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Naruto Chapter 469 – Sakura on the Rebound

naruto-retro1Post Author: Bob

Hi folks, miss me? That two week lapse seemed like forever, but Naruto chapter 469 is out so let’s get at it. I was quite impressed Kishi managed to cram four separate scenes into one chapter, it’s not an easy thing to do I assure you but Kishi must be keen to keep the reader’s attention on all fronts. Of course, as the title of this chapter (Sakura’s Confession) implies, Sakura steals the show with her Oh-so-bold statements to Naruto. But although I get what she’s trying to do, I have to say that in the end she’s just digging a bigger hole for herself. And I’m not just saying this as a bona fide HinataxNaruto supporter — Sakura’s whole “confession” of love just seemed so very artificial that even someone as dense as Naruto picked up on it.

naruto469-1I don’t want the Sakura business stealing this entire blog post, so let’s talk about the other parts of this chapter first. First off, Kisame vs. Killerbee barely progressed at all – it only received a one-page treatment in 469, but can anyone say Ponta-burgers? That darn racoon (it’s a tanuki, technically) is going to get himself killed charging someone as insanely strong as Kisame. Maybe if Ponta gets pwned, the so-called enka-ninja will get serious and show Kisame his moves.


Well, it looks like my speculation about Ao being in league with Danzo was just that, speculation. Too bad, it would have made for a pretty interesting plot twist. Right now, I have no idea what Danzo might be planning because surely he must do something soon or be voted out of office as the shortest lived Hokage. But before that he has Fuu deal with the pest following them. Fuu’s little mind transfer trap was pretty ingenious, I can’t honestly think of anyone being able to avoid something like that unless they knew exactly what kind of trap it was. Even though Ao falls for the trap, he does seem to know what kind of jutsu it is and calls it a cursed seal variant of the mind transfer technique. What’s with Ao, he seems to be able to identify any kind of jutsu thrown at him, is he some kind of walking ninjutsu encyclopaedia?

naruto469-3Anyways, the jutsu in question is undoubtedly based on the Yamanaka clan’s version. I wouldn’t be so surprised if Fuu himself has some Yamanaka blood in him. My question is: couldn’t have Ino have learned something like this instead of her lame version that requires the target to remain for the mind transfer to succeed? Now that Fuu has Ao exactly where he wants him, I wonder what he will do with Ao’s body. Danzo ordered Fuu to retrieve Ao’s Byakugan, but I doubt he can just gouge it out. My guess is that the old rule about the mind transfer jutsu still holds true: that any harm done to Ao’s body will be done to Fuu’s body as well. These kind of fights that rely on pure tactics reminds me a lot of Shikamaru’s old battles. I hope we have more of these in the future, they’re very entertaining.

naruto469-4As for the talk between the kages on the new alliance, I don’t have too much to say. I was more leaning towards Gaara as the new leader; and maybe even the Mizukage. I did find Mifune’s argument for the Raikage’s nomination kind of flawed. Sure he is a lot calmer now that he knows Killerbee’s safe, but what happens if his brother is in danger again (like right now)? I just don’t know how stable a guy is when he’s willing to sacrifice his left arm to beat a ninja with a chip on his shoulder who happens to be 20 yeas younger than him. As for the Tsuchikage, all I have to say is that he and Danzo must have been cut from the same cloth, but at least he is willing to concede for now.

naruto469-5And now for the meat of this chapter. I wasn’t expecting Sakura to just confess outright when she first finds Naruto, and in front of everyone too. That should be the first clue that something isn’t right here. I’m no idealistic romantic, but I feel that the first confession of love between two people should be just that: between two people and nobody else. You have all the time to advertise it to the world later on: dates, engagements, weddings; so there’s no need to make a big deal of it here. Also, Sakura is kind of cornering Naruto here and forcing him to respond to her in front of their friends and peers. This tells me she didn’t really think this through before coming here, and instead is doing this in a desperate attempt to fix the guilt she feels for making Naruto promise to bring Sasuke back to her. This whole “confession” feels like it was more for her own benefit than Naruto’s, like she’s trying to convince herself to get over Sasuke. And besides, why bring up your ex so much while trying to make a love confession? That just totally ruins the mood. I’m glad Naruto picked up on this — no way is he going to play second fiddle to Sasuke when Sakura is clearly not over him yet. Sakura is confused right now and letting her emotions getting the better of her judgment. I would say she was just trying to set things right with Naruto by having a rebound relationship, but was there even a relationship between she and Sasuke in the first place other than a one-sided one? I could go on with this, but I’ll leave it there. I still do think Sakura definetly has some genuine affection for Naruto, but this “forced” confession was not the right way of expressing those feelings. I was really hoping for a more genuine moment from Sakura, but she let me down here 😦  Here’s hoping she comes clean and speak more from her heart in chapter 470.

naruto469-6BTW, loved Rock Lee’s reaction on page 9, but why is Yamato reacting like that?? Lol @ Kakashi’s expression throughout the whole scene: total indifference – he must have a lot experience with the ladies ;p


It’s Finally Here! Chapter 469!


onemanga link: http://www.onemanga.com/Naruto/469/01/

Strongest Ninja- Part1!

Post Author: Kisuzachi

This post is largely just for fun, but also for the fact that many people think that certain characters are the strongest, when in fact, they aren’t. In this post, only characters that have been in battles, displaying their attacks, are judged.

Okay, let’s start with the Hokages. The stats of the Fourth, First and Second Hokage were never revealed, but they are in this post because they actually had a battle in the manga.

The First Hokage (Hashirama Senju) defeated Madara Uchiha and was considered one of the most powerful ninja of HIS time. He was powerful as its said that he created Konoha with only one jutsu, could control the Biju and was the leader of one of the most powerful clans. However, in his battle against Sarutobi, he didn’t “shine” as he did in his time. He may have been strong in his time, but compared to the ninja today, he would probably be a high level Jonin. In fact, the only reason he and Madara were so feared must have been from the fact that they could control Biju. Consider Dr.Frankenstein, he was feared because he could control Frankenstein’s Monster, and not because HE was strong.

I however was impressed by the Second Hokage (Tobirama Senju). Zabuza used the Water Dragon Jutsu, but had to use 42 Hand Signs AND be near a large source of water, while Tobirama used one Hand Sign and was not near a large source of water, but was still able to create the jutsu. In his battle against Sarutobi, he truly “shined”. My guess is, since he couldn’t control Biju, he actually HAD to be strong to lead a Village in those troubled time 80+ years ago.

In the first Databook, the stats of Sarutobi were released (after he died), and they are impressive, even by Naruto Part 2 standards. His stats are; Ninjutsu: 5, Genjutsu: 5, Intelligence: 5, Taijutsu: 5, Strength: 3, Stamina: 3, Speed: 3, Sealing: 5, which gives him a total of 34 points. While the stats are important, they can’t really decide who would win, but it does tell who has the advantage. But let’s look at his achievements. Sarutobi was able to fight Orochimaru even though he had become a old. He then fought the First and Second Hokages, and gave them several fatal blows, but had to ultimately seal them, and he still had enough power to seal Orochimaru’s arms. After his “victory” (?) over Orochimaru, Enma said compared to his younger days, his performance here was pathetic. That leaves one to wonder just how strong this guy was back in the day.

Well, there isn’t much to say about the Fourth Hokage (Minato Namikaze). We all know what he could do, he took out an entire army of Iwa-nins on his own, sealed the Kyubi, was trained by Jiraiya, created the Rasengan and the Flying Thunder God. We all know HE was strong, but let’s see what Kishimoto thought in his Shonen Jump interview in 2008.


Well since I did the other Hokages, I should do Tsunade’s too. In the latest databook, revealed last year, Tsunade’s stats were ; Ninjutsu: 5, Taijutsu: 5, Genjutsu: 3.5, Intelligence: 5, Strength: 5, Speed: 3.5, Stamina: 4, Sealing: 4. I think her stats are accurate. We all know what Tsunade can do, so there’s no need for me to chronicle her achievements.

Next time, it’s gonna be Akatsuki guys and the remaining Sanin. Until then, comments please, let’s share our thoughts. Personally, I think Minato is the strongest Hokage, and that Hashirama is overrated.


Post Author: Kisuzachi

This post is just food for thought.

Why be a ninja?

There really is no benefit in becoming a ninja. The question is why would someone want to be one. There are clearly other jobs in the Naruverse, yet parents willingly let their children train to become ninja. Here’s why I think they do this. Status. As we’ve seen many times before, people with high ranks have all been ninja, or have ninja skills. So parents endanger their children’s lives to make them gain respect and a higher position. The Naruverse is a place where a strong enough person can take over an entire Village and become its leader (example, Pain), so becoming a ninja may help in that department. Those are the only reasons I can see why anyone would be a ninja, because it isn’t the safest job.

From the very start of the series, we’ve seen many ninja die, though these ninja are nameless, as they have no Character_shield.  Despite knowing, and seeing what happens around them, young children still WANT to become ninjas. I know if I was a child, let’s say 6 years old, and I saw what happened during Pain’s invasion, I would become a peaceful Shopkeeper (apparently the only other job in a Hidden Village), not a ninja. That brings us to the next topic, Naruverse Psychology.

Naruverse Psychology.

Okay, let’s look at certain jutsus. The Summoning Jutsu is one of the most used jutsus, but lets look at this simple point. If you were a 12 year old, would you bite your finger so hard that it bleeds? Children in the Naruverse readily do this to be strong (or what the Village defines as being strong).

Fatal Jutsus are another thing. Children learn jutsus that put tremendous strain on their bodies (example Rock Lee), so they can be strong, what kind of society would risk the life of children in this manner?

I did something like this in a previous Post, titled “Religious Excuses in Naruto“. The Villages instill in the young that fighting and giving up your life for the memory and honor of your ancestors is honorable, so the children give up their potentially bright futures, to become “shadows” that die for the dead. Which brings me to the next topic, Monsters of the Ninja World.

Monsters of the Ninja World

Ninjas and their constant need to fight (constant, considering that within a mere 80 years there have been 3 Ninja Wars, and a Fourth is starting) have caused the births of many monsters. It was a Ninja War that gave birth to Pain, a monster with a need to end wars forever. We all know Nagato’s story, so I won’t go into detail about him, however, I did do a detailed Post about him in the past titled “Pein the Ultimate Misguided Evil” (it was before his past had been revealed).

Longevity/ Life Expectancy

The life expectancy for a ninja, no matter how strong, is very little. We see ninja like Tsunade’s little brother, Nawaki, die at only 12 years old, and a powerful ninja like Minato died before he even hit 35. Now the manga didn’t tell exactly how e died, but the anime did. He was involved in the 2nd Ninja War and ran into an explosive tag, and was blown to bits. Now who would send a 12 year old to war? He should not have been out there, no matter what rank he was. Kakashi was a jonin at 13 (which means he had to do VERY dangerous missions), Obito and Rin were both Chunin and were also 13 year olds. Now Konoha sent out a team of 13 year olds to war, the outcome was the death of Obito, who was an Uchiha, which meant his future was very bright. That brings me to my final thought, Village System.

Village System

It may have been the answer in Hashirama’s time, but it certainly isn’t the answer now. I think that is how Naruto will establish peace (if he ever does), through the destruction of the Village System.

Naruto Chapter 468 – A New Alliance

naruto-retro1Post Author: Bob

I guess this was an okay chapter, I was expecting more of an explanation from Madara about this war he is declaring, but instead he just ends it there and disappears. I thought that was pretty anti-climactic given last week’s cliffhanger. If I was a villain and my goal was to instil fear in my enemies, I would at least elaborate a little more or at least demonstrate a bit of the power I so boasted about. You don’t just say you’re all uber powerful and l33t and then just run away in the next sentence.
This is another chapter with a lot of talking between the kages but a lot did get accomplished. I’m sure some fans are already squirming in their seats for the next big battle so it’s nice that chapter 468 concludes with Kisame confronting Killerbee. The bad news is, Kishi will be taking a short break so we won’t expect to see the beginning of that fight for at least another two weeks.
With Killerbee’s safety confirmed, the Raikage is a lot more mellow and reasonable. When the idea of the Shinobi Alliance is brought up, instead of smashing something he actually agrees. The question of what to do with Danzo still lingers. Although all the kages agree they don’t trust Danzo in the least, they still want to bring Konoha’s strength into the alliance. Raikage suggests that Danzo would be discredited and probably removed as Hokage if news of what happened at the meeting were to reach Konoha. Gaara agrees to replay this information by meeting Kakashi himself and passing on the news. All the kages seem to have a good deal of trust in Kakashi as a trustworthy shin obi — I don’t know about everyone else but I sense a strong hint of Kakashi as the next Hokage after Danzo gets the boot. Still, I doubt Danzo would let his title go so easily after all he has gone through to be Hokage. I’m getting more and more suspicious of his actions during the kage meeting. This is just my conspiracy theory but I found the revealing of his Sharingan by Ao’s Byakugan just a little too coincidental. Ao is probably the only ninja in his village with an implanted Byakugan, yet he is chosen out of hundreds to accompany the Mizukage and happens to recognize Danzo’s Sharingan because he fought and remembered the chakra signature of Shisui Uchiha whom Danzo took his Sharingan from. Too many pieces are falling together too well and I suspect that Ao is more than who he seems. Perhaps he is actually in collusion with Danzo? How was he able to obtain his Byakugan? Perhaps it was given to him by Danzo in the past to gain his loyalty? Don’t you find it strange that Ao gave chase after Danzo and his guards by himself and we haven’t seen anything about them after?
After the alliance business, the kages debate on whether or not to use Naruto or Killerbee in the upcoming war against Madara and his seven Bijuu. The Tsuchikage wants to use them as weapons on the field, but everyone else want to keep them hidden and protected. I found Mifune’s statement about why Madara came here to negotiate first very observant — if Madara truly believed he has the power to crush a shin obi alliance, he would not have come here in the firs place. But Mifune also adds that his samurai would aid in the alliance too… seeing how they performed in the last few chapters…. No thanks. Although I understand the others’ concerns about keeping Naruto and Killerbee safe, I tend to agree with the Tsuchikage because the alternative of keeping Naruto locked up and safe has never really worked out in the past. Everyone recognizes both Killerbee and Naruto as being reckless and unpredictable based on past experience, so why would they believe those two would simply agree to stay put when everyone else go fight an epic war? It would also be a very boring manga if they did. If anything, they should agree to let Killerbee train Naruto to better control the Kyuubi.
Chojiro’s warnings about Kisame brings no new information about him and instead reinforces what we already know: the guy has a badass sword and he has chakra on par with a Jinchuuriki. Chojiro warns that Kisame should not be under-estimated, though I don’t think anybody in the room would having just had a taste of what Akatsuki members can do a few minutes ago. No, Chijiro’s comment was just a set-up for the battle between Killerbee and Kisame because it’s really Killerbee who is going to underestimate Kisame. I can’t honestly say I know anything about enka singers in Japan, but this new character looks like he was based off some real life enka singer. He seems eccentric as Killerbee himself, but who knows, he controls a giant bear-thing so he could be powerful too. The fight between Kisame and Killerbee could get pretty interesting if he gets involved.
I have some other random points I want to point out but don’t want to write paragraphs on them, so I’ll leave them in point form:
– that look on Temari and Kankuro’s faces on page 7 was kinda creepy
Chojiro’s sword is still imbued with chakra even if he’s not holding it (page 8)
– looks like Madara left Jugo and Suigetsu behind; it sucks to be secondary characters, doesn’t it?
– it took me a while to figure out that girl on page 11 is Kurotsuchi (one of Tsuchikage’s guards); and I’m pretty sure it’s a girl now because guys don’t talk like that in manga.
– is Naruto trying to go Sage mode 24/7? I think to remember a similar guy in an orange suit having the same idea.
– how the heck did Sakura’s group get to Iron country so fast? Weren’t they still in Konoha just last chapter?

It’s Out! Chapter 468!


Masashi Kishimoto and Hiro Mashima

it’s WS again with a new blog it’s the same as the masashi and seishi blogs but with other manga’s

Background Story:

Hiro Mashima has been learning from Eiichiro Oda known from one piece and he now has some manga’s himself. The most popular one at the moment is Fairy Tail the first anime episode of this manga has been aired 12 October 2009 so for those who like anime more than manga don’t have a lot to catch up for the manga fans however it’s bit different with over 150 chapters it will probably take 1 week for most people to catch up i did it in 3 days but i was sick and had nothing to do.


Mage/Wizard: Most characters are mages (sometimes translated as wizards) they can use magic.

Magic: Magic is the power the mages have they can fight build and destroy things with it there are many types of magic such as: ice magic, weapon magic, stellar spirit magic (also known as summoning or celestial magic), and many more

Guilds: Guilds are buildings where mages gather and do jobs you need to be part of a guild to be a legal mage if you’re not part of a guild or the guild doesn’t follow the rules from the council it can get disbanded and the master get’s put in jail.

Main Characters:

the picture on the left is from the manga and the right ones are anime

Lucy Heartphilla

Lucy Heartfilia

Lucy is a girl who wants to join the Fairy Tail guild she uses stellar spirit magic and wants to collect all the summoning keys she meets natsu by accident and he invites her into the guild.

Natsu Dragonil

Natsu Dragneel

Natsu is a mage from Fairy Tail his magic is Dragon Slayer magic he is looking for Igneel the fire dragon that raised him. He get’s sick from all types of transportation that sometimes leads to funny moments.


Natsu’s pet a cat that has the magic: wings like the name says Happy get’s wings and can fly, oh it can also talk and it has 1 word he says all the time: aye.

Gray Fullbuster

Gray FullbusterGray Fullbuster

Gray is an Ice mage and fights with Natsu all the time (when erza’s not around) he keeps cool all the time and has a habit to walk around with only his underwear on.

Erza Scarlet

Erza Scarlet

Erza is a girl who is always seen in armor and she’s one of the few people who can stop Natsu and Gray from fighting. she likes strawberry cakes. Her magic is Exquiping armor and weapons. currently the only S-ranked woman.

Minor characters:


Mirajane is a former S-rank mage with enough power to be on par with Erza now she has retired and works as a waitress. 


Mirajane’s brother he uses a magic where he can transform parts of his body into animal limbs to increase power, he is one of the strongest fairy tail mage’s in brute strength.



The guild’s leader he is one of the 10 holy mages and can use lots of different magic like flame magic, size magic, transformation magic, and his own personal spell: Fairy law is feared by all enemy’s


A veteran Fairy Tail mage that uses some sort of card magic. She’s mostly seen drinking alcohol and if she isn’t she’s mostly fighting.


A Fairy Tail mage with Ring magic, not much i known from it since he doesn’t get much screen time but when he get’s it he makes good use from it.


One of the 10 holy mages and part of the magic council, he knows Erza from when they were little.


Gazille Reitfox

The strongest mage from the phantom Lord guild (not including josé the leader) his magic is dragon slayer just like natsu but he uses Metal dragon slayer while Natsu uses Fire dragon slayer.


Lluvia Loxar

One of the phantom Lords element 4 (S-rank mages who are only outranked by Gazile and José). She uses water magic and has a crush on Gray, she sees any girl who comes close to gray as concurention.


i’ve put some resemblances to other famous animes too

Natsu resembles Naruto since they both are simple minded idiots. But there’s also luffy from One Piece who resembles him even more.

Lucy resembles Animal Realm Pein since they both use summonings to fight her. Her looks resemble those of nami from One Piece.

Happy resembles Pakkun since they both are talking pets.

Gray resembles Haku since both use ice powers. His face resembles that of Ace from One Piece.

Erza resembles tenten because they both use countless weapons, her personality is more that of sakura since she beats up everyone who tries to hit on her.

Mirajane resembles Hinata both are cute and peaceful but when you hurt a loved one she is unstoppable.

Elfman resembles Lee they both are strong hand to hand fighters and love to spar with other people.

Makarov resembles Sarutobi the 3rd hokage, both are old, strong and willing to give their live for their children (villagers)

Kana resembles Tsunade because both love to drink alcohol.

Loki resembles Jiraya since he always has some girls around him also his face looks like that of ichigo from Bleach

Sieglein resembles Sasuke since both are used by someone (sasuke by madara and seig by zeref)

Gazile resembles pein because they both have way to many peircings.

Lluvia resembles suigetsu because both can make their body liquid

now just for fun the opening from the fairy tail anime

Link to the manga

Link to the anime