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Naruto Chapter 466: Sasuke Runs Out of Juice

naruto-retro1Post Author: Bob

Another interesting chapter in the whole Sasuke vs.Everybody Else story arc. But with Madara’s sudden (and predictable) appearance, it looks like we’ve reached the end of the fighting. On the one hand, I’m dying to know what the heck the Moon’s Eye Plan is, but on the other I still feel that Kishi could have made Sasuke’s battle with the kages a few chapters longer.
In this chapter we get to see more acid spitting action from the Mizukage and a few surprisingly powerful jutsus from Tsuchikage. I was really surprised by the Tscuchikage’s sudden burst of attack jutsus; who knew the little dwarf had so much power in him. The Tsuchikage seems to have some control over gravity similar to God Realm Pein’s powers. He can fly/float in mid-air and create heavy objects to crush his opponent. He uses a never before seen element called Jinton no Jutsu or Dust Element – which is possibly a kekkei genkai of Wind+Earth. Also, if this guy can fly and control gravity, why is he always complaining about his hips?
It seems like Kishi wanted everyone to get some action before this arc comes to an end. Even Chojiro gets in on the fun when he releases his sword to make a giant chakra hammer and wails it into Sasuke’s Susanoo. The Mizukage reveals some pretty deadly jutsus after cornering Sasuke. Most shockingly, she admits to being able to use three elements (fire, earth and water) and therefore is in possession of two kekkei genkai abilities. The first of course is acid which I presume is earth+water, but what’s even scarier than liquid acid? Acid mist. The Mizukage calls it Futton Kumo no Jutsu which translates to Boiling Element Mist technique, so it’s probably created when she mixes fire chakra to her acid. The acid mist is powerful enough to melt Sasuke’s Susanoo armor, but I’m surprised Sasuke didn’t collapse right away. Although Susanoo looks like a great physical barrier, I wouldn’t have thought it would be able to block out air as well (otherwise Sasuke would suffocate). If that’s the case, then why didn’t Sasuke start asphyxiating because he would have breathed in the acid mist into his lungs. Oh, and I think I understand now why the Mizukage is always sensitive when people mention marriage. With the ability to melt your face off with her breath alone, which man would be brave enough to be with her? She even admits to having to “melt nice boys” in the past! Run away!
Sasuke’s Susanoo is taking a lot of damage this chapter, and it looks like Sasuke has finally reached his limit. Not only is he out of chakra, he also states that using the Susanoo hurts his entire body – this makes me wonder if chakra is the only thing that the Susanoo require. These Mangekyou Sharingan abilities always tend to be double-edged swords – maybe the Susanoo is also draining Sasuke’s life force as compensation for giving him so much power?
While everything’s going on, Karin is completely useless and can do nothing but comment on Sasuke’s chakra level. She’s so out of place here that the others in the room don’t even bother attacking her when Mizukage sealed herself off with Sasuke. She’s such a token character that I think Kishi is even picking on her himself – ever notice how Karin is always thrown around during fights and almost always lands on her ass or back or hits her head, and never lands on her feet?
But even though his teammates can’t help him, Madara and Zetsu are there to bail Sasuke out. I got to admit that Zetsu’s Spore technique is pretty cool even though it looks really gross. To be able to immobilize so many powerful characters and drain their chakra at the same time, it’s no wonder he is like Madara’s right hand man. I think most of us saw Sasuke’s bail out coming, after all he is an important component of Madara plans so there‘s no way Madara will just let him die. This whole thing was a big game set up by Madara to 1. Test the extend of Sasuke’s powers and 2. Have Sasuke set up the table for his appearance so he can reveal his “Moon’s Eye Plan.” Madara could have appeared anytime during the kage meeting to deliver his message but didn’t, meaning he needed Sasuke to stir up trouble first. Why though? Madara has always had a way with words and my guess is that he plans to turn the kages on Konoha. 1. Danzo’s mind control jutsu was exposed, and he ran away like a chicken at the first sign of danger; 2. Sasuke is a missing nin which Konoha has refused to assassinate for many years; 3. Naruto tried to beg for mercy for a guy who attacks all the kages the next day. Yup, right now Konoha’s image isn’t looking too great and Madara may be trying to use it to his advantage.


113 Responses

  1. damn awesome!

    FIRST >_>

  2. great review bob!!

    liked a lot your theory of Moon’s Eye Plan to put all againt konoha, tough Gaara wont go against Konoha because of Naruto.

  3. Great job,bob!
    I think it will be end of this battle.

  4. this chapter was intense, i have work so i will explain later

  5. Can’t wait to see what madara has to say about the moon eyes plan

  6. nice post Bob apparently Kishi is contemplating doing a part 3 so i hear. That should be interesting but man this manga is getting hella long eh? good chapter though im disapointed Gaara didnt kick Saucegay’s ass though.

  7. great post as always bob. kinda sad that its comin to a end but it was time. Sasuke is strong but u cant make it where he is takin on three or four kages at a time. of course he had to b saved, thats the point of havin teammates to help u out when u push yourself to far or losing. also its time for naruro to show up somewhere. also its good to know that sasuke is not as strong as Itachi yet. he may get there one day but not rite now.

  8. my fav parts: Mizukage having 5 elements (3 regular ones and 2 combos); Chojiro showing that he can kick just as much ass as Zabuza (comeon kisu, admit it, Zabuza never pulled a Bleach-style move b4 [i’m talking it reminds me of how when the Shinigamis shout out their swords names, they use rediculously powerful attacks]); Zetsu’s new jutsu (finally, this guy shows y he deserves to b in an organization filled w/ Kage level ninjas and outlive 70% of them)

  9. i think this chapter was just okay, its bout time sasuke got tired, but more importantly is anyone else more aroused by mizukage, i would be like plzzz lock me in 1 of those acid rooms lmao, its the same thing as wantin 2 be eatin by megan fox in jennifer’s body lol

  10. what I love about the kages is how unphased they are by everything; especially the Tsuchikage. I personally think he knew zetsu had used a time delay jutsu and just wanted to see what its effect would be, I mean he got out of it with such ease,
    The Moon’s Eye Plan I think has to do with some extremely powerful illusion (the moon is associated with illusions as is the sharingan) possible to change the ninja world and destroy ninjutsu once and for all (except for Madara) and he’s gonna use it on konoha first hence telling the kages (justifying danzou’s betrayal).

  11. bob that was a great post as always

    @ Andrew. Hahahahah that is so true. I was thinking the exact same thing lol.

    I wonder what madara is going to do about sasukes teammates? I mean we all know that madara can transport more people with his teleportation Justu than just himself. But I wonder if he can carry all of sasukes teammates???

    @itachi_4_hokage. I really don’t think that itachi is still stronger than sasuke in all parts of fighting. I think that sasuke has more skill at using MS techniques and has more charka and staminia (that’s not that surprising cuz kakashi said that sasuke and naruto both had more charka potential than him back during the tree climbing training). But it is obvious that sasuke is not as smart as itachi. I mean he charged head first at raikage and itachi never attacked first, he would sit back and wait till his opponent fell into his trap. But I still love itachi for his cool head and he knows his limits very well.

  12. sasuke needs more level! sasuke has not yet reach his full potential! he just still a pet dog of madara

  13. Great job Bob. Ok ok, I admit it, Chojiro and the Mizukage are pretty cool…….. (Zabuza can be proud now).

    I didn’t want Sasuke’s battle with the Kages to last over 3 chapters. Kishi giving him this much time against the 4 most powerful ninja in the world is ridiculous.Right now Sasuke is trumping Naruto’s victory over Pain (it wasn’t a really great victory cause Naruto had TONS of advantages over him, but i digress). The one good thing that came out of this chapter was that Sasuke life just got cut by a lot. When one uses Susanoo, it depletes one’s very life force, so I hope Sasuke continues to use it, that way he’ll die faster.

    Really, just how dumb ARE the Kages. Zetsu is an Akatsuki member for a reason! Did they really think the Raikage killed him with one attack? *sigh* Zetsu power is quite lackluster. Just how many chakra absorbers does this series have anyway!? I’m tired of these Kishi, give us something new and stop being lazy!

    Okay, so both the Mizukage and Tsuchikage have kekkei genkais, very intriguing. I really donjt have anything to say about these. Bob basically said everything I’d say……

    I think Madara is trying to start a new Ninja War and he’ll use the Biju to make sure he comes out on top. First he eliminates the Uchiha (the clan that opposed him years before, possibly the only other clan that COULD stop him now), then he recruits Itachi and Sasuke and turns them both into wanted criminals. He sent Pain to retrieve Naruto, but he knew how Nagto felt about Konoha and manipulated Pain into destroying the village, and most importantly, removing the Kage. They then quickly gained Danzo, who many don’t trust. Konoha has pushed out 3 missing-nins who have all been associated with Akatsuki, and they refused to hunt Sasuke. So the other Villages would think Konoha are in league with Akatsuki, or at the very least, benefits from their existence. The war will most likely start with Cloud and Rock Villages vs Konoha and Suna (not Mist because they are so far away from the mainland that a war would be pointless for them).

    @Chakrabeast, once again, DON’T COMPARE SASUKE AND ITACHI’S USE OF THE MANGEKYOU SHARINGAN! What we saw of Itachi’s MS was after he had obtained it for at least four years. He had been using it for all that time, and perfected his techniques. I still say Itachi (in his prime) is stronger than Sasuke.

  14. Now that we’ve seen a few of the Tsuchikage’s powers kinda makes you wonder what ‘Onoki of the Double Scales’ refers to, since ‘Gaara of the Sand’ is pretty obvious.
    I was just thinking how conveniently everything is playing into madara’s hands. If danzou kills Ao it’ll spark off a ninja war (as Ao is meant to retrieve danzou so they can continue the meeting) and by telling the kages his plan he is almost trying to make them his accomplices.
    The konoha 11 or team Naruto need to come into the picture and take danzou back to the meeting lest a war breaks out

  15. OMG …. am i the only one that notices this……
    Madara/Tobi = Danzo?!?!?!?
    noone finds it suspicious that Madara fully appears after Danzo leaves the room. I kno, i kno ur thinking but wait the Byakugan guy Ao is following him…..WHO SAYS HE’S NOT IN ON IT TOO. it was WAY to convinient tht the guy discovers danzo’s ability. And ur probably also thinking well how was Danzo in the meeting but Tobi/Madara was talking to Naruto…..DUH Tob/Madara wasn’t fully there that is why when Yamato and Kakashi wasn’t too worried if he could take naruto b/c he would hav to be solid to do so
    Being able to project a type of “hologram” could also be one of Danzo’s moves.

  16. Who knew that you could have TWO Kekkei Genkais. Plus that old man sure packs a walup. Personaly I don’t see the purpose in revealing your big-master-plan before it really takes, I mean what is Madara thinking? This manga is getting SSOOOOOOOOOO exciting!!! And on a side note, wonder what’s going to happen to Sasuke’s little group?

  17. damn man!!! i hate to say this but sasuke do disappointed me!!!!u r a uchiha prodigy!!!
    though i still have high hopes for him,it is obvious to go out of chakra after so much usage of MS.

    More importantly why sasuke only used sharingan frm the start(doesn’t even tried his basic elements)……
    and wht’s with madara acting ala super hero to save him in time, WTF madara wht’s u upto, frst u let sasuke die then came for his rescue and now wanted to tell everyone u r plan!!!!jeeezzz i can’t get him..

  18. wow mizukage is sexy and scary at the same time!!!!
    zetsu all this time pretending to be dead,
    and now the green algae starting to move…..

    did u people see that his unusual ability not even drains out others chakra but can also replenish too.

    sasuke felt like his chakra is replenishing.

    karin got the treat of serious jealousy, mizukage is all over sasuke,,, a kiss of death!!!!

  19. wht madara is gonnna do!!!!1
    i guess he have no need for sasuke team!!!

    old fart suchikage– he still got calcium in his bones,lol!!

    i would love to see a little ass whooping of raikage by madara!!

  20. Its good seein all the 4 kages beat on sasuke and all but when the hell is kisame gonna find killerbee

  21. I bet the next chapters gonna be about Ao chasing Danzou. Naruto might also meet with them!

    Damn it! why cant the next chapter come out faster!

  22. wht AO thinkng of chasing danzo alone!!!!!!!!

    he will die for sure!!!i wonder where danzo is heading to!!

    one thing i am happy abt is that danzo doesn’t succeeded in wht he want and now all kage r his enemy.

    no where to run!!!!old bastard

  23. finally…after so long, a chapter i actually really liked.
    also, finally, another kunoichi who’s not useless, go Mizukage! (the other is Tsunade, obviously).

  24. @anja, totally agree with you dude. I hated all the chapters about Sasuke. Kishi dumbed down the Kages to make Sasuke look stronger. C’mon, there Kages! They shouldn’t have much trouble dealing with him. So far, its been pretty unbelievable. I just hope next week ISN’T about Sasuke *sigh*.

  25. @ kisu, Sasuke’s out cold, the next chapter should b about eithr Mandara or Ao vs Danzo. and about Sasuke doing good, no he wasn’t, he was getting his ass handed to him on every turn, all that he did was not getting killed

  26. KISAME! Who mentioned him? Oh yeah…I wonder if there will be like a huge blowout between them when Kisame ifnds him. You know, Killerbee not wanting to go with him so we get to see some MR. SHARK ON BEE HARD-ALL OUT ACTION, action…action…>_>

  27. i love mizukage..

  28. im requesting a showdown between tsunade and mizukage…goddamn fan service!!

  29. I bet the Moon’s eye plan has to do something about sharingun( next level of sharingun that is moer powerful than EMS)and use it to destroy the ninja world.

  30. Great analysis Bob.

    This chapter was very eventful in the sense that the remaining 2 kages got some action in before Sasuke passed out (albeit briefly) and Madara will finally let us in on what he has in store (cliff-hanger ending).

    @ Kisu, I agree Kishi really lowered the prestige of the kages during this arc. They are no doubt powerful, but they are lacking in the temperament department compared to the 3rd and 5th.

    Also, regarding Sage mode, many have been posting that Naruto in Sage mode is immune to genjutsu (specifically, Tsukuyomi). Where was this stated? Or is this something everyone has assumed?

  31. i think that one Sasuke realizes that he lost and that it was Madara and Zetsu that preety much saved him he will be furious but realize that he has nothing on Madara and will try to figure out a way to become stronger than Madara like he did Orochimaru….can’t wait to find out what the moon eyes plan is!

  32. also, just my opinion but i bet kishi will skip most of the kisame vs. kbee and we will only see the victor *sigh*

  33. @kisu, right on. kishi was a teeny weeny bit unfair on the kages (insert poker face here). i’m disliking sasuke’s character more and more…and more. another chapter dedicated solely to glorifying him (not necessarily next week’s) and i’m seriously going to puke some acid on my screen.

  34. omfg…Kisu knows how to type some elastic comments…

    Well, it seems the Moon’s Eye Plan is working out >_>

  35. Great post like always Bob!

    So I’m happy with this chapter because now the story will shift away from Sasuke for a while so we get to see what the hell Naruto and the rest of the Kooha ninja have been doing this entire time lmao.

    The Mizukage is awesome, I’m happy there are at least some kunoichi who aren’t totally worthless. And two kekkei genkais – who’d’ve thunk it? The Tsuchikage’s jutsu is pretty cool as well, glad to see he’s not just an old fart lol. Btw anyone notice his subordinate Akatsuchi’s jutsu? It looked like he barfed up a rock man or something…
    Whatever it was, it ate up Zetsu’s marshmellow clone things like taffy LOL

    Speaking of Zetsu, I’m surprised no one kept an eye on his body, he is in Akatuski for a reason after all. I think the kage’s are at fault for that, thinking that there’s no way he could survive or something. but then again, they were distracted cause of the whole Sasuke thing too.

    I was also worried for a moment when Zetsu started replenishing Sasuke’s chakra. I was seriously about to walk away from the computer with a big “WTF KISHI” on my face. A little pissed that Madara came in but I guess it was inevitable. But why reveal your plan to the most powerful people in the ninja world? It’s like he has complete confidence that the Moon’s Eye Plan will work out flawlessly. Typical bad guy move there Madara – I’m disappointed in you.

    Can’t wait for next week though~

  36. Did you say thunk? wow your stupid…

  37. @ kunai that is typical bad guy move by madara but from what we seen of madara’s power no one can touch him. And from what sasuke showed with is ms the kages had problems with regular ms so imagine ems power

  38. star69@ If Tsukuyomi never worked on Sasuke I’m pretty sure it wouldn’t effect Naruto in sage mode.

  39. @ kennyq and star69, there really isn’t any evidence other than Naruto saw Pein’s little thingy that ripped out the souls of ppl who lied to him and can also revive destroyed bodies of Pein. most ppl took it that since only ppl affected by the lie-detector mode can see it, they assumed it was a genjutsu and that it was only Naruto’s Sage mode that allowed him to c it when it was putting one of the bodies back together, but i’m not sure if it was Naruto’s SM or just the fact that it was doing a different job. but i definatly DISagree w/ the ppl who say frog katas can deflect Ametearsu (probably spelled it wrong)

  40. hey lookie, i got a fan. Welcome new Kisuzachi 8)

  41. Here’s why Tsukuyomi wont work on Sage Mode Naruto. Naruto said he can feel everyone’s chakra. He even searched through the Village and realized that Kakashi’s chakra was gone. In Sage Mode, Naruto’s like a super Karin (except he isn’t completely useless). Tsukuyomi only affects you if you look directly into your opponent’s eyes, so if Naruto closed his eyes it wouldn’t affect him. And him closing eyes wont impede his battle skills because he can “sense” where his opponent is. It’s a win win.

  42. why is everyone surprised that the Tsuchikage is strong. he’s a kage for fuck sake. and i still think the moons eye plan has something to do with madara gaining rinnegan. and also thank god that the fighting is over. i want some chapters now that advance the plot a bit.

  43. I don’t know what the Moon’s Eye Plan is, but I do know one thing, Madra is using the same technique Itachi used: tell the person you want to influence one thing, and manipulate events to make what you actually want to happen happen, just like how he told Sasuke all that crap about testing his ability, he caused Sasuke to crave power and get MS by fighting him.

    Madra will do the same thing with the rest of the ninja world. He will force them to take a course of action that will back them into a corner or force what he REALLY wants to happen to come true. It’s like him saying “I am going to fill the entire world with poisonous gas, the only safe place will be that room over there, and there is no way you’ll make it in time, hahahaha.” and then they fight to get in it, seal themselves inside after all that effort… and then Madra fills that room with gas and kills them all.

    FYI that isn’t a real example… it’s hyperbole.

  44. Sorry to repost… but the best well known example of this is Star Wars. Darth Sideous told both sides of the fight (Clone Wars) the right kind of information to cause battles to occur in the way he wanted it to. Madra has been manipulating Konoha and the villages AND Akatsuki all this time. I don’t think anyone knows the truth now except him, maybe Zetsu, and maybe maybe Kisame.

  45. @ kennyq, Sasuke got hit with Tsukuyomi 3 times by Itachi. He was able to overcome the last one with his Sharingan, and don’t forget Itachi was going easy on him because it was the ‘last battle’.

    @ kisu, Itachi was able to catch Naruto in basic genjutsu each time they crossed paths without eye contact. If Sasuke is indeed stronger than Itachi now – as many ppl on the board believe – then Sasuke may be able to do the same.

    Also, I don’t think Naruto’s ability in SM to sense the chakra around him can be extended to sense specific movements (ie: fighting with his eyes closed).

    I re-read Killerbee v Sasuke and Killerbee is immune to genjutsu because the 8-tails interrupts chakra flow. But this only happens when the host can control the bijuu. Perhaps Kishi will finally make Naruto master controlling the 9-tails (sooner than later).

  46. @star69, no one said Sasuke is stronger than Itachi, they say he has the POTENTIAL to become stronger than Itachi (likely because Itachi had been using MS four years prior to his introduction in Part 1, thus his body was extremely weak). ANd stronger doesn’t necessarily mean he’ll be stronger in ALL fields. Naruto’s strnger than Shikamaru, does that mean he is smarter, no. So far no character is as good at Genjutsu as Itachi (he probably used Genjutsu that much because it doesn’t tax his body as much as Ninjutsu would).

  47. I bet the Moon’s Eye Plan is a plan for Madara to obtain the Rinnegan. The reference to the moon points to the Sage of the Six Paths, who supposedly created the moon with his Chibaku Tensei technique. Remember he was beaten by teh First Hokage even with his EMS, so he probably figures the only way to be unquestionably the most powerful ninja would be to have the Rinnegan. That would also explain all the recent information we’ve gotten about the history of the Uchihas/Senjus. And ironically, the last two episodes in Shippuuden were about Jiraiya’s discovery of Nagato’s Rinnegan. Just my 2 cents.

  48. No offense…But I really wish people would stop deliberatly misspelling M-A-D-A-R-A’s name 😛

    And the Moon’s eye Plan has to have something to do with Madara being able to use all three *or more* Dojutsu techinques 0_o

  49. wow its good how people read my idea for the moons eye path and then just copied it exactly.

  50. @Star:”@ kisu, Itachi was able to catch Naruto in basic genjutsu each time they crossed paths without eye contact. If Sasuke is indeed stronger than Itachi now – as many ppl on the board believe – then Sasuke may be able to do the same.

    Also, I don’t think Naruto’s ability in SM to sense the chakra around him can be extended to sense specific movements (ie: fighting with his eyes closed).”

    I admit I (with some help from Kisu.) was the first to start the Sage mode = MS theories, due to the Sasuke-Naruto fanfic. challenge. There are several reasons for these THEORIES (disclaimer for all those who hate theory, discusion and by proxy Shannaro in general, but still come here, this is not to you!). Sage mode beating Tskyomi is the easiest thing, Amatseru is a bit of a stretch, though if you consider how the Raikage beat Amatseru, Naruto could do the same thing without losing a limb (because he doesn’t have to actually touch the flames) and Sussano as Sasuke is using it just a strength contest.

    Here is the detailed reasons for Sage mode beating Tskyuomi:

    1. He saw the statue (I accept your protests, it’s a difference in oppinion, moving on)

    2. Kisu.’s mention: He has increased chakra sensing abilities, genjutsu counters come down to a few main things, 1. Chakra control 2. chakra levels 3. chakra sensing 4. basic inteligence (needed to recognize what is/isn’t genjutsu) Senjutsu boosts three of these to an insane level (not inteligence, but Tskyoumi isn’t a subtle genjutsu, it’s a “I Fuckin mind-raped you” genjutsu)

    3. He countered Pein’s Genjutsu (which I put at about the same level, maybe a bit weaker)

    4. Senjutsu guarentees he has frogs near by, most likely Fusaku/His wife, who can act as countering partners, Fusaku especially since he has his chakra-canceling beatdown stick.

    Also at the Kisu. immatator, just don’t….

  51. @ Kisu: that was my weak attempt at tongue in cheek humor since the number of Sasuke>Itachi posters here are endless… I’m in the ‘Itachi is way stronger than Sasuke’ camp, btw.

    Anyway, I’m with you… Kishi hasn’t shown anybody more skilled at genjutsu than Itachi yet.

  52. @star69, Darn it! I missed out on a chance to make sarcastic fun of Sasuke with you. I’ll never be able to get to sleep knowing this!

  53. @ mart1 did pain really use genjustu in his and narutos battle??? i dont remmber it. could you link which page it is on please?? and just cuz naruto has sage mode doesnt mean that ma and pa toad are going to be there. the only reason they were there when jayraia went sage mode was they fused so he didnt have to gather the sage energy but ma and pa toad cant do that cuz of the 9 tails.

    @ kisuzachi we dont really know yet if Tskyoumi can only be cast by contact we your opponents eyes. that is what happened to kakashi cuz he is a retard and was like im sweet cuz i have sharingan o i can look into itachis eyes.

    @ star69 sasuke didnt get hit Tskyoumi three time. he only got hit once which was the time that he beat it. the other genjustu were just itachis normal high lvl genjustu.

  54. @star69: sage mode can counter genjutsu or not? well, you are right, it is not stated in the manga directly. but look at the facts.

    sage mode requires complete control over chakra, if someone doesn’t have the required control, then he will turn into a toad statue. now see the fact here, to cancel genjutsu, someone has to have excellent control over chakra, which Naruto has very much. you get the answer.

    now with KillerBee countering tsukyomi? why is that? because he had a second source of chakra and was able to use it anytime he wanted.

    what’s with Naruto? he cannot use Kyuubi’s chakra at will which is his second chajra source. but he does have access to another chakra source, Nature chakra and is able to use it with perfection.

    how does that help? think of the process to counter genjutsu (tsukyomi is a strong genjutsu), one has to disrupt the chakra flow and the genjutsu will be dispelled. now all Naruto has to do is to disrupt the chakra flow with nature’s chakra just like KillerBee did it with Hachibi’s chakra. it is not a perfect theory, but will work until proven otherwise.

    oh and about “Sasuke is stronger”; there are a lot of people in this forum who will say that Sasuke has more chakra than Kyuubi, faster than Raikage, his punch is stronger than that of a sage, his normal sharingan is stronger than Madara’s EMS, etc etc. don’t take them seriously.

  55. Sasuke is pretty strong but people get carried away. He is no wasy stronger than itachi. An healty itachi would have wiped the floor with the raikage. Point blank.

  56. @charabeast

    Actually, in Part one, Sasuke was hit with a Tsukyomi right after the prelims of the chunnin exam. He was made to relive the night of the massacre. Jiraiya saved him using the Toad Stomach jutsu, and Tsunade had to pull Sasuke out of the Tsukyomi.

    And since that was a Tsukyomi, it isn’t hard to think that when Itachi first showed Sasuke the murder of his parernts, that that was a Tsukyomi as well, although we have no proof of that. It could have been a regular genjutsu.


    Sage chakra isn’t separate chakra… I think it is just a new type. You mix 3 types of energy to make a new type of chakra, but it is still your own. Spiritual and body make normal chakra. You add natural energy, and you get Sage chakra. So you can’t say that Naruto has another source to cancel the genjutsu.

    Anyways, it isn’t the “other source of chakra” that is necessary, it is that the bijuu is able to inject its chakra and disrupt the abnormal flow due to genjutsu.

    However, I believe that Naruto is less susceptible to genjutsu because of his improved chakra control. I can’t say how he would fare vs. Tsukyomi, but I think that he needs the Kyuubi for that.

    @all the Sasuke is better than Itachi people
    Sasuke even admited it in this chapter, that Itachi was way better. And he has RARELY used genjutsu. Sasuke was always a ninjutsu user. It really fits their personalities though. Sasuke jumps into conflict and fighting, while Itachi does what he can to avoid it. Genjutsu does allow the ninja to fight as little as possible.

  57. itachi was better at his state than sasuke coz of his experience in battle’s and handling of sharingan!!!

    obviously sasuke has just started using MS but at age of 16 itachi was weaker than wht today sasuke is!

  58. i can’t say anytihng critizing itachi since he was a born genius and acquired sharingan at the age at which sasuke entered the academy!

  59. whatever uchiha’s r still the best!!

  60. @ naruto has better control over charka, I think that naruto only has that sweet control of the sage charka not all of his charka, but I could be wrong lol.

    @ ripcord. Iwas thinking about the fight between sasuke and itachi. I totally forgot about itachi using his tskyumui on sasuke in part one lol.

  61. @manishuchiha. Sasuke activated his sharingan at the same age that itachi did his. You see it in one of the flashbacks that sasuke has. He has one tomoe in each eye.

  62. who’s hotter?Tsunade or Mizukage?…but id go with Mizukage..Tsunade’s already 50 hehe..

    I think the only reason Sasuke dispelled Tsukiyomi is because Itachi never wanted to kill him in the 1st place and he did not exert his utmost in maintaning Tsukiyomi on Sasuke..

    when will Naruto be back in action?..and is Sage Naruto,in terms of physical strength, stronger than Raikage’s & Tsunade’s?

  63. @manishuchiha Sasuke only got MS bcoz Itachi nevr truly wanted 2 kill him..if Itachi truly wanted to kill Sasuke he wouldve been dead long ago sa said by Madara..

    @star69 perhaps it was assumed that Naruto can break normal genjutsu..i dnt know about Tsukiyomi coz its a very strong genjutsu…Itachi said to Kakashi in part 1 that only those with the Uchiha blood and Sharingan have the ability to break it

  64. @ manu said “obviously sasuke has just started using MS but at age of 16 itachi was weaker than wht today sasuke is!”

    How do you know this?

    Itachi is the pure genius. Sasuke is this manga’s Vegeta – someone made this comparison in a comment in a previous blog. Sasuke’s always striving to eclipse Itachi (Goku) but it’s an unachievable goal since Itachi is light years ahead. That is assuming Itachi is still alive.

    We don’t have direct evidence of how strong Itachi at 16 was, but he took out his entire clan with Madara. Also he had tons of accomplishments during his time serving Konoha. One can make a case that Sasuke at the present is stronger than a 16 year old Itachi, however, prior to receiving his MS, I don’t believe Sasuke’s progression was even close to Itachi’s… even with Oro’s steroids and CS.

    AND, remember one thing: Sasuke would never have had MS and all that comes with MS if Itachi didn’t meticulously plan out every detail in Sasuke’s “succession planning”.

    Also, Itachi easily cleaned house with several opponents Sasuke barely beat: ie: Orochimaru, Deidara. Sure Oro and Deidara probably got stronger, but Itachi didn’t?

    “@ Charkabeast said @ star69 sasuke didnt get hit Tskyoumi three time. he only got hit once which was the time that he beat it. the other genjustu were just itachis normal high lvl genjustu.”

    I believe someone provided evidence supporting my case… 😉

    Thx ripcord!

    “@manishuchiha Sasuke only got MS bcoz Itachi nevr truly wanted 2 kill him..if Itachi truly wanted to kill Sasuke he wouldve been dead long ago sa said by Madara..”

    Ditto.. it’s funny how so many ppl fail to even consider this possibility.

  65. @ manishuchiha how could u think sasuke at age 16 is stronger than itachi at age 16 when at about 13 kakshi said itachi headed the anbu. So please explain how the hell is saskue stronger than itachi

  66. @manisuchiha, i get that your a Sasuke fan, but you need to smell the poo now. Sasuke and Itachi are in totally different leagues. Itachi at 14 massacred the Uchiha clan, and was an ANBU captain. I seriously doubt that Sasuke could kill ALL the Uchiha, even with the MS (which he would have never had if it wasn’t for Itachi).

    @ripcord, “Sage chakra isn’t separate chakra”- darkprince didn’t say it was. He said NATURE’S ENERGY. Sage chakra is only a combination of physical, mental and nature chakra, so darkprince has a sound theory.

  67. @kisuzachi

    Actually, darkprince did say it was

    “now with KillerBee countering tsukyomi? why is that? because he had a second source of chakra and was able to use it anytime he wanted.

    what’s with Naruto? he cannot use Kyuubi’s chakra at will which is his second chajra source. but he does have access to another chakra source, Nature chakra and is able to use it with perfection.”

    I do agree with most of what he says, especially about the chakra control and how that helps against genjutsu. Of course, I even think that learning to use Sage Mode has enhanced Naruto’s chakra controling abilities, speed, and maybe even power outside of it, based on the quick rasengan vs. Tobi and his quick grabbing of the sword in the fight against the cloud ninjas.

  68. Some things I must disagree with

    1. Ripcord: “he cannot use Kyuubi’s chakra at will” He can use the chakra anytime he wants, he just can’t control it, the difference is signifigant, he can go say one-tailed quickly to disrupt his “normal” chakra flow and then let it subside (though he rarely de-escalates by himself, which is his main problem) to get out of the Genjutsu as he did here: http://www.onemanga.com/Naruto/444/04/ (also where Pein used genjutsu chakra beast)

    2. Chakrabeast: “I think that naruto only has that sweet control of the sage charka not all of his charka” You have to HAVE great chakra control TO use Senjutsu because otherwise you can’t acheive the balance needed to enter it, THEN it boosts your chakra levels and sensing when you enter it, though we have seen other examples of Naruto’s great chakra control like his mastery of shadow clones and the rasengan.

    3. “Sasuke is stronger” They are different people, so it’s hard to compare, Itachi had his own, fairly untold story, where as Sasuke got the spotlight as much as (if not more than) Naruto. I think Itachi had more SKILL than Sasuke, as he had a plan, a mind of his own, and actually acomplished something. Sasuke however, IS a goldenboy, Kishimoto WILL find excuses to give him three chapter fights against the strongest opponents in the series, and Fangirls (and boys) will find SOME way of saying “Well he stood still, didn’t die, and got convinced to do the bidding of yet another series villan” as “Sasuke F****ING RULES!!!” You can probably tell which way I’m leaning on this debate from the sarcasm.

  69. @Mart, that wasn’t genjutsu Nagato used, he was trying to control Naruto’s body with the use of his chakra rods. The image of the fox was just a representation of Nagato being overpowered by the Fox’s chakra.

  70. @”that wasn’t genjutsu Nagato used,” How do you define “genjutsu”? I define Genjutsu as: “Attacking an opponents mind with chakra in order to disrupt one or more of the five senses.” The main difference between Pein’s bodies and Naruto is that Naruto was ALIVE, Nagato was ATTACKING NARUTO’s MIND, which IS Genjutsu. Many people think of genjutsu as trippy visions, but that’s more in the Sharingan (visual) domain of genjutsu, Pein’s genjutsu is the touch-based, which is why he uses the rods to transmit his chakra. Other uncommon genjutsu’s: Ino’s, Dosu’s, and Orochimaru’s are more in the Pein-spectrum or Genjutsu.

  71. @mart1
    First of all, make sure you are looking to see when someone is quoting someone else. I was quoting darkprince there.

    But I do have to say the problem with Naruto using the kyuubi to break a genjutsu, is that it requires good control of the tailed beast… as the 8-tails said. Maybe he has that now.

    I agree with you about Itachi, though. He absolutely had a plan all along, and he never wasted a move.

    Genjutsu is defined as disrupting the chakra flow USING one of the 5 senses. It is NOT using chakra to disrupt one of the 5 senses as you said. Read carefully, they mean opposite things.
    I think that Nagato’s technique could be genjutsu… except that he doesn’t use any of the senses to disrupt chakra flow, Nagato disrupts it directly with his own chakra.

    Pain does not use touch for a genjutsu, the rods are a direct transmission of his chakra. Ino’s technique is not a genjutsu. If you check the data books, or just Narutohurricane’s character stat pages, you will see it is classified as a ninjutsu. The Yamanaka clan’s jutsu does not use any of the senses against an enemy whatsoever. So, it is not a genjutsu.

  72. @Mart, Genjutsu literally means “Illusion Techniques”, what Nagato did wasn’t an ILLUSION, he was trying to use his chakra to forcibly control Naruto, but at the same time, Naruto would KNOW he’s being controlled, as opposed to when Genjutsu is used on ppl (they DON’T know they’re in a genjutsu until a little suffering takes place)

  73. Actually, Pain/Nagato wasnt disrupting the mind, and so it wasnt a genjutsu at all.

    Genjutsu means something to do with reality, or an alternate reality (a fantasy world).

    Nagato simply used the chakra channeling rods to inject his own chakra into Naruto, disrupting the chakra flow. He did the same thing to Jiraiya. Jiraiya was still in complete control over all 5 senses, however he couldnt gather his chakra due to Pain’s disturbing it.
    This is what the eyes over the head of the character symbolizes, its an intense wave of chakra or pure emotion (a technique used in other manga too, often regarding hate or murderous intent.).
    Naruto turned it around on Nagato, activating 0 tail fox (chakra) and sending a wave of emotion and chakra back at Nagato, which disrupted his own control to the rod.

  74. @kisuzachi”
    @star 69″
    come on guys is it seriously so hard to grasp things!!!!
    even after mentioning that iam not ctitizing itachi u guys didn’t get a bit of it, itachi age at his death was around 21, and sasuke age is 16, now analysize it carefully even i agree on point that itachi was powerful than sasuke as he had both skill and MS,but don’t u think if sasuke would have been of same age as him things would be different.

    even at 16 years of age he put up a strong competition!!!!
    yes itachi did massacred entire uchiha clan and yes he was an anbu captain at age of 13, but with the help of madara..!!

  75. @chakrabeast”
    sasuke and itachi times for activatiing sharingan was different!!!!

    itachi did it when he was 6 and sasuke did it while fightind haku at the age of 12!!!
    and if any chance u r saying abt the little incident at the time of massacre then it cannot be considered as an activation!!
    coz if that the case sasuke would had been able to use the saringan even afterwards as ones activated sharingan cannot be sealed back to the normal eye!!

  76. sry for the above @chkrabeast
    itachi was 8 years old not 6!!\
    word error!!

  77. i cant believe no one posted this yet but it isnt sage mode directly that helps naruto with not getting caught in genjutsu, its how it balances the kyubi’s power.

    it was hinted at somewhere in the manga if im not mistaken that the reason naruto has always failed at detecting genjutsu is because the sealed power with-in him makes him rather prone to genjutsu attack.

    it is when he goes into sagemode and is able to balance that “dark” power with the power of nature that he becomes better at detecting and adverting genjutsu attacks.

    however i dont remember the exact location of this.

  78. @manish

    still rambling nonsense i see

  79. great chapter it just keeps getting better and better, seems like madara will spill his beans but will he tell the truth, whats next for sauske, more training in order to defeat madara, naruto needs training as well, i can see why zetsu is my favorite, the spoilers for the next chapter is even better, wont say here what it is but you can look in the forum section,

  80. “Genjutsu is defined as disrupting the chakra flow USING one of the 5 senses. It is NOT using chakra to disrupt one of the 5 senses as you said”

    “is that it requires good control of the tailed beast…”

    “(they DON’T know they’re in a genjutsu until a little suffering takes place)”

    the sense pein attacked with his “genjutsu” is the sense of touch, in order to create paralysis, and as far as not knowing/suffering, naruto started suffering immediatley and in other places people have know almost immediatley ex. Kakashi vs. Itachi, it’s not like he said “oh I was standing on a lake, now I’m instantly tied up in bazaro-world, this CAN’T be genjutsu, it all comes down to how subtle the user/target’s are.

    Now for the chakra disruption, you don’t have to be skilled to cause disruption, skill just helps.

  81. @mart1

    It is true that we have not seen an actual case of “touch genjutsu” in the manga, or anything explicitly stated as touch genjutsu. BUT it is stated that Pain’s jutsu is just like the Yamanaka’s jutsu, which is ninjutsu, not genjutsu. This is because it uses direct chakra waves, not any of the senses. And also, it is not an illusion effect. The enemy is aware of what is going on (they know they’ve been taken over), so this cannot be genjutsu.

    Another example of touch affecting the chakra flow would be gentle fist. Neji injects his chakra into whoever he is fighting and this disrupts their chakra flow.

    Genjutsu, as outlined SEVERAL times in the manga requires an attack on 1 of the 5 senses AND an illusion. I never said anything about genjutsu having to cause suffering, in the case of Jiraiya he trapped Pain’s bodies without causing any suffering, yet it was still a genjutsu.

    Interestingly enough though… in the manga, touch is most often used to actually BREAK a genjutsu. Shikamaru breaking his finger, Sakura touching Naruto during the chunnin exams, Sakura and Chiyo touching Naruto during the fight with Itachi’s fake clone (made by Pain).

  82. @/mart1 hey mate i dont think nagato is using genjutsu the reason is because genjusu is an illusionary tech where as using the chakra rods is forcing nagato’s chakra into naruto via the tranciever rod and over powering narutos chakra system. Naruto overpowered Nagato’s immense chakra from close range, obviously nagato’s chakra is much more potent at close range so naruto had to go one step further and combine the sage chakra and the fox chakra together for a short period of time to overwhelm nagato’s mighty chakra.

  83. Ripcord, kisu is the one who mentioned suffering, that was towards him. What do you define as “illusion” because I see the Renningan background was the illusion.

    “use these blades to disrupt the chakra of his victim, injuring them or rendering them incapable to move. When a victim is stabbed by the blades” and “Those under the influence of genjutsu either freeze in place or” naruwiki

    this sounds like genjutsu to me, I could be wrong, it’s one of those weird in-between things like sand ninjutsu. However this method could work the same way to over power genjutsu, just because he doesn’t have FULL control over his bijju doesn’t mean he can’t use it to SOME degree, and since he has already used it in a SIMILAR way I think he could use it to counter genjutsu

  84. hey, i noticed the arguement over if what Nagato did to Naruto was genjutsu or not. to me, i think that the eyes over Naruto (which mart called a genjutsu) were just for effect. and that the attack was closer to Ino’s mind-transfer than anything else (except w/out the drawbacks) so far, the only genjutsu ever shown were sight or sound based, so i’m not sure if there can even b a “touch-based” genjutsu. but hey, i could b wrong, after all, i was wrong about Nagato being evil to the core (but since he isn’t, it’s kinda lame, sorry kisu, but he made a much better villain than anything else) and i’m starting to doubt my earlier theories about Sasuke turning good.

  85. “so far, the only genjutsu ever shown were sight or sound based” not to attack you JPUA, but I think that’s incorrect, for instance the crow-based genjutsu itachi used, it’s obviously a sight-based genjutsu (because it’s triggered by sight) BUT Naruto “felt” the cuts he would have received, thus it is also “touch-based” I’m not sure how taste and smell would be affected by genjutsu unless they were used to mask a poison or something but it’s not unreasonable to think they exist, I think sight and sound (being the two senses transited over the Internet) are those that are most often seen/perceived but the others probably exist/are shown in some form ex. Binding genjutsu (used by itachi/sasuke against oro. And ANBU)

  86. @Mart1

    Actually you’re incorrect about the touch genjutsu with Itachi. The sense involved is what is used to initiate or cause the genjutsu. It has nothing to do with what the person experiences while inside the genjutsu.

    Sight and sound are probably the most common type of genjutsu because genjutsu is meant to avoid contact. Touch requires getting close anyway. Plus, Shikamaru said sound based genjutsus are the worst (although Itachi’s visual based are pretty awesome).

  87. the next chapter talks about, the moon’s eye plan. It has something to do with the 10 tails beast. I read in a spoiler website about madaras plan but i dont wanna give it away.

  88. 4th ninja war what do u guys think?

  89. im down for that lol. i wish we could see some of the fighting from the 1st 2nd and 3rd ninja wars. i really would like to see the fight beteen the sannin and hanzo, that would be really sweet, but im guessing thats out of the question hahaha

  90. marleyinahelmet, I think yes. All of Madara’s actions are leading to another ninja war.

  91. if any of you are interested in spoilers, you can see it here. this is going to be a great chapter.


  92. Well, the spoilers are on our own Narutohurricane forums too.

    I think we might see some fighting from the last ninja war, when and if Kakashi tells Naruto about his father. Maybe we’ll see more about the night when the Kyuubi invaded Konoha.

    In any case, I just wonder who Madra has to fight on his side, unless Danzo secretly is.

  93. @ ripcord i agree with you on the night of the kyuubi thing cuz the only one who knows what really went down was the fourth and madara, and seeing as the fourth is dead madara might let naruto know what the kyuubi really is/did.

  94. “The sense involved is what is used to initiate or cause the genjutsu”
    It says this where? And shikamaru complains about everything!

  95. @ mart, i think he meant that even if u feel the pain in the genjutsu, that doesn’t mean it’s activated by the pain, it just creates it. so far, the only things confirmed to b genjutsu were either activated by some sorta sound, by eye contact, or the 1 case Itachi used his finger to point @ Naruto. nothing that has been confirmed a genjutsu has been activated by being touched by anything, even if the target gets physically attacked AFTER the genjutsu’s been cast

  96. Pretty interesting theory. Madara definitely wants to manipulate them, or he wouldn’t have bothered talking.

  97. must…resist…debate…

  98. The point I’m trying to make is that they (oro., naruto, kakashi) weren’t “physically attacked” but they thought they were. (A.K.A. Mentaly attacked) what I’m questioning is where it says that a genjutsu is based on one sense, the sense that activates it, and not multiple senses as genjutsu is shown to effect.


    If so, CRAP! I really needed that for my story! NOOOOOO!

  100. 100th!

  101. Hey that’s what I said bob I stated last week that Madara was using Sasuke as his muscle. As soon as Sasuke was done for Madara finally showed up and all like “Now you know how strong I am, you will listen to me or die”. LOL! He don’t look it, but Madara is a real gangster.

  102. @mart1

    OK OK OK I finally caved and dug into the manga to find where it talks about genjutsu. You forced me to waste my time.


    Here Shikamaru talks about how the senses are used to create the illusion, hearing being the worst one because it can be used from a far away distance.


    And the above link mentions that genjutsu is a form of “hypnotism,” meaning it is an illusion, which means that Pain’s technique (even the reviving technique) is out. We have seen that the reviving/lie detector monster is real, because it really does repair the bodies.

  103. Also, if you go to http://www.onemanga.com/Naruto/214/13/ you will see that Shikamaru says that Tayuya uses sound to trap the enemy in genjutsu, meaning that the sense is what is manipulated to create the illusion.

  104. I fail to see how the links prove anything, in rder of links 1. He talks about ALL the senses proving that touch based genjutsu exists 2. Hypnotism and Illusions are two COMPLETELY different things, hypnotism DOES NOT mean you have to see something, it simply subconsciously introduces ideas into the brain, illusions on the other hand are VISIONS that people see ex. Mirages 3. Again it says sound is the MAJOR component but not the only sense effected, obviously if he’s seeing things it’s more than JUST sound.


  106. spot on JPUA. who actually gives a fuck about genjutsu when theres a 10 tailed beast and a 4th shinobi war.

  107. It’s the manipulation of the sense (one of the 5) that CAUSES the person’s chakra flow to be affected, and this produces the hypnotism, or illusion. They don’t actually SEE or touch or feel anything, but the genjutsu makes them THINK an alternative experience is reality. It’s kindof like in the Matrix. There is no steak, or spoon, or air that the people in the Matrix are breathing. They don’t really feel pain, or smell, or taste. BUT the programming (altered brain waves) makes them believe that they are. But I can tell that you could care less about what the manga really says. I never said a touch based manga didn’t exist, I just said we weren’t given an example of anyone using one.

    And as to chapter 467, I’ll post about it after Bob says what he has to say.

  108. I wanna do my weekly rant T^T.
    @Genjutsu debate, Mart, no one is saying Touch based genjutsu cant exist. What we are saying is that there is no example of it being used in the manga. Nagato FORCED the chakra rods into Naruto, so he could FORCE naruto’s limbs to move (just like he does with the other bodies), while naruto would be FULLY AWARE of what is happening to him. In genjutsu, the target never knows they’re in one until its too late.

  109. I feel like week long debates should end at a week, unless the new chapter says something relevant, so after this I’m done,

    1. I said that pein jutsu COULD be considered non-genjutsu (though I do not) above,

    2. what I then said is that genjutsu of any “type” can effect any sense. If Itachi’s “sight-based” genjutsu could only effect sight than the most he could do with it would be to induce seizures with bright lights (narcolepsy) while in the manga, naruto ” felt” (not just saw) himself being cut, thus Itachi’s genjutsu at least effected sight and touch, this means that touch based genjutsu WAS used.

  110. Ugh. For the last time… the sense that is associated with a genjutsu has nothing to do with what the affected person experiences. The sense is what the ninja manipulates (i.e. through sound) to create irregular chakra flow in the victim. The illusion can then involve sights, or sounds, or smells, whatever, because it is a chakra created illusion.

  111. mart just admit you are wrong. when itachi and sasuke were having ther genjutsu battle itachi used a tsukiyomi on sasuke( so a sight genjutsu) and then made sasuke believe his eyes were being pulled out. this was just an ability of the genjutsu and not a touch genjutsu as you would suggest.

  112. Dudeeee…. I Did’t Read All The Posts But I’ve Read Thousands (You Know, Other Sites And All) And I Think That Its Safe To Assume… That EVERYBODY Has Forgotten About Kabuto (Partially Infused With Orochimaru). WHY???

    It Is My personal Belief That Kabuto’s Taijutsu Matches The Level Of Even Kakashi, If Not Better, Added Along With His Medical Skill And Infussion With Orochimaru (Not To Mention That They’re Both Evil Geniuses), He Is A VERY Dangerous Component, Just Waiting, BEGGING Even, To Be Thrown Back Into The Mi And Cause Hella Chaos.

  113. Oh An There Is A Discrepancy About Madara Being Danzo…. No. While Its True That Madara Onli Reappears After Danzo Disappears, It Was Mentioned Tha Ao Is Following Him. Despite The Fact That Its Been Mentioned He May Be In On It, I’m Sure Some Other Unnamed An So Far Unimportant (Or Very Sneaky And Talented) Chaacter Is Also Trailing Him. And ANYWAY, You’re Forgetting That Madara Was Taking The Time Sasuke Was Using To Fight The Raikage, To His Chat With Kakashi An Co. To Have A Shadow Clone/ Henge no Jutsu So Far Away Plus The Whole Phasing Thing Would Kill His Chakra, He’d Have To Have A Level Very Close To Naruto’s An The Fox’s. Not To Mention The Extra Energy Used To Get To And ‘Rescue’ Sasuke.

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