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Bijju Theories

Post Author: Mart

There are two main things driving the plot of Naruto, one is the Senju-Uchiha relationship, the other is the Bijju. I’ve decided to investigate the second plot element today. No, this is not a boring info post (https://shannaro.wordpress.com/2009/08/27/getting-to-know-the-jinchuriki/) we’ve seen enough of those… These are my crazy theories on how, who, and what the Bijju are…

Theory 1. Summons: Bijju and summons have a lot in common, they are both animal themed, they are both held by contracts/seals, and they are both used as allies to aid ninja in battle. Another similarity of Bijju and Summons are that they are masses of chakra.

Though it hasn’t been specifically explained, summons require chakra payments equal to the size and strength of the animal summoned, when summoned, because of their contracts, they have to use up this energy or fulfill their duties to the summoner before they can un-summon (as seen when Gamabunta met Naruto for the first time, or when Naruto got trapped by a giant lizard summon in a filler arc)

What I propose to you, is that Bijju are, or at least were summons at one time? What if there was/were ninja(s) that did a summoning with such power, that they became tailed beasts? What if the tailed beasts out-lived their summoner(s) but because of their contractual obligations were unable to reverse summon and decided to become what they are today?

As Madara showed, it is quite possible to summon a tailed beast. There is one other part to this theory, What if the Ridduko Senin was the original summoner? Ridduko Senin is the only ninja who I think would have the ability to create these bijju. Plus this would explain Gedo Mazo, it would be the contract that holds the Bijju to this world. But most importantly, in my opinion, it would connect the two main plot elements in naruto.

Theory 2. Tailed Disposition: Another pattern I’ve noticed is that the number of tails on a bijju seems to have a significant impact on it’s personality.

From what we know of them, the odd tailed beast, the one, three, five, seven and nine tails seem to be “evil,” crazy, and uncontrolled, or to say it another way unbalanced.

While the even tailed beasts, two, four, six, eight seem sane, are co-operative with their partners and as opposed to the odd tailed beast seem “balanced.” For instance, Shukaku and the Kyubbi are clearly insane, while the Two-Tailed Cat and the Eight-Tailed Ox are sane and co-operative. I don’t think this is coincidence.

I think that once again the bijju are related to the Senju-Uchiha struggle. I think that the odd-tailed beasts, because of their power-lust, are the ones that generally sided with the Uchiha, as seen in the histories of the three-tails and the nine-tails and the even-tailed beasts sided with the Senju because of their ideology.

(I must point out one counter-point to this argument, the seven-tails was given to the hidden waterfall village as a peace treaty by Hirashima, but he could have just used it temporarily. It is also interesting to note the seven tails has six WINGS and only one tail)


Theory 3. Minato’s goal: I think that Minato knew the information above at least to some extent (and the extent that it is true) He has been show to have some history fighting with Tobi and definitely knew of his relationship with the Kyubbi. To me, Minato techniques all seem to be geared toward one thing, killing Madara.

The Rasengan can’t be copied by a Sharingan (no hand signs) and his other two techniques counter Madara’s spatial abilities, he could use Flying Thunder God to get close (or follow the tag into another dimension), and then the Dead Demon Consuming Seal to kill him, (because he can’t be physically attacked) but obviously, he failed.

I’ve always found it odd that Minato only gave Naruto access to the Yang (“evil”) chakra. I think that after failing to kill Madara, he decided to seal the Kyubbi in Naruto to once again combine Senju and Uchiha, like within the Ridduko Senin, and hopefully end the cycle of hate.

This is also seen in another person, Gaara. Before Gaara had his encounter with Naruto, he was the traditional Uchiha Archetype, insane, power-hungry, and evil. During this time, he had a great relationship with Shukaku because both wanted to kill mercilesly. After his encounter with Naruto, he changed completely to become the Senju Archetype, caring, loving, and determined to protect those he loves. When this happened, he shut off Shukaku, not allowing him to surface. Giving up power in order to avoid becoming crazy once again and risk destroying his village. I think that there is still a lot more in Minato’s past we have yet to see.


Which theory do you like?


20 Responses

  1. I really like your idea of the odd and even numbered bijiu, but the only problem with it is the the 3 tails was under complete control of the 4th muzikage/ madara (if he was really controling the 4th that is). And your theory about the 4th hokage making those attacks just of the purpose of killing madara is genius. Once I read that I was like that makes total sense. Good job I really liked it!!

  2. Really cool and necessary post.
    I have always had questions about hashirama’s bijuu controlling ability. I mean he literally gave them away like his property. Additionally, from what we know of summons, they actually live in undisclosed locations like myokuban. This leads me to agree with u that bijuu are summons from the demon realm. I think that their contracts r held in seals. Consider for a moment that it is highly unlikely that bijuu existed in the naru-realm before the rikkou-sannin created ninjutsu as they wud have gone nuts and destroyed everybody as pre-ninja ppl had no defence mechanism.
    Consequently, a bijuu is like an earth bound summon and only once u provs urself will it become obedient, just like manda and gamabunta weren’t fully obedient.

  3. Sorry for the long posts
    I think hashirama was powerful enough to control all the bijuu but when he divided them between the villages, he didn’t know about their nature and that’s why they have been such a disastrous force; as they will only obey those strong enough

  4. That’s a good point about the obeident thing cuz when naruto first summoned bunta he wasn’t obeident at all but when naruto fought pain bunta and the other 2 were obeident to naruto cuz he proved himself by mastering sage mode

  5. i really like the idea about the bijuu being summons, i also like the idea about Minato’s jutsu being created to counter Mandara. i personally think the whole “even=good, odd=bad” is just a coincidence, after all we only know about the personalities of 3 (2-tailed cat and 3-tailed turtle didn’t show enuf of their personalities to prove anything)

  6. I agree with most of your post except for the evil and good thing. See i think each tailed beast has its own different personality. We only know about 3 (so to speak). The Shikaku who is a tailed beasts that NEEDS blood and sacrifices in order to be calm (if you consider it calm) and satisfied. The

    9-tails is just a menace. But we know that he is extremely power, perhaps the most amongst the entire band of beasts. he is a phsycopath but he seems devious. Going to Naruto during his most needed times and charms him with power. To get his needs through force and to USE him. Naruto gave in a few time but he is very adamant about how much power he takes, thought he had a hole in his stomach during that Pein invasion arc, thank gosh for Minato.

    We don’t know much about 8-tails. Killerbee was just able to control him, make a pact, just just because he is “good”
    Perhaps he is and i am wrong but i don’t think i am.

  7. What I meant by “good” is being in the Senju side of the Senju-Uchiha battle and “Evil” is the Uchiha side. For instance from what we see of Yugito Nii, she cares about her fellow ninja (that’s why she seals herself in that underground cave) and in turn her fellow ninja care for her. On the Three-tails, It was said that without it’s host it became just an animal… When it was in Yugura, it was controled not by love and co-operation (the Senju value) but by Shisuisu’s power (obviously Uchiha)

  8. Nice Post!! I like it I am actually working on a theory post on Uchiha vs Senju…

  9. All offem are off the hook.
    never thought about these possibilities.
    nice nice

  10. yea good post dude. i myself was particularly intrigued by the summon and minato part of the post. 1 because like somebody before me said that if the bijuu were there the whole time then the world would probably be sestroyed. only reason that i think they could’ve been here the whole time is if when the sage of six paths was born he defeated them and sealed them and when he died they were free to roam about. and 2 about minato that just sounds like him. lol. but again great post keep up the good work

  11. and just a side note lets remember the seal minato put on kyubii was even and when orochimaru put that odd seal on top of the even one. might not have anything to do with anything but just look into it.

  12. i like this a lot.

    your best point was that of minato’s techniques against madara, especially the Death God sealing technique because it makes a lot of sense. In 463 it’s revealed that Madara wishes to “become complete”, so this is probably a foreshadow that the Kyuubi was actually a special summon originally of Madara’s or the Uchiha. Similar to the Gedo summons of the Rinnegan users. When Minato couldn’t land an attack on Madara because of his defensive technique, his only other option was to take away the source of his destructive power: the Kyuubi. That’s probably when he sealed away the part of the kyuubi–so madara couldn’t use it.

    as a side i think you’re stretching your theory a bit with the even and odds number tailed beasts being on different sides thing. yes, shikkaku and kyuubi are insane, but we don’t really know a lot of information on the other beasts to make that assumption (the 2-tails never spoke, and it looked pretty wild-eyed to me). I like your connection between the tailed beasts and summons though, so i think it’s more of a safe theory that maybe the tailed beasts were all special summons of different clans, as they all seem to have a driving theme to them that is very closely tied to both the village and jinchurrikii they’re with. That would also explain how Hashirama united the clans if he was able to control the bijuu. “Bijou” itself is a word that essentially describes the physical manifestation of a tribe’s soul and power.

  13. My take on this chapter:

    Theory 4. Madara

    Ever Noticed that to date, Madara hasn’t actively participated in a battle AS madara (he did take on an alias of Tobi to fight Sasuke) I think Madara has a new goal, he doesn’t want to win (for the Uchiha) the Senju-Uchiha fight, he wants to rise above it. I think him “becoming complete” will be by using the tailed beast/Naruto to rise above the fight and become as powerful as the Sage of Six Paths was by recombining the eyes and the body.

    Also I liked CJ’s comment about the Kyubbi seal.

  14. I found that you made a few SIGNIFICANT mistakes here Mart….
    “Another similarity of Bijju and Summons are that they are masses of chakra.”- no they aren’t. Biju are masses of chakra, summons are just big (sometimes small) animals.

    “when summoned, because of their contracts, they have to use up this energy or fulfill their duties to the summoner before they can un-summon”- Gamakichi was actually summoned to help Naruto defeat the Shukaku, BUT its just a kid, there’s no way it could fight a demon. And according to Naruto wiki “The summon is not required to help the user, and may be more of a hindrance than an ally” http://naruto.wikia.com/wiki/Summoning_Technique

    “From what we know of them, the odd tailed beast, the one, three, five, seven and nine tails seem to be “evil,” crazy, and uncontrolled, or to say it another way unbalanced.”- one problem, we haven’t seen the five or seven tails. The Sanbi was a wild animal, and lacked any capacity to know good from evil, it was just like any other dumb animal 8P. Shukaku, I completely agree with you mart. The Shukaku is all kinds of crazy 8D.

    “While the even tailed beasts, two, four, six, eight seem sane, are co-operative with their partners and as opposed to the odd tailed beast seem “balanced.””- once again, we haven’t seen the 4 tails, or six tails in action, so that’s just a HUGE (well maybe not huge lol) assumption. As for the two tails, Yugito couldn’t control it. The only people that could control Biju are/were Kirabi, Yagura, Hashirama and Madara. “as seen in the histories of the three-tails”- the three tails has no history.

    “I’ve always found it odd that Minato only gave Naruto access to the Yang (“evil”) chakra.”- Yang is good, Yin is evil, he gave Naruto access to the “good” chakra.

    “During this time, he had a great relationship with Shukaku because both wanted to kill mercilesly.”- that wasn’t a great relationship. The Shukaku forced him to kill by deteriorating his sanity via insomnia.

    “What I propose to you, is that Bijju are, or at least were summons at one time?”- I think the theory in the Naruverse is more likely. The theory that the Biju were once people that became evil spirits. Remember when Gaara said that the Shukaku was once an old man that became an evil spirit? If you dont, check the old chapters 8D. Anyhoo, other than that stuff, your theory was fun to read, so many “what-ifs” lol.

  15. Kisu. 1. there are different contracts, with different rules, BUT no matter what they choose to DO when they get there, they MUST come when called. 2. On Yugitto, I addressed that above, she fell outside the “Bijju norm” because she cared for her village and they cared for her. She controled it to the degree that she was able to seal herself in before attacking in Bijju form and had her sanity.

  16. @mart- Kisu made some valid points on you, although not all of them were right. But the fact that people know naruto to THAT extent is maybe a little too much. But if they didnt, these blogs would suck i guess.

  17. @Kisu
    Yin is usually characterized as slow, soft, insubstantial, diffuse, cold, wet, and tranquil. It is generally associated with the feminine, birth and generation, and with the night. Yang, by contrast, is characterized as hard, fast, solid, dry, focused, hot, and aggressive. It is associated with masculinity and daytime.

    Yin = Calm and slow
    Yang = Aggressive and chaotic

    Further investigation revealed that neither Yin or Yang are necessarily evil.

    Lets take the Kyuubi as evil innately (which it is).
    Naruto has the aggressive and chaotic side (Yang) inside him, always seeking to get out, spread its influence, impossible to control.
    The Yin would be much easier to control, and its malice would be quietly hidden away, however it would still be exerting an influence, silently subverting Naruto.

    Imagine the Yin and Yang of the fox as two people in control of different countries.
    Yang would be the fascist dictator, butchering his way to the presidency and remaining there by force.
    Yin would be the advisor manipulating the president of the other country, softly provoking him into war and having all of the real control, whilst still remaining unknown.

    It can be gathered from this that the reason the Yang chakra has been sealed in Naruto as opposed to the Yin, is that subtlety is near impossible for a youngster to comprehend, and the brutality with which the Yang portion attempts to take control is much more easily seen and controlled. The Yin would have been able to softly manipulate Naruto the entire time, seeming like a friend, until it was far too late.

  18. wow i nvr thought of any of that stuff. I was thinking maybe even winny the pooh was the no-tailed beast and chrisopher robin was the jinchuriki. i think winny would have been good. in fact regarding madara i think his mask kinda looks like a bee hive, simular to the ones winny the pooh eats out of. in other words madara made his mask to look like a bee hive, the very thing winny eats out of…… hence showing conflict between them. just something to think about 8======D ………………………………………………………………….. that too.

  19. Did i mention my name is donnie yarolem? and that i live in louisiana? you could check out my myspace and or facebook if you want. i love winny the pooh.

  20. memba that one tail is after a priest stated in the manga and anime

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