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The Jashinist: The Purge of the Faithful

post author: pein0avenue

On a Hill outside a small Village a dark Ninja stands, please by the torment he has inflicted to the people below, the cries of their loved ones only help him enjoy this moment even more, he smiles and carves on a nearby rock.
“This world is given to the strong and faithful, the weak suffer and die for the glory of the Jashin”

He thinks to himself: How my life has changed.

10 Years Earlier


The Hot Springs Villages Leader stand speaking to the people.

The Leader: For how long will we allow our people to suffer under the laws of the Jashin, can we continue to sacrifice our peoples needs, No!!
The crowd begin to buzz with people talking.
“Can we really do that” “What about the oath we made?”

In the crowd a young boy stands with his father.


Father: It seems our lives are gonna be changing Hidan.
Young Hidan: but father, what about being a ninja. I have just begun my training.

The Leader begins to speak again.
“We will still have ninja to protect us, but we will no longer fight under the symbol of the Jashin, this will be our new symbol.”


“We will no longer kill during the graduation exams. I want to bring peace to this land”

Again the crowd being buzz with whispers.
“I do not believe it” “We will be free” “No more suffering”

An old Priest dress in black and reds walks onto the platform speaking by the leader.

Priest: Do not listen to this man! Do you really wish to invoke the Anger of the Jashin. Each of you have made the Oath, with your own blood.


In the crowd, Hidan quietly whispers to his father
Hidan: Oath of Blood?
Father: You have not made the pledge, my son, when we took you the priests denied your blood, they said your blood need not be tainted for you shall use all other blood to bring the Jashin glory but it seems you will not need to have that task on your shoulders.
The old priest seems to stare right at Hidan, but then moves his eyes over the crowd.

Priest: Please do not provoke him…
Leader: Your an old fool, yes I have given my blood to this so cool god of yours, We where all promised immortality for our service, and yet, we die. Tell me how that happens!
Priest: Maybe your faith is not strong enough.
Leader: That may be but I am now the Leader of this Village and I say we throw away our old barbaric rituals, and start a new generation. You are forbidden from this Village, All Jashinist will be banished, I will no longer tolerate your kind here.

With that 4 ANBU agents stand by the Leader. Ready to defend him against the Priest.

Priest: I know when I have lost, my only regret is to tell you all that you will suffer for what has happened today. The Jashin had foretold of Betrayal and he has already sent a tool to destroy those who has opposed him!

The Priest stares straight at Hidan, he walks off the podium towards the gates of the city, a handful of Shinobi follow him. Their wives calling those men back but they do not listen, they just walk on. Hidan stares up at his fathers eyes, seeing if he will follow. His father begins to walk towards the gates leaving his son behind.

Hidan: Father, Why are you going?
his father, continues to walk doesn’t even turn back,
Father: I must go, I made an Oath. I am a ninja and my word is my bond. I have to leave you and your mother behind.
Hidan: but father!
Hidan runs to his father grabbing his cloak, “take me with you!” Hidan Cries.
His father simple pushes him aside,
Father: This is not your destiny, it is mine…

Hidan lies on the floor. No more people are going towards the gate.

Leader: Is that all! Alright!
The gates close but the Leader announces to the ANBU Agents,
Leader: They are all missing nin! Kill them.

It was a trap, the towns people hear the screams of battle on the other side of the walls. A few minutes later, the Captain stands beside the Leader.

Captain: It is done, our superior numbers was enough to defeat all but one and our tracking unit is on the chase.
Leader: Good.

The Leader turns to the crowd
Leader: I am sorry for what has just happened, but I have purged all the evil in this land, we will be a greater stronger village now!

Voices again emerge from the crowd: “How could you do that!” “You murdered them!” “Why?!”

Hidan stands, hearing these words but not interested in it, he looks to the ground by his feet, he sees a necklace of the Jashin, that his father dropped.
He takes it into his hand, and vows revenge.



I have seen a lot of History Post but no Hidan, I hope it hasn’t already been done here. I hope you enjoy this one even if it has been done 🙂

Oh and I saw a guy asking for ratings like out of /10, if you could give a rating it will be appreciated.