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Group Blog 4: Most Useless Jutsu in Naruto


The Most Useless Jutsu

It is tough since most jutsu actually have a purpose, so it depends your scale and also the user, since I think Shadow Possession is only great with a Nara genius, also Ino’s mind possession also sucks if it misses its target. Also if you think of risk vs power you would say things like release of the Gates and butterfly bomb etc would suck since all you get to do is one attack like a suicide bomber, effective but you will never win, best you can is draw (I know I am probably gonna here it now). So all jutsu can be good if used correctly and by the right user or in combination, I would say a jutsu alone it has to be shadow possession jutsu, 1) your opponent only does what you do, so you can’t exactly hurt him too bad, and I have seen that when bound they both share the pain of any attack

Suna no Ken:
Now I’m sorry people and I know some of you will reject this but the absolute worst, useless, simply pathetic, mockery of a jutsu is the second jutsu ever talked about in the NARUVERSE: The Ninja Centerfold.(aka the sexy jutsu.) The ninja centerfold created by naruto is so incredibly useless that it’s hard to remember when it was thought as a good jutsu.(though for those stupid perverts in the world that had no problem with the fact that a guy turns into a girl simply thought it was brilliant.) First of the ninja centerfold has no actual usefulness in a full on battle. What, you think a bloodthirdsty ninja with a big honking sword wont kill you cause u spontaneously grew girl part’s? They will murder anything! Now some of you will say “well it’s a good disguise jutsu” to that I say, Do you really think people wont notice a freking NAKED CHICK! It’s too obvious! The point is that it has no practical use. The only thing it may be useful for is if Naruto needed a lot of one dollar bills.
Suna OUT!

The Worst Jutsu…I would say has to be the Suicide Bomb Technique. I know only Deidara COULD do it, but it is one of those few last-ditch moves that are always fatal for the user. Deidara killed himself using it on Sasuke. It is pretty much a foolish move to use, and the person being targeted could protect himself like Sasuke did, so the user never knows if his jutsu did what he wanted it to do. Final observation: Worst Jutsu because of the last man standing effect it puts out.

In my opinion, the worst jutsu in the Naruverse is the Bloodline Limit known as the Sharingan.
Of course, it isn’t a useless or worthless jutsu for those who have it, but for those who don’t, it is a very bad justu to be fighting against.
It is an unfair technique. It is exclusive to the Uchiha clan alone, which creates an imbalance between the lines of hard work and innate skill for other shinobi unlucky enough to not be born within the Uchiha clan.
Uchihas do not need to be amazingly talented and skilled because the Sharingan takes care of a lot of that. For instance, some poor hard-working ninja in an unknown village thought of, created and perfected a certain technique. Suddenly, along comes this red-eyed freak and BAM! The red-eyed freak just stole the hardworking ninja’s jutsu in the blink of an eye, literally.
It gives them an unnecessary advantage in battle and in other fields as well, if you want to include Uchiha Madara and his control over Kyuubi.
Other shinobi who do not have a bloodline limit, such as Haruno Sakura and Uzumaki Naruto need to try exceptionally hard and hone their skills for years to barely be on par with an Uchiha.

Silver Uchiha:
“ Sexi no Jutsu” is officially a jutsu and it is useless in real battle, when shinobis are serious about fighting they don’t lost their concentration for a naked woman. Is something like that coud have help Tsunade and other female would have not lose a battle in life. This jutsu worked only when Naruto was a kid and people where not deeply serious abut harming Naruto in battle. I would have say dynamic entry, but I think it not a jutsu, anyway a fast netry to the battlefield well used is pretty useful.

Most useless jutsu…..I’d have to say its “Dynamic Entry”. It’s just a regular jump kick, and is quite predictable. no wonder its a D-rank lol

I say the most useless Jutsu is the Flower Shuriken Jutsu, this jutsu, used by a MALE character throws flowers at the opponent, presumably hoping their allergic? If not, this ninja is basically screwed, so much for being a Senju rip off…

For most useless, I ‘d have to say it’s Naruto’s sexy no jutsu. Don’t get me wrong, it’s great eye candy, but if we’re talking about practical use in combat, it doesn’t make the grade. First of all, it’ll only work on males, and second, the enemy must be some kind of horny teenager if he’s going to fall for some naked girl that popped out of no where. A close second would be Ino’s mind swap jutsu: it has way too many draw backs and someone always needs to be there to watch over Ino’s unconscious body while she does it.


That does it for group blog #4.

For Group blog #5, the question will be “Who is the Naruto character you can relate to the most and why?” Send responses to b0buchiha@yahoo.com (that’s b0b with a zero) or use my handy contact form.  If you haven’t posted or commented before, this is a great way to get your opinions out.

11 Responses

  1. Sexy no Jutsu was able to defeat Ebisu, Iruka (in a way), The Third Hokage and Jiraiya!!

  2. Jiraiya was just a pompus buffoon when it cam to women XD, so he doesn’t count.

    The Hokage was caught off guard, Ebisu is a dumbshit and Iruka was caught off guard as well when he expected a clone…so…It is damn awful

  3. yeah but if a ninja expects his attack then isn’t it fair to say Sexy no Jutsu follows that, surprise the opponent to temporarily paralyze him and you can attack

  4. i say any jutsu that will definitly kill the user, but can b survivable if you’r the opponant is the worst: Diedara’s suicide bombing, and 3rd/4th Hokage’s Reaper Death Seal (Oro could survive, and that probably means ppl like Jiraiya, Mandara, or Itachi could too) r 2 examples. next on my list would b sexy jutsu, the only applicable use for it is against a total pervert or if a guy wanted to make out w/ either another guy or a lesbian. as for Mind-Body switch and Kage Mane: Mind Body switch isn’t to bad if it’s in conjuction w/ Kage Mane or Ino’s chakra paralysis, and Kage Mane onlt hrut the user in the Chunin Exam arc, after that, theuser could do whtever he wanted to to the opponant w/ no negative side effect. about Dynamic entry, it could b useful w/ a user like Guy (rediculously fast and strong) and just imagine if Tsunade or *gulp* the Raikage learned it, we could easily say “goodbye” to Mt Everest (if Everest existed in that dimension) so i disagree w/ the ppl who said Dynamic entry as the worst.

  5. I’d have to say;
    1. Any jutsu that can kill you is useless because if the user has a counter, you’re screwed, so in that list is: deidara’s suicide bomb, chouji’s pills and the shinigami seal thing.
    2. Naruto’s Sage Mode-overhyped and underperformed!

  6. The thing I have to say about jutsu that kill you, is that in many cases the person doesn’t.

  7. Useless jutsu: that male sexy jutsu thing. Ugh.

  8. The worst jutsu is kakashi’s “one thousand years of pain”…quite funny though

  9. You know what stino? The Thousand years of pain is konohas most secret and sacred technique. It is lightning fast, impossible to block, and hurts like a mother afterwards. I will be damned if that isnt an ULTIMATE JUTSU TECHNIQUE! but thats just me.

  10. @ Suna, LOLS, yeah, i’d like to c Kakashi use it against Guy
    Jet (Optimus) Prime, ending transmission

  11. there isnt a useless jutsu. more or less every single one has had some use.

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