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It’s Finally Here! Chapter 469!


onemanga link: http://www.onemanga.com/Naruto/469/01/


35 Responses

  1. this chapter was GREAT! well, only the first page was in my opinion lol

  2. OH MY FU**** GOD
    alright well now sicne that was over with can someone pelase explain what is gods name just happen? all i know is that somethign with Fuu, raikage is leader, Sakura said “i love you” to Naruto (ratehr late) and he comes and tells her that shes lying (which she is). that was just….so cool and heroic.
    I loved teh expression on the others faces though, and sakura…really?
    i understand the fact of you switching from Sasuke, but really? Narutos no idiot…anyway ill say more when Bob puts up hjis summary

  3. Id prefer to reafd it off of here….chapter was decent would have liked to see more scenes from killerbee vs. kisame….. i believe she tried to release him from his past obligation but why would he stop now…too late for her to do that, and madara said a fight was destined between them…I feel like that fight may be the end of the show…and with the revealing of his plans, death of akatsuki members, etc… in previous months, id say this manga may rap up by about june…hopefully not but id rather they not put filler in to extend its life….

  4. Kisame was my 2nd fav after Itachi in Akatsuki, would love to see him fight seriously

  5. ok, i think most of this was a bit expected but kishi did put some spin out it. they way sakura was trying to play naruto to get him to stop chasing sasuke, if anything i thought she was goign to tell naruto they needed to kill sasuke after sakura’s convo before they left the leaf.

    also, naruto just blew sakura’s mind with what he said in the last page, and i suspect the next chapter will be far better with the naruto / sakura thing. also that part about naruto growing up and maturing before her eyes and not realizing it. that just got reafirmed.

  6. I liked it, it showed a lot of things:

    1. http://www.narutocentral.com/manga.php?s=naruto&c=469&p=1 does this guy have a doujutsu or something?

    2. http://www.narutocentral.com/manga.php?s=naruto&c=469&p=2 This reminds me or Orochimaru and could also lay the grounds for a good Danzo = Madara theory ( Madara implanted himself in Shusuisu, then Danzo and next possibly Fuu similar to how Kabuto transplanted Oro. into him except through the sharingan eye)

    3. http://www.narutocentral.com/manga.php?s=naruto&c=469&p=4 this reminds me of Ino’s abilities, except much better, and Fuu does look quite a lot like Inochi Yammanaka

    4. http://www.narutocentral.com/manga.php?s=naruto&c=469&p=16 haha sucks to be sakura

  7. on Kisame vs KillerBee, com’on Kishi, get to the violence
    on Danzo’s men vs Ao, com’on Kishi, get to the violence
    on Sakura’s confession, thank God Naruto yelled at her, i think mart summed it up best: “haha sucks to be sakura” srsly, y go for a girl who just suddenly has a “magical change of heart” when she’s clearly lying to herself. @ least Hinata knu who she was (she also has a bigger clevage and better curves)

  8. hahaha i called cuz i knew it, freakin sakura had to ruin the whole hachibi vs kisame matchup, next week at most they’ll show kisame tossing the panda away, and then they’ll focus again on danzo wanting that guys eye and finish up narutos reply to sakura

    but thats some pretty crazy thinking on danzos part tho, if he puts that in his left eye, that means he’ll have SHARINGAN and BYAKUGAN, thats freaking crazyyyy, which im sure he’s planning on doing, cuz who would give up there sharingan, with the power he’ll attain from it, maybe he’ll attempt at fighting off madara (but of course he’ll lose, but he might hurt him who knows) or he’ll die to sasuke which seems to be more likely, but with those 2 eyes, im sure he’ll be pretty tough to beat, not to mention he’s an old geezer who fought alongside the 3rd hokage so he probaly knows a bunch of crazy jutsus

    naruto is def gonna make sakura admit that she still has feelings for sasuke , and she’s lying to herself, and he’ll say its not about me liking you that makes me want to keep this promise (which im unsure if he still does) , but cuz he is a a man of his word, and im not gonna stop now, regardless of his feelings for her.

    ahhhh, probaly another 2 weeks till we see kisame in action 😦

  9. oh, wait, did anyone else notice the Raikage said that the Tsuchikage fought Madara?!: http://read.mangashare.com/Naruto/chapter-469/page007.html (the very last panel). wow, the midget really is old.

  10. Freaking hell I predicted that sakura would make some bullshit story up about fake love just to sway naruto. What a fucking bitch, she should have died from orochimaru back from the ninja exams, all she causes are problems. I want to see the damn epic jinchuuriki beyond hokage level fight.

  11. @Jpua, I don’t think ANYONE would miss that -_-‘

  12. @ DK, Sakura did not “switch” from Sasuke to Naruto, she denied herself in order to appease Naruto. She realized that she could offer him what he wanted, herself, and was wiling to give that to him. Obviously what she did wasn’t what she truly felt but she was only thinking of Naruto. A VERY heroic move, that Yamato realized.

    @ Mart, It does NOT suck to be Sakura. Though Naruto denied her offer, it is for the best because it is not what she TRULY wanted.

    @ JPUA, Naruto wasn’t so much angry at Sakura as he was concerned that she was willing to commit to something (a relationship to him) that she–in her heart–did not believe in. Just so you don’t bite my head off, once again I feel like NaruHina is a better choice, not because Sakura out-does HInata (I disagree, and we know that and can leave it at that), but because Hinata truly has romantic feelings for Naruto.

    @ Renzokuken, I would agree that something along those lines will happen next chapter. Naruto is definitely going to want to clear things up. Hopefully he will discontinue romantic feelings for Sakura so that she doesn’t feel guilty for not loving him in that way.

    @ rpg711, Sakura was not a “bitch” she was very selfless and tried to give Naruto the only thing she knew he wanted. This was, of course, in hopes of easing the pain she has caused him over Sasuke.

    I think we now know that Naruto is also causing Sakura pain. She has to deal with the fact that he loves her and she can’t ever love Sasuke (or Lee for that matter : D) without feeling guilty. The best solution: Naruto drops feelings for Sakura.

  13. I think Kisame is gonna be a jinchuriki at some time in the history of the manga.

  14. This chapter was ok.sakura continues to annoy me. Please get on to the fighting.

  15. @ drharuno, first off, Hinata is a better person, by miles. second, Sakura wasn’t doing this to make Naruto feel better, she was doing it to clear her conscience, completely different. third, any1 who says Sakura’s not a bitch is clearly in denial. i just think Kishi’s worst developed character was Sakura (followed shortly by Ino, then maybe Konohamaru as a 3rd) and i really don’t see what u see in her: she’s self-centered 90% of the time (okay, she does have some sweet moments in the other 10%, but not that many); a lousy fighter who probably lost her only truly good fighting qualities (her strategic genious and her agility) in her training w/ Tsunade, thus makeing her go backwards in my opinion; has a very 2-D personality; was basically Zetsu b4 Zetsu (ie, multiple personalities); not some1 to look up to

  16. @DH
    She switched to make Naruto stop, and that was NOT a good way to do so. Naruto’s PRIDE is at stake here. HE chose to go after Sasuke, not the other way around. Telling she loved Naruto, yes loved, is an entirely big factor. We saw Hinata say it, and she meant it with the bottom of her heart. And kishi portrays it. On the Hinata panel it shows it really heroic like, for Sakura it wasnt so much.

    I dont think it was an act of heroism. It was more to the act of desperation. She was desperate to have Naruto stop chasing after sasuke so she said that, which wouldve hurt Naruto even more if he hadnt already matured much beyond everyone (except 4 a few) expectation.

  17. wow. pretty awesome post but im really glad that naruto can see that sakura is just doing this to stop him from chasing sasuke. but in kage news….yea not really seeing anything interesting and kisame is gonna
    murder dat bear thing lol but the fight shuld b effin awesome

  18. i liked the chapter….looks like raikage became the leader, something that was the second best option (best option naruto in my opinion) but i guess he’s not quite ready for that kind of leadership yet.

    on the sakura thing i have a couple things to point out, sakura did this for two reasons, she knows that its because of HERSELF that naruto is in pain and anger, she feels guilty about forcing him to such extreemes where he even turned into a beast of the grizzliest kind to fulfill his promise to her *orochimaru battle*, and she’s trying to ease his pain by telling him that she loves him….in truth she does love him but in a brotherly way, naruto realizes this and he’s matured beyond what anyone expected of him, he saw right through her almost immediatly, and his words were some of the truest iv ever seen. DoctorHaruno is right, this isnt just about the promise anymore, its about naruto’s pride and freindship with saskue, this is something he WANTS to do, the bond between naruto is that of family rivalry to the point of bloodshed, its not something he can just quit. and naruto’s right, sakura shouldnt lie to herself to try to make things right, the best way to help naruto is for her to become STRONGER he cant keep putting his life on the line for her, she has to be able to take care of herself from now on. Naruto now has to deal with maddara, but before that happens he has to deal with saskue….one way or another naruto is not going to be ready for naruto without dealing with saskue first. its a test not of power, or strength but of willpower. Naruto is now Physically stronger, but saskue has his susanoo…one of the most powerful jutsu’s seen. however on terms of battle tactics id say theyy are even now, naruto is no longer a little runt that charges blindly into battle….actually i think saskue has gotten to careless now. to hate driven into insanity.

    anyways enough about that, lets see….looks like danzo is nervous about Ao.. heh, little devious bastard.

    FINALLY kishi shows kisame and Killerbee, god iv been waiting for this for weeks now, and when we do see it, fucking kishi only shows TWO damn pannels, AGGGH so damn frustrating, and its going to be the same thing for like the next two weeks with naruto teling sakura all this crap that she should know, and with danzo and Ao stuff thats completly irrelevant to the story…meh il comment later

  19. @ JPUA, Hinata is a pleasant girl, though personally I find her a bit bland. Sakura definitely did this to offer what she could for Naruto. The fact that you cannot see that, to me, just let’s me know that you are an adolescent male that clearly doesn’t understand such things as a woman’s motives. You say Sakura is a “bitch” but she hasn’t been unfavorable with Naruto since pre-Chuunin Exam. All post-Chuunin Exam scuffles between the two are like squabbles between siblings, clearly not meant to hurt the other’s feelings. I don’t know how you think Sakura was self-centered in this chapter; by even so much as suggesting that she could get romantically involved with Naruto, she denied her true feelings–something, that if you knew something about, is selfless. If I offend you, I warned you not to go there…oh well. As far as her training under Tsunade is involved, Sakura did not lose the ability to move quickly. She can quite possibly release an explosion of chakra from the soles of her feet to let her move ultra-fast. If you can’t see that, study the technique a little more. As far as losing her genius, if you think that happened over the time-skip you are certifiably deranged. To become a doctor takes extreme intellect and will-power. Also, Sakura proved herself in classifying Sasori’s poison, something that she did at 15, when Chiyo, an expert in the field, couldn’t do it in her ancient years. Finally, Sakura is not 2-D. She is the most emotionally developed character behind Naruto, certainly much more than Hinata who barely gets enough screen-time for us to know that she’s boring-as-Hell.

    @ DK, I will persevere in claiming that she did not “switch” . In her heart she clearly did not love Naruto, so therefore, there was no switch. If you think it is Sakura’s fault for trying to keep Naruto from chasing Sasuke, you’re clearly wrong. It was the Sai and the Konoha 11(minus Naruto and Sakura) that wanted to round-up Sasuke. Take up your “it’s his PRIDE” issues with characters other than Sakura, who had no choice under the influence of the others but to try and call off the search. As far as Hinata, I don’t doubt that she meant what she said. Like I said before, I would like a NaruHina ending. The reason Sakura was not romantically heroic like Hinata is due to the fact that SHE DOES NOT LOVE NARUTO. Clearly when you MEAN IT, there’s a difference. In my opinion, when Sakura confessed her love to Sasuke just before he left Konoha, it was FAR MORE beautiful than Hinata with Naruto. Back to the scene at hand, Sakura was still heroic, only not romantically heroic. The fact the she denied her feelings for Naruto’s sake was heroic. Again, these feelings, those of true love, are more deeply seeded in our beings than anything else. Therefore, when Sakura denied THOSE feelings, she was extremely selfless, which in my book is heroic.

    @ the both of you, you probably aren’t old enough to have experienced true love so, in my opinion, you are incorrect about the quality of Sakura’s actions in this chapter.

  20. @DH
    Perhaps you’re wrong about the true love but i dont think you understood why i wrote the comment.
    My entire point really wasnt to contradict you completely because i do agree with your points (just not all), that was perhaps the first thought, the others were more branched off opinion. I am saying that Sakura did not love him but i am also saying it was completely idiotic 4 her to do something like that. Furthermore, i pointed out the different sens to prove my logic that Hinata is much better for NAruto. Yes Sakura’s scene of confession was very interesting, but Hinatas was more of a build up. Sasuke’s was also more of one to prevent Sasuke from leaving, Hinata just needed it said and he almost died for her. Heroic, i think so.

    When i said his “Pride” i was referring to the bond they both held (and perhaps still hold). He wants to get Sasuke back more than the rest do, the others go after Uchiah because he is a Konoha citizen, Naruto chases him because Uchiha is like Naruto’s brother. Me saying his “pride” wasn’t the best of phrases to put there, but it really isn’t ONLY Konoha 11, Half of them dont really care as much as Naruto and Sakura do.

  21. @ DH , Hinata is WAAAY more interesting than Sakura. Sakura’s never really shown much kindness to Naruto prior to this, she’s shown some, but not much. she never used the speed. i was talking about battle smarts, not medical smarts, she has never used any strategy since the time-skip. she never, ever, developed her emotions, and Hinata’s had more growth off-screen than Sakura has on-screen. Sakura didn’t seem to b doing this cuz she wanted Naruto to feel better as much as she did to clear her conscience, shall i go on. i may b an adolecent, but i’m able to clearly c other ppl’s point of view and only complain about it when they’re point of view defies logic (ie: kisu’s ideas on morals; you thinking Sakura is interesting; mart, being, well, mart). i’d hate to say it, but what u r implying kinda goes against all established parts of her personality, ie the fact that what drives her is self-pity, nothing more, and 469 chapters is kinda late for a complete change in heart. she may feel som sympathy for Naruto, but the real reason has to logically b that she can’t stand being the bad guy, the 1 who was causing him pain

  22. this translation was weird. i thought the bear/racoon thing was called ponta not bonta. and i read another translation that said that danzo wanted to take ao’s byakugan rather than mentioning his own sharingan. it seems odd that danzo wouldnt be bothered about dying and is more bothered about his sharingan. there must be some secret behind him that hopefully we’ll find out in the next few chapters.

  23. I agree with what everyone’s been saying, not just because I’m a NaruHina supporter, but because that is not the way to go about developing a relationship. I mean come on, Sakura spent who-knows-how-many years drooling over Sasuke just to do a big’ol 180 in just one chapter, seriously. NaruHina Forever!!

  24. @ xeras, wow, i really get annoyed (w/ myself) when i go into a rant only to have som1 else basically say the same thing i was getting at only much shorter and easier to read

  25. everyone is too harsh on sakura. she’s probably the best female character in naruto. i don’t think that her and naruto should get together but give her a break. (jesus why am i talking about her like she’s real).

  26. The old NaruHina card again…this is so old. Well If some people here were mature enough to eliminate their bias and take a more analytical approach to this whole story then maybe we can understand things better.

    JPUA when you said ” i may b an adolecent, but i’m able to clearly c other ppl’s point of view and only complain about it when they’re point of view defies logic ” I can understand being a critic then, but until you can rationalize without your obvious Hinata bias, I think you should just shut it.

    Plain and simple, as stated before by others, Sakura is trying to alleviate the pain and suffering brought upon Naruto’s promise to bring Sasuke back. Althought her overall approach seems out of line…I do find subtle hints that all this was intentionally planned out to happen the way it did. I think Sakura’s love isn’t that all of a romantic nature, rather she has connected with Naruto on many other levels. Hinata has cared for Naruto and all that, but I feel as if it was the romantic type of love. Hinata was foolish to jump out during Pain’s battle and say she loves him and to basically die thereafter…it felt like an impulsive and rash action on her part. Albeit Sakura did cross some lines she shouldn’t, I think we should reserve our judgement on this event until a few more chapters down the line as to get a clearer indication of where this is heading.

  27. doctorharuno: i understand your point…in trying to be selfless (read the previous chapters) and stop causing naruto pain she decided to do this.

    i think that jet prime is also correct as she has not developed emotionally because she’s been on emotional pause since saskue left and still sees naruto as he was back then.

    Naruto however has developed and is now seeking sasuke primarily for his own sake (his “bond” and “way of the ninja”) because of everything that happened (for example, with jiraya, hinata and pein), and secondarily for sakura (a reversal of his original motives).

    Because she is emotionally on pause she fails to recognize these changes in him, and because she sees him the way he was way back then (seeking her acceptance) she offered what would have been the ideal solution, and her ultimate sacrifice (for his sake), but in doing so acted selfishly, because she still didn’t really consider naruto, but rather what SHE thought he wanted/was best.

    In short you both are correct.

    heh…Hope i didn’t conuse anyone…

    NARUHINA! fighto! fighto! fighto!

  28. The reality is Sakura doesn’t love Naruto. And I won’t be biased so i’ll say that almost all of the comments are right. Sakura wanted to stop hurting Naruto by making him stick to his promise, and she wanted to stop feeling guilty by giving herself to Naruto and trying to fool him.
    NaruHina is only looking better because of the way Sakura lied and kept mentioning Sasuke. She made it obvious that her confession wasnt true. Hinata showed Naruto her love for him in a way that Sakura can’t. Kishi is probably saving the reunion with Hinata until after Naruto censures Sakura. NaruSaku fans have lost. Its over guys :,(

  29. How i wish sakura became serious and thruthfull with her love confession to Naruto but I was dissapointed she dont deserve Naruto’s love so I’m still NarutoxHinata big faaaaaaaannnnnnnnnn

  30. I’M TOTALLY PISSED! How did Sakura get this much attention from you guys!? I thought this whole thing was about Raikage, Danzou or Kisame vs Kirabi, but to my amazement, when i finally read the comments a vast majority was about Sakura *sigh*. I hope when she’s talking to Naruto next week a random meteor hits her. Why does someone always steals Kisame’s screen time? 😦

  31. C’mon, Sakura’s parents aren’t even named! She’s almost as 2 dimensional as Ten-ten who doesn’t even have a last name! Please, enough of Sakura Kishi, more Kisame/Raikage/Danzou, hell even an update on Ebisu would be more entertaining than Sakura T^T

  32. the danzo bit was the most interesting to me. maybe ten-ten’s last name is ten and her first name is ten. what is rock lee’s name about as well. is his first name rock and his last name lee? weird.

  33. @Danny, yep. His first name’s Rock and his last name’s Lee. Ten-ten’s first name is Ten-ten and her last name is [Insert Surname Here].

  34. no-one ever calls him rock though always lee i’d be pissed off if they always called me by my last name.

  35. LOL @ tenten comment.

    I don’t think the point is that you would be pissed off… would you want to be called rock all the time?
    Hey rock! go over there! Rock! we need help! Just sounds so retarded, sounds like you are talking to a rock.

    I will laugh if kisame’s battle is just skipped and you see the eight tails either seriously wounded or on top of samehada, because of sakura.

    Every one of kisame’s battles(sans the one with the body switch jutsu) were cut short… mainly by Itachi bumping in with his IWIN button mangekyou.

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