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Naruto chapter 461: A Battle of Words, a Battle of Swords

naruto-retro1Post Author: Bob
Now this was quite a sweet chapter. It had a good balance in both action and dialogue. Two battles were actually going on in Naruto chapter 461, one physical between Raikage and Sasuke’s team, and the other between Gaara and the other kages back in the meeting room. In both cases, it was the new generation taking on the old, which always make for great battles in the Naruverse.
This chapter wastes no time in getting right to the fighting, and to my surprise it is Sasuke who makes the first move by charging at the Raikage. This seems uncharacteristic of Sasuke because he has up to know been a fairly cool headed and cautious fighter. If this was Sasuke fighting Itachi or back when he was a genin, I could understand since he was cocky and had a hard time controlling his hatred inside – but the new Sasuke wouldn’t charge straight in without testing his opponents or at least using genjutsu first. For some reason Sasuke has been losing his composure, and of his entire team all but Sasuke himself recognizes this. Even during tough fights such as the one Sasuke fought against Itachi, Sasuke was more cautious than this. So why is Sasuke being so rash? The Raikage is not his target nor does Sasuke have a grudge against Kumogakure. If Sasuke is pissed because Zetsu spilled the beans on him, then a more prudent plan would be to attempt to retreat and try to get Danzo at another time… not charge straight in when the whole compound is on alert. Something else must be influencing Sasuke, and it smells of Madara.
Onto the battle itself. The Raikage’s bodyguards, Shi and Durai, are no pushovers. Durai specializes in ninjustu and can even use Water element techniques to enhance the power of his Lightning ones. He also is quite fast because he was able to perform his hand seals and activate his jutsu well before Sasuke could even touch the Raikage. As well, he kept up with the Raikage when they closed in on Sasuke while he was under genjutsu. Shi, on the other hand, is a support fighter who seems to specialize in detection as well as genjutsu. Shi’s genjutsu are especially powerful too as Sasuke could not dispel the effect fast enough to react in time when Raikage and Durai attacked. If Suigetsu and Jugo didn’t come to back him up, Sasuke’s battle with the Raikage would have been one of the shortest in the series. This is the second time since the fight with Killerbee, that Sasuke had to be saved by his team, but I can’t believe how cocky Sasuke still is when he clearly owe them his life. I don’t know why Suigetsu, Karin or Jugo continue to follow Sasuke, he has very little regard for his own safety and probably even less for theirs – he may be intelligent but unlike a shinobi such as Shikamaru, Sasuke puts his own agenda first and is the worst type of team leader. If this goes one, I can see only one outcome for Team Hawk: everyone dies except for Sasuke since he is a main character.
Sasuke’s situation looks bad, we’ve just started the battle and Suigetsu’s broken his sword, Karin is forced to suppress her chakra to keep hidden and Jugo is forced to use his full transformation which is risky as he will have a hard time telling friend from foe. Not only that, Kurotsuchi, one of the Tsuchikage’s guards is coming down to help and supposedly he was a junior under Deidara. One of the last surviving samurai is also calling in for more reinforcements, though I think we all know who useful they’ll be ;P
Back in the meeting room, a battle of words is also taking place. Danzo’s being carefully watched by eye-patch dude, but he admits that his Sharingan can’t be activated as he pleases. Danzo admits that he used his Sharing an (or rather Shisui’s) to influence Mifune. Ironically, Mifune says that he probably would have nominated Danzo regardless. Danzo’s personality is that of a total control freak, he’s the type of guy who’d have his subordinates jailed if they’d forgot to say “sir” when addressing him. Konoha would become a total police state is he is officially made Hokage – thankfully he was not made leader of the alliance of all the villages. Despite his treachery, you have to respect him for being a man who doesn’t waver from his principles, however twisted they are. Danzo believes all his deceitful actions are justified so long as the goal is achieved. Simply put, Danzo believes that the ends justify the means. Gaara, however, does not buy this. The Tschikage calls Gaara naïve due to his youth and inexperience as a kage, but Gaara challenges him by asking when did the older kages become complacent with the evils of the world and threw out their morals and ethics. That line alone just boosted Gaara’s coolness factor by 200%. I can’t wait to see what kind of kage he’ll turn out to be ten years down the road. If Naruto ever becomes Hokage and the two of them worked together, I can really believe that real change will happen to the world of the shinobi.


53 Responses

  1. hey awsome post! (^_^)

  2. Excellent post, very well written. I love the part where Gaara says “when did all of you throw yourselves away?”
    Excellent quote, so gotta use it.
    On another note, Jugo’s transformation was good too. Though his killer instinct is completely over.

  3. Nice post, The Sasuke attitude seems very odd, but not unexpected, he has become more and more arrogant over time so this is expected, Suigetsu should go and get himself a sword! There is a nice one upstairs waiting for him. Karin, never needs to fight, so she is just a liability for the Team,

    I don’t get why the Rock wants to get Sasuke for killing Deidara, he was a missing nin, hmmm maybe the Konoha 11 will have the same attitude!!

  4. 1st commentors are going to be deleated if they don’t have valid comments along with the “first” comment,

    I definately think something is influencing Sasuke, but I think it’sa Bijju

    Gaara owns the older Kage’s, and I sure hope Suigetsu doesn’t die, Karin, Jugo, and Sasuke I don’t really care about.

    I think Fu’s comment is suspicious, I think I want a second look at Torune’s eye’s

  5. cool post my man! Some points I want to make:
    1. Mizukage saying it seems like the technique used to control yaguza. This makes me think that itachi may have killed shisui under danzou’s orders when it was discovered that he was working for madara to control yaguza.
    2. Torune wanting to retrieve the sharingan-kumo has been gathering jutsu so perhaps they will manage to de-eye sasuke hence forcing him to get itachi’s eyes and the EMS.
    3. The way the kumo ninja are working as a well oiled machine makes shows just how strategically the raikage thinks.
    4. Juugo is a badass in his killer mode, but I can see that backfiring on taka.
    5. Tsuchikage must actually just retire. but I figure he probably has a wicked arsenal of long range jutsu.
    6. Gaara = legen…wait for it… Dary!
    7. I have a sneaky suspicion that sasuke telling his team off after they rescued him is because he actually did have a plan wouldn’t have been killed.
    8. Suigetsu doesn’t have a sword anymore I wonder what use he’ll have now, hopefully his ninjutsu is effective.
    9. Karin is actually quite useless, I mean she’s just hiding until sasuke has to bite her.
    10. Hopefully the samurai reinforcement will be jounin level and therefore at least have some substantive use. I’m thinking white armour are like chuunin and a different colour = higher ranking. I’m crossing my fingers on that one

  6. Great post bob 🙂 i thinks its true, sasuke has lost his focus he has just gone into a fight full charge at a KAGE!! and he got stopped straight away by a jonnin and could been taken out why he was suspended!! he must be being tampered with, i think madara has got him in a genjutsu!! Madara is using him as a pawn to draw away the people he wants to get to the real person or area he needs!

  7. 1) Great post Bob-sama! (Like always…:-P)

    2) This chapter has been the best in like 4 weeks. Finally, some cool fighting scenes!! I like how Jugo finally went Full CS Level 2! Suigetsu will die without his stupid sword. His water body is nothing. Darui will just hit him with a Lightning Jutsu. Sasugay is not doing very well today. Can’t even beat a simple Chakra Detector. Lolz. Well, that’s all I have at the moment. Be back with more later.

    3) Seventh. Lolz. Why did I even say that. It’s for people that are first. Well, whatever.

  8. I would have to agree with mad on his point about sasuke. AS crazy and reckless as he appears to be right now he may have been hopin for th raikage to rush in on him. remember he has been effective so far with his sharingan goin toe to toe with itachi in genjitsu, so i dont think that he would be so easily fooled and was probably aware of the genjitsu as soon as it was used. He may have been hoping that by rushin in the raikage would be close enuf to use a chidori variant jutsu that is most effective at close range. I just cant see sasuke being defeated all that easy (although killerbee made sasuke look like a genin). As for gaara he knows more than all the other stupid kages and I find that old senile kage slightly irritating. the hawk team is nigh useless, and although jugo is using his full power, I dont see him lasting very long against this squad… They are way too organize and in sync. The way they work together and managed to get within point blank range on Sasuke in a matter of moments is impressive.

  9. sasuke is powerful, but he doesn’t have the stamina to take on all these opponents. he got really cocky after learning he could use (and control) amaterasu, but keep in mind that kumogakure have already seen it while watching the fight with killerbee, so the Raikage will be waiting for it. So far he’s only been watching and testing sasuke’s capabilities, and has kept his lightning shield up while just using taijutsu. i’m sure his strength is one of his biggest weapons, but i’m also positive there’s more to the raikage than just HULK SMASHING things.

    i think it’s obvious that hebi will be overwhelmed with powerful enemies, but either some dark, new power will awaken by sasuke, or some intervention will occur before any important characters can be finished off. madara has a plan in all this madness, and right now he’s just keeping naruto away from sasuke until whatever he’s expecting to happen, happens. in my opinion, i think he’s forcing sasuke into a corner. with hatred for him growing (and the fact that he’s acting like a crazed killer, madara influenced or not), sasuke will have no where to return to except with akatsuki, along with the promise at another chance to make his revenge possible. sasuke’s bloodlust will only get worse, and madara will be right there fanning the fire (no uchiha pun intended…oohhhh!)

    as a side, zetsu will pop back up and say some comedic line, but i hope that gaara has already taken a precaution and secured the ground where zetsu came out of or something. i think we all will soon see just how much gaara has learned (ideally and with techniques) very soon in these chapters, whether it be against sasuke (doubtful, as the raikage wouldn’t share his fight) or zetsu (i want to see him uncover some of zetsu’s secrets!).

    don’t forget akatsuki are suppost to get new members soon!

  10. Gaara coolness level: now over 9000.

  11. I’m hoping Gaara fights the Tsuchikage,

    I think Madara is trying to awaken the EMS in Sasuke by trapping him. then once he does, Madara will have Naruto step in, fight (probably lose) and then save Hebi himself leaving Naruto to take the heat.

    For the record, Gaara was always this cool, he just hid it because he was trying not to be a psycho-killer… (key word is try)

    I wish it had shown a little bit of Madara’s Sasuke speach 😦

  12. MAN, I had no idea that Jugo’s second form would be that freaky. So much for Zabuza’s great sword, this battle is so going to get heated up. Oh, and Danzo, so busted. After word gets out about his little secret, he’ll be lucky if he isn’t banished or executed, sucks to be him, hehehehehe!!

  13. GREAT POST! I agree Gaara=total badass now his jutsu and his words back him up 😛 Hopefully when the konoha 11 arrive if they do… i want to see some Kiba action 😀 anyway thats all i wanted to say so cya 😛

  14. Well, it looks like the sharingan was what made The Fire Feudal Lord gave him the position of Hokage so easily. Anyhoo, I’ll give a more substantial comment later. Great work Bob-sama.

  15. I hope sasuke gets a big piece of humble pie shoved down this throat by the raikage because he’s getting a bit ahead of himself. he used to be cool and laid back but now he’s feeling himself to much and im hoping and praying that 8 foot bastard we call the raikage is the 1 who takes him down a few thousand notches.

  16. Great post!
    Sasuke’s cockyness is getting to him that’s for sure. To give him some credit he probably had some kind of plan up his sleeve before Juugo and Suigetsu butted in, but who knows. Least he could say is thank you for saving my ass, and yet I wouldn’t expect it coming from him of all people. Madara controlling Sasuke does seem possible, but I think that Madara’s only setting up the scene, and knowing how Sasuke is, he’s letting him take care of the rest. I doubt he would go off to speak nonchalantly with Naruto if he didn’t already know what the outcome of the battle would be. I’m curious to see how that talk goes, so hopefully next week?

    Juugo’s 2nd CS is kick ass, but it’s a double-edged sword Hawk is playing now. And unless Suigetsu has some magical blacksmithing abilities I don’t see how much of a help he can be at this point. Karin just needs to stay alive to revive her allies, but other than that she’s just another Sakura – except not as annoying, and I don’t think she can fight for shit.

    The Raikage and his subordinates are turning out to be quite a handful. I was a little sad the first attack happened to be a genjutsu, because Sasuke needed to get knocked the f*** out xD Ah well, in due time I suppose. I’m rooting for the Raikage, but I know Sasuke’s not dying anytime soon…
    And the samurai reinforcements are pointless. They’ll probably show up right as the battle’s about to wrap up lol

    As for Danzo, karma’s caught up with him. It must suck to know that he would have been leader regardless but now it’s all iffy for him. The Tsuchikage gets on my nerves, and thank god for Gaara. His cool factor went way up during this chapter, that’s for sure.

  17. WOW …… if you have read any of my comments before this then you kno that i hate saskue with a Passion!!!! but now i feel sorry for him, saskue is like public enemy no. 1

    The Raikage wants to kill him, Danzo wants him gone, The pitiful Samuri are callin in reinforcements on him, all of the kages bodyguards want a piece of him, and the Konaha 11 are sick of him and totally want him out of he manga for good…… in other words … kill him

    Saskue is good but not NEARLY that good. especially when he isnt good enuf to stay alive within the first 3 seconds into a battle. He told his team that he didn’t need help when clearly almost got himself killed. I kno his team regrets join that psychotic emo kid now!!!

    Also, idk about you guys but i hope at some point Gaara gets down there an does something…. I WOULD LOVE TO HAVE A SASKUE VS GAARA REMATCH. even though saskue would….*says in disgust* .. win. Because only naruto can beat him b/c that’s just the way the story is going to go.

    I also cant wait until the Konaha 11 join the story, i beleive when sakura cathes up 2 naruto they can finially be done with saskue for good.

  18. great post. i agree with most point, but not all, namely Sasuke being controlled. why? can he not become bad?

    now i just wonder how fast Raikage is. he is still using the weights and is faster than Sasuke, what happens if he drops the weights? and not to mention his strength which is even more dangerous combined with lightning.

  19. alright im faded so im going to make this quick danzou wants the EMS, sauske will get POUNDED and naruto will save him, abilities from shinobis will be shown,naruto vs sauske very soon

  20. raikage will bow down to naruto

  21. Didn’y any of you notice the change in Garaa’s sentence???
    At first his line was: When did you rise above yourselves?
    and later it was change to: When did all of you throw yourselves away??
    Great post anyway!! :D:D

  22. NIce Post Bob, Now I would like to see Sasuke getting his ass pawned by the raikage,I also would love to know what does Kishi have in mind for Naruto and Madara anyway.. Now does anyone know the meaning of the Japanese symbols on the $th Hokage Jacket or cape(whatverit it is)?

  23. in the interview with kishi it said that tobi vs kakashi’s team someone will die on kakashi’s team maybe yamato, sounds like gaara wants a rematch with sauske

  24. @Hyogakun,
    It says “I’m actually Naruto’s dad, spoilers for noobz, lolz”

    But seriously, it says 4th fire shadow, in other words the fourth hokage.

  25. i simp;y wan’rt sasuke to die

  26. by the hand of naruto

  27. sasuke said to jugho “this is genjutsu”… i just wondering from which point it start? is it mean that sasuke never charge straight to rakaige n the water element jutsu by darui never hapen?

    someone plz explain…tq

  28. @hawk, the Genjutsu started when Shi used his Raiton.

  29. @hawk: Sasuke getting hit by Raikage was the genjutsu and it was started by Shi not Sasuke. i just hope that Kishi won’t make it as you thinking. that would be terribly pathetic.

  30. @ leo

    ………. i totally agree………

  31. Thanks for posting and hosting, Bob… “pride goeth before a fall”: I’m not sure whether it is arrogance, rage or external influence that is altering Sasuke’s behaviour, but charging in to fight unknown shinobi at a meeting of the kages is not too bright… mayhap he’s using the “test bite” approach (ala sharks). While I believe he had a plan, he needs to recall how KillerBee handed him his butt on a platter.

    Gaara: too cool for school… not only schooling the more experienced kages and displaying great intelligence, but to be able to take such a position despite his past bloodlust, brilliant!

    I thought Kurozuchi (the smaller of the Tsuchkage’s guards) was a female…

    btw: did the Raikage break aloe vera’s neck in the last panel of http://www.onemanga.com/Naruto/460/02/ ? Notice that he now seems incapacitated: http://www.onemanga.com/Naruto/461/10/

  32. I believe Tsuchikage is a bug user like Shino? Cant remember where I heard this. Sasuke seems to be being influenced by Madara heavily, probably a part of the “synching with Gedo Mazo” business Madara was talking about (Remember last chapter with the dark shadow that looked a bit like Gedo Mazo?).

    Kurozuchi was never said to be female, androgynous if anything.

    The ninja who mentioned Deidara didnt say he was going to get Sasuke did he? All I remember was that he had heard Sasuke killed Deidara and wants to see (Deidara was strong, they would be impressed).

  33. Ramastain: the FIRST tsuchikage was a bee user, but the current Tsuchikage is the third not the first.

    On Sasuke’s battle plan: I have a crazy idea… What if it is all Genjutsu? What if Sasuke used genjutsu on them and they are all trapped, I say this because it would explain 1. Sasuke rushing in and 2. His statement to jugo. Just a theory…. (Hawk beat me too this, but I thought I would articulate it better)

  34. @Mart1: you are saying that Sasuke got them in a Genjutsu aka Tsukyomi? what is the necessity of that? if he already got them in a Genjutsu and can show them whatever he wants, he can very much make them unable to fight. then why wasting time and chakra with fake battle?

    i ain’t saying your theory can’t happen, but i am saying that it will be totally pathetic if Kishi does that.

    and about Sasuke’s comment, look at the pannels before and after that, may be you will understand who was the caster of genjutsu.

  35. Sasgay will prob use susanoo and if thats the case byebye raikage

  36. actually, darkprince, with Tsukiyomi he can make years seem to pass in the genjutsu while only seconds pass in reality, whats to say an extra apparent 5 minutes in the genjutsu will use any more chakra?

    @Mart1: ah ok, I thought it was this one. Although, it still could be 😛 would explain him still being so incredibly powerful despite his apparent physical weakness. Then again, the weakness is probably all a facade and hes actually incredibly strong. The 3rd Hokage seemed a bit frail too in the beginning.

  37. what really happening are all genjutsu, the real fight between the two groups are not yet started

  38. @Ramstain: aren’t you too forgetting a little something? Tsukyomi or any genjutsu casted by Sharingan needs direct eye contact with the victim. how many pairs of eyes Sasuke got? because he will need to make eye contact with all of them (3 Kumo nins, 3 Taka members, 1 Samurai). the theory really isn’t bright.

    now with the chakra, Sharingan being activated requires chakra, and Tsukyomi is the power of MS, it sure takes lot of chakra and pressure on eye as MS causes blindness.

    and for the time factor, check the battle between Itachi and Sasuke, those two were completely motionless and if wanted Zetsu had enough time to kill both.

  39. Good posts everyone. There’s just one thing i’d like to note.
    In chapter 413 (Crash), Sasuke shows that he cares about his team. He saved Karin’s butt (then again I guess he owed her for saving him) and in chapter 414 (Bull on Rampage), Juugo saved his sorry butt, again, by giving him some of his energy. Also Suigetsu saved all of them by letting them go ahead so he could hold Killerbee back. Then in chapter 415 (A New Power), Sasuke uses Amaterasu to fend off Killerbee’s Eight-Tails and saves Karin from the Black Flames as well.
    Although he may have changed from then to now, he cared. Maybe he still does?

  40. @Darkprince

    Yes, the fact that he needs to initiate eye contact with them makes it hard, and yes, tsukiyomi does require a lot of chakra.
    The time thing is incorrect though. The Itachi vs Sasuke battle was not just tsukyomi back and forth (Sasuke didnt have it remember), instead it was different genjutsus (Did Itachi even have Mangekyou activated?), and they dont have their own time frame. Remember when Itachi used Tsukyomi on Kakashi? It felt like years to him, but in reality it was a matter of seconds.

    What I was saying is that in comparison to the years that could be made to pass in tsukyomi, if they were in fact under the genjutsu at any time, the chakra required to add another 5 minutes onto that (in tsukyomi time) is insignificant.
    Its like waiting for something for a year, 5 minutes isnt going to seem like much compared to that.

    Not that I was saying they WERE under a genjutsu, I was simply saying that he wouldnt have used much more chakra beyond what would have already been used.

  41. @Ramstain: chakra isn’t the priority here. the main fact is that Sasuke cannot cast genjutsu with Sharingan to all those people. that’s the main point. it can’t be a genjutsu.

    and no, it is not to “initiate”, eye contact is the main point for casting Genjutsu with Sharingan. if there is eye contact, then genjutsu is activated, otherwise it is not. so Sasuke will need 8 pairs of eyes.

  42. Some genjutsu techniques do not need eye contact but the Sharringan does so unless sasuke his learned some new tech’s then yes he does need 8 eyes!

  43. Would casting a genjutsu work if Sasuke were to make seven more clones and trap them that way? Maybe he has clones hidden around the area waiting?

  44. @Darkprince+Ramastain: the point is to see their abilities in case they break out, and I’m aware of the surounding pages, it’s just an alternative, also like in Itachi’s fight, it starts as looking real-ish to make it more covincing, that way they will fight the illusion enemeis instead of trying to dispell them.

    Also, Genjutsu has been used on multiple opponents at once several times in the manga, ex. Kabuto and those genin Mist Ninja. Sharingan based Genjutsu is no different as seen when Sasuke mind-raped those Cloud Ninja.

    Also, Sasuke has been shown using Genjutsu but not Tsukyomi, though the fact that he counter it and now Amatseru is oddly coincidental.

  45. I know this is kind of off topic and really out of date, but how did Kakashi obtain the Mangekyou Sharingan if only the original sharingan was activated when Obito’s eye was transplanted?

  46. @ narutofan1000, that was never explained, and may never b explained

  47. Mart, didnt Sasuke use tsukyomi on that one cloud ninja when asking where the 8 tails was? I might be wrong but I seem to recall he activated Mangekyou then, and used Tsukyomi

  48. Yeah Sasuke used Tsukiyomi in chapter 408 page 3-5 on the cloud ninja. Activated Mangekyou in right eye (Tsukiyomi eye, Amaterasu is left).

  49. sasukes power is overrated
    even by the author

  50. http://naruto.wikia.com/wiki/Mangekyo_Sharingan I’ll check those pages, but read Sasuke’s portion…

  51. true it may not be Tsukyomi. But I wouldnt imagine any need for him to activate mangekyou for an ordinary genjutsu, nor Mangekyou having another genjutsu when Tsukyomi is the most powerful genjutsu.

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