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Shannaro Doodles #1: Draw Naruto

Hello Shannarolites, Bob here with a new contest idea. The idea for this came to me after seeing one of Laydee Kay’s (long time Shannaro!!! member) old posts; I wasn’t so much interested in the subject of the post (she’s a shipping fan and questionnaire-a-holic, not exactly my two favorite blog subjects), but the funnies she posted. Anyways, there’s this great site call artpad.com where you can draw something, have the how process recorded and post the link to your gallery for everyone to see. Anyways, she drew a “portrait” of me (I use a Naruto avatar) and I responded in kind with my impression of what she looks like in real life (she used to use a Temari Avatar). Then Nef (another old-time Shannaro member), sensing the hostility, came along and tried to mediate.  Old story, but my point is really about having an artpad contest here on the site. All you have to do is go over to http://artpad.art.com/artpad/painter and start doodling away, after you’re done post the link to your creation in your comment to this post.  This time around, the subject is to draw Naruto Uzumaki, other than that it’s up to your imagination how to draw him.  The winner will be decided by poll voting when we get enough entries, he or she will get a special badge in the upcoming “Awards” Page. So don’t be shy and participate!

Start Doodling!