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Masashi and Seishi part 2

Hey it’s Ws again with part 2 of masashi and seishi, here’s part 1

Previously i gave details about 666satan the most famous manga from seishi, in this blog i will tell about Blazer Drive.

let’s start with some things to explain:

My-stickers: stickers that have special powers the most common ones are used to heat or cold sometihng or to power vehicles while the rare ones can create a sword or summon things.

Blazers: humans (or animals) that have a special power to control the power of the mysticker amd use it in battle.

Blazer drive has some main characters:

Daichi the main character is a carefree boy who hates his brother but when his brother saves his life he thinks differently about him after, he get’s introduced to the world of blazers by kuroki the best friend of his brother. Daichi tries way to hard to be cool.

ginga.jpg picture by white-shinobi

Ginga is the brother of daichi he saves him from a blazer but he get’s teleported away by a dimension shift mysticker daichi now searches for him.

Misora is the childhood friend of daichi and get’s involved by blazer accidentaly when she tries to follow daichi and kuroki.

Kuroki is the best friend of ginga he uses a dark type mysticker that transforms into a sword he also fears dogs, he’s one of the strongest blazers in section III and his fear of dogs is his biggest weakness.

Shiroh and Tamaki. they are both talented blazers from section XI and meet daichi when he’s on his first mission (he used to be with kuroki but he got held up by a dog). Shiroh and daichi don’t get allong verry well and Tamaki tries to stop them from fighting all the time.

These are about all main characters.

Now let’s resemle blazer drive characters to naruto characters.

Daichi resembles sasuke the most since his fighting style is like sasuke’s: mainly lightning element with a weapon to support it.

Ginga resembles Itachi since he acted like he didn’t care about his brother but he sacrificed himself for him.

Misora resembles skura since in the beginning she’s nothing more then a buden but becomes a usefull piece later.

Kuroki resembles kakashi he is calm doesn’t try to rush things and in the first big battle they get they both underestimate their opponent.

Shiroh resembles sasuke since he mostly uses fire based attacks like sasuke does and his personality resembles sasuke’s a bit

Tamaki resembles ino since ino runs a flower shop with her parents and tamaki uses a flower type mysticker also tamaki has feelings towards shiroh and shiroh completely ignores them just like sasuke does to ino’s confesions.

then some minor characters i didn’t feel like describing since they got only 3 chapters screen time or so.

Shuga resembles a nara clan since both use shadow techniques shuga only rushes in carelessly in battle while the nara clan mostly are strategists.

Danji resembles the people from the kamazuri clan since they both use bugs as weapon, i could also say he resembles a aburame clan member but since those guys are rather calm i think  kamizuri is the better choice.

Tenjik resembles jiraya since both are the biggest perverts in the series yet, and both have teached the main character.

That’s about all this was the last part of the series but if you guys want i might make some more blogs like this.

here’s the link to Blazer Drive: link


4 Responses

  1. It’s kind of difficult to appreciate the depth of your comparisons if we don’t know about Blazer Drive. However, it sounds like a potentially interesting shounen show. Thanks for the rundown!

  2. soooooo, who does naruto compare to???

  3. spell and gramar check wouldnt hurt before posting next time. that may be the perverbial pot calling the kettle black but im not the author of the post.

  4. @mortiheil i make this to make you guys intrested into reading Blazer Drive so you can try to appreciate them after you have read it might make it easyer 😉

    @profess naruto has no one i can compare him to since there’s no one who resembles him but if i really have to choose it would probbaly be daichi since both are the main character

    also i beleve i forgot to put in a link to blazer drive so i’ll edit the post a bit

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