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Naruto Chapter 463: Don’t F*CK with the Raikage, Bitch!!

naruto-retro1Post Author: Bob

The fight between Sasuke and the Raikage have kicked up to the next level, that‘s right pro wrestling! In this corner, weighing in at 325 lbs, he hails from the land of thunder and is the heaviest, toughest kage you’ve ever set your eyes on — theeeeee RAIIIIIIKAGEEEE!! And our challenger, weighing in at a mere 145 lbs, a renegade ninja from the land of fire with deadly good looks and skills to match —- presenting SASSUUUKEEE UCHIHAAAA!!! Lol, but seriously, I didn’t expect the Raikage to pull out the ol’ piledriver manoeuvre on Sasuke, that’s the last move I expect to see from a ninja. But seeing the kind of muscle-bound enforcer he is, I guess it’s not too surprising. This chapter was a bit of a repeat of last chapter’s format: fighting, talking, fighting and finish with a cliffhanger.


No need for my editing this week, this is hilarious as it is.

Madara’s talk in this chapter wasn’t nearly as revealing as last chapter’s topics. He does reveal his ultimate agenda, but it just raises more questions than provide answers. It seems Madara has two objectives he wishes to accomplish. One is to use Sasuke to prove the Uchiha’s existence to the world and the second is to achieve a Kenzentai – the perfect body. For his first goal, Madara claims he will send Sasuke to fight Naruto in the “long destined battle.” And if he wants that battle to prove anything, he’ll need to let the entire world be aware of it and accept it as a crucial event. But I don’t think the stage for that epic fight will be ready for a while yet. For one thing, although Naruto’s name is becoming more well known in other lands, he is still a genin with little official status in the Ninja World. Madara knows there’s something special in Naruto (maybe he used his trans-dimensional powers to take a peek at the title of this manga) and is bidding his time to allow Naruto to grow, probably into a kage before letting Sasuke bring him down. This, in a way, Madara’s attempt to atone for his own defeat at Sanju Hashirama’s hands in the past by having the last of the Uchiha triumph over Konoha’s newest Hokage.

naruto463-2However, revenge is not Madara’s only motive, and Kakashi suspected this all along. Why else would he bother collecting all the Bijuu if his only goal is to destroy Konoha and make a name for the Uchiha clan again? Madara’s wishes to attain Kenzentai, but what is it? If you read Binktopia’s scanlation of chapter 463, you’d see that the editor made note of Kenzentai as a Dragonball Z reference (Kishi’s is a big DBZ fan). Cell from DBZ wanted to attain the perfect body – Kenzentai – because he believed it is the ultimate form. What Madara’s believes to be Kenzentai is unclear at the moment. Still, it is a pretty selfish goal which seems to only benefit Madara if it is achieved — which is why I’m wondering if the rest of Akatsuki know about Madara’s true objective at all.

naruto463-3But enough about Madara, let’s take a look at Raikage and Sasuke’s fight. Personally, I don’t like where this fight is going. Now that Sasuke has pulled out his Amatersu and Susanoo abilities, he has both his defensive and offensive fronts covered. One odd thing that bothered me is why Shi from Kumogakure was able to identify both the Mangekyou Sharingan and Amaterasu immediately after seeing Sasuke use them. I thought these were top secret abilities that most shinobi in Konoha are unaware of. Even though Konoha shared info on Sasuke with Kumogakure, I’m certain they didn’t know about Sasuke receiving Itachi’s powers or obtaining MS. So why would a wussy like Shin know about them?

naruto463-4The Raikage has gone Super Saiyan II but even that doesn’t feel like its enough. What made Sasuke’s fights in the past interesting to watch was because even though he was highly skilled, he was still vulnerable to counter attacks and there was always the tension that he could be killed in the next attack. But having both the Amaterasu shield and Susanoo armor gives Sasuke too much of an advantage. It’s the ultimate offence and defence rolled into one impenetrable cocoon, where’s the tension now? The Raikage may have the equivalent power of Tsunade’s inhuman strength and the speed of Minato’s body flicker technique, but even he can’t touch Sasuke without getting consumed by the black flames of Amaterasu. The one chink in Sasuke’s armor seems to be that he hasn’t mastered the full potential of Sasanoo yet. Whereas Itachi was able to fully summon the entire torso with shield and sword, Sasuke seems to only be able to summon the rib cage and a few joints to attack with. My guess is either he’s still not used to the abilities of his Mangekyou Sharingan yet or else he’s cautious in using them too much because he is fully aware of the consequences on his eyes. Even so, attacking Sasuke directly would not be a smart move – except that’s exactly what the Raikge does. It seems like the Raikage is ready to sacrifice his left arm to end Sasuke’s life once and for all with a finishing move. However, I think there’s more to it. If you look at the last page, it looks like it’s his bracer and not his fist that makes the most contact with Sasuke’s Amaterasu. Even so those flames will eat him up if he doesn’t act fast. But how does the Raikage plan on getting past Sasuke’s Susanoo armor?