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As Madara stated in chapter 463, his ultimate goal is Kenzentai, the ultimate body. I wondered how he plans to achieve this and I now think he has a three step plan.

Step 1.: Plagiarism no Jutsu: sorry to the Uchiha fans, but most Uchiha are idiots. They suffer from the “Hidan Effect,” basically they are so naturally talented that they don’t work hard and do stupidly cocky things in battle because they can afford to get away with them. (okay maybe it’s just Sasuke…)

For example, Kakashi, Itachi and Sasuke, through access to the sharingan, have the ability to learn a ton of jutsu with absolutely no problem (and Kakashi supposedly has) but how many do they use in battle? Almost none.

Itachi relies solely on techniques unique to him, the sharingan, and the MS. Kakashi’s used a few, But his three go to moves in battle he invented himself. (Chidori, Dog Summoning, and Kamui) Sasuke has also copied several jutsu, Chidori, Snake Summoning, and Strong Fist Taijutsu to name a few. However, His best techniques he learned/invented himself. He did get Chidori from Kakashi, but then he invented several new variants of it on his own, again he gets Itachi’s MS techniques (though he did not voluntarily copy them) and invents new versions no one else can copy.

 This leads me to believe that the majority of the 1000 Jutsu that Kakashi supposedly knows are useless like the rope-escape jutsu or extremely situational like the Tile Shuriken Jutsu. These are the genius Uchiha, what about the non-geniuses??? Now I didn’t bad mouth the Uchiha for no reason, and they do have their merits (especially those smart enough to invent ninjutsu) BUT there is a better way, and I think Madara has found it. In battle, it’s possible to learn a lot of information about a Jutsu if you have a sharingan. You can pick up on a few essential things like Hand Signs, Chakra type (from hand signs), and weaknesses (through analysis) pretty quick.

But, it’s hard to learn the ins and outs, for example, a sharingan could tell you roughly how the Rasengan works, and roughly how to counter it, but to learn it, you need to know the steps and then practice them to use it. Other techniques may not have these specific problems, but you wouldn’t get all you need from a single encounter in battle, especially for more advanced techniques. But what if you copied you allies jutsu? You could watch them in battle through many battles over an extended time period.

 This is what I think Madara’s plan was. I think he either went to the Mist village with this intent, or developed it while there. I think while in the Mist Village, he used it’s resources to locate the strongest ninja with the most desirable jutsu. I think it’s no coincidence that most of the members of Akatsuki have some level of immortality. 

I think Madara selected them for this reason. I think he wanted to learn all of their jutsu and combine them in an unbeatable body. If you combined even a few of Akatsuki members, Hidan, Orochimaru, and Kakuzu for example, you would be unstoppable. You couldn’t die in battle, you couldn’t die from old age, disease ect. and, if you happened to find a useful Kekkai Genkai or came upon some other useful trait you could absorb that too, for instance with these abilities you could also absorb Pein, the Renningan, and his Chakra. Considering Hidan is the only one of these people with a kekkai genkai, and he can also be absorbed via the Orochimaru method, this isn’t all that far-fetched. Now imagine if you copied all of these jutsu, and then did what both Kakashi and Sasuke did, take them one step further to eliminate their flaws. That level of power is almost scary to consider… There are a few (two specific) problems with this theory though, which leads to steps 2. and three

Step 2.: Get a Chakra battery!

Madara has revealed one of his greatest weaknesses, he lacks a large supply of chakra, and if you consider the high level of chakra that people like Kakuzu and Orochimaru have, this would be a problem for imitating them because like the Rasengan, it once again comes down to something you can’t copy.

Now given Madara’s history with the Nine-Tailed Fox and the stated goal of Akatsuki, it’s pretty obvious what Madara’s solution to this was. I personally like the theory that Gedo Mazo will either 1. create an above-nine-tailed beast or 2. give controlled access to each of the Bijju that are synced with it. But even if it’s just a container for Bijju, removing a selected Bijju and then putting it into another himself would also solve Madara’s chakra problem. So while doing research for his Kenzentai, he has been sending the ninja he wished to copy out to collect the Bijju while having Zetsu monitor their battles for further study.

Step 3.: The Sage of Six Paths/Senjuchiha

Another problem that Madara has, is getting his hands on jutsu or Kekkai Genkai that are extinct. He can’t copy a jutsu if he doesn’t see it preformed and he can’t absorb someone if they are dead (at least not with Orochimaru’s jutsu, though he could have fixed this somehow…) 

 Of the extinct jutsu, I can think of three main things he would want, the powers of the Sage of Six Paths, the power of the Senju Clan/Younger brother (NOT Moukyuton, but the chakra levels that distinguish Hirashima’s abilities from Yammato’s) and lastly the Ultimate EMS (either the EMS created from Itachi and Sasuke’s eyes or that plus Madara and Izuna’s combined EMS). None of these are exactly easy to obtain, the Itachi-Sasuke EMS is probably the easiest, because of the jutsu Itachi used on Sasuke, then probably the Senju/Younger Brother abilities from Naruto.

All that Madara has to do is push the two against each other and then step in when they are their strongest and take what he wants, but the Sage’s powers? Some might say take them from Pein (though he’s dead so that option’s gone whether Madara planed to or not) But as Kakashi said, “The Renningan was just a mutation” how true this is, is debatable, but it wasn’t exactly on par with the Sage’s abilities, so how does Madara get it? The answer is actually already written above, he combines the Senju and the Uchiha once again to reform the Sage and finally obtains Kenzentai!