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Naruto Chapter 460 is Out!!!!


I’m a bit disappointed by the Samurai *sigh*


59 Responses


  2. THIS IS REALLY GETTING INTENSE!!! Looks to me like Sasuke’s “EVIL” chakra is starting to fully emerge.

  3. doesn’t that look like 4-tails kyuubi to anyone else? maybe eye of the moon means that all the uchiha are all really werewolves or demons hahah

  4. OMG, I can’t wait to see the Raikage whoop Sasuke’s ass! I mean I tried to give Sasuke some credit but he has really gone to far and snapped, and he killed people on purpose so I am on the Raikage’s side! I think Sasuke chakra is changing because he is started to give in to evil and hatred and he has finally killed people! I also kinda think he is being controlled by Madara, maybe he is using his sharingan to control him.

    And why is Tobi/Madara saying Madara’s name like that, maybe he does have split personalities or something!

    Is it me or does Raikage look super cool! I hope he kicks Sasukes teeth in, because he diserves it!

  5. I have to admit it does look like the Kyuubi standing behind Sasuke but I don’t think it is, maybe just a demon because if you look at it’s shoulders it look like it has spikes or somethinkg on them. I really don’t think Sasuke somehow has the Kyuubi inside him because we would have seen some kind of signs and if he does I will be pissed off!

    I really think Naruto need to go train somemore because I just think Kishi is making Sasuke look super strong and I want Naruto to look like that, so come on teach him the Flying ThunderGod Tech. and some wind techniques or something because I am tired of the shadowclones and Rasengan!

  6. wow this is intense!! can’t wait!!
    and wonder what happened that made Sasuke snapped to the dark side.. he really did actually killed people!! when he’s the one advocating ‘incapacitate but don’t kill’ his enemies.
    wow woww wowww.. and wonder what Madara is gonna talk about.. excitiiiiiiiiinggg!!

  7. and yeah.. abit disappointed with the samurais.. all hype and no substance 😛 .. at least by the look of it

  8. @yellowflash2

    i totaly agree with you on the moves thing, there is only so much a person can do with shadow clones and rasengan
    and if naruto learns the flying thunder god technique…. there will be no stoping him and HOPEFULLY that technique is a kekke genkai so he can automatially learn it so he can match the movements of Madara/tobi


    …that is all…

    Nauro rules

  9. it seems like you all want sauske to get his ass kicked.Even though that aint going to happen he is probable going to use a new jutsu thats why that thing is behind him or he is going to use Susanoo

  10. Sometimes I hate Naruto. It gets to the really good stuff at the end and then leaves you hanging, wanting more. SOB lol

    Anyways, the whole Madara talking to Naruto is going to be another lovely story that takes forever to finish, and I’m sure by the time Madara’s done talking he’ll escape unharmed and lead Naruto and company to the battle at hand.

    As for Sakura, Sai, and the rest of the teams, they’ll come along sometime during this arc and talk to Naruto before he does anything, and I’m quite sure that Naruto will still hold onto his promise to try and save Sasuke still. I mean with his whole new outlook on the future of the entire ninja world, he’s going to try and stay as diplomatic as he possibly can. That is assuming Madara’s talk about Sasuke and Sakura’s touchy talk to him won’t sway him.

    The fight between Raikage and Sasuke… Sasuke’s going to get a major ass-whooping, that’s for sure. He practically almost died from the fight with Killer-Bee, so facing his brother and Kage no less will be more intense. But then again, the Raikage is using his rage to fuel him for this fight, so there will be some mistakes on his part, even if he is a Kage. Raikage will definately give Sasuke the beating I’ve been asking for, but Sasuke’s going to do a complete 180 and come out on top. Raikage will either be critically injured or possibly dead (I don’t think this is likely but hey anything’s possible here).

    I’ve had this creeping feeling that Sasuke’s just going to get sucked in deeper and deeper into the dark side and I can definately see it happening now. I think the demon behind him was the Kyuubi, but I think it was more symbolic than anything literal. The Kyuubi symoblizes an entity that is both powerful and evil, and Sasuke is well on his way to becoming just that.

    If Naruto actually gets to see Sasuke again this time around… get ready for some crazy shit to go down lol

  11. @kunai i think killerbee is more stronger than the raikage but then again we will find out next week

  12. Guys, have you thought of this? Maybe that thing behind Sasuke was Zetsu. Don’t forget that Zetsu split in half. Though the white part went with team hawk, the black part stayed with Madara. However, Madara was with Naruti, Kakashi and Yamato. The dark Zetsu was not with him. So it stands to reason that the dark Zetsu may be with Sasuke. Maybe also because the light side Zetsu was killed that the dark side can now operate unrestrained.

    I think the answer to this mystery lies with Zetsu.

  13. @yellowuchiha: Wow, I actually forgot that Killer-Bee had the 8-tails in him *slaps self*
    You’re probably right lol
    But still, Raikage isn’t a push over either so yeah…

  14. @Yellouchiha, Kirabi (or the Hachibi) stated that the Raikage is stronger than his little brother.

  15. @kaldun prime, I see what u mean about dark zetsu. Personally, I’d prefer that to the he’s suddenly awakened the dark side, I mean it would be as un-credible as star wars ep. 3 how anakin suddenly becomes evil which was bull. I hope he’s been infected by some zetsu spores or something. And of course killerBro won’t kill sasuke

  16. ‘samurai’ seems to translate into ‘b*tch of sharingan’ I mean if its not mifune falling into danzou’s technique, they r getting so pwnd by sasuke.

  17. I really do not understand how so many people are like, “Sasuke gonna get his ass wiped” did anyone see how he destroyed ALL the Samurai, the same Samurai trusted to protect 5 Kage level ninja and Trusted to step in battle if, the Kage’s where attacked, or attacked each other!! Everyone looks back to his fight with KillerB but its obvious this isn’t the same Sasuke as there, Sasuke was promised a Tailed Beast by Madara and instead it looks like some demon took him over, but why does Sasuke’s Chakra change? Without the Curse Seal…. So far all that is known of the Raikage’s power is that he uses super Strength like Tsunade and Electrically Fused attacks…. I just hope Sasuke can use Sasoona, if he can say good bye to the Rai cause he can be as strong as all the kages combined Sasuke cannot be touched!!

    So the Fight may be less one sided then anyone here is giving credit for… Its weird that Suigetsu is the one that says he shouldn’t kill, when earlier it was the other way around… but Sasuke was an intruder so the Samurai had the right to attack him, and since they attacked him he had the right to defend himself and attack back!! he may be in the wrong but if Sasuke didn’t defend himself he would be dead. I don’t see how this is different from Kakashi attacking trying to kill Zabuza and killing Haku, Killing is the way of the Ninja (maybe not in Naruto’s happy head) but it is. If Akatsuki was like a Nation, land of Darkness (for example) then all that is happening is following orders.

    Look I am not trying to defend Sasuke, He has finally embarrassed his darker side (no matter how it originated) he is being consumed by darkness, something Naruto may understand, when he gave himself to the Kuuybi to go 4 tails and above!! I think this connection may be how Naruto can help him, or even be the turning point. maybe letting Naruto see he must kill Sasuke to free him from himself..

    Naruto Madara chat, hmmm, maybe try bend him like he did Sasuke by telling them the story of something important, like the Kuuybi origins or something….

    Sorry about the long comment 😀

  18. @KaldunPrime – I agree with the Zetsu dark side view. Not sure how but I think he is involved.

    With regards to the samurai being disappointing, I think we should keep in mind that these are foot soldier samurai. Just like all the villages have random ninja floating around they also have the badass S-Class Ninja. I’m sure Iron Mountain has some cards up it’s sleeve.

    On the whole a good chapter, now can we see some proper ass whoopin’s!!!

  19. Does anyone get the panel with the mizukage and Aoi? If you do please fill me in. I mean why were they referencing kakashi?

  20. @pein0avenue yea i know sauske is going to win but maybe its just me and you that think that.and it most likely is Susanoo or a new justsu like i stated above

  21. maybe the new dark Chakra sauske has gives him the ability to controll the tailed beastes

  22. @madzikage i really dont know

  23. Its looking more and more likely that tobi is just an ex-mizukage with madara’s sharingan. I mean that whole thing with kakashi he didn’t admit he was madara.
    @tawuya, I totally agree with u about the samurai, good point, they’re probably chunin and jounin level and sasuke is clearly kage level now.

  24. @kisuzachi how is the Raikage stronger than killer bee who has full controll of the 8 tails and if he is stronger there is a huge power gap between the 9 tails and the 8 tails. but it was said in a side note that the raikage was stronger on the magna and we know how kish likes too disclaim the side notes

  25. Wow really crazy, what will happen, the real question is who is naruto going to fight after tobi tells his story, danzou might have more enemies now

  26. It’s hard to say but i don’t think sasuke will get beat up like every body wanted to be cuz the fight with killer bee wasn’t really a full fight i meant sasuke is still weaken when he fought itachi, as of now this is how we determine how strong sasuke really is i meant he had a full rest and some extra arsenal on him… and plus sasuke is always been a smart ninja he wont go to a battle were he thinks hes going to lose. compromising hes position means he really is confident to hes new found abilities,,,…
    I cant wait to see the next chapter

  27. !!!!!!!!!! INPORTANT !!!!!!!!!!

    The demon creature behind Sasuke could be that summon that Pein used 2 seal all of the bijuu. Madara could have already started syncronising Sasuke with it. If u remember back 2 when we saw Nagato summon it he was in a fit of rage so had dark feelings and intent inside of him. Even tho Sasuke hasn’t got a legitamate feeling (i believe) he still has those feelings inside of him so those feelings could be the trigger of the beginning of the syncronising.

    Soz if this point has already come up but i didn’t bother reading all of the comments.

    Also I believe that Madara might be controlling Sasuke with his Genjutsu. They need the guy with the Byakugan 2 tell although it may not work with madara.

  28. Ok chapter. Not much to say about it. Sasuke and Raikage SHOWDOOOWWWWNNNN and Naruto learns some stuff.

  29. @yellowUchiha, I’ll tell you once Bob-sama does his thing ;D

  30. @kisuzachi ok then we can go back and fouth about this chapter ;D

  31. WOW!!! Everybodys waiting for Sasukes demise. Wat happened to ur love for him huh?! I honestly dont see a problem with Sasuke taking life. Shikamaru took life (sorta). Do u hate him? Sasukes pissed about Itachi!! His whole life hes spent time with anger. Do you honestly think now wen hes so close to avenge his bro, his clan, hes gonna show restraint. Oh and FYI you guys dont say crap about Naruto wen he goes Tailed and is anger driven and makes mistakes but wen Sasuke does it, its diff cuz “Sasuke can stop but doesnt. Sasuke isnt thinkin str8.”

  32. @ josh, not everyone is waiting for sauske`s demise i think sauske is going to kick alot of kage ass next chapter

  33. wow cant wait 2 c sasuke fight wif raikege…..i think sasuke will win …the match ….. long life sasuke…

  34. Josh – People have been hating Sasuke for a while now! there is even a whole blog dedicated to it, (i am not one of them though). People on this place usually have mixed standards for the characters, like I said earlier, Killing is part of being a ninja, but Sasuke is becoming darker and darker and the same people that said “Well maybe he will come back” are looking at him now and thinking he cannot come back now, so what is his future, can he live as a missing nin forever, No Konoha 11 will see to that, can he come back? not if he gets to Danzo and or kills the Raikage, can he die? well that seems most likely at this time though

  35. Either we’re going to be given insight as to how exactly a tailed beast is “born” through Sasuke or he has somehow been infected by 8 Tails chakra…

  36. sweet!!! chapter man

    @p0a i see what u mean sasuke is never coming back to the leaf

  37. Hmph! Killing the “Friendly with no intent to kill” half of Zetsu…IT’S AN INJUSTICE I TELL YOU

  38. As for Sasuke beign able to “regain” his honor or whatever and being able to comeback. Look at this, if he kills the Raikage then its a big NO. The land will hate Konoha and it might be a war

  39. uh sorry but THEY KILLED ZETSU? Hell’s no. he’s waaay too strong to die. He survived this long Madara wont let him go

  40. My money is on madara saving sasuke at the last minute. I mean sasuke just kicking raikage’s ass seems farfetched. If it were to happen he wouldn’t have enough chakra left to effectively face danzou, fo and turune.

  41. @Josh: you don’t mind Sasuke taking life, and others don’t mind taking Sasuke’s life. there is more reason to hate him than to like him.

    now for the shadow; may be it is to symbolize something. may be by using Sharingan for evil purpose Sasuke has given himself to the insanity of the Sharingan. the shadow looks like a fox may be because Sharingan was related to Kyuubi.

    another thing is that Naruto will be standing on the edge. because Sasuke wants everyone to die who will stand in his way. on the other hand, Naruto wants everything to end peacefully. their view is complete opposite. that’s where Naruto has to pass the ultimate test; to stop Sasuke or to let him destroy.

  42. i think there is one thing everyone else is forgetting and thats killerbee. we haven heard anything about him in a long time now.

    i suspect he will show up in the middle of this fiasco, possibly while his brother is fighting sasuke. what will happen then is anyone’s ball-game.

    and as far as sasuke, i think the curse mark he had has finnaly taken its toll. if im not mistaken he no longer has the mark, but dont forget the effects it would have had on sasuke and he used it an awefull lot over the course of the last arc or 2.

  43. Man this is serioulsy frustrating I want raikage to win but i don’t want sasuke to lose
    Man this is intense

  44. i think sauske`s about to finish off the raikage but naruto comes and stops him

  45. Madara’s going to play Naruto, get him to leave Sasuke, but Naruto won’t fall for it. Sasuke’s going to lose, the Raikage is stronger than KillerBee, because he can beat KillerBee as stated by killerBee. The Mizukage referenced Zabuza because he attacked the Mist but lived until he met Kakashi and Team. My biggest revelation was WTF’s with Sasuke? Was S_U right? maybe, or it could just be an MS/EMS thing (we don’t know exactley how they work yet…)

  46. @mart1 i agree with everything except sauske losing

    vist my page http://amarp25.wordpress.com/

  47. I hope Sasuke Kicks everyones ass.

  48. this chapter’s finally showing some action. Although it would’ve been cool if the samurai gave sasuke a run for his money..but then again maybe if the armored warriors went again someone else other than sasuke then that would be possible.

    I’m not sure who should win in the sasuke/raikage fight, but someone does need to knock some sense into sasuke and who better than the ever-smash-bash-happy raikage himself =)!

    That was a bit freaky the way tobi showed up at Naruto’s place just like that. Can’t wait to hear what he has to say to our hero.

    On another note, I have a theory about tobi/madara and danzo. I know I know, everyone’s heard like a million of these but I’m not sure if anyone pointed toward this one yet or not so sorry if this sounds repetitive and crazy:

    since madara’s been living for a long time, he must have had to reserve a lot of chakra and/or used someone’s body or heart like kakuzu and orochimaru.
    Remember when aoi noticed danzo had shisui uchiha’s sharingan and arm? Well, what if the rest of shisui’s body has been absorbed by madara/tobi? It doesn’t seem likely that danzo and madara are working more like the opposite. Danzo probably found what was left of shisui and absorbed without anyone noticing and didn’t know that madara had the other half (pretty disturbing actually using a person’s body like that).

    so it could be that both tobi/madara and danzo each have shisui’s sharingans and are using them to control others while fulfilling their devious motives in the ninja world.

  49. @mart1; u r the truth mate! Thanx 4 clearing up that mizukage thing 4 me.
    As an aside its pretty cool the way the whole ‘alliance’ thing went outta the window, not one kage has even bothered to step up and help the raikage I mean even sending one bodyguard each… What asses! Haha

  50. EVERYONE! That spirit behind Sasuke is that statue of the akatsuki that sucks up the Bijuu! Well, kind of similar since Sasuke is supposely the chosen one for it other than Nagato.

  51. Okay, listen, I didn’t have time to read all of the comments.

    This is what I can gather though…

    1) Zetsu did not die! We haven’t even seen anything he can do. That would just make him a useless character.

    2) That “Evil Chakra” is probably just an image of his Killer Intent.

    3) The Raikage is clearly not as strong as his brother, Killer Bee. But, there actually is a HUGE gap between the Eight-Tailed Ox and the Nine-Tailed Fox. But, Killer Bee is stronger than his brother. He wouldn’t be stronger if he couldn’t control the Biju inside him.

    4) @madzi

    The Ao, Chojiro, and Mizukage panel is about Sasuke, not Kakashi. Idk why it says he killed Haku and Zabuza.

    That is all. Thank you for reading my dumb*ss comment. 😉

  52. @ptc thanks for supporting me with killerbee stronger than rasikage and that there is a huge powergap between the 8 tails and the 9 tails

  53. Some things are still left unanswered. The fact that killerbee is still alive and that the sharingan can control the kyuubi. Sasuke did meet the kyuubi (hint**hint**)

  54. Oh and im beginning to question Madara technique. It must have something to do with Zetsu or Danzo. Sorry If i spell any names wrong

  55. It doesnt look like the naruto series will have a fairytale ending with sasuke returning and sakura loving him. At this point sasuke has about a .03% chance of returning. If i calculated correctly.

  56. As always its almost impossible to say what’ll happen in the near future.

  57. ……. i hate saskue……

  58. @reborn
    Actually, Sasuke is likely to die. I dont know why but i have a feeling thst it is. No one wants to forgive him, cept the konoha 11
    Killerbro wants his head on his trophy case and Danzo wants him 6 feet under.
    Thats two out of 5 kages. He might end up attacking the Mizukage, Garra has his own problem,s but he wont kill him cuz of Naruto

  59. @Reborn

    the sharingan may have the power to control the kyubi, but the kyubi is locked away inside naruto. all he may be able to do is stop naruto from using its powers.

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