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Bleach Chapter 374 – Gray Wolf, Red Blood, Black Clothes, White Bone

Post Author: J-sama
Download Bleach Chapter 374

OHMIGAWDZ!!! The Primera got killed!! It’s sad and unbelievable, but that’s life for ya… Next: Yachiru’s gonna kill Yammy.2

First things first. It seemed the mysterious backstabber from last week was actually Shunsui! (Not Gin, dummies) It was expected of him to return, after all just one Cero can’t be enough to take him out. He suddenly appeared out of Stark’s shadow, claiming he’s “the shadow monster”.

It’s unclear how exactly Shunsui managed to invade Stark’s shadow, but he must have used his “Shadow monster” to do it. The Captain’s right sword apparently has the ability to do anything it wishes. Quite honestly this sort of ridiculous power can rival even Aizen ridiculous power. If Ukitake’s even stronger than Shunsui, then things are about to get reaaally nasty.

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