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Is Namikaze Minato Overrated?

Is Namikaze Minato overrated? The Kakaishi Gaiden has just made its way to the anime and I think this particular discussion is worth meriting. Minato was known as Konoha’s White Flash due to his lightening god technique. Undoubtedly this is a formidable technique and made him one of the most feared shinobi of his time. Additionally, like Itachi and Sasuke he was considered the genius of his generation, even creating a jutsu like rasengan and the lightning god jutsu. However, is he simply overrated? I will firstly start be saying that he is in my top 5 ninja (after Itachi, Pein, Naruto and Madara) as he probably is with most people, but let’s take a closer look at him for a moment. 1. Lightening God Technique: This allowed him to teleport to wherever the accompanying seal was. What does this mean practically? Well it means that he could attach the seal to any object and consequently be in multiple places seemingly at once, giving him the ability to take out a large number of ninja almost instantaneously. While the effect of this is similar to Naruto’s Kage Bushin, the advantage is that it does not have that chakra dividing problem so wherever he appears, he is at full strength. 2. Rasengan: He was the inventor of this technique that creates a dense ball of chakra that has the ability to be a one hit kill technique. These two techniques make me question Minato’s chakra levels and chakra manipulation abilities. I mean he could not fuse rasengan with any elemental jutsu nor does the Lightening God technique require any chakra. This leads me to make the following assumptions either 1. He does not have a large chakra supply 2. His intelligence surpassed his skill. From what we know, the other manifestations of rasengan e.g. Obama rasengan and rasenshuuriken were made by Jiraiya and Naruto respectively. When we consider the fact that the Kyuubi is controllable, namely by the Sharingan, we also see that the Shinigami Sealing technique is also not that great of an accomplishment and goes to show that Minato sacrificed his life because did not have any kind of jutsu that could even compete with the kyuubi. Given the fact that akatsuki has shown that bijuu are very capable of being captured and contained, it follows that Minato just lacked the ability to do so. I know what you are all saying right now: But the Kyuubi is the most powerful bijuu, he’s pure chakra, etc and while this is true, I must contend that firsly, the hachibi and the 7-tails should in all practicality by relatively close in terms of strength to the 9-tails. From what we know of the 8-tails it has been subdued by Kirabi and possibly defeated in battle (I assume by the Raikage hence the fact that it has a horn missing). Minato was unable to inflict any lasting scar on the kyuubi. Sage Mode: It is currently unknown whether Minato knew sage mode. What we do know is that he had a pact with the Toads, obviously because of Jiraiya and as evidenced by the image of Minato on Gamabunta’s back and confirmed when Naruto made his pact on the toad scroll. I do not think that he was a sage however, given the chakra levels required for sage mode and the fact that Fukasaku did not even reference him when talking about sage mode (this would have been something to comment on, given that Minato was actually a Kage). Additionally, even if he did know sage mode, he would still not have been a full sage as only Naruto has been able to, as far as we know, accomplish this. Consequently, the position we have now is that of an extremely powerful ninja, but whose power is trumped by the likes of Itachi or instance. I think that Naruto could also give Minato a run for him money as Lightening flash’s real advantage is in taking out large numbers of enemies stealthily. I think that if Naruo were able to make use of the kyuubi’s chakra without turning into the fox then Kage Bushin would be a more formidable technique insofar as it is creating actual clones. I believe, as an aside, that what Naruto needs to learn is how to use the kyuubi’s chakra as opposed to his own in creating shadow clones and then we cancel out Minato’s greatest ability. This is my first post so your opinions, criticisms and comments would be greatly appreciated.