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What if Kage Bunshin Worked in Real Life?

naruto-retro1Post Author: Bob

Welcome to Bob’s What If… blog series, where I examine the practical and impractical application of things from the Naruto universe in the real world.
Kage Bunshin no Jutsu (Shadow Clones) allows you to create multiple physical clones of yourself and have them each act independently. And when the clones are released, you get all the knowledge and experience they gained. Just think of all the possibilities and time you would save. Here are some examples I’ve come up with on how Kage Bushin would be useful in everyday life. For the sake of argument, consider that the clones can be sustained for multiple days.

Back Scratch no Jutsu:
How many times have you had an itch you couldn’t reach but didn’t have anyone near to scratch it for you? Just make a clone and have him/her do it. Come to think of it, if it’s a clone it’ll probably have the same itch so you’ll have to scratch his/her back too :p

Too Lazy no Jutsu:
Need to mow the lawn, but too lazy to get off the couch? Pop a clone. Parents told you to babysit but you want to go out? Pop a clone. Want to catch your favorite TV show but can’t leave work/school yet? Pop a clone. Well, you get the point, in essence if this jutsu worked in real life, we’d all become (more) lazy.

Cram no Jutsu:
Have final exams coming up? Okay, make however number of clones needed to cover each exam, then have every one study at the same time (you can go do whatever you want in the mean time). When exam day rolls around, release the clones and absorb all the knowledge they’ve gained.

Free Labor no Jutsu:
What if you’re starting your own company and need people to work for you but can’t afford to pay them? With Kage Bushin you are your own larbor force! Everyone will know what to do without you telling them or having to train them. Plus, they won’t demand higher wages or go on strike. And at the end of the day, you’ll only have one pay cheque to write – your own!

Multi-Task no Jutsu:
For a guy like me who loves multi-tasking, this is the ultimate useful jutsu. Imagine that it’s Friday and you want to read Bob’s great blog post on the latest Naruto chapter right away and comment first, but….you also have a hot date for the night and a great movie you want to see with your buddies. Well, now you won’t have to sacrifice the date and the movie for Bob’s sake anymore. Make two clones, have one go on the boring date and another sit through that over-hyped movie while you enjoy an evening at Shannaro!!!

Lose Weight Fast no Jutsu:
The downside about the clones is that they all share the same source of chakra, yours. Well, let’s think of chakra as your body’s energy which is stored in your muscles and as fat on your body. Most people would like to lose some weight but are usually too lazy or don’t have time to work out hours each week. With Kage Bunshins, you can for example make five clones of yourself and exercise for 10 minutes together and you’ll burn the same amount of fat as if you worked out by yourself for an hour! You can now use the other 50 minutes to chow down on more junk food ;P

Your Own Team no Jutsu:
So you want to play a game of (favorite team sport here) and call up your friends to come to the park/court/rink for a game. But a lot of the times they’ll say they’re too busy or make some other lame excuse so as to not to have their butts kicked on the field. Other times, an odd number of people show up and you’d have unfair teams, or someone has to sit out. Not to worry, with Kage Bushin you can make your own players instantly! Or just forget your friends and make enough clones to make two teams to play against yourself. Hey, they say that you are your worst enemy ;p The only downside is that all the clones will be using your energy, so you’d probably be ready to collapse after just one inning.

Blind Date no Jutsu:
Ever been in a situation where you regret ever going and just want to make a quick escape? I’ve been on a few bad blind dates before, set up by “friends”, that turned out horrible. Oh how I wish I could have just sent a clone in my place and dispel myself in a big puff of smoke instead of having to endure the rest of the date any longer. It’d be pretty rude to the other person, but it’s possible she would be using a clone too, LOL.

That’s all the things I can think of for now. If you have a great application of Kage Bunshin to add, please comment! I’m looking at you, the 50% of readers who take the “quiet as a ninja” idea too seriously!

Shippuden Anime Episode 127-128, Jiraiya’s Destiny

Hey Shannaro, today i’ll be providing a synoptic of naruto shippuden episodes 127 and 128.  Now this is my first attempt at the job but i’ll try my best to offer an entertaining and hopefully comprehensive summary.  The combined episodes are titled “tale of the gutsy ninja” which i personally believe was well executed and has a similiar retrospective atmosphere to kakashi gaiden. The following is one link to it, i advise that everyone at the very least skims through them.


“Tale of the Gutsy Ninja”(pictures are after the summary or if you like look at them now)

The episodes concern crucial moments in jiraiya life, providing dept and history to the iconic character. The  tale begins in the fable village hidden under the leaves.  There the great hokage/jhonin(more likely jhonin) hiruzen sarutobi trains his team of three ninja, seemingly common as the story begins but will eventually harbour inspiration beyond thier expectations.  Among them is jiraiya, now this little squirt is rather head strong as seen when he is easily immobolized by basic obstecles once he began his genin training that hiruzens other students orochimaru and tsunade manage to conquer.  The display humiliated him in front of tsunade an kinochi that he displays an open crush towards only to be rejected. He is rather depressed afterwards but his determined nature reveals itself once hiruzen demonstrates ninja summoning.  Desiring to quicky obtain his animal summon at the sight of emna the monkey king, jiraiya procedes with intent with hiruzens training to mold and control chakara.  Eventually his abilities towards that aspect personally appeared rehersed enough that jiraiya forms the summoning hand signs.  Hiruzen notices this right as he procedes, pananicing at the fact that there are unpredictable consequences when an individual summons without a contract.

In jiraiya’s case the summon reverses itself, teleporting himself through the portal to mount myobukuzan.  The moment he emerges jiraiya notices a battle between an gamabichi sized gamabunta and a snake.  Some how this pre-teen managed to toss the snake in to the air never to be seen again once he intervened.  There he is quickly greeted by pa toad an servant of the toad sage and said that the wise frog forsaw a child entering myobukuzan who destiny he perdicted.  Jiraiya having a slight philosphical personality was curious to his distiny but had to undergo intense sage training first.  Thus for a couple of years jiraiya trained through the harshness of both senjutsu and hiruzens methods.  initially he wasn’t particullarly great at either but eventually jiraiya became a force of nature(litterally).  It was then that jiraiya became an adolescent did pa revealed that he was ready to hear his profecy.  Jiraiya who is soley perverted as described by the toad sage will write a book but also be the pathway to an disciple who could deliver great prosperity or utter destruction to the ninja world.  Inspired by these words and despite the toad sages profecies never actually coming to fruition, jiraiya journed across the world in search of  the chosen disciple.

He was determined to select the ninja whom would revolutionalize the world through peace and at the same time witness it crumbling at the flames of the second shinobi world war.  He met several individuals with unique principles for the era but none seemed to be the one that could deliver peace.  Eventually he had to return to the village hidden in the leaves as the war had already required it to summon its mightiests hosts.   It was then in the war torn lands of the rain did jiraiya met three orphans whom lost those that they loved and wanted to become ninja an change the world.  As only children jiraiya agree to protect them and provide slight ninjutsu training and wasn’t as motivated of thier desire to bring peace witnessing all the past canidates.  However it all changed as he discovered negato’s rennigan which he believed until now as an only myth .  The one who posses the rennigan arrives when the world is in choas aleviating it through either peace or annilation.  It was there that jiraiya believed, he found his destiny

Jiraiya trained the orphans in ninjutsu for three years and shared with negato his philosphies.  He told his student that pain brings hatred and through it war that never seemed to cease and wrote the tale of the gutsy ninja to hopefully inspire negato to find the answer to end hatred before leaving.  Then when he is united with his old comrades he learns that the orphans perished and grieved realising that negato didn’t seem to be the chosen.  There jiraiya continued his quest to locate the one that was prophesized.


May the force be with you, rabbit!

Jiraiya learning to master Senjutsu.

Best be staying still


Best be getting a hair cut

Konan’s first shown origami

Young love, though it would suck if the person you gave it too gets paper cut like nagato, not saying he will hate it

Masashi and Seishi

This is my first theory post i hope you enjoy it  if not i will promise i will never make one again.

Ok most of us know Masashi Kishimoto as the creator of naruto, but less ppl know that he got a younger twin brother called Seishi Kishimoto who’s also a mangaka (seishi tells his readers he’s the more handsome one) he’s mainly known from 666 Satan i will tell some things about 666 Satan now.

The weapons used in this manga are o-parts it are just weapons who have a special ability like a sword that controlls flames or a chain that freezes stuff.

The main character is called Jio Freed and kinda looks like Naruto:


The hairstyle looks similar even though jio’s hair looks more heavy so the front is a bit down while naruto’s hair is all directed up as you can see in the picture(may be because of the forehead protector). Also both of them got something sealed inside and have a mark on their cheeks (jio’s fangs and naruto’s whiskers) Both of them are noisy and become more serious in part 2 also both of them want to rule something (the world and konoha)

Ruby crescent is a girl that meets jio in the first chapter and kinda resembles Sakura Since both are kinda useless in the first part but become more badass after the time skip(yes also in 666satan theres a time skip (4 years in 666Satan and 2 and half years in naruto)) she wants to meet her father who abandonned her.

Cross has a angel sealed inside of him and is the comander of shin, a giant flying ship and kinda resembles sasuke because both seek revenge and there have been confrontation between jio and cross that resemble sasuke and naruto confrontations like this one:

jiovscross.jpg picture by white-shinobi

cross (left) vs jio (right) while ruby tries to stop them

narutovssasuke.jpg picture by white-shinobi

naruto vs sasuke while skura tries to stop them

Ball i don’t really know a naruto character that resembles him i could compare him to Sasuke since they both studied under the same master as the main character and they are both the rivals of the main character but their personality is nothing alike Ball is a carefree guy who thinks he’s cool and loves round things (like ruby’s breasts :P) and hates things that are not round. Another person i can resemble him to is killerbee tha black 8 tailed jinchuuriki since both talk in rhymes from time to time and both think they are cool.

Kirin is the teacher of jio and ball and he resembles jiraya but instead of woman kirin loves pickles he has a dog called jajamaru who barely resembles a dog in part 1 but in part 2 he looks a lot more fearsome, he also resembles kakashi since both are teachers of the main characters and have a secret eye technique. he is know as a o-part grader (he fixes and makes them better) he is a old friend of amidaba and ruby’s father.

Zero is jio’s childhood teacher and he resembles akamaru since both of them are dogs. Just like jio and cross he got something sealed inside of him.

May is one of the cyclops people and has a crush on ball who doesn’t like her since she has a flat chest, she resembles hinata since both of them got a special eye technique and have/had a crush on the main character.

Jin can be compared to sasuke since both of them lost their parents at young age and seek revenge for them also the techniques they use is kinda similar they both have a sword and fire techniques, they can use a flame that doesn’t die until it has burned everything: ameteratsu and the black flame pilar.

Shuri and Kankuro they both start as enemies but in the end they become powerfull alies, they both use some kind of pupet manipulation but while kankuro uses puppets shuri uses a chain like thing that freezes everything in a certain range.

Kujaku is the evil twin brother of Kirin and resembles itachi since in the end he cared about his brother he only was jelous of him since his father looked more at kirin then he did to him and he was controlled by the demon sealed inside of him, he also killed his father just like itachi did.

Amidaba nicknamed the seven collored ops is an old friend of kirin and ruby’s father, she can use all o parts but since of her old age her power isn’t what it used to be, i don’t think she resembles anyone i could say tsunade since both of them are old and strong but that’s about all.

now let’s look for other similarities then just the characters.

The demons angels and bijuu for example, the bijuu are mostly sealed inside hosts by other people while the demons walk around freely and seal themself inside a person if they feel they need to, angels seem to be easyer to controll since zero and cross got complete controll over them while jio and yurika can’t controll their demon.

The rock bird saga kinda resembles the chuunin exam since there are preliminaries and in the end a tournament that gets interrupted when someone attacked the city.

ok that are enough spoilers for 666 satan if you want to read it here’s a link


Naruto Chapter 465: Only Those Worse Than Trash Abandon Their Teammates

naruto-retro1Post Author: Bob

Hi, everybody, another week another Naruto chapter. A quick announcement first, we have a survey this week for all Shannaro readers, so please take a moment to take it if you can spare a minute. Well, after all that build up in last week’s chapter, honestly I was expecting a lot more from chapter 465. I’m sure all of us were hoping for an epic Sasuke vs. Gaara rematch, but instead Sasuke just goes for the old collapsing roof technique and makes a run for it.
I guess tactically it was the smart move – why waste more strength and chakra on more enemies when Danzo is Sasuke’s real target? But then again Sasuke didn’t make the right moves from the beginning. If he did a better job hiding from those samurai instead of making a whole lot of noise by showing off, he might have avoided the battle with Raikage all together. After all that cool talk last chapter with Gaara even shedding a tear, I was expecting some serious action this week. Instead we get an anti-climax. Gaara is skipped and Sasuke is pitted against even more enemies in the meeting room. I guess Kishi is planning to have Sasuke have a go against every kages, even if it means cutting some (potentially incredibly epic) fights short. Sigh…
If it wasn’t clear before, it’s crystal clear now. Sasuke is a total douche. Okay, I can buy that he brings his team on really dangerous missions and put their lives at risk multiple times because it comes with the job and Sasuke has never forced them to follow him. But what I can’t swallow is Sasuke bringing down the ceiling on his own teammates, abandoning them to their own fates, and making a run for it. Has none of Kakashi’s teachings rubbed off on this kid after spending so much time in team 7? Remember when Kakashi said that those who abandon their teammates during a mission are worth than trash? Guess what Sasuke is right now? At least when you’re doing it while on a mission for your village you have an excuse that you’re doing it for the greater good of your country or your village, but here Sasuke’s objective is solely for his own selfish revenge so he is sacrificing his teammates to satisfy his own desires. I could rant about this all day, but we need to move on to other stuff in the chapter.
naruto465-3In the end Jugo and Suigetsu end up having to save their own asses, and they both are eying the dead samurai around them. Suigetsu seems to have lost a lot of water, so I’m guessing he’s going to use the samurai armor as a container to help him keep his shape while he recovers; it also gives him a great disguise to boot. Jugo, on the other hand, shows us a pretty sinister ability when he literally sucks the bodily fluids out from a dead body to help himself recover. So is he technically a cannibal? Lucky for both Suigetsu and Jugo, Gaara and Raikage’s teams are more interested in pursuing Sasuke than looking for them in the rubble.
naruto465-4aMeanwhile, Sasuke has dragged Karin with him to find Danzo. I was surprised when Mifune made the first move to attack Sasuke. I’d figured the old man was just a leader and not a warrior, but given all the samurai in his country I guess it’s not surprising for him to have some moves of his own. Danzo, being to weasel that he is, makes his getaway almost immediately. Ao gives chase after Danzo, but I don’t really know what he plans to do all by himself. Besides, Danzo’s secret is already out and everybody knows where he lives, so what’s the point? And is it okay for a suboordinate like Ao to act on his own all the time without getting orders from the Mizukage? I don’t recall the Mizukage giving Ao even one order so far… hmmm, I hope this isn’t one of Kishi’s “she’s a woman, so I can’t make her more powerful than the men” ideas again.
But it seems the Mizukage does have some unique jutsus of her own. She possesses a kekkei genkai known as Yoton no Jutsu. I remember the Yonbi (Four-Tails) was said to also possess Yoton no Jutsu, but I don’t think it was the same thing. The scanlators (Binktopia) translated Yoton as Lava Element, but it looks a lot more like Acid Element to me. It would make a lot more sense for a kage of the Hidden Mist (read: water element specialists) to use acid based jutsu than lava element which is a combo of fire and earth. Plus, the Mizukage is wiping off her mouth after expelling the acid (it was probably her stomach acid… which means she just tried to barf on Sasuke), I doubt she’d be able to do it if it was searing lava. Apparently Sasuke believes the Mizukage to be a tough enough threat to activate his Mangekyou Sharingan again (seriously, he’s going to go blind by the end of this), so I guess we’ll have an Acid vs. Amaterasu face-off next week.

Bleach Chapter 375 – Execution, Extinction

Read Bleach Chapter 375

Also, Naruto’s out—————–>

“We won’t even have to move a finger.” Asshole Aizen. He’s gonna have to fight full-out from now on, or he’s dead meat. I can understand Stark dying, but why did Hallibel have to die? She wasn’t at all an eyesore!

Read on…

Top Ten Best Naruto and Naruto Shippuden Battles

naruto-retro1Post Author: Bob
Greetings Shannarolites, recently I found out that WordPress (the guys who host this blog) have begun allowing video embeds. It’s a feature that’s long been asked for by fellow bloggers, so I don’t know why it took them so long. But at least it’s here now, and videos can shared in blog posts like the good ol’ days when Shannaro was individually hosted. I thought it would be a good idea to post some videos of my top ten favorite fights from both the Naruto and Naruto Shippuden anime shows. They’re ranked based on the action sequence, length of the fight, animation quality and how memorable the battle was. It took me some time to find all the videos on Youtube because 90% of the battle vids were crappy AMVs. Anyways, this list is just my opinion, so feel free to make your own list and post it in the comments:

Number 10

4-tails Naruto vs. Orochimaru
There’s no wilder fight than when the hero loses control to his dark side and goes berserk. Anybody who watched Ichigo’s fight vs Byakuya in Bleach can attest to this. Orochimaru tests the abilities of a Four-Tails Naruto in this battle and kage-level jutsus are thrown around like toys. My only complaint is that the action sequences could have been tighter for this fight and the music more intense.

Number 9

Team 10, Kakashi, Naruto vs. Hidan and Kakuzu
This was the second time in Naruto Shippuden where I think the producers decided to put in the extra money to churn out some great action sequences. Things really started picking up when Kakashi made his move and began a desperate battle against the immortal Hidan. And at the end of this battle, we also get to witness Naruto’s Rasen Shuriken for the first time!

Number 8

Sakura & Chiyo versus Sasori
In my opinion, the quality of the action sequences in Shippuden took a dip compared to the original Naruto anime, but this fight proved that the producers can still execute a superb battle scene if they want to. This was a battle royale between Sasori’s hundred puppets against Sakura and Chiyo’s modest ten puppets. It was also the first time in Shippuden we get to witness just how strong Sakura has become compared to the token damsel character she was in part 1 of the series.

Number 7

Sarutobi vs. Shodaime, Nidaime, and Orochimaru
This battle was the first time a kage-level battle was seen in Naruto. I remember watching this battle countless times after the fansubs came out. Sarutobi may be an old man, but he’s Hokage for a reason. This battle was like an arms race between Orochimaru and Sarutobi with each pulling out more powerful jutsus in their next move. A giant monkey that can turn into an indestructible staff? The first and second Hokages resurrected to fight against the third? Sweeeet!

Number 6

Rock Lee vs. Gaara
This fight was one of the best showcases of how taijutsu should look like in Naruto. The look on Gaara’s face when Lee began breaking through his so-called “ultimate defense” was sweet. If only Lee could maintain his released state a little longer, he might have won this fight. But even though Lee suffered a devastating injury at the end of the fight, don’t count the green beast of Konoha out yet…

Number 5

Rock Lee vs. Kimimaro
The Green Beast of Konoha returns! Taijutsu vs Taijutsu user, this battle showed off moves that we could only dream of. Still, as talented as Lee was, he met his match in a genuis taijutsu fighter like Kimimaro. No other options but for Lee to bring out his secret weapon: booze! Bring on the Drunk Fist Bruce L–, I mean Rock Lee!

Number 4

Neji vs. Kidomaru
A battle of wits as well as skill. Kidomaru was the ultimate long-range sniper and Neji was the ultimate close ranged defender. It was a match made in heaven. This was by far the best one-on-one battles against the Sound Five. Go to this Youtube page to see videos of the whole fight.

Number 3

Naruto vs. Gaara
Naruto’s battle against Gaara was also a symbolic battle against his own demon within. Gaara represented what Naruto could have had become had he not had the support of friends as he grew up. Although Naruto called upon Kyubi’s power to fight Gaara, in the end he used his own power to defeat Gaara. And the next time we see Gaara, he will be a whole new person.

Number 2

Naruto vs. Sasuke
The fight that ended the first Naruto series with a bang (take those memories of the filler episodes and hide them deep into your mind). For a lot of people, this was THE fight of Naruto and places at the top of any top ten Naruto fights list. It comes in at a close second best for me though, because I expect an even more epic Naruto vs Sasuke battle in Naruto Shippuden.

Number 1

Naruto vs Neji
This battle is number one on my list because it was a defining moment for Naruto as a character. It was a classic fight where the underdog rose up above all expectations of him to defeat someone who was believed to be unbeatable. Almost everyone expected Naruto to leave this battle in a humiliating defeat, but the spunky blond ninja used everything up his sleeve to come out on top. It was also the first battle where we see Naruto demonstrate some degree of control over his Kyuubi powers; it was also the battle that made Neji stop being such an arrogant asshole (LOL). And my favorite part about this fight was the ending. Even though he was exhausted and injured, Naruto refused to give up and kept thinking of a way to beat his opponent – it is something Naruto knows instinctively and defines the kind of shinobi he is.

Naruto Shippuden Episode 127… and Bob’s Secret Hello Kitty Collection

naruto-retro1Post Author: Bob

Well, I kinda knew there wasn’t going to be a new Shippuden episode this week, but I went to Taka fansub’s website anyways to confirm. Lo and behold I found a bit torrent for episode 127, supposedly it was fansubbed in commemoration of a merger between Taka and Dattebayo (remember those guys?). In the back of my mind, I knew this had to be a hoax, but I’m also the type of guy that has to press the big red button just to see what happens. So here’s what I got:

Well the joke’s on you Taka fansubs! Because I LOVE HELLO KITTY!!!! Even more than I love Barbie Pony Adventure!!! Check out all my Hello Kitty gear:
My Hello Kitty DS Game
My Hello Kitty Laptop
My Hello Kitty 512 Testarossa Ferrari
and my Hello Kitty AR-15 Semi-Automatic Assault Rifle, her name’s Isabelle.
Now you guys better fansub the entire Hello Kitty Stump Village anime, or me and Isabelle may have to come for a visit in my Ferrari.

– Bob, now crazier than ever.