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Naruto Shippuden 125: Pain’s Tears Are Raindrops!!

Post Author: paintheclown

Bob, if this can’t be up today, you can just make it a draft again and tell me when I can post it.

Hello everyone! ^_^ This weeks breakdown is on the right day this time.  Back to business, this weeks episode is titled, Disappearance.  (To watch, go to http://www.tailedfox.com/)  Anyways, the episode starts with the very end of the last one (like most).  It starts with Deidara preparing to use his “Ultimate Art”.  He then uses it (duh!)  Everyone in the area sees this and they stare at it in awe.  Finally!  Deidara’s art is finally being appreciated!  Lolz.  Back to business, Karin senses that Sasuke’s chakra has completely vanished.  Jugo is rushing to the scene with a stern look on his face.  Suigetsu also sees this and takes out one of the dozen scrolls on his belt.  He takes out a scroll with a snake on it.  As soon as he takes it out, the snake vanishes.  He thinks to himself about how Sasuke has to have summoned the snake.  He uses someones blood from a vial to summon Manda.  Sasuke comes out of Manda’s mouth almost completely unharmed.  Suigetsu asks how he could control Manda, but, not before he sees the Sharingan in his eyes.  He realizes that Sasuke used a genjutsu to control Manda.  Manda says his final words before he parts from the world of the living.

Meanwhile, the eight-man squad are finally gathered at the giant crater Deidara had made…

"Woah, this place is somehow different than it was earlier.  Hmm?"

"Woah, this place is somehow different than it was earlier. Hmm?"

The Akatsuki gather and talk about Deidara, Sasuke and Tobi have died.  It was a really uninteresting discussion, so, I don’t remember much.  but, I do remember Kisame talking about Tobi dying.  He felt that Tobi made “this gloomy organization” a bit cheery and bright!

Back to Naruto and the rest, they talk about Deidara and Sasukes fight.  The Ninja Hounds tell them that Sasuke”s scent has vanished.  But, Kiba still smells his scent.  Kakashi thinks of how strong Kiba has become.  He thinks that that is expected for the Inuzuka Clan.

We finally see Pain (Nagato) and Konan together in the anime!!!  Konan tells Pain that “He” is there.  Pain gets up from where he was perched and walks into the little place.  Obviously, we all should know that “He” is Madara/Tobi.  They start to talk about Sasuke and Naruto…

"What?!  I'm busy looking at my ugly town!  What is sooo important?!

"What?! I'm busy looking at my ugly town! What is sooo important?!

We then see Taka in a hotel room waiting for Sasuke to give them an order.  Karin and Suigetsu get into one of their little brawls (Finally, they usually do it in the begining of the episode 😛 )  Jugo starts to give into his murderous urges.  Karin and Suigetsu finally see this and try (Key word “try”) to restrain him.  Karin starts yelling at Sasuke to hurry and do his little Calm no Jutsu thingy.  Jugo finally calms down and Sasuke falls asleep, lolz.  The rest of Taka start to talk about why they are with Sasuke.  I forget almost everything they said, lolz.

"Dammit Sasuke!!  Hurry up and stop him!!"

Wow Karin, you are the most intelligent person in the world!!

Back to the Pain/Madara/Konan discussion, Madara tells Pain that he must find and capture the Nine-Tailed Jinchuriki.  He also tells him that as leader, failure is not an option…

"Yeah, yeah.  Go on.  This is a very interesting conversation!  Mmhmm, mmhmm"

"Yeah, yeah. Go on. This is a very interesting conversation! Mmhmm, mmhmm"

Just before he leaves, he tells them that he is “The Ultimate Power of the Uchiha Clan.  He is Madara Uchiha.”  Just then, we get a glimps of his Sharingan!

"Look, look into my eyes.  Aren't they stupid looking?"

"Look, look into my eyes. Aren't they stupid looking?"

Pain makes it rain in the Rain Village.  Konan thinks about how the sky must be crying.  She then knows that Pain is crying inside, but is expressing it in the form of rain.  We see Itachi and Kisame in a cave to take shelter from the rain.  Itachi steps into the rain, and knows that Sasuke is not dead.

We then see Naruto and company running towards town or something. (Sorry, I haven’t watched it since Thursday and I’ve completely forgot everything.)  Naruto then thinks about how he will find and return sasuke to the Leaf!  This is where the episode ends.

I’m sorry if this was short and unorganized.  I have been scramble brained all week.  So, once again, sorry if this was bad.


11 Responses

  1. got tired of reading it and just decided to look at the captions, but they were really good 🙂

  2. Pain finally appears! ive been looking forword to this for awhile. he looks pretty good and his voice is pretty badass! the music at the end with Madara was awsome too

  3. I only read this because of the title :). Nice to see Pein and Konan, but I saw a mistake the anime guys made. Konan’s eye color is grey, but the anime makes it look brown or orange. Good job PTC, it was a pretty entertaining read ^^

  4. Doesn’t Madaras eyes look black around the Sharingan, shouldn’t they be white!

  5. @yellowflash, it was raining and very dark then there was a flash of lightning that allowed us to see his eye, and that’s why they look like that (grey). It’s just the lighting, when he fights Naruto and crew it’ll be sunny so you will be able to see his eyes better.

  6. Wow, I’m surprised I got even 5 comments! With Bob’s post coming out the day before mine, I was suprised to get any attention at all! Thank you all! T_T

  7. I think everyones post gets attention even though they may not have comments, im sure people have read them, I have done the same before, reading peoples posts and not commenting. Not because something is wrong, just sometimes you don’t need to!!

  8. finally back on track no fillers, tobi teleportation was cool cant wait to see pein vs jaraiya

  9. @flash

    Yes, I know. But, I like seeing a large amout of comments on my posts. It makes me feel special. That’s all! It also makes me KNOW that people are reading it.

  10. Hey

    This was a Great episode and your review was good as well.

  11. Sorry for double posting but i had to say they really made it sound and look cool when madara turned around!

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