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Naruto Shippuden 125 is out!!!

Finally!  The battle between Deidara and Sasuke has ended.  Let’s see how this works out in the anime!

Click one of the links below to watch…



10 Responses

  1. hmm .. you need to register and it costs.. ?

  2. No!
    You don’t have to register!
    Or are you talking about something else?!

  3. narutoget.com is better. Finally, we get to see Uchiha Madara in the flesh. I always had a feeling there would be some sort of apocalyptic orchestral voice singing in the background of the final scene.

  4. you realize Bob does Anime on narutohurricane.com right? it’s got both free videos and breakdowns…

  5. Hey ptc, don’t do these mini announcements for the anime unless it’s a full summary post. I’ll let it go for the manga since it’s pretty much a tradition now, but not anime. Thanks

  6. @Bob

    Okay, sorry :(…


    Yes, I know

  7. great episode i knew tobis voice would change

  8. i liked tobi better… “SENPAIIIII!!!!” lol

  9. This episode was pretty dumb….EXCEPT FOR THE PAIN PARTS! Pain was epic in this episode >:)

  10. kizuzachi: Yes! Pain is awsome! at first when he appeared he didnt look very well animated and i was like =( But the scene at the end made up for it! it looked cool and had sweet music

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