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End of Peace 7: The Oldest Enemy, The Newest Threat.

post author: pein0avenue

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Before the age of Shinobi, even before the Senju and Uchiha clans ruled the world with their power.

Two Children where born to the lands, One would be known as the founder of Ninjutsu and all modern Ninja he was the Sage of Six Paths, the other was, forgotten by history but not to his family, they adopted his name to be remembered through out history, Sarutobi.


When the Sage defeated Sarutobi in battle, he decided to whip out all remembrance of Sarutobi but he decided to bring the clan together under his leadership, he thought the people his ninjutsu and how to control their Chakra. He was unable to shake the idea of Sarutobi being alive somewhere gathering power, the Sage Died and spreading his elemental chakra throughout the world.

100 Years Ago, Madara and the 1st Hokage do battle.

Madara seemed to have died, but what the 1st didn’t know was. A forgotten man stood watching them. He used his power, to revive him.


30 Years Ago

Sarutobi: Ah, Danzo, you seek power, I seek power but, even if I try to take power now, I will be unable to. One ninja no matter how strong can defeat nations, that is why the Sage spread his energy and spent his time training others, he knew by the time my full power returned, his message would of spread through this lands and made it impossible for me to take control.
Danzo: I may have a way to gain support, but we will have to get them young within one Generation you will have your chance.
16 years ago

Madara: I know you are lying to me, Zetsu. I know all the ninja of these lands but you are a mystery. Why is that?
Zetsu: That is a fine way to treat someone that saved your life.
Madara: That is what bothers me, and yet you haven’t aged and I still haven’t seen the extent of your jutsu…
12 Years Ago

Zetsu changes to reveal himself as Sarutobi,

Sarutobi: I cannot believe I had to save you like that Danzo, have you given, Root the orders to follow me?
Danzo: Yes, but what will you do with me?
Sarutobi stands staring at Danzo
Sarutobi: You where greedy, you wanted to rule the world, and you nearly ruined my plans. Your usefulness has come to an end.


This is my shortest post but it is because its more about seeing how I thought of a new enemy and not just bring the old ones back to life 🙂 but it is difficult to introduce enemies out of no where so I created this short story to introduce the main enemy, all others will be shown in the rest of the story.