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Shannaro Fanfiction Blog Launched

Hello narutards and narutardettes,

Recently, the Shannaro!!! blog ran into a little snag regarding adding new writers to our community. Shannaro is currently freely hosted by WordPress, but one of their conditions is to allow only 35 private users (individual writers) per free blog. Since Shananro!!! has been growing so fast over the last year, we quickly reached that limit. Seeing as a lot of the new posts being submitted are fanfics, to facilitate new writers in the future, I’ve created Shannaro2 which will be a predominantly Naruto fan fiction only blog. Existing fan fiction writers will find that all their scheduled fanfic posts have been moved (publish dates remain unchanged) to Shannaro2. And in the future, if you are writing a fan fiction post, please only publish or submit for review at Shannaro2; the original Shannaro!!! blog will be for everything else, ie. non- fanfic posts.  All previously published fanfics will remain here. Since both blogs are run by WordPress, your old login and password will still work.

If there are any other questions, please comment here.



The Eyes Hidden in the Clouds (Part 6)

Hi Everyone, I have decided to write a new Fan Fic around Kumogakure and in particular surrounding a ninja that lived there (I made him up). I have written it as a six part fan fic, starting with part six. Hope you enjoy.
Naruto stands before his master; Killerbee, in a deep crater in an unknown location. From the outside, it simply looks like a murky swamp area, but this impenetrable barrier, set up by Hachibi, is one of the most effective barrier techniques in the Ninja world. Considering the sheer strength of the last remaining Jinjuuriki, it is no wonder that such measures are taken to protect the jutsu that they are learning and perfecting in this; their own private battlefield. 

Killerbee looks at Naruto and in him he sees the same spirit and determination that had made his only other student great even in his short lifetime. He remembers his student, Takuya Sousuke, who had sacrificed his life when Killerbee had not had full control over the Hachibi. It is because of this that he agreed to take Naruto on as a student because when you cannot defeat the demon within; it is those around you who suffer.

Naruto’s shadow clones begin to disappear as he gathers up sage chakra again.
Kirabi: Yo! Even though you’re hot, your jutsus are cold, and just like an ice pick, I’ll sting you like a bee!
Naruto: Kirabi-sensei, I thought that after I nearly knocked your head off with a rasengan your raps would become better and can’t you see I’m trying to enter sage mode?
Kirabi smiles at his student then replies: Do you really think you can just stand there in the middle of the battlefield and gather natural chakra? I told you, after you won the rights to your body against the Kyuubi, that he is your pet. Ask him to gather the chakra for you.
Naruto thinks back to the conversation he had with Yamato after his fight with Orochimaru and remembers vowing never to use the 9-tails power. Then he thinks of Sakura and the way she emancipated him from his obligation to bring Sasuke back. Finally, he thinks of his father, Minato, who told him that the 9tails was there to help in him protect Konoha.
Kirabi: Naruto, I know what you are thinking, but don’t be a fool, be like me, super cool! The kyuubi is your partner and once I bring out Hachibi-sama, trust you me, you will want the kyuubi by your side.
Naruto looks up at Killerbee, his yellow froglike eyes glistening in the morning sun.
Naruto: Why Kirabi-sensei, it seems that during all your talking you are the one who lost concentration. Naruto charges towards Kirabi who instantly activates 3tails to meet the bevy of attacks from Naruto’s frog kata taijutsu!
Kirabi: Too slow Naruto, I fly like a butterfly….
Naruto lands a solid punch on Killerbee’s chin that sends the latter flying into the mountainside.
Naruto: I am Naruto, Hokage to be, and in sage mode, I just stomped on that bee.
Killerbee stands up, unharmed, out of the rubble and starts laughing at his student’s rapping, as another tail begins to form.
Kirabi: And you say I can’t rap, stick to jutsu, you’re just whack! So should we step this up a little bit, I mean I have no idea what those frogs taught you, but that Frog-fu of yours is pretty intense! Ah, this will give you the perfect opportunity to show me that new jutsu you created!
Naruto: That jutsu is too powerful. I can’t use it in a practice battle!
With that Killerbee takes out 7 swords in his signature style and begins to awkwardly run towards Naruto.
Naruto places his hand behind his back and releases his own sword from its sheath.
Kirabi [mumbling due to the sword in his mouth]: Ah your sword: Kogitsune Manu-the Little Fox! Now let us see if you have learned anything from all the training I have given you.
A fierce sword fight ensues as Naruto struggles to keep up with the 7 sword melee attack. Suddenly Kirabi jumps in a horizontal 360 degree motion and slices Naruto’s chest open with the sword in his knee-pit! Naruto falls to the ground dropping Kogitsune manu in the process; coughing blood as blood oozes from his chest. As he looks up, he sees his master’s body with Hachibi’s head and six tails!
Kirabi: Cry baby boo, what will you do, that wound will kill you, boo hoo hoo!
Naruto looks at his master and thinks back to his training sessions with Kakashi, Jiraiya, Yamato and Fukasaku and realises that at his level of development this man standing before him is the only one capable of training him. He realises that to Killerbee, training must simulate the real battle that he has ahead of him and that you must know death if you are not to fear it, just as Pein had taught him that you must know a person’s pain in order to understand them.
Kirabi: You know what you have to do Naruto… it is the only way you will survive, NOW DO IT!
Naruto looks at the pool of blood forming on the ground below him, then struggling to his feet; he forms the hand seal of the fox.
Naruto: KITSUNE KAMI no jutsu!!!! (Fox God jutsu)
Suddenly the seal containing the kyuubi’s chakra gets released and the kyuubi’s chakra pours out of Naruto’s stomach enveloping his whole body. When it finally falls, his hair has turned a striking platinum blond and his canine teeth have grown to the size of Kiba’s. Smoke starts to rise from his chest wound as it heals itself. As he stands up to face Killerbee, his master notices that the yellow sage eyes have turned orange and the horizontal slits have been combined with the kyuubi’s eyes to form a sharp edged cross.
Kirabi (smiling with paternal affection): I must say Naruto; I sure do love seeing your Fox God mode! I guess it is one way of using your bijuu, I personally prefer to actually fight side by side with Hachibi-sama. And look you have healed, right as rain!
Naruto: Well since I’m already in this mode, I may as well show you my new jutsu. I can only do it when I am in this mode.
Kirabi: The Curtains open and the crowd rolls in, Naruto’s new jutsu is about to begin.
Naruto: Kirabi-sensei, please form two shadow clones and make them run around this training area.
Kirabi: Kagebuushin no jutsu!
Instantly two six tailed shadow clones appear before Naruto and begin to run around the training area at high speed in an erratic motion.
Naruto holds out his hand as a rasengan begins to form. The rasengan suddenly turns into a rasenshuuriken as Naruto holds his hand over his head. Kirabi looks on in awe as he notices water element chakra being fed into the rasenshuuriken transforming it into a little whirlpool in Naruto’s hand. Instantly, Naruto throws it and screams: KAMIKAZE!!!!
An image of Naruto’s eye appears on the backs of the shadow clones as the small whirlpool locks onto its first target.
Naruto: This is the ultimate version of rasengan. As long as I can see my opponents before I throw it, I can lock them into the technique and Kamikaze will track them no matter where they go. And while I’m in Fox God mode, it is virtually impossible for me not to be able to track your moves, after all, the fox is the most proficient hunter.
The whirlpool finds its first target and collides with the shadow clone creating a large whirlpool vortex that spins him around as the wind chakra cuts the body; the water drowns the shadow clone.
Naruto: This jutsu has one person meant for it, Uchiha Madara! I couldn’t land a punch on him the first time I encountered him, but with this jutsu, it’ll either drown him or cut him to death!
Kirabi watches in terror and awe, as the whirlpool returns to its small size and continues on its hunt for the next victim, catching the shadow clone that had hid behind a tree.
Kirabi: Kamikaze…. The Divine Wind!