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Bleach 371: Kingdom of Hollows

Shameless plug for the Bleached Ichigo blog. Comments are closed here, please visit the original post to discuss this chapter.

Like the previous hollows (or at least the important ones) we see a bit of their past upon their death.

Barragan was apparently a King of Hollows before his death, which leads me to wonder what Hailibell and Stark were before their Shinigamification.

The story starts with Barragan complaining about the complacency of the other Hollows. He thinks he wants a battle, how wrong he was… Then Aizen and crew arivie, after some short comments about Barragan’s crib from Tousen, Barragan gives Aizen the typical “Killing you will be entertaining” speach, calling them insects as usual, probably thinking Aizen in his Shinigami was a good guy… How wrong he was…

Aizen does his usual Shikai ruteine and traps Barragan while Tousen and Gin kill all of Barragan’s minion Hollows.

In Aizen’s illusion, Aizen offered Barragan a chance at more power, but Barragan just scoffs.

Aizen then releases him, giving Barragan little choice to join him, but Barragan promises to use the power Aizen gives him to destroy him.

The chapter ends with Stark commenting on how little Aizen cares

There are two things I noticed about this chapter: 1. Hueco Mundo obviously underwent some renovations to become the Domed Citadel it is now, which makes me wonder when all of it happened. Pre-Rukia’s Execution, Post? 2. Stark said the hollows weren’t the type to avenge Barragan’s death, but all the other Hollows so far seem to contradict this. But I guess his theme being lonelyness means he doesn’t care as much…

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