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Naruto Chapter 467 – Madara’s Show and Tell

naruto-retro1Post Author: Bob

My fellow narutards, as you know there are certain turning points in the Naruto manga that drastically change the way the story will flow in the future, and I believe that chapter 467 is one of these. This chapter was one of the most information loaded chapters in the Naruto manga. After keeping everyone in the dark for hundreds of chapters, we finally get some info on Madara’s goals as well as the story of the Sage of the Six Paths and the Bijuu. Oh, and props to Kishi for giving us the great colored spread with this chapter, but I notice that Sasuke is oddly missing – I wonder why?
First of all, it was nice to see Sakura at least making an active effort to find Naruto and set things straight. Though I still have no idea what she plans to say to Naruto – it’s not like Naruto is saving Sasuke solely for her sake, Naruto is also saving Sasuke because he is like a brother to him. Like Kiba says, “it’s gonna be pretty damn awkward” when they meet each other. I think it’s about time Sakura took some initiative and proved to Naruto she loves him. She needs to out do Hinata’s bold confession though – maybe a hot kiss – knowing Naruto, he’d be putty in her hands if Sakura did that. I can understand why Sai is going and why Kiba is needed for tracking, but why is Lee tagging along? Sure he’s had a crush on Sakura in the past, but that’s really old history now. If anyone, I think Hinata should be coming as the fourth member, now that would be a REALLY awkward reunion, hahaha.
I also found the scene when Raikage learned that Killerbee has been playing hookie all along really funny. The Raikage had that priceless “I lost an arm for WHAT?!?” face. LOLz.
Madara finally demonstrated some physical applications of his powers in this chapter, and as expected it was just weird. I wonder how it feels to be sucked into another dimension through a tiny hole in Madara’s mask. The ability is very similar to Kakashi’s Mangekyou Sharingan ability, ie. it is a space-time jutsu that creates another dimension to send whatever people or objects Madara sets his eye on. Madara mentioned that he wanted Sasuke to weaken the kages so he could take them hostage, but couldn’t he just as easily do it by sending the all to that dimension he sent Sasuke and Karin into? And if he wanted Naruto’s Kyuubi so bad, couldn’t he just have sucked Naruto in too during their last few encounters? I think there’s a lot more Madara is hiding about the extent of his powers at the moment. We don’t even know if he can be categorized as being human right now. I just shudder to think that if even in this “weakened” state, Madara still possess such powerful abilities, what his restored state’s powers will be like.
Now, about Madara’s plan to unify the world and the back story on the Ten-tails. I can now understand why Nagato decided to work for Madara. Madara’s ideal of peace is to put everyone into a mass genjutsu hypnosis so that all will think and believe what he tells them to. Although this is peace created from pure illusion, it is a solution to bringing peace to the whole world. This illusion will certainly appeal to people like Nagato who have suffered the pain of loss so many times in his life. It is the same reason some people take heavy drugs or intoxicate themselves with alcohol all the time: to escape the harshness of reality or to forget the pains of their past. The story about the Ten-tails (Juubi) and the Sage of the Six Paths who sealed him is really interesting. With a being with the combined powers of all the Bijuu roaming the world, I find it hard to believe how any humans could have survived in the past. The Sage was able to seal the beast within himself and split the Juubi’s immense chakra into nine parts to prevent the beast from reappearing again. The Juubi’s actually body was blasted into space to form the moon (remember Pein’s comment about the Sage creating the moon?). Madara’s plan is to restore the Juubi and accomplish what the Sage did by becoming its host. He then plans to use the Juubi’s immense power to reflect his Infinite Tsukuyomi down on the world from the moon, and in effect control everyone in the world. I think it’s clear that Madara isn’t trying to complete his Moon Eye Plan just for achieving a form of world peace – he’s doing it because he wants absolute control of everything in the world; the guy is really an ultra control freak. Even though Madara says he will become the host to the Juubi, I have my doubts if he would be able to control it. As powerful as he might have been, I doubt he was anywhere close to the Sage of the Six Path. I would think that rather than having the Juubi under his control, he would be at the mercy of the Juubi if he became its host. The other problem with this Moon Eye Plan is what happens when the sun comes up? Assuming the Naruverse is round, the moon can’t possibly reflect Madara’s Infinite Tsukuyomi on all parts of the world 24-7 unless it’s some kind of permanent genjutsu (is that even possible?). In short, I think Madara’s plan is just a delusion he pursues in the hopes of restoring the glory of his former self, and it’s unfortunate he needs to drag the rest of the world into this mess.
Madara also mentions about the special stone tablet supposedly to have been passed down by the Sage to record his great secrets. Apparently a pair of Sharingan eyes is required to view the tablet, a pair of Mangekyou Sharigan will reveal more, and Rinngan even more than MS. This means Madara must have had Nagato read the tablet some time in the past for him. I’m still curious what the tablet actually says; Madara implies that it is this tablet that has helped instruct him on his current plan, but I find it hard to believe that the Sage would condone the Moon Eye plan as a solution to world peace. I have a feeling that either Madara is bending the meaning of the tablet’s message or the tablet wasn’t passed down from the Sage at all — maybe it was written by one of the first disciples of the Sage (the one who wasn’t chosen by the Sage to inherit his will) who held a grudge. I believe Sasuke read this tablet after the Uchiha massacre having activated his Sharigan, but he didn’t have MS at the time and so could only decode part of it. Perhaps if he goes back to read it again, he could reveal more, but that would require going back to Konoha. I have a feeling that Danzo also knows about the tablet, and it was one of the reasons for getting his Sharingan transplant. But if the Rinnegan is required to decode the full message on the tablet, with Nagato now dead will the true message be lost now?
The last thing I want to discuss is Madara’s declaration of the Fourth Ninja War. With most of the main Akatsuki members dead, some might wonder how Madara plans to wage a war. But remember that he still has the power of seven of the nine Bijuu and a large mercenary army at his disposal with all the illegal funds Akatsuki has been accumulating over the years. It won’t surprise me if we discover that some of the lesser villages or even one of the major villages will side with Akatsuki during this war. Madara has his hand in manipulating the politics of the Naruverse for decades now, so if anyone can ignite a great war, it’s him. In fact, I think the trigger for the war already took place with Konoha’s destruction. With one of the great countries now significantly weakened, the other countries will definitely start expanding their power and influenced to take advantage. Great changes to the Naruverse will be coming very soon, but it may be too much to cover all at once — and that’s why I think Kishi will implement another time skip in the near future. Get ready for Naruto part 3, which would be the final arc in the Naruto Trilogy.



169 Responses

  1. I think Madara’s big blowout plan is cause due to being defeated by the one and only, Hashirama Senju some 100 years ago.

    Yes, he is a mondo control freak, and it’s because he had this huge dispute against the First and losing is EXACTLY why he wants control. He sees the opporotunity at it’s brightest and most achieveable and he’s NOT going to let it slip away.

    This is all what he wants. He wants what he couldn’t get 100 years ago: Power to control people. But he needs the power to defend himself if some person out there (i.e Naruto!) isn’t held by the Genjutsu (>_>) then Madara has the power to fight back and keep his reign.

    The whole thing about the moon. I think there is some way to keep the Genjutsu steady forever. But what if he loses all of his chakra? What then? Everyone will notice they’re free of the Genjutsu and suddenly attack!

    Madara wouldn’t be able to defend himself cause the Juubi’s chakra is all used up.

    But what if the Juubi DOES In fact take total control of Madara’s body? That may mean the Juubi will decide to break free from him in some way and start reigning over the Naruverse with its claws of death and tails of mysterious wisdom and…death.

    This is really a moment of do-or-die and do-it-at-your-own-risk. ‘Cuz if Madara slips up in the middle of his plan, it could prove to be fatal in every imaginable way and for everyone.

    The whole ordeal in the past with Hashirama could be the whole reason Madara is so control-freakish. But wouldn’t you think someone like him would be extra fumed about that? He just must be a VERY good ator if he was able to be the comedian of the Akatsuki and not be angry all at the same time, blowing up peple every where he went.

    Wow, Madara’s plan seems to be in fruition and going very fast. But it DOESN”T seem he;ll be getting anywhere after achieving his main goal of…Something unimgainabally scary for everyone else.

    I wonder if Naruto will be able to stop him. Or anyone for that matter.

    This series is getting too big and too elaborate to go very far after the results of this big plan.

    Two endings are in sight. *one of two* Either Madara’s plan fails, he dies and everyone lives happily (after sealing Juubi of course) Or 2. Madara’s plan goes off perfectly without a single flaw and everyone is under Ultimate Tsukiyomi for the rest of their days.

    We’ll see what Kishi pulls out of his ass for next week!

    (Madara has gone completely mental…)


  2. Watching Shipuuden episode 130 reminded me of something- Minato sealed half the Kyuubi’s chakra away with the death seal, and only left half of it inside Naruto. If only half of the Nine-Tails exists in this world, how can Madara implement his plan?

  3. If that really is the Jubi’s eye, then I’m guessing that the sharingan was derived from from it. Think of it like this, the Sage imprisoned the Jubi in the moon, but because it had been in his body some of its power remained and when the Sage passed on his powers, the part of the Jubi’s power regarding its eye were passed on to the older brother and that in turn lead to the creation of the sharingan. And how is Madara hoping to control the Jubi’s power when the Sage of Six Paths couldn’t do it himself and Madara even admitted that his power is only a fraction of what it once was. Plus I don’t understand what Madara’s thinking, I mean revealing his master plan before it is fully in motion. Now the five nations will be more determined then ever to protect Naruto and Killer Bee. One more thing, even if Madara has an entire mercenary army under his command, we’re talking about the Five Great Nations (plus in a way the Hidden Rain village), how can he hope to stand up to that!

  4. First of all this is the best chapter ever!
    This is a great story and I have a few questions!
    1. If Madara is so weakened, how do he plan to battle the Jubi to seal inside him and what make him think his body can handle the Jubi? The Sage was known for having the most power body and spiritual energy.

    2. If the Jubi possessed the Sharingan then one of the tailed beast should also possess it’s power and the only bijuu that looks like it is the Kyuubi, so shouldn’t Naruto has the ability to read the tablet?

  5. I keep looking at the colored picture and i notice that all of them except Naruto, Sakura, Sai, Kabuto and that blue fish guy with huge chakra are the one who didn’t taste death yet, Is this means that Sakura, Naruto and Sai might die at the end and Sauske might be the only one left of the team 7 and might become a hokage?

    One more thing i just want to ask you all guys, whose the strongest Hokage ever????

  6. This was a freaking awesome chapter, it’s definately another turning point for the series.

    The Juubi… you have to admit that the mere thought of it is mind-boggling. How did anyone survive back then indeed. The Sage must have been one hell of a ninja to control something so immense and powerful.

    Also, Madara must be competely full of himself because he’s just revealed his ultimate plan and declared all-out war. But hey, if you had 7 of the tailed beasts at your disposal you would be too lol. It’s hard to say who will win in this war. I mean you do have the 5 great nations joining up together, unless some decide to go a-wall and join Akatsuki (but I doubt it, least I hope) and any other villages, but you’re up against 7 of the bijuu and the villages under Madara’s control. There’s gonna be a lot of blood shed before the war ends, that much I can see.

    Madara’s plan also seems to have many drawbacks to it. I’m assuming the Infiite Tsukiyomi is either a permanent genjutsu or it’s so powerful that no one will be able to resist it..

    And Naruto needs to train over 9000 now, no excuse. If he is the hero in this story, at his current state I have no idea how he’s going to defeat Madara…

  7. Madara’s plan was fairly predictable and I’m glad I got that blog caling it out in time, the three main points of it were that 1. bijju’s were like summons but the only one powerfull enough to be their master was the sage 2. That the bijju were likely to be split in senju-uchiha fashion (this was not confirmed by this chapter but it made me more sure of it) 3. Minato knew madara to some degree (I beleive I also said there was a ultimate bijju in that section somewhere, but I could have said it some where else (but I did call it) )

    2. I’m hoping kishi will show Sasuke/Karin finding Deidra’s elbo (this would further confirm a theory I have about MS sharingan power relationships)

    3. I think Madara would get defeated somehow if all four kages and all seven bodyguards took him on at once (by the logic that otherwise he would have taken them all on)

    4. A random note from the Danzo~Madara (notice the similar sign) theory corner, I find it odd that as Danzo makes his escape Madara appears, but what I find MORE interesting is that Ao disappeared (because he could see quite a few interesting things like 1. How damaged Madara was 2. What his Sharingan looked like 3. If he WAS Danzo!!!

  8. Great post and AWESOME CHAPTER
    Somethigns comes to my mind… Danzo wants sasuke’s power, so he may cooperate w/ madara, so wouldnt Konoha a-wall because danzo may group them w/ akatsuki. And that may lead naruto and the rest to betray their village, to fight off the Root, and go to fight madara? (just a theory)

    @mart, i was thinknig about diedaras elbow part too, i hope they do, that would be totally wicked

  9. my comments are as follows:
    1. I think the juubi’s eye is a rinnegan with tomoe.
    2. Just how much of a badass was hashirama? I mean the 4kages didn’t even think to do a combined attack against him-if u got ur ass kicked once it could happen again.
    3. I disagree with bob, the eye of the moon seems exactly like what the sage would of done. His body to the younger son was him saying ‘i want free will and all that democratic stuff but if that fails, I want peace so, here you go older son, here r my eyes’
    4. I think itachi read 2/3rds of the tablet too (bcoz he’s a badass)
    5. Naruto needs to refocus the Manga on himself and get a lot stronger

  10. this was a brilliant chapter. i always prefer plot exposition to a fight. guess my theory that madara wanted rinnegan was way off. i also don’t think that nagato truly knew of madara’s plan because he would only have been able to read a part of the tablet and i’m sure madara would have lied about the rest to better manipulate him. kishi must also realise that people say that danzo is madara and is making him dissapear just as madara appears merely to take the piss out of them.

    @halluva. i’d say the strongest hokage would probably be the first.

  11. 6. Where is tsunade in the photo? She’s the only sennin missin.
    7. M’thinks madara wants sasuke’s body too. Poor kid

  12. i don’t get what you mean by finding deidara’s elbow?

  13. Madara has gone insane how can he wage war against the 5 nations with just 7 tailed beasts,sasuke,kisame and zetsu.I mean he mentioned his self killer bee is a perfect jinchuriki and can’t forget about the child of prophecy

  14. Great chapter. Lotta info released… but how accurate is this info?

    I think we shouldn’t jump the gun and assume EVERYTHING Madara is saying is true. First, that would be a retarded strategy showing your opponents all your cards. Madara is definitely using this story to manipulate the kages to do something that he wants them to do.

    Anyway, it seems that there is basis for Madara’s claim that he’s a shell of his former self. He hasn’t really showed any offensive capability in the manga so far… only defense.


    This chapter also did a lot to cement and legitimize the legacy of Pain. If the Sage indeed took out the 10-tails, he definitely deserves to be known as the legend. I’m extrapolating on this, admittedly, but this chapter gives more credence to the argument for Pain being the strongest ninja in recent memory (excluding Rikudo Sage).

    Most ppl (myself included) assumed that Madara was stronger than Pain because he was the brain behind the operation. But, I think Madara strategically manipulated Pain with his dogma and plan to impose a form of permanent peace in the world. Pain bought into Madara’s plan because he believed in it and operated as more or less an equal; the face of the organization while Madara did all the strategic behind the scenes stuff.

    In addition, it’s been cited many times in the manga that the Rinnegan is the most powerful of all the eyes. Kishi hasn’t done the best job in the world at explaining/revealing all the powers that the Rinnegan possesses, but I think the Rinnegan – and the natural body of the Rinnegan possessor – is the epitome in the ninja world; in other worlds, I still think Madara wants to use all the tailed beasts to somehow create the perfect body (and eyes) to replace his current damaged (goods) body… and this is the Rinnegan (his true objective or one of his true objectives). Rinnegan is to Madara what Sharingan is to Orochimaru.

  15. I think there will be another time skip where Naruto is an adult and kakashi is old and (more) gray. I think Konoha will be forced to work for Akatsuki because of Danzo being the Hokage. There would probably be a revolution going on in Konoha.

    At this point Naruto has to learn Minato’s jutsu

    Why is Kisame still alive? The akatsuki is like a survivor TV show and now there are only like a handful of contestants left. But anyway Kisame must be significant to the plot to survive this long.

  16. As for the next Great Ninja War, I don’t think Madara is wacko going this route. He still has a strong roster of ninja on his side, plus most likely several drone smaller villages as filler, nevertheless.

    Kisame – this guy hasn’t had much face time to show off his stuff. We know he has a ton of chakra and took out a jinchuuriki alone. If nothing else, his gas tank will probably be able to outlast the majority of highly skilled ninjas in fights – ie: most Jounin like Kakashi and Guy. Madara seemed to have complete confidence in him to retrieve Killerbee himself.

    Zetsu – we haven’t seen this guy in a battle at all. I don’t count last chapter’s time-delayed sneak attack as a battle. He’s in Akatsuki and seems to be one of the guys in the inner circle, so he should meet a minimum skill level requirement (upper-end Jounin, imo). Also, his slealth spying abilities seem to be able to evade the Byakugan and trackers as he completely surprised the kages in the room with trackers and a Byakugan user present.

    Like it or not, Sasuke at his current level is equivalent or slightly stronger than the “average” kage – gotta love Kishi for throwing in a bunch of wild card factors (Gaara and crew, Mizukage, and Old guy kage) so the debate is still inconclusive. I think Madara will use the result of Sasuke’s fight to persuade him to implant Itachi’s eyes to upgrade to EMS… another BS way for Sasuke to exponentially increase his power with minimal effort.

    Akatsuki also has 7 of the 9 bijuu at their disposal. We know Madara can control them at will. Assuming his damaged-goods body still allows him to do so, this will be like being the country that has the most nukes in a war. Sasuke will inevitably be able to control the bijuu due to his heritage (sharingan).

    It also doesn’t hurt when the strongest nation is recovering from being attacked and that Naruto doesn’t even know how to make use of his bijuu.

  17. And yea if the elbow theory came true that would give me a good laugh. Kishi still has a way of including comedy.

  18. i hope it shows kisame fight killerbee rather than the usual way of just showing a tiny bit of the battle.

    its gonna be epic to see ninja having to fight the bijuu. and maybe even finally see zetsu fight.

    theres so many directions they can go with naruto at the moment and i can’t see it ending anytime soon(or at least i hope so)

  19. great post bob!!!

    @ mart1 where in the hell did you get “bijju’s were like summons but the only one powerfull enough to be their master was the sage”. that makes no sense. madara said nothing about summoning the 10 tails.

    @ daniel thats true about the 4th sealing half of the 9 tails. i wonder if this will effect madaras plan of combining all the tailed beasts cuz he really wouldnt have all of the tailed beasts.

    @ everyone i dont think that Danzo has read the tablet. if im not mistaken itachi told sasuke on that night he killed everyone that the tablet was stored in the uchiha hideout, and when sasuke took his team there those cats were there giving evidence that only those of the uchiha clan are allowed there. and seeing as danzo isnt part of the clan then he wouldnt be allowed there.

  20. @ star69 madara control all of the tailed beasts, he can only control the 9 tails. madaras story in this chapter didnt say that the sage of the 6 paths could control the beasts at all. to further strengthed this point the sage of the 6 paths was dead when the 9 tailed beasts were out and about.

  21. okay, first some stuff about Bob’s comments on the reunion w/ Naruto: WTF!? u want Sakura to make out w/ Naruto?! i thought u were on my side about NaruHina. also, the reason Hinata might not b coming is cuz of some stupid rule the clan has not allowing her to leave the sight of her body gaurd until she’s made a full recovery from her brush in against Pein
    now that i got that out of my system (it’ll probably re-enter it about 5 seconds after i submit the comment tho) on to more important matters: Kisame will probably capture Killer Bee somehow allowing Mandara to have the power of 8/9ths of the Jubi (anyone else notice the similarity between the words “Jubi” and “Bijuu”? i think that may have been a play on words on Kishi’s account) he’ll porbably then try capturing Naruto and either:
    1, he suceeds and Naruto somehow survives the extraction (most likly if Tsunade gets out of her comma soon and revives him) and then Naruto has to somehow stop the Jubi, most likly resulting in his death
    2, Naruto escapes and he and Mandara have a final battle in which Mandara dies
    note, i feel either Sasuke or Naruto (or both) will die in the battle against Mandara, i’d prefer Sasuke, but Naruto has just about as good of a chance

  22. theres absolutely no way naruto will be killed off. and hinata didnt really need to go because they already have a tracker in sai so it’d be pointless to have 2 so they took lee for strength. and its madara not mandara.

    also please someone explain the deidara’s elbow comment. its driving me nuts wondering what you mean.

  23. Diedara lost her elbow when kakashi zapped it in the other dimention w/ his mengekyo. No i just think that its the same dimension, but only madara was able to control the power much better

  24. Noone ever takes what I say to anything. Am I just invisible!? -.-‘

  25. Deidara was a boy O_O

  26. Hey, I never said I wanted to see the two make-out, only what Sakura needs to do to win Naruto over, all’s fair in love and war. But I was also partially joking because I don’t think she’s heading over to find Naruto just to give him some hot smooching – more likely they’ll just talk since Sakura feels guilty for leading Naruto on all these years and having him getting injured so many times just for her sake.

  27. oh i get it now so people are implying that the place madara sent karin and sasuke to is the same place kakashi sent deidara’s elbow to. now thats absurd.

    @naruruler12 the only comment i have about your post is that your’e wrong that theres 2 possible outcomes. in my mind there is only one. naruto and co. succeed in stopping madara.

  28. About Deidra:

    They FOUND his arm and the ring that was on it. If you recall, Tobi said he had died and was about to grab Deidra’s ring so he could “join” Akatsuki, but Deidra showed up just in time to retreive the arm and the ring. Kakuzu then reattached Deidra’s arm.


    Of course, I guess it could be that Tobi/Madra found the arm in his dimension and brought it back.

    About Sasuke:

    I think he was left off because Sasuke doesn’t seem to be following any side of the Akatsuki/Hidden Villages war. This was already hinted at in a way when Sasuke left his headband behind. All of the other missing nins (except for Tobi & Zetsu) wear theirs, even if it has a scratch across it.

  29. Ok, I got Sasori’s ring, and Deidra’s confused… Tobi used Sasori’s to join Akatsuki… I just forgot to edit my post after I found the links.

  30. Chakrabeast that was part of an old theory post i did, i’m saying the part about the sage being the bijju’s master was correct not the summoning part. Also you are confusing the uchiha warehouse with the uchiha meeting place, given that Itachi supposedley killed shusuisu, I think the probability of danzo reading the tablet is high

  31. Don’t forget the Uchihas only have the Doujutsu and chakra from the Sage, and Senju’s only got the Physical strength from the sage. Even the sage was barely containing the 10 tails with all his power. So how in the world is Madara hoping to control Juubi without the physical strength? If he think he can control with his Tsukuyomi he may be gravely mistaken. Or i think he is trying to make a better host by combining Sasuke and Naruto together…By remaking the sage himself…
    By the way we gotta admit Madara’s Talk no jutsu is just as powerful as Naruto’s but he makes them listen to him but everyone want to listen to naruto that’s the difference…

  32. Rofl at Raikage’s face. Pwned.

  33. im finally glad that we know now what the great moon plan is. However, I get the feeling that 1) there is more to this story than madara is letting on and 2) im surprised the kages just stood there and listened without making a move. Also, this is a little off the topic but while watchin the recent naruto episode a idea came to me regarding the mysterious jutsu that jirayia and the frog discussed (‘that’ jutsu). I for one think that perhaps that jutsu is a combination jutsu. I think that somewhere along the line minato put the yang in naruto, and yet where is the yin? I think minato somehow got the yin portion to the frog or jirayia and wanted them to wait to give it to naruto when he mastered using the yang portion of the kyuubi chakra. I would guess that the negative energy would be hard to control and if naruto could control the yang, he could in theory than control the yin in a easier fashion. Than using the jutsu naruto will be able to combine the yin and yang to create the full kyubi inside himself and control it much like the sage did with the 10 tails, and increase his power exponitially to combat madara, cause technically if naruto has just the yang he is using about 50% of the kyuubis power as his own. course this is just my theory 🙂 let me kno what u guys think.

  34. Muahaha i was right a couple chapters ago when i commented that it will all come down to the uchiha shrine and madara will try to summom the monster ….DATS RIGHT

  35. if im not mistaken isnt the sage the only one who didnt die after sealing the tailed beasts inside himself??? maybe that has something to do with the jutsu Naruto needs to master

  36. 4th ninja war will be an interessting event to watch!!

    madara got rain village for sure! st his side!!!
    i would like to see his mercenary ninjas!!!

    did i read it right, he said s’thing of accumulating strong eyes!!!!!
    that mean he wanted sasuke and itachi eyes!!!
    but now when nagato is out of the pic where’s he gonna get rinnegan!!!

  37. i am surprised to see that all kages acted so helpless against madara!!!
    if according to madara this power of his is just the shell of his former self, then wht the hell in the world he was as a complete being, then again it make me think abt the power of hashirama who defeated him!!!

    there’s a lot of uncleared mysteries going on!!!!
    kishi actualy showed the dimensional world of madara jutsu, surely it will have some meaning to the next plot!!

  38. “mugen tsukyomi” a cool name for a techinque!!
    according to the pic shown of the sage and jubi the created eyes is the combination of rinnegan and many sharingans!!!
    so many tomoe’s definately can’t arrive through one sharingan!!
    this getting hell lot of interesting, 4th ninja war, now gonna see long lasting actions!

  39. i think kaskahi and madara dimensional techniques r lot different!!

    now its shown madara dimensinal technique is actualy consist of phsical world!!!
    whereas kakashi MS looked like it based on a trap and release action, in the past as deidara arm was sucked up it was immediately released in the same world at different location, if there was any chance of a dimensional world deidara would had nevr got his arm back!!

    if iam wrong correct me!!!

  40. Argh i think somehow Danzo is connected to madara,a and his plan… hmmm

  41. Good Job Bob-sama!

    Now to the color page! Anyone realize there’s no picture of Hidan or Sasori there? Everyone on the cover has been/is dead (except Sai, Naruto and Sakura). Since its a cover talking about ninja always needing to fight, and shows so many dead ninjas, I’m gonna go out on a limb and assume Kabuto has “died” too. In the sense that he no longer exists, but Orochimaru is also on the cover, which means he’s dead too. So both Kabuto and Orochimaru are dead, but their unison lives on (Kabutomaru). Sadly, we also see Kisame on the cover amongst the dead Akatsuki members, which means he’s gonna be the next one to bite the dust. I didn’t expect to see Zabuza on it! Great job Kishi! All your Sasuke vs the Kages crud is now forgiven! 8D

    I think Kishimoto has written the Byakugan out of the plot. The Sharingan and Rinnegan are now the only Dojutsu being talked about (I’d prefer if it was only the Rinnegan). Anyway, it appears Madara used Nagato to read the Sage’s secrets (the Sage not necessarily made this plan, but his teachings and knowledge could have been used to make the plan) and then twisted them into his Moon’s Eye Plan.

    I have to disagree with you Bob-sama. I don’t think Nagato joined Tobi because of the Moon’s Eye Plan. Remember his purpose for capturing the Biju were to create a super weapon and let the countries use it against each other, thus making them feel pain so great that they would never use it again, and from fear peace will be born, until they forget about that pain, and start the cycle again. Nagato’s peace was a “Real world peace”, while Tobi’s idea of peace is a “Matrix peace”. The people would be under a permanent genjutsu as opposed to living in a world of fear and peace created by Nagato. The reason behind Nagato joining Tobi has yet to be revealed *sigh*. Right now, I think Nagato might have been the only person capable of defeating Tobi, this explains why Tobi kept Nagato on his side (kinda like how Aizen in Bleach keeps the only person immune to his powers on his side).

    Ten Tails!? I thought when you added up all the tails of the biju you’d get 45 tails, I guess a Biju with that many tails would be just too unbeatable. Because of this Fourth Ninja War, I doubt KIirabi will be captured. I see a final battle of all the Biju in the far future, Kyubi and Hachibi vs Shukaku to Nanabi (7 tails). And the Sage must have been a god. He separated the Jubi and then he created a moon to seal its empty body. The fact that he separated it first means that he created the moon from his own strength. I guess Nagato was right, he really isn’t a match for the Sage.

    If you look at the Ten Tail closely, you can see a Rinnegan-Sharingan fusion. It also looks a lot like the Kyubi. I think that’s why the Kyubi is most powerful, it’s closest in appearance to the Jubi (kinda like in Bleach where Hollows that are closer to having human appearances are more powerful than the non-human-like ones). Kishi said tha the Fox knows about the truth about the Sharingan and that it isn’t ready to tell anyone the truth, but I thibk its time for Naruto to force it to talk. I also think the best master for Naruto now, is the Kyubi itself. Naruto’s trained with many ninja, but has yet to train with the powerful force INSIDE of him.

    Poor Raikage. He lost his arm just to find out that his brother is just playing hooky. I don’t know about you guys, but I want to see his Iron Claw move! Bee, better if you stay in the Enka Village.

  42. I think that Kakashi & Madra’s techniques could be the same… it’s just that it is very hard for Kakashi to use it and control it. Madra seems to have perfect control over it, where he can send anything he chooses instantly to anywhere he wants. I think this could come from Kakashi not being an Uchiha and also if Tobi really is Madra… he’s had his MS for a VERY long time so he had plenty of time to get good using it.

  43. @star69, finally someone agrees with me that Pain is the most powerful ninja after the Sage of Six Paths.

    @”Pain only could read a part of it”, no. The Sharingan can read some of the tablet, the Mangekyou sharingan can read more than the Sharingan can and the Rinnegan can read ALL the tablet. The Rinnegan was the Sage’s eyes after all. AND WHEN IS KISHI GONNA SHOW US HOW THE SAGE LOOKED!? I just hope he isn’t as fugly as his son.

    @”The sage couldn’t control the Jubi”, wrong. He could control the Jubi, and had no problem doing so. BUT once he died, the Jubi would break the seal and be a menace again.

    @Daniel, the entire fox is inside Naruto. We had this debate previously, but I’ll tell u the main part. Half of Kyubi is inside Naruto and the other half is in the Reaper Death Seal, which is also on Naruto’s body ^_^

    @Danzo=Madara, well that theory is getting weaker by the week. Ao is pursuing him, so if he got back to the meeting (in the form of Tobi), Ao would have returned.

    @Deidara’s elbow, I think Kakashi sent that piece of his arm into another dimension, but Tobi sent Karin and Sasuke to another place in their dimension, maybe a new Akatsuki hideout.

  44. @kisu–
    regarding deidara elbow may be u r right that his elbow got transfered to another dimension, but then how did it find it lying nearby in forest!!


    it can be possible that kakashi’s technique doesn’t hold any phsical world like of madara.kakashi cannot hold on things for a long time in his distorated space!!!
    the dimesion formed by madara looked more like a fictional space created between dimensions!!!

  45. You know, thinking about Deidra’s arm… it is possible that SOME of his arm is in that extra dimension. It almost looks like Kakashi sent Deidra’s elbow, or some fraction, of his arm to another dimension, but the lower part was left alone:

    I don’t know how Deidra’s arm worked later on without that small piece though.

    Also interesting, Kakashi’s MS causes things to be pulled in straight and Tobi’s technique (we still don’t know if it is MS… but what else is it?) causes things to swirl into the “vortex.” I chalk this up to either 1. They are doing different things. or 2. It’s a difference in skill for the use of the same jutsu.

  46. hey, about the whole “how strong was the first if he could beat Mandara” thing, i actually don’t think the first was the strongest Hokage considering the Third’s credited w/ being stronger than either of his predecesors and that Hashirama was killed by Kakuzu, so there’s no way he was as strong as everyone on this blog is believing him to b. i think he just knew Mandara too well, after all, they were arch enemies for a few years, then partners for another few years. he just probably learned most of Mandara’s tricks but never went his full power around him (until the Battle at the Final Valley) so he’d have the upper-hand in case they ever needed to fight again. sorry if my pronouns became confusing

  47. oh, forgot to add my opinion on the color pages, anyone else get the feeling Kishi just got bored and decided to just draw a bunch of characters, cuz really i can’t c to much of a pattern other than most ppl (but not all) on it r dead

  48. @manu madara will not have the rain’s help because konan clearly left akatsuki and now would side with naruto and konoha.

    @jpua where does it ever say that kakauza killed the first. if memory serves me right it says that kakuza had to leave his village because the first defeated him.

  49. great analysis bob, especially why im sitting here writting this with a blunt in my mouth and a beer in my hand, the story has expanded very quickly, i thinks its funny how zetsu got stabbed in the head,its going to take more than that, tobi has a way with words where he says what he wants you to hear without revealing his true intention but just a little glimpse of it, could tobi have different doujutsu eyes and giving them to ninjas in return for their loyalty example Ao and danzou, cant wait to see sauske after this and how he got beat and failed to kill danzou, i still wonder if sauske knew danzou has the sharringan when he made eye contact with him, the juubi looks pretty dope, what animal has one eye with a big head like that, maybe an octopus head with a dog like like body, a dogtopus would better describe it, the eye makes me think you can fuse the rinnegan and sharringan together, alot of interesting theories out there from everyone that all seem plausible but i think tobi still has another plan in motion too besides this moons eye plan, you can tell by the way he talks when he says “ya something like that” or “ya you can say that” i think he knows someone else with the rinnegan or has a pair of eyes in a jar somewhere in his dimension, i hope another battle will take place soon, this war will erupt now, i think madara has forces ready attack and next chapter will actually start the 4th ninja war, thren naruto will be the person to stop the war and bring peace somehow

  50. if the juubi is as strong as combining all 9 bijuu, does that mean that kyuubi is as strong as combing 8bijuu?

  51. @ danny, oh, ok sorry, i must’ve misread the part where he talks about it. i was to lazy to actually go back and look for the chapter so i just wnet to Narutopedia and looked him up, and found u were right. i still thought i saw somewhere he killed the First, but like i said, i’m to lazy to do anything other than go to a website that has “wiki” or “pedia” in it’s name, and according to that, you’re right

  52. @ madzikage, it never said that the Kyuubi = 1/2 the Jubi, it just said that: Ichibi + Nibi + Sanbi + Yonbi + Gobi + Rokubi + Nanabi + Hachibi + Kyuubi = Jubi (well, technically, it SHOULD b {insert Japanese word for 45 here}bi)

  53. Who knows? As far as I know, the translations are a big problem.

  54. And to my comment above, I mean something like a play on words in Japanese that was f*cked up by translations.

  55. just had a thought about why tobi is called to-bi probably because at the moment he is madara’s jinchuriki so to speak. only thought about it coz of the best ever line in naruto when tobi is pissing deidara off and says” ichibi, nibi i am tobi” god that line made me piss myself.

  56. Well actually if you look in the forums, on July 22, 2009, Aoi Nara called it:


    Makes me want to learn Japanese so I can see the underneath the underneath (quoting Kakashi here for those who don’t know) — seems to be a favorite theme of Kishi’s.

  57. For those too lazy to look at the above link, Aoi Nara states that Ju means 10 according to one set of Japanese numbers (Kyuu being 9), but the traditional Japanese for 10 is TO, so TO-BI meant 10 tailed… although disguised somewhat. Props to Aoi Nara for figuring that out.

  58. awsome. i wasnt trying to steal anyone’s ideas though.

  59. @danny–
    i think u may be right on it!!!!
    rain was actualy lead by konan(known as angel by the people)while naggato working in shadows!!!

    but stilli don’t think konan will be fool enough to go back to rain village,since she would not like madara to get hands on rinnegan with nagato body!!!
    u see he still need rinnegan to fulfill moon’s eye plan!!

    then also since he wanted to start 4th ninja war he probably must have thought to have strong allies on his side and rain village is not a thing to loose when it comes to help in war!!!
    rain village is most suitable place frm where he can lead his mercenary army under a strong bounds!!

  60. Hmmmmmm….. bare with me on this one guys

    but wat if …. Madra ….. is the good guy

    MAYBE the tablet did tell you how to bring peace…. maybe bringing peace is to bring destruction.
    MAYBE him becoming the “bad guy” would bring peace

    you saw how all of the nation’s kage’s agreed together that they wouldn’t give in to his plans…. and that they will defeat him…

    MAYBE its jus to show that they all can work together and that is how they can bring peace……………………………………………………………………………. NAAA… i doubt that

    but this moon’s eye plan sounds like somethin serious the manga is really gettin interesting now this is a serious cliff hanger

    What will Sakura say to Naruto?
    What does Naruto mean by I’ll have to ask Saskue myself?
    When will Kisame find Bumblebee?
    Where is Bumblebee?
    Will the Raikage find Bumblebee first?
    When is Tsunde going to wake up?
    Where is Kabuto in all of this?
    Why isn’t the entire Konaha 11 going to be there?
    Why is Rock Lee there?
    Where is Shikamaru?
    Why isn’t Saskue blind yet?
    What did the tablet really say?
    Can Konahamaru do any of his own moves?
    Is Jugo and Segetsu even relevent to the story anymore?

    well i dont kno … can’t wait until next chapter

    If anything the Madara=Danzo theory is getting stronger, Aoi (weird name by the way its made up totally of vowels) could already be dead …. or by the next time they see him Aoi would say something like “sorry I lost him”…..MADARA AND DANZO HAS NEVER BEEN IN THE SAME ROOM TOGETHER OR BEEN DOING TO DIFFERENT THINGS AT ONE TIME.

    p.s. Saskue sucks 😛
    Rock Lee rules =D

  61. i just wanted to say something real quickk

    the reason the kages didnt attack him, was bcause they knew they didnt stand a chance

    maddara doesnt have any offensive powers, HOWEVER he cant be touched, that and the fact he has super-human strength makes it pointless to fight him.

  62. another thing i want to say

    the sage was one badass mofo, just how powerful do you have to be to seal a beast of the Jubbi’s caliber…omg wev all been thinking this whole time that kyubbi was the most powerful being, turns out he’s only a fraction of a more powerful beast…and holy shit, the jubi is HUGE it had to be sealed in the moon lmao

  63. Madara: i will trap everyone in a permanent tsukoyumi that will be cast from the moon. Then i will control al-

    Gaara: Wait what about when the sun comes up?

    Madara: wait what? DAMNIT…. You know what I really have to think this through this is really complicated just give me afew moments…

    Everyone:…wow just… just wow Madara

  64. wtf!? is that juubi eye? it looks like a sharingun.except many dots.crazy eyes heh…and yes there is going to be a part 3 naruto..I mean what about Orochimaru? his still not dead..is he even going to come out soon or later?

  65. it would be logical to make a naruto3 because i think the war takes a lot of time and i cannot imagine that naruto will be hokage with 15 xD

  66. @ bushy-brow “MADARA AND DANZO HAS NEVER BEEN IN THE SAME ROOM TOGETHER OR BEEN DOING TO DIFFERENT THINGS AT ONE TIME”, *gasp* u kno what, Kisame and Shikamaru were never shown together or shown doing different things at the same time, and *gasp* (again) Shino and Kidomaru were never either,, and they both control arthropods*!! and for the record (if u were actually dumb enuf to believe otherwise) i was being sarcastic about those comments. besides, Danzo was in the Kage meeting while Mandara was talking to Naruto
    *arthropod: a type of invertibrate that has a segmented and legs as well as an exoskeleton. examples include: insects, arachnids, mariapods (millipedes and centipedes) and crustaceans

  67. “segmented and legs” oops, i meant to say “segmented BODY and legs”

  68. “whereas kakashi MS looked like it based on a trap and release action, in the past as deidara arm was sucked up it was immediately released in the same world at different location, if there was any chance of a dimensional world deidara would had nevr got his arm back!!” doing what you asked manish, you are wrong, as shown in the sasuk deidra fight kakashi only hit the middle part of his arm, which was never seen again (kakuzu replaced it) then the end portion dropped into the forest and that is what Deidara found.

    Kisu. “Remember his purpose for capturing the Biju were to create a super weapon” I think this ultimate power was the Jubi, he also said he planned to let Akatsuki use it first, I think he either didn’t know that madara was immortal or how exactly Madara planned to use the jubi, or both. But given his ideals I can’t see him objecting too much.

  69. I think Aoi is already dead, even if madara isn’t danzo, however there s also a possibility he is Madara’s henchman (from the village where akatsuki and the only one capable of seeing madara)

    I’m wondering if Madara plans to take the eyes of the former six paths/what happened to those bodies/ if it would work

  70. These posts have me curious about the rings. It would be interesting if the rings were some sort of way to summon or control the different bijuu, with madara having the ten tails.

  71. There’s also a couple of things that don’t add up. For one why would madara need to take the kage’s hostage, it doesn’t seem to fit in with his plans or in any way advance them other than the fact that there are a couple of strong ninja’s out of the way.

    Also in light of the new information I think a lot of this boils down to Itachi. I think Itachi new a little bit more than he let on to. I also think its likely madara was using him from the very beginning. For him to enact his moon’s eye plan he would have to eliminate the only group that could stop him and that would have been the Uchihas. I think he manipulated Itachi, and then lied to Sasuke to manipulate him. And lets not forget the other person recently to say the wanted to become complete, either Danzo is Madara or Madara is manipulating him to either one is bad news.

    Lastly, I know this is long so bear with me, there has to be a way to beat him considering Hashirama did. I think this is where Naruto comes in, but i think its the senju part of him, not the bijuu that matters. There must be some technique or skill Hashirama had that allowed him to beat madara. Odds are Naruto will learn it somewhere down the line.

  72. I think you’re right about Itachi, I’m currently writing a fan fic about all that. I might submit the first piece later today.

  73. @Mart, Nagato never said he wanted to control the world, or even put the world under a genjutsu. “But given his ideals I can’t see him objecting too much.”- his ideals is EXACTLY WHY he would object. He wants the world to be united under pain, a genjutsu wouldn’t make the world feel pain and that peace is an even greater illusion than peace by fear.

    @Dessam, u made a valid and funny point. I thought the same thing when he brought up the Moon’s Eye plan. He would only be able to keep part of the world under his genjutsu at a time (earth’s rotation). What do you guys think?

    @Bushy-brow sama, U forgot one very important question: “Who gave Madara that horrible haircut, and how is that stylist connected to Danzo?”. JPUA basically addressed you on the Danzo=Madara thing in the same way i would have done it.

    @Smartass, DUH! the Sage is the badassiest ninja there is! and Nagato is second 8)

  74. i think i’m coming around to the whole danzo is madara theory. especially with Ao following him because madara was mizukage for a while so he may have got Ao on his side back then. but wait!! why would Ao have spoken up about Danzo manipulating Mifune. God it doesn’t make sense. Fuck it all Obito is Madara.

  75. @ kisu, glad u agree w/ me on Mandara NOT= Danzo. altho, i’m not saying it’s immpossible, just that it’s immprobable and that “Mandara=Danzo” enthusiists (spelled wrong, don’t care) don’t have enuf proof.
    about “how did Hashirama beat Mandara”, i for 1 am wondering how too, after all, the 3rd was said to b stronger than either of his predessecors, so that means the 3rd’s stronger than the 1st, and i’m pretty damn sure the Raikage could f Hiruzen up, so, i have 2 theories:
    1: Hashirama had a secret weapon of some kind that could counter Mandara’s teleportation (maybe a sealing or barrier jutsu?)
    2: Mandara didn’t learn it until AFTER his fight against Hashirama, which would explain how he could’ve been beaten by trees when he could just teleport away like he did against Yamato.
    i’m leaning towards the 1st one myself
    also, any1 else getting the feeling Mandara’s a huge idiot? i always figured that if i were him, i’d just teleport Naruto in his sleep to the sealing statue and remove the Kyuubi, there, over and done w/. now i know for a fact he could’ve easily done that. also, he’s kinda pulling a “Lex Luther” here by telling everybody his plans: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yavK0mnE3wI (note, this will make a LOT more sense if u saw the first Superman movie)

  76. for god sake its MADARA not Mandara.maybe he doesnt just teleport naruto because he can’t. i can’t remember but has it ever shown him teleporting anyone else in the past? if he could then he’d probably just have got all the jinchuriki himself and not bothered having the rest of akatsuki. or maybe he needs them to fight first so it weakens the seal so they can be extracted.

  77. @ danny, sorry, Mandara just sounds more natural to me than Madara (likly due to Iron Man’s comicbook enemy “Mandarin” and i’m mixing the names together). and ” has it ever shown him teleporting anyone else in the past?” : http://www.onemanga.com/Naruto/467/07/ and http://www.onemanga.com/Naruto/467/08/ ; he just sent Sasuke and Karin respectivly to this place http://www.onemanga.com/Naruto/467/09/

  78. @Jpua, “i always figured that if i were him, i’d just teleport Naruto in his sleep to the sealing statue and remove the Kyuubi, there, over and done w/”- that would be so anti-climatic that it would be funny lol. I agree with you again (woah, can’t believe i said that lol), I dont think Hashirama was all that great. Hiruzen was stronger than both him and Tobirama, even defeating their resurrected forms together (he used the Reaper Death Seal on them because the normally fatal moves didn’t work on them because they’re corpses, so that means he could defeat them without using his most powerful jutsu).

    “2: Mandara didn’t learn it until AFTER his fight against Hashirama” i agree with this too. I think his teleportation is a fusion of Kamui (kakashi’s warping jutsu) and Flying Thunder God. I think Minato’s jutsu comes in when people phase through him and Kakashi’s comes in when he teleports himself and people away. Remember Minato said he encountered Madara already………evidence!

  79. @ kisu, yeah, i mean, how hard could it b? and this scenario works too: http://images.saiyanisland.com/images/2369/1_Ramen_by_Cacti.jpg

  80. madara don’t have a chance…againts all the greate ninja vilagers vs the akatsuki….madara will be defeated…….

  81. WHOA WHOA WHOA… WAIT ONE DOG-ON MINUTE… I’ve read several posts, and i’m out-right flabbergasted that some of you doubt the greatness of The First Hokage… This dude put a hurting on Madara, nuff said… There isn’t much balance or consistency in Naruto… The First beat Madara, but The First and Second were beaten by The Third, The Third lost to Oro, so does that mean Oro could beat The First and Madara??? But then again, Oro lost to Itachi, and Sasuke, Sasuke beat Itachi (not really in my book) who both beat Oro, so does that make them the baddest dudes on the block… I’m say this,and you could call it Gospel… I have a list and the list goes this (and I was the first to say this 8 months ago) 1.The Sage, 2. Pein, 3. The First Hokage, 4. Madara 5a. Minato 5b. Naruto (off potential, I think as of now if Pein fought to kill Naruto it would be over, and I don’t think Naruto would beat Killer Bee until he got better control of the Kyuubi)

  82. @ trakstar, just 1 problem w/ your comment (other than u actually used the words “dog-on” and “flabergasted”, srsly, who on earth uses those?), then you’re saying that since Itachi beat Oro, and Oro beat Jiraiya, that means Itachi>Jiraiya, yet when he had Kisame’s backup, he still feared fighting. if u need more proof, this here is all pre-Chunin Exam arc, but Haku>Sasuke>Naruto, so, by your logic, Haku>Naruto, not so tho, since Naruto kicked Haku’s ass (and this is b4 all that stuff about the CS on Sasuke or Naruto learning Rasengan). while i’ll agree that Sage o’ 6 was definatly the best, it’s immpossible to go by measuring the strengths of Naruto characters how u r

  83. jiraiya was probably stronger than most of the other characters even pain. as pain said that if jiraiya had figured out about the bodies earlier he probably would have won. however i don’t think you can ever truly know who the strongest would be(except for sage of 6) as people have weaknesses against others. i.e. naruto as a wind user would be able to beat sasuke’s lightning attacks but would struggle against his fire techniques.

  84. @ danny, yeah, but he still got pwned by a REDICULOUSLY weakened, ill, AND wounded Orochimaru

  85. @trkstar, check the databook. Kishi himself stated that among the hokages, the fourth is the strongest, with Sarutobi being the second strongest. pwned

  86. look plan and simple for Madara to be able to transport you to that demension he needs the oponent to be in a weaken state. http://read.mangashare.com/Naruto/chapter-467/page009.html

  87. @Bob: come on Bob, it’s too early to let Kishi make an another timeskip don’t you all think??

  88. @ kennyq, that’s y if i were Madara, i’d wait until Naruto was sleeping b4 teleporting him away

  89. @The4th, its not too late. Shippuden has 222 chapters, and PArt 1 has like 220 chapters, that sounds like its time for timeskip time (try saying that 5 times fast) to me. Another timeskip would give us an idea of how dire the situation is with the 4th Ninja World War. (Hopefully no one figures out bombs can do more damage than jutsus during the 4th ninja war)

  90. @ kisuzachi…. I have checked the databooks, and Kishi did not say the 4th was the strongest… I spent two days rereading Naruto, yes all of it… Ive been working graveyard shifts, so I had the time and there’s nothing that says The 4th was the strongest… The most gifted, yes, a once in a generation talent, yes, a genius yes, but not the strongest… The Third mentioned he couldve been, and so did Jiraiya. And like I said, theres no consistency in Naruto, no balance… I’ll give you an example… It is stated that the First controlled the tailed beasts like a pet… Would you debate that? The 4th died fightin a tailed beast. Would you debate that? So how in the hell is the First weaker than the 4th… The First and 4th encountered Madara, its speculated that The Fourth battled Madara too, and even a fanfic was done detailing their battle, and The First beat Madara…And I just had a thought… If the First controlled the tailed beasts, could he control the Ten Tails?

  91. Madara not danzo sasuke saw both madara ans danzos faces so he would have known

  92. What about the Byakugan. It’s not my favorite doujutsu “RINNEGAN ALL THE WAY!!!” But, why didn’t Kishimoto give the Byakugan the ability to read ancient text. I mean, you can see through trees and shit but you can’t read the Ten Commandments!!!

  93. @a lot shinobi
    I don’t know about that. Tobi didn’t fully take off his mask, Itachi’s Amaterasu stopped that, and Sasuke was probably paying more attention to what was happening to his eyes than what he was looking at.

    It is compelling that Danzo and Tobi are one and the same, that they haven’t been in the same place at the same time, and Ao follows Danzo, but perhaps this was so that SOMEONE followed Danzo and no one else would. Ao very well could be in on it. Of course, if Danzo is responsible for the hypnosis of the MIzukage, why would Ao be so upset at Danzo.

    I don’t really think that Danzo is Tobi, although Kishi does make it seem like it, just like we all thought Tobi was Obito (I’ll spare you those details). I still am holding out for T-obi-to. One last thing: I doubt Shisui’s eye was capable of 2 doujutsus, teleporting and mind control, but who knows.

  94. il tell yal who the strongest person in the manga is, minato..

    you wanna know why? cause he created a jutsu to summon the death god himself, even the almighty sage of six paths is susceptible to the ONE ineviatble being…death, fuk what madara says about being immortal, no being is immortal except for death, because death has no beggining, and therefore has no end. his “immortality” is nothing but a way to extend his life for a while. everyone has a weakness, i believe hashirama figured out his weakness, but was unable to completly finish the job…so its down to everyone else and naruto to finish it up.. this is where i think the “frog key” will come into play, whatever jutsu minato gave jirayia to give to naruto, is obviously something really dangerous. otherwise there wouldnt be a need to go through such efforts to kkeep the jutsu a secret from everyone…

    anyways maddaras startin to turn into super-predicatble villian now, i liked it better when everything he did was dark, and dangerous, now its like he doesnt even care to keep secrets anymore.

    in a fight yea minato would get his ass handed to him but if he had just a second of close combat, he could kill anyone….well he’d die too,but doesnt matter.

    dont give me crap about the 3rd not killing oro, the dude is like 80 years old lol.

  95. i like the fact that madara tells everyone his plans. its like he doesnt give two shits coz he thinks no-one can stop him.

  96. i know, but isnt maddara supposed to be the badass who does everything flawless?

    its arrogant as hell, and its so cliche’d and predicatble

  97. I don’t think Madara is really telling everyone the truth, or at least the whole truth. I would bet that Madara has been lying to people for a VERY long time and here are those that I think he’s manipulated, it may go beyond this: Danzo, Fugaku and the Uchiha clan, Nagato and everyone else in Akatsuki (although I’m not sure about Kisame and Zetsu, and I think Itachi is a special case, though in the end he did what Madara wanted), and especially Sasuke.

    It hasn’t been explicitly stated in the manga that he betrayed them all, but I think it is implied. If he lied to all of them already, why wouldn’t he lie to people now about his intentions?

  98. hey, about Mandara telling every1 his plan, this makes me think of how @ the end of Watchmen, the villain told his plot, and when the heroes said they’d stop him, the villain replied “do u think i’m just some stupid comic book villain who’d tell you my plan and give u any chance of stopping it; i put it into motion half an hour before u got here”, then New York City, Beijing, London and a bunch of other famous cities all blew up

  99. […] Naruto Chapter 467 – Madara’s Show and Tell Post Author: Bob My fellow narutards, as you know there are certain turning points in the Naruto manga that drastically […] […]

  100. Ok guys, WARNING this is a long post.

    Hopefully I’m not committing a faux-pas/sin here by copy-pasting 2 comments I made on a previous Bob blog (Ch 462), but I feel like it’ll be constructive to some of the points made here… specifically the whole consistency of strength/power of the ninja made by TrackStar et al.

    Here it is: I just copied and pasted, so the rare number I quoted (years, etc) will be off, but my point remains the same. My apologies to those who have read and responded to these re-hashed comments when I first posted them.


    star69, on September 8th, 2009 at 5:03 pm Said:

    In the Naruverse, I personally don’t think you can make the mathematical argument where if A beats B, and B beats C, then in conclusion A will definitely beat C (ie: A>B; B>C; therefore, A>C by deductive reasoning)… this is the DBZ formula, but is also pretty typical of all fighting-style manga. An excellent aspect that I love about this manga is that STYLE matters in fights. For example, it’s implied that Orochimaru can beat (is stronger than) Jiraiya, however, Itachi & Kisame both balked at taking on Jiraiya together even though Itachi is stronger than Orochimaru (Orochimaru even admitted this himself).

    I really think Kishi has consciously written this into the Naruverse on purpose to make things interesting and stir up debate. I mean, we’ve all been debating this to a certain degree throughout the manga haven’t we? The injection of this uncertainty definitely makes the ‘what-if’ matchups very interesting and makes the debating possible.

    Further, I’m not trying to say someone like Konohamaru who’s a newbie can take out a Jounin because Konohamaru’s style can just dominate the Jounin’s style – I think we can all agree that the strengths of the two characters must be relatively within a reasonable range for this theory to work out.

    Anyway, with regards to the Shodaime Hokage getting so much flak… I think there’s a possibility that if he were alive today, he may still be the strongest. IMO, the “new generation overtakes the old generation” theme can be interpreted as the “average new generation shinobi” will be stonger/wiser/better looking/etc than the “average previous generation(s) shinobi.” There will always be exceptions where a few previous generations’ shinobi(s) will be stronger than the next generation’s strongest shinobi – for example, the Third Kazekage is regarded as the strongest Kazekage ever.. but if you follow the ‘new gen > old gen’ argument literally, then Gaara should be the strongest Kazekage ever, but he isn’t. This isn’t to say that Gaara won’t eventually become stronger than the Third Kazekage at his prime. Hope this makes sense.

    Also, even if Shodaime Hokage at his prime is weaker than the current Heavyweight Champion Shinobi – implied and assumed to be Uchiha Madara –Madara has had about 40+ years to improve his strength, assuming Shodaime Hokage died 40 years ago (he probably passed away earlier than that).

    Sorry for the essay. Congrats to all those who finished reading!


    star69, on September 9th, 2009 at 6:15 pm Said:

    @ Kisu,


    With regards to the 1st & 2nd vs Sarutobi fight, I argue that the 1st and 2nd weren’t fighting at full strength. I mean Oro knew that they could regenerate, so he was most likely using them as puppets to play around and have some fun with Sandaime Hokage b/c Sandaime was so emotional and nostalgic. You have to admit, getting caught with an explosive tag on your limb is a pretty sad way to go down for a Kage… Also, we don’t know for sure if the 1st and 2nd couldn’t be killed if Sandaime took out both bodies completely. Sandaime had to resort to the soul-4-soul finisher.

    Another point about that fight is that both 1st & 2nd were zombies. They didn’t seem the most ‘responsive’ if you know what I mean. Oro’s jutsu just controlled their actions but obviously didn’t reciprocate by having Oro feel their pain/sensitivity – the jutsu basically made the 1st and 2nd puppets. What I’m trying to say is that even if they were caught in a bear trap, they would still be moving forward and not try to get out of the bear trap. If they weren’t zombie’s, they would probably notice (dare I say avoid) the explosive tags that the Third placed on them. If anything, the Third being able to place explosive tags on those 2 only highlights how the Third fooled the puppet master controlling the two puppets (Oro).

    I don’t think there’s any question the Third at his prime was the best shinobi and greater than the 1st and 2nd at their prime (still not sure if a prime Third could take on both 1st and 2nd at their prime since this would be quite the feat).

  101. Whoops, forgot to redact the “@ Kisu” part above. Please ignore, as I redacted the first 2 paragraphs of the second post because they were in response to a comment made by Kisu in chapter 462.

  102. @star69, i already responded to those (and im too lazy to copy-paste) so i wont respond to them again 😉

  103. His. Name. Is. DeidAra. There is an between the d and the r guys. I know some people disregard some letters in things like “Madara” or “Rinnegan” and spell them like “Mandara” or “Mandra” Or “Rinnengan”.

    I don’t like to complain and it’s something not to even speak about. It just irks me to see people shrug it off…

    ANYWAY! I like this chapter and I STILL believe there will be two outomes and one of the two will be reality 😉

  104. @trkstar, right now im too lazy (and sleepy) to find the exact link, but if it isn’t in the databook, check the 2008 Shonen interview. I’ll give a full response later………

  105. ” come on Bob, it’s too early to let Kishi make an another timeskip don’t you all think??”

    I agree that it won’t happen in the next dozen or so chapters but I think it’s still coming. The time skip probably won’t happen until we finish another major arc that will be about the Fourth War and possibly pit sage mode Naruto against MS Sasuke in one epic rematch. As much as Naruto has progressed, he still needs more experience to become a kage, and I’m not talking training or combat experience – he also needs to learn about politics and managing a village. Helping rebuild Konoha will certainly help on that front. But also like his father, I think Naruto needs to experience the pains of a major shinobi war to understand what’s at stake for a kage.

  106. This may not apply…


  107. I also think there needs to be a timeskip. I didn’t think so initially, because I thought Akatsuki was going to be done collecting all the tailed beasts soon. But now, I think things have been blown wide open again.

    I guess a rematch between Sasuke and Naruto seems likely, they have seen each other so many times and we’ve been teased with a rematch for the entire part 2. It will be interesting to see how Kishi makes that fight and its outcome different than the first one.

  108. What i think is that that Hiruzen Was better then the 1st and 2nd in some respects because he inherited allot from the previous hokages and other ninjas but he also created a bunch himself but they where both unique also because one was the best water jutsu specialist in history to date and also no one except yamato has ever used Wood element and we all know yamato pales in comparison. it is hard to compare but it does state that Hiruzen was the best!

    @Kisu – think its unfair to say that Hiruzen beat the two hokages both together because they where only Vessels and i dont think vessels could hold all of the Chakra the originals had, It just seemed similar fight when itachi created a copy of himself in a form of a vessel to fight team kakashi when they where heading toward the cave where Akatsuki where taking Gaara’s demon out of him.

    I think the first must of been a heck of a Ninja but i dont know how he was killed!! has been said how he got killed all i know it was in battle? seems a lame way to go if he was such a great ninja!!

    I think Naruto Needs to learn how to control his demon like Kisu suggested for him to start to get on par with Madara! i think once he does that he will easily leap frog Sasuke if he isnt already on par with him anyways!

    I would love Naruto to start learning more moves, he obviously is allot more combat intelligent now and it hink he needs to get some different long, short, and medium range Jutsus, If he starts to train more with his Wind that would be good and maybe add another element! there must be a interval before the world war starts!

  109. @ bob sama 😛 – Totally agree with you on the how Naruto becoming a Kage part, you hit the nail on the head there man! Naruto his allot to learn but everyone can see his personality and views are changing hes not just running in to battle when the red mist descends on him hes being calculating in his decisions which is good, everyone forgets that naruto is only around 16!!!! i know that Gaara is a little older but not by much but Naruto is still only young! Kakashi is around mid 20’s isnt he?

  110. kakashi is early 30’s i’d say. and surley he’ll be next hokage when that prick danzo gets his ass killed. then there will be an epic long war and naruto will become hokage at the end of that.

  111. @munishuchiha- Why the hell are you putting exclamations after every sentence? seriously its annoying to read.

    And Konan didnt run the hidden rain, she was Nagato’s messenger because he wanted to keep his face(s) hidden.

  112. According to the Narutohurricane.com character stats page (and that info comes from the data books… I wish I had those) Kakashi is 29 in part II.

    I think the best person to compare Naruto as far as his growth goes is Jiraiya actually. Jiraiya even said it himself, that he wasn’t a very good ninja at first, but he worked hard and he became a powerful Sannin. Jiraiya also compared Sasuke to Orochimoru, power hungry and a natural genious at learning jutsus.

    It isn’t really fair to compare Naruto to a jutsu specialist, Gaara is awesome at controlling sand, but he’s also done it since he was young and that’s all he does.

    I don’t know that Danzo will get killed. No one from the meeting is going back to Konoha as far as I know, except for the 2 guys from Root. Who will tell Konoha about the sharingan then? If Danzo stays in place… that almost makes the war seem more likely.

    Last thing, you can argue that Konan didn’t run Amegakure, but the rain ninjas never saw Pain, they only saw her, so if she returned and stil said “This message is from your God!” odds are they’d believe her. I don’t think she’d have any trouble leading the Rain village.

  113. well…. nice bob…. i like the part that has to do wit the sun….. well here is a question for you all…. jiraya said that minato knew of something… something of great importance, and that is why he went thru the trouble of seperating the nine tail chakra into two parts….. do you think minato knew about the uchiha tablet….if he knew… how did he decode it?….if he doesnt know about the uchiha tablet… why did he have to seperate the nine tail chakra?…..cos i believe thr cant be a ten tail… if u have half of the ninetail chakra….wat do u guys tink….

  114. the weird thing with kakashi’s age is that during the events of kakashi gaiden he was 13 and now he’s 29-30 and naruto is 16 so that means that minato must only have been hokage and got kushina pregnant in the space of about a day. so much inconsistency.

  115. @ danny, if Kakashi is currently 30 (29 earlier in Shippuden) and Naruto is 16 (15 earlier in Shippuden), that means Naruto was born a year after Kakashi Gaiden (u do the math) and that Minato had a year to do all that stuff, not just a day

  116. i no i was joking about it being a day. but it still seems wierd that the war would end so quickly that he would become hokage find a woman get her pregnant and then the child was born. even if he had a year it’d still be pushing it a bit.

  117. this chapter kicked a lot of f**kin ass. from sasuke ll the way to the jubi and moons eye plan. but the jubi looks a lot like the 9tails but just with an extra tail

  118. 118th!



    I like being 1st, 50th, 100th, or 118th @_@

  119. do u like being a gimp as well. if so congratulations you are a massive one.

  120. Don’t kno if this was ever mentioned but with kakashi havin the ms shouldn’t he be able to supress the nine tails chakra

  121. i think this is where what the power itachi gave naruto will take effect, right?

    oops, i was reading the next chapter’s spoiler and threw the comment here by mistake 😛

    the manga is going deep into bullshit if u ask me… i don’t like where this mumbo jumbo is going, the details are going out of the ordinary (of what we’ve known so far).

    i don’t like it when a store becomes so character centric and defeating one villain causes the story to end… i thought kishi had something better… bummer…

  122. one more thing….. HELL….
    if the sage of the six paths was THAT strong, why the hell didn’t he end the entire story while alive? i mean wouldn’t it be really difficult for naruto (as strong as he will ever get) to finish what the sage couldn’t?

    it’s all about this stupid “answer”, we see the same question over and over and over and over again throughout alllllll the darn anime/manga since the 1980’s. i’ll tell you what the answer is:
    “humans have the right to choose for themselves, and since they have that ‘power’ we have to wait till they make a decision to start to understand each other and make peace. the right to choose should not be taken away from them, and whoever does is the ENEMY. this is why we choose to freakin fight!!!!! “, yada yada yada… bla bla bla…

    oh, and here’s another one… “I will be the one who gathers the world’s hate, i will unite the world and send someone to kill me, this way people will choose for themselves after they are united after my death” BULLSHIT!!!

    screw you kishi, u really had my hopes up for a nice story, one that i don’t encounter each time i read a struggle/war based manga/anime….


  123. @ lilmoe, go to hell and fuck yourself, if u don’t like the manga, then don’t come crying to us, cuz most of us still do

  124. @lilmoe

    Geez, cool your jets. Who are you to say what Kishi is up to? We all thought (I guess there were some detractors, but most of us) Itachi was the baddest villain out there, that he hated Sasuke, and he hated Konoha. And at least so far, we know that he loved Sasuke enough to sacrifice himself. SO, if Kishimoto is able to write such an elegant piece into his manga, who are you to judge that he can’t do it again?

    and Jetprime… I get that lilmoe was being a schmuck, but you didn’t have to be so strong outright.

  125. Some things I wanted to comment on:

    1. @”@a lot shinobi” ripcord, those are some shitty arguements, because Sasuke DID see ALL of Madara’s face, and even if he only got a “glimps” or was “distracted” his sharingan would do the work for him, but I agree with you for a different reason, When did Sasuke see Danzo’s face? I though Danzo ran away just beforehand. Correct me if I’m wrong please.

    1.b. You made a comment about Madara and Danzo not being the same person because they were able to use two different (sharingan-based) jutsu

    2. @ JPUA: I agree with what trackstars said about the 1st and 2nd being zombies. I do however take pride in the fact that you like at least one of my crazy theories (madara learning his space time jutsu after his battle with hirashima) however, I think the first was the STRONGEST hokage, HOWEVER each subsiquint hokage (maybe only till the fourth…) has gotten more SKILLED (the difference between strength and skill being like the difference between Naruto and Sasuke)

    3. @Kisu. This is from WAY above, but, I think your fandom of Pein is making you confuse his ideals a bit, Pein say pain as a means to an end, but his ultimate goal wasn’t to inflict pain needlessly, it was to create peace. That’s why when he thought Naruto had a better chance of creating peace he gave in. If you look at a couple of his key speaches like when he said he planned to create an ultimate weapon, that’s pretty similar to the jubi, HOWEVER it’s ALSO important to remember what Madara said about Pein “using that ability for him” and that Madara only initiated the eye of the moon plan AFTER Pein’s death which means he probably had a slightly different plan before that, that was more renningan based than sharingan

  126. “Don’t kno if this was ever mentioned but with kakashi havin the ms shouldn’t he be able to supress the nine tails chakra”

    the MS or even (possibly) the sharingan aren’t really neccesary for supressing the nine-tails, sasuke didn’t use the MS and Jariya (through kakashi) supressed him with a seal. I think Madara controled the Kyubi through a mixture of sharingan and “sinister chakra” (give that the kyubi was drawn to human malic)

  127. i do not think kakashi can control the nineth tails all the way just yet.all tho kakashi and madara have similer powers.they both have time and space jutsus.so who knows kakashi might be able to control the tail beasts.but i sill think he should train more so he can unlock the ems.when he gains the ems he can control the tenth tails.

  128. but what if sasuke gets the ems then there will be three sharingan users and danzo.but i wonder if danzo knows about the tenth?then there will be four sharingan users.and it will end up being a epic battle with sharingans.that means that kakashi sasuke madara and danzo will control the fate of the ninja world.AWESOME!if that dose hapend i hope that they all have ems.what a battle!

  129. Why is Madara starting a war? Hasn’t he notice that Akatsuki is reduce to 3 members and lowly level team hawk now. Who is going to fight this war for him? Against the great 5 ninja nation? good luck. Or does he has something up his sleeve beside the bijuus?
    Has anyone notice that most of the people on the color spread are dead or had been dead but came back to life? Except for Naruto, sakura, and Sai. Kabuto too he isn’t dead yet. Or maybe he will be? Maybe this picture is telling us who going to be next…is it Sakura? I think it’s Naruto.

  130. kakashi cant control a biju his chakra levels are too low, he can only use his ms a couple of times due to this. i believe from this 4th war naruto will prob meet up with hachibi and he will show him how to fully use his biju. madara himself said that he has achieved true perfection of being a jinchuriki. also i believe all the biju know about the ten tails as i recall the kyuubi said to sasuke that the uchihas chakra is more sinister than his due them inheriting some of the power of the ten, from the rikudo sage. but then again its all just a theory

  131. @9tails

    thats a good theory but what about kisame, i think its more of major battles that konoha has won is going to win that will impact this story, kisame madara and kabuto are left, someone from konoha will die soon im guessing sai or kakashi


    you must of just started your menstrual cycle, i suggest switching leakage blocker to something a little more comfortable, maybe wear panties instead of thongs when your on it, go to your local pharmacy pick up some midol, some say sex will relieve you but it comes with a price, about 4-5 towels and new bed sheets are needed, i completely understand, my little niece is going through the same thing, its hard for little girls to balance themselves at such a young age

  132. well if you fucktards read my comments in the past then u’ll know what i’m talking about…

    shitters all the way!

  133. This is turning into Geass…

    Geass spoilers for anyone who hasnt watched it… but…

    Pain = Schneizel.
    Trying to bring peace through pain.
    Schneizel made a sky fortress that fired nukes, obliterating everything. His plan was to get this fortress into orbit, and fire at all of the capital cities. Then war would stop because people would be too scared to fight.
    Pain tried to unite the bijuu in order to make… well, nukes. His plan was also to set off the nukes in several capitals (ninja villages) in order to bring peace by making people fear the weapons.
    Same yeah?

    Madara = Charles
    Uniting the world under an “illusion”
    Charles attempted to use “the Sword of Akasha” to kill the gods (represented by Jupiter) to stop time, in effect a perfect illusion (Geass was the power to alter a persons brain), where everyone was at peace, but it wasnt a true peace with free will.
    Madara is trying to bring peace by using “Infinite Tsukyomi” to place the entire world under an illusion. This also would cause peace, but again with a lack of free will.
    Again, the same thing.

    Peace through Sacrifice
    ??? = Lelouch
    Lelouch created an army, turrned it into a nation, and a superpower. He used this in order to bring peace to the world (it was always his supreme goal). When everyone realized he was using “Geass” to control people, they turned on him. So he used his power to make himself the focus of all the worlds hate, and then allowed himself to be killed by a neutral symbol of peace (Zero), which brought a final peace to the world.

    Now I know Naruto isnt going to make the world hate him or anything, but sacrifice is always a theme in any story revolving around “Peace”. A main character (not necessarily THE main character) will be sacrificed, and due to that sacrifice peace will be achieved.
    To go with the final one… Im actually going to say Sasuke will sacrifice himself. Hes currently got the hatred of the entire world focused on him.
    It will be one of either Naruto or Sasuke in the end.

  134. @mart1- i like your post about strength and skill being different when it comes to the 1st! thats how i think

    Im not sure if the MS actually controls the kyubi to be honest but it would be cool to find out!!

    Maybe Kakashi can hone his new MS skill and use it like Madara can who knows! or maybe its a whole new Jutsu he made up altogether! what is interesting though is that people can create new jutsus with the sharingan that no one else has done before. i didnt know whether the sharingan had just preset jutsu’s it could only use depending on the skill of the user.

  135. @lilmoe

    little girls shouldnt be using such harsh language, ive read your comments before and i still think your whinning like a little b*tch, also who uses the word shitters, graduate from a trainning bra to an a cup, grow up into woman, no man is going to want to marry you if you talk and act like that

    on a side note the spoilers are out and its getting intense i wont talk about it here

  136. @ profess, can u give a link?

  137. @Mart, Pain’s ideal WAS to inflict pain TO MAKE THE WORLD MATURE. His definition of mature is a peaceful world. He wouldn’t have gone with Madara’s plan because its so different from what he wanted. He wanted to LET the countries annihilate each other with his ultimate weapon, while Madara wants to control that power himself and use it how he wants to. Pain wanted people to FEEL true pain to understand each other, not make them zombies under a genjutsu.

    @Lilmoe, I understand your complaints, and agree to an extent. Kishi has focused the plot on Tobi as the main villain, so when Tobi dies, the rest of the manga will feel like filler. Its the same situation many manga have fallen into sadly. But I still enjoy seeing that knuckle head ninja in the orange jumpsuit trying to change the world. The thing I hate most about Naruto is the ridiculous amount of time he spends feeling sorry for himself, and his BEYOND friendship relationship with Sasuke. but that’s about all the problems I have with Naruto (well i still don’t like that Nagato’s dead)….

  138. @ kisu, maybe (hopefully) Sasuke will do somthing so horrible that Naruto will never forgive him (please have him [Sasuke] kill Sakura, i need NaruHina or my head will explode, it does that sometimes*) then there won’t b anymore of Naruto’s obsession w/ saving Sasuke and maybe turn it into an obsession w/ killing him
    *i got that by editing a quote from “Invader Zim” character GIR: “but i needs my piggy, i needs it or my head will explode; it does that sometimes.”

  139. @Jet Prime,
    That’s good theory having sasuke killing sakura but will that go against the whole Naruto trying to save sasuke story?

  140. @Profess lmao!

    Couldn’t have said it better myself

  141. @jpua

    its in the forum section of naruto hurricane manga chapter discussion

  142. 142!

    I forgot to mention my liking of that number too >_> <_.>

  143. What happened to all the stuff I said about naruto and Hinata?! Aww, it cut it off.

    DOn’t delete my comments, cuz I said some stuff about Naruto, Sakura, Kishi and Hinata. Don’t delete, sorry >.>

  144. i still like that naruto is bothered about bringing sasuke back. it gives him something to aim for and a good direction for the story in general. if they got rid of that ideal it would be pointless. i also don’t understand the massive love for pain. he was basically a cunt who deserved a good hiding. also people who are moaning about the direction the story is taking need to fuck off. what did you expect was gonna happen that everything was gonna be solved peacefully? fucking dreaming. naruto will never die because it would be commercial suicide for kishi. its got to the point of being like harry potter where the main character could not be legitimately killed off.

  145. @ naruruler, i think i might know what happened, if u put too many links in your comment, it’ll b deleted (it happened to me recently) so if u had several links in 1 comment, that explains it, if not, then that’s all i got

  146. @profess
    is that you martha?

    yep, i hate it too when manga artists get out of ideas…. BORING!!! i really thought kishi had better stuff though…bummer…

    read what i write in my second comment on this page, it’s just like you knew i was talking about code geass 😛

    can’t we have some originals?

    @martha again (yea, i know it’s you)
    i got a lolly pop down there, u know the one u liked last time. i wouldn’t mind sharing it again 😉

  147. @Jpua, you have good taste. You watch Invader Zim too 8). It’s rare to find people that liked that show like me.

    About the First Hokage’s possible weakness, I’ll do a post about it within the next 4 days. That should get my points across, but the post will be about A LOT more than that…….

  148. @ kisu, Invader Zim was the greatest thing Nickolodean ever did (canceling it was the worst thing). wierd, we used to always get into arguements over if Nagato was forgivable, and now that he’s dead, we seem to agree on alot of stuff, to bad u don’t like Hinata, cuz if u did, we could probably b best friends, altho i still consider u a friend slash rival (kinda like Guy and Kakashi, except we both like girls, lol)

  149. lol i used to love that show i watched it all the time but i didn’t know it got canceled 😦 bummer…

  150. @ dessam, i’m not sure if this is true, but apparently it got cancelled cuz the creator added this brief, subliminal picture of GIR covered in blood into the title sequence

  151. *sound of car stopping*

    @Jet Prime, Ultimate Autobot:

    LMAO!!! WOAH WOAH WOAH….. there are a couple of things we need 2 get straight
    1. we dont kno all of Madara/tobi/DANZO’s abilities…… but wat we do kno is that he has “time/space abilities” ….FOR ALL WE KNO he could project a body of himself to where naruto was.
    2. AN HOW FREAKIN CONVENIENT was it that he leaves an no mor than 30 freakin seconds later, Madara shows up.
    3. not only that they both have the same ambition.
    4. An if u think about it that is probably y Saskue is being thrown left and right …. not because Madara is a “brilliant” persuader…. but because he is “manipulating” him like Danzo did to Mifune.

    This is jus the type of twisted mind altering thing Kishi does all the time ……. so calm down dude…. its jus my theory LOL ..

  152. I just read the spoilers and I’m liking where Naruto is heading. He’s no longer going to try to talk to Sasuke he’s focusing on powering up for their fight. Hell yeah!

  153. @busshybrow-sama:

    dude…… WTF is up wit u

    Danzo=Madra is impossible LET ME GIVE U MY LIST

    1. Danzo and Madara has two totally different eyes…. Danzo’s eyes look surgical … while madara’s is natural

    2. Y would Madara have a transplanted eye is he already has sharingan naturally….. it simply doesn’t make sense

    3. i can c wat u r saying with us not really knowing wat his abilities, but being in 2 places at once is a little far fetched

    4. Ao is chasing Danzo …. how is he not coming back to the meeting room if Danzo is supposedly madara rite now

    srry dude … not possible

  154. @ JPUA wow thats lame! there arnt many good cartoons these days… that one was an exception… even Adults could watch it because of it’s humour 😀 man i miss the old shows 😦 but hey what can you do right?

  155. about the Moon’s Eye Plan:

    Just looking at a normal Sharingan can already put you in a genjutsu which can not be lifted unless you are great in controlling chakra or if someone snaps you out of it..then with the moon, one look is enough to put everybody under your illusion even if the moon is no longer in the sky, you’ll still be under the illusion-especially if its Tsukiyomi under an Eternal Mangekyou Sharingan with the chakra of the Jubi..

  156. @ sage of the seven paths: what about clouds?? clouds are Madaras worst enemy if that plan is put into practice 😛 HA HA!!!

  157. So right now Naruto has not got the skills to defeat Madara!! ok so lets speculate and think of what he needs to win over Madara? Ok here are my thoughts!

    1) Needs to Control the kyubi inside him completely like killer bee does.

    I think this will be achieved when he either encounters killer bee or when he eventually receives the Scroll key to unlocking his seal or a combo of both.

    2) needs to be able to combine and maintain consistenly all 3 Chakras at his disposal so he can utilise that unique ability. IE his own chakra; Sage Chakra; Kyubi Chakra to become a Major kick ass Ninja.

    3) Needs to be able to Master his wind element.

    By Mastering the win element he will be able to have his mid range to short range battle perfected also he could throw in a few extra long range jutsu’s like his wind shurriken.

    4) Unlock the special power Itachi placed within him.

    I think that this will suddenly manifest though when sasuke and Naruto face off.

    5) Possibly ad an additional Element to his arsenal and combine to make some devestating combo’s

    6) Learn his fathers “Minato’s” Jutsu’s.

    Personally i would love to see more of the thunder god jutsu but i think that allot of people woud object to this idea, i would love to see it in full force though. it might be crucial too defeating Madara! it is a time space ninjutsu like Madara’s is it not?

  158. sasuke will play the biggest role here!!we all know that tobi was using him in the first place,now sasuke undergo testing his abilities against the 5 kages.
    if sasuke finds out that he was being used..then tobi’s plans will fail.

  159. yeah i agree. i can imagine that sasuke is the only one capable of beating madara.

    @mattmaru naruto ain’t gonna meet killerbee because he’s gonna get his ass kicked by kisame.

  160. @ Danny i dont know man but it should be a good fight never the less…

  161. Sharinganeye-San we’ve discussed all of those things before 1. We’ve seen Danzo’s eye once, while in use, at which time it has a look that can match any of the three other sharingan eye users at certain points, (I have several pictures to this effect if your interested) 2. As itachi said, madara is a shell of his former self, and he isn’t using EMS, so he may have needed to get the transplant for more power 3. Being in two places is easy in the naruverse for even average ninja let alone a time/space user like madara 4. Ao could be a plant (both figuratively and Zetsu’s other half transformed) or more likely, already dead.

  162. @Mart1:
    dont mind him ….. we’ve been arguing ever since the beginning and eventually became rivals, and then there is the irony of our names, Mine being Gai related and his being Kakashi related …

    we’ve already discussed this and ive pointed out those very same facts. We are both pretty stubborn, he mor than likely wont change

    You should know by now
    1. Naruto is stronger than Saskue.

    defeated Pein SINGLE-HANDEDLY, and had strategic way of doing it that rivals Shikamaru’s way of thinking. Saskue in the past 100 chapters has somewhere along the way lost that ability…… Team Hawk vs Bumble-bee is a prime example…. no strategy wats so ever

    2. Madara is Danzo

    i am really almost getting tired of explaining why this is tru…….. Danzo and Madara are almost exactly the same, they want control and domination, never together in a place, everytime Danzo is out of the picture… Madara is and vise versa. …… btw who said that when Ao saw Danzo using his sharingan that it was even accually on Mifune….. it could be on the conversation going on with Naruto.

    3. (our all-time favorite) GAI IS BETTER THAN KAKASHI

    Gai is just ….. better

  163. “1. Naruto is stronger than Saskue.

    defeated Pein SINGLE-HANDEDLY”- that’s kinda wrong. You should say this instead

    1. Naruto defeated Pain without the help of humans who don’t have a kekkei genkai.

  164. @ busshybrow’s “@sharinganeye-sama”,
    1, no comment
    2, dude, give it a rest, there is about 0 evidence (ok, actually, there’s a 0.0000000000000000000000001% chance, but that rounds to 0) cuz while they’re both evil, that’s really the only connection. your evidence means Kisame could’ve just been a bushin of Orochimaru’s, not very convincing
    3, Guy’s funnier and stronger, but he’s also dumber and less bad-ass than Kakashi

  165. The moon functions in a similar way to Naruto’s toad key. That being said, even if madara becomes the juubi’s host he might only possess its spiritual chakra like the Nine-tails in Naruto. It’d be interested to see how the toad-key is reintroduced in later chapter. I want Naruto to control both halves the Fox’s energy, but I have a feeling that Sasuke or Madara will steal it from him and gain the chakra for themselves. Specifically Saskuke getting to be a host of the kyuubi will connect him and Naruto even more. I also think that Madara will experiment with diffent sealing techniques with Sasuke as the guinea pig. As old and shrewd as Madara is , I doubt that he can a seal that is better than the 4ths yet. Madara had betterhave something up his sleeve, because the physical strains from the ten-tails’ transformation have to be much worse than the ones from the Nine-tails.

  166. obito is crazy :O

  167. me gusta su serie señor por quee es espectacular y sencacional señor shishimoto pero si le pone moral y animo y menos pereza por que le cuento una notica toda latinoamerica esta fasinada con esa serie animada y puede escalafoniar al primer lugar o de las mejores y asi crecer la campaña televitiva al puesto muy alto don masachi por que tiene la serie un milos que sobrepasa el numero infinito de fans que tiene naruto es inumerable es como el dios de la television animada pero si le pone mas ganas podra subir mucho mas y ud seria muy famoso y reconocido a nivel mundial como el mejor y le puede hacer muy buena competencia con otras series y seri ud uno de los mejores y famosos pienselo a hay le dejo esa inquietud amigo mio lo digo por ser el vocero de tantos fans que tiene y seria ud el mejor y mucho mas pienselo

  168. seria un orgulo y yo tambien los soy por que mi gente de colombia admira su serie somos colombianos que lo queremos demasiado

  169. donde ud le anexe la tercera le cuento que la vista de los televidentes se ira a sobrepasar un numero ilimitado que queda en el puesto mas alto que enorgulleceria a los fans

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