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Shippuden Anime Episode 127-128, Jiraiya’s Destiny

Hey Shannaro, today i’ll be providing a synoptic of naruto shippuden episodes 127 and 128.  Now this is my first attempt at the job but i’ll try my best to offer an entertaining and hopefully comprehensive summary.  The combined episodes are titled “tale of the gutsy ninja” which i personally believe was well executed and has a similiar retrospective atmosphere to kakashi gaiden. The following is one link to it, i advise that everyone at the very least skims through them.


“Tale of the Gutsy Ninja”(pictures are after the summary or if you like look at them now)

The episodes concern crucial moments in jiraiya life, providing dept and history to the iconic character. The  tale begins in the fable village hidden under the leaves.  There the great hokage/jhonin(more likely jhonin) hiruzen sarutobi trains his team of three ninja, seemingly common as the story begins but will eventually harbour inspiration beyond thier expectations.  Among them is jiraiya, now this little squirt is rather head strong as seen when he is easily immobolized by basic obstecles once he began his genin training that hiruzens other students orochimaru and tsunade manage to conquer.  The display humiliated him in front of tsunade an kinochi that he displays an open crush towards only to be rejected. He is rather depressed afterwards but his determined nature reveals itself once hiruzen demonstrates ninja summoning.  Desiring to quicky obtain his animal summon at the sight of emna the monkey king, jiraiya procedes with intent with hiruzens training to mold and control chakara.  Eventually his abilities towards that aspect personally appeared rehersed enough that jiraiya forms the summoning hand signs.  Hiruzen notices this right as he procedes, pananicing at the fact that there are unpredictable consequences when an individual summons without a contract.

In jiraiya’s case the summon reverses itself, teleporting himself through the portal to mount myobukuzan.  The moment he emerges jiraiya notices a battle between an gamabichi sized gamabunta and a snake.  Some how this pre-teen managed to toss the snake in to the air never to be seen again once he intervened.  There he is quickly greeted by pa toad an servant of the toad sage and said that the wise frog forsaw a child entering myobukuzan who destiny he perdicted.  Jiraiya having a slight philosphical personality was curious to his distiny but had to undergo intense sage training first.  Thus for a couple of years jiraiya trained through the harshness of both senjutsu and hiruzens methods.  initially he wasn’t particullarly great at either but eventually jiraiya became a force of nature(litterally).  It was then that jiraiya became an adolescent did pa revealed that he was ready to hear his profecy.  Jiraiya who is soley perverted as described by the toad sage will write a book but also be the pathway to an disciple who could deliver great prosperity or utter destruction to the ninja world.  Inspired by these words and despite the toad sages profecies never actually coming to fruition, jiraiya journed across the world in search of  the chosen disciple.

He was determined to select the ninja whom would revolutionalize the world through peace and at the same time witness it crumbling at the flames of the second shinobi world war.  He met several individuals with unique principles for the era but none seemed to be the one that could deliver peace.  Eventually he had to return to the village hidden in the leaves as the war had already required it to summon its mightiests hosts.   It was then in the war torn lands of the rain did jiraiya met three orphans whom lost those that they loved and wanted to become ninja an change the world.  As only children jiraiya agree to protect them and provide slight ninjutsu training and wasn’t as motivated of thier desire to bring peace witnessing all the past canidates.  However it all changed as he discovered negato’s rennigan which he believed until now as an only myth .  The one who posses the rennigan arrives when the world is in choas aleviating it through either peace or annilation.  It was there that jiraiya believed, he found his destiny

Jiraiya trained the orphans in ninjutsu for three years and shared with negato his philosphies.  He told his student that pain brings hatred and through it war that never seemed to cease and wrote the tale of the gutsy ninja to hopefully inspire negato to find the answer to end hatred before leaving.  Then when he is united with his old comrades he learns that the orphans perished and grieved realising that negato didn’t seem to be the chosen.  There jiraiya continued his quest to locate the one that was prophesized.


May the force be with you, rabbit!

Jiraiya learning to master Senjutsu.

Best be staying still


Best be getting a hair cut

Konan’s first shown origami

Young love, though it would suck if the person you gave it too gets paper cut like nagato, not saying he will hate it

7 Responses

  1. GOD!


  2. great episode
    uhmm..yeah…i think that toads are sometimes green

  3. great episodes, i like how they tied the six realms of pain shinobi with jaraiyas jaraiyas journey, never knew demon realm was a puppetmaster makes sense now, cant wait fir the next few episodes, we get to see jaraiya in sage mode!!!

  4. Oh wow, I didn’t even realize it till you said that Profess, but all the realms are in that sequence….

  5. i liked the first half of this episode giving backstory to the pein paths but the secound part was very badly done! for one thing it messes up the whole “Jiriya investigating Rain village” thing because we are not supposed to know who Nagato, Konan, and Yahiko until Jiriya actually starts fighting Pein. Also the episode in general was done with terrible quality, during the part where the Nagato, Konan and Yahiko kill Jiriya’s clone the quality was so bad it looked fanmade. Hopefully they will do better with the rest of this but for now im a little disgusted they moved all these scenes from there proper place( like the “naming Naruto after Jiriya’s book” scene, which in the manga we did not see until the very end of Jiriya’s battle with Pein) just to give us this boring hour special.

  6. Actually the predictions always come true. You got it bacwards

  7. *backwards

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