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108th Annual Shannaro!!! Demographics Poll

Hello Shannarolites, this isn’t really a Naruto post, but really something just to satisfy my curiosity.  The big question for any blog writer has always been: just who reads this excuse for a blog I post to every week? So let’s do a survey to see what kind of narutards make up our great community. These polls are completely anonymous, so please answer as honestly as possible.

Okay, that’s all the questions I can think of. If you’ve made it this far, give yourself a pat on the back. Thanks to everyone who participated 😀


12 Responses

  1. i really surprised maximum guys hails frm Africa and Asia.

    dudes rules everywhere.lol

  2. that’s just because of time-zonage, most people over there will see, and respond to, this post earlier than in the U.S. for example

  3. I have recently Joined the blog because I’m a new naruto fan and I think It’s great But what I really want to see is a section for debates and comparison between characters this section will be part of hell and will be alive

    thanks for this great blog

  4. @ Dr_mezoozoo – that is why shannaro split, there was not enough time for Theory and debate, usually what would happen however is someone would write what they think and people will debate around the points that are made, and also when Manga is released is usually the time for people to debate strength, ability, righteousness of characters… I myself am not a good theory writer, I am more Fan Fics which I would say a big majority of writers here specialize more to that since you use more you creative side and not always hard facts.

  5. AS expected, most people started on Naruto 3-4 years ago. That’s when Cartoon Network started airing it. As for me, I’m a HUGE Bleach fan, maybe i like it even more than Naruto now…….NAH! lol

  6. @ Kisu – I was almost starting to like Death Note more then Naruto (since I just watching it from the beginning and just started watching it recently) but they killed the best character they created….

  7. GEORGE HAS DIED…This survey was awesome…minus the some >__>

  8. hey cat man……add ‘The Caribbean’ to ‘From which land do you hail from?’ will ya.

    good idea by the way 😛

  9. The Caribbean is part of the Land of South America I believe, they specialize in tourist-money-get-no-jutsu. And why am I called cat man now, I’m confused O_O

  10. i really miss the old blog, that was really good.

  11. […] you have a great application of Kage Bunshin to add, please comment! I’m looking at you, the 50% of readers who take the “quiet as a ninja” idea too […]

  12. i didn’t know the Caribbean was a part of the land of south America 😯 !

    and as to y i call u cat man: its a secret 😉 .

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