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The End of Peace 6: Sasuke’s Choice, Naruto too late?


Deep in the Nara Forrest

Sai: (Thinking to himself): this is taking to long… I found almost his whole body just his head is missing… with out that the rest is meaning less.

A voice comes from the pit, who is it!? Has Akatsuki finally taken over Konoha!!

Sai looks down at Hidan’s face.


Hidan: Who are you!?

Sai: I am Sai, I have come to bring you back to Akatsuki, that is unless you want to live the rest of your life in this hole…


Hidan: Just get me out of here.

Sai orders one of his ink drawings to bring up Hidan’s head…

Hidan: Where is Kakazu? He will have to fix my body for me.

Sai: Kakazu was killed not long after you where defeated, you must of known by now. How long do you think you where under there…?

Hidan: I don’t know, it cannot of been long, I haven’t died!

Sai: Don’t worry I can help fix you,

Sai begins drawing lines on his paper, the line jump of the page and begin joining together Hidan’s body.

Hidan: Impressive,


The ink creature puts Hidan’s head on his body, a black string links it up again.

Hidan: Perfect! Now to find that boy! He will be my first offering!

Sai: I am sorry but you must come back with me, now

Hidan: and If I refuse what will you do!!

Sai: lifts his two fingers, “Release”. And with that one of the lines holding on Hidan’s arm was turn back into liquid.

Hidan: Hmm. It seems I have no choice then, but beware do not push my patience you will be my next target. I will need to kill soon I feel my body becoming Mortal Again…

Sai: So be it, but don’t forget who controls you and who you stay loyal to!

The Konoha Hospital.

Sasuke walks into Room 23, as he walks in the Nurse turns around looking like she wants to scold him because it’s after visiting hours but as she sees its Sasuke she closes her mouth…

Nurse: Oh it’s you. What are you doing here?

Sasuke: I am visiting a friend.

Nurse: But you have never visited here before?

Sasuke (Tries to smile but only half smiles): It’s long over due

Nurse: Well I will leave you alone.

With that she gets off the chair next to the bed…

Sasuke walks next to the bed, grabs the hand on it.

Sasuke: Sakura, I- I don’t know what to say. I have been trying to find words to apologize or even just talk to you but I couldn’t not even after all this… You, wouldn’t forgive me for what I had done to Jugo, even though it was necessary. I wish we didn’t grow so far apart. You’re daughter has grown up to be a fine Ninja like her mother, I see a bit of you and Tsunade in her… I- I wish I could go back and been there for you like you where for me. I have failed in so many things… I will visit again soon.

With that Sasuke leans forward and Kisses Sakura on the forehead, getting up walking towards the door, Sakura’s eyes begin to open, she sees the shape of Sasuke standing by the door
Sakura: S- Sasuke?
The Door Close,

In front of Hokage Mountain

Sasuke stands looking at the monument to the great leaders of Konoha the men that gave everything for the village, next to Tsunade he see’s Naruto staring back at him, and his eye move towards Itachi his brother smiling over the village.

Kakashi: Ah, I thought I would find you here.
Sasuke: It helps me think.
Kakashi: You have grown a lot since the day you where a Genin, although I do not approve the path you chose, that is all in the past.
Sasuke: Thanks, for the support you have shown me, if you hadn’t been there to help me lead, I probably would of failed… Have you begun the preparations?
Kakashi: I have assembled the best medical ninja in Konoha. I have also given Neji and Shikamaru there orders. All we need are the eyes

Sasuke jumps onto the mountain using his chakra to run towards his brothers eyes. Pulls out his Kunai and cuts his hands placing them on Itachi’s left eye, with that a seal opens and a jar is revealed…

Sasuke falls back to the ground jar in hand.

Sasuke: Lets get this done with…


A Lake, Konohamaru is training, trying to split the water.

Konohamaru: This is harder then before old man
Old Man: It will get harder before it gets better, why are you still hiding your true power?
Konohamaru: (Thinking to himself) How does he know my power…
Konohamaru: I do not know what you mean! I am using my Wind Chakra!!
Old Man: I can see that, but, I also know your “the” Sarutobi, many years ago, when the Sage of 6 Paths was alive, it was thought that no one could rival his power, but one warrior stood as his rival, his name was Sarutobi, unlike the 6 Paths. Who controlled the elements but Sarutobi was able to control these unknown elements. There battle was what released the 6 paths Chakra and into the lands that grew into the shinobi we know today
Konohamaru: How do you know so much about my clan!! Those are secrets only known to my clan!!


In the secret cave:

Suigetsu: The Land of Sound, is ready for your orders, Orochimaru still believes he is in control.
The old man from Root: Good, My sources…
Sai and Hidan arrive
Sai: It would seem Shikamaru is on a mission, he was not within Konoha. What are your orders?
“I had a feeling you wouldn’t go full out to find and kill Shikamaru, I expected more from Roots most promising ninja”
So to test your loyalty to our cause, I will give you a choice for your next mission, Kill Naruto or Kill the brats that are trying to find him!! Since Suigetsu’s team failed.
Hidan: Perfect! To kill the Hokage, that will bring my Jashin glory!
Sai: Your forgetting its my mission to choose.

With that Sai and Hidan leave the cave.

Suigetsu: What happened to trying to build a new order.
Root Leader: I need to know where his loyalty lies. Me and Danzo created Root, but he became greedy wanting to run the world, all I want is to watch this world burn and I will rebuild it in my image.