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Senju vs Uchiha

I have been thinking of this post for a while, I have always had a twisted idea of right and wrong since every person acts within their mind to the “greater good” (well at least in Naruto). People believe that the Uchiha are the evil of the world and the Senju is what makes it right but is this a fair assumption to make, the Uchiha and their allies vs the Senju and their allies, who has done more for power, or the “greater good”

Well lets begin at the beginning. This would be the struggle between the Uchiha and Senju but it actually starts with two brother both very strong, ones ideals was that the world should be ruled by love and understanding while the other believed in a dictatorship that the strong must rule. The Sage chose love and understanding over strength so this created a hatred between the brothers and this rivalry has been the bench mark for much of the rivalry in Naruto. This is the first time the more powerful was made the lessor of the weaker. At first in the series it was put down to pure genious vs hard work, this ideal has now been twisted to be love vs hate, examples of this, Neji vs Naruto, Gaara vs Naruto, Sasuke vs Naruto.


The battle between Senju and Uchiha continued for generations until the two strongest members of each time arrived, Hashirama vs Madara, they had both been a pure example of the ideals past down, Hashirama have the ability of wood which is life and Madara ruled by being the most powerful even sacrificing his younger brother to obtain it but they both realized the rivalry must end, so they formed a village together.

This is where we have a lot more info on the relationship between the two clans. It was both the Uchiha and the Senju to agreed that they wanted peace in the time, it wasn’t only one sided, it was both. They form the village and what happens, Hashirama gains the most powerful position and many top officials are given to the Senju.

That was the history of it.


Madara like Danzo believes in results he believes that a firm hand stops conflict faster then words, he was the leader of one of the strongest clans in the ninja world and he was made a servant of the Senju the clan he hated from birth, Hashirama in my opinion could of had a shared gov. where they are like co owners of a company but nope


Hashirama made a dictatorship with himself the head of the Leaf Village, it may be harsh but its true, you may say he was voted to power, remember the worst dictators in history took office by applause, but bear with me here. Madara sees the old hatred between the Senju and Uchiha would make the Senju not want the Uchiha to have power, obviously in 4 Hokage’s not one Uchiha, there is 2 Senju and their student plus the 4th. The Senju where able to work within this ideal that what they believed is right and indoctrinated other to live and die for that belief system. Madara was also raised to believe his way is right, and he was willing to kill and die for it. So this lead to his defection, Hashirama knew he couldn’t allow a threat like Madara to leave and the village so he tried to kill him at the valley of the end.


Now to me killing is killing there is only just killing in defense or accident and this was neither of them. Hashirama had grown up believing his ideals where right and would kill for it.

Madara is the only founding person not to be honored or remembered only at the valley of the end as a warning for others not to follow his example, but he for saw the destruction of the Uchiha clan if the Senju continued to rule. This was later realized by the Genocide of all Uchiha in the village. They where ostracized by the others just because there was a slight chance it was them that had released the fox on the village the village created an environment where they denied the Uchiha the one thing they want and that was power, sure they where the MP but the true leaders where men like Sarutobi, Danzo etc not Uchiha, the uchiha where the fists of the village giving there lives for the village and in the end each one, man, women or child where killed for this “greater good” they speak of. If the there was one Hokage from the Uchiha maybe they wouldn’t have seen the need for a civil war but the fact that they where treated like traitors for just having the ability would make even me feel like wanting to become a traitor.

To me this is all part of the Senju and its Allies (Danzou’s) plan for power, they knew if they didn’t kill the Uchiha there would be war so rather kill a person for a crime they haven’t even commited… for just being born different… ever hear of Rwanda in Africa look it up, an entire people where wiped out for this ideals. The Senju to me are more evil then the Uchiha because the Uchiha do not hide behind the “greater good” to kill they show their intentions are for power and maybe its not a bad thing look at what so many years of rule by the Senju has done, there has been 3 Wars, Genocide and distrust among each of them cause the Senju use peace to gain power over people, look at when the Sand attacked the Leaf, it was because of unfair military and trade policies that had been enforced to benefit the Leaf, they created people like Naguto and Pein. They have done worse then anyone else. Look at the results, Madara is able to control the most powerful organization without people knowing his identity, if he had control the leaf they would of been feared and respected.


In my opinion this ideal that the Uchiha are born evil is the same as racism, if the Senju/Danzou hadn’t force Itachi to kill the Uchiha would Sasuke be off killing and wanting revenge, nope. If Hashirama had created a shared power and military police before Madara defection would it be fair to say Madara would not have reason to leave. If the Sage had pick the Uchiha I wonder what the Senju would of done, if he wanted to have peace why not join with his brother and share the power of the future equally, nope they both kept fighting for power both as greedy as the other, Senju hide behind a mask of love and peace but in the end reach the same results… A dictator in power one that was wanted by the people… Danzou is now showing what an Uchiha reign would be like, even sharing the eyes and ability.


You may say my logic is flawed, since it would mean that they try appease Orochimaru by making him the 4th instead etc but I am not saying that they should appease them in that way, I am saying they use the excuse of them being the good guys too often, just because your views are different doesn’t mean the others is wrong…

This is my first theory post, please let me know what you think 😀