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TFGC Part 4

This will be my last The Future Generation Characters post and I will start the story. FINALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!

Naruto and Ino’s Child.

Name: Regai Uzumaki

Age: 14

Element(s): Wind, Fire, and Earth

Specializes in: Rasengan

Rank: Jonin

Bio: Regai is a very tough boy. He can defeat 51 opponents in less than 2 minutes without tiring. Even though he’s tough, that’s only on the outside. On the inside, he’s very sweet and kind. He’s pretty smart too. He is very spiritual and meditates everyday. He likes to be alone with his thoughts, because he has too many and it affects his battle style and everything. He has ADD and can’t stay attentive for more than 12 minutes at a time. The reason he meditates is to keep him focused. It’s bad that he can’t focused, because he has many missions and they take a very long time to explain. He has a very large chakra reserve and has very good chakra control. He has mastered the Rasengan more than his father. He has also made a few more Rasengan’s…

Techniques: (Not All) Rasengan, Shadow Clone Jutsu, Rasengan Cannon, Rasengan Blast, Wind Style: RasenShuriken, Fire Style: Flaming Rasengan, Fire Style: Gigantic Flame Rasengan, Earth Style: Muddy Rasengan, Earth Style: Mud Wall, Fire Style: Fireball Jutsu.

Kiba and Tenten’s Child.

Name: Ciba

Age: 14

Element(s): –

Specializes in: Jutsu with her dog Cibimaru

Rank: Chunin

Bio: Ciba is a very bright girl. She enjoys denominating guys like Harun. She is very cheerful and loves to be around people. She knows a lot more about being ninja than most others. She has a dog partner, Cibimaru, that is a puppy of Akamaru. She’s a very loyal to her partner, and vice-versa. Ciba doesn’t think of herself as Cibimaru’s master, but a loyal companion. She hates when people never take care of their animals. She takes Cibimaru to her father everyday. She sometimes regrets going to him with Akamaru’s puppy, especially on September 3rd. The reason for this is because Akamaru died 2 years ago on September 3rd. Ciba has fairly good chakra control and an average chakra reserve.

Techniques: All-Fours Jutsu, Tunneling Fang, Ripping Fang, Man-Beast Transformation, Fang Over Fang, Wolf Fang Over Fang, Slashing Claws, Dynamic Marking (Cibimaru), Multi Shadow Clone Jutsu, Transformation Jutsu.


These are the children of Shino, Neji, and Choji.


Name: Vager Akamichi

Age: 5

Element(s): –

Specializes in: –

Bio: Vager is a very aggressive boy. He doesn’t get along with anybody. He despises everybody around him. Not much is known about him.

Techniques: –


Name: Hesala Hyuga

Age: 10

Element(s): –

Specializes in: Gentle Fist

Rank: Academy Student

Bio: Hesala is a very beautiful girl. She is very smart too. She was able to learn and master the Gentle Fist in 3 weeks. She relies on Gentle Fist too much, so she isn’t very good at long range attacks. She is still a capable fighter without any long range experience. She is very friendly, as are most 10 year olds in the Academy.

Techniques: Gentle Fist, Rotation, 361 Palms, 64 Palms, 128 Palms, Mountain Crusher, Empty Palm


Name: Shiba Aburame

Age: 3

Element(s): –

Specializes in: Crying (lol)

Rank: –

Bio: Shiba is a very small 3 year old. He’s very small for his age. He can walk and everything. He can even use the Destructive Bugs in his body to help him reach things. Sadly, nothing else is known about him.

Techniques: –

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  1. πŸ˜‰ First

    Good job

  2. No first posts! Bob will rip your head off πŸ˜›
    Anyway, awesome post! good to see a series thats survived! πŸ˜€ Like to hear more about the babies some time!

  3. ……..ok……….
    i kinda like it

  4. @Hokage

    That’s Okay, you don’t have to like it :p

  5. Okay, so, I’m the only ones who’s head gets bitten of! >_<

    I have seen 2 maybe 3 other people in the last week do it. Why am I the only one who gets noticed!?

  6. @pain theclown

    no that not it is just kinda welll the coples dont make sense naruto and ino??????????
    kiba and tenten???????????

  7. @naru
    i did notice it know that u mentoed it

  8. What the hell? No offence but this sucks! Naruto and ino’s kid has ADD but spends time meditating? Try and get someone with ADD to even sit still to begin with. Chakra control would be at a minimum. Plus where do ino’s genes come in? As far as the others go, what the hell? But I have faith you’ll create something cool… I hate TFGCs too… Now

  9. interresting…
    Everyone, be quiet about the blog. Yes you have your opinions about but try being a little more mature about it.
    Al the next gen have the views of the author and thats what matters. Plus all of them are kinda the same couples(i’m no exception). Its good to see something different.

  10. @madzi


    Okay, whatever, you have your own opinions. But, I do agree, the ADD was a big mistake. Sorry, I don’t know why I put that on.


    Thank you.


    I’m sorry, but I couldn’t think of anymore match-ups. Sorry that these match-ups suck!

  11. i am not trying to be an ass about it but thats just how i see it.

  12. honestly i like most of you other blogs this is just one i didnt like and wanted to let you know.

  13. That’s fine

  14. ok we are cool right?

  15. Yep

    We’re cool

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