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It’s Out! Chapter 468!



23 Responses

  1. a delightful and informative chapter……..

  2. sweet chapter

  3. what an awesome chapter. now almost all the characters are in place. it’s hilarious that kirabi was learning enka hahahahah

    so kisame is one bad-ass bad guy. it’s gonna take a real huge effort for anyone to take him down. with that kind of immense chakra and power i thought only Pain would be able to match him. Wonder what kind of power-up wll Naruto get next.

  4. How the heck did Kisame find Killer Bee so fast? Plus, it looks like Danzo’s little secret is out, but I fear he may have a plan in store for something like this, I hope I’m wrong.

  5. Great chapter but I don’t trust the tschikage

  6. I hope to see Naruto in action soon , I also hope that Gaara finds Kakashi and tell him what happened, that was a great chapter

  7. If the hidden leaf village finds out that danzou fled from the summit, then its likely that they will suspect and danzou wont be hokage anymore!

  8. Wow look at the size of that axe that sab dude is sitting on. It’s gonna be an interesting fight, kisame with his sword, bee – a sword master and sab with his huge axe.

  9. Hahah Kisame will win, cuz Kisame is way more powerful than Sasuke and Sasuke almost took him down!

  10. uh no saskue never fought kisame

    im rooting for KB in this battle, time for the oxe to meeet the shark boy lol

  11. the other guy was saying that sasuke almost took down the hachibi

    but i cant believe someone as strong as kisame is listening to madara
    and how the hell did he get that much chakra, there has to be a special story behind him, maybe an experiment gone wrong or a descendent from a legendary race……………unless he is the current juubi’s JINCHUURIKI, hahahah

    i wonder if a part of madaras plan is to use kisame’s chakra as well, cuz they said the only difference between him and the tailed demons is the tail, maybe it could make up for naruto only having half of the yin/yang of the 9 tails

  12. kisame probably got all that charka for his sword from over the years. i mean if his sword can absorb charka then maybe it can give charka back to its user?? idk but that would explain it lol

  13. Well the next chapter is bound to show the history of Kisame or part of it! or in the next few chapters atleast! I think we will see the full force of what he can do as we have only seen a smidge of what he is capable!! but let get this clear!!

    Killer bee is a lightning type!! and Kisame is a Water type!! so Killer bee has an advantage there, obviously kisame has some sort of back up plan here to negate this advantage!! killer bee also has the Enka leader as a tag team partner! So I would like to think that Killer bee would win but i have a gut feeling kisame is gonna pip this one at the finish!!

    I think that this Enka leader is the guy who had helped Killer bee too help control his demon i think anyways!! but i could be wrong!! 😛

    Ahh so Naruto is enhancing is longevity with sage mode! Well it certainly would allow him to do more high chakra consuming jutsu’s its like when sasuke was starting his chidori training, he could only use 3 blast before he was finished up.
    Well one thing is he needs to learn how to use more clones as batteries and also possibly learn how to charge up quicker possibly!! Naruto ONLY just learned how to use sage mode when he was fighting pain so hes still got ALLOT to learn and perfect!! which will be interesting too see develop.

  14. don’t forget the hachibi itself said that suigetsu had the upper hand while it was already fully transformed because he was a water nin. bee is surely doomed unless naruto and samui’s team find and save him. i also think that is how naruto will gain the raikage’s respect and win him over, and how bee will end up training naruto to handle his beast more effectively. that’s his next power-up.

    also, i never thought of it before but doesn’t the samehada kind of look like a part of a bijuu tail? maybe it was one of the juubi’s tails that detached and formed it’s own spirit before the juubi was destroyed. but eating up chakra is a crazy abiity, so that’s why the only way it seems to counter it is with a stronger taijutsu or physical ability like Gai’s gate release

  15. I hope Killer bee win this! This is very interesting indeed. The first true shinobi alliance.

  16. bah, Kisame is going to lose………….will explain later

  17. there is a high chance that Kisame will lose because akutski usually go with 2 partner to kill jinchuruki. plus his dealing with 8 tails. if kisame can bet 8 tails alone that would be lame.

  18. well ataksuki sends 2 ppl just in case, since people are looking out for them, in most of the cases, after they get the jinchuuriki, its only 1 person who did the work while the other person just watched

  19. I Like the tsuchikage’s arguement, but I think danzo will do the opposite OR lable Kakashi and those with him missing nin/traitors for leaving the village as a cover up/attempt to re-jinkuri the kyubbi into himself.

    I’m excited to see kisame lose.

  20. Does anyone think the gift Itachi gave Naruto was the ability to not fall under the spell of the sharingan?

  21. @ enter clever name here

    Yea that sounds like a good prediction. That would be useful to naruto with all the new sharingans spreading around like the swine flu.

  22. rooting for killerbee! too bad there won’t be a chapter out next week. boo…

  23. @ Nasty eyes – Kisame has taken down a jinchuruki on his own before dude so he is a powerful SOB! but i just have a gut feeling kisame might win this one but i hope am wrong cos i think it would be a better flow for the story to go if Killer bee show Naruto how to control the Bijuu!!

    Well one thing is for sure! Naruto Must broaden his Jutsu’s and his skill if he is to get to Madaras Level

    Mastering Sage mode is a start, he had only just started using sage mode properly when he was thrown into battle with pain so its obvious there allot more learning to do with sage mode, he could learn some brand new jutsu’s in that mode or learn similar ones too Jiraiya’s.

    I cant wait to see the full fury of shark boy and his history of how he came to be!

    I think that the Enka leader has some how taught Killer bee how to control Hachibi. I dont think singing is going to help control Kyubbi but like naruto usually does it takes something and makes it his own way!

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