he controled them like pets” statement. Naru wiki has a pic of yammato using the jutsu.

    “the deal with all the swords” it’s been speculated that these were the seven swords of the mist, and if you go to the next page, one is stabbing Madara, but besides that, just ease of access I guess.

  110. ah great shout. everyone probably discussed it when that chapter came out so sorry for repeating it but i wasnt on this site then.

  111. Man this chapter was one of the coolest one yet.

  112. wt if sharingan + byakugan = rinningan?

  113. @C

    when the rinnegan was first introduced i always thought some shinobi might combined all of the doujutsus into one kind of like the ten tails eye, that would be pretty cool


    hahahaha your right we cant compare to you in the ladies department, maybe you can teach me a few things


    sorry homie didnt mean to attack you but i think its funny your making fun of people for something they did when you did the exact same thing like “proclaiming” your girlfriend is hot on this “cartoon blog” as you put it, so according to you skill is an asset you dont have, again i apallogize if i offended you just wanted to put that out there


    good theory

  114. @Mart, thanks dude. I always thought that’s what he did. It also fits, since the Senju have The Sage’s “body”, so they control the Biju by force, while the Uchiha’s have The Sage’s “spirit”, so they control the Biju by Genjutsu (which disrupts chakra i.e soul, not too sure though). Well I’m glad I’m not the only one that thought that’s how Hashirama did it, my friends said that was dumb lol.

    @Profess, sure dude, I’ll give you some notes. Only if you give me some of your rhymes though 8P lol

  115. @ Kisuzachi, real cool theory… It makes sense that control of the Bijuu would correlate to The Sage, who’s the one that is responsible for them in a sense. My question is to what extent did his necklace have in suppressing them, and if he could control one, could he all of them including the Ten Tails

  116. By the way, just in case i’m misunderstood, by him and his necklace, I meant the First Hokage… Geez I need to proof read my posts…

  117. lol Yamato’s face screamed “OH SHIIIIIIIIIIT, SHE DID NOT JUST DO THAT!”

  118. I could see the crystal resonating with the chakra of the bijuus, focusing the chakra of the 1st Hokage and Yamato in just the right way to control a bijuu. Kindof how a seal helps a ninja focus chakra in the right way to make a ninjutsu.

    As to where the crystal came from, maybe Hashirama made the necklace to help focus his chakra to control bijuu, of course it could have been passed down along the leader of the Senju also.

  119. i feel like the biakugan is needed to read that tablet that is in the uchiha shrine; since danzo already have the sharingan, and madara the magenkyo they just need to have the biakugan to know what the heck is written on that tablet 😛

  120. @Darshie, forget the Byakugan ever existed. Kishi has, so we should too 8)

  121. i think …hinata is more appropriate fr naruto…cos she loves naruto more thn sakura….i can notify one thing tht once naruto said abt the concept of home…he said tht…the place where smone keep thinkin abt tht person is his or her home…in tht sense hinata never gv up her feelins on naruto nd always tried naruto to acknowledge her feelins….bt whtever sakura doin nw..is frm her regretness….

  122. there is a possibility of being the madara and danzo as same…

  123. WTF i want them to get to gether serously thats bull if they dont get to geather some time …. im gonna be pissed

  124. i think sakura was forced… but maybe she was in love to naruto.

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