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It’s Out!



It’s time for you “Sasuke deserves peace” bellyrubbing trehuggers to accept the facts! He’s gonna die Mwahahahaha


14 Responses

  1. looks like that’s an evil version of Itachi’s Susanoo. I give Sasuke his props, it kinda looks cool (im gonna barf all week for saying Sasuke and “cool” in the same sentence lol)

    @ kisu, Sasuke did cool things b4, but this takes the cake
    Jet Prime: ending transmission

  3. hahahahaha but your right it does look cool

  4. I knew Susanno was coming up, but I didn’t know Sasuke’s would be sooo….. evil.

  5. this boring shit needs to end soon. i just wanna see danzo either get killed or become madara(if that actually happens i’ll be pissed off).

  6. It appears to me that sasuke has completely and utterly embraced da dark side… it seem that death will be his only reprieve from this pain… and not to get on another topic, but i was reading mart’s post… SHOUT OUT TO MART… GOOD JOB… and if madara reaches his goal, my question is how in the hell will he be defeated… I’m hoping the answer lies in the crows itachi fed naruto or the rinnegan mutation showing up in naruto… highly unlikely, but hey dats me…

  7. i see your Level 1 MS and raise with sage mode.haha, i see your sage mode with double MS. you loose i raise your Double MS with super saiyan 3.

  8. @ bringer of kaos: WTF?!

  9. @ EVERYONE: Dude this is getting to be bullshit man if sasuke doesnt quit pulling this stuff out his ass and just accept his fate im gonna be done with this man. Im down with Bob on this one he needs to just die. or atleast handle Danzo first. then Killerbee and Naruto should take him out. im getting bored with this lo. but no jokes his susanoo does look kinda cool but satanic at the same time so yea…………..i think sasuke is long gone of the deep end and Naruto needs to accept it

  10. My bad Kisuzachi not Bob lol im so used to him doing these

  11. It was fun the first time, even the second time. It is DEFINATELY getting annoying now… I can’t stand sasuke taking any more slides up. I want to see naruto master the force… er fox and wtfpwn everything with 9 tailed transformations.

  12. With all the airtime sasuke has been given lately, he could actually die hence justifying a massive international manhunt for madara and Naruto unlocking new powers

  13. unfortunately he didnt!!

  14. Naruto 466 is out what’s going on?

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