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Naruto Chapter 460 – Sasuke’s Bloodlust

naruto-retro1Post Author: Bob
Hey folks, before you start reading this week’s post, please take a look at this announcement for a possible upgrade for Shannaro!!!

An exciting chapter with an exciting cliffhanger. Things are finally rolling into action with Naruto chapter 460. Zetsu has blown Sasuke’s cover, but from Team Hebi’s conversations I get the felling that this was planned ahead of time and they were aware. Still, why bother sneaking into the compound if you’re just going to stand in plain sight and make a ruckus. Maybe it’s a distraction? Heck I don’t know anymore, at least we’ll get treated to some kage level fighting in the next few chapters.
naruto-460-coverPoor Zetsu, he was just playing the messenger and got roughhoused by the Raikage. I don’t think even he expected the Raikage to be that fast for a guy with such a large build. Though I doubt he killed Zetsu, the Raikage did manage to incapacitate him with just one hand, what a monster. I was surprised Zetsu would go down that easy, I always thought there was something more to the guy. Besides, he’s one of the last Akatsuki main members left – if he’s gone Madara will have no one to blab to about the progress of his evil plans 🙂

Speaking of Madara, he pays a special visit to Naruto this chapter to talk, though Naruto isn’t exactly in the mood. You have to admire how much Naruto has improved, he formed that Rasengan and attacked Madara in mere seconds. But Madara seems untouchable right now, and even Kakashi doesn’t seem to know exactly what his secret power really is. Of course, Madara wouldn’t have shown up without precautions, and he says something interesting along the lines that they are “in his territory now.” What does this mean? Does Madara have some hold over the Land of Iron? Perhaps he can only project his astral image to other lands, but can actually take physical form in the Land of Iron? And you also have to wonder, did he set the whole kage meeting up in order to gather all the leaders in “his territory”? If this is all true, then Sasuke has literally walked into the lair of the tiger by coming here. Everyone will need to play by Madara’s rules now.naruto-460-2But right now, Madara wants to tell another story – this time about Sasuke and how the world hates him and stuff. So let’s skip that and go to the fighting part of this chapter. It looks like the Samurai are no different from the Stormtroopers they resemble so much, ie. they’re mere canon fodder for Sasuke to slaughter until the big fish arrives. I mean, with four swords, you’d think they would put up a decent fight rather than get offed like some common street thug. Although they’re not ninja, they also have trained in chakra control so it’s not like these guys are just some regular troops with some cool armor. I wished they’d last longer, but oh well.

naruto-460-3I didn’t notice this last chapter, but Jugo has reverted to his juvenile state right now. The last time this happened was when he healed Sasuke’s fatal wounds after they fought Killerbee. So I believe that right now Jugo has transferred some of his power to Sasuke to give him an extra power boost or enhanced healing and endurance for the upcoming battle. However, I don’t think it’s responsible for what’s happening to Sasuke. For some reason, a terrible bloodlust has come over Sasuke and he is killing the samurai even though so far he has avoided slaying anyone if it was not necessary. That dark shadow which appears behind Sasuke on page 16 reminds me of the Bijuu sealing statue (Gedo Mazo) mainly due to how the hands are postured. If the Gedo Mazo is indeed what’s driving Sasuke into a killing machine, than Madara’s plan is already in motion as it was his intention for Sasuke to become the next Nagato and syncronize with the Gedo Mazo. Even Karin senses that this isn’t the same Sasuke she has known up until now.


Now, with the arrival of the Raikage, I think we’ll have a great battle on our hands. Sasuke will probably want to take on Raikage and his bodyguards all by himself, but I think his teammates will come assist whether he wants it or not. As for predictions on the winner, I’m guessing the Raikage has Sasuke matched or beaten on both speed and power. I think Sasuke either has to rely heavily on genjutsu or pull out some new power in order to beat this powerhouse. But even if he manages to overcome the Raikage, he’ll still have to deal with Land of Iron military and all the other kages and their guards nearby. It looks like Sasuke’s at a disadvantage, but I doubt Madara would have allowed this to occur without some devious plan in mind… kukuku.

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130 Responses

  1. poll results so far are sauske 100% raikage 0% i know sauske going to win

  2. sweet chapter man can wait for next week

  3. Great post Bob! Raikage will probably win but madara will rescue sasuke. Juugo is being quite nonchalant about sasuke and still focused on danzou, makes u think its all planned!

  4. great post , agree with much of what u say

  5. additionally kumo wasn ‘t at war in the 2nd or 3rd war how does the tsuchikage know him so well. I may be wrong. sasuke being the next nagato makes perfect sense insofar as explaining why madara wants to know about how Naruto converted pein.
    I love the way none of the kages have raikage’s back! I guess its for the best, I mean a war won’t come to pass this way

  6. has anyone ever considered that beast is actually a tailed beast that is sealed inside sasuke,????????????

    i know he said he didnt needit, but when the main focus was on naruto fighting pain, we missed alot from sasuke,maybe he made a deal with madara secretly from his team, like,needing more power,madara was willing,but gave him the beast for other reasons?

    1.it does look like the satue biju
    2it looks lyk 4tailed kyuubi state
    3.the change in chakra is usually a beast(remember all those chapters where they said narutos chakra changed???)

  7. i like what NArutofann said about it being Bijuu chakra, but i think the Gedo thingy makes more sense.
    to bad the samurai didn’t last long, i was hoping some could become playable characters in a later Ultimate Ninja game :,(

  8. Good blog Bob, i wanted more to be in it. It felt like it ended really fs=ast

  9. I think will be the akatsuki leader, but naruto maybe together with sasuke to destroy the world

  10. So far, all the Sasuke sympathizers had to say was “He’s never killed anyone”, that defense is out the door. Now he truly has to die. He slaughtered 16 or more Samurai in mere seconds and is about to fight the Kage of another country. Redemption is out of the question now. His chakra has now grown even more evil than it was when he met the Kyubi, and that’s saying a lot (considering the Kyubi said that Sasuke’s chakra was fouler than its own and Sasuke wasnt even in CS2, but now according to Karing, his chakra is darker than even CS2’s).

    You Sasuke sympathizers will undoubtedly talk about his life, so I’ll counter you here and now. Sasuke knew his parents and family, Naruto only knew loneliness. Sasuke was worshipped by the Villagers for just being alive, while Naruto was ostracized BECAUSE he was alive. “Sasuke lost his family and Itachi, so that gives him the right to be like this, he’s just misunderstood and should be forgiven, its the Elder’s fault”, ludicrous. Sasuke lost everything, so did Naruto and Kakashi, Naruto and Kakashi never killed that many people just for the sake of revenge. For the last time, DON’T BLAME THE ELDERS! They were only protecting Konoha, if the Uchiha weren’t massacred, a civil war would break out, which could have led to another Great Ninja War, in the end, the Elders made the right decision. They tried to appease the Uchihas (made them head of Konoha Police, gave them their own section of the Village) but they still wanted more power, they had to be eliminated to preserve peace.

    I doubt that was Gedo Mazo. Gedo has 5 fingers on each hand, but that beast had 6, and it doesn’t look much like Gedo. I think that’s the Kyubi, but more symbolic then literal. The Kyubi is the ultimate power and the ultimate evil, so that was Kishi showing us how evil Sasuke has become.

    Raikage vs. Sasuke, this promises to be interesting. If Kirabi could almost kill Sasuke TWICE, and he’s weaker than Raikage, then what will Raikage do to poor old Sasugay? Mangle him, I hope.

    Great Job Bob-sama, I’ll finish my commenting after i get some sleep. (yes ppl u heard right, I still have A LOT MORE to say).

    Ps. You guys should check kishimoto’s Shonen interview from last year, he says, and I quote “Uchiha’s secret will be revealed and 2 of the remaining will die”- we all know that before the secret was revealed, Itachi died, so the question is, who’s next? Madara or Sasuke? Madara is the main villain, so obviously it isn’t him. I just hope Kishimoto doesn’t change his mind due to pressure from Sasuke sympathizing tree-huggers.

  11. @NarutoFan, your theory is most likely, wrong. All the Biju have been revealed (Shukaku, Two Tailed Cat, Sanbi, Four Tailed Monkey, Five tailed Dolphin Horse, Six Tailed Slug, Seven Tailed Horned Beetle, Hachibi and Kyubi), and none of them (except the KIyubi) look like that thing around Sasuke, it was simply symbolic and not literal!

  12. @kisu: good point, bob missed that finger thing! And I must say sasuke’s whole story isn’t well written:
    1. His brother basically explained everything to him but he still goes nuts
    2. He suddenly has this ominous chakra out of the blue.
    3. He just crossed team 7 outta his life.
    Kishi is definitely following George Lucas’ poor plot development with anakin skywalker.
    I’m really hoping this whole thing is just a trick to allow Juugo, suigetsu and karin to go after danzou or for madara and zetsu to do something!
    Kishi should make next week about the konoha 11 and Killerbee v Kisame just to maintain the suspense lol

  13. @ kisu, i think you’ll really like what i’m about to say: i’m starting to get bored of Sasuke and really think he’ll die, if not by the end of this arc, relativly soon, and i wouldn’t really miss him. but on the whole thing about Sasuke never killing until now, well, that’s true, he has never been shown killing anybody, and Oro even said he never had the heart to (note, i count Oro as killed by Itachi, Itachi by illness, and Diedara by suicide bombing)

  14. I agree with Kisu and whoever else think that the “mysterious, ominous and evil being behind Sasuke is just some sort of power,” you are most likely right.

    You know, the possibility of a new Bijuu being revealed is possible, but just like the Sharingan, would be VERY cliche` in the most. Sasuke is just releaseing some power Madara most likely gave him so he could kick some major ass. Sasuke and the Raikage’s match will, of these two, either stretch over like 10 chapter or something, or will end within one chapter and we’ll all cry.

    Sasuke’s chances of winning are as slim as the chances of the fight lasting less than 3 chapters :P. The Raikage will begin kicking Sasuke big ego into next week. Sasuke will somehow pick up the pace and change the roulette style of the battle: Die or be cautious. The Raikage’s guards will probably spring into action and everyone will let loose a sigh of relief…Then their asses get beaten to a bloody pulp by Suigetsu and his BEHEADER SWORD! XD

    I think Danzou will somehow slip from the grasp of everyone’s eyesight like an eel. He’ll escape and be out of reach…blah blah…sighs…gasps…tears…

    Naruto, I think, will show up in mid-battle of Sasuke and Raikage and do something that stops Sasuke. I have a very distinct feeling that Naruto will be severly injured, but perservere…And I have a very nervous feeling that the Naruto series might end before, or just RIGHT after Chapter 500 which is sometime away. Naruto COULD be killed, not likely in the least, but he could get killed by something and the series cuts off…*btw, if he dies, boycot Kishi in Japan and jump his ass XD*

    I think that’s all I can muster for now.


  15. @kisu u are right that the kyubi representing how evil sauske has become but he still wont lose to the raikage and he isnt going to die because sauske is the only one able to repoupulat the uchiha clan. and because some peoples like him too much

  16. Is everyone forgetting that only half of the Kyubi’s chakra is sealed inside of Naruto. I think that is the Ying but could be the Yang. 50-50 choice. :S

    Wat if the other half of the Kyubi’s chakra is inside of Sasuke and it is finally showing because of all the mixed feelings sasuke has inside of him. If u remember back, the Kyubi first showed when Naruto got really angry. Sasuke is apparently better at keeping his feelings in check but his will may finally be breaking.

    Also, Madara could have awakened the Kyubi’s chakra inside of sasuke with his own sharingan as he could control all the Kyubi before. This may be unlikely but it would explain the 4-tailed states image appearing behind Sasuke.

  17. Another thought is the shape of the prongs coming out of the bottom of the shillouette on page 14 look like the prongs of Zetzu’s plant when he split into 2 halves.

    Maybe the dark side of Zetzu merged with sasuke to give him some extra power in the battles 2 come and this is just a small power surge with more 2 come. It may even explain why Sasuke can’t help but kill them because Zetzu is partly controlling his subconsious mind.

  18. Hi everybody this would be my first ever post, usually i just sit back and read all of ur guys great theories and i was suprised nobody came up with the one that i was thinking when i first saw the kyuubi behind sasuke.
    Well here it is, Minato divided the kyuubi’s chakra into the ying (Good) and yang (Evil), we all know that the ying portion was sealed into naruto and some believe that maybe the yang portion is sealed away in the Toad Key, (which by the way what the fuck is taking so long with that key to arrive to naruto lol) , anyways my theory is that what if the yang was taken by madara seeing that he would be the last person who could control kyuubi chakra on his own other than minato, it could also be a reason why hes so strong, so in the end of my talking here i ask the question, what if madara gave sasuke some or all of that yang chakra, that yang chakra without a doubt would be more evil than Cursed seal mark 2, let me know what u all think

  19. Good theory…I suppose ^_^

  20. @GrkNin – I did say that if u didn’t realise so i was the 1st 2 notice it but i am glad that someone elso is backing me up on the matter, (even if ur theory is slightly different, and it makes more sense :P)

  21. haha sorry qwerty i didnt see your explanation, haha i should of typed that earlier lol

  22. @ qwertyuiop and grknin, actually, it’s the yang half that Minato sealed in Naruto, or @ least that’s what’s said on http://naruto.wikia.com/wiki/Nature_Transformation under “Yin and Yang” and on http://naruto.wikia.com/wiki/Nine-Tailed_Demon_Fox, under “The Seal”, it says that it was the Yin half that was sealed by the Reaper guy, either meaning it’s in the Reaper’s stomach, or it’s inncapable of being released from Naruto (i don’t know which), but anyways, the 2nd source makes it seem immpossible that the Kyuubi had part of him sealed inside Sasuke

  23. No problem, as i said, ur explanation actually makes more sense in places lol.

    4 instance, why would Minato have sealed the yang chakra into sasuke??? It makes A LOT MORE sense that Madara would have transferred some chakra into him like in the crappy filler arc in the anime with Sora, who had some of the excess chakra implanted into him.

  24. okay, y is my comment “awaiting moderation”?

  25. i will bet anyone here that saskue has to to get saved…AGAIN….this time by naruto :p

    any bets? saskue is gonna start off being fancy pants doing good, then raikage probly gets pissed off and kicks his face to his ass, and then naruto comes in blazing with sage power and stops raikage…then maddara, saskue and everything else is gonna get caught up in the moons eye plan, and idk what else might happen :\

  26. I’m pretty sure it was Yamato who said “You’re in my territory now.” Not Madara.

  27. @ GrkNin, i like the idea about madara using the other half of the kyuubi’s chakra but when would madara have aquired the toad scroll? the last that we saw of it was when Jiraiya summoned it before his fight with pain.

  28. I think the monster behind sasuke is the 6 tail, because of the 6 stars und the six fingers around sasuke.
    Ones in the past madara has offered Sasuke a bijuu, so I guess

  29. i dont think minato separated kyuubi’s chakra into ying and yang. honestly, i dont have a clue what is warping his chakra like that, but if i was to guess… maybe Madara placed one of the already absorbed bijuu’s from the statue into sasuke. just my thought. i also think, when considering what Kisu said about Kishimoto’s interview, where he said that 2 of the remaining uchiha’s will die… my prediction; if sasuke doesnt kill him, then naruto will… i mean, think about what minato said to naruto… something along the lines of “i sealed kyuubi within you because you will need more than just your own abilities to defeat him.” sasuke will most definitely be the last uchiha alive… damn him… but i feel like that, also, will somehow delve into madara’s plan… the guy seems to have more board game skills than shikamaru.

    not too sure what is going to go down but, we’ll see how it goes!


    …IMPOSSIBLE, as much as it pains me to say it sasGAY is good but not Raikage good, Killerbee Ruined Saskue and his whole team AND got away….. and Killerbee said that the only person that could stop him is his brother Raikage….. and now SasGAY is going to fight him alone…….DUMBASS?!?!!?

  31. im not sure but i think that killer bee said that raikage was the only one to every dodge his attack in his first tail state not that he was the only one who beat him but im not sure lol

  32. First off, there is no way Akatsuki would just ‘give’ a Biju to Sasuke, if they gave it to him, why not ‘give’ it to their own members?
    @UltimateHokage, the six tails doesn’t have arms..It’s just a slug!
    @qwertyuiop, there is no way that Sasuke has ANY of the kyubi’s chakra. In the Sora filler arc, the old guy clearly states that they took ALL of the Kyubi’s left over chakra and sealed it inside Sora. The yin and yang are both inside Naruto, but the seal prevents him from accessing the yin (evil/dark) part.

  33. http://www.onemanga.com/Naruto/413/04/
    is where killer bee talks about sasuke and raikage

  34. GJ Bob-sama!

    @LM: yeah, me too, i dts that madara said that.

    @413chapter sasuke has no match w/ Hachibi both <a href="http://www.onemanga.com/Naruto/413/12/&quot;?strength and speed, because he’s not yet in full potential using his sharingan, and i have still doubt fighting Raikage. Raikage has more speed that sasuke more than that if Raikage will put down his “heavy” bracer (looks like Guy/Lee’s speed training taijuts technique). Fighting w/ Raikage that has more battle experience might get UNREAL battle if he use full potential of his EMS power to defeat raikage (looks like DBZ story at all)…

    iDTS that it’s Gedo Mazo’s shadow, because it’s looks closely of Kyubi or tailed beast monster (might be MADARA create new MONSTER stuff into 10-tailed beast..WTF)…or it’s the DEMON which itatchi told to sasuke about sharinggan…

    Samurais has no potential fighting sasuke, they don’t even has chance stand in single minute by which sasuke gets sweat. In short, sharinggan dominates at all (however if it’s mastered like madara/itatchi).

    @kisuzachi: anime filler is fucking disturb. never happened in manga’s plot. so dun watch anime filler arcs…^^

    Madara is best story teller, @ first to itatchi, then sasuke, next naruto…i know many others get played into madara’s hands like nagato

  35. Madara sure as a lot of nerve to show himself to Naruto, but still did anyone else notice how quickly he created that Rasengan? Sasuke as officialy snapped, now he’s going against his whole “not-killing-people-ideal,” but it’s still hard to tell who will win in a fight like this, sheesh.

    @h0rhe: I guess it would make sense to tell Naruto the truth about the Uchiha, then he’ll tell it to the rest of the village and they’ll all get super pissed at Danzo; lets see who Hokage NOW, hehehehe!

  36. @ chakra beast i dont believe that the toad scroll was ever taken by madara i simply believe after minato sealed the good, the evil was simply left out there and was taken by madara since he possessed the kyuubi at the time

    @kisu i believe that is just a filler so i dont like basing any idea of those

    to everybody else, i know kishi stated the two uchihas dying thing but, and i dont know why i still believe this by i still want to believe that madaras final big plan is to release the tengu seal with three MS techniques, big sotries like these always revert back to something original that everyone learns about but forgets over time. I have multiple ideas of where the bijuus come in but dont want to put this in a reply, so maybe one more will die but i still believe madara will achieve his plan, does anybody else believe the same as me that madaras real plan is release the seal in the uchiha shrine?

  37. everyone has a great theory, and great post bob sama… i do have my own theory also…when madara said he will refrain of being cautious, and pursue his moon eye plan…im thinking that he activated his unique power, maybe sealed to sasuke(it was maybe sealed when sasuke was unconscious after he got sasuke after his fight with itachi), and like a shapeshifting technique, sasuke becomes a second person madara…I recalled what the nine tailed beast told to sasuke…madara possess such energy described by karin…maybe madara has this forbidden technique, to control and seal some dark energy…probably applicable only to uchihas…then boost sasuke abilities…the shadow is like naruto in his four tailed form…well, it could be that madara sealed some of kyuubi’s dark energy…not all because naruto from four tailed state onward shows dark power and evilness…from my point of view, when madara said ‘begin”, he gave cue to zetsu and also unlock the seal within sasuke…thats why maybe karin said, that the energy is more evil but cold…(cold maybe due to the isolation of sasuke spiritual energy…like puppet)

  38. @grknin and qwerty: Minato used the death god seal like the 3rd used in the konoha attack arc, therefore the bad part is battling it out with minato in the belly of the shinigami

  39. I love how everyone is like, Sasuke killed, now he has gone way too far, DIE!! What is being a ninja all about? hm, have a good time and doing missions, true maybe but also Assassination, I like it now that Sasuke is being consumed by some sort of evil force, peoples chakra doesn’t just change by itself! Naruto knows more then anything how it is to be consumed, Naruto even gave himself to the Kuuybi, when Hinata got hurt…

    Dude its harder to loose then to not know, loneliness was all Naruto ever knew, even Naruto himself said he could of never understood Sasuke if he hadn’t lost Jiriya, and THAT was one person.

    hmm, Genocide is fine as long as it prevents war, hmm maybe if they had been given more time

  40. @peinavenue, every ninja kills! Every ninja has to kill eventually, but why everyone is saying “he has to die”, is because he’s one of the main characters and is Naruto’s “rival”. He was once good, but now he’s killed 16+ samurai just so he can kill Danzo and throw the ninja world into turmoil just so he can feel better about his clan’s massacre, did I mention that this turmoil will cause far more deaths than the Uchiha massacre. Sasugay doesn’t even have a good reason like Nagato did, Nagato did all of that for peace, Sasugay is doing all this just to make himself feel better, the EXACT same thing Nagato told Naruto about revenge will happen.
    Now let’s see what happens if Danzo dies. The other Kages (Raikage and Tsuchikage) will try to attack Konoha, but Sunagakure will ally with Konaha, then Kumogakure and Iwagakure will attack Sunagakure, Konohagakure would then help Sunagakure, a chain of events leading to a war. Now what happens if Raikage kills Sasugay, let’s see. Sasugay dies brutally, Naruto and the other Konoha 11 (I dont see Hinata, Shino, Ten-ten, Neji, or Kiba joining this though, they have 0 reasons to help Sasugay) or w/e they’re called will get angry and try to fight Raikage, but Danzo being Hokage, will either force them to accept this (the right way) or imprison them (also a right decision) or if they try too hard to resist, execution (also a right decision in this circumstance), and with that, no Ninja World War will break out.

  41. @madzikage – The Kyubi isn’t inside the Death God Reaper thingy tho. It is inside Naruto.

    Actually Minato may have taken one half (bad half) of the Kyubi’s chakra into the Reaper thing and given Naruto the other half ( the good half). That way the 2 halves would never be united again.

  42. I like how Gaara basically said “NO, we really should kill Sasuke.” I still think there will be a sasuke gaara rematch.

    “This is my territory now” on page 8 was said by Yamato. If you look closely he made a wooden latice in the hut/house in order to catch Madara.

    I think it’s also too convienent that Madara wants everyone to call him Madara.

    I don’t think Zetsu blowing their cover was part of Sasuke’s plan.

    Where’s dark zetsu that eats people?

    Clearly Sasuke will live to see another day or else Kishi would have had no purpose of showing the meeting of the “rookies”. Whether Sasuke kills some or all of the Kages is another question.

    Also, the Raikages body guard can sense Sasuke’s chakra and noticed something that we’ll have to wait until the next chapter to see.

    Maybe Sasuke took Itachi’s eyes.

  43. Where the hell is Kisame and Killerbee?!?!?!?

  44. @the kyuubi energy discussion-

    me and mart1 have already cleared this subject up

    in summary YES the YIN AND YANG halves are seperated, naruto DOES not have acces to the DARK half of Kyuubis power

    BUT if naruto’s seal BREAKS then YES he will have access to the dark half

    so to those saying that Saskue has kyuubi power, your retarded :\ LOL

  45. @smartass
    Didnt Madara tell Kisame to get Killerbee and imprison him? Poor bee
    Sasuke is about to go see hell again.

  46. @darkknight

    for some reason im the only one who thinks that getting Killerbee isnt going to happen :\

    so im saying that kisame is the one who’s getting bested this time

    and yea saskue is about to see a whole new level of Ass-whoopin, i LOVED seeing him and his whole team get annihalted by Killerbee, and this time NO one is just playing with saskue..so he gets no mercy >:)

  47. @ kisu, tru Nagato had good intent, but some of the worst things have been done w/ the best of intentions (okay, yes, i got that from Jarrasic Park 3, but it’s still tru), so while Nagato didn’t INTEND to do anything as bad, he was going to do somthing even worse anyways (total global destruction adn poverty, and then redo it when the world finaly gets back to normal; Sasuke will just cause another war, then 20 years later every1 will forget about it, and he’ll most likely b satisfied and, unlike Nagato, won’t repeat the crazy, besides Nagato’s plans call 4 WAY more deaths than Sasuke’s).

  48. @JPUA, Nagato’s plans were for peace, how he achieves it is his own problem, Sasuke on the other hand doesn’t give a crap about how his plan will affect the world. “and then redo it when the world finaly gets back to normal”- by normal, u mean wen everyone hates each other and wanna have wars? then yes, and he isnt the one that would have used the Biju Doomsday weapon, the countries are what would use it against each other. And fyi, no one has forgotten about the other ninja wars.
    @Kyubi energy, smartass is COMPLETELY right, the other half of the Kyubi chakra is in the Reaper Death Seal, but the 8 Trigrams sealing style only lets him access the yang (good/light) energy.
    @GrkNin, that wasn’t my theory, I was explaining why that filler didn’t count. But because i do like most fillers, I didn’t want to say “It’s a filler, so it doesn’t count”.

  49. moon’s eye plan….maybe everyone will be under maxed-tsukiyomi by sasuke(..with the enhanced effect by madara..) then he can finally control everyone…
    i think i read something like…everyone under the light of the moon…
    the moon….a relevant term for tsukiyomi

    but i guess i could be wrong…lol!

  50. Maybe the plan has to do with the moon crashing into earth O_o

  51. Good job Bob!
    Everyone got good theories on the figure behind Sasuke and some sounds good, but i guess when we findout more about the Eye of the Moon plan we’ll know more about it.

  52. Geez people, 16 samurai whip out their chakra swords at you with the intention to kill you, what do you do? A. Run. B. Fight back. Hmm??? Difficult decision isnt it! I have no qualms with him killing them, kill or be killed.

  53. @madikaze
    He didnt need to slaughter them, he could’ve just knocked them unconscious.

  54. @madzikage, my point is, Sasugay deserves no special treatment now. Everything I’ve said about him led up to that point. He should be treated like any other missing ninja that tries to assassinate a Kage. Hopefully, this is what happens, he cant just get away with a slap on the wrist.

  55. @ Kisu – Yeah like Orochimaru, no wait he was killed by sasuke and started a village, oh you mean like Itachi, no wait he didn’t get hunted down by Konoha, hmm

  56. as far as I have seen, the villages don’t care about missing nin, maybe Thunder and Mist to a degree

  57. @Pein, Konoha did hunt Oro, though lightly (only Jiraiya was on his trail), Itachi made a deal, so he is an exception, but even then he was still a missing-nin, and thus any ninja that could have killed him, could have gotten a reward. This is another of my points however, Konoha has never had a firm and stern leader. Konoha needs a Hokage like Danzo to clean up the mistakes of Sandaime, Yondaime and Godaime (3rd, 4th and 5th) and after he does this, then someone new can take his place.

  58. true, but what about Deidara, Sasori, Zetsu, even Haku and Zabuza, the villages as a whole aren’t really good at keeping there missing nins in line

  59. @peinOavenue: i totally agree. I mean isnt one of the jobs of the assassination corps like ANBU to actually hunt missing nin?
    The way it is and i totally agree sasuke is being treated like any other missing nin i.e kill him when he comes and pisses on your doorstep!
    I mean really oro formed a village, headbands and all!

  60. kisuzachi, I totally agree with you. Sasuke should not get off with just a slap on the wrist. He should die. It is so depressing that naruto and all the other farts would sit by and let sasuke start a war by his killings and a war in which so many would die but refusing to take him out because “that is my way of the ninja” Such bullshit is pathetic!!!. I personally think that Kishi has left the building and given the story line over to his subordinates.
    On Sasuke and Raikage upcoming battle. It would be a cold day in hell if Raikage loses. I personally would stop reading this manga and delete all the shippuuden and naruto files I have because I think it is just garbage to give this pathetic sharingan user such power. Itachi and and his team-mate – forgot his name could not defeat Jairaya – a SANIN. The two most powerful akatsuki members could not defeat a sanin but yet Sasuke – is able to defeat arguable the most powerful hokage. I truely believe if this were to happen, the Kishi has lost his way. I so much more frustratons to say but I will leave it there for now

  61. saskue is gonna get pwned, if he doesnt, then Kishi is F&%^king stupid :\

    end of storyy

  62. @ the bic…I agree…Sasuke needs to be executed…and in the most brutal and time-filled way possible. That guy is a dead man

  63. I think that once Sasuke heard about Naruto defeating Pain, that Sasuke took up Madara’s offer of a tailed beast…

  64. i think that sasuke and his team are gonna get pawned but either naruto or madara is gonna save him. in narutos case he will talk raikage down and madara will just kill raikage, and sasuke will see the light lol. maybe sasuke wont see the light but hes not gonna get killed and hes not gonna win either.

  65. I’ll bet any amount of money Sasuke doesn’t die… It jus won’t happen… There’s no defense for Ameratsu unless you’re Madara or Oro.

  66. And I have no faith in Raikage’s genjintsu combating abilities like his brother’s, and there definately isn’t a defense for Susanoo, so Sasuke wins, but I do hope it’s long and brutal….

  67. @pein0avenue, Sasori mysteriously disappeared and Suna was in the Second Great War, so going after Sasori would be the least of their worries. Deidara was in hiding and was a bomber for hire, I doubt the Iwagakure Anbu even knew where to find him. Zabuza and Haku had to flee the Land of Water because of tracker ninjas and Zabuza had to keep on the move. Zetsu, no one can track Zetsu. He can be wherever he wants to, whenever he wants. The point is, Konoha didn’t even send assassins after Sasugay, and that is the proper protocol, but because of the Sandaime’s “dumb teachings”, Tsunade let Orochimaru keep Sasugay (that could have also been far more disastrous if Orochimaru had managed to assimilate Sasugay, he would have a younger bdy and a Sharingan).

  68. For the person who said Konoha needs Danzo, nothing could be more true. The 3rd and the 5th Hokages were “weak” with their teachings. We all know that diplomacy is very important and trying to make peace is too. But there comes a time when tough action is required. Because ofthese two hokages softly softly approach to their problems, they stand the risk of being on the brink of war. And what was once a popular saying (That is my Ninja way) has been proven to be nothing more that crap – in the long run.

    there is a way to defeat Amaratsu. Amaratsu is nothing more than fire. With a rasangan technique, you can control it just like the wind (there is a fight scene with naruto trapped under water and he did a rasangan which formed a whirlpool under water and destroyed the enemies). Afterall, Fire is stronger than wind but if you can control the wind you can control the fire. What do you all think???

  69. Even though there is gonna be a sweet ass fight about to happen, im also very curious about Madara and his “story” about Sasuke…..i mean we all know he is very powerful and careful with his words and although he’ll tell most of the truth he will bend and twist the story so it will mess up naruto, i mean i think hes gonna use the strong bond Naruto has for Sasuke as a tool to somehow manipulate Naruto aswell…….dam we know so little about this guy, i must know who he is and all his secrets lol

  70. @ Kisu – My point remains most of the Villages suck at getting their missing nin’s in order, it is the duty of the trackers to hunt ninja even if a ninja just disappears they need to find him, to destroy the body with the secrets of their bodies…. You may feel he deserves to die but in the ninja world, there is a fine line, if you come from Suna or Konoha you have to kill Sasuke but lets look at why the Raikage wants to kill Sasuke, could it be, Revenge, see he is no better then Sasuke and yet you look at his actions as justified. Danzo, killed many Uchiha for the sack of “Peace”. Suna risked war when they tried to kidnap Hinata, so they are not innocent, they are will to cause war for their own wants and interests. If you look at it from Sasuke angle (besides killing Samurai) every choice was forced, he had a choice die or follow Madara, and by following Madara he can gain the revenge he craves, the same revenge that the Raikage craves…

    @ the bic – If Konoha had a leader like Danzo when Hinata was attempted kidnapping, there would already of been a war. So I disagree that all previous Hokage teaching’s where wrong…. I wonder if Danzo used his eye to become Hokage and if so, why not do it before?? Naruto’s Ninja way is what defeated Pein, and gave the life back to most of Konoha…. And an eternal fire that burns everything in its path until its target is killed, I would love to see Rasengan beat it I really don’t think Amutsra is the same as a regular fire, all the wind element will do is make it even stronger and more out of control.

  71. good job bob, looks like naruto will understand sauskes pain after a talk with tobi, the dark shadow? i dont know, everyone else already said really good points that i wanted to say, so part of the moon eye plan is to talk to naruto??? zetsu isnt done he stil has a major role tp play, i wont mention sauske at all, the BIG QUESTION is what will tobi tell naruto the truth or something made up about the uchihas, danzou vs ao that sounds entertaining, who is tobi he sure talks to kakashi funny dont you think, hopefully the next chapter will shed some light to our unanswered questions

  72. @the fire discussion

    remember when naruto and saskue fought at the valley of the end?? naruto hammered Saskue’s Katon technique with Wind….in fact that wind created a minature hurricane that put out the katon like we can blow out candles……so NO fire is not onmiscent against wind, and as someone said you CAN control the fire, if you can control the wind 😉 which is what naruto has already acheived so HAH!! lol

  73. @Profess-

    naruto already knows saskue’s Pain, when Nagato killled jirayia he was pissed off and wanted to kill nagato, just like saskue was pissed off at itachi

    you couldl say that its different because saskue lost his family, but naruto lost his family before he even knew them. jirayia and everyone else IS HIS family….and nagato took away his Father figure, his teacher, his freind, and companion….so yes Naruto understands saskues PAIN completly

  74. Well the Reason for me that Zetsu has just shouted “lets find Sasuke” is because of the divide and conquer tactic! if they all go looking for sasuke! there incredible unified power will dwindle down to the individuals!

    I think also that Madara wanted to see how strong Sasuke has got by throwing him the thick of it! Maybe Sasuke has misunderstood what Itachi’s intentions where and decided to flip out. I think that the black shadow is his inner self, like Sakura had a nasty side inside her, i think its the same thing! its what is bursting out! its just came to a climax now and needed to be unleashed! but it does look like gedo mazo because the shoulders are the same!! if your sinked with gezo mazo maybe it doesnt look like its true self inside u!!!

  75. i wonder why so many people hate sasuke!! I think hes ok to be honest but its not his fault he was gifted good Genes lol!! Naruto obviously doesnt know as many techniques because he hasnt got sasukes eyes! but he can train faster cos of the clones! so come Naruto get your wind element into more techniques and moves dude!!!

  76. @pein0avenue, it IS true that the Raikage wants Sasugay dead for revenge. But killing Sasugay is good no matter what his reasons are. Sasugay killed/caused Oro’s death, the same with Deidara and Itachi, these were all good for the Ninja World, but he crossed the line when he tried to kill Kirabi, a ninja he never met, a person who never wronged him in any way, a person he attacked just because of his lust for revenge. One thing, where did it say Sasugay was FORCED to work for Madara or he’d be killed? Nowhere, Madara offered him the chance and he gladly took it, it was of his own free will. And also, even if the tracker ninjas suck, the point is, none were sent after Sasugay. Even if Konoha didn’t want to send them, they should have AT LEAST put his name in the bingo book as a missing-nin (bounty hunters would effectively replace missing-nin in a situation like that).

  77. sage mode naruto is still gonna pwn everyone XD

    regardless of how many techniques saskue has at his disposal…..cause itachi gave him powers >.>

    cough saskue is a leech cough..

  78. off topic i know but I think in terms of techniques for naruto! he could start clones more weapons and adding wind element to them!! maybe also he could creat mini rasanshurikens! and throw more then just one huge one! maybe also adding wind to movement he could shift quick in speed! create dust clouds for cover! also make a hurricane or a tornado!

    one of my favourites would be create a cyclone and trapping the enemy in it! then cloning a few hundred explosive tagged kunai!! 😛

  79. sasucrap is pawned…lol!

  80. S_U was the original “There is a Kyubbi in Sasuke” theorist, like Smartass said, this theory has been factually disproved, but who the hell cares about facts??? I think that Madara forced Sasuke to fight the Kages so that he would be in a near-death/dying situation because that’s the only place the Sharingan evolves. I think this evolution COULD (just a theory) let him access Kyubbi chakra through extradimensional space (the thing all MS abilities are based off of) just like Madara was able to summon the Kyubbi back at the series’s start (the difference being Sasuke can’t fully summon the Kyubbi because it’s sealed)

    Amatseru is counterable so is Sussano, they are supposedly undefeatable, but they aren’t unavoidable, Amatseru was beaten four times in series (by Jariya, Sasuke, Yammato, and Madara) and Sussano could have probably been similarily avoided/countered if Oro. hadn’t been so surprised by it.

    The rules on elements are Fire > Wind if the two jutsu are EQUAL strength but a Wind Jutsu that is stronger than the Fire Jutsu would win, however Amatseru is the strongest Fire jutsu, you would need more than wind release rasengan.

    On Yammato saying “your in my teritory now” I wonder if it means Madara can’t teleport inside Yammato’s jutsu… It would explain how the First defeated Madara.

  81. A BIT PSICO … ouch …. Why Kishi is turning Sasuke is such an evil character with no hope of redemption?

    If this is truly Sasuke evil nature (not Madara’s control neither a dark version of Susano) …:

    I think he is the ultimate representation of a lost soul. If he would have been able to cope with his pain and forgive, he may have suffered the same, but also would had had some good days with Naruto and Sakura even with Kakashi some other people in Konoha, if he had stopped his vendetta campaign.
    This path of vengeance only has brought more pain to more people.

    On other hand Sasuke is just like many teens, he only can see his own version of the world, he is unable to understand other peoples sufferings, and reasons, so he ultimate see himself and his beloved as the unique victims of the tale.

    I still like the character as a deep one, and a good example of the path that we must never take. Hate, any kind of hate (even toward a character) only brings darkness and suffering to the people who harbor the hate and the people who met them.

  82. @ BOB Siskin is right; it was Yamato who claimed the ownership of the territory referring to the cabin. & GREAT POST, love it!

    @ MART
    It was Shino’s theory (Shannaro author) wrote almost 2 years ago. He said that Kyubi no chakra could have been sealed in 2 vessels, so half (dark of light) could have been sealed into Sasuke just as qwertyuiop said.

    Logic claims not a chance for that theory anymore. But Kishi has been stepping over his own description, clues and old info. That pissed me, Kishi made a lot of contradictories statements latterly, so anything can be true in naruverse now

    @ ALL
    Both Narutofann and Jet Prime may be right. This can be the Bijuu’s chakra canalized by the Gedo Mazo. Remember that Sasuke collaborated with Akatsuki in order to the get power of one bijuu or at least that was Madara’s bargain.

    @ KISU
    u r right about “never killed” issue. I am pissed because Kishi decided to drive Sasuke totally evil. But, if u came to number of killins there wont be a ninja who’s life will deserve to be forgiven; I belive all deserve to live. Anyway we will have to wait until we find out what is the utter meaning of this bizarre changing in Sasuke’s nature.

    Sasuke will die, or the world will believe so. I have said that for long> Sasuke don’t plan to survive.

  83. ….. i can’t wait until naruto kicks SasGay’s ass in like the FINIAL manga.

    here are 12 facts

    Naruto is stronger than saskue

    Saskue dosent kno wat he wants

    Tsunade is still knocked out from a guy who died 20 manga’s ago

    Naruto will never give up on saskue

    Saskue does care that naruto is stronger than him

    Tobi/Madara will die before saskue

    Zetsu is not dead

    Sakura dosen’t kno how to summon Katsua(idk how to spell it), and she really needs to learn

    the Konaha 11 will find saskue and they will kick some Sharingan having, chakra searchin, water manipulating, bipolar curse-mark ASS!!

    the match-up in the fight will be…. Naruto/Sakura/Sai vs Saskue, Hinata/Kiba/Shino vs Karin, Ino/Shikamaru/Choji vs Suigetsu, and Lee/Tenten/Neji vs Juugo

    Suigetsu will not have an easy time getting the sword away form Chojiro(young kid in the seven swords men)


  84. mart1 said the best but i think naruto has the only right to kill sauske and noone else, naruto wil step in and raikage will bow to him

  85. Everyone makes good points, but please read my theory. Starting off with the Uchiha Massacre: Itachi was a double agent who had to kill his Clan to ensure the safety of Konoha from the power-hungry-prideful-Uchihas. I understand that much…I just don’t see why after killing the Clan Itachi didn’t just place Sasuke under a Genjutsu that someone else killed off the Clan and take him with him somewhere. Then later on he could tell him the truth about his mission and let Sasuke figure out what to do from there. Although I can see the problem where Konoha was their village, but still. If Itachi did take Sasuke away then things would not be in the mess they are today. Agree or not?
    Next I want to talk about the whole Sasuke gone evil thing. Sasuke is my favorite character (even though parts where he betrayed his friends and killed unnessissarily ticks me off) but I do agree that he should be punished, Not killed–not slautered–punished. I see why everyone hates Sasuke for what he’s done, and he should not get treated special just because his entire Clan was killed practically right before his eyes. But the problem is this: The Elders have kept this hidden from Sasuke for I don’t know how many years, if Sasuke does want to overthrow them, a war might break out, if Sasuke found out while in the village about the truth he might have left anyway, but that brings me to the point of: Itachi practically threw his life away to protect Konoha and Sasuke was/maybe still is going to/try to destroy it someday. Its just a big circle that you cant break. If you do one thing it will cause something worse and there’s no way to fix it.
    I have more to write later.

  86. @Bushybrow-sama

    How are these facts? Seem to be mere speculation especially the tag team match between Naruto, Sakura, and Sai vs Sasuke, Hinato???, and Shino… Really??? Not happening….

  87. What kind of abilities do you think the Raikage will have? He obviously has speed and strength, and I’m pretty sure that’s lightning surrounding him in the last pic. but there are two other things that should be noted 1. his Dual Shuriken Tattoos (do they act as Summons?) just like his brother’s bull tattoo and 2. His Belt, it looks like that bull statue at enrei-oko (where Sasuke and KillerBee Faught) does he have some connection to bulls or is it just tribute to his brother?

  88. LOL@ TrkStar

    i could seriously bet that these are all facts/statements… even the tag team


    in the photo when naruto is on the floor and Tobi shows up….. it looks like naruto was sucking his thumb LOL

  89. Whoever wrote that Naruto might die and the manga will end at chapter 500, I doubt that’s likely. But any-
    way, no matter how much I hate to admit it: Sasuke is going to get his butt whopped. His team or Naruto probably will have to step in to stop him from going crazier than he already is.
    I really hope he doesn’t go completely evil. That would suck. He’s already misunderstood Itachi’s words enough.
    But then again… What would you do in his situation?
    If you were Uchiha Sasuke and you had wittnesed what had happened to the Clan, left for revenge, got it, killed Itachi, found out that everything he did was to protect the village and his little brother, then figured out that the Elders or whoever never told you any of this… Would you not get so ticked off that you would want to rip them to shreads? Would the anger not temporarily blind you to logic?
    I’m not saying that what Sasuke’s doing it the right thing…but what would you do?

  90. Heres what I think the Raikage will have to rely on his two students to get him out of sasuke genjutsu. But only if Raikage doesn’t have any trick up his sleeve to get out of one. lol!! It’s gonna be a tag match between Rai and his two body gaurd vs Sasuke.

  91. @9tail337….

    wow…he’s a kage smart one….he’s much stronger than saskue anyway, genjutsu can only go so far agaisnt certain opponents..saskue is screwed unless naruto, or his team save him….again

  92. things are interesting but if you read the forum section under naruto theories, go to naruto future spoilers and things are kind of falling into plan what kishis interview revealed

  93. @Smartass, I have to agree with you…again. When it comes to Sasugay, people always overestimate his abilities and underestimate his opponents. Raikage is just that, a KAGE, in other words, he’s stronger than Jonins, and in my opinion, that’s Sasugay’s level. Out of the Konoha 12/11, there’s only 1 kage level Ninja, and that’s Naruto.
    Sasugay- a little below S-rank but slightly above A-rank Jonin
    Sakura- C-rank Jonin
    Sai- B-rank Jonin
    Neji- A-rank Jonin
    Tenten- above-average Chunin
    Rock Lee- C-rank Jonin
    Choji- Chunin
    Shikamaru- C-rank Jonin
    Ino- Chunin
    Kiba- A-rank Chunin
    Hinata- above average Chunin
    Shino- B-rank Jonin
    This is just my opinion based on what I’ve seen of their abilities. In other words, don’t bite my head of JPUA 😉

    @NarutoFan1000, If I was in Sasugay’s position, I would do seppuku (ritual suicide)

  94. @kisu… how can shikimaru be ranked lower than Shino? Shikamaru single-handedly beat an Akat member and on top of that is one of the smartest ninja in the ninja world. he should be A-rank like neji. As for sasuke, I say that he is A rank. I say this because lately his battles have been against near-death opponents (oro, and itachi who btw almost killed sasuke even with a disease and lost only because he didnt want to kill sasuke anyways) and he has had 3 others helping him (killerbee). If not for jugo and karin he would have died within the first 10-20 min of the killerbee fight after being impaled by like 8 swords.

  95. @token, dude, i said in my opinion lol. And isnt the reason for Shikamaru not obvious? Hidan was a great character, but he was incredibly dumb for a ninja. Shikamaru doesn’t have the strength needed to handle ninjas like Kakuzu, ninjas that are powerful AND have brain power as well. Shino on the other hand, has beaten strong opponents, is a good tracker, has never lost a battle, has one of the most versatile type of jutsu, and is a good strategist.

  96. @Smartass,
    Hey don’t forget we don’t know how strong Sasuke have gotten since he got his @$$ whoop by Killerbee. If Sasuke can hold his own aganist Bee who has a bijuu I think he has a pretty good chance against the Raikage. Remember genjutsu can’t work on tail beast host but the Raikage is not a host. The only chance I think to release from a genjutsu is either you have a sharingan of your own to counter it or you have to have other member touch you to disrupt the genjutsu spell. The Raikage has his two bodygaurd watching his back. If you don’t have either your only chance is if you have enough power to overpower your oppenent genjutsu like Naruto had tried against Itachi. Not to mention Sasuke has a new power whatever that shadow thing that was shown the last chapter. Didn’t he say he wanted to try a new trick?

  97. @ kisu: who exactly did shino defeat and who has shikimaru lost to? as dumb as Hidan was he was still a member of Akat. and none of them can be considered pushovers. Shino has not defeated anyone on Hidan’s level. As for 9tail, Sasuke did not hold his own against killerbee. 1v1 he got manhandled twice and only ‘beat’ killerbee by using amaterusu, which actually didnt work like sasuke thought. This new power will be interesting, but I still find sasuke annoying 😛

  98. @token, *sigh* do you think Shikamaru could defeat a strategist like Konkuro? The fact is, Shikamaru only defeated Hidan because he had tons of information on Hidan’s style AND had already set traps BEFORE the battle. If it wasn’t for Pein calling back Kakuzu and Hidan from their first encounter, Shikamaru and the others would be where Asuma is right now, dead. IN MY OPINION, Shikamaru is the second most overrated character in the series (Sasugay is first). As for Shino, most of his wins come from fillers so i wont mention them. And to answer your question, think way back to the Konoha invasion by Oro, Shikamaru lost to those Sound Jonin and would have died if Asuma didn’t intervene. Why did this happen, because he didn’t have info on them PRIOR to the battle (unlike Hidan’s case), Shino (and everyone i listed above shikamaru’s rank) doesn’t need to have info prior to the battle because they can think on their feet (just like Shikamaru) but actually have the STRENGTH to carry out their plan (unlike Shikamaru when he trapped those Sound Jonin). Oh yeah, Shikamaru also lost to Tayuya, and would have been killed if not for Temari’s timely intervention. This loss was also because he didn’t have the strength nor info before the battle, nor the time to set up traps (Hidan was just a lucky break on his part because Pein was the reason Hidan got blown up). Rant over 🙂

  99. Those are valid points. My last comment on this 🙂 Sure shikamaru had time to lay out a trap. But remember he was the one to discover hidan’s secret power. Anime fillers have no bearin gon the manga and remember that Shikamaru has been put in charge of leading out his own team. Shino has not yet led any team for a mission and although hshikamaru would have lost to the sound, that was a long time ago. Ahikamaru has become less lazy and more focused on his mission and the good of the village. And even Asuma and other members have noticed that shikamarus abilites lie not only in his planning but also on the fact that he can stragize 100 steps in advance. Shino may be smart but shikamaru is on a diff level. None of shinos fights involved S-ranks. Rant over 🙂

  100. I think Shikamaru could take Kankuro, but lamely it would probably be in the same way Shino did, through the chakra strings. I also think Shikamaru could win against Shino in a one-on-one fight or team battle.

  101. @kisu: Alright, good point. Sort of crazy, but stil…
    @ everyone: This is really random but what do you think happened to the Haruno Clan? I haven’t ever heard them mentioned. Sakura is pretty much a background character. Anyone know about her Clan? If not I have a weird theory about it if you want to hear…?

  102. NF1000, Sakura’s mom was once heard through a door comforting her about Sasuke (more like saying a much needed MOVE ON WITH YOU LIFE) but other than that nothing has been said, I think they are non-ninjas. I love crazy theories though, let’s here it

  103. has anyone ever wondered what happened to shisuis other half since danzous got one half of his body? Shino vs Shikamaru would be a good fight for some reason il have to go with Shino winning this! maybe its the bugs

  104. shikamaru…is the man!..unless kankuro has sasori for a puppet yay!!

  105. @Yondaime Hokage: I think maybe Tobi got the other half of shisui.

    @mart1: Alright. The Third Hokage ordered Itachi to eliminate the Uchiha Clan, right. So what if he ordered Itachi to do somehting before that? Or if he ordered someone else to carry out a ‘specific’ task? I think its a bit odd we have practically no information about the female member of Team 7. We even know about Kakashi’s background. Anyway, I have this idea in my head that Sakura’s mom adopted her. That Sakura’s real parents are dead (and the dad of her family now as well ’cause i’ve never heard anything about him mentioned). So what if the Third knew something about the Haruno Clan? What if he had ordered them from the Leaf and no one knew which Clan they were ’cause they were forbidden to use thier name? But then what if they were becoming more powerful? Perfecting some super powerful tecnique that rivaled one that of a previous Hokage’s?
    Think about the time of this being right before Sakura was born.
    The Haruno Clan was banished from the Leaf for some reason or another (maybe because they were trying to perfect some untimate jutsu) and they were forced to go to another village not far away so they could be watched. There they kept trying in secret to perfect this jutsu, wanting thier revenge on the Leaf. When they had almost completed the jutsu was when the Leaf finally stepped in. The Third sent someone to destroy the Haruno Clan because they were becoming too powerful and therefore too much of a threat. But only one was left that night. Only one little baby was taken back to the Leaf to a husband and wife who could never tell the truth. All they were told was that their last names were now Haruno, fitting to this child, Sakura Haruno.
    Sakura’s chakra control is exceptional considering what her age and rank are. Maybe she inherited that from her Clan? Maybe that had something to do with what they might have been trying to do? Not saying that Sakura would ever betray the Leaf because she’s too loyal to the place, but maybe a way off curve ball will be thrown and Sakura will go evil and betray someone for some reason or another later in the series?
    Anyway, what do you think? COULD have, maybe have happen or just a very weird idea?

  106. It COULD have happened, however, that doesn’t mean it’s not just a very weird idea, ANY side story COULD have happened in the absence of information, but what purpose does it serve? Why not just have her be a really skilled ninja? We haven’t gotten any backstory on Sakura (besides the Ino thing) because not to many people are interested and there is little eplot relevance.

  107. Sakura = most useful ninja in Naruto history *cough*
    Anyhoo, Shino would defeat Shikamaru. Shikamru’s weakness is in his low chakra, Shino’s bugs devour chakra. Shikamaru has shadow possesion, but what good is that against millions of bugs? Shikamaru is smart, so is Shino. Shikamaru reads his opponents weaknesses, so does Shino (watch the fight with him and Zaku). Shino’s only weakness is just because he isnt too interesting as a character, thus he gets the LEAST screen time. And the anime usually reveals more about characters than the manga does, example: The anime revealed Kimimaro’s, and Zaku’s pasts, while the manga just skipped over this. And in the anime, Shino was give multiple missions AS the team leader. Whether you guys like it or not, the anime IS still a part of the “Naruto” franchise, and it may get annoying at times, but it doesnt stretch the truth about what individual characters are capable of.

  108. one more thing before i forget, the newest databook says “Shino has completed 44 official missions in total: 17 D-rank, 17 C-rank, 9 B-rank, 1 A-rank, 0 S-rank.”

  109. Kisu. Shikamaru’s chakra level’s are low, but he’s still pretty strong, he’s not the ninja he was when he took the chunin exams, he has the trench knifes and the shadow endgame technique to fend off bugs. (http://naruto.wikia.com/wiki/Shadow_Endgame_Technique) but his main advantage is probably that he wouldn’t fall for Shino’s main strategy of planting a female bug. Without that he’s pretty useless. Zaku’s weakness was fairly obvious, and he only had one technique. Shino’s fairly powerful, but he isn’t some super ninja.

    I will admit that Shino is a Chunin, and so he has probably lead a team before, BUT as the creepy and antisocial person he is, he probably isn’t a great leader, and probably doesn’t have required Jounin level of leadership and teamwork skills. Even if he has learned somethings from fillers (which I tend to ignore, because they DO strech the truth on individual character abilities) He is still constantly trying to prove himself to the other kohana 11, showing that he feels unworthy.

    Further more, leadership and teamwork are what Shikamaru specializes in. I think the two ninja are about equal in strength, Shikamaru’s power/ability isn’t obvious like Shino’s, but it’s deffinately there.

  110. Also notice the absence of no S-rank for Shino…. I would have to say that facing against Hidan (as dumb a ninja as he was at times) qualifies as a S-rank mission for Shikamaru wouldn’t you? Also, the Hokage herself has shown confidence in Shikamarus abilites and made him leader for numerous squads. Also, Shikamaru was the very first of the rookie 9 to become a chunnin, which would include Shino. On top of that, the Hokage goes to Shikamaru personally for defensive strategies. And think of this: shikamaru is 1 of 3 ppl who defeated a member of Akatsuki singlehandly ( the other 2 being sasuke, a decent ninja 😛 and Naruto, one of the strongest current ninja) One more thing: Asuma himself, the third hokages flesh and blood, said that Shikamaru has the ability to be hokage. thats a pretty strong statement of Shikamaru’s abilities and how the Leaf village views shikamaru.

  111. o btw here are shikamarus official missions: 8 D-rank, 3 C-rank, 9 B-rank, 19 A-rank, 0 S-rank. SO i guess they dont consider the Hidan battle S-rank, but he has done ALOT of A-rank missions compared to Shinos

  112. @token, yeah, what Asuma says matters..because he’s sooooo strong. He’s so powerful, he let Itachi beat him without breaking a sweat, just so it wouldnt hurt Itachi’s feelings. He’s so strong that he needed a 4 on 1 battle to try and kill Hidan because he wants his teammates to share in the glory. (sarcasm). All your argument is based on potential, but if you remember Mizuki (the ninja Naruto beat up in the first chapter) you’d know that he too, was also considered a genius. Now, lets explore this scenario. Hidan kills Asuma, but Pein decides to let he and Kakuzu stay…hmm.. Shikamaru would be dead now. The only reason he gets more screen time than Shino is because he’s somewhat popular.
    @Shino’s lack of S-rank missions. Dude! going on a mission to captures an Akatsuki member, with that many squads backing you up would hardly classify as an S-rank mission (difficulty-wise), I would classify it as A-rank at best (which is all just speculation). And you talk about being made Chunin, have you forgotten that Shino didn’t get a chance to compete? Kabuto gave up before the match started. In fact if you remember in part 1 ( http://www.onemanga.com/Naruto/9/08/ ), the 3rd says that A-rank missions are for Jonin only, yet Shino has gone on 2 of them, that speaks tremendously for his capabilities. Rant Over.

  113. Not sure if this was brought up yet, too many posts to read through, but doesn’t Sasuke’s rage remind you of someone else, someone his is even friends with? No, I’m not talking about Naruto and his Kyuubi/Roid rage, I’m talking about Juugo. Remember when Team Hawk was fighting Killerbee and Juugo healed Sasuke, using his seal knowing Sasuke’d body would accept it because it had already mastered the Heaven Seal before Itachi sealed it with Sosanoo. Well I think that Juugo’s bloodlust, which we only saw when he first was introduced, might have transferred to Sasuke in a way when he absorrbed Juugo’s chakra/body, whatever. Since this is the first serious fight Sasuke’s been in since he fought Killerbee, it would make sense that that uncontrollable killer instinct would have been awakened till now. And remember that after finding out what Zetsu did, Sasuke said he was especially pissed off.

    Also, this is the first time Sasuke has been truly betrayed since Itachi killed the clan so Zetsu’s actions could have struck that nerve and brought up those old feelings, because let’s admit, the fight with Itachi didn’t go as Sasuke intended and I’m sure the guy still has some bottled up aggression towards Itachi that he is nw taking out on everybody.

    I just thought of another explanation why Sasuke’s chakra is different, he knows that he is one Raikage away from killing Danzo.

    About the Kishi interview the 2 uchiha dieing, do we include Kakashi and Danzo as honorary Uchiha since they have Sharingans??

  114. @Token, this whole thing started because i said in my opinion Shikamaru is a C-rank Jonin. That list i made a few comments up was a list of what they can do ON THEIR OWN in battle. I was quite generous with Shikamaru. I DONT think he could defeat ninjas like Hidan on his own (him defeating Hidan was only because Pein had called Hidan and Kakuzu back and Shikamaru seeing his technique). That’s the fact and there’s no way around it. He didn’t defeat an Akatsuki on his own, he defeated Hidan with the help of Asuma, Kotetsu, Izumo (the three of them protected him and allowed him to analyze Hidan’s abilities) and Pein (he called Hidan back and gave Shikamaru an opportunity to concoct a plan to defeat Hidan). In fact, NO ONE has killed an Akatsuki member on their own, Naruto had the help of Katsuyu, Kakashi, Jiraiya (Kakashi and Jiraiya gained info on Pein’s abilities and Katsuyu relayed it back to Naruto) and the entire village (the village helped by making Pein use up a substantial amount of chakra on his rampage). Remember, Shino has never lost a battle. And him facing Kankuro in part 1, would be like Shikamaru facing a well-experienced Jonin in part 2.
    @Mart, that Endgame w/e only works on an opponent shikamaru can catch and I doubt his aim is good enough to hit every single insect Shino would assault him with. Also, Shino never puts all of his attention into a frontal attack, he always attacks in a way no one expects. AND his insects can gain immunity to an opponents jutsu because of their constant evolution (btw, theses aren’t ordinary bugs).

  115. Kisu. the whole “A-rank are for Jounin” thing is a general rule, look at how many A-rank missions Naruto has been on as a Geninn…. AND even with that general rule, Shikamaru has been on MORE A-rank Missions than Shino. ALSO I don’t think Shikamaru would have lost or be dead neccesarily. 20 teams were looking for Hidan, if the fight had continued, back up would have arrived fairly quickly. My arguement isn’t based on potential, Hidan may have been retarded, but Temari and Tuya (the sound four person), especially Temari, were inteligent ninja that Shikamaru still beat, He did set up traps in Hidan’s fight, but what preplanning did he do against them? none, he used situational things to win such as Naruto’s creator. His jutsu isn’t meant to be used by himself, he does specialize in the Ino-Shika-Cho formation, but imobilization means defeat. Meanwhile, Shino’s opponents both defeated him, Kankuro managed to poison him because he was arrogant about his bugs, and Tobi just teleported out of the Bug Globe like it was nothing (and he was just messing with them) YOUR arguements are based on potential and fillers (which is the same as potential). Shino won all of one fight against a Genin, whileShikamaru beat an S-rank ninja who took out Bijju, Jounin, and other powerful ninja. As retarded as he may have been, Hidan was still much more powerful than Zaku, and while Hidan did kill Asuma, he too relied on his teammate Kakuzu to heal him after he was decapitated.

  116. Kisu… u just said A-Rank r jonin level? Shikamaru has been on 19 A-RANKS! Shino has been on 2! By ur own argument Shino has been on 17 FEWER jonin rank missions. So by ur own argument who has gone on more Jonin level missions? And don’t discount Asuma as weak. Ya he lost to itachi, but didnt kakashi get hospitalized after literally a 10 sec. fight against itachi? So does that mean Kakashi is weak as well? Also Tsunade cannot be considered a stupid person….. and she herself goes to Shikamaru personally for strategies. Where does shino fit in there? And y do u keep going to the first part of Naruto? ALOT has happened since than. AS for your scenario ya they would be dead… but there are numerous scenarios of what if’s lol. What actually happened is Shikamaru analyzed the previous battle, seperated the 2 and defeated an Akat. by himself. If you argue this please disprove my Jonin points and stop refering to the first 100 chapters of Naruto and get more present based. The skill levels of all the Ninja have improved and the ranks of these said ninja are slightly different.

  117. @ kisu and mart, i personally agree w/ kisu about Shino vs Shika, and also agree w/ him on anime has to b taken into acount too (Jugo’s history was also explored more in depth in the anime than the manga) and it doesn’t stretch things too much, the characters w/ anime-only attacks either have had few battles in the manga, so therefore leaving their true potential unknown unless u add the anime to the mix, or they seem like somthig that would really happen (Neji’s 128 Palms and Mountain Crusher, ie his 2 most brutal attacks, r anime only)
    PS, computer’s busted, read my comment on kisu’s fanfic to learn more about my situation

  118. Btw info is useful to gather, but if you dont have the skills to defeat someone based on the information gathered its a pretty moot point isn’t it? I mean if sakura knew all about pein’s abilities she still would not have taken him down. Naruto was able to because besides the info gathered, he had the skills and abilities to defeat Pein. Information from previous battles is necessary for defeating enemies. And although the 3 had help killing the Akatsuki by themselves, Naruto went toe to toe vs pain, Sasuke killed oro and itachi (although imo itachi doesnt really count… he would have won if he wanted to) and Shikamaru seperated Hidan from Kakuza and he went against Hidan by himself in that forest.

  119. on a different note one question I have is it look slike the white zetsu is dead… but Madara brought the other one with him and yet when he gets captured there is no zetsu…. and th ebackground somewhat looks like zetsu? could zetsu be like a parasite of some sort and whoever he ‘leeches’ onto becomes more powerful? Just a thought. O and I’m not sure hawk was aware of the zetsu invasion because one of them says that he wants to kill him, making me assume that this was not part of the original plan. And is Tobi really Madara? SO far he says he is and he has a sharingan, however after the past few chapters the sharingan is becoming alot more common these days 😛 And the way he responded to kakashi’s response makes me wonder… Is this really madara?

  120. There are two other points I would like to make

    1. Shino might, probabley not, but might be able to take on Hidan like Shikamaru did, but, there is no way he could have subtely trapped Hidan OR tricked him into killing one of Kakuzu’s hearts.

    2. It’s okay to CONSIDER anime fillers, BUT in this case, the Manga states shino is creepy and the least popular among the rookie 9/12 while the anime says he has lead teams (which is reasonable even without the anime because he is a chunin) BUT even if he has lead teams, it doesn’t mean he is a good leader, especially with his personality.

  121. @Token, didnt u read my previous comment? “That list i made a few comments up was a list of what they can do ON THEIR OWN in battle”. In all the Shikamaru matches you’ve stated, he has only won 1 of them (by setting up traps and having a well-researched cheat-sheet that cost his sensei’s life to get), he always gets his opponent trapped, BUT he always runs out of chakra or their brute force overpowers him. In a battle between the two, lets say Shikamaru captures Shino in his Shadow w/e jutsu, you DO know that the bugs will still be able to move, right? My point is “Shikamaru cant win a fight on HIS OWN on the first try”, something that ninja are SUPPOSED to do. You aren’t suppose to see the same ninja twice if you encounter them in battle.
    @team leading, THAT ISN’T THE POINT I WAS TRYING TO MAKE! the whole point of this is Shino is stronger in combat than Shikamaru. In fact, Shino would defeat him in battle.
    @A-rank missions, even though it was stated in Part 1, that’s the general guideline. And you cant use the A-rank missions to judge who’s better, I only mentioned that to show that Shino IS skilled enough to go on A-rank missions. (example of why you cant judge; Yugito Nii (two tailed jinchuriki) went on “260 A-rank, 34 S-rank”, and Itachi (who is stronger than Hidan) went on only “0 A-rank, 1 S-rank”. Though these stats show their skill-level BECAUSE they went on S-rank missions, it doesn’t show who’d win in a fight. Now the reason you guys are so strongly objecting to Shino being stronger than Shikamaru is just because he’s pretty weird and gets so little screen time *sigh*.

  122. Kisu dont say that u can’t use the A rank missions to judge whos because u used it first lol!
    ” In fact if you remember in part 1 ( http://www.onemanga.com/Naruto/9/08/ ), the 3rd says that A-rank missions are for Jonin only, yet Shino has gone on 2 of them, that speaks tremendously for his capabilities. Rant Over.”
    U yourself said A-rank speaks “tremendously” to Shino’s capabilities, so 19 should speak more so to shikumaraus. As for y i object to him being stronger is well on top of being prominent in many discussions and strategies WITH THE HOKAGE, Shikamaru has been shown in combat with numerous dangerous, strong ninja. Lately, Shino has not been in a fight with anyone (Madara does not count since Shino failed at catching him) so until SHino is shown facing someone of Akatsuki caliber skills, Shino will be second place to shikamaru in my mind. All these assumptions of what he can do is moot. Shikamaru has shown his potential and he HAS defeated high class ninja, Shino has not been shown to do anything signficant so until proven otherwise he has not. Im done with this topic lol Rant over FINALLY

  123. Kisu. Shino did beat that bell girl, one on one while she had intell on him and he had none on her. He also effectively beat temmari becuase his goal wasn’t to win but to get promoted in the least amount of battles. I would counter your shikamaru bashing, but oh wait shino hasn’t done anything outside of fillers. He’s won one fight, but otherwise been useless. I have no prejudice against Shino, I simply think that Shikamaru is as strong or stronger. However, it’s your oppinion, and unless the two fight eachother or the same opponent, it’s fairly hard to judge. I’m going to respect your earlier request and just drop it… for now at least, I think I’m going to do a fan fic. about it.

  124. what does the japanese symbols on the 4th’s Jacket mean?

  125. I dont think shika will be stronger than shino, i believe they are just equally strong…unless maybe a fair match will be given to them…based on the the previous fights we have seen, many underdogs ends up victorious…one is naruto vs gaara, another is neji vs that spider ninja…so previous achievements are no guarantee that in a present battle, the one who fought more A-ranks will win…
    We should take note some advantages they have over the other

    intelligence- both of them are good tacticians, and they always take advantage the weakness of their opponent, but shikamaru seems shows expertise on this area

    Techniques-shino is advantageous on this area, since shadow binding and techniques associated to it are useless without the presence of light…
    covering the source of light by bugs would delimit the ability of shadows

    chakra – shino again is advantageous on this area, since bugs do gather and eat chakra.

    mobility- shika is advantageous on this area, since shadow binding works well with speed, so he train his body to seemingly fast to take advantage of his ability

    surveillance- shino gets this area…he can gather data more than that with shika…his bugs can track chakra that in turn give him datta about the opponent

    range-shino has an advantage on this area…since shadow works only at limited range, long range battle will give shino a greater chance to defeat shika

    information- shino again is advantageous, he is very secretive that seldom seen to share some of his abilities, thus, will let shika more time to analyze his moves

    from the above analysis, shino seems advantageous over shika…but then no one can tell who is stronger until they will fight face to face. As what jiraiya noted, the measure of a ninja is not on the number of techniques he knows but on his attitude to never give up to whatever obstacles he should face…

  126. if you exclude Ino. then Shikamaru is weakest of Konoha 12. he has intelligence, but he is weak.

  127. The next Naruto Shippuden Episode is already up at another site, and trust me its way better than this one if you want all the scence.

  128. Good Afternoon. This is my first post. I’ve greatly enjoyed reading everyone’s theories! I just want to know why Madara wants to talk to Naruto? Sure he’s interested in how Naruto changed Pain, but what is his real purpose? Madara always has some scem planned behind every action he makes. I wonder if he want’s to make some type of deal w/ Naruto? Does he believe Naruto can save Sasuke? Madara would not want to do anything that would lead to Naruto dieing, b/c he needs him to carry out his plans. I just do NOT want Naruto to die!

  129. i think that the figure around sasuke was just dark chakra that symbolized his anger and rage

  130. the true ending madrea unchia will end up takeing sauskes body and try to destroy kohone and his true goal wit the tailed beasts is to create the umtilmate justea that ends war and destrustion but amazingly naruto will in up stopeing him he will master the power of the nine tail fox alows him not to be affected by sharigan users long as he masterd the beast and itacias incounter wit naruto paied off he end up giveing him the power to counter gunjitau anmyoues tip from special preson

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