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Naruto Chapter 462: Sharigan’s Got Nothin’ on the Raikage

naruto-retro1Post Author: Bob
Some announcements before I get started. The new Shannaro-2 blog has been launched exclusively to host fan fictions, so please visit, read and leave comments for the hard working writers. Group blog 4: the most useless jutsu has been extended since I’ve had only a few responses so far, take a moment and send in an opinion.

Naruto 462. Pretty interesting chapter, particularly with what Madara/Tobi says about Naruto’s heritage and the history behind the Rinnegan. This chapter is another example of the classic Kishi style of revealing vital information while at the same time a action-packed battle is going on. I wanna get to the chapter analysis so I’ll do what I used to do and do a super short summary first: Raikage dishes out major pwnage on Jugo. Sharingan can’t touch the brotha so Sasuke goes after the wuss hiding in the back. Raikage and Sasuke then turn on each other and pose for dramatic cliffhanger ending. Meanwhile, Madara gives Naruto a history lesson on why the Uchiha clan are always so pissed off.

narutp462-1Let’s start with the battle first. I was actually hoping for more Sasuke-and-team-get-major-ass-whooping-a-thon (sorry Sasuke lovers, but they had it coming) but I guess a one-sided beat ‘em up wouldn’t be too fun to follow. I think we all could have guessed that Jugo doesn’t stand a chance against the Raikage. No, I’m not saying this because I think he’s weak, it’s because he’s not the main character here; if he defeated the big fish, Sasuke won’t get any spotlight ;P Nevertheless, the Raikage is a powerhouse, his single punch tore through Jugo’s shielded arm and went right into his chest, most people would have died from shock already. Their little scuffle did reveal something about the Raikage’s abilities though: the guy is fast! I mean, Usain Bolt has nothing on Raikage-dono. Not only does the guy swell with lightning charka, his body can literally move at the speed of lightning (speed of light). The speed is comparable to Minato Namikaze’s Flying Lightning God technique, but in the latter case it was teleportation/space-time jutsu rather than just purely speed enhancing jutsu.


Hey wussy where are you going? The fighting's in the other direction

Wuss boy (Shi) mentions something about the Raikage having synapses that fire as fast as a flash of light and being incredibly fast when he surrounded by his lighning aura – this is the reason why genjutsu from Sasuke’s sharingan are ineffective against him; he is too fast to track. Even when Jugo tried to get him with his multi-canon attack thingy at point-blank range, the Raikage was still able to move out of the way in time. Now if the synapses in his brain can fire just as fast as his other muscles, then the Raikage would probably be immune to genjustu since no one would be able to keep up. However, this could also mean that the Raikage is quite smart – but so far, I find this hard to believe.


Click to read Shi's Story, a mini-manga by Bob

Shi’s performance in this battle was just pathetic. Click on the pic above to see my take on his contribution to this battke. I call him wuss boy because he’s lurking further and further into the back and has provided no support whatsoever since his little genjutsu trick last chapter. In essence, Shi is pulling a part1-Sakura jutsu, which is made all the more pathetic in his case because “Shi is a he.” Lol, get it? Lame joke, but you get the point 😀 I’m just glad Sasuke sensed his wussiness and took him out of action.

naruto462-4Madara mentioned that the Uchiha and Sanju clans descended from the two brothers who the Rikudo Sage (Sage of Six Paths) passed on his powers to. Hey, does that mean Naruto and Sasuke are very distantly related? That means when Naruto says he thinks of Sasuke like a brother, there’s actually some truth to that. Pretty cool. Too bad the two original brothers turned on each other. But I guess it was inevitable. The older brother inherited the Sage’s eyes and believed strength will bring peace to the world (he was a jock), while the younger brother received the Sage’s life force and believed love was the key to peace (he was a hippy). When the Sage favored the younger brother’s philosophy, the jock got pissed and the brothers had a falling out. But it’s no wonder the Sage picked the younger brother, the older brother was just way too fugly; would you want a guy with a face like this to carry out your legacy. I wouldn’t. And c’mon Kishi you can draw better characters than that 😦  Lol, and the Uchiha clan must have known some good plastic surgeons if they could come from this to this in a couple of generations.

naruto462-5What do guys think? Do you buy Madara’s story about the Rinnegan and Naruto and Sasuke’s ties to the sage of six paths and their ancestors? I suppose Madara could be lying, but what would be the point of it? I don’t think Naruto is just going to accept that he and Sasuke are bitter enemies to the end because it was foretold in the great annuls of ninjutsu. No, we know that Naruto could care less about what happened in the past and what his bloodline obligates him to do. Sasuke may have fallen into that trap, but Naruto has already decided to not walk down the road of hate and isolation that so many in the shinobi world have become embroiled in. Naruto and Sasuke: Chosen by fate to hate one another? I don’t buy it and I don’t think Naruto will either. People choose their own destinies, their own actions, their own consequences. Blaming your choices in life on your ancestors and bloodline is just a cop out in my opinion.


Naruto Chapter 462 Is Out!