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Post Author: Kisuzachi

Danzou…..we know nest to nothing about this enigmatic character, however from what we DO know, he’s cruel, self-serving, “evil”, and a control-freak. But here’s something MANY dont know….he’s probably the best thing for Konoha right now. However, this post isnt about proving why Danzou’s good, its just discussing the character of Danzou.

At 72 years old, Danzou is a relic of the ninja world. He was once the rival of Sarutobi for the position of Hokage. However, he lost the position to Sarutobi, here’s why I think he lost; 1. Sarutobi was TOBIRAMA (the reining Hokage at the time)  and HASHIRAMA’S (the founder of the Hidden Villages) student, 2. He had inherited their beliefs. So to preserve their beliefs, Tobirama chose Sarutobi instead of Danzou. Now think of what this loss would do to a young ninja. After all he has done, someone defeated him just because they were the student of the Hokage? To prove himself worthy, Danzou even allied himself with Hanzou to stop the new threat to Konoha, Yahiko and his subordinates. And yet, he still lost the position to Sarutobi. This defeat could possibly be the reason why Danzou is how he is today.

More than likely, after this defeat he started to form Root. According to him, Root is there to clean up the mistakes of Sarutobi and keep Konoha safe. I for one, believe him, to an extent that is. Root’s well-known mission IS to protect Konoha, however, its secret mission is to further Danzou’s goals. An example of this is the seal he puts on Root members. The seal doesn’t activate when they talk about Konoha, it activates when they talk about DANZOU.

Danzou was one of the people that ordered the Uchiha massacre. But lets think about this now. Danzou couldn’t have placed the elders under Genjutsu because Shisui was still alive at the time, with BOTH his arms and eyes intact. Shisui died a few days before the massacre, but Itachi started to act out after the order was given, which also means that even though Shisui had died, the order was given before his death, thus Danzou didn’t place the Elders under Genjutsu. Like with everything else he does, Danzou had two reasons to wiped out the Uchihas, 1. He needed to protect Konoha from a civil war and 2. He wanted a Sharingan. Protecting Konoha was a good decision, but the questionable act is taking Shisui’s arm and Sharingan. Why would he need it? What does this have to do with Orochimaru?

Immediately after becoming Hokage, Danzou did something Tsunade should have done 2 and a half years ago, that is, register Sasuke as a missing-nin. He did this for two reasons; 1. After his little chat with Fu, we see that he wants Sasuke’s Sharingan, 2. He did this to protect Konoha. Executing Sasuke would serve as a warning to any would-be missing-nin that such a thing will not be tolerated. In Sarutobi’s time has Hokage there have been 3 manga-canon missing-nins (Kabuto, Orochimaru and Sasuke). If Sarutobi was like Danzou, he would have killed Orochimaru when he was escaping (because he did get the chance, that’s why Enma says he was foolish), or at least imprison him (so he can use him later), if any of these had been done, there would have been no Konoha invasion, Kabuto and Sasuke wouldn’t have defected, Sarutobi would still be alive, and countless lives would have been saved (think of all of Orochimaru’s test subjects and all the children he’s manipulated).

I leave you with this thought. Even though Danzou does everything for himself, he always does them for Konoha as well.