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Masashi and Seishi

This is my first theory post i hope you enjoy it  if not i will promise i will never make one again.

Ok most of us know Masashi Kishimoto as the creator of naruto, but less ppl know that he got a younger twin brother called Seishi Kishimoto who’s also a mangaka (seishi tells his readers he’s the more handsome one) he’s mainly known from 666 Satan i will tell some things about 666 Satan now.

The weapons used in this manga are o-parts it are just weapons who have a special ability like a sword that controlls flames or a chain that freezes stuff.

The main character is called Jio Freed and kinda looks like Naruto:


The hairstyle looks similar even though jio’s hair looks more heavy so the front is a bit down while naruto’s hair is all directed up as you can see in the picture(may be because of the forehead protector). Also both of them got something sealed inside and have a mark on their cheeks (jio’s fangs and naruto’s whiskers) Both of them are noisy and become more serious in part 2 also both of them want to rule something (the world and konoha)

Ruby crescent is a girl that meets jio in the first chapter and kinda resembles Sakura Since both are kinda useless in the first part but become more badass after the time skip(yes also in 666satan theres a time skip (4 years in 666Satan and 2 and half years in naruto)) she wants to meet her father who abandonned her.

Cross has a angel sealed inside of him and is the comander of shin, a giant flying ship and kinda resembles sasuke because both seek revenge and there have been confrontation between jio and cross that resemble sasuke and naruto confrontations like this one:

jiovscross.jpg picture by white-shinobi

cross (left) vs jio (right) while ruby tries to stop them

narutovssasuke.jpg picture by white-shinobi

naruto vs sasuke while skura tries to stop them

Ball i don’t really know a naruto character that resembles him i could compare him to Sasuke since they both studied under the same master as the main character and they are both the rivals of the main character but their personality is nothing alike Ball is a carefree guy who thinks he’s cool and loves round things (like ruby’s breasts :P) and hates things that are not round. Another person i can resemble him to is killerbee tha black 8 tailed jinchuuriki since both talk in rhymes from time to time and both think they are cool.

Kirin is the teacher of jio and ball and he resembles jiraya but instead of woman kirin loves pickles he has a dog called jajamaru who barely resembles a dog in part 1 but in part 2 he looks a lot more fearsome, he also resembles kakashi since both are teachers of the main characters and have a secret eye technique. he is know as a o-part grader (he fixes and makes them better) he is a old friend of amidaba and ruby’s father.

Zero is jio’s childhood teacher and he resembles akamaru since both of them are dogs. Just like jio and cross he got something sealed inside of him.

May is one of the cyclops people and has a crush on ball who doesn’t like her since she has a flat chest, she resembles hinata since both of them got a special eye technique and have/had a crush on the main character.

Jin can be compared to sasuke since both of them lost their parents at young age and seek revenge for them also the techniques they use is kinda similar they both have a sword and fire techniques, they can use a flame that doesn’t die until it has burned everything: ameteratsu and the black flame pilar.

Shuri and Kankuro they both start as enemies but in the end they become powerfull alies, they both use some kind of pupet manipulation but while kankuro uses puppets shuri uses a chain like thing that freezes everything in a certain range.

Kujaku is the evil twin brother of Kirin and resembles itachi since in the end he cared about his brother he only was jelous of him since his father looked more at kirin then he did to him and he was controlled by the demon sealed inside of him, he also killed his father just like itachi did.

Amidaba nicknamed the seven collored ops is an old friend of kirin and ruby’s father, she can use all o parts but since of her old age her power isn’t what it used to be, i don’t think she resembles anyone i could say tsunade since both of them are old and strong but that’s about all.

now let’s look for other similarities then just the characters.

The demons angels and bijuu for example, the bijuu are mostly sealed inside hosts by other people while the demons walk around freely and seal themself inside a person if they feel they need to, angels seem to be easyer to controll since zero and cross got complete controll over them while jio and yurika can’t controll their demon.

The rock bird saga kinda resembles the chuunin exam since there are preliminaries and in the end a tournament that gets interrupted when someone attacked the city.

ok that are enough spoilers for 666 satan if you want to read it here’s a link