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Top Ten Best Naruto and Naruto Shippuden Battles

naruto-retro1Post Author: Bob
Greetings Shannarolites, recently I found out that WordPress (the guys who host this blog) have begun allowing video embeds. It’s a feature that’s long been asked for by fellow bloggers, so I don’t know why it took them so long. But at least it’s here now, and videos can shared in blog posts like the good ol’ days when Shannaro was individually hosted. I thought it would be a good idea to post some videos of my top ten favorite fights from both the Naruto and Naruto Shippuden anime shows. They’re ranked based on the action sequence, length of the fight, animation quality and how memorable the battle was. It took me some time to find all the videos on Youtube because 90% of the battle vids were crappy AMVs. Anyways, this list is just my opinion, so feel free to make your own list and post it in the comments:

Number 10

4-tails Naruto vs. Orochimaru
There’s no wilder fight than when the hero loses control to his dark side and goes berserk. Anybody who watched Ichigo’s fight vs Byakuya in Bleach can attest to this. Orochimaru tests the abilities of a Four-Tails Naruto in this battle and kage-level jutsus are thrown around like toys. My only complaint is that the action sequences could have been tighter for this fight and the music more intense.

Number 9

Team 10, Kakashi, Naruto vs. Hidan and Kakuzu
This was the second time in Naruto Shippuden where I think the producers decided to put in the extra money to churn out some great action sequences. Things really started picking up when Kakashi made his move and began a desperate battle against the immortal Hidan. And at the end of this battle, we also get to witness Naruto’s Rasen Shuriken for the first time!

Number 8

Sakura & Chiyo versus Sasori
In my opinion, the quality of the action sequences in Shippuden took a dip compared to the original Naruto anime, but this fight proved that the producers can still execute a superb battle scene if they want to. This was a battle royale between Sasori’s hundred puppets against Sakura and Chiyo’s modest ten puppets. It was also the first time in Shippuden we get to witness just how strong Sakura has become compared to the token damsel character she was in part 1 of the series.

Number 7

Sarutobi vs. Shodaime, Nidaime, and Orochimaru
This battle was the first time a kage-level battle was seen in Naruto. I remember watching this battle countless times after the fansubs came out. Sarutobi may be an old man, but he’s Hokage for a reason. This battle was like an arms race between Orochimaru and Sarutobi with each pulling out more powerful jutsus in their next move. A giant monkey that can turn into an indestructible staff? The first and second Hokages resurrected to fight against the third? Sweeeet!

Number 6

Rock Lee vs. Gaara
This fight was one of the best showcases of how taijutsu should look like in Naruto. The look on Gaara’s face when Lee began breaking through his so-called “ultimate defense” was sweet. If only Lee could maintain his released state a little longer, he might have won this fight. But even though Lee suffered a devastating injury at the end of the fight, don’t count the green beast of Konoha out yet…

Number 5

Rock Lee vs. Kimimaro
The Green Beast of Konoha returns! Taijutsu vs Taijutsu user, this battle showed off moves that we could only dream of. Still, as talented as Lee was, he met his match in a genuis taijutsu fighter like Kimimaro. No other options but for Lee to bring out his secret weapon: booze! Bring on the Drunk Fist Bruce L–, I mean Rock Lee!

Number 4

Neji vs. Kidomaru
A battle of wits as well as skill. Kidomaru was the ultimate long-range sniper and Neji was the ultimate close ranged defender. It was a match made in heaven. This was by far the best one-on-one battles against the Sound Five. Go to this Youtube page to see videos of the whole fight.

Number 3

Naruto vs. Gaara
Naruto’s battle against Gaara was also a symbolic battle against his own demon within. Gaara represented what Naruto could have had become had he not had the support of friends as he grew up. Although Naruto called upon Kyubi’s power to fight Gaara, in the end he used his own power to defeat Gaara. And the next time we see Gaara, he will be a whole new person.

Number 2

Naruto vs. Sasuke
The fight that ended the first Naruto series with a bang (take those memories of the filler episodes and hide them deep into your mind). For a lot of people, this was THE fight of Naruto and places at the top of any top ten Naruto fights list. It comes in at a close second best for me though, because I expect an even more epic Naruto vs Sasuke battle in Naruto Shippuden.

Number 1

Naruto vs Neji
This battle is number one on my list because it was a defining moment for Naruto as a character. It was a classic fight where the underdog rose up above all expectations of him to defeat someone who was believed to be unbeatable. Almost everyone expected Naruto to leave this battle in a humiliating defeat, but the spunky blond ninja used everything up his sleeve to come out on top. It was also the first battle where we see Naruto demonstrate some degree of control over his Kyuubi powers; it was also the battle that made Neji stop being such an arrogant asshole (LOL). And my favorite part about this fight was the ending. Even though he was exhausted and injured, Naruto refused to give up and kept thinking of a way to beat his opponent – it is something Naruto knows instinctively and defines the kind of shinobi he is.


32 Responses

  1. Hmm. this is a really good post, i have often thought of the various battles i have liked the best and the naruto neji fight is probaly my favorite as well. i was sad though hinata didnt actually get too see it as she passed out.


    P.S. i hope at the end of the next ark we finnaly get some resolution to naruto and hinata. now that she confessed her love to him and next thing you know he jumps up and runs off to a kage meeting.

  2. @ bringerofkaos, i agree w/ both statements about Hinata.
    Hinata, in my opinion, is one of the few non-2 dimensional female characters (the other 2 being Tsunade and Anko) and yet so little things go right for her. after this arc, she really needs some love and attention from Naruto, after all, Naruto (and possibly all of Konoha) owes his life to her cuz she stepped in and was able to trigger the Kyuubi, thus freeing Naruto (now, i will give Naruto, Minato, and the Kyuubi the credit they deserve, each in a way helped each other: Hinata freed Kyuubi, who then saved Naruto and devestated Pein, then Minato returned Naruto to normal so he could finish the battle). but i have faith in NaruHina 4 the reason that Kishi isn’t the type of writer to add something important in and not bring it back later, and he added in the Chuunin Exam arc Naruto specifically telling hinata that he likes it when girls r like her (this happened just b4 the NarutovsNeji fight) and then Hinata confessing her love, and Naruto going from completely calm when his entire freaking village was crushed to loseing ALL control after seeing Hinata get stabbed. those 3 instances imply Kishi might b leaning towards NaruHina, YAY!!!!!

  3. again, sorry for the Hinata talk, but it felt like forever (in my opinion) since i did anything like that, and besides, i would’ve kept quiet if bringerofkaos didn’t mention stuff about wanting NaruHina action @ the end of his comment

  4. onto the actual post, i agree w/ most of these fights, altho i feel that the “Chiyo and Sakura vs Sasori” fight wasn’t correctly named, after all, when Shino fought Kankuro, it wasn’t called “Shino and bugs vs Kankuro and Crow” (i forget the Japanese name for his puppets, so i just use the English names), so how did Sakura fit into the title of the fight, she wasn’t much more of a player than the puppet was (partly cuz 99% of the battle, she WAS a puppet). this is no offense to Sakura, i just don’t think she really did much other than strengthen her fist and make the antidote, other than that, it was the granny who did everything

  5. I really liked the Shikimaru, kakashi (etc) vs Kakuzu and Hidan. It showed Shikimaru’s true genius beyond extent and how far he would go to avenge the dead.

  6. 2 faves: Naruto vs Sasuke, cuz it was so dramatic and it was so cool to c Naruto’s 1TKyuubi and Sasuke’s CS2 modes for the first time; Naruto vs Orochimaru, when i first read it in the manga, Naruto’s 4TKyuubi mode was the most fucking awsome thing i’ve ever seen at the time

  7. @JPUA: In honnor to recognize you not ranting for two-ish weeks, I’m not going to attack Hinata-love, BUT I think you are a bit harsh on Sakura, Chiyo would have been helpless without her (as shown when Chiyo got owned by the Iron Sand), Sakura was only a puppet for a small portion of the battle (only against the Kazekage puppet, before that Chiyo was aiming for the tail and after that she was using her own puppets) AND WIthout the antidotes/healing several people would have died, which is Sakura’s specialty, just like I wouldn’t expect Naruto to heal someone (unless he did it Jugo style to a Jinkuri) I don’t expect Sakura to be the world’s greatest fighter. Another thing to consider is outside of the “That’s not fair” mentality that this is all considered in, and though I won’t discuss it in length (unless you want to answer me) because I promised not to, could Hinata come out succesful in the same situation?

    @Favorite Battles: Naruto Vs Sasuke, Gaara, and Neji for me though Naruto vs. Pein and Sasuke vs. Itachi/Deidra weren’t terrible either

  8. Phew. Thanks Mart!

    I really could not afford to take the time to explain to JPUA the folly of his post (I have a tonnnn of organic and analytical chemistry work to do).

    @ JPUA, don’t hate on Sakura…it hurts my feelings haha!

    PS: Sakura/Chiyo vs. Sasori was my favorite battle.

  9. great post that’s all what i have to say

    and i’m also a fan of hinata as it’s really like my girlfriend shy and caring

  10. this will have to be edited soon anyway, with Naruto vs Pein, Sasuke vs Itachi coming soonish

  11. @ mart, it was @ least a moth
    @ Dr haruno, i don’t INTEND on being mean to Sakura, it’s just that she hasn’t been very useful in anything other than healing, and while that’s important, it doesn’t really make the cut against most opponants, and her offensive capabilities seem a bit sloppy due to the fact she really hardly ever landed a successful attack on anybody other than:Naruto, who just sits there and takes it, Sai, who’s even more clueless about women than Naruto, and Ino, but that was in part 1. i don’t really hate Sakura, i just don’t c y ppl think she can take on opponants all alone when she’s never been much successful. i think her place is as a medic, and that’s about it, and i admit that she’s awesome at that. so i don’t intend on sounding like a Sakura hater (sure, i make fun of her occasionally, but mostly as a joke) i just think she’s over-estimated by many fans

  12. i think sakura is a bit under-rated if anything. as a medic she is the next tsunade, if not surpass her. as was hinted at by granny chiyo just before her death and tsunade when she started training.

    but i do believe its about time for kishi to teach her atleast something battle usefull. be it genjutsu or just more training to bolster her tai-jutsu. lets face it, she is top 1 percentil in the world for strength IMO if she was better at tai-jutsu her power would increase greatly.

    its actually for that very fact that she would be so much more battle worthy that i think kishi has left her kinda weak in the battle side of things.

  13. @ JPUA, Sakura, or most ninja for that matter, never take opponents on by themselves unless it is absolutely required. However, she is quite capable of taking care of herself (duh, she’s trained in evasive maneuvering and support) against non-all-powerful creeps like Akatsuki. No one is arguing that her place is not as a fighter, however the fact that she has such precise chakra control, arguably the best in the series at the moment due to Tsunade being in a coma, allows her to fight with the explosive-fist style (the ultimate result of precise chakra control in the field of taijutsu). The fact the Sakura doesn’t connect a lot of the time is most likely, in my opinion, due to its anti-climatic effect. Think about it, what happens when Sakura punches with the intent of damaging? The object gets destroyed. How boring would a fight become if Sakura landed her punch and her opponent was defeated, end of fight. For this reason, I believe that she hasn’t been involved in fighting (other than the fact that medics are supposed to avoid fighting). So, it seems to me that Sakura’s lack of battles, which, in my opinion is due to the lackluster yet still very cool explosive-fist style, has led you to UNDERestimate her capabilities. In short, it isn’t that she is a poor combatant that she hasn’t starred in many fights, it is because she is NOT a flashy fighter and Kishi wants to keep everyone interested.

  14. My thoughts……SCREW SAKURA AND HINATA! The best pairing ever was Pain and Konan, too bad it will never happen…..

    Sakura has never truly shined in battle. Against Sasori, she was out of her league. It was extremely amusing when she smashed him and thought she won lol.

    Hinata, in my opinion is even worse than Sakura. This is a ninja anime/manga, Hinata doesn’t have it in her to kill, and she isn’t that strong either, scratch that, SHE ISN’T STRONG AT ALL! She’s just a stalker, but apparently, its not stalking when you’re cute (personally, I never thought she was cute, those big white eyes are creepy).

    Best battle of all ANIME time so far to me is Zabuza vs Kakashi. It gave us the first taste of what real ninja can do, as opposed to some dumb Genin. AND it showed us just how dependent Kakashi is on teamwork. If it wasn’t for Naruto and Sasug… Zabuza would have won.

  15. @Dh, one-on-one fights are much cooler than team-on-one fights. That’s the reason I didn’t like Kakashi and team vs Kakuzu and Hidan. Hidan and Kakuzu were grossly outnumbered. And then those jerks (Shikamaru actually) used information on Hidan to beat him (like i said before, many of you dont consider that cheating, but those of you that watch Bleach would say Szayel cheated when he nullified Renji’s and Uryu’s abilities because he collected information on them before hand, so basically what you guys are saying is “It’s only cheating when the bad guys do it). Then they quintuple teamed Kakuzu (a 91 year old man with a special jutsu), heck, there were way more than just 5. That’s just sad……
    @Jpua, sorry dude, but I’ll never like Hinata’s character. She attacked Pain and he KNOCKED HER OUT in self-defense, but everyone bashed him for it (INCLUDING YOU!). *sigh*

  16. As for Sakura, being a Medic is THE MOST IMPORTANT of all the ninja’s. She cant let herself get hurt, if she does than no one can help the injured. She learned excellent chakra control and has inhumane strength which is useful for close combat WHEN needed. She’s not supposed to fight. But she does have the ability to, to some extent, battle.

    Hinata, however, would be MUCH better if she was a med-ninja as well. HE byakugan can give her very good chakra control and she would be able to get the hang of it quickly. Then she woudl be a long range, close range, and a good medic. A vital part of any time.

    Sakura has her props. She is excellent but rather an idiot…
    I have my reasons and i wont say who because i dont need to start an argument

  17. Ah woops, meant to say “and i wont say why” but i might as well. 1) never Noticed Naruto’s love
    2) never noticed Sasuke left her
    3) Needs to stop the whole “i will help naruto get sasuke back’ thing. really, dont…. Naruto can help himself and you’ll only get in the way

  18. @Kisu
    The best pairing is Naruto and Sasuke xD
    Seriosuly, two kage leveled ninja’s kicking a$$. Too bad one of them is a b***h

    Those two would make a killer combo (air and fire) (rasenshuuriken and w.e) and they could have killed anyone who stood in their way. But sadly the two characters are like reflections on the glass, same but different.

    Hinata completely useless and weak? no way
    She does have guts (at times) but yes she is a stalker
    She was able to confront Pein (though completely idiotic) and stand up for what she believed in (or who)
    That shows a true ninja, someone who stays by their true beliefs and their own rights. She stuck up for her love and showed pride. True, she nearly died, but she had guts. You cant call her useless, thats screwed up.

  19. @Dk, lol about the Sasuke Naruto thing…I always knew those two had a thing for each other lol.
    I called Hinata useless because…..WELL WTH HAS SHE EVER DONE!? She lost to Neji while he was fighting her effortlessly, she wasn’t that useful with the whole “Hunt Itachi Arc” and she was definitely useless against Pain. She attacked the dude and he defended himself, even showing her mercy by sparing her life, yet everyone bashed him for it. Hinata is just eye candy……really really really creepy eye candy. And a TRUE NINJA is one that throws away what they believe in and follow orders to the letter.

  20. @ kisuzachi

    hinata isnt useless, like many of the side characters she has not been showcased. seriously, how many characters have had any real kind of time showcased with the exception of naruto’s team?

    in fact by your own definition kisuzachi everyone except naruto and kakashi are useless since for the most part everyone has been failures. what has most of them done? choji? ino? Lee? neji? the other chick there on lee’s team?

    almost all of the konoha 11 have been useless base don what is shown in the manga, but i also believe that is simnply because they always have to go up against opponets they are unable to defeat.

    lee vs kimimarro or garaa for instance.
    or any of the ones who fought the sound 4.

    your reasoning though understandable is flawed because you only focus on hinata when based on your own reasoning everyone is failures.

  21. @Kisu: “(Shikamaru actually) used information on Hidan to beat him” Didn’t Hidan have an equal opportunity to observe Shikamaru’s Shadow Abilities? though I don’t know of anyone who said “Szayel cheated” (because who really cares about him?) BUT if you wanted to argue it, Shikamaru engaged Hidan and fought him while Szayel didn’t, it’s no different than all of the Chunin fights where they saw their opponents battle before hand (ex. Naruto-Neji, Shikamaru-Sound girl, and Sasuke-Gaara [kakashi watched for him and taught him one of Gaara’s few weaknesses] )

    @DK: “Then she woudl be a long range” What long range does whe have???

    @BringerofKaos: By Kisu.’s logic on Hinata’s uselessness, of the kohana 11, Shikamaru, Neji, Choji, Kiba (maybe), Naruto, Shino, and Lee (maybe) because they have won one-on-one fights. Only Hinata, Sakura, Ino and Tenten are useless under his definition (Odd coincidence? I think not)

  22. @Mart, you forget that Hidan only knew about his technique, he didnt have time (nor was it his style) to set up traps (takes too much brain power and Hidan is severely lacking in that department lol). But i don’t feel like arguing it again, i just brought it up for old time’s sake lol.
    @Bringerofchaos, Tenten is so useless she doesn’t even have a last name, heck, you even FORGOT her name lol. Until I see Hinata do something in the MANGA she’s gonna still be more useless than Sakura (and trust me, when someone is more useless than Sakura, they dont deserve to live…..or was that part 1 Sakura?).

  23. @”Hidan is severely lacking in that department” Is that REALLY Shikamaru’s fault??? Should he Dumb himself down when fighting every opponent dumber than him? That’s like saying Hidan should give up his Immortality or Sasuke should close his eyes. He did set up traps, but how is that unfair? it’s not like they started out fighting on some pre-existing trap filled area that he and only he had knowledge of, Shikamaru had to manuver him into another area with an existing trap (it didn’t show him digging that hole and when would he have had time?, this is called making use of the terrain, no different than what he did against Temmari. You can’t blame Shikamaru for gathering intel because of the two Hidan (as the attacker) had the natural advantage (which he didn’t use) in this area, because he got to choose Where, When, and How to attack. He could have spent time preparing for the fight by doing things like looking at maps of the area, planning, ect. (all the things Shikamaru had knowledge of) from a safe position before launching his attack. He could have asked Itachi for his secret entrance for god’s sake, just because Hidan is an unobservant idiot, doesn’t mean Shikamaru fought unfairly.

  24. NIce top 10 list… I can’t agree with you that naruto vs neji was the best battle in the naruto series. The best battle ever in the series is the battle between the 3 Legendary Sannins

  25. okay, i’m responding to some old comments cuz i didn’t get a chance to and i was to lazy to read ALL the comments so here it goes:
    about Hinata, acording to the fillers, which kisu said counted as part of the actual series and i agree, Hinata has rediculous chakra control, exceeding both Neji and Ino (remember, Ino’s a medic too) and, kisu, u said that Hinata doesn’t have killing intent, but in a filler arc, she did kill soem1, and i’m pretty sure against Pein, she had some killing intent, just not enuf to counter Peins all powerful jutsus. so she has killing intent when she’s trying to protect Naruto. and about what Dr haruno said about Sakura not connecting her attacks cuz it would b anti-climactic, well that too, but the fact that she doesn’t proves that she’s bad at it. going by the same rules, it would b anti climactic whenever Pein lands an attack, but he only missed like 2 of his 100 attacks (note, i am counting all his bodies).
    @ kisu’s comment about PeinxKonan, i may not b a big Pein fan (i like his powers, not his personality), but i was a PeinxKonan fan (i still like NarutoxHinata, since i feel it’ll b the most “not totally on the verge of killing each other” posible couple of the next generation)

  26. @ mart 1

    which fights did they win? correct me if i go out of manga im not sure on all of the first part.

    Shikamaru – no doubt not useless. not the greatest fighter in my opinion but his intelligence trumps his skill as seen with hidan / kakazu

    Neji-what did he do? he lost to naruto in the chunnin exams, and when he went up against the spider guy from sound 4 though he technicaly won the fight, if not for tsunade, and shizune’s return he would have been dead. i hardly consider it winning if odds are your going to die. i suppose he beat hinata in the exams but you say she is useless so big win right?

    Choji – see above. infact choji actually expected to die. the word kamikaze comes to mind because when he took his 3rd pill he took thinking he was dead.

    Kiba (maybe ) – he lost to naruto in the chunnin exams, though he gave a great fight. and his fight with the sound 4 he got rescued by kankuro.

    Naruto – duh not useless.

    Shino-id say shino isnt useless. he won his exams match, though he did nearly die from his fight with kankuro, id say the battle itself was a draw as both survived and id say there wasnt a clear winner.

    Lee- i think lee is usefull as well. the power he has is amazing as stated by kakashi at the exams, but he did loose his match with garra. due to his match with garra he wasnt even close to full strength against bone guy. still he went up against a jinchurikki and a seriously strong bloodline limit.

  27. @bringerofKaos: Neji won against Hinata and Kiddomaru, His victory over Kiddomaru still counts because medical ninja are just a part of battle though this could be a (maybe) but Hinata puts him over the top, even though she’s useless, He beat her in the most fair match ever, and she is useless because she lost, so him winning means the opposite.

    Shino is pretty powerfull, he wouldn’t have died from Kankuro, just taken longer to heal than if his dad saved him, he has also beaten Zaku.

    Kiba’s a maybe because he has some use, though it’s not really battle and because he beat those two sound ninja from the sound four in a two-on-two match with Kankuro as his partner.

    @JPUA: A fact: Neji beats Hinata 8-6 in ninjutsu, and 7-4 in stamina, conversly Hinata beats Neji 7-6 in inteligence and 5-4 in genjutsu, Neji and Hinata both have a 6 for hand seals.

    So I would say they about tie in chakra control because they have equal strength in hand seals (the most chakra control related area) and a so-so match up in the minor things that also build to chakra control. (I could see a Hinata beats Neji in chakra control arguement, but I don’t think it’s a signifigant win)

    Sakura beats Hinata in everyone of the above match ups except Ninjutsu where they tie. (and almost everyother area) You also can’t really complain a lack of screen time here because this is taken from the Databooks which are designed to give information on things the Manga/Anime hasn’t shown extendedly.

    Ino is weak, no arguement there…

  28. mart, this still doesn’t measure effectiveness in battle or chakra control, it just measures the basics. Hinata is smarter than Neji (according to u) and therefore is more likly to use her chakra more effeiciently. and Neji’s more noticeable attacks (meaning attacks that aren’t just alot of gentle fists in quick succession) are all blunt (rotation, air palm, etc), and therefore require less chakra control than something like 64Palms Gaurd, which mimics wind chakra in it’s ability to slice (if u deny this, u obviously don’t know the first thing about the jutsu) and Hinata has a Byakugan range dwarfing Neji’s (tho this may just b cuz she’s of the main branch), both incredible advantages. as for Sakura vs Hinata, it doesn’t measure accuracy: Hinata can chop bees in half from 5 meters away, Sakura needs to b a puppet to punch another, much slower and larger (ie, easier target) puppet about 4 times her size. and Hinata’s twin lion thrust was close in power to a weak shinra tensi, which was able to drive a nail an inch into Kakashi’s head. these r deciding factors 1 can’t ignore and yet u never cease to put aside for who knows what reason. this is y i don’t like u, mart, u r completly incapable of analyzing things and taking into account certain specialties that the lil pie charts can’t measure but r certainly worth considering

  29. hmm, I’m not quite sure what the point of arguing over chakra control is, so I don’t care too much, because while you can claim credit for Hinata’s specialties, Sakura and Neji have their own, as I said above an arguement could be made for Hinata>neji in chakra control but his other attributes make up for it. I’m also not going to restart the “Hinata has EVERY element” arguement again because we’ve been over it before. As far as accuracey, 1. Sakura is a full medical-ninja (Ino consentrates on other things and is a much weaker medical-nin) so she is the definition of chakra control and accuracey. 2. if you count filler episodes (which I don’t but IF) then you have to consider that Sakura has the chakra scalpel and is accurate without the aid of something like a byakugan (Not that it really matters who has an advantage because of birth, I don’t care about “that’s not fair arguements”) I guess you can argue “Hinata’s twin lion thrust was close in power to a weak shinra tensi” because if you weaken a technique you can make it equal in power to any weaker technique, though Hinata got owned by Shinre Tensei, and I would only put it on par with one of Sakura’s super punches (strength wise, though it might have a direct advantage due to the way it works [since it’s gentle fist] ). Finnally, There is a reason people make pie charts, it’s to make comparisons based on things besides “I like that ninja so they have to be stronger…”

  30. I think hinata is stronger than sakura hinata def wins everytime sakura would get blown back everytime aslo hidan was ambused BOTH times he did not want to fight

  31. i like your choice of the #1 fight Bob. Just one question. If Naruto said he failed the exam three times (which is equivalent to three years?), doesn’t that mean he’s OLDER than the rest of the 12 genins? He could be older than even Neji, if going by that logic.
    could someone clarify that please, thanks.

  32. does it ever say naruto failed the exam 3 times? if so when. not a bad top 10 but i wouldnt have neji v naruto at number 1. id probably say that deidara v sasuke is one of my faves coz deidara is/was fucking epic.

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