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Masashi Kishimoto and Hiro Mashima

it’s WS again with a new blog it’s the same as the masashi and seishi blogs but with other manga’s

Background Story:

Hiro Mashima has been learning from Eiichiro Oda known from one piece and he now has some manga’s himself. The most popular one at the moment is Fairy Tail the first anime episode of this manga has been aired 12 October 2009 so for those who like anime more than manga don’t have a lot to catch up for the manga fans however it’s bit different with over 150 chapters it will probably take 1 week for most people to catch up i did it in 3 days but i was sick and had nothing to do.


Mage/Wizard: Most characters are mages (sometimes translated as wizards) they can use magic.

Magic: Magic is the power the mages have they can fight build and destroy things with it there are many types of magic such as: ice magic, weapon magic, stellar spirit magic (also known as summoning or celestial magic), and many more

Guilds: Guilds are buildings where mages gather and do jobs you need to be part of a guild to be a legal mage if you’re not part of a guild or the guild doesn’t follow the rules from the council it can get disbanded and the master get’s put in jail.

Main Characters:

the picture on the left is from the manga and the right ones are anime

Lucy Heartphilla

Lucy Heartfilia

Lucy is a girl who wants to join the Fairy Tail guild she uses stellar spirit magic and wants to collect all the summoning keys she meets natsu by accident and he invites her into the guild.

Natsu Dragonil

Natsu Dragneel

Natsu is a mage from Fairy Tail his magic is Dragon Slayer magic he is looking for Igneel the fire dragon that raised him. He get’s sick from all types of transportation that sometimes leads to funny moments.


Natsu’s pet a cat that has the magic: wings like the name says Happy get’s wings and can fly, oh it can also talk and it has 1 word he says all the time: aye.

Gray Fullbuster

Gray FullbusterGray Fullbuster

Gray is an Ice mage and fights with Natsu all the time (when erza’s not around) he keeps cool all the time and has a habit to walk around with only his underwear on.

Erza Scarlet

Erza Scarlet

Erza is a girl who is always seen in armor and she’s one of the few people who can stop Natsu and Gray from fighting. she likes strawberry cakes. Her magic is Exquiping armor and weapons. currently the only S-ranked woman.

Minor characters:


Mirajane is a former S-rank mage with enough power to be on par with Erza now she has retired and works as a waitress. 


Mirajane’s brother he uses a magic where he can transform parts of his body into animal limbs to increase power, he is one of the strongest fairy tail mage’s in brute strength.



The guild’s leader he is one of the 10 holy mages and can use lots of different magic like flame magic, size magic, transformation magic, and his own personal spell: Fairy law is feared by all enemy’s


A veteran Fairy Tail mage that uses some sort of card magic. She’s mostly seen drinking alcohol and if she isn’t she’s mostly fighting.


A Fairy Tail mage with Ring magic, not much i known from it since he doesn’t get much screen time but when he get’s it he makes good use from it.


One of the 10 holy mages and part of the magic council, he knows Erza from when they were little.


Gazille Reitfox

The strongest mage from the phantom Lord guild (not including josé the leader) his magic is dragon slayer just like natsu but he uses Metal dragon slayer while Natsu uses Fire dragon slayer.


Lluvia Loxar

One of the phantom Lords element 4 (S-rank mages who are only outranked by Gazile and José). She uses water magic and has a crush on Gray, she sees any girl who comes close to gray as concurention.


i’ve put some resemblances to other famous animes too

Natsu resembles Naruto since they both are simple minded idiots. But there’s also luffy from One Piece who resembles him even more.

Lucy resembles Animal Realm Pein since they both use summonings to fight her. Her looks resemble those of nami from One Piece.

Happy resembles Pakkun since they both are talking pets.

Gray resembles Haku since both use ice powers. His face resembles that of Ace from One Piece.

Erza resembles tenten because they both use countless weapons, her personality is more that of sakura since she beats up everyone who tries to hit on her.

Mirajane resembles Hinata both are cute and peaceful but when you hurt a loved one she is unstoppable.

Elfman resembles Lee they both are strong hand to hand fighters and love to spar with other people.

Makarov resembles Sarutobi the 3rd hokage, both are old, strong and willing to give their live for their children (villagers)

Kana resembles Tsunade because both love to drink alcohol.

Loki resembles Jiraya since he always has some girls around him also his face looks like that of ichigo from Bleach

Sieglein resembles Sasuke since both are used by someone (sasuke by madara and seig by zeref)

Gazile resembles pein because they both have way to many peircings.

Lluvia resembles suigetsu because both can make their body liquid

now just for fun the opening from the fairy tail anime

Link to the manga

Link to the anime


10 Responses

  1. Hmmm.. I like what some of you guys’ve been doin’ lately. Introducing new mangas and animes to the readers is a very good idea.
    I like how you handled this, WS, but the truth is Fairy Tail really is just a second-grade copy of Oda’s One Piece.

  2. Having just read all of one piece that doesn’t sound to bad J

  3. I’ve read some Fairy Tail too, very similar to One Piece but seeing as the mangaka was the student of Oda, it’s not surprising. I read the chapters I could find translated, but that was it; I might give the new anime a try. I’m not as big of a fan of One Piece as J, but maybe the Fairy Tail anime will make me more interested.

    I also agree that Naruto fans should spread their interests out more. Judging by interest in white shinobi’s latest posts and interest in similar posts done by me and other authors, a lot of Naruto fans are very conservative in what they read or watch. There’s tons of anime and manga out there (and I don’t mean just Bleach or DBZ), so it’d be a shame not to at least check ’em out. You don’t eat the same food everyday or wear the same clothes everyday, so why not add some variety to your anime/manga repertoire?

    Anyways, just Bob’s two cents 😀

  4. Yeah I totally agree. Branch out guys.I just read a load of Full Metal Alchimist and its brilliant. focuses more on the charachters and there emotions and relationships. Just give it a few chapters Plz..

  5. i think most naruto fans do read widely too. it’s just that other animes/mangas just falls short of the expectation – after having naruto as the benchmark.

    i personally read a variety of mangas from different genres though i find titles like seto no hanayome, sekirei and the likes… are boring… too much fanservice and lolicon.

    for those who likes mysteries/supernatural, i’d recomend Uzumaki. i thot it was damn scary.

  6. The girls are kinda hot!

  7. Correction…Hiro Mishima is not…i repeat again…not Oda sensei student…He,Oda Sensei and Hiroyuki Takei(Shaman King) are actually student of Nobuhiro Watsuki(Rurouni Kenshin)…well they more like assistant actually…Dun believe can check at wikipedia under Nobuhiro Watsuki Bio page…please check ur information correctly…it piss me off(Die hard Fan of FT n OP)..

  8. Sir yonne i never said he was oda’s student i only said he had learned a few things of him since he helped oda drawing one piece his drawing style resembles oda’s i know learning isn’t the right word to put there but i didn’t know what else i sould put there. also i looked at the wiki page and i didn’t see the hiro’s name.

    J-chan i disagree fairy tail only resembles the drawing style but the plot hardly resembles one piece’s

  9. […] satan     blazer drive     Fairy Tail     Rave Master     Elfen Lied     Kämpfer     […]

  10. There is some misleading info here. Hiro Mashima never was a student of Oda, but they did study manga somewhere together. they are pretty much the same age. Hiro has never served as an assistant to any mangaka so he made his way up on his own.

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