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Naruto Chapter 465: Only Those Worse Than Trash Abandon Their Teammates

naruto-retro1Post Author: Bob

Hi, everybody, another week another Naruto chapter. A quick announcement first, we have a survey this week for all Shannaro readers, so please take a moment to take it if you can spare a minute. Well, after all that build up in last week’s chapter, honestly I was expecting a lot more from chapter 465. I’m sure all of us were hoping for an epic Sasuke vs. Gaara rematch, but instead Sasuke just goes for the old collapsing roof technique and makes a run for it.
I guess tactically it was the smart move – why waste more strength and chakra on more enemies when Danzo is Sasuke’s real target? But then again Sasuke didn’t make the right moves from the beginning. If he did a better job hiding from those samurai instead of making a whole lot of noise by showing off, he might have avoided the battle with Raikage all together. After all that cool talk last chapter with Gaara even shedding a tear, I was expecting some serious action this week. Instead we get an anti-climax. Gaara is skipped and Sasuke is pitted against even more enemies in the meeting room. I guess Kishi is planning to have Sasuke have a go against every kages, even if it means cutting some (potentially incredibly epic) fights short. Sigh…
If it wasn’t clear before, it’s crystal clear now. Sasuke is a total douche. Okay, I can buy that he brings his team on really dangerous missions and put their lives at risk multiple times because it comes with the job and Sasuke has never forced them to follow him. But what I can’t swallow is Sasuke bringing down the ceiling on his own teammates, abandoning them to their own fates, and making a run for it. Has none of Kakashi’s teachings rubbed off on this kid after spending so much time in team 7? Remember when Kakashi said that those who abandon their teammates during a mission are worth than trash? Guess what Sasuke is right now? At least when you’re doing it while on a mission for your village you have an excuse that you’re doing it for the greater good of your country or your village, but here Sasuke’s objective is solely for his own selfish revenge so he is sacrificing his teammates to satisfy his own desires. I could rant about this all day, but we need to move on to other stuff in the chapter.
naruto465-3In the end Jugo and Suigetsu end up having to save their own asses, and they both are eying the dead samurai around them. Suigetsu seems to have lost a lot of water, so I’m guessing he’s going to use the samurai armor as a container to help him keep his shape while he recovers; it also gives him a great disguise to boot. Jugo, on the other hand, shows us a pretty sinister ability when he literally sucks the bodily fluids out from a dead body to help himself recover. So is he technically a cannibal? Lucky for both Suigetsu and Jugo, Gaara and Raikage’s teams are more interested in pursuing Sasuke than looking for them in the rubble.
naruto465-4aMeanwhile, Sasuke has dragged Karin with him to find Danzo. I was surprised when Mifune made the first move to attack Sasuke. I’d figured the old man was just a leader and not a warrior, but given all the samurai in his country I guess it’s not surprising for him to have some moves of his own. Danzo, being to weasel that he is, makes his getaway almost immediately. Ao gives chase after Danzo, but I don’t really know what he plans to do all by himself. Besides, Danzo’s secret is already out and everybody knows where he lives, so what’s the point? And is it okay for a suboordinate like Ao to act on his own all the time without getting orders from the Mizukage? I don’t recall the Mizukage giving Ao even one order so far… hmmm, I hope this isn’t one of Kishi’s “she’s a woman, so I can’t make her more powerful than the men” ideas again.
But it seems the Mizukage does have some unique jutsus of her own. She possesses a kekkei genkai known as Yoton no Jutsu. I remember the Yonbi (Four-Tails) was said to also possess Yoton no Jutsu, but I don’t think it was the same thing. The scanlators (Binktopia) translated Yoton as Lava Element, but it looks a lot more like Acid Element to me. It would make a lot more sense for a kage of the Hidden Mist (read: water element specialists) to use acid based jutsu than lava element which is a combo of fire and earth. Plus, the Mizukage is wiping off her mouth after expelling the acid (it was probably her stomach acid… which means she just tried to barf on Sasuke), I doubt she’d be able to do it if it was searing lava. Apparently Sasuke believes the Mizukage to be a tough enough threat to activate his Mangekyou Sharingan again (seriously, he’s going to go blind by the end of this), so I guess we’ll have an Acid vs. Amaterasu face-off next week.

69 Responses

  1. Wow looks like im the first for a change! Well it was an anti climax yes, i think it was time to see some more kage but not this quick! im lookin forward to seeing what the sword can do from her other body guard! i know that one of the other biju’s has lava no jutsu!

    “As the jinchūriki of the Four-Tails, Rōshi had the ability to use its power of Lava Release, a combination of fire and earth the likes of which have rarely been seen outside of kekkei genkai. ”

    So dunno, but yes i agree with bob it doesnt look like it is hot!! hmmm

    Well im sure she will surprise us all! i still have a suspicion she has an implanted eye though cos she always has her right eye covered but maybe its just the style!! cant keep up with womens fashion lol!!

    I think that Juugo and Suigetsu will battle it off again with the others in the rubble to be honest!! cos what are they all gonna down there, unless they go back to the fight up stairs! i wonder what naruto is doing as well!! come on Foxy boy get your ass over there!! 😛

    I cant see sasuke using up allot of his chakra! i know the susanoo doesnt use chakra thought so maybe he will use that again who knows!!

  2. Alright, this is good but I have to say that I am totally irritated at the fact that Sasuke is surviving against all these kages, I know he got away from Raikage and Gaara who I’m sure could have killed him if he went into an all out battle because it looks as though he can’t maintain his Mangekyou Sharingan for very long well at least Susanoo. So this would have helped Gaara because of the strain on Sasuke’s eyes and they could have killed him, but he took the cowards way out and went straight for that other coward Danzo!

    But I hope someone stop him soon because he really think he can take on the five kages all alone, he is but I think he should get injured severely to take his arrogant ass down a notch or two! Naruto needs to come, he the only one that can kick his ass!

  3. according to http://naruto.wikia.com/wiki/Yoton , viz media translate “yoton” as “corosion style” (which sounds kinda like acid) not as lava, so maybe there r multiple variations of it?

  4. one word for mizukage…..hot! hehe

  5. on Sasuke going blind: maybe he plans on using his brother’s eyes, but just doesn’t want to abandon his regular MS so quickly or something like that?

  6. Zetsu wasn’t on the floor anymore! That slick bastard 😉
    Must agree with bob, this was a major anticlimax and the way sasuke is just abusing his sharingan right now with high level techniques is kinda annoying me, ever heard of chakra Kishi? Aside from that his tactic makes sense, he came for danzou so he’s going after danzou!
    And Ao really needs to learn to listen to his kage geez!
    Final thing, M’thinks choujiro will lose his sword to Suigetsu before this arc is up.

  7. you guys keep talking about charka charka charka, but everybody who has fought in this manga with the execption of old characters have fought for a long time. the only reason that the fights ended because of charka was cuz they used a justu that consumes a lot of charka. so far sasuke hasnt used a justu that consumes lots of charka (i think lol)

    @JPUA i like that idea about wanting to keep his own MS. i mean how do we know if your originnal MS techniques are usable after you do the implant???


    Now, to make up for not posting my thoughts on the last 6 chapters, I will do it…HERE AND NOW BABAH!

    Last week, what Gaara did was so…Mature…Only true men cry! *sob sob* I’m the only exception. Anyway, Gaara’s words were touching, but apparently he was kind of thrown aside like chopped liver (XP) and nothing was shown of him much in this chapter…

    I believe the Mizukage was KICK ALL MAJOR ASS AGAINST FREELOADER BASTARD (not to mention arrogant XD) SASUKE *insert middle name here) UCHIHAAA! That acid from her mouth (nice pun on barfing on Sasuke XD) is her Kekkei Genkai…This is interesting…Pukiing slime to kill your enemies…What the hell is Kishi thinking? >__>…*ahem* Now back to the limited action…Is Sasuke trying to murder his teammates? I once again go back to the FREELOADER ACT HE’S PULLING…

    His eyes are giving out on him I believe…That damn MS is being used a lot…Just look at the page where it’s all strained to a small limit! It looked like he was having major constipation…

    Well, See ya guys next chapter…maybe…Keep having fun…With Bob’s Hello Kitty collection…That is, if he shares ;)…Naru OUT!

  9. Yes! we get to see chojiro’s sword against sasuke!!!

  10. @ chakra beast, actually what i was saying was that he doesn’t just want to rip his eyes out and get new ones like a week after he got new eye powers, he probably just wants to use his own eyes until they go blind, and then use his brother’s.but while we’re on MS techiniques, i have 2 theories about them: this first one i said previously, but i don’t think too many ppl listened, that the majority of ppl who obtain MS have the same techniques (ie ametearsu, tsukoyomi, susanoo) and that in Kakashi’s case, his kamui is just a mutation brought upon from having a transplant; this second 1 will probably go against the norm even more, that Mandara’s teleportation has no link whatsoever to his EMS, after all, on http://read.mangashare.com/Naruto/chapter-386/page013.html , Itachi said ppl have been getting EMS’s for decades, that means that if Mandara’s powers were EMS based, then y is he the only to survive? maybe it isn’t an EMS technique at all, but just something only he had like Shisui Uchiha’s mind control?

  11. Sasuke = Asshole. That’s my comments for this chapter………………………………………………………………NOT! I got lots more to say!

  12. It seems like Juugo is more like Cell than Android 16, with his life-siphon power.

  13. We all looking forward for the final fight Sasuke vs Naruto, but in the actual state Naruto would loose this fight

  14. I´m not the greatest fan of sasuke, but you must admit that he is genius. In that short timeframe he manage to make this huge progress. Most of his jutsus he make all of himself and he already surpass Itachi.
    But I have to agree that his attitude is total crap

  15. Guys, cooldown..
    Sasuke didn’t just abandon his teammates.
    It was all according the plan.
    Just think about it.
    1. He destroyed the roof to create a chaos on this level. Also this did help Suigetsu get rid the knife stuck in him (you can say, it was a coincidence, but as Gai mentioned previously – Luck is also a skill of splendid shinobi)
    2. He got all the strongest characters follow Him away from the teammates, thus allowing Jugo to fuse with the samurai or Suigetso to come to his senses
    3. Yes, it looked like he just abandoned the teammates.
    But Sasuke is not a type explaining his every moves (in this case to Karin), especially in the heat of the battle.

    So, if u don’t get stuff try to read it many times instead of just accusing the Uchiha

    In the end he will Pawn all the Kages at once…It’s going currently right that way
    Unless, Naruto stops him in the middle of Having FUN with kgages

    Also, about Sasuke’s chakra –
    right when Madara ordered Sasuke to attack the Konoha village he said he’ll give Sasuke one of the tailed beasts to be able to complete the mission.

    That’s probably where his chakra comes from.

    Uchiha is beyond scale…Don’t forget it!

  16. Not much excitement this week. But it just seems like Sasuke is looking more and more like a real villian. And where the hell is Danzo hoping to run away to? Cause I seriously doubt the Hidden Leaf is a prime choice.

  17. i agree on uchiha supremacy—–
    we can’t believe on wht we see this whole act could be a major plan of sasuke.
    there were reasons he’s called as genius and taken as iggest threat!

    keeping everything aside man!!!!!mizukage is so damn hot! the best chick ever came up in naruto series.
    the way she moved her fingers on her lips bounced me off my seat. oh sasuke plz don’t be a fool now and take her on!!!!!!she’s crazy abt u!!!!!!!!

  18. and serioulsy using MS is itself consumes incredible amt of chakra, i really want to know where this chkra boosts r coming up for sasuke!1
    he/ not even panting or seems tired!!!!!

    damn!!!! is his chkra is really normal!!!!???

    f**k u danzo u old fart made a run for it and those to pathtic root anbu’s so much for best among the elites…

  19. can someone explain it to me that how in the world shi have so much info’s on UCHIHA’S AN MS techniques!!!!
    i loved the look on there faces when they saw susanooo……they actually act on a retreat!!!
    so much for elites!!!

    and yes susanoo have sword tooo…a different one though!!!
    and hey don’t say sasuke do not care for their teammates yes i was shocked to, but see he do saved karin as he knew that she was in the standing on height and falling frm there could lead to her death!! people can make diffrent views on this though

  20. this week celebrity——all hail mizukage!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    such a beauty exists in naruto!!!! wow i almost lost the hopes of seeing hot beauties in naruto!!!!!
    it almost ssems like guys content!!!!!!

  21. man..by the end of the show sasuke end up fighting all the kages I bet(showing of his MS). Man does sasuke ever run out of chakra!? and that Mizukage will be the replacement of tsunade since shes on karma and die from it..good thing the mizukage is hot enough to replace tsunade :P. but still tsunade is hotter.

  22. Man this chapter was a real let-down on the action. I guess Kishi just wants to keep building up until some pseudo-awesome battle takes place (and he’s probably stalling time so Naruto and crew can show up…).

    Sasuke keeps ticking me off, running away from the battle like some coward. I can see the logic in his plan because his real target is Danzo and not the other kages, but he could of at least slapped them around for a bit before escaping…

    And you’re right Bob, he’s becoming a total douche. People can say he was saving Karin from the fall and all, which he did, but honestly if he cared about his teammate at all he wouldn’t have flung her to the wall like some cheap toy. And leaving Suigetsu and Juugo behind was just stupid and harsh of him.
    On the plus side, seeing Juugo’s ability to use another person’s body to recover himself was cool.

    Oh and Danzo… wtf is he doing running away?! You’re a kage right? Grow a pair and stand your ground, fight Sasuke! He’s just going to go after you if you keep running, might as well just face him.
    Though, it is possible that Danzo is planning something and running away is part of it.. or he’s just protecting his life, either one lol.

    The Mizukage’s kekkei genkai is interesting, it brings something new to the table. The puking part of it is pretty gross though… wonder if she’s a bulimic :p

    I’m also waiting for Sasuke’s chakra level to go to zero… it’s getting ridiculous now.
    Let’s hope some more kage fighting happens in the next chapter~

  23. sasuke most probably knows his teammates abilities … jugo N sui dont need his help to survive..

    sasuke has complete package as the greatest uchiha… smart +powerfull + gorgeous+cool…shinobi.

  24. Geez, narutards dig psycho chiks interesting… The mizukage has CRAZY EYE and from experience there is nothing hot about that.

    I’ve been watching code geass recently and this is totally Zero like behaviour from sasuke. The mission comes first. And if you think about it he really has focused everyone on himself allowing his teammates to free themselves, what a true leader!

  25. madikage——- i have seen code geass an it’s one of my classical top 3 in anime!!!!!!!!!

    it rocks, although zero(lelouch)had been sown as evil an clod haerted frm the very beginning and yes he accidently have commited crimes(it looks like that to some people),
    but the whole reason for his action was for greater good!!!!!!!!
    and at the very end he successed in achieveing the peace for the whole world and his lovely sister..

    leloch was a nice , cool , goodlooking and geniues just like sasuke boy!!! and yet it was so sad how he endedup.
    all the time he lived and suffered for the othere people. taking all the hatred of the world and in end even sacrificed himelf for other people and whole time people took him as evil!!!!!!!!
    i really cried at the end…..lol

  26. @manishuchiha, madzikage

    Thanks, really… for mentioning Code geass similarities of Sasuke and Leloch (i haven’t seen, but totally get the idea)
    I agree with you, it seems the manga is heading exactly the same way. Naruto will save Sasuke and Sasuke will bring down Madara. That’s what i believe.

    In the end, all the kages, hidden villages, ninjutsu will not matter in front of the Senju and Uchiha destiny.
    All the world’s shinobi clans’ powers are so laughable and pity on front of the Power of the Rikkudou sennin descendants.

    It’s like Naruto alone saving Konoha, when all its shinobies, including Tsunade and Kakashi were unable to stop Pein.

    It would be the same with Sasuke alone defeating all the kgages.

    Mark my words

  27. @manishuchiha; thanks for the code geass spoiler! ;o( guess I’ll just finish it off tonight! Lol!

    I think guns will end the way of the ninja as it did in history!

  28. thx madzikage,uchihasupremacy!!!

    thx for the support, i agree and there r lot of characters in so many anime’s that resemble sasuke charater and they all were good.
    they all looked at the world in different way and were the one who changed it!

    evrytime u find a cool, genius,lonely and supreme personality u got sasuke there!
    madzikage— i am glad that u r abt to end with it….
    there were two seson’s for the code geass, i wonder if u r at the end of the second season.
    ending was very heart breaking though!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    evenntually everyone understood that wht a great man lelouch was and hope for the sasuke same(but want him to live dearly).
    i will not be able to satnd if sasuke get to die!!!!!!!

  29. uchiha supreme if u r still unaware abt the code geass anime i will highly recommend u to watch it!

    its just great, if u r emeotional type beware as it contains lot of sadness and tragedy.

    leleouch is my secong best anime character!lol
    chicks in the anime r so damn good, it’s a full house treat of romance, action, classics, drama,tragedy….

  30. (Just a random thought) I think naruto will die at the end of the manga doing something heroic like the 4th hokage did. Something that changes the shinobi world. Some kind of sacrifice. And bc of his sacrifice he will be honored as hokage 😀

  31. @JPUA: “Itachi said ppl have been getting EMS’s for decades” That just says MS not EMS, Itachi said somewhere else that only Madara obtained EMS

    @Manish: “how in the world shi have so much info’s”: you forget that Itachi was an S-Rank Criminal. He probably used Sussano more than just the one time we see him use it against Oro. …

  32. no mart, u didn’t read it carefully enuf, it specifically says “for decades the Uchiha killed their friends to obtain the Mangekyo Sharingan. . . and killed their siblings to make its power permanent” and a ” ‘Permanent’ Magekyo Sharingan” is the equivelant of an “Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan”
    *note, i added the “. . .” in the quote since the actual manga page had those periods (i think it’s called an elipse when it’s 3 like that, but i’m not sure)

  33. Oh wow, that was stupid of me, my bad (I’ve been driving all day, my mind is spaced out…)

    I was going to say “That’s weird, because didn’t Itachi say something about “If Sasuke obtained the MS he would be one of three” (not counting Kakashi because Itachi didn’t know) I think it’s a retcon (mistakes like Pein’s Leaf Headband) but I could be wrong.” but I found what I was thinking of: http://read.mangashare.com/Naruto/chapter-225/page004.html so I think it means currently

    On a side note: I don’t trust ALL of what Itachi said regarding the MS, 1. it’s not neccesary to kill your best friend to get it (as Kakashi showed) 2. he directly said he didn’t kill Shusuisu and because of Shusuisu’s eye and arm transplant I could see this being true, especially since it only implied that he did it later.

  34. thx mart!!!
    well whatever the reason was, ninja world took susanoo as a great terror, shi immediatly sound for a retreat!!
    is it according to him their was no chance against it?

    still knowing so much in details abt MS techinques, only people who faced it must have known it?
    and i don’t think othere than few occations itachi ever used it?
    one most important thing mart——
    u said itachi must have used it against oro,but that’s impossible as if that was the case oro shouldn’t be getting shocked on seeing susanoo with the soul reaper sword(that’s my name for that sword,lol).

    rem oro was completely taken over by the sight at the time of sasuke-itachi fight this shows that it was the first time oro saw susanoo!!!!!!!!!1


  35. I am going to share more thoughts…

    Everything in Naruto is getting really elaborate and someone needs to hone in on some things…That have obviously already been talked about…WELL TOO BAD! I’m going to dwell on them more and if noone cares, don’t read my comment >____________>

    Is that considered oral molestation? >________________________________>

    Well, there is much to come in the future and I”M NOT DONE FOR PETE’S SAKE >_<

    Naruto needs to show up and kick some major *place the character you hate most here* ASS! But I believe Naruto is going to show up, be all winey, and then get pwned…

    But thinking on the more literate side, Madara may break free from Yamato *which I doubt since the wood is holding him and he lost to Hashirama sme 100 years ago and he was Wood Element mostly* and then ya know break out a can of whoop ass on Yamato and Kakashi and be free to take Naruto…ahem…away?

    As you can see in this long comment…I'm not very optimistic…;)

    See ya, Naru OUT

  36. @naruruler12: what the hell are you on about, madara escaped a couple of chapters ago.

    Anyway, a comment I made originally needs to be reiterated: ZETSU’s BODY IS GONE! Hopefully he can come and assist sasuke in the pwnage

  37. this chapter was decent, it was a little weaksauce though, im upset i didnt see gaara fight, i was interestred in what he can do, i agree on naruler zetsu is gone and hes a strong opponent, due to the fact we havent really seen of his battle tactics or jutsu, with the whole thing about other shinobi recognizing itachis techniques, not suprised zetsu knew maybe other akautski members did to, sauske is getting a little pushy, he might just acheive his goal and kill danzou, i see him turning into an unstoppable villain, exactly what madara used to be, and the only person to stop him is naruto, exactly like the first did, i wonder (since he can see the color of chakra) can sauske see that danzou has a transplanted sharringan and arm, im hoping churro will show some sick abilities and fight sauske, (im only saying churro cuz im too lazy to look up the mizukages guard with the flounder swords name spelled correctly), i still think sai has an important role to play in this story, maybe sacrifice himself or tell everyone about danzou secrets and die cuz of his tongue cursemark tatoo, not sure, sooooo where is naruto actually, a mile away from where the the action is,he must be relatively close, he might arrive sooner than we think, spitting acid is pretty dope, but i wonder if all of her bodily fluids have the same effect, singed pubic hair would be very uncomfortable and painful,NINJA ART VAGINAL CORROSION JUTSU!!!, maybe thats why she complains about men all the time cuz she cant have sex, i hope the next chapter will show more fighting and less pointless bullsh*t like concentrating on a person whos not the main character

  38. hahhah
    profess– i like that “vaginal corrosion jutsu”.

    someone will have to go for anti-corrosion condoms!lol

  39. sasuke is gonna run into the konoha 11 who will have to decide whether to support danzou or sasuke. Then Naruto will appear making for some heavy emo stuff. Will Naruto side with sasuke since he knows danzou is a douche? Only time will tell

  40. Ninpou : Vaginal Corrosion no Jutsu
    Doton : Penis Solidification no Jutsu

    That’s Mizukage Problem And The only one with solidification technique was Kakuzou so she is in a deep sh*t

    I think this chapter was crap nothing more nothing less

  41. @manish: “rem oro was completely taken over by the sight” That was the one time I was refering to, the only time he used it on-screen.

    @Profess: ….

    @everyone: anyone else notice in bob’s fifth picture Mifune makes DIRECT EYE CONTACT!!! Seriously, With all the intel they have on the Sharingan, and the fact that he was already owned by it once THAT DAY, you’d think they’d learn this common sense principle

  42. @mart1………………

  43. @manish

    whats a condom?

  44. have to agree wit bob on this chapter…. SASKUE IS GOING BLIND AFTER THESE NEXT FEW CHPATERS…. he only turned off his MS i think….. twice so far… i kno he doesn’t kno that the MS will turn him blind an all but REALLY if ur eye is bleeding after using it….. I WOULDN’T USE IT SO MUCH!!! he needs to preserve his eyes for his big fight wit Naruto…. cause i want no exuses when Naruto whips the floor with him……… that is my only reason y i dont want him blind or dead in this manga

    & idk about u guys but i want some Sand Ninja Action, i really wanna see if Garra is accually weaker without Shikaku, an i wanna kno if that is Sasori Kakuro is carrying around…… i dont care that much about Temari……… all she has is a fan…..

  45. profess——-
    wht u mean by u r previous comment!!!!!!
    don’t tell me u don’t know wht a “condom” is?????

    dr mezoozoo- solidification jutsu, that’s off the chart,llloolll.

    “mizukage– i prefer to call her mizuhime!!!!, thx god kakuzu is dead”lol……

  46. about mizukage: yes, she’s smoking hot, but the fact that she spits acid is turning me off, Chojiro can keep her
    @ profess, uhm, if u r serious about “what is a condom”, it’s a thingy that goes around a guy’s, uhm, thingy, to prevent the girl they’re making love w/ from gettin pregnant
    @bushybrow, Gaara seems to b equal or near equal to his pre-extraction state and it is (a modified) Sasori that is Kankuro’s new puppet. it still has the chest compartments for the heart (the circle on his chest) and the chakra threads used in his 100 puppet manipulation (the other shape on his chest)

  47. @busshybrow-sama

    I think the puppet is sasori

    Gaara will not miss the one tail as the sole influence was transformation to the bijuu

    but chakra is a capacity and it seems that gaara has gotten stronger not weaker and have better control now


    I want Sasuke to have a go with the mizuhime and I want to witness it

    I wish she had met kakuzu so he can lower her heat to some degree man as she seems very frustrated No one deserves to live like that

  48. i do know what it is i just never use them, i hope the next fight will show some serious jutsu, where is kisame and zetsu???

  49. damn lol!!!!!!!!!
    sry profess couldn’t stop myself frm bursting out laugh so loud!!!!!!
    r u frm this era???

    ok u never used them so do i???
    but come on buddy all of knows these things!!!

  50. There is such a thing as sarcasm when he said it…

    The shukaku in Gaara had much more of an influence than simply transformation into the tailed state.
    Its sinister influence threatened to take control of his body whenever he slept (hence the bags under his eyes).
    The beast itself contributed to his ultimate defense. It could move the sand without Gaara being conscious of it or able to see the attacks (even if the sand itself couldnt keep up).
    The ability to manipulate the sand itself was Gaara’s own innate ability, its just the advanced stuff way back then that was the shukaku. Now he can read and see everything anyway, so he is capable of directing the sand completely himself.

  51. if its came to gaara,i always wanted to discuss s’thing,

    isn’t the sand manipulation abilty of gaara came frm shikaku spirit!!!

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