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Naruto Shippuden 124: Art is a Bang!!

From now on, I will be doing Anime Breakdowns for Shannaro!!!…

By the way, this is very late, I will get them up on Saturday’s…

My first Naruto Shippuden Anime Breakdown is of Naruto Shippuden 124: Art. (To watch, go to http://onepieceofbleach.com/naruto/shippuuden/124)  This weeks episode is the end of the Deidara vs. Sasuke battle.  What’s great about this battle is that it was only a total of 2 episodes.  Most are prolonged for so long it’s annoying.  Anyways, the episode starts with Deidara’s C4 Karura chasing down Sasuke…

Run Sasuke run!!!

Run Sasuke run!!!

Sadly, Sasuke’s too fast for the bomb.  So, Deidara just detonates the bomb right there…

OMG!!!  I need to stop eating cookies!!!!!!

OMG!!! I need to stop eating cookies!!!!!!

At first, nothing happens.  Sasuke ponders at what just happened.  Deidara just smirks and finally uses the real C4 Karura and every living thing in the area starts to become flakes in the wind.  Sasuke finally starts to flake way as well.  As Deidara waves his hands in the air on his victory, he feels a pair of Sharingan (I wonder who’s?…) digging into his back.  He just barely moves his head 2 inches and gets a Chidori right through his right shoulder!  Deidara figures that he didn’t strike vital spot on purpose.  Sasuke tells him that is correct.  He then asks where Itachi is.  Deidara says some stuff, then the real Deidara grabs Sasuke’s leg.  Sasuke must sure feel dumb if he was talking to a Clay Clone the entire time…

This is what I get for fight for the bad guyz.

This is what I get for fighting for the bad guyz.

At this point, Deidara makes another C4 Karura at point blank range.  It’s so close, that Sasuke becomes enveloped in the bomb.  Deidara jumps and makes a clay bird with his severly injured hands.  We then go to Sasuke and he uses one of his dumb*** plans that always work and uses a Chidori on the bomb.  He rips through the bomb.  But, it’s too late, he’s already been infected by the microscopic bombs hidden in the C4.  He then tries to strike Deidara, but Deidara detonates the bombs.  But, nothing happens.  So, Deidara falls to the ground.  He sees flakes of Sasuke fall to the ground.  He then believes that he has won.  Sasuke then punches him and he goes hurtling to the other side of the forest.  he then asks how he didn’t flake away.  Sasuke tells him that just before he detonated them he used Chidori Current.  He then begins to explain about how he figured out the weakness of Deidara’s jutsu.  Deidara gets so pissed that he uses his “Ultimate Art”.  He then reveals the mouth on his chest…

I'm free!!  I'm finally free!!!

I'm free!! I'm finally free!!!

He then makes the mouth eat clay.  His body begins to change into a small little ball with white pupils and a jagged mouth.  he then says his catchphrase for the final time, “Art is an explosion!”

Art is truly an explosion!!

Art is truly an explosion!!

He then detonates himself.  He shows remorse as Tobi may not come out of this alive.  Everyone in the vincenty see this.  the 8-Man Squad rushes to the scene.  This is where the episode ends…

Sorry if this wasn’t very good.  I don’t usually do these.  Please rate it.  Once again, this will usually come out on Saturdays.  Thank you! ^_^


Shannaro!!! Group Blog #4: The Most Useless Jutsu

BUMP! Need more responses or Bob will release the rabid moose! I’m serious, I’m Canadian!

Okay, I know people all have their favorite and most bad-ass techniques, be it ninjutsu, taijutsu or genjutsu. But for group blog number four, I want to hear your opinion on what is the worst, lamest or most useless jutsu to ever appear in the Naruto series. Techniques from anime, manga, movies and video games are all fair game.

Like with all group blogs, comments here are turned off in order to not spoil it. Send in your responses to me via email (b0buchiha@yahoo.com, that’s Bob with a ‘zero’) or you can use my contact form, use group blog as the subject please. And one line responses won’t do, you must at least explain why you think a particular jutsu is the worst to be included in the final group blog. Deadline for submissions is next Sunday (Sept.6)